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Washington, District of Columbia, USA



Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, John  4 Jul 1803Washington, District of Columbia, USA I274360 onetrees 
2 Allen, Kristin   I56772 onetrees 
3 Barnette, Sharon R  17 Aug 1948Washington, District of Columbia, USA I429224 onetrees 
4 Bolling, Edith  18 Dec 1885Washington, District of Columbia, USA I449506 onetrees 
5 Bowes-Lyon (Lyon), Honourable Anne Ferelith Fenella  4 Dec 1917Washington, District of Columbia, USA I149638 onetrees 
6 Brown, Joseph Stanley  19 Aug 1858Washington, District of Columbia, USA I449570 onetrees 
7 Brønniche (Brünnich), Alice Louisa  15 May 1909Washington, District of Columbia, USA I239782 onetrees 
8 Brønniche (Brünnich), Frederik  16 Oct 1905Washington, District of Columbia, USA I239781 onetrees 
9 Bullock, Russell Swigert   I263299 onetrees 
10 Cocke, Dwight William   I270604 onetrees 
11 Colgate, William H B  10 Mar 1830Washington, District of Columbia, USA I451994 onetrees 
12 Dresser, Lee Megee   I273553 onetrees 
13 Erslev, Clare Anina   I142072 onetrees 
14 Garfield, Mary  16 Jan 1867Washington, District of Columbia, USA I449564 onetrees 
15 Graves, William Pierce Evans  27 Dec 1926Washington, District of Columbia, USA I382792 onetrees 
16 Hegermann-Lindencrone, Frederikke Harriet Lillie "Lika"  30 Oct 1876Washington, District of Columbia, USA I14636 onetrees 
17 Iran (Pahlavi), Farah Pahlavi, Imperial Princess of   I19338 onetrees 
18 Jones, Austin Allen   I156607 onetrees 
19 Jones, Leif Finson   I156608 onetrees 
20 Kennedy (Kennedy of Irleand), David Anthony  15 Jun 1955Washington, District of Columbia, USA I227098 onetrees 
21 Kennedy (Kennedy of Irleand), Douglas Harriman   I227092 onetrees 
22 Kennedy (Kennedy of Irleand), John Fitzgerald  25 Nov 1960Washington, District of Columbia, USA I87563 onetrees 
23 Kennedy (Kennedy of Irleand), Kerry Mary   I227095 onetrees 
24 Kennedy (Kennedy of Irleand), Michael Lemoyne  27 Feb 1958Washington, District of Columbia, USA I227096 onetrees 
25 Kennedy (Kennedy of Irleand), Robert Francis II   I227099 onetrees 
26 Kennedy (Kennedy of Irleand), Rory Elizabeth Katherine   I227072 onetrees 
27 Magruder (MacGregor), Alice Fletcher  20 Mar 1845Washington, District of Columbia, USA I45516 onetrees 
28 Mahoney, Kevin Michael   I268632 onetrees 
29 Netherlands (Orange-Nassau), Maria, Princess of  5 Jul 1841Washington, District of Columbia, USA I150046 onetrees 
30 Nyberg, Judyth Elaine   I145159 onetrees 
31 Rizer, Elsie  26 Dec 1888Washington, District of Columbia, USA I83997 onetrees 
32 Roosevelt (Roosevelt of Benelux), Archibald Bulloch  9 Apr 1894Washington, District of Columbia, USA I1993 onetrees 
33 Roosevelt (Roosevelt of Benelux), John Aspinwall  13 Mar 1916Washington, District of Columbia, USA I2006 onetrees 
34 Roosevelt (Roosevelt of Benelux), Quentin  19 Nov 1897Washington, District of Columbia, USA I1994 onetrees 
35 Schmidt, Charles William   I171400 onetrees 
36 Tester, Garfield E  23 Nov 1929Washington, District of Columbia, USA I452416 onetrees 
37 Yugoslavia (Karadjordjevic), Aleksander, Prince of   I188649 onetrees 
38 Yugoslavia (Karadjordjevic), Filip, Prince of   I188648 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, John  23 Oct 1834Washington, District of Columbia, USA I274360 onetrees 
2 Bolling, Edith  28 Dec 1961Washington, District of Columbia, USA I449506 onetrees 
3 Boothe, Ann Clare  9 Oct 1987Washington, District of Columbia, USA I263965 onetrees 
4 Bowie, Louise Wentworth  Dec 1992Washington, District of Columbia, USA I442471 onetrees 
5 Brun (Brun of Danzig), Constantin  23 Dec 1945Washington, District of Columbia, USA I192207 onetrees 
6 Coolidge, Calvin  7 Jul 1924Washington, District of Columbia, USA I227065 onetrees 
7 Dent, Julia Boggs  14 Dec 1902Washington, District of Columbia, USA I449584 onetrees 
8 Eisenhower, The 34Th President of the USA Dwight David  28 Mar 1969Washington, District of Columbia, USA I274466 onetrees 
