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Svendborg, Funen, Denmark



Matches 1 to 371 of 371

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 (A), Ane Margrethe  10 Aug 1865Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I246606 onetrees 
2 (A), Inga  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I176010 onetrees 
3 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille (Ahlefeldt), Gregers Carl Preben, Count   I109656 onetrees 
4 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille (Ahlefeldt), Michael Preben, Count   I167374 onetrees 
5 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille (Ahlefeldt), Susanne Ingrid Jessie Dorthe, Comtesse   I149639 onetrees 
6 Ammentorp, Karen  23 Apr 1879Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I154633 onetrees 
7 Andersen, Astrid  27 Sep 1909Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I139312 onetrees 
8 Andersen, Corfitz  1841Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I454915 onetrees 
9 Andersen, Erik Erasmus Buch  14 Jun 1846Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I199366 onetrees 
10 Andersen, Hans Thorvald Alfred  24 Nov 1871Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I186598 onetrees 
11 Andersen, Jenny Marie  1869Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I75459 onetrees 
12 Andersen, Laura  1873Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I75457 onetrees 
13 Andersen, Simone Regine  1871Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I75458 onetrees 
14 Baagøe, Anton Johannes  20 Apr 1890Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I197297 onetrees 
15 Baagøe, Kristine  16 Aug 1857Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I223143 onetrees 
16 Baagøe, Laura Kristine  15 Jul 1814Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I52 onetrees 
17 Bagge, Kirstine Marie  1761Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I247479 onetrees 
18 Barfoed (Barfod), Karen Petrine Julie Wiggers  13 Aug 1880Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I38 onetrees 
19 Bentzen, Anja   I252982 onetrees 
20 Bentzien, Sophie Cecilie  23 Mar 1862Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I93835 onetrees 
21 Bentzien, Vilhelm Heinrich  13 Nov 1867Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I166965 onetrees 
22 Bentzon, Inger Kirstine Johanne  12 Oct 1907Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I168844 onetrees 
23 Bentzon, Johan Svend  1 Feb 1909Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I168854 onetrees 
24 Bentzon, Karen Susanne  6 Dec 1905Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I168796 onetrees 
25 Bojesen, Ernst Frederik  2 May 1800Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I24837 onetrees 
26 Bondo, Margrethe Louise  14 Dec 1872Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I5439 onetrees 
27 Bondo, Niels Gomme  16 Mar 1814Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I17263 onetrees 
28 Bonnesen, Anna Frederikke "Buster"  14 Jan 1917Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I8119 onetrees 
29 Bonnesen, Sophie Frederikke Ernstine  Abt 1860Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I388161 onetrees 
30 Braadt, Pedersine Næraae  1799Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I106691 onetrees 
31 Braae, Olga  29 Apr 1881Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I195946 onetrees 
32 Braat, Lauritz "Braadt"  1768Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I106692 onetrees 
33 Bramhelft, Ellen Ulrikke Johanne  9 May 1865Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I139190 onetrees 
34 Briand de Crèvecoeur, Isach  25 Nov 1761Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I148489 onetrees 
35 Bronée, Carl Johan Rønnenkamp  Abt 1921Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I138398 onetrees 
36 Bugge (Bugge of Denmark), Astrid   I185434 onetrees 
37 Bus, Dorthe Petersen  1746Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I317849 onetrees 
38 Bülow (Bülow), Ejler Friderich Wilhelm von  27 Aug 1802Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I175098 onetrees 
39 Bülow (Bülow), Eline Svendine Hansine von  16 Aug 1804Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I198121 onetrees 
40 Bülow (Bülow), Frantz Adam Hans von  3 Nov 1826Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I158632 onetrees 
41 Bülow (Bülow), Friedrich "Frederik" Christian Waldemar von  6 Jul 1828Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I55217 onetrees 
42 Bülow (Bülow), Harald Wilhelm von  1 Feb 1832Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I158645 onetrees 
43 Bülow (Bülow), Ida Sophie von  20 May 1829Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I55228 onetrees 
44 Bülow (Bülow), Julius Martin Gotlob von  21 Dec 1816Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I49661 onetrees 
45 Bülow (Bülow), Ludwig Wilhelm von  20 Apr 1789Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I125005 onetrees 
46 Bülow (Bülow), Maren Cathrine Rasmine von  21 Oct 1798Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I49702 onetrees 
47 Bülow (Bülow), Nathalie Edel Birgitte von  20 Jul 1825Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I50939 onetrees 
48 Bülow (Bülow), Paul Martin von  11 Dec 1795Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I49704 onetrees 
49 Bülow (Bülow), Rudolph Ferdinand von  28 Nov 1833Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I50923 onetrees 
50 Bünger, John   I58448 onetrees 
51 Christensen, Anna Marie  1 Oct 1783Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I67516 onetrees 
52 Clausen, Kaj Bjørn  18 May 1917Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I154191 onetrees 
53 Colding (Colding), Ottine Frederikke  14 Apr 1841Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I194995 onetrees 
54 Danchel, Poul Poulsen  1603Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I181332 onetrees 
55 Due-Petersen, Karen  27 May 1918Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I151638 onetrees 
56 Egel, Karen  22 Nov 1940Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I157685 onetrees 
57 Fage-Pedersen, Nellie  11 Sep 1917Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I19361 onetrees 
58 Falk (Falck of Norway), Niels Martin   I60302 onetrees 
59 Faugstad, Vilhemine Margrethe  9 Dec 1851Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I47540 onetrees 
60 Fenger, Helle   I74923 onetrees 
61 Fich, Henrik Johan Pedersen  1654Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I454274 onetrees 
62 Fich, Rasmine Andresine  17 Sep 1865Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I411952 onetrees 
63 Find, Frede Svend  1926Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I384396 onetrees 
64 Flindt (Flindt of Rostock), Mathilde Mariane  Abt 1824Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I291692 onetrees 
65 Fogh (Fogh), Henrik   I117801 onetrees 
66 Fogh (Fogh), Jørgen   I49414 onetrees 
67 Fogh (Fogh), Marie Louise  12 May 1860Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I15632 onetrees 
68 Fogh (Fogh), Mathilde Cathrine Regitze Elisabeth  28 Sep 1844Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I146059 onetrees 
69 Fogh (Fogh), Ole Lauritz   I46044 onetrees 
70 Fogh (Fogh), Regitze Cathrine  15 May 1858Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I137624 onetrees 
71 Franke, Edith Louise Hansine Oline  19 Jun 1902Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I162814 onetrees 
72 Frick, Christian Frederik  29 Sep 1729Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I169762 onetrees 
73 Friis-Hansen, Jan  10 Jun 1918Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I116358 onetrees 
74 From (From of Denmark), Karen  9 Aug 1886Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I45263 onetrees 
75 Frølich (Frølich), (A)  1855Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I108724 onetrees 
76 Frølich (Frølich), Nanna  1852Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I108725 onetrees 
77 Frølich (Frølich), Oscar Haaber  1844Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I108727 onetrees 
78 Frølich (Frølich), Rosalia  1840Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I108728 onetrees 
79 Frølich (Frølich), Wiggo  1850Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I108726 onetrees 
80 Fønss (Fønss), Elsebeth Basse   I163653 onetrees 
81 Gad (Gad of Denmark), Jørgen Jensen  6 Jun 1717Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I168986 onetrees 
82 Gersdorff of Malschwitz (Gersdorff), Frederik von  1774Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I189737 onetrees 
83 Gertz (Gertz), Martin Clarentius  14 Dec 1844Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I170927 onetrees 
84 Gjerstrup, Henrik Ernst  25 Jun 1813Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I189740 onetrees 
85 Gjerstrup, Karen Johanne  30 Jun 1819Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I189742 onetrees 
