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Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 192 of 192

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cathrine  Abt 1821Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I255023
2 Magda  12 Mar 1867Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I411370
3 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Merete Anette, Comtesse   I201589
4 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Niels Brent, Count   I172284
5 Allerup, Barbara Helena Hansen  16 Mar 1722Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I7658
6 Alsing, Anne-Grethe   I237897
7 Bachmann, Frederikke Louise  1771Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I113229
8 Backer (Bagger), Hans Rasmussen  Abt 1613Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I97116
9 Backer (Bagger), Rasmus Rasmussen  Abt 1610Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I46207
10 Basballe (Basballe), Ane Marie  13 Jul 1807Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50371
11 Basballe (Basballe), Karen Christiansen Riegels  Abt 1720Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I245679
12 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Alfred Claudius  13 Jul 1836Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50303
13 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Caroline Erichine  27 Sep 1819Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50716
14 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Cecilie Augusta  18 Sep 1840Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I189924
15 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Cecilie Christine  7 Feb 1834Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50368
16 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Christian  17 Apr 1835Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50367
17 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Christian Poulsen  Abt Dec 1734Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I100996
18 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Christian Poulsen  25 Jan 1808Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I51549
19 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Christiane Pouline  14 Aug 1847Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50483
20 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Christiane Pouline Dorthea  16 Nov 1806Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I52292
21 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Corfitz Carl Emil  29 May 1811Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I51058
22 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Dorothea Helena  10 Apr 1806Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I104970
23 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Dorothea Helene  5 Jun 1812Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I51027
24 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Dorthe Helene  30 Dec 1804Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I55574
25 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Erich Erasmi  10 Feb 1843Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50490
26 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Erich Julius  15 Nov 1821Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50665
27 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Erich Theodor  21 Feb 1818Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50837
28 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Gerda Marie  6 Apr 1882Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I200179
29 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Hanne Constance Wilhelmine  3 Nov 1837Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50298
30 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Hans Henrich  11 Aug 1769Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I109722
31 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Hans Henrik  1 Jan 1832Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50370
32 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Ingeborg Otthilia  4 May 1883Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I198932
33 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Jacob Sophus  27 Aug 1844Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50488
34 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Jens Pilegaard  5 Sep 1801Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I108680
35 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Johanne "Hanne" Antonie  3 Apr 1823Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50630
36 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Johannes  31 Dec 1843Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I198933
37 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Julie Auguste  4 Feb 1816Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50902
38 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Julius  21 Aug 1814Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50961
39 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Ludvig  21 Feb 1811Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I109740
40 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Marie Cecilie  31 Jul 1846Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50484
41 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Theodor  17 Dec 1804Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I189840
42 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Vilhelm  14 Jan 1846Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I191306
43 Bendixen, Johanne Kirstine  12 Jul 1858Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I422848
44 Berendsen, Berendt  11 Feb 1812Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I134774
45 Berendsen, Frederikke  1820Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I134714
46 Berendsen, Joachim  15 Nov 1813Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I134773
47 Berendsen, Meyer  14 Jan 1822Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I134711