9 Fox (Fox), Henry Stephen  13 Oct 1846Washington, District of Columbia, USA I229262 onetrees 
10 Garfield, Edward  25 Oct 1876Washington, District of Columbia, USA I449567 onetrees 
11 Gibbs (Gibbs), Nicholas Albany  14 Apr 1984Washington, District of Columbia, USA I444138 onetrees 
12 Herron, Helen "Nellie"  22 May 1943Washington, District of Columbia, USA I274044 onetrees 
13 Honoré, Ida Marie  1930Washington, District of Columbia, USA I449589 onetrees 
14 Jay, Susan Mary  18 Aug 2004Washington, District of Columbia, USA I440260 onetrees 
15 Johnson, Louisa Catherine  15 May 1852Washington, District of Columbia, USA I270136 onetrees 
16 Kellogg, Frances Lucretia  26 Dec 1889Washington, District of Columbia, USA I144601 onetrees 
17 Lincoln, The 16Th President of the USA Abraham  15 Apr 1865Washington, District of Columbia, USA I270823 onetrees 
18 Lincoln, William Wallace  19 Feb 1862Washington, District of Columbia, USA I269769 onetrees 
19 Netherlands (Orange-Nassau), Friedrich "Willem Friedrich Karel", Prince of  8 Sep 1881Washington, District of Columbia, USA I145773 onetrees 
20 Nylén, Aage  30 Mar 1984Washington, District of Columbia, USA I30241 onetrees 
21 Payne, Dorothea "Dolley"  12 Jul 1849Washington, District of Columbia, USA I270069 onetrees 
22 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Louise Auguste Wilhelmine Amalie, Princess of  6 Dec 1870Washington, District of Columbia, USA I156904 onetrees 
23 Rizer, Henry Clay  21 Jul 1938Washington, District of Columbia, USA I78963 onetrees 
24 Roosevelt (Roosevelt of Benelux), Alice Lee  20 Feb 1980Washington, District of Columbia, USA I1995 onetrees 
25 Saunders, Mary Angeline  28 Nov 1944Washington, District of Columbia, USA I273764 onetrees 
26 Sayre, Francis Bowes  29 Mar 1972Washington, District of Columbia, USA I442732 onetrees 
27 Taft, The 27Th President of the USA William Howard  8 Mar 1930Washington, District of Columbia, USA I274043 onetrees 
28 Tester, John Wesley Daniel  27 Oct 1972Washington, District of Columbia, USA I452392 onetrees 
29 Vernon (Vernon), Grace  1950Washington, District of Columbia, USA I442461 onetrees 
30 Wilson (Wilson of USA), The 28Th President of the USA, Dr Thomas Woodrow  3 Feb 1924Washington, District of Columbia, USA I442350 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bolling, Edith  Washington, District of Columbia, USA I449506 onetrees 
2 Wilson (Wilson of USA), The 28Th President of the USA, Dr Thomas Woodrow  Washington, District of Columbia, USA I442350 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brun (Brun of Danzig), Constantin  Washington, District of Columbia, USA I192207 onetrees 
2 Denmark (Oldenburg - Glücksburg), George "Georg Valdemar Carl Axel", Prince of  Washington, District of Columbia, USA I40490 onetrees 
3 Dirckinck-Holmfeld, John, Baron   I195959 onetrees 
4 Duncan, Paul  Washington, District of Columbia, USA I167430 onetrees 
5 Howden, Frederick Bingham  Washington, District of Columbia, USA I76703 onetrees 
6 Pedersen, Peder  Washington, District of Columbia, USA I264100 onetrees 
7 Rasmussen, Annegrethe Felter   I241262 onetrees 
8 Read, William "Bill" Merritt   I109093 onetrees 
9 Rønne, Andreas  Washington, District of Columbia, USA I193606 onetrees 
10 Stub (Stub of X), Helmer  Washington, District of Columbia, USA I93413 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Chamberlain (Chamberlain) / Endicott  1888Washington, District of Columbia, USA F91654 onetrees 
2 Moltke-Huitfeldt (Moltke) / Rosén (Rosén of Sweden)  26 May 1945Washington, District of Columbia, USA F68472 onetrees 
3 Mountbatten (Hesse - Battenberg Windsor) / Pierce  4 Feb 1950Washington, District of Columbia, USA F174213 onetrees 
4 Taft / Wheaton-Bowers  17 Oct 1914Washington, District of Columbia, USA F111089 onetrees 
5 Wichfeld (Wichfeld) / Toll  25 Nov 1930Washington, District of Columbia, USA F80549 onetrees 
6 Wilson (Wilson of USA) / Bolling  18 Dec 1915Washington, District of Columbia, USA F172971 onetrees 

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