86 Gjødesen, Anne Birgitte   I222202 onetrees 
87 Glashof, Kristoffer Ejnar Christophersen  18 May 1901Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I154323 onetrees 
88 Goldstein, Edvard Jacob  6 May 1856Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I407831 onetrees 
89 Gottschau, Adam   I82560 onetrees 
90 Gottschau, Jakob   I82561 onetrees 
91 Graae (Graae), Christian  1 Dec 1773Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I175113 onetrees 
92 Graae (Graae), Gomme Christensen  Mar 1744Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I114554 onetrees 
93 Graae (Graae), Niels  28 Sep 1772Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I114549 onetrees 
94 Graff, Caroline Wilhelmine Henriette Amalie  15 Jun 1839Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I81781 onetrees 
95 Graff, Ernst Eberhardt Herman  2 Feb 1831Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I81785 onetrees 
96 Graff, Fredrich Carl Christian  6 Jun 1832Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I81784 onetrees 
97 Graff, Waldemar Emil Theodor  22 Sep 1835Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I81783 onetrees 
98 Graff, Waldemar Emil Theodor  31 Mar 1837Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I81782 onetrees 
99 Groth (Groth of Odense), Ellen Cathrine  10 Mar 1806Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I258356 onetrees 
100 Groth (Groth of Odense), Hans Henrik  23 Aug 1781Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I291126 onetrees 
101 Haakansson, Carl Henry  7 Dec 1910Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I43185 onetrees 
102 Haas-Petersen, Gudrun Lina Marie  23 Nov 1897Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I50639 onetrees 
103 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Anders Christian   I194882 onetrees 
104 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Anna Ida Karin   I192396 onetrees 
105 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Emilie   I194879 onetrees 
106 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Frederik Harald   I194880 onetrees 
107 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Grete  22 Aug 1911Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I189217 onetrees 
108 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Gudrun Ellen  18 Sep 1896Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I184297 onetrees 
109 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Hans Harald   I189583 onetrees 
110 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Harald  21 Jul 1909Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I189096 onetrees 
111 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Henrik Harald  5 Jun 1950Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I194873 onetrees 
112 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Jørgen Harald  24 Mar 1915Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I176340 onetrees 
113 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Lisbeth   I194874 onetrees 
114 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Niels Jørgen Harald   I189705 onetrees 
115 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Ole Einar   I194878 onetrees 
116 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Per   I192519 onetrees 
117 Hall, Anna Helene  20 Sep 1840Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I182670 onetrees 
118 Hall, Sophie Frederikke H  8 Aug 1849Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I133770 onetrees 
119 Hansen, Frederik  25 May 1903Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I267048 onetrees 
120 Hansen, Hans Christian  Abt 1839Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I43061 onetrees 
121 Hansen, Kaja Sofie Irgens  17 May 1885Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I118874 onetrees 
122 Hansen, Marie Frederikke Kirstine  4 Jan 1897Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I140068 onetrees 
123 Hansen, Sophie Juliane  30 Jan 1841Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I133915 onetrees 
124 Hansen, Valdemar  23 Nov 1893Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I267364 onetrees 
125 Hastrup (Hastrup), Anna Christine  1854Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I107242 onetrees 
126 Hastrup (Hastrup), Ernst Alfrred  1851Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I107244 onetrees 
127 Hastrup (Hastrup), Julianus  1849Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I107245 onetrees 
128 Hastrup (Hastrup), Victor August  1852Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I107243 onetrees 
129 Hedegaard, Dorothea  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I167841 onetrees 
130 Heide, Meriam   I58788 onetrees 
131 Hoff, Hans Peter Andreas  4 Dec 1836Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I454669 onetrees 
132 Holck of Holckenhavn (Holck of Roenhave), Therese, Baroness   I178938 onetrees 
133 Holm (Holm of Svendborg), Christen Andersen  11 Oct 1662Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I166062 onetrees 
134 Hude (Hude), Anna Elise von der  1 Apr 1862Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I170584 onetrees 
135 Hude (Hude), Carl Georg Edvard von der  6 Feb 1847Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I170568 onetrees 
136 Høegstedt, Carl Johannes  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I111060 onetrees 
137 Høyer, Hansine Rasmine Nicoline  2 Apr 1826Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I191484 onetrees 
138 Iuel (Juel of Oegelstrup), Peder  26 Feb 1931Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I20725 onetrees 
139 Jacobsen, Inge  31 May 1884Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I153328 onetrees 
140 Jansen, Betzy Janie La Cour  24 Sep 1882Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I161078 onetrees 
141 Janssen (Janssen), Peter   I132862 onetrees 
142 Jantzen (Jantzen of Drenderupgaard), Christian Frederik  27 Aug 1769Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I112907 onetrees 
143 Jensen, Andreas Wilhelm  16 Feb 1833Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I383373 onetrees 
144 Jensen, Andrine Wilhelmine  16 Jan 1827Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I383370 onetrees 
145 Jensen, Anna Katrhrine  2 Sep 1803Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I5814 onetrees 
146 Jensen, Axel Vigo Valdemar  Abt 1850Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I383377 onetrees 
147 Jensen, Camilla Augusta Juliette  Abt 1852Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I383378 onetrees 
148 Jensen, Christen  1775Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I346780 onetrees 
149 Jensen, Christine Dorthea  19 Sep 1821Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I383369 onetrees 
150 Jensen, Dorthe  1768Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I384093 onetrees 
151 Jensen, Elisabeth Frederikke Wilhelmine  Abt 1848Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I383376 onetrees 
152 Jensen, Friderica Kirstine  1772Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I384094 onetrees 
153 Jensen, Gusta Amalie  10 Feb 1831Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I383372 onetrees 
154 Jensen, Harald Wilhelm  Abt 1854Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I383379 onetrees 
155 Jensen, Henry Fabricius  27 Feb 1896Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I119822 onetrees 
156 Jensen, Jacobine Josephine  25 Sep 1828Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I383371 onetrees 
157 Jensen, Jan Franke   I58019 onetrees 
158 Jensen, Jens Frederik  23 Jan 1835Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I383374 onetrees 
159 Jensen, Johanne Mathilde  10 Nov 1882Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I390204 onetrees 
160 Jensen, Julie Rosalie Augusta  Abt 1856Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I383380 onetrees 
161 Jensen, Niels  1766Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I384095 onetrees 
162 Jensen, Thorvald Alfred Leonhard  Abt 1858Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I383381 onetrees 
163 Johannsen, Valborg Hansine  26 Dec 1883Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I158945 onetrees 
164 Juel, Ida Gerda  30 Sep 1888Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I144004 onetrees 
165 Jørgensen, Axel Valdemar  10 Jun 1879Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I455270 onetrees 
166 Jørgensen, Jens Johannes  6 Nov 1866Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I455268 onetrees 
167 Jørgensen, Karen Margrethe  20 Jul 1856Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I197337 onetrees 
168 Jørgensen, Marie Sophie  21 Jun 1863Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I114918 onetrees 
169 Keld, Poul Alexander  16 Aug 1907Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I194869 onetrees 
170 Kirkeby, Maria Juul Illum   I175939 onetrees 
171 Kisbye (Kisbye 1), Julie Isadora  22 Oct 1818Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I101427 onetrees 
