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Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 786 of 786

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Auguste  Abt 1813Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I112769
2 Baltzer "Bartskærer"  1536Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I80747
3 Ellen   I396148
4 Tyra Elva Elisabet  1900Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I445517
5 Aabye (Aabye), Edgar Lindenau  1 Sep 1865Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I200410
6 Aagaard, Søren  22 May 1698Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I414126
7 Abrahams, Emma Zerina Louise Flensborg  21 Oct 1902Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I140017
8 Abrahams, Ester Johanne Flensborg  15 Jan 1908Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I140014
9 Abrahams, Peter Albert Johannes Flensborg  7 Dec 1904Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I140016
10 Abrahams, Svend Aage Flensborg  22 May 1901Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I140018
11 Ahlefeldt (Ahlefeldt), Carl Frederik, Count  17 Aug 1839Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I19105
12 Ahlefeldt (Ahlefeldt), Einar Ferdinand Eduard, Count  22 Oct 1845Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I19438
13 Aller, Augusta Van  13 May 1847Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I170202
14 Aller, Betzy Van  24 Dec 1834Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I13094
15 Aller, Elisabeth Marie Frandsine Van  20 Apr 1802Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I50227
16 Aller, Emilie Van  21 Jan 1832Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I16967
17 Aller, Evert Marius Adriaan Martini Van  9 Sep 1849Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I50220
18 Aller, Peter Rist Van  1 Jul 1800Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I170205
19 Allison, Jørgen Leslie William Michael  28 Jul 1917Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I194427
20 Alshauge, Regitze Maria Berner Bernstorff   I184395
21 Andersen, Anker Steen  8 Aug 1904Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I139989
22 Andersen, Elise Alfrida Emilie  1855Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I423365
23 Andersen, Inger Marie Christiane Ingemann  15 Sep 1903Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I82702
24 Andersen, Julie Christine  10 Aug 1871Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I388630
25 Andersen, Jørgen  Abt 1590Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I79023
26 Andrés, Jørgen   I94603
27 Arendrup, Cathrina\Martiane Margrete  1726Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I414549
28 Arendrup, Holger  Jan 1730Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I414545
29 Arendrup, Lars  Nov 1727Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I125242
30 Arendrup, Mette Johanne Henriette  Apr 1733Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I414539
31 Arendrup, Pouline Louise  5 Mar 1731Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I414544
32 Arendrup, Rasmus  20 Nov 1728Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I225817
33 Arentsen, Ingeborg Louise  23 Jun 1865Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I114785
34 Baar, Christian Friederich  Apr 1771Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I162870
35 Bache, Lars  10 Feb 1771Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I45531
36 Bache, Niels  1795Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I188785
37 Bache, Peder  1774Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I45513
38 Bagger, Erik Nielsen  Abt 1555Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I79029
39 Baggesen, Ellen Sofie  19 Nov 1890Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I412548
40 Baggesen, Karen Marie  14 Oct 1892Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I412547
41 Baggesen (Baggesen), Carl Henrik  18 Nov 1889Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I97582
42 Baggesen (Baggesen), Ellen Sophie  19 Nov 1890Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I97703
43 Baggesen (Baggesen), Karen Marie  14 Oct 1892Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I97870
44 Baggesen (Baggesen), Peter Bagge  10 Sep 1888Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I97571
45 Banck (Banck), Otto Erik  26 Oct 1914Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I138039
46 Banck (Banck), Ulla Britt  20 Dec 1916Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I138038
47 Barfoed (Barfod), Ellen  17 Apr 1876Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I168717
48 Barfoed (Barfod), Karen  24 Apr 1874Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I123050
49 Barner of Vedbygaard (Barner), Claus von   I177144
50 Bauditz (Baudissin), Carl Gustav Heinrich  29 Jun 1780Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I186699
51 Baumgarten (Baumgarten of Sweden), Johan Christopher von  1799Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I281168
52 Bech (Bech of Taarnborg and Valbygaard), Christian Pedersen  1740Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I89954
53 Bentzen, Frederik Vilhelm Leonor  10 Dec 1839Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I161091
54 Bentzon, Christopher Adrian Engelbrecht  18 Jul 1790Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I168579
55 Berg, Christine Dorthea  14 Nov 1726Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I129980
56 Berner (Berner), Alexander George, Baron  23 Jun 1793Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark I80144
57 Berner (Berner), Alexander Salomon  21 May 1784Helsingoer, Zealand, Denmark