48 Berendsen, Samuel  26 Aug 1816Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I134720
49 Berg, Bertha Sofie  Abt 1848Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I387557
50 Blom, Nicolai Horholdt  Abt 1814Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I392225
51 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Ane Cathrine  6 May 1792Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I48148
52 Brandt, Andreas  12 Sep 1904Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I404653
53 Bredal, Mette Marie Andersen  1602Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I127610
54 Briand de Crèvecoeur, Anton Christian Crone  28 Jul 1845Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I148822
55 Buch, Laura Cæcilie  22 Mar 1816Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I240621
56 Bødker, Lene   I102692
57 Christensen, Charles Henrik  8 Apr 1870Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I167060
58 Copmann, Ane Pouline  15 Sep 1772Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I197366
59 Delfs, Anton Hansen  Abt 1840Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I387558
60 Delfs, Else Johanne  9 May 1875Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I388057
61 Drejer, Rose Marie Magdalene  15 Jun 1831Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I13462
62 Dreyer, Grete Elin  13 Nov 1914Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I184789
63 Dreyer, Grete Eline  12 Nov 1914Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I222764
64 Duus, Carl Adolph  24 Mar 1882Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I422849
65 Duus, Ellen Margrethe  17 Feb 1884Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I422850
66 Eilert, Louise Sofie Frederikke Petersen  11 Nov 1866Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I81756
67 Engelsted, Amalie Mathilde  17 May 1885Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I422921
68 Engelsted, Theodor Lerche  16 Aug 1878Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I420851
69 Fabricius (Fabricius), Christen Hansen  23 Mar 1736Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I157971
70 Fabricius (Fabricius), Lars Schuurmann  18 Jul 1734Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I111929
71 Fabricius (Fabricius), Otto Hansen  6 Mar 1744Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I157309
72 Fabrin, Erik   I258174
73 Fabritius (Fabritius of Denmark, Karen Friis  3 Dec 1730Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I197975
74 Fahnøe, Dorthea Helena Marie Elisabeth  3 Jan 1802Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I72211
75 Falk (Falck of Norway), Annette   I60303
76 Flindt (Flindt of Rostock), Christian  1769Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I22840
77 Friis, Anne Elisabeth Nilsen  1602Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I127608
78 Frisch-Jensen, Holger Emil Laurberg  9 Nov 1900Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I13816
79 Gebhard, Frederikke Christiane  19 Apr 1838Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I38238
80 Hansen, Anne-Grethe   I112676
81 Hansen, Oscar Otto Christian  14 Dec 1856Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I137630
82 Hansen (Bendix Hansen), Astrid "Addi" Bendix  3 Nov 1898Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I155942
83 Harder, Poul Christian  13 Dec 1882Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I275708
84 Hauge, Asta  21 Mar 1898Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I265981
85 Hauge, Inger Natalie "Inga"  22 Nov 1895Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I265976
86 Havemann, Johan  7 Nov 1870Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I205429
87 Havemann, Kirsten Gertrud  25 Mar 1895Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I137835
88 Hjorteberg, Christine Frederikke  5 Sep 1823Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I2127
89 Holten-Bechtolsheim of Oberndorf (Holten), Bo Halvdan von   I144627
90 Holten-Bechtolsheim of Oberndorf (Holten), Nina Elisabeth von   I144616
91 Hude (Hude), Ludvig Julius Christian von der  27 Apr 1841Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I170580
92 Høe, Emma Bartholdine  1806Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I124288
93 Jacobsen, Carl  15 Feb 1864Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I312916
94 Jacobsen, Erastus  15 Feb 1864Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I371865
95 Jacobsen, Ferdinand John Taylor  18 Jun 1862Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I371862
96 Jacobsen, Johannes Erasmus  1830Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I123228
97 Jacobsen, Niels  Abt 1815Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I438650
98 Jacobsen, Ove Delfs  11 Jun 1901Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I388059
99 Jacobæus (Iacobæa), Anthon Holger  25 Aug 1810Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50530
100 Jacobæus (Iacobæa), Marie Christine  11 Apr 1814Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I173890
101 Jantzen, Johan Theodor  Abt 1821Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I371557
102 Jantzen, Martha Cecilie  Abt 1823Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I372173
103 Jantzen, Peter Emil  Abt 1825Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I371558
104 Jensen, Helle Hvedegaard   I296369
105 Jespersen, Henrik   I35649
106 Jespersen, Kirsten   I34922
107 Johansen, Frits "Rudolf" Herman Pilegaard  17 Nov 1945Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I450900
108 Jørgensen, Marie  5 May 1870Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I152681
109 Jørgensen (Montanus), Jørgen  16 May 1791Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I123857
110 Jørgensen (Montanus), Magdalene Dorothea Marie Christine  29 Jan 1790Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I174088
111 Kaalund (Kaalund), Ingeborg  18 Mar 1915Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I246313