172 Kisbye (Kisbye 1), Mariane  1822Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I101423 onetrees 
173 Kisling, Holger Magnus  11 May 1899Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I192526 onetrees 
174 Kiær, Gustav Wiggers  9 Jul 1882Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I103002 onetrees 
175 Kiær, Ida "Aida" Sophie  18 Nov 1918Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I102727 onetrees 
176 Kiøge, Helene Maria Gertsen  1744Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I269403 onetrees 
177 Kjær, Julie Viveke "Vigga" Wiggers  27 Apr 1879Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I79323 onetrees 
178 Knudsen, Ellen Mau  21 Sep 1905Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I447536 onetrees 
179 Knudsen, Jenny Marie Birgitte  8 Nov 1903Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I68556 onetrees 
180 Krogh (Krogh), Frederikke "Friede" Louise von  23 Aug 1834Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I163979 onetrees 
181 Krøyer, Elisabeth Sophie  26 Sep 1815Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I85135 onetrees 
182 Krøyer, Johanne Petrine  19 Feb 1821Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I13847 onetrees 
183 Kyhl, Marie  15 Jul 1818Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I192639 onetrees 
184 Køhler, Astrid Marie  8 Jan 1900Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I187434 onetrees 
185 La Cour (La Cour), Christiane Frederikke Ottilie  1 Aug 1847Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I161107 onetrees 
186 La Cour (La Cour), Hanne Charlotte  11 May 1854Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I106595 onetrees 
187 Lange, Lauritz  25 Nov 1853Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I76618 onetrees 
188 Lange, Vilhelm  22 Jan 1849Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I94003 onetrees 
189 Lange (Lange of Næstved), Adolfsine  Abt 1856Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I315084 onetrees 
190 Langkilde, Christian  20 Jan 1819Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I124418 onetrees 
191 Langkilde, Niels Rasmussen  5 Apr 1782Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I67520 onetrees 
192 Larsen, Ane Sofie  16 Mar 1860Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I162810 onetrees 
193 Larsen-Ledet, Niels Sterndorff   I147761 onetrees 
194 Lauritzen, Henrik Georg Kroun   I176193 onetrees 
195 Lauritzen, Kirsten Bondo   I110948 onetrees 
196 Lauritzen, Oluf Bondo  12 Jan 1899Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I110714 onetrees 
197 Lehn, Sophie Helene Charlotte  1818Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I123279 onetrees 
198 Lerche-Thomsen, Ulla Vibeke  25 Jul 1918Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I392210 onetrees 
199 Liberoth, Karen  10 Jul 1745Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I92904 onetrees 
200 Lihme (Lihme), Anne Cathrine  Abt 1678Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I257934 onetrees 
201 Lindbach, Carl Theodor  27 Jun 1823Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I242089 onetrees 
202 Lund, Hans Christian  Abt 1807Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I381797 onetrees 
203 Lund, Morten Hansen  Abt 1779Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I381802 onetrees 
204 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark), Niels Iuel   I101392 onetrees 
205 Løbger, Anne   I33394 onetrees 
206 Madsen, Ebbe Margrethe Røsen  3 Mar 1919Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I186401 onetrees 
207 Madsen, Emma Andrea  Abt 1882Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I43059 onetrees 
208 Madsen, Marie Frederikke  20 Feb 1879Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I157511 onetrees 
209 Madsen, Thorvald Axel Carl  Abt 1877Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I43057 onetrees 
210 Madsen, Wilhelmine Mathilde Petrine  Abt 1874Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I43056 onetrees 
211 Magaard, Karen Nielsen  16 Jul 1769Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I82104 onetrees 
212 Marstrand (Marstrand), Carl Gunnar   I177347 onetrees 
213 Mejding, Bent   I17023 onetrees 
214 Mende, Elisabeth  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I125201 onetrees 
215 Meyer, Emilie Elise  1 May 1849Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I134791 onetrees 
216 Meyer, Moses Joseph  15 Oct 1809Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I134793 onetrees 
217 Meyer, Rachel  1788Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I134779 onetrees 
218 Moltke (Moltke), Adam Christian von   I184791 onetrees 
219 Mortensen, Anna Christine Caroline  14 Jun 1872Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I453650 onetrees 
220 Mortensen, Hanne   I168851 onetrees 
221 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Magda Valborg Julie Augusta  21 Jun 1850Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I200230 onetrees 
222 Mærsk-Møller, Ancher Peter  19 Aug 1901Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I188325 onetrees 
223 Mærsk-Møller, Anna Marie Caroline  1881Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I188060 onetrees 
224 Mærsk-Møller, Johannes Peter "John"  1883Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I188071 onetrees 
225 Møhl, Kirsten  3 Nov 1905Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I72820 onetrees 
226 Møhl, Niels Frederik  14 Sep 1917Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I86454 onetrees 
227 Møller, Caroline Petrine  25 Jul 1827Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I191565 onetrees 
228 Møller, Emilie Marie  26 Feb 1870Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I130460 onetrees 
229 Møller, Jacob  Sep 1776Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I45411 onetrees 
230 Møller, Karen Petrine  1763Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I105972 onetrees 
231 Mølmark, Pauline Christine Elisabeth  4 Dec 1854Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I161047 onetrees 
232 Nielsen, Freja Zeuner   I222052 onetrees 
233 Nielsen, Jette Søgren   I61360 onetrees 
234 Nielsen, Kai  26 Nov 1882Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I265683 onetrees 
235 Nielsen, Karin Veber   I56234 onetrees 
236 Nielsen, Sarah Zeuner   I222053 onetrees 
237 Nielsen, Thora Cathrine  29 Dec 1899Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I167028 onetrees 
238 Nyström, Claudio Axel Constantin  2 Sep 1884Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I19466 onetrees 
239 Nørager (Nørager), Anine Maria de  1794Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I213438 onetrees 
240 Nørager (Nørager), Carl Christian de  1791Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I119602 onetrees 
241 Nørager (Nørager), Hans Nobel de  12 Feb 1790Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I115593 onetrees 
242 Nørager (Nørager), Martha Nobel de  19 Nov 1787Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I116199 onetrees 
243 Nørretranders, Bjarne Fridtjof  20 Apr 1922Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I68511 onetrees 
244 Obel (Obel), Marie  7 Feb 1861Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I131577 onetrees 
245 Olesen, Hans Ramon Mateos   I54488 onetrees 
246 Olesen, Maria Teresa Mateos   I54489 onetrees 
247 Olsen, Anne Marie  28 Apr 1844Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I431238 onetrees 
248 Olsen, Edith Marie Damsgaard  6 Mar 1911Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I220653 onetrees 
249 Oxholm (Oxholm), Harald Jørgen Lorentz  20 May 1926Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I48052 onetrees 
250 Oxholm (Oxholm), Peter Otto Herman   I159721 onetrees 
251 Paulsen (Paulsen), Henri Johan Carl de  30 Oct 1881Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I148761 onetrees 
252 Pedersen, Julie Thora Frederikke  9 Sep 1839Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I50155 onetrees 
253 Petersen, Elka "Felix" Lütken  15 Feb 1906Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I199336 onetrees 
254 Petersen, Hans   I127169 onetrees 
255 Petersen, Jørgen Schultz  12 Apr 1897Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I127153 onetrees 
256 Petersen, Nielsine Hansine  28 Aug 1833Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I310783 onetrees 
257 Petersen, Petra  Abt 1821Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I123337 onetrees 
258 Plesner (Plesner), Carolina Maria Othilia Ingeborg  1838Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I104634 onetrees 
259 Plum (Plum), Mette Munk   I142957 onetrees 
260 Pløen, Peter Ernst  1759Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I116224 onetrees 
261 Poulsen, Lisbeth  12 Apr 1944Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I187222 onetrees 
262 Poulsen, Maren Elise "Lise"  27 Apr 1909Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I392199 onetrees 
