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Odense, Funen, Denmark



Matches 1 to 2056 of 2056

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eva  5 Apr 1882Odense, Funen, Denmark I141565
2 Gerda Caroline  Abt 1866Odense, Funen, Denmark I196874
3 Møller  Odense, Funen, Denmark I73481
4 Vilhelm  23 Nov 1890Odense, Funen, Denmark I180008
5 Aaderup, Grete Johanne  31 Jul 1917Odense, Funen, Denmark I132864
6 Aagaard, Christiane Charlotte Jensen  Est 1720Odense, Funen, Denmark I85860
7 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Lilith Anna Margrethe Eriksen, Comtesse  10 Feb 1941Odense, Funen, Denmark I143865
8 Albertsen, Christiane Birgitte  10 Jul 1801Odense, Funen, Denmark I71366
9 Allerup, Johannes Christian Gottlieb  9 Apr 1864Odense, Funen, Denmark I75803
10 Allingham, Lisbeth   I416378
11 Allingham, Peter   I416377
12 Allingham Jensen, Anna Lise  1921Odense, Funen, Denmark I417713
13 Allingham Jensen, Ruth   I416357
14 Allingham Jensen, Verner Richard  24 Feb 1919Odense, Funen, Denmark I416376
15 Ammentorp, Christian Ditlev   I161857
16 Andersen, Alfred Peter  2 Nov 1871Odense, Funen, Denmark I399340
17 Andersen, Anders Laurits  27 Nov 1874Odense, Funen, Denmark I88832
18 Andersen, Anette Rehfeld   I42516
19 Andersen, Anthon  1799Odense, Funen, Denmark I104636
20 Andersen, Birthe Møller   I107997
21 Andersen, Bo Rehfeld   I42509
22 Andersen, C J  14 Nov 1918Odense, Funen, Denmark I55188
23 Andersen, Claus Jesper   I55187
24 Andersen, Cæcilia  29 Jan 1891Odense, Funen, Denmark I181156
25 Andersen, Ebba Elisabeth  27 Nov 1903Odense, Funen, Denmark I186350
26 Andersen, Elisa Margrete  1832Odense, Funen, Denmark I250815
27 Andersen, Ellen Vinnie   I141921
28 Andersen, Grethe  15 Jan 1909Odense, Funen, Denmark I148993
29 Andersen, Grethe Elisabeth  5 Sep 1916Odense, Funen, Denmark I16959
30 Andersen, Hans Christian  2 Apr 1805Odense, Funen, Denmark I248821
31 Andersen, Henrik Augustinus  29 Apr 1898Odense, Funen, Denmark I138187
32 Andersen, Inger  24 Jul 1904Odense, Funen, Denmark I123624
33 Andersen, Jens Christian   I392208
34 Andersen, Karen Line "Karoline" Juliane  12 Dec 1844Odense, Funen, Denmark I64313
35 Andersen, Karen Marie  22 Sep 1799Odense, Funen, Denmark I248816
36 Andersen, Kirsten "Kis" Krøger   I52108
37 Andersen, Kirsten Munch   I173689
38 Andersen, Kjeld Erik Posselt  18 Feb 1906Odense, Funen, Denmark I186627
39 Andersen, Lauritz Emanuel  21 Nov 1872Odense, Funen, Denmark I136681
40 Andersen, Lene   I239430
41 Andersen, Mette Maria   I239434
42 Andersen, Pernille Fenger   I74921
43 Andersen, Synnøve Kirstine Japhetsen  1745Odense, Funen, Denmark I117072
44 Anderson, Marion   I182388
45 Andreasen, Cecilie Marie  Abt 1782Odense, Funen, Denmark I383384
46 Andreasen, Edel Marie  1796Odense, Funen, Denmark I383388
47 Andreasen, Petrine  1785Odense, Funen, Denmark I383385
48 Andresen, Finn   I189214
49 Andresen, Jens   I189267
50 Arboe, Georg  21 Jul 1899Odense, Funen, Denmark I43169
51 Arnesen, Sigrid Nikoline  20 Nov 1896Odense, Funen, Denmark I153155
52 Aschenbrenner, Agnes  13 Jun 1887Odense, Funen, Denmark I130502
53 Aschenbrenner, Hedevig  9 Apr 1885Odense, Funen, Denmark I130503
54 Asmann, Bolette Sophie  Jan 1732Odense, Funen, Denmark I118215
55 Augustesen, Inge-Lise   I170030
56 Baagøe, Philip Rink   I284895
57 Baagøe, Pia Maria Rink   I284897
58 Bache, Ellen Elisabeth   I201152
59 Bagge, Friderich Christian  Jul 1743Odense, Funen, Denmark I25239
60 Bagger, Karen Nielsen  Abt 1577Odense, Funen, Denmark I238419
61 Bagger, Oluf Nielsen  1524Odense, Funen, Denmark I239722
62 Bagger, Oluf Nielsen  10 Mar 1607Odense, Funen, Denmark I168119
63 Bagger, Oluf Olufsen  1567Odense, Funen, Denmark I70328
64 Bagger, Poul Olufsen  1605Odense, Funen, Denmark I70306
65 Balslev (Balsløw), Lauritz Luja  Dec 1722Odense, Funen, Denmark I154720
66 Balsløw (Balsløw), Rasmus Jensen  16 Sep 1719Odense, Funen, Denmark I8037
67 Baltzersen, Maren  Abt 1620Odense, Funen, Denmark I372048
68 Bang, Johanne Petrine  17 Oct 1798Odense, Funen, Denmark I76925
69 Bang, Kirsten   I228984
70 Bang, Marie Cathrine  9 Oct 1824Odense, Funen, Denmark I199535
71 Bang, Peter Johannes   I229020
72 Bang, Vilhelm Thorvald  3 May 1871Odense, Funen, Denmark I244837
73 Barchhausen, Alheid Cathrine Jørgensen  22 Oct 1679Odense, Funen, Denmark I153370
74 Barchhausen, Jens Madsen  1677Odense, Funen, Denmark I257901
75 Barchhausen, Johan  1676Odense, Funen, Denmark I257900
76 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth), Frederik Carl Christian von  21 Jun 1846Odense, Funen, Denmark I68714
77 Bardram (Bartram), Jens Viktor Poul Tietgen  31 Jan 1904Odense, Funen, Denmark I86097
78 Bardram (Bartram), Jens Wilhelm  1816Odense, Funen, Denmark I182634
79 Bardram (Bartram), Johanne  5 Apr 1865Odense, Funen, Denmark I86085
80 Bardrum, Else   I399644
81 Bartholin (Bartholin), Birger  1 May 1900Odense, Funen, Denmark I169030
82 Bartholin (Bartholin), Holger Louis  3 Nov 1902Odense, Funen, Denmark I139588
83 Bartram (Bartram), Sara Margrethe  1807Odense, Funen, Denmark I157926
84 Basse (Basse), Anne Sørensen  1744Odense, Funen, Denmark I313502
85 Basse (Basse), Caroline Johanne Dorthea  31 Dec 1852Odense, Funen, Denmark I348234
86 Basse (Basse), Cathrine Marie  1761Odense, Funen, Denmark I312846
87 Basse (Basse), Christopher Wilhelm Hansen  30 Aug 1802Odense, Funen, Denmark I311210
88 Basse (Basse), Dorothea  1763Odense, Funen, Denmark I310703
89 Basse (Basse), Dorthea Rasmine  17 Feb 1841Odense, Funen, Denmark I313494
90 Basse (Basse), Emilie Marie  16 Mar 1843Odense, Funen, Denmark I313499
91 Basse (Basse), Hans Christopher Rasmussen  11 Dec 1772Odense, Funen, Denmark I311006
92 Basse (Basse), Hans Peter  13 Sep 1819Odense, Funen, Denmark I314229
93 Basse (Basse), Hans Rasmussen  1705Odense, Funen, Denmark I310706
94 Basse (Basse), Hans Sørensen  1738Odense, Funen, Denmark I310702
95 Basse (Basse), Hans Ulrich  1757Odense, Funen, Denmark I307867
96 Basse (Basse), Hansine Kirstine  Abt 1832Odense, Funen, Denmark I313498
97 Basse (Basse), Johan Matthias  1771Odense, Funen, Denmark I311004
98 Basse (Basse), Jørgen Andreas  1768Odense, Funen, Denmark I310859
99 Basse (Basse), Karen Hansen  1774Odense, Funen, Denmark I311003