112 Knuth of Christiansdal (Knuth), Christian Christopher Vilhelm, Count  5 Apr 1930Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I7742
113 Kolby, Dorthea  30 Dec 1782Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50058
114 Krebs, Hans Peter Thostrup  1 Apr 1814Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I150599
115 Kruse, Anna Maria Christophersen  21 Dec 1688Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I86107
116 Kruse, Elisabeth Johansen  21 Dec 1665Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I84226
117 Kruse, Henrich Johansen  Nov 1666Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I83069
118 Kruse, Johan Christophersen  5 Nov 1701Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I80462
119 Kruse, Johan Johansen  29 Sep 1671Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I83067
120 Kruse, Jørgen Johansen  1676Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I83066
121 Kruse, Peder Johansen  Nov 1668Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I83068
122 Kruse, Rasmus Johansen  Jun 1678Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I83064
123 Larsen, Helle   I185272
124 Larsen, Ingrid  12 Jul 1912Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I173333
125 Larsen, Laurits Alfred Peter  18 Jun 1885Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I33896
126 Levinsen, Niels  21 May 1815Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I92470
127 Lind, Martin Theodor  12 Nov 1825Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I70561
128 Lindhard, Knud Mogens  23 Nov 1883Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I194212
129 Lundsgaard, Johannes Peter  7 Jan 1892Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I253031
130 Maegaard, Eilert  8 Jan 1889Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I130804
131 Melson, Hans Christian  1 Nov 1849Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I437095
132 Melson, Karen Johanne  5 Oct 1886Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I176384
133 Monberg, Gustav Emil Christen Sølling  7 Jul 1884Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I167059
134 Moses, Bendix  5 May 1836Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I423828
135 Moses, Christian Bonnesen  18 Apr 1876Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I423183
136 Mourier (Mourier), Helle   I58474
137 Nielsen, Erik Emilius  1865Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I414500
138 Nielsen, Franciska Augusta Albine  1869Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I414499
139 Nielsen, Georgia Perette Kirstine  5 Nov 1858Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I414504
140 Nielsen, Martha Ernestine  1875Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I414498
141 Norsk, Augusta  Abt 1854Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I255018
142 Norsk, Carl  Abt 1853Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I255391
143 Norsk, Cathinka  Abt 1856Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I255017
144 Norsk, Hanne  Abt 1847Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I255021
145 Norsk, Ida  Abt 1851Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I255019
146 Norsk, Julius  Abt 1849Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I255020
147 Norsk, Peter  Abt 1844Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I255022
148 Norsk, Peter Petersen  28 Oct 1886Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I253622
149 Norsk, Thora  Abt 1858Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I255016
150 Ostenfeld, Cathrine Marie  1777Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I134265
151 Ovesen, Ida  1847Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I419883
152 Pedersen, Petra Hansine Aneline  25 Oct 1840Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I114763
153 Petersen, Paula Cecilie Wandel  22 Feb 1887Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I205619
154 Peytz, Frode Svend   I82488
155 Pilegaard, Christine Georgine "Jørgine"  14 Dec 1820Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I174040
156 Pilegaard, Japhidia Anatolea  13 Mar 1824Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I191919
157 Pilegaard, Junia Vilhemine  16 Jun 1822Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I174039
158 Raaschou-Nielsen, Emilie Hansine  23 May 1885Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I195611
159 Raaschou-Nielsen, Finn Henrik   I319
160 Raaschou-Nielsen, Holger Lundsgaard  13 Dec 1878Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I193891
161 Raaschou-Nielsen, Olaf  28 Sep 1880Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I195270
162 Rieper, Christian  1759Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I113230
163 Rieper, Christian Ludvig  31 May 1806Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I113226
164 Rieper, Frederik  Abt 20 Jan 1758Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I113235
165 Rieper, Frederik  8 Dec 1805Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I190788
166 Rifbjerg, Marie Sophie  15 Oct 1845Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I112313
167 Schjerbeck, Juliane Cathrine Marie  16 Aug 1814Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I37418
168 Schnohr, Holger Ebbesen  Abt 1873Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I407164
169 Schnohr, Martha Magrethe Christiane  Abt 1871Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I148695
170 Schnohr, Mathilde Marie  Abt 1869Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I407358
171 Schnohr, Valdemar Ebbesen  Abt 1877Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I407357
172 Seierup, Carl G  1868Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I101630
173 Seierup, Hans Kai  20 Dec 1870Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I225846
174 Seierup, Theodore Marius Emanuel  6 Mar 1870Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I101881
175 Skaarup, Bjørn Okholm   I224306
176 Skrædder, Christopher Hansen  Abt 5 Jan 1658Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I84345