263 Poulsen, Markus Finn  30 Oct 1910Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I392201 onetrees 
264 Poulsen, Sven Adam  20 Sep 1914Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I443067 onetrees 
265 Prytz (Prytz), Hanne   I184027 onetrees 
266 Prytz (Prytz), Inge   I184039 onetrees 
267 Prytz (Prytz), Svend   I184282 onetrees 
268 Qvist, Christian Ulrich  1749Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I185181 onetrees 
269 Qvist, Christine  Mar 1790Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I185177 onetrees 
270 Rasmussen, Alexander  29 Jul 1833Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I139872 onetrees 
271 Rasmussen, Gitte   I201492 onetrees 
272 Rasmussen, Ove Steiner   I59021 onetrees 
273 Rasmussen, Tom Steiner   I59020 onetrees 
274 Ravn, Else Marie Kirstine  14 Sep 1815Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I82017 onetrees 
275 Riber (Riber of Svendborg), J P Baagøe  1 Jun 1884Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I223138 onetrees 
276 Riber (Riber of Svendborg), Ludvig  29 Sep 1850Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I223144 onetrees 
277 Riber (Riber of Svendborg), Margrete  6 Aug 1883Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I223134 onetrees 
278 Richard, Jesper Hansen  1610Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I123805 onetrees 
279 Ring-Andersen, Johannes  1880Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I76062 onetrees 
280 Ring-Andersen, Jørgen  1878Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I75464 onetrees 
281 Rohmann, Jørgen Lindegaard  2 Dec 1797Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I157380 onetrees 
282 Rohweder, Niels  15 Mar 1906Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I36174 onetrees 
283 Rotwitt, The 7Th Prime Minister of Denmark Carl Eduard  2 Mar 1812Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I258366 onetrees 
284 Rønnow (Rønnow), Marquard Clausen  1442Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I187008 onetrees 
285 Saabye (Saabye of Ystad), Fanny Louise  17 Oct 1875Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I152392 onetrees 
286 Saabye (Saabye of Ystad), Hans Ludvig  6 Mar 1869Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I152394 onetrees 
287 Saabye (Saabye of Ystad), Petrea Annine Jørgine  31 Jul 1830Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I258414 onetrees 
288 Sauerberg, Axel Carl  21 May 1881Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I130510 onetrees 
289 Sauerberg, Else  16 Nov 1900Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I130455 onetrees 
290 Sauerberg, Ingeborg  8 Apr 1894Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I130459 onetrees 
291 Sauerberg, Poul Aage  14 Nov 1885Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I130509 onetrees 
292 Sauerberg, Rudolf  28 Aug 1895Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I130457 onetrees 
293 Scavenius (Glenthøj), Ursula   I267179 onetrees 
294 Schrocter, Andreas Frederick  4 Feb 1761Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I117675 onetrees 
295 Schrøder, Christine   I201495 onetrees 
296 Schulin-Zeuthen (Schulin), Carl Georg William Sigismund, Count   I146309 onetrees 
297 Schulin-Zeuthen (Schulin), William "Bill" Peter Johan Sigismund, Count   I146211 onetrees 
298 Sehested (Sehested), Frederik Jørgen  13 Nov 1761Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I41095 onetrees 
299 Sehested (Sehested), Hedchen  Abt 1808Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I49445 onetrees 
300 Sehested (Sehested), Mette Sophie   I168552 onetrees 
301 Steensen (Steensen), Hans Henrick von  1760Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I113882 onetrees 
302 Steensen de Leth (Leth of X), Charlotte Henriette Helene   I166509 onetrees 
303 Steensen de Leth (Leth of X), Vincens Henning  15 Oct 1967Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I166508 onetrees 
304 Suhr (Suhr), Peter Bernt  1794Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I107583 onetrees 
305 Syberg (Syberg of Voorde), Carl Marius  25 Aug 1837Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I219 onetrees 
306 Syberg (Syberg of Voorde), Caroline Frederikke Antoinette  27 Feb 1853Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I672 onetrees 
307 Syberg (Syberg of Voorde), Ernestine Johanne Frederikke von  14 Jul 1807Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I12961 onetrees 
308 Syberg (Syberg of Voorde), Frederik Martin Carl  5 Mar 1823Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I516 onetrees 
309 Syberg (Syberg of Voorde), Frederik Martin Carl  8 Mar 1831Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I514 onetrees 
310 Syberg (Syberg of Voorde), Johan Heinrich Theodor  5 Dec 1832Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I646 onetrees 
311 Syberg (Syberg of Voorde), Johanne Sophia Frederikke  2 Feb 1808Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I12942 onetrees 
312 Syberg (Syberg of Voorde), Ludvig Bernhard Ernst Grottschilling  10 Feb 1826Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I656 onetrees 
313 Syberg (Syberg of Voorde), Ludwig Theodor  14 Jul 1807Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I12944 onetrees 
314 Sørensen, Elin Gudrun   I192053 onetrees 
315 Sørensen, Hans Christian   I121039 onetrees 
316 Sørensen, Jan Trankjær   I52306 onetrees 
317 Taarnhøj, Jens   I156723 onetrees 
318 Thejll, Jacob Andreas Carl Adolph  28 Mar 1853Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I186647 onetrees 
319 Thejll, Juliane Kirstine  12 Dec 1811Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I186635 onetrees 
320 Thejll, Sophus Julius Carl Frederik  26 Jul 1818Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I186646 onetrees 
321 Thejll, Vilhelm Christoffer Johannes  23 Jun 1823Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I121339 onetrees 
322 Thrane, Else Cathrine  18 Jul 1822Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I70067 onetrees 
323 Tingberg, Peder Nielsen  1705Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I116082 onetrees 
324 Tommerup, Erik Christian  Abt 1804Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I49444 onetrees 
325 Tommerup, Octavia  29 Apr 1830Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I49443 onetrees 
326 Topp, Anna Sophie Henriksen  1730Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I172085 onetrees 
327 Torp, Jens Christian  Abt 1813Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I82018 onetrees 
328 Troensegaard-Hansen, Emil  5 Feb 1904Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I184192 onetrees 
329 Troensegaard-Hansen, Inge Laura  2 Mar 1906Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I111460 onetrees 
330 Tuxen (Tuxen), Ebba Louise  6 Nov 1909Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I395169 onetrees 
331 Tuxen (Tuxen), Else  2 May 1898Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I163476 onetrees 
332 Tuxen (Tuxen), Katharina Elisabeth  19 Jul 1859Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I168647 onetrees 
333 Tuxen (Tuxen), Oscar Alfred  2 Oct 1874Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I163571 onetrees 
334 Ulrich (Ulrich of Hildesheim), Camilla Helene   I121981 onetrees 
335 Vaaben, Else  2 Jul 1909Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I16968 onetrees 
336 Villaume, Caroline Marie Charlotte  26 Dec 1852Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I82218 onetrees 
337 Villaume, Dorthea Clausine Catherine  5 Mar 1825Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I84958 onetrees 
338 Villaume, Ernst Peter Christian  10 May 1820Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I86200 onetrees 
339 Villaume, Petrine Birgethe  18 Feb 1818Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I85124 onetrees 
340 Villaume, Sophie Henriette Pauline  12 Nov 1815Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I85395 onetrees 
341 Villaume, Sophus  30 Nov 1823Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I85042 onetrees 
342 Vind (Vind), Christian Andreas  12 Oct 1794Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I154791 onetrees 
343 Vogelsang, Vilhelmine Constantia  1777Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I123281 onetrees 
344 Vøgg, Anita Beatrice  23 Jan 1937Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I157761 onetrees 
345 Wandel (Wandel), Johan Frederik Gustav  17 Nov 1847Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I28667 onetrees 
346 Wedell-Neergaard (Wedel of Uchtenhagen), Joachim Richard Gustav, Baron   I163371 onetrees 
347 Wedell-Neergaard (Wedel of Uchtenhagen), Patrick Richard Christian, Baron   I163373 onetrees 
348 Wegener (Wegener of Lund), Christian Hermansen  19 Sep 1698Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I257939 onetrees 
349 Weimann, Gerda   I121857 onetrees 
350 Weimann, Hanne   I121964 onetrees 
351 Wengel, Cathrine Vilhelmine  22 Nov 1887Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I268779 onetrees 