100 Basse (Basse), Knud Hansen  1747Odense, Funen, Denmark I313624
101 Basse (Basse), Knud Hansen  25 Jan 1847Odense, Funen, Denmark I348235
102 Basse (Basse), Niels Rasmussen  1713Odense, Funen, Denmark I313913
103 Basse (Basse), Ole Peter Christopher  23 Apr 1869Odense, Funen, Denmark I348271
104 Basse (Basse), Rasmus Hansen  1744Odense, Funen, Denmark I310862
105 Basse (Basse), Rasmus Hansen  6 Dec 1800Odense, Funen, Denmark I312858
106 Basse (Basse), Rasmus Rasmussen  Abt 1665Odense, Funen, Denmark I311209
107 Basse (Basse), Rasmus Rasmussen  1698Odense, Funen, Denmark I311306
108 Basse (Basse), Rasmus Sørensen  1734Odense, Funen, Denmark I311007
109 Basse (Basse), Søren Hansen  1767Odense, Funen, Denmark I310858
110 Basse (Basse), Søren Hansen  9 Sep 1806Odense, Funen, Denmark I322786
111 Basse (Basse), Søren Rasmussen  1701Odense, Funen, Denmark I312747
112 Basse (Basse), Søren Sørensen  1735Odense, Funen, Denmark I313593
113 Basse (Basse), Søren Theodor Hansen  5 Nov 1851Odense, Funen, Denmark I348233
114 Basse (Basse), Theodor Knud Christopher  7 May 1835Odense, Funen, Denmark I313500
115 Baumgarten, Alma Louise  Odense, Funen, Denmark I405546
116 Bech, Julie Johanne  30 Dec 1870Odense, Funen, Denmark I328371
117 Bech (Bech of Aarhus), Asta Thora  22 Jan 1888Odense, Funen, Denmark I433890
118 Bech (Bech of Taarnborg and Valbygaard), Pernille Bülow   I182783
119 Beck, Johannes Vilhelm  22 Apr 1887Odense, Funen, Denmark I117070
120 Bendtsen, Anne Elisabeth  1770Odense, Funen, Denmark I328274
121 Benzon (Bentsen of Aagaard), Jens von  1 Jun 1767Odense, Funen, Denmark I152094
122 Benzon (Bentsen of Aagaard), Jens von  28 Dec 1807Odense, Funen, Denmark I165122
123 Berg, Anthon Gjerhardt  1831Odense, Funen, Denmark I113473
124 Berg, Henrik Christian Otto  1829Odense, Funen, Denmark I113474
125 Berg, Jens  1802Odense, Funen, Denmark I113475
126 Berg-Munck, Carsten   I207127
127 Bergen, Margaretha Danielsen von  27 Apr 1690Odense, Funen, Denmark I64264
128 Berner (Berner), Adam Fredrik Christoffer   I158772
129 Berner (Berner), Hans-Henrik Alexander  2 May 1944Odense, Funen, Denmark I85575
130 Bernhardt, Henrikke Petrine Rasmine  2 Jan 1854Odense, Funen, Denmark I371901
131 Bernstorff-Gyldensteen (Bernstorff), Anne-Sophie, Comtesse   I24270
132 Bernstorff-Gyldensteen (Bernstorff), Frants Erich, Ruling Count   I24281
133 Bernt, Hans Ludvigsen  Abt 1685Odense, Funen, Denmark I279733
134 Berrig, Maren Willadsen  1751Odense, Funen, Denmark I373034
135 Berrig, Marie Dorthea Willadsen  1755Odense, Funen, Denmark I373035
136 Berrig, Søren Christian  1762Odense, Funen, Denmark I373033
137 Bille Brahe (Bille), Berte "Birte" Sophie, Comtesse  10 May 1774Odense, Funen, Denmark I149407
138 Bille Brahe (Bille), Preben, Ruling Count  25 Feb 1773Odense, Funen, Denmark I1781
139 Bille Brahe of Fraugdegaard (Bille), Anne Elisabeth, Baroness   I198343
140 Bille Brahe of Fraugdegaard (Bille), Birgitte, Baroness   I112643
141 Bille Brahe of Fraugdegaard (Bille), Charlotte, Baroness   I158871
142 Bille Brahe of Fraugdegaard (Bille), Susanne, Baroness   I112665
143 Bille Brahe Selby (Bille), Charlotte Birgitte, Baroness   I158826
144 Binau, Thora Karen Nielsine Louise  17 Sep 1876Odense, Funen, Denmark I277897
145 Bircherod, Abigael Marie Jacobsen  11 Jan 1670Odense, Funen, Denmark I280579
146 Bircherod, Birgitte Jacobsen  5 Apr 1660Odense, Funen, Denmark I280611
147 Bircherod, Christian Broderus Jacobsen  16 May 1673Odense, Funen, Denmark I169807
148 Bircherod, Jacob Jacobsen  15 Jan 1664Odense, Funen, Denmark I280580
149 Bircherod, Jens Jacobsen  15 Jan 1658Odense, Funen, Denmark I280610
150 Bircherod, Thomas Broderus Jacobsen  13 Aug 1661Odense, Funen, Denmark I280581
151 Bircherod, Thomas Jacobsen  6 May 1659Odense, Funen, Denmark I280582
152 Birkedal, Anne Giertrud Fridericia Husum  1800Odense, Funen, Denmark I115922
153 Birkerod, Johan Mathias  8 Nov 1799Odense, Funen, Denmark I386888
154 Birn (Birn), Valdemar Richard  15 Dec 1933Odense, Funen, Denmark I289063
155 Bjørn, Ole Henrichsen  1709Odense, Funen, Denmark I109091
156 Bjørndahl, Jane   I159591
157 Bjørner, Gudrun  8 Jan 1884Odense, Funen, Denmark I244879
158 Bjørner, Ida Margueritha  9 Sep 1886Odense, Funen, Denmark I169869
159 Blangsted, Peter Christian  Jul 1773Odense, Funen, Denmark I284163
160 Bloch, Emmy Frederikke  23 Jan 1886Odense, Funen, Denmark I134831
161 Bloch, Jens Christian Torben  2 Nov 1895Odense, Funen, Denmark I134825
162 Bloch, Vilhelm Christian  12 Jun 1889Odense, Funen, Denmark I134826
163 Blom (Blom of Norway), Gustavus "Gustav" Victor  5 Nov 1853Odense, Funen, Denmark I132732
164 Blumensaadt, Cathinca  Odense, Funen, Denmark I106321
165 Boel, Annelise   I120033
166 Boel, Axel Marinus  5 Nov 1936Odense, Funen, Denmark I195101
167 Boel, Mariann   I12523
168 Bondo, Dora Marie  18 Feb 1891Odense, Funen, Denmark I223536
169 Bondo, Hans Henrik  20 Aug 1860Odense, Funen, Denmark I402773
170 Bonnevie, Bo Tørris   I82602
171 Bonnevie, Lars Tørris   I82604
172 Borch, Eleonora Christine Octavia  24 Oct 1835Odense, Funen, Denmark I21724
173 Borch (Borch of Lemvig), Filippa Frederikke   I183069
174 Borch (Borch of Lemvig), Sophie Olivia   I112069
175 Borchsenius (Borchsenius), Frederik  1 Jun 1882Odense, Funen, Denmark I42339
176 Borchsenius (Borchsenius), Hans Peter Axel  3 Jul 1879Odense, Funen, Denmark I42338
177 Borchsenius (Borchsenius), Ib Jørgen  9 Mar 1924Odense, Funen, Denmark I42342
178 Borchsenius (Borchsenius), Johannes Alfred  21 Jul 1890Odense, Funen, Denmark I154435
179 Borchsenius (Borchsenius), Niels Valdemar  4 Dec 1877Odense, Funen, Denmark I42337
180 Borchsenius (Borchsenius), Per Axel   I42344
181 Borchsenius (Borchsenius), Ulla Ragnhild   I42345
182 Borchsenius (Borchsenius), Verner Ludolph  25 May 1876Odense, Funen, Denmark I42336
183 Bornemann (Bornemann), Regitze Juliane von   I184987
184 Borring (Borring), Mathias Sørensen  1 Apr 1695Odense, Funen, Denmark I257945
185 Borring (Montanus), Anna Dorothea Sørensen  1765Odense, Funen, Denmark I123929
186 Brandstrup (Brandstrup), Laurits Christian Frederik Michael  1813Odense, Funen, Denmark I75404
187 Brandt (Brandt of Ærø 2), Christian Jensen  22 Apr 1763Odense, Funen, Denmark I155686
188 Brandt (Brandt of Ærø 2), Søren Christian  27 Aug 1847Odense, Funen, Denmark I155688