177 Storch, Laura Susanne Georgine  27 Oct 1830Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I413076
178 Storch, Pouline Marie Deodata  12 Jun 1828Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I413077
179 Sølling (Sølling of Skydebjerg), Anthon Jacobæus  4 Aug 1847Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I181115
180 Sølling (Sølling of Skydebjerg), Christiane Caroline Helene Antonie  8 Aug 1847Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I180979
181 Sølling (Sølling of Skydebjerg), Erika Cecilie  1846Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I194355
182 Sølling (Sølling of Skydebjerg), Hanne Vilhelmine  15 Oct 1848Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I180985
183 Sølling (Sølling of Skydebjerg), Johanne Vilhelmine  1843Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I194352
184 Sølling (Sølling of Skydebjerg), Sophie Elisabeth  28 May 1852Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I103347
185 Tholstorf, Ove Tholstrup  11 Mar 1917Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I108193
186 Trolle-Christensen, Estrid  23 Jun 1918Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I172338
187 Tønnesen, Hilda Christine  30 Sep 1867Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I240063
188 Zimsen, Inga Helen Krøyer  11 Apr 1912Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I415375
189 Ørsted (Ferslev), Privy Councillor (Joint Minister of Denmark) and The 3Rd Prime Minister of Denmark Anders Sandøe  21 Dec 1778Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I160043
190 Ørsted (Ferslev), Anders Sandøe  21 Jun 1816Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I38227
191 Ørsted (Ferslev), Christian Madsen  1 Feb 1814Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I8170
192 Ørsted (Ferslev), Hans Christian  14 Aug 1777Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I160031


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bendixen, Johanne Kirstine  10 Oct 1858Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I422848
2 Duus, Carl Adolph  18 May 1882Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I422849
3 Duus, Ellen Margrethe  14 Apr 1884Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I422850
4 Eilert, Louise Sofie Frederikke Petersen  10 Mar 1867Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I81756
5 Hjorteberg, Christine Frederikke  30 Apr 1824Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I2127
6 Jacobsen, Ove Delfs  21 Jul 1901Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I388059
7 Jespersen, Henrik   I35649
8 Jespersen, Kirsten   I34922
9 Jørgensen (Montanus), Magdalene Dorothea Marie Christine  1 Feb 1790Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I174088
10 Kruse, Anna Maria Christophersen  23 Dec 1688Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I86107
11 Lindhard, Knud Mogens  3 Feb 1884Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I194212
12 Lundsgaard, Johannes Peter  8 Apr 1892Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I253031
13 Moses, Christian Bonnesen  6 Jul 1876Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I423183
14 Norsk, Augusta  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I255018
15 Norsk, Carl  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I255391
16 Norsk, Cathinka  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I255017
17 Norsk, Hanne  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I255021
18 Norsk, Ida  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I255019
19 Norsk, Julius  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I255020
20 Norsk, Peter  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I255022
21 Norsk, Thora  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I255016
22 Pedersen, Petra Hansine Aneline  29 Nov 1840Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I114763
23 Raaschou-Nielsen, Finn Henrik   I319
24 Sølling (Sølling of Skydebjerg), Christiane Caroline Helene Antonie  3 Oct 1847Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I180979


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Inga  1996Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I176010
2 Backer (Bagger), Rasmus Hansen  1645Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I87350
3 Basballe (Basballe), Christian Pedersen  13 Oct 1756Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I245692
4 Basballe (Basballe), Karen Christiansen Riegels  21 May 1781Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I245679
5 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Carl  29 Oct 1880Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I200893
6 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Christian Poulsen  4 Oct 1813Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I100996
7 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Dorothea Helena  16 Sep 1894Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I104970
8 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Hans Henrich  14 Jan 1827Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I109722
9 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Johannes  30 Mar 1925Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I198933
10 Berendsen, Esther  15 Oct 1815Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I134721
11 Berendsen, Marcus  30 Jul 1824Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I134710
12 Bonnesen, Marie Sofie Frederikke  29 Sep 1902Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I423829
13 Borring (Montanus), Anna Dorothea Sørensen  14 Apr 1827Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I123929
14 Brandt, Ulla  13 Jan 1954Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I102106
15 Bredahl, Anders Rasmussen  1630Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I127609
16 Brøndsted, Holger  15 Feb 1916Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I81978
17 Christiansen, Anne  Jul 1766Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I67524
18 Duus, Jørgen Christian  13 Mar 1903Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I419973