352 Wengel, Cecilie Marie Hansine  11 Aug 1886Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I268778 onetrees 
353 Wengel, Dagmar Victoria  14 May 1889Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I268780 onetrees 
354 Wengel, Esther Veronika  1 Mar 1894Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I268783 onetrees 
355 Wengel, Frederik Wilhelm Constantin  24 Nov 1856Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I268788 onetrees 
356 Wengel, Hans Christian  17 Oct 1882Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I268774 onetrees 
357 Wengel, Julie Ulejka  22 Jan 1885Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I268776 onetrees 
358 Wengel, Karen  22 Nov 1890Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I268785 onetrees 
359 Wengel, Louise Marie  5 Nov 1883Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I268775 onetrees 
360 Wengel, Lydia  23 Jan 1892Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I268786 onetrees 
361 Wessel (Wessel), Peter "Pedro" Mathias Oehlenschläger  27 Sep 1851Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I151774 onetrees 
362 West, Phillipine Kirstine  13 Feb 1803Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I101903 onetrees 
363 Wiggers, Oscar Frederik Saabye  10 Aug 1892Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I26578 onetrees 
364 Wildschiøtz, Ida Anna Marie  27 Mar 1856Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I176272 onetrees 
365 Wilhjelm (Wilhjelm), Frederik Ditzel  23 Jan 1758Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I191647 onetrees 
366 Wilhjelm (Wilhjelm), Mathias Jacobsen  13 Nov 1755Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I191642 onetrees 
367 Winterfeldt (Winterfeldt), Juliane Christine, Baroness  1695Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I147633 onetrees 
368 Witt (Witt of Netherlands), Foch Albertsen de  21 Jun 1677Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I123975 onetrees 
369 Zeuthen (Zeuthen), Henrik Christian   I367 onetrees 
370 Zeuthen (Zeuthen), Jens Hieronymus  8 Jul 1912Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I878 onetrees 
371 Ziemer, Hansine Beathe  18 Jan 1848Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I185467 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Haastrup (Haastrup of Svanninge), Christine  11 Jun 1820Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I146062 onetrees 
2 Langkilde, Niels Rasmussen  14 Apr 1782Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I67520 onetrees 
3 Ravn, Else Marie Kirstine  12 Oct 1815Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I82017 onetrees 
4 Tingberg, Peder Nielsen  14 Aug 1705Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I116082 onetrees 
5 Vøgg, Anita Beatrice  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I157761 onetrees 
6 Wengel, Cathrine Vilhelmine  18 Dec 1887Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I268779 onetrees 
7 Wengel, Cecilie Marie Hansine  19 Sep 1886Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I268778 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 149 of 149

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Agerskov, Anders Julius Hass  Abt 1872Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I932 onetrees 
2 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Carl Johan, Count  19 Oct 1924Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I104068 onetrees 
3 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Lehn (Ahlefeldt), Axel, Count  13 Dec 2000Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I118860 onetrees 
4 Andersen, Maria Birgitte Christiane  4 Jan 1953Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I251531 onetrees 
5 Balslev (Balsløw), Anna Maria Sørensen  May 1747Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I193030 onetrees 
6 Bassøe, Ove  7 Jun 1937Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I251530 onetrees 
7 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Else Bethsy Felumb  12 May 1997Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I50326 onetrees 
8 Bekker, Adrian  22 Jan 1803Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I91485 onetrees 
9 Berg, Nancy Catherina Christofine  28 May 1960Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I125059 onetrees 
10 Bertelsen, Ludvig Peter  8 Mar 1892Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I156565 onetrees 
11 Bille Brahe of Fraugdegaard (Bille), Hedevig, Baroness  26 Apr 1972Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I159605 onetrees 
12 Bille Brahe Selby (Bille), Preben Charles, Ruling Count  9 Jul 1918Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I3781 onetrees 
13 Bondo, Elisabeth Sophie Christiansen  2 Jan 1809Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I114553 onetrees 
14 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Hermandine Kirstine  3 Dec 1885Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I165681 onetrees 
15 Borring (Borring), Jørgen Sørensen  1 Jul 1742Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I257928 onetrees 
16 Bredsdorff (Bredsdorff), Thomas Mortensen  14 Sep 1790Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I154843 onetrees 
17 Bruun (Bruun of Seest), Valdemar Eusebius  22 Apr 1900Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I74358 onetrees 
18 Buchwald (Buchwald), Jens Laasby Frederik  25 Jan 1895Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I183947 onetrees 
19 Bülow (Bülow), Adam Gottlieb Josua von  31 Dec 1834Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I198106 onetrees 
20 Bülow (Bülow), August Friedrich "Frederik" von  26 Mar 1892Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I110703 onetrees 
21 Bøgh (Lassen), Johan Christian  1798Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I105973 onetrees 
22 Bøgh (Lassen), Valborg  4 Apr 1911Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I105971 onetrees 
23 Castenschiold (Castenschiold), Axel Henrik  21 Mar 1952Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I46523 onetrees 
24 Christensen, Anna Marie  29 Oct 1827Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I67516 onetrees 
25 Christensen, Marianne Hvide  5 May 1995Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I25258 onetrees 
26 Christensen, Tage Lykke  30 Jul 2011Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I396901 onetrees 
27 Christiansen, Ingeborg Christine  20 Aug 1943Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I392203 onetrees 
28 Christmas-Dirckinck-Holmfeld (Smith-Christmas), Carl Walter "Bille"  1960Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I195862 onetrees 
29 Cirsovius (Cirsovius), Carl Friedrich  1 Dec 1883Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I127491 onetrees 
30 Clausen, Mette Christine "Stine"  28 Jun 1837Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I166054 onetrees 
31 Collstrop, Hagbart  1848Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I169390 onetrees 
32 Dreyer, Hansigne Charlotte Amalie  28 Oct 1897Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I112904 onetrees 
33 Egedorf, Peder Jensen  Jul 1962Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I76076 onetrees 
34 Eilersen, Anne Margrethe  20 May 1832Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I198108 onetrees 
35 Elmquist, Aage Ludvig Holberg  20 Sep 1962Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I125202 onetrees 
36 Ernst, Poul E  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I133592 onetrees 
37 Find, Frede Svend  1992Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I384396 onetrees 
38 Fogh (Fogh), Rudolf Georg  9 Nov 1881Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I146060 onetrees 
39 Frandsen, Hans  11 May 1825Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I176741 onetrees 
40 Friis, Christian Frederik Ludvig  12 Feb 1825Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I457570 onetrees 
41 Friis-Hansen, Julius Vilhelm  27 Jan 1936Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I116356 onetrees 
42 Gade, Elisabeth Katrine Wøldike  24 Jun 1964Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I84007 onetrees 
43 Gjerstrup, Frederik  23 Jan 1829Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I392858 onetrees 
44 Gjerstrup, Karen Johanne  28 Jul 1894Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I189742 onetrees 
45 Graae (Graae), Gomme Christensen  17 Nov 1804Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I114554 onetrees 
46 Graff, Waldemar Emil Theodor  1 Nov 1835Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I81783 onetrees 
47 Grøn (Hansen), Jens Eriksen  1796Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I117688 onetrees 
48 Haastrup (Haastrup of Svanninge), Christine  25 Aug 1898Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I146062 onetrees 
49 Hage (Hage 1), Jens Emil Friedenreich  18 Jun 1846Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I157908 onetrees 