189 Bredsdorff (Bredsdorff), Thomas Vilhelm Birkedal  9 Nov 1868Odense, Funen, Denmark I44636
190 Brienholm, Severine Christiane  22 Jul 1773Odense, Funen, Denmark I412830
191 Brinch, Ane Marie Christine  Abt 1827Odense, Funen, Denmark I383697
192 Brinch, Anne Cathrine  1788Odense, Funen, Denmark I312768
193 Brinch, Anne Marie Waidtløw  5 Mar 1786Odense, Funen, Denmark I311304
194 Brinch, Caroline  Abt 1825Odense, Funen, Denmark I310870
195 Brinch, Christopher Waidtløw  1790Odense, Funen, Denmark I312769
196 Brinch, Elise Christine  Abt 1823Odense, Funen, Denmark I383696
197 Brinch, Jacob Emil  1836Odense, Funen, Denmark I383698
198 Brinch, Jacob Rasmus  6 Mar 1793Odense, Funen, Denmark I309990
199 Brinch, Jesper Carl  Abt 1829Odense, Funen, Denmark I383701
200 Brinch, Karen Margrethe  1797Odense, Funen, Denmark I309986
201 Brinch, Laura  Abt 1829Odense, Funen, Denmark I310868
202 Brinch, Ludvig  Abt 1832Odense, Funen, Denmark I310869
203 Brinch, Niels Peter  Abt 1825Odense, Funen, Denmark I383700
204 Brinch, Nielsine  Abt 1821Odense, Funen, Denmark I383699
205 Brinck (Brinck), Maria Elisabeth  Abt 1720Odense, Funen, Denmark I136979
206 Brochmand, Adam Gustav  30 Nov 1736Odense, Funen, Denmark I421056
207 Brochmand, Adam Joachim  22 Nov 1737Odense, Funen, Denmark I421057
208 Brochmand, Bodil Magdalena Christina  1 Mar 1753Odense, Funen, Denmark I421060
209 Brochmand, Friedrich Christian  1 Jun 1756Odense, Funen, Denmark I421062
210 Brochmand, Hans Jochum  20 Oct 1733Odense, Funen, Denmark I421054
211 Brochmand, Johann Adolph  1 Jun 1754Odense, Funen, Denmark I421061
212 Brochmand, Juliane Kirstine  5 Jun 1739Odense, Funen, Denmark I421058
213 Brochmand, Maria Amalia  1 Jan 1735Odense, Funen, Denmark I421055
214 Brochmann, Wilhelm Johann Friedrich  1 Sep 1758Odense, Funen, Denmark I421059
215 Brockmand, Elisabeth  1732Odense, Funen, Denmark I417276
216 Brodersen, Anne Sabine  1787Odense, Funen, Denmark I350062
217 Brodersen, Anne Sabine  20 Sep 1789Odense, Funen, Denmark I350061
218 Brodersen, Anne Sabine  17 Jun 1793Odense, Funen, Denmark I350065
219 Brodersen, Christopher  1795Odense, Funen, Denmark I312847
220 Brodersen, Claus  1757Odense, Funen, Denmark I313628
221 Brodersen, Claus  27 Aug 1767Odense, Funen, Denmark I313244
222 Brodersen, Else Marie  Abt 1800Odense, Funen, Denmark I336515
223 Brodersen, Frideriche Louise  1784Odense, Funen, Denmark I331731
224 Brodersen, Hans Christian  1762Odense, Funen, Denmark I314234
225 Brodersen, Hans Jørgen  1759Odense, Funen, Denmark I314373
226 Brodersen, Helene Petersen  1755Odense, Funen, Denmark I314372
227 Brodersen, Magdalene  24 Mar 1763Odense, Funen, Denmark I332475
228 Brodersen, Martin  2 Dec 1776Odense, Funen, Denmark I350060
229 Brodersen, Peder  17 Jul 1774Odense, Funen, Denmark I336518
230 Brodersen, Peder  1785Odense, Funen, Denmark I314236
231 Brodersen, Peter  Abt 1785Odense, Funen, Denmark I336519
232 Brodersen, Peter  14 Apr 1788Odense, Funen, Denmark I350064
233 Brorson (Brorson), Øllegaard Lauridsen  9 May 1659Odense, Funen, Denmark I115877
234 Bruhn, Asger  24 Nov 1870Odense, Funen, Denmark I177465
235 Bruhn, Helge  27 Jun 1872Odense, Funen, Denmark I177444
236 Bruhn, Ingrid  15 Oct 1869Odense, Funen, Denmark I165420
237 Brummer, Hans Fredrik  1811Odense, Funen, Denmark I114892
238 Brummer, Marie Lovise  1825Odense, Funen, Denmark I114888
239 Brummer, Peter Adolph  1822Odense, Funen, Denmark I114889
240 Brummer, Sophus Skeel  1820Odense, Funen, Denmark I114890
241 Brun, Louisa Friderichsen  6 May 1860Odense, Funen, Denmark I309977
242 Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg), Caroline Frederikke  1813Odense, Funen, Denmark I37836
243 Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg), Charlotte Emilie  1812Odense, Funen, Denmark I213433
244 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Christian Carl Gustav  21 Sep 1868Odense, Funen, Denmark I93174
245 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Hanne Gye   I90024
246 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Ingeborg Christiane  28 Dec 1865Odense, Funen, Denmark I93163
247 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Kirsten  7 Nov 1936Odense, Funen, Denmark I90002
248 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Laurids Valdemar  25 Jun 1864Odense, Funen, Denmark I93152
249 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Lise Birgitte   I90619
250 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Mette Elisabeth   I2231
251 Brylle, Karen Hansen  1732Odense, Funen, Denmark I341099
252 Brylle, Maren Jensen  1744Odense, Funen, Denmark I124111
253 Buchholtz, Øllegaard Nielsen  16 May 1698Odense, Funen, Denmark I411744
254 Bunkeflod, Catharine  1755Odense, Funen, Denmark I230122
255 Bunkeflod, Karen Bjørn  7 Apr 1789Odense, Funen, Denmark I230111
256 Burchardsen, Margrethe Johansen  Abt 1600Odense, Funen, Denmark I244789
257 Bus, Ananias Petersen  1727Odense, Funen, Denmark I313863
258 Bus, Henrich Petersen  1726Odense, Funen, Denmark I313862
259 Bus, Marie Petersen  1729Odense, Funen, Denmark I313864
260 Bus, Marie Petersen  1730Odense, Funen, Denmark I313865
261 Buus, Hans Christian  1778Odense, Funen, Denmark I383705
262 Bülow (Bülow), Anne Elisa Agnes von  30 Aug 1823Odense, Funen, Denmark I49659
263 Bülow (Bülow), Carl Gustav Gerhard von  20 Sep 1819Odense, Funen, Denmark I49660
264 Bülow (Bülow), Christian Gotschalk von  Abt 1837Odense, Funen, Denmark I383337
265 Bülow (Bülow), Christian Grodtschilling von  5 Aug 1836Odense, Funen, Denmark I55240
266 Bülow (Bülow), Christine Cathrine "Christiane" von  3 Aug 1843Odense, Funen, Denmark I158657
267 Bülow (Bülow), Friedrich "Frederik" Wilhelm von  30 May 1840Odense, Funen, Denmark I41282
268 Bülow (Bülow), Friedrich Ludwig von  31 Dec 1743Odense, Funen, Denmark I50045
269 Bülow (Bülow), Georg Hannibal von  Abt 1862Odense, Funen, Denmark I383328
270 Bøisen, Aage  17 Oct 1907Odense, Funen, Denmark I448430
271 Callesen (Callesen), Emilie Constance  10 Sep 1841Odense, Funen, Denmark I150998
272 Callesen (Callesen), Henriette Mathilde  3 Oct 1843Odense, Funen, Denmark I278355
273 Carlsen, Johan Friderich  1773Odense, Funen, Denmark I309979