19 Frøkjær, Inge Lise  Jan 1994Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I158445
20 Gebhard, Friedrich Christian  3 Apr 1838Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I8192
21 Godfredsen, Taelle  1701Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I83063
22 Hansen, Cathrine  28 Jan 1767Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I245693
23 Jacobsen, Ferdinand John Taylor  Apr 1864Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I371862
24 Jensen, Frederik Petersen  18 Feb 2005Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I176009
25 Kirchheiner, Alexis Emil Viggo Valdemar  8 May 1899Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I412652
26 Kruse, Johan Henriksen  28 Oct 1710Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I84303
27 Kruse, Johan Johansen  Nov 1729Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I83067
28 Levy, Bolette "Betty"  19 Nov 1873Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I130548
29 Mogensen, Knud  18 Jul 1970Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I419472
30 Moos, Annette Christine  21 Dec 1877Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I156828
31 Moses, Bendix  2 Jan 1903Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I423828
32 Moses, Christian Bonnesen  4 Apr 1937Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I423183
33 Møller, Rasmus Pedersen  1676Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I83010
34 Olsen, Dorothea Helena  27 Jun 1794Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I96619
35 Olufsen, Hans Heinrich  Jan 1763Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I68848
36 Pedersen, Maren  1680Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I84279
37 Petersen, Merry Käthe  2 Jan 2004Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I416187
38 Schjerbeck, Jens Christian  27 Jul 1837Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I37396
39 Schmidten (Schmidten), Marcus Pauli Carenus Holst von  26 Apr 1849Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I139088
40 Schmidten (Schmidten), Marcus Pauli Karenus Holst von  18 Sep 1850Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I139392
41 Thrane, Rasmus  30 Dec 1773Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I22845
42 Wengel, Carl Friderich Otto  21 Feb 1926Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I268439
43 Wismer, Kirsten "Gullen"  28 Aug 2004Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I155133


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Godfredsen, Taelle  3 Jan 1701Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I83063
2 Hansen, Anna  11 Mar 1695Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I83071
3 Jensen, Frederik Petersen  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I176009
4 Kruse, Johan Henriksen  3 Dec 1710Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I84303
5 Kruse, Johan Johansen  5 Nov 1729Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I83067
6 Kruse, Jørgen Johansen  30 May 1750Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I83066
7 Kruse, Peder Johansen  28 May 1715Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I83068
8 Rosenbjerg, Jacobus  7 May 1729Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I80359
9 Schnedler, Catharine Lovise  3 Aug 1816Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I270451
10 Skrædder, Christopher Hansen  26 Apr 1703Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I84345
11 Sørensen, Anna Margrethe  5 May 1714Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I83051


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Auchamp (Auchamp), Harald Albert Heinrich de  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I194133
2 Backer (Bagger), Rasmus Hansen  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I87350
3 Bauer, Axel  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I173904
4 Bauer, Christian August Pilegaard  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I173903
5 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Erich  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I82840
6 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Jens Pilegaard  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I108680
7 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Morten Andersen  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I79832
8 Bonnevie, Carl Erik  1945Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I82734
9 Buch, Rasmus  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I240624
10 Bødker, Christian   I102622
11 Delfs, Anton Hansen  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I387558
12 Fabrin, H S  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I258177
13 Gebhard, Friedrich Christian  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I8192
14 Hansen, Andreas  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I240622
15 Hansen, Hans Henrik  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50481
16 Hansen, Morten Johannes  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I267164
17 Hansen, Niels  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50381
18 Hansen, Rasmus  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I50482
19 Hastrup (Hastrup), Niels Keilgaard  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I22024
20 Havemann, Hans Bredal  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I182796
21 Havemann, Johan Carl  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I205633
22 Jakobsen, Hans Jacob  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I388058
23 Jensen, Johan Frederik Lundmark  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I33049
24 Jørgensen, Hermann  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I193297
25 Kaalund (Kaalund), Carl Christian  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I246314
26 Krabbe (Krabbe of Damsgaard), Iver  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I67529
27 Kruse, Johan Henriksen  26 Apr 1670Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I84303
28 Levinsen, Levin Nielsen  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I92276
29 Maegaard, Rasmus Frydendahl  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I130899
30 Melson, Emil  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I176396
31 Møller, Peder Rasmussen  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I84304
32 Nielsen, Christen Lundgaard  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I196569
33 Norsk, Christian Petersen  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I255024
34 Norsk, Jørgen Carl Petersen  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I254999
35 Norsk, Peter Petersen  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I254998
36 Pedersen, Rolf Jens  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I76842
37 Petersen, Jacob  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I100135
38 Petersen, Peter Martin  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I207253
39 Schlegel, Hendrich August Wilhelm  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I156827
40 Schmidten (Schmidten), Marcus Pauli Carenus Holst von  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I139088
41 Schnohr, Johan Henrik Christian  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I173720
42 Tholstorf, Niels Tholstrup  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I108195
43 Unserud, Hans Carl  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I38060
44 Wøldike, Knud Hjalmar  1883Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I144074
45 Ørsted (Ferslev), Jacob Albert  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I160055
46 Ørsted (Ferslev), Søren Christian Christiansen  Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark I159968


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt) / Bøchmann  30 Apr 1819Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F3831
2 Ammitzbøll / Kolby  30 Dec 1803Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F20241
3 Ammitzbøll / Lucas  17 May 1892Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F76536
4 Andersen / Jacobæus (Iacobæa)  1 Aug 1832Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F73209
5 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing) / Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing)  15 Oct 1869Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F79986
6 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing) / Jacobsen  29 Jul 1842Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F46634
7 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing) / Ring  21 Sep 1804Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F7664
8 Bjerregaard / Hansen  3 Sep 1916Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F28173
9 Bjørn / Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing)  28 Oct 1848Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F21927
10 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark) / Hansen  22 Feb 1792Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F78219
11 Christensen / Espersen  18 May 1913Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F110525
12 Duus / Bendixen  21 Sep 1877Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F161824
13 Faber / Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing)  6 Sep 1907Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F24393
14 Falk (Falck of Norway) / Godtfredsen   F29588
15 Flindt (Flindt of Rostock) / Thrane  19 Apr 1769Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F9427
16 Garth-Grüner (Grüner) / Knuth of Christiansdal (Knuth)  28 May 1954Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F19449
17 Hansen / Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt)   F64160
18 Hansen / Buch  7 Oct 1836Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F99525
19 Hansen / Kruse  28 Nov 1703Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F37747
20 Hauge / Hauge  3 Apr 1917Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F110147
21 Hauge / Hauge  30 Oct 1919Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F110148
22 Hude (Hude) / Petersen  25 Nov 1837Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F71793
23 Jacobæus (Iacobæa) / Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing)  27 May 1842Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F21414
24 Jørgensen / Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing)  5 Nov 1832Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F11526
25 Kiær / Basballe (Basballe)  13 Jul 1741Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F101521
26 Krebs / Wichfeld (Wichfeld)  29 Nov 1844Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F62410
27 Kruse / Erichsen  20 Oct 1700Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F37745
28 Kruse / Lauritsen  30 Jan 1695Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F37746
29 Kruse / Sørensen  27 Jan 1706Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F37744
30 Moses / Duus  7 Jan 1905Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F162213
31 Mourier (Mourier) / Hame   F28889
32 Møller / Copmann  8 Aug 1801Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F32290
33 Norsk /   Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F105823
34 Peytz / Bonnevie   F37509
35 Rosenbjerg / Kruse  27 Jul 1717Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F36787
36 Schrøder / Trolle-Christensen  23 Sep 1936Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F72537
37 Seierup / Rasmussen  13 Feb 1870Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F94252
38 Skrædder / Kruse  11 Jun 1686Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F38290
39 Steenberg / Allerup  8 Jun 1741Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F4532
40 Sølling (Sølling of Skydebjerg) / Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing)  22 Jul 1842Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F42449
41 Ørsted (Ferslev) / Gebhard  28 Sep 1846Rudkoebing, Langeland, Denmark F4833

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