50 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Einar Viggo  24 Apr 1969Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I176285 onetrees 
51 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Hans Ferdinand Otto  21 Apr 1945Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I190317 onetrees 
52 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Hans Nissen  10 May 1901Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I190550 onetrees 
53 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Harald  21 Apr 1945Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I189096 onetrees 
54 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Harald Andreas  8 Dec 1919Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I176257 onetrees 
55 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Ingeborg Ida  17 Jan 1964Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I190194 onetrees 
56 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Jørgen Harald  17 Oct 1995Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I176340 onetrees 
57 Halle, Peter Jonas  18 Dec 1884Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I431236 onetrees 
58 Hansen, Else  10 Jan 1973Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I393894 onetrees 
59 Hansen, Jens  1742Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I118256 onetrees 
60 Hansen, Margrethe Jensine  7 Apr 1937Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I161128 onetrees 
61 Hass, Nicoline Ursin  31 Oct 1844Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I165732 onetrees 
62 Haste, Peder Horrebow  28 Jan 1831Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I60824 onetrees 
63 Heiberg (Heiberg), Christen  11 Jun 1816Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I174515 onetrees 
64 Heide-Jørgensen, Gustav  22 Aug 1960Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I161823 onetrees 
65 Holmer, Bartholette Dorothea  3 Apr 1800Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I192783 onetrees 
66 Hude (Hude), Eilert Wilhelm von der  31 Aug 1870Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I170578 onetrees 
67 Hude (Hude), Ludvig Julius Christian von der  7 Jan 1914Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I170580 onetrees 
68 Hülsen, Lars Edvard Luvig Johannes  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I400698 onetrees 
69 Høffding (Høffding), Anna Cecilie Adelheid  30 Apr 1861Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I174042 onetrees 
70 Høyer (Jensen), Louise Emilie  11 Jan 1908Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I186639 onetrees 
71 Iuel (Juel of Oegelstrup), Carl Johan Engelbrecht  1 Oct 1881Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I147558 onetrees 
72 Jensen, Anne Marie  Est 1975Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I176013 onetrees 
73 Jeppesen, Anna Hans  14 Oct 1922Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I188126 onetrees 
74 Johansen, Marie Elisabeth  1904Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I455280 onetrees 
75 Jørgensen, Jens Johannes  29 May 1956Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I455268 onetrees 
76 Jørgensen, Jørgen Christian  1912Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I455269 onetrees 
77 Jørgensen, Knud Franciscus Maria Ewald Bottrup  15 Apr 1968Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I458621 onetrees 
78 Kierulff (Kiermet), Poul Sørensen  10 Jan 1781Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I197964 onetrees 
79 Kirketerp (Kirketerp of Denmark), Mette Andrea Rasmine  26 Dec 1881Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I196555 onetrees 
80 Kofoed (Kofoed of Blykobbegaard), Ove Christopher Høegh-Guldberg  9 Jun 1933Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I17006 onetrees 
81 Konow, Frantz Jacob Henning Hesselberg  2 Oct 1974Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I117365 onetrees 
82 Kyhl, Marie  15 Apr 1902Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I192639 onetrees 
83 La Cour (La Cour), Hans Otto Øhlander  30 Apr 1876Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I84190 onetrees 
84 Lange (Lange of Næstved), Hans Peter  27 Jul 1910Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I310781 onetrees 
85 Lange (Lange of Sorø), Vilhelmine Palline  30 Dec 1887Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I158122 onetrees 
86 Lassen (Lassen of Hejls), Henrik Carl Alexander  23 Jan 1924Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I146098 onetrees 
87 Leitner, Viggo August Philipp von  14 Jul 1915Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I179714 onetrees 
88 Lihme (Lihme), Anne Cathrine  Abt 1749Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I257934 onetrees 
89 Linde (Linde of Germany), Knud  6 Apr 1846Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I165731 onetrees 
90 Lundgren, Barbro Anita Margaretha Davidsson  27 Oct 1986Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I162964 onetrees 
91 Madsen, Poul Andreas Metz  24 Dec 1924Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I166328 onetrees 
92 Magaard, Karen Nielsen  27 May 1848Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I82104 onetrees 
93 Møgelvang, Anna Bertha  26 Oct 1914Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I306829 onetrees 
94 Møller, Peter Mærsk  9 Feb 1927Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I168422 onetrees 
95 Mørch, Aleth "Mette" Kristina  1793Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I117689 onetrees 
96 Nielsen, Emmy Margrethe  17 Jan 1954Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I161824 onetrees 
97 Nielsen, Kristen Peter  15 Jun 1951Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I59304 onetrees 
98 Nielsen, Malene Sophie  1780Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I346781 onetrees 
99 Nielsen, Niels Lauritz  25 Aug 1955Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I110100 onetrees 
100 Nommels, Karl Wilhelm Julius  Abt 1880Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I134241 onetrees 
101 Nørager (Nørager), Martha Nobel de  7 Feb 1855Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I116199 onetrees 
102 Olufsen, Mette Marie  1775Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I169636 onetrees 
103 Ovesen, Anne-Lise  9 Sep 1989Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I189328 onetrees 
104 Petersen, Berthamine  10 Aug 1902Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I130511 onetrees 
105 Petersen, Mette Frederikke  12 Nov 1888Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I170579 onetrees 
106 Poulsen, Laurits Michael  3 May 1942Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I392202 onetrees 
107 Poulsen, Rasmus Christian  13 May 1944Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I392193 onetrees 
108 Poulsen, Sophie  11 Sep 1885Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I211582 onetrees 
109 Rasmussen, Poul  20 Apr 2011Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I200469 onetrees 
110 Reventlow (Reventlow), Christian Einar Ferdinand Ludvig Eduard, Ruling Count  2 Feb 1929Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I133792 onetrees 
111 Rosenstand (Rosenstand), Mogens  1 Apr 1996Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I395164 onetrees 
112 Rostbøll, Jørgen  8 Jan 2014Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I385182 onetrees 
113 Saabye (Saabye of Ystad), Hans Ludvig  5 Jan 1890Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I152394 onetrees 
114 Saabye (Saabye of Ystad), Ove Christian Frederik  24 Mar 1899Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I150793 onetrees 
115 Schaffalitzky de Muckadell (Schaffalitzky), Birgitte Susanne Sybille, Comtesse  26 Jan 1876Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I169344 onetrees 
116 Schaffalitzky de Muckadell (Schaffalitzky), Ludvig Sophus Vilhelm, Baron  15 Apr 1923Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I169155 onetrees 
117 Schaffalitzky de Muckadell (Schaffalitzky), Vilhelm Joseph Henrik, Baron  26 Jul 1870Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I169666 onetrees 
118 Schmidt, Anna Cathrine  7 Jan 1868Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I190682 onetrees 
119 Schurmann, Jens Lauridsen  23 Mar 1796Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I104612 onetrees 
120 Secher (Secher of Denmark), Marcus Christian  1 Oct 1925Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I80189 onetrees 
121 Selchau (Selchau), Birgitte Christine  8 Oct 1825Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I176742 onetrees 
122 Sjöberg, Emmy Wilhemine Andersine  2 Feb 1970Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I176298 onetrees 
123 Skam, Hendrik Hansen "Borger"  Feb 1701Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I347929 onetrees 
124 Stanislavschye, Johanne Magdalene Barbara Helene von  16 Aug 1839Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I166051 onetrees 