274 Carlsen, Marie Elisabeth  16 Oct 1809Odense, Funen, Denmark I309757
275 Carstensen, Johanne Kirstine  1722Odense, Funen, Denmark I371954
276 Carstensen, Niels  1724Odense, Funen, Denmark I371955
277 Carstensen, Sidsel  1728Odense, Funen, Denmark I371956
278 Carstensen, Tønnes  1725Odense, Funen, Denmark I371949
279 Castberg (Castberg), Anne Birgitte   I147917
280 Castenschiold (Castenschiold), Christian Ludvig  2 Feb 1856Odense, Funen, Denmark I162559
281 Cederfeld de Simonsen (Cederfeld), Hans Christian Joachim  24 Sep 1817Odense, Funen, Denmark I176995
282 Christensen, Aage Toft  15 Jun 1872Odense, Funen, Denmark I285505
283 Christensen, Emilie Juliane Christine Trampe  24 Feb 1838Odense, Funen, Denmark I160656
284 Christensen, Olga  30 Dec 1893Odense, Funen, Denmark I82399
285 Christensen, Tage Mølmark  24 Oct 1901Odense, Funen, Denmark I154367
286 Christensen, Thora Jensine Christiane  13 Feb 1860Odense, Funen, Denmark I208096
287 Christensen, Tine   I33514
288 Christgau, Janne Anette   I251963
289 Christgau, Kirsten Inge "Lillemor"  18 Dec 1927Odense, Funen, Denmark I153658
290 Christiansen, Anna Jensine  8 Aug 1877Odense, Funen, Denmark I223271
291 Christiansen, Christine  1856Odense, Funen, Denmark I426225
292 Christiansen, Christopher Johan  3 Mar 1755Odense, Funen, Denmark I371884
293 Christiansen, Ebba  22 Apr 1877Odense, Funen, Denmark I131566
294 Christiansen, Elisabeth Cathrine  1732Odense, Funen, Denmark I371945
295 Christiansen, Johanne  15 Apr 1757Odense, Funen, Denmark I371885
296 Christiansen, Kirstine  29 Sep 1763Odense, Funen, Denmark I371568
297 Christiansen, Lisa   I230609
298 Christiansen, Ludvig  Abt 1645Odense, Funen, Denmark I371961
299 Christiansen, Maren  1729Odense, Funen, Denmark I223009
300 Christiansen, Margrethe  1731Odense, Funen, Denmark I371944
301 Christiansen, Niels Christian Anton  20 Jun 1850Odense, Funen, Denmark I424261
302 Christophersen, Ketty Doris Wätzold  15 Nov 1896Odense, Funen, Denmark I100343
303 Clasen-Smidth, Lissi  18 Jul 1919Odense, Funen, Denmark I168837
304 Clausen, Jesper  1702Odense, Funen, Denmark I413287
305 Clemmensen, Hans Christian  23 Nov 1839Odense, Funen, Denmark I83971
306 Clemmensen, Karoline Cathrine "Katie"  9 Apr 1873Odense, Funen, Denmark I83960
307 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Frederikke Abraham  29 Nov 1813Odense, Funen, Denmark I223813
308 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Serine Abraham  30 Apr 1808Odense, Funen, Denmark I136351
309 Crone (Crone), Annette Louise Frederikke  6 Jan 1834Odense, Funen, Denmark I44825
310 Crone (Crone), Caroline Mathilde  21 May 1823Odense, Funen, Denmark I44748
311 Crone (Crone), Christian  18 Sep 1854Odense, Funen, Denmark I145551
312 Crone (Crone), Conrad Wilhelm  15 Mar 1830Odense, Funen, Denmark I44781
313 Crone (Crone), Frederik "Fritz" Eberhard  5 May 1825Odense, Funen, Denmark I44759
314 Crone (Crone), Gustav Waldemar Emil  18 Mar 1832Odense, Funen, Denmark I45566
315 Crone (Crone), Julius  28 Nov 1826Odense, Funen, Denmark I44770
316 Crone (Crone), Martin Anton Christian  20 Sep 1817Odense, Funen, Denmark I44714
317 Dahr, Ana Magdalena  26 Feb 1775Odense, Funen, Denmark I106696
318 Dahr, Ane Elisabeth  1729Odense, Funen, Denmark I223021
319 Dahr, Ane Maria Elisabeth  1767Odense, Funen, Denmark I49099
320 Dahr, Elisabeth  24 Jul 1772Odense, Funen, Denmark I124133
321 Dahr, Hans Jacob  1734Odense, Funen, Denmark I124112
322 Dahr, Hans Jacob  1769Odense, Funen, Denmark I223007
323 Dahr, Johan Frederik Gotfried  26 Apr 1777Odense, Funen, Denmark I106695
324 Dahr, Johan Gotfried  1735Odense, Funen, Denmark I223022
325 Dahr, Marie Elisabeth Bussine  17 Apr 1809Odense, Funen, Denmark I170135
326 Demant, Hans Villiam Carl Johannes  16 May 1881Odense, Funen, Denmark I91672
327 Demant, Ingeborg Sophie Christiane  29 Feb 1828Odense, Funen, Denmark I50677
328 Dessau (Dessau-Meisling-Salomon), Bodil Marie  2 Jan 1891Odense, Funen, Denmark I200450
329 Dessau (Dessau-Meisling-Salomon), Harriet  9 Oct 1888Odense, Funen, Denmark I166885
330 Dessau (Dessau-Meisling-Salomon), Poul Michael Salomon  31 Dec 1893Odense, Funen, Denmark I156388
331 Dessau (Dessau-Meisling-Salomon), Villy Martin  8 Dec 1895Odense, Funen, Denmark I166887
332 Deurs (Deurs), Carl Victor Schønheyder Van  20 Apr 1901Odense, Funen, Denmark I181704
333 Deurs (Deurs), Ingeborg Schønheyder Van  9 Mar 1900Odense, Funen, Denmark I181703
334 Deurs (Deurs), Jan Arent Schønheyder Van  27 Jul 1898Odense, Funen, Denmark I195821
335 Deurs (Henriksen), Birgitte Eva Van   I145820
336 Dinesen, Anne Cathrine  Abt 1693Odense, Funen, Denmark I313586
337 Dinesen, Johanne  Abt 1693Odense, Funen, Denmark I310714
338 Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Arne Ivar, Baron   I196002
339 Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Dan, Baron   I195998
340 Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Mads, Baron   I196009
341 Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Mick, Baron   I195999
342 Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Tine, Baroness   I196007
343 Dirksen, Maria Kristine Groth   I221923
344 Ditlevsen, Lorenz Peter Carsten   I79434
345 Dombernowsky, Immanuel  6 Apr 1884Odense, Funen, Denmark I432970
346 Dombernowsky, Peter Edvard  26 Apr 1887Odense, Funen, Denmark I432956
347 Dorrien, Antoinette Magdalene  28 Oct 1781Odense, Funen, Denmark I187694
348 Drejer, Peder Rasch  18 Dec 1770Odense, Funen, Denmark I15287
349 Dreyer, Alfred Christian Frandsen  Abt 1889Odense, Funen, Denmark I200365
350 Dreyer, Catharina  Abt Jan 1739Odense, Funen, Denmark I16051
351 Dreyer, Christian Haman  25 Aug 1727Odense, Funen, Denmark I16207
352 Dreyer, Christiane  Abt Oct 1736Odense, Funen, Denmark I16078
353 Dreyer, Christopher Vilhelm  1738Odense, Funen, Denmark I79441
354 Dreyer, Daniel  Abt Oct 1731Odense, Funen, Denmark I16162
355 Dreyer, Fritz Julius Frandsen  5 Oct 1888Odense, Funen, Denmark I145270
356 Dreyer, Gertrud Kirstine Hansen  Mar 1736Odense, Funen, Denmark I284167
357 Dreyer, Hans Jensen  24 May 1725Odense, Funen, Denmark I16221
358 Dreyer, Jens Hansen  Abt 1699Odense, Funen, Denmark I16313
359 Dreyer, Johan Nicolai Tilemann  21 Feb 1864Odense, Funen, Denmark I146416
360 Dreyer, Johanne Nicoline  20 Nov 1874Odense, Funen, Denmark I134100