125 Sthen, Anna Cathrina Olesen  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I267059 onetrees 
126 Syberg (Syberg of Voorde), Heinrich Friederich Jan Carl Caspar Reinhold "Fritz" von  29 Apr 1834Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I166052 onetrees 
127 Sünckenberg, Elina Ida Maria Voss  16 Jul 1937Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I20314 onetrees 
128 Theill, Heinrich Andreas  1 Dec 1862Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I186636 onetrees 
129 Theill, Henriette Kristine  22 Feb 1929Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I170581 onetrees 
130 Therp, Jørgen Kaj  11 Mar 2015Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I308470 onetrees 
131 Trock, Peter Hermann Gottlieb  5 Dec 1920Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I20270 onetrees 
132 Tuxen (Tuxen), Ebba Louise  27 Dec 1997Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I395169 onetrees 
133 Tybring, Jørgen  1735Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I347966 onetrees 
134 Ulrich (Ulrich of Hildesheim), Charlotte Elise Wilhelmine  26 Apr 1900Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I13055 onetrees 
135 Valkendorf, Inger Axelsen  23 Feb 1555Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I187012 onetrees 
136 Villaume, Ane Mathilde Hansine Ernestine  30 Sep 1857Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I82217 onetrees 
137 Vind (Vind), Ove Johan  19 Dec 1805Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I159870 onetrees 
138 Weber, Anna Elisabeth  27 Apr 1973Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I189249 onetrees 
139 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Frederik Ludvig, Count  28 Mar 1819Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I21881 onetrees 
140 Wegener (Wegener of Lund), Cathrine  7 Feb 1773Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I257932 onetrees 
141 Wegener (Wegener of Lund), Johan Witt Christensen  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I267061 onetrees 
142 Wegener (Wegener of Wismar), Henriette  24 Apr 1835Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I186643 onetrees 
143 Wengel, Carl Adolph  7 Mar 1895Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I270462 onetrees 
144 Wessel (Wessel), Herman Hinrich  7 Feb 1871Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I151763 onetrees 
145 West, Phillipine Kirstine  20 Sep 1884Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I101903 onetrees 
146 Wichmand (Wichmand), Johan Jørgensen  1738Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I347961 onetrees 
147 Wildschiøtz, Friederich Ferdinand  22 Jun 1881Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I189828 onetrees 
148 Wildschiøtz, Ida Anna Marie  2 Mar 1911Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I176272 onetrees 
149 Wilhjelm (Wilhjelm), Frederik Ditzel  19 Feb 1815Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I191647 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Haste, Peder Horrebow  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I60824 onetrees 
2 Jørgensen, Knud Franciscus Maria Ewald Bottrup  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I458621 onetrees 
3 Larsen, Rasmus Andersen  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I70068 onetrees 
4 Rasmussen, Poul  28 Apr 2011Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I200469 onetrees 
5 Svane, Anna Christine Sørensen  27 Jan 1772Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I246454 onetrees 
6 Thrane, Else Cathrine  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I70067 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 115 of 115

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Christen  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I157570 onetrees 
2 Andersen, Hans  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I455814 onetrees 
3 Baagøe, Hans Jørgen  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I320 onetrees 
4 Baagøe, J P  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I223142 onetrees 
5 Bekker, Adrian  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I91485 onetrees 
6 Berg, H C  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I127110 onetrees 
7 Bondo, Gomme Christian  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I49537 onetrees 
8 Bonnesen, Hans Carl  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I290182 onetrees 
9 Borring (Borring), Jørgen Sørensen  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I257928 onetrees 
10 Brandt (Brandt of Ærø 2), Rasmus Peder Gommesen  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I155666 onetrees 
11 Bremer, Jens Peter Eggert  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I198809 onetrees 
12 Brockenhuus-Schack (Brockenhuus), Ludvig Frederik Henrik, Count  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I18882 onetrees 
13 Colding (Colding), Jørgen   I189275 onetrees 
14 Crone (Crone), Thomas Alexander   I158106 onetrees 
15 Dahlbom, Carl August  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I79159 onetrees 
16 Egel, Karen  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I157685 onetrees 
17 Faber, Knud  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I198931 onetrees 
18 Fahnøe, Jesper Holgersen  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I66440 onetrees 
19 Faugstad, Lars Evensen  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I203908 onetrees 
20 Faye, Gerhard Andreas  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I157774 onetrees 
21 Fogh (Fogh), Jørgen Lemvigh  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I146064 onetrees 
22 Frederiksen, Frederik  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I77412 onetrees 
23 Friis-Hansen, Julius Vilhelm  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I116356 onetrees 
24 Gade, Elisabeth Katrine Wøldike  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I84007 onetrees 
25 Gertz (Gertz), Martin Christopher  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I171053 onetrees 
26 Graae (Graae), Gomme Christensen  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I114554 onetrees 
27 Groth (Groth of Odense), Ellen Cathrine  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I258356 onetrees 
28 Groth (Groth of Odense), Simon Pedersen  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I258413 onetrees 
29 Grønvald, S J  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I67130 onetrees 
30 Haakansson, Poul Julius  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I43187 onetrees 
31 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Einar Viggo  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I176285 onetrees 
32 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Hans Ferdinand Otto  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I190317 onetrees 
33 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Hans Harald   I189583 onetrees 
34 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Harald  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I189096 onetrees 
35 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Harald Andreas  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I176257 onetrees 
36 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg), Jørgen Harald  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I176340 onetrees 
37 Hansen, Bent Brandt   I163501 onetrees 
38 Hansen, Georg Valdemar  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I118858 onetrees 
39 Hansen, Povl  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I406996 onetrees 
40 Hansted, Peter   I195450 onetrees 
41 Hoffensetz, Winnie   I163207 onetrees 
42 Holberg (Holberg of Holmstrup), Kai Caroc Schall  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I165627 onetrees 
43 Holm (Holm of Svendborg), Anders Christensen  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I166066 onetrees 
44 Horskjær (Jensen), Finn  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I221858 onetrees 
45 Hude (Hude), Eilert Wilhelm von der  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I170578 onetrees 
46 Hude (Hude), Ludvig Julius Christian von der  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I170580 onetrees 
47 Husen, Peter  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I192305 onetrees 
48 Hygom, Harald Habroe   I183129 onetrees 
49 Hülsen, Lars Edvard Luvig Johannes  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I400698 onetrees 
50 Jacobsen, K H  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I177357 onetrees 
51 Jensen, Carl Sophus  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I160790 onetrees 
52 Jørgensen, Jørgen Christian  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I455269 onetrees 
53 Knudsen, Rasmus  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I447537 onetrees 
54 Konow, Frantz Jacob Henning Hesselberg  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I117365 onetrees 
55 Krøyer, Gomme  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I175118 onetrees 
56 Køhler, Jens Martin Jacob  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I187485 onetrees 
57 La Cour (La Cour), Peder David  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I143270 onetrees 
58 Lange (Lange of Næstved), Hans Peter  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I310781 onetrees 
59 Lauritzen, Knud Knudsen  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I110464 onetrees 
60 Lauritzen, Oluf Bondo  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I110714 onetrees 
61 Levy, Meyer Joseph  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I178792 onetrees 
62 Licht (Licht), Flemming Emil de Fine  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I117328 onetrees 
63 Lindbach, Jens  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I242090 onetrees 
64 Lindegaard, Hans Peder  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I450790 onetrees 
65 Luplau, Frederik Harald  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I141840 onetrees 
66 Madsen, Peter Tharald Daniel  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I291693 onetrees 
67 Madsen, Poul Andreas Metz  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I166328 onetrees 
68 Madsen-Mygdal (Madsen), Maria   I111829 onetrees 
69 Malchow-Møller, Axel   I76644 onetrees 
70 Marcussen, Niels  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I406997 onetrees 
71 Mejding, Hans Ewald  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I17022 onetrees 
72 Meyer, Moses Joseph  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I134793 onetrees 
73 Mortensen, Hans  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I453643 onetrees 
74 Møhl, Johan Conrad Holberg  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I79022 onetrees 
75 Møller, Hans Nielsen  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I132532 onetrees 
76 Møller, Peder Hansen  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I171055 onetrees 
77 Mølmark, Frederik  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I121242 onetrees 
78 Nielsen, Magnus Christian Albert  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I192525 onetrees 
79 Pedersen, Rasmus  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I2184 onetrees 
80 Petersen, Carlo Ruben  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I201970 onetrees 
81 Petersen, Jørgen Schultz  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I127153 onetrees 
82 Petersen, Peter Larsen  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I199347 onetrees 
83 Petersen, Theodor  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I127122 onetrees 
84 Poulsen, Laurits Michael  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I392202 onetrees 
85 Poulsen, Rasmus Christian  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I392193 onetrees 
86 Qvist, Christian Ulrich  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I185181 onetrees 
87 Ramm (Ramm of Denmark), Viggo  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I157654 onetrees 
88 Ramm (Ramm of Denmark), Viggo Kristian   I157684 onetrees 
89 Riber (Riber of Svendborg), G K  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I223140 onetrees 
90 Riber (Riber of Svendborg), J P Baagøe  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I223138 onetrees 
91 Riber (Riber of Svendborg), Ludvig  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I223144 onetrees 
92 Sabroe, Inger  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I141548 onetrees 
93 Sauerberg, Rudolf  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I130461 onetrees 
94 Sauerberg, Rudolf  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I130457 onetrees 
95 Sauerberg, Vilhelm  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I130512 onetrees 
96 Schaffalitzky de Muckadell (Schaffalitzky), Hans Ulrik, Baron   I163202 onetrees 
97 Schulin-Zeuthen (Schulin), William "Bill" Peter Johan Sigismund, Count   I146211 onetrees 
98 Secher (Secher of Denmark), Hans Jacob Anton Bie  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I103015 onetrees 
99 Skam, Hans  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I406954 onetrees 
100 Syberg (Syberg of Voorde), Heinrich Friederich Jan Carl Caspar Reinhold "Fritz" von  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I166052 onetrees 
101 Theill, Heinrich Andreas  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I186636 onetrees 
102 Troensegaard-Hansen, Christian Rasmus  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I156918 onetrees 
103 Vedel (Vedel of Copenhagen), Peter August  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I10646 onetrees 
104 Villaume, Sophus  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I85042 onetrees 
105 Wandel (Wandel), Jens Christian  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I28678 onetrees 
106 Wandel (Wandel), Johan Frederik Gustav  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I28667 onetrees 
107 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Joachim Godske, Baron  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I146968 onetrees 
108 Wegener (Wegener of Lund), Johan Witt Christensen  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I267061 onetrees 
109 Weimann, Svend Johann   I189269 onetrees 
110 Wilhjelm (Wilhjelm), Frederik Ditzel  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I191647 onetrees 
111 Wilhjelm (Wilhjelm), Jacob Pedersen  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I191645 onetrees 
112 Wulff, Salomon  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I174698 onetrees 
113 Wøldike, Marcus Thomas  24 Feb 1880Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I91300 onetrees 
114 Zacho, Hans Peter Løwenhertz  Svendborg, Funen, Denmark I447679 onetrees 
115 Øgendahl, Poul-Erik   I290140 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bachmann / Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt)  14 Oct 1740Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F52536 onetrees 
2 Bekker / Flindt (Flindt of Rostock)  14 Mar 1777Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F40966 onetrees 
3 Bentzien / Ruge  6 Jul 1860Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F41963 onetrees 
4 Christmas (Smith-Christmas) / Weber  1886Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F82382 onetrees 
5 Dyrhauge (Dyrhauge) / Hansen  19 Oct 1910Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F18130 onetrees 
6 Erreboe / Thorbjørnsen (Skaktavl)  11 Nov 1775Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F118728 onetrees 
7 Fogh (Fogh) / Barfoed (Barfod)  14 Jan 1903Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F40 onetrees 
8 Fogh (Fogh) / Haastrup (Haastrup of Svanninge)  6 Sep 1844Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F60190 onetrees 
9 Fønss (Fønss) / Tuxen (Tuxen)  16 Aug 1918Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F68648 onetrees 
10 Gad (Gad of Denmark) / Hoffmann  5 Apr 1797Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F71106 onetrees 
11 Halberg (Halberg of Svendborg) / Wildschiøtz  30 May 1880Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F74207 onetrees 
12 Holstein-Holsteinborg (Holstein) / Madsen  2 Apr 1942Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F78468 onetrees 
13 Jensen / Bülow (Bülow)  3 Jul 1829Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F12519 onetrees 
14 Kragh / Lange (Lange of Sorø)  15 Oct 1863Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F174350 onetrees 
15 Lemos / Hude (Hude)  14 Apr 1885Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F71649 onetrees 
16 Lindahl / Lassen (Lassen of Hejls)   F21067 onetrees 
17 Mølgaard / Fog-Petersen  25 Sep 1954Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F46844 onetrees 
18 Nielsen / Jerichau  18 Jul 1922Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F74170 onetrees 
19 Pedersen / Rasmussen   F17434 onetrees 
20 Pers / Schultz   F22850 onetrees 
21 Recke / Kisbye (Kisbye 1)  24 Jun 1843Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F44972 onetrees 
22 Schmidt / Pers   F22848 onetrees 
23 Svane / Bondo  4 Aug 1894Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F37620 onetrees 
24 Svendsen / Briand de Crèvecoeur  8 May 1893Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F61667 onetrees 
25 Sønderbye / Holmblad (Holmblad)  1 Jul 1945Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F80376 onetrees 
26 Ulrich (Ulrich of Hildesheim) / Christensen  10 Oct 1932Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F79905 onetrees 
27 Vind (Vind) / Sehested (Sehested)  20 Sep 1776Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F66882 onetrees 
28 Westergaard / Obel (Obel)  5 May 1885Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F55095 onetrees 
29 Zahle / Stangenberg  31 Aug 1935Svendborg, Funen, Denmark F58597 onetrees 
30 Øgendahl / Lønrygg   F120608 onetrees 

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