361 Dreyer, Jørgen Christian  7 Jul 1886Odense, Funen, Denmark I160600
362 Dreyer, Jørgen Gantzel Blicher  29 Jun 1862Odense, Funen, Denmark I167133
363 Dreyer, Margrethe  Abt Apr 1733Odense, Funen, Denmark I16104
364 Dreyer, Margrethe Sophia  Abt Jan 1735Odense, Funen, Denmark I16091
365 Dreyer, Max  17 Oct 1912Odense, Funen, Denmark I160611
366 Dreyer, Peder  Abt Apr 1741Odense, Funen, Denmark I16037
367 Dreyer, Sara  4 Sep 1723Odense, Funen, Denmark I16235
368 Dreyer, Viggo Sophus  Abt 1855Odense, Funen, Denmark I140736
369 Dreyer, Wolborg  13 Jan 1730Odense, Funen, Denmark I16188
370 Drue, Emilie Nielsine  Abt 1865Odense, Funen, Denmark I348269
371 Drue, Niels Gottlieb Wilhelm  21 May 1834Odense, Funen, Denmark I348268
372 Due, Andreas  Abt 1824Odense, Funen, Denmark I371897
373 Due, Boline Kirstine  Abt 1827Odense, Funen, Denmark I371895
374 Due, Edvard  Abt 1830Odense, Funen, Denmark I371896
375 Due, Frederik  Abt 1833Odense, Funen, Denmark I371899
376 Due, Jacob Hovald  23 Jun 1836Odense, Funen, Denmark I347034
377 Edinger, Ellen  24 Jun 1679Odense, Funen, Denmark I325032
378 Edvardsen, Anne  1731Odense, Funen, Denmark I313231
379 Edvardsen, Hans  1737Odense, Funen, Denmark I313229
380 Edvardsen, Hedevig  1723Odense, Funen, Denmark I313938
381 Edvardsen, Hedevig  1739Odense, Funen, Denmark I312517
382 Edvardsen, Mette Kirstine  1722Odense, Funen, Denmark I312515
383 Edvardsen, Niels  1726Odense, Funen, Denmark I313230
384 Edwards (Edwards of Liverpool), Corbett  1 Jul 1893Odense, Funen, Denmark I48126
385 Eegholm (Eegholm), Erik Andreas Vilhelm   I201327
386 Eggers, Erika Agathe Dorthea Elise Dorothea  28 Dec 1926Odense, Funen, Denmark I288306
387 Eggers, Valdemar Kay Henrik  9 Mar 1929Odense, Funen, Denmark I439018
388 Eggert, Andreas Jensen  Bef 1700Odense, Funen, Denmark I313121
389 Ehnhuus, Elisabeth  31 Mar 1873Odense, Funen, Denmark I421189
390 Ehnhuus, Erik  16 Apr 1875Odense, Funen, Denmark I421188
391 Ehnhuus, Hans Wissing  28 Apr 1878Odense, Funen, Denmark I184014
392 Ehnhuus, Karen  20 Aug 1871Odense, Funen, Denmark I421192
393 Ehnhuus, Viggersa  17 Jul 1876Odense, Funen, Denmark I421190
394 Eibye, Carl  Abt 1838Odense, Funen, Denmark I332484
395 Eibye, Christian  Abt 1833Odense, Funen, Denmark I332482
396 Eibye, Louise  Abt 1835Odense, Funen, Denmark I332483
397 Eilschou, Niels Andersen  19 Jan 1705Odense, Funen, Denmark I91351
398 Ejlskov, Alberta  Odense, Funen, Denmark I181457
399 Engberg (Engberg of Denmark), Gunnar Andersen  27 Mar 1905Odense, Funen, Denmark I132390
400 Engelstoft, Caroline  29 Apr 1854Odense, Funen, Denmark I412909
401 Engelstoft, Christen Thorning  6 Feb 1859Odense, Funen, Denmark I412908
402 Engelstoft, Christiane  29 Apr 1854Odense, Funen, Denmark I412910
403 Engelstoft, Frederikke  29 Apr 1854Odense, Funen, Denmark I412911
404 Engelstoft, Gerda  16 Jan 1888Odense, Funen, Denmark I79812
405 Engelstoft, Jens Christian Thorning  28 Jun 1884Odense, Funen, Denmark I134838
406 Engelstoft, Ludvig Christian  30 Oct 1860Odense, Funen, Denmark I412907
407 Engelstoft, Nelly Adele Louise  27 Mar 1890Odense, Funen, Denmark I134834
408 Enrum, Kjeld Bernhard  1896Odense, Funen, Denmark I394241
409 Enrum, Thorkild Frithiof  1893Odense, Funen, Denmark I394246
410 Erichsen, Aage  6 Jul 1896Odense, Funen, Denmark I84854
411 Erichsen, Christian Thorvald  11 Aug 1853Odense, Funen, Denmark I85384
412 Erichsen, Hendrik Ferdinand  3 Feb 1858Odense, Funen, Denmark I84980
413 Erichsen, Henrik Ferdinand  4 Apr 1859Odense, Funen, Denmark I84848
414 Erichsen, Mette  9 Apr 1639Odense, Funen, Denmark I329018
415 Erichsen, William Theodor  3 Dec 1856Odense, Funen, Denmark I84870
416 Eriksen Krummedige, Elisabeth  1402Odense, Funen, Denmark I238105
417 Eriksen Krummedige, Erik  1393Odense, Funen, Denmark I238106
418 Ernst, Heinrich Christian  Odense, Funen, Denmark I149337
419 Erntsen, Svend Erik   I294192
420 Esbensen, Frederik Emil  22 Feb 1839Odense, Funen, Denmark I92093
421 Esmann, Augusta Margrethe  8 May 1860Odense, Funen, Denmark I244880
422 Faber  2 Oct 1833Odense, Funen, Denmark I74806
423 Faber  22 Aug 1834Odense, Funen, Denmark I74818
424 Faber, Adamine "Mine"  4 Aug 1802Odense, Funen, Denmark I74630
425 Faber, Albert Christian Heinrich Quaade  9 Nov 1837Odense, Funen, Denmark I189246
426 Faber, Albrecht Christian Heinrich Quaade  23 Aug 1891Odense, Funen, Denmark I27822
427 Faber, August  11 Sep 1869Odense, Funen, Denmark I189308
428 Faber, Baldur  15 Sep 1840Odense, Funen, Denmark I158687
429 Faber, Caroline  1 Oct 1841Odense, Funen, Denmark I25154
430 Faber, Christian  9 Oct 1877Odense, Funen, Denmark I189222
431 Faber, Christian Gottfred Weber  28 Jan 1822Odense, Funen, Denmark I200326
432 Faber, Christiana  Abt Dec 1787Odense, Funen, Denmark I33919
433 Faber, Dagmar Anine  12 Mar 1836Odense, Funen, Denmark I158670
434 Faber, Diderica Johanne Josephine  8 Nov 1839Odense, Funen, Denmark I25175
435 Faber, Erik Einer  15 Jun 1869Odense, Funen, Denmark I95428
436 Faber, Fritz Ludvig Jean  28 Sep 1849Odense, Funen, Denmark I198883
437 Faber, Harald Nicolai  7 Jul 1856Odense, Funen, Denmark I93813
438 Faber, Harald Scipio Camillo  30 Dec 1842Odense, Funen, Denmark I24890
439 Faber, Ida Helene Marie  11 Feb 1835Odense, Funen, Denmark I189432
440 Faber, Ingeborg Andrea  9 Jul 1846Odense, Funen, Denmark I24863
441 Faber, Ingeborg Marie  24 Oct 1800Odense, Funen, Denmark I189408
442 Faber, Ingrid  26 May 1874Odense, Funen, Denmark I160459
443 Faber, Johan Valdemar  8 Sep 1849Odense, Funen, Denmark I24838
444 Faber, Johanne "Hanne" Margrethe  26 Feb 1795Odense, Funen, Denmark I189358
445 Faber, Johanne Rasmine  15 Mar 1786Odense, Funen, Denmark I33933
446 Faber, Johannes Henneberg  2 Jun 1790Odense, Funen, Denmark I32389
447 Faber, Julie Mathilde  8 May 1859Odense, Funen, Denmark I94379
448 Faber, Jørgen  25 Jun 1872Odense, Funen, Denmark I189210
449 Faber, Knud Harald  22 Dec 1870Odense, Funen, Denmark I189197
450 Faber, Knud Helge  29 Aug 1862Odense, Funen, Denmark I94852
451 Faber, Lauritz Nicolai  12 Jun 1836Odense, Funen, Denmark I189444
452 Faber, Maria Theodora  5 Sep 1854Odense, Funen, Denmark I93479
453 Faber, Marie Charlotte  1 Jul 1844Odense, Funen, Denmark I24877
454 Faber, Marie Kristine  23 Feb 1868Odense, Funen, Denmark I189296
455 Faber, Marie Magdalene Margarethe  19 Sep 1894Odense, Funen, Denmark I27368
456 Faber, Maurice Nicoline  10 Dec 1796Odense, Funen, Denmark I189382
457 Faber, Mauritz Trap Friis  6 May 1808Odense, Funen, Denmark I189420
458 Faber, Mouritz Trap Friis  3 Jul 1863Odense, Funen, Denmark I189258
459 Faber, Nicolai Christian Kracke  28 Jul 1866Odense, Funen, Denmark I189283
460 Faber, Nicolai Sophus  Abt Mar 1799Odense, Funen, Denmark I189396
461 Faber, Nicolaj  19 Jun 1789Odense, Funen, Denmark I32862
462 Faber, Nicoline Mariane  27 Mar 1784Odense, Funen, Denmark I33963
463 Faber, Rudolph Valdemar  17 Dec 1864Odense, Funen, Denmark I189270
464 Faber, Svend Aage  7 Jul 1867Odense, Funen, Denmark I95195
465 Fabritius de Tengnagel (Fabritius of Denmark), Anna Maria  19 Nov 1765Odense, Funen, Denmark I41117
466 Fahrenholtz, Minna Eulalia Theodora  1824Odense, Funen, Denmark I44862
467 Falbe-Hansen, Emanuel  1 Feb 1839Odense, Funen, Denmark I179168
468 Falbe-Hansen, Ida Mariette Helene  19 Feb 1849Odense, Funen, Denmark I170236
469 Falck (Falck of Norway), Jørgen  25 Nov 1921Odense, Funen, Denmark I167982
470 Falk (Falck of Norway), Anne Sophie   I60244
471 Falk (Falck of Norway), Cecilie Elisa   I60243
472 Fauerholdt, Esther Elise Ravn  6 Nov 1892Odense, Funen, Denmark I167170
473 Fauerholdt, Karla "Mette" Irene Ravn  10 Sep 1886Odense, Funen, Denmark I149008
474 Faurschou (Faurschou), Christian Alfred Ross  10 Oct 1879Odense, Funen, Denmark I405544
475 Feddersen, Hanne-Marie   I290863
476 Felsing, Cathrine Margrete  1808Odense, Funen, Denmark I149694
477 Fenger, Bo Hauch   I74901
478 Fenger, Elisabeth Margrethe  7 Oct 1879Odense, Funen, Denmark I76387
479 Fenger, Frederik  12 Nov 1877Odense, Funen, Denmark I75289
480 Fenger, Henrik Hauch   I74854
481 Fenger, Johannes Ferdinand   I75555
482 Fenger, Martin Hauch   I74853
483 Fischer, Edith Lily Thora Marie Helene Laura  11 Feb 1902Odense, Funen, Denmark I80923
484 Fischer, Hans Laurids   I12513
485 Fischer (Fischer of Denmark), Christian de  4 Jun 1857Odense, Funen, Denmark I18595
486 Flamand (Flamand), Svend  1 Oct 1883Odense, Funen, Denmark I194079
487 Fleischer, Stella Emilie  19 Dec 1883Odense, Funen, Denmark I83294
488 Flensborg, Anna Maria Thomasen  1707Odense, Funen, Denmark I91365
489 Foersom, Charlotte Cathrine  29 Apr 1834Odense, Funen, Denmark I412743
490 Foersom, Christen Albert  9 Jul 1844Odense, Funen, Denmark I412739
491 Foersom, Elisabeth Margrethe  7 Mar 1817Odense, Funen, Denmark I181748
492 Foersom, Hendrik Frederik  24 Jun 1842Odense, Funen, Denmark I412740
493 Foersom, Jens Peter Zeuthen Theodor  8 Jan 1815Odense, Funen, Denmark I413601
494 Foersom, Jeppe  4 Nov 1832Odense, Funen, Denmark I412746
495 Foersom, Johanne Magdalene  23 Sep 1807Odense, Funen, Denmark I413602
496 Foersom, Petersine  Abt 1802Odense, Funen, Denmark I78493
497 Foersom, Tobias Theodor  18 Mar 1831Odense, Funen, Denmark I412745
498 Fogh (Fogh), Adamine  1783Odense, Funen, Denmark I108674
499 Fogh (Fogh), Sophie Marie  1785Odense, Funen, Denmark I108673
500 Forsom, Christine Alberti  20 Jul 1803Odense, Funen, Denmark I412749
501 Frandsen, Jensline Marie  1810Odense, Funen, Denmark I114561
502 Frandsen, Maren  1731Odense, Funen, Denmark I314375
503 Frandsen, Marie  1741Odense, Funen, Denmark I384110
504 Frandsen, Peder Christian  1728Odense, Funen, Denmark I314376
505 Frantzen, Jens Carl  15 Mar 1829Odense, Funen, Denmark I338845
506 Frederiksen, Ella  9 Oct 1906Odense, Funen, Denmark I95561
507 Friis (Friis of Odense 1), Alhed Marie Jørgensen  1710Odense, Funen, Denmark I257971
508 Friis (Friis of Odense 1), Alhed Marie Jørgensen  1711Odense, Funen, Denmark I257981
509 Friis (Friis of Odense 1), Birgitte Christiane Jørgensen  1715Odense, Funen, Denmark I257973
510 Friis (Friis of Odense 1), Christen Hansen  Abt 1640Odense, Funen, Denmark I25810
511 Friis (Friis of Odense 1), Christen Jørgensen  5 Dec 1701Odense, Funen, Denmark I257970
512 Friis (Friis of Odense 1), Hannibal Jørgensen  1714Odense, Funen, Denmark I257972
513 Friis (Friis of Odense 1), Jacob Jørgensen  1708Odense, Funen, Denmark I257974
514 Friis (Friis of Odense 1), Jørgen Christensen  Abt 1666Odense, Funen, Denmark I249746
515 Friis (Friis of Odense 1), Karen Jørgensen  29 Jun 1551Odense, Funen, Denmark I183604
516 Friis (Friis of Odense 1), Karen Jørgensen  1704Odense, Funen, Denmark I257975
517 Friis (Friis of Odense 1), Karen Jørgensen  30 Jan 1706Odense, Funen, Denmark I249745
518 Friis (Friis of Odense 1), Lykke Sophie Jørgensen  8 Oct 1690Odense, Funen, Denmark I257980
519 Friis (Friis of Odense 1), Lykke Sophie Jørgensen  19 Oct 1699Odense, Funen, Denmark I249744
520 Friis (Friis of Odense 2), Hans Jensen  Odense, Funen, Denmark I384773
521 Friis (Friis of Ribe 2), Frederikke Louise Charlotte  8 Sep 1827Odense, Funen, Denmark I67639
522 Friis (Friis of Ribe 2), Hans  22 Aug 1822Odense, Funen, Denmark I67651
523 Friis (Friis of Ribe 2), Marie Kirstine  19 Oct 1812Odense, Funen, Denmark I67717
524 Friis (Friis of Ribe 2), Peter Friederich "Frederik"  26 Mar 1796Odense, Funen, Denmark I162288
525 Friis (Friis of Ribe 2), Therese Sophie  13 Mar 1814Odense, Funen, Denmark I67706
526 Frydendahl, Elna Marie  20 Jun 1873Odense, Funen, Denmark I16417
527 Frølich (Frølich), Einar Jacob Stampe  5 Jan 1893Odense, Funen, Denmark I140203
528 Frølich (Frølich), Elna Stampe  15 Jul 1900Odense, Funen, Denmark I140270
529 Frølich (Frølich), Emil Thyge Stampe  7 Mar 1899Odense, Funen, Denmark I140248
530 Frølich (Frølich), Henrik Stampe   I145092
531 Frølich (Frølich), Johanne Margrethe  18 Dec 1897Odense, Funen, Denmark I140237
532 Frølich (Frølich), Knud Frederik Stampe  18 Jun 1891Odense, Funen, Denmark I140192
533 Frølich (Frølich), Vilhelmine "Minna" Stampe  2 Apr 1889Odense, Funen, Denmark I82000
534 Føns, Christiane  Abt 1797Odense, Funen, Denmark I312844
535 Føns, Hans Ulrich  Abt 1794Odense, Funen, Denmark I312843
536 Føns, Mette Marie  Abt 1792Odense, Funen, Denmark I312842
537 Gad (Gad of Denmark), Birgitte Elisabeth  1 Mar 1915Odense, Funen, Denmark I138509
538 Gad (Gad of Denmark), Harald Blicher  12 Dec 1884Odense, Funen, Denmark I146466
539 Gamst, Marie Kathrine  1836Odense, Funen, Denmark I77457
540 Gauguin, Emilie  31 Jan 1954Odense, Funen, Denmark I18240
541 Gauguin, Philippe   I18248
542 Gebuhr, Vera  1916Odense, Funen, Denmark I386397
543 Gersdorff of Malschwitz (Gersdorff), Frederik von  27 Jun 1736Odense, Funen, Denmark I189736
544 Gersdorff of Müller (Gersdorff), Jens Peter Müller von  7 Aug 1806Odense, Funen, Denmark I156284
545 Gjellerup, Alfred  1847Odense, Funen, Denmark I106944
546 Gjellerup, Carl  1841Odense, Funen, Denmark I106949
547 Gjellerup, Emma  1834Odense, Funen, Denmark I106951
548 Gjellerup, Fanny  1836Odense, Funen, Denmark I106950
549 Gjellerup, Nana  1844Odense, Funen, Denmark I106947
550 Gjellerup, William  1842Odense, Funen, Denmark I106948
551 Gjødesen, Gunhild   I201846
552 Gjødesen, Kirsten   I201844
553 Gjødesen, Lisbeth   I201845
554 Gloor, Michael   I182289
555 Godtschalk, Marie Pallene Christine  Jan 1773Odense, Funen, Denmark I192334
556 Gormsen, Hans   I179140
557 Gornitzka, Andreas Frederik Peter Lillie  21 Jan 1846Odense, Funen, Denmark I83238
558 Gornitzka, Marie Sophie Lollie  23 Nov 1879Odense, Funen, Denmark I139221
559 Graversgaard, Allan   I52081
560 Gredsted, Gudrun Julie Louise  4 Mar 1883Odense, Funen, Denmark I191229
561 Gredsted, Kirstine  Abt 1825Odense, Funen, Denmark I348032
562 Gredsted, Peter  Abt 1823Odense, Funen, Denmark I348031
563 Greve, Anne Cathrine  1773Odense, Funen, Denmark I316445
564 Greve, Anne Margrethe Petersen  25 Jul 1771Odense, Funen, Denmark I341104
565 Greve, Anne Marie  5 Sep 1800Odense, Funen, Denmark I341128
566 Greve, Anne Marie  3 Apr 1802Odense, Funen, Denmark I384164
567 Greve, Bertel Pedersen  1736Odense, Funen, Denmark I314223
568 Greve, Berthel Petersen  30 Aug 1760Odense, Funen, Denmark I341100
569 Greve, Birgitte Bartholine  Abt 1821Odense, Funen, Denmark I351597
570 Greve, Birthe Petersen  17 Aug 1762Odense, Funen, Denmark I341101
571 Greve, Carl Christian  22 Apr 1812Odense, Funen, Denmark I384167
572 Greve, Dorthea  Abt 1818Odense, Funen, Denmark I351596
573 Greve, Gottlieb  Abt 1815Odense, Funen, Denmark I351598
574 Greve, Hans  12 Jan 1810Odense, Funen, Denmark I384166
575 Greve, Hans Peter  16 Jul 1797Odense, Funen, Denmark I384163
576 Greve, Hans Petersen  20 Oct 1763Odense, Funen, Denmark I341102
577 Greve, Hans Petersen  14 Feb 1766Odense, Funen, Denmark I341096
578 Greve, Jørgen Pedersen  1733Odense, Funen, Denmark I314222
579 Greve, Karen  20 Apr 1804Odense, Funen, Denmark I351595
580 Greve, Mads Pedersen  1739Odense, Funen, Denmark I314224
581 Greve, Maren Hedevig  12 Oct 1798Odense, Funen, Denmark I341127
582 Greve, Peter  3 Feb 1808Odense, Funen, Denmark I384165
583 Greve, Peter Pedersen  1728Odense, Funen, Denmark I314220
584 Greve, Peter Petersen  13 Jun 1768Odense, Funen, Denmark I341103
585 Greve, Petrosine Cathrine  1795Odense, Funen, Denmark I341126
586 Greve, Rasmus Pedersen  1719Odense, Funen, Denmark I314217
587 Greve, Valborg Margrethe  1806Odense, Funen, Denmark I384162
588 Grunnet-Rasmussen, Helga  19 Sep 1909Odense, Funen, Denmark I16719
589 Grunwald, Walter Morten  9 Dec 1934Odense, Funen, Denmark I409027
590 Grüner (Grüner), Charotte Amalie Eliasen  20 May 1731Odense, Funen, Denmark I167669
591 Grüner (Grüner), Christian Eliasen  7 Jan 1725Odense, Funen, Denmark I160376
592 Grüner (Grüner), Christiane Eliasen  21 Oct 1723Odense, Funen, Denmark I167657
593 Grüner (Grüner), Elias  16 Jan 1754Odense, Funen, Denmark I86469
594 Grüner (Grüner), Flemming Gustav  6 Jun 1908Odense, Funen, Denmark I86303
595 Grüner (Grüner), Frederik Eliasen  28 Jan 1730Odense, Funen, Denmark I160424
596 Grüner (Grüner), Jesper Eliasen  3 Apr 1726Odense, Funen, Denmark I167658
597 Grüner (Grüner), Johanna Maria Eliasen  12 Aug 1732Odense, Funen, Denmark I167659
598 Grüner (Grüner), Johanna Maria Eliasen  13 May 1735Odense, Funen, Denmark I167662
599 Grüner (Grüner), Sophie Hedevig Eliasen  7 Apr 1734Odense, Funen, Denmark I160429
600 Grønnegaard, Hans Lauridsen  28 Jun 1691Odense, Funen, Denmark I349814
601 Gunderse, Niels Jørgensen  1787Odense, Funen, Denmark I309967
602 Gylstorff, Hanne   I16333
603 Hagenau, Anna Marie  27 Mar 1833Odense, Funen, Denmark I55284
604 Hagenau, Anne Cathrine  1766Odense, Funen, Denmark I383310
605 Hagenau, Anne Cathrine  1806Odense, Funen, Denmark I383355
606 Hagenau, Anne Cathrine  6 Jun 1812Odense, Funen, Denmark I384071
607 Hagenau, Christian Frederik  29 Apr 1850Odense, Funen, Denmark I383322
608 Hagenau, Emma Sophie  14 Feb 1847Odense, Funen, Denmark I383320
609 Hagenau, Hans Christian  24 Sep 1813Odense, Funen, Denmark I383316
610 Hagenau, Hansine Christiane  8 Jan 1845Odense, Funen, Denmark I383319
611 Hagenau, Jenny Kirstine  31 Dec 1851Odense, Funen, Denmark I383323
612 Hagenau, Mads  1808Odense, Funen, Denmark I50929
613 Hagenau, Mads Peter Tolderlund  6 May 1841Odense, Funen, Denmark I383340
614 Hagenau, Mariane Cathrine  21 Jan 1839Odense, Funen, Denmark I383318
615 Hagenau, Mette Marie Pedersen  1767Odense, Funen, Denmark I383311
616 Hagenau, Peter Julius  19 Dec 1815Odense, Funen, Denmark I383321
617 Hagenau, Peter Pedersen  1772Odense, Funen, Denmark I383312
618 Hagenau, Petrine Jensine  15 Jan 1837Odense, Funen, Denmark I383317
619 Hagenau, Thora Frederikke  15 Jul 1854Odense, Funen, Denmark I383324
620 Hahn (Hahn of Lübeck), Jørgen  9 Jun 1678Odense, Funen, Denmark I9891
621 Hahn (Hahn of Lübeck), Jørgen Georg  18 Aug 1744Odense, Funen, Denmark I225833
622 Hahn (Hahn of Lübeck), Marie Andrea  26 Nov 1868Odense, Funen, Denmark I232309
623 Hahn (Hahn of Lübeck), Vilhelm  30 Sep 1707Odense, Funen, Denmark I157824
624 Halberg (Halberg of Odense), Carl Christian  7 Sep 1809Odense, Funen, Denmark I73528
625 Hald, Frideriche Caroline  Abt 1792Odense, Funen, Denmark I348099
626 Hald, Laurine Jacobine  Abt 1796Odense, Funen, Denmark I348100
627 Hansborg, Ingrid Marie Jørgensen  25 Dec 1887Odense, Funen, Denmark I24847
628 Hanse, Georgine  6 Apr 1837Odense, Funen, Denmark I133158
629 Hansen, Aksel Christian Henrik  2 Sep 1853Odense, Funen, Denmark I199029
630 Hansen, Anders  16 Dec 1806Odense, Funen, Denmark I121552
631 Hansen, Andrine Christine Eline  27 Apr 1815Odense, Funen, Denmark I248667
632 Hansen, Anne Cathrine  9 Mar 1780Odense, Funen, Denmark I328330
633 Hansen, Anne Marie  12 Sep 1723Odense, Funen, Denmark I378042
634 Hansen, Barbara  Aft 1651Odense, Funen, Denmark I279361
635 Hansen, Barbara  Abt 1660Odense, Funen, Denmark I279362
636 Hansen, Birgitte  1812Odense, Funen, Denmark I426595
637 Hansen, Birgitte Sophie Margrethe  1801Odense, Funen, Denmark I426127
638 Hansen, Bodil  Abt 1775Odense, Funen, Denmark I309997
639 Hansen, Broder  Abt 1650Odense, Funen, Denmark I279358
640 Hansen, Christian Lottrup  12 Aug 1817Odense, Funen, Denmark I426124
641 Hansen, Christian Urban  16 Dec 1844Odense, Funen, Denmark I62599
642 Hansen, Dennis Grundsted   I121986
643 Hansen, Dorthea  6 Dec 1776Odense, Funen, Denmark I328329
644 Hansen, Elisabeth  20 Sep 1884Odense, Funen, Denmark I176859
645 Hansen, Ella Caroline Dorothea Marie  24 Aug 1872Odense, Funen, Denmark I83928
646 Hansen, Ellen  1 Nov 1885Odense, Funen, Denmark I230941
647 Hansen, Else  30 Aug 1880Odense, Funen, Denmark I253786
648 Hansen, Emilie   I416635
649 Hansen, Freddy Vagner   I416627
650 Hansen, Frederikke Christiane  Abt 1811Odense, Funen, Denmark I320776
651 Hansen, Gregers  10 Jun 1900Odense, Funen, Denmark I50500
652 Hansen, Hans Christian  Abt 1808Odense, Funen, Denmark I310863
653 Hansen, Hans Jørgen  12 Jul 1804Odense, Funen, Denmark I143471
654 Hansen, Hansine  9 Mar 1780Odense, Funen, Denmark I328716
655 Hansen, Henning  Abt 1651Odense, Funen, Denmark I279359
656 Hansen, Henrik  10 Apr 1622Odense, Funen, Denmark I124340
657 Hansen, Henrikke  Abt 1802Odense, Funen, Denmark I371894
658 Hansen, Inge Marie   I74859
659 Hansen, Jacob Ingertus  12 Aug 1817Odense, Funen, Denmark I426118
660 Hansen, Jens Andersen  7 Jan 1806Odense, Funen, Denmark I240620
661 Hansen, Jensigne Hylleberg  30 Jul 1808Odense, Funen, Denmark I148785
662 Hansen, Jørgen  Abt 1651Odense, Funen, Denmark I279360
663 Hansen, Karen  1771Odense, Funen, Denmark I284219
664 Hansen, Kirstine Marie  1790Odense, Funen, Denmark I309983
665 Hansen, Knud  Aft 1648Odense, Funen, Denmark I279357
666 Hansen, Leif  4 Feb 1903Odense, Funen, Denmark I141355
667 Hansen, Louise Marie Vilhelmine  10 Jan 1902Odense, Funen, Denmark I13697
668 Hansen, Magnus   I416636
669 Hansen, Mathilde Sophie Urban  28 Sep 1856Odense, Funen, Denmark I62621
670 Hansen, Niels  25 Nov 1727Odense, Funen, Denmark I378044
671 Hansen, Olga Elisabeth Marie Jensine  21 Apr 1888Odense, Funen, Denmark I383686
672 Hansen, Per Mogens  1 Apr 1918Odense, Funen, Denmark I138493
673 Hansen, Philip Waidtlev  Abt 1843Odense, Funen, Denmark I324671
674 Hansen, Rakel  1 Oct 1904Odense, Funen, Denmark I50544
675 Hansen, Rasmus  21 Jan 1725Odense, Funen, Denmark I378043
676 Hansen, Søren  27 Jun 1857Odense, Funen, Denmark I148863
677 Hansen, Torben  3 Sep 1901Odense, Funen, Denmark I141356
678 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Anna "Anne"  May 1751Odense, Funen, Denmark I46552
679 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Anne  18 Aug 1699Odense, Funen, Denmark I46392
680 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Ingeborg  1702Odense, Funen, Denmark I46388
681 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Inger Kirstine  Nov 1714Odense, Funen, Denmark I46355
682 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Jørgen Nielsen  10 Nov 1753Odense, Funen, Denmark I46633
683 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Karen  9 Apr 1701Odense, Funen, Denmark I46390
684 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Margrethe  May 1705Odense, Funen, Denmark I46387
685 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Niels  9 Apr 1701Odense, Funen, Denmark I46391
686 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Niels Jørgensen  Oct 1712Odense, Funen, Denmark I46567
687 Hardorf, Lars   I58188
688 Hastrup (Hastrup), August Valdemar  31 Dec 1867Odense, Funen, Denmark I244591
689 Hastrup (Hastrup), Georg Sophus  18 Nov 1864Odense, Funen, Denmark I244589
690 Hastrup (Hastrup), Hedevig Margrethe  27 May 1871Odense, Funen, Denmark I244593
691 Hastrup (Hastrup), Johannes Julius  13 Jul 1875Odense, Funen, Denmark I244594
692 Hastrup (Hastrup), Marie Louise  27 May 1866Odense, Funen, Denmark I244590
693 Hastrup (Hastrup), Morten Vilhelm  2 Jan 1870Odense, Funen, Denmark I244592
694 Hauff, Adolph  23 Oct 1855Odense, Funen, Denmark I131800
695 Haugsted, Anna Mathilde  20 Jun 1861Odense, Funen, Denmark I199663
696 Haurowitz, Vilhelm Valentin  30 Jul 1812Odense, Funen, Denmark I244051
697 Haustrup, Anders   I167873
698 Haustrup, Karl Ewald  25 Jan 1918Odense, Funen, Denmark I168850
699 Haustrup, Kurt Allan  24 Nov 1927Odense, Funen, Denmark I169136
700 Haustrup, Louise Camilla   I182286
701 Haustrup, Poul Aage  25 Jan 1918Odense, Funen, Denmark I169123
702 Haustrup, Steen   I169233
703 Haustrup, Susanne   I182287
704 Haven (Haven), Dorothea Frederikke von  1693Odense, Funen, Denmark I22844
705 Haven (Haven), Mette Margrethe von  1705Odense, Funen, Denmark I347934
706 Haven (Haven), Niels Frederiksen von  8 Sep 1709Odense, Funen, Denmark I167668
707 Haven (Haven), Peder Frederiksen von  9 Aug 1715Odense, Funen, Denmark I167664
708 Hedemann (Hedemann), Lone von   I16664
709 Hée, Jørgen Jensen  18 Nov 1714Odense, Funen, Denmark I125602
710 Heiden, Nicoline Anne Cathrine  3 Aug 1834Odense, Funen, Denmark I335511
711 Heilmann (Heilmann), Johan Ernst  17 Jan 1810Odense, Funen, Denmark I116633
712 Hein (Hein), Christiane Sophie von  19 Mar 1846Odense, Funen, Denmark I111512
713 Heinich, Karen Dorthea Anthonette  10 May 1836Odense, Funen, Denmark I384038
714 Heins, Marie Elisabeth Olivia Christine  1846Odense, Funen, Denmark I14370
715 Helm-Petersen, Ingeborg Marie  27 May 1876Odense, Funen, Denmark I82657
716 Helm-Petersen, Jens Frederik  14 Sep 1810Odense, Funen, Denmark I244383
717 Helm-Petersen, Søren Frederik  25 Sep 1838Odense, Funen, Denmark I75617
718 Helweg, Anna Sophie  16 May 1844Odense, Funen, Denmark I164843
719 Helweg, Christine Sophie Louise  12 Nov 1822Odense, Funen, Denmark I199509
720 Helweg, Esther  10 Sep 1912Odense, Funen, Denmark I141562
721 Helweg, Hannibal Theodor  27 Jun 1820Odense, Funen, Denmark I199519
722 Helweg, Hans Kristian  30 Apr 1915Odense, Funen, Denmark I141556
723 Helweg, Heinrich Ludvig  12 Mar 1858Odense, Funen, Denmark I199520
724 Helweg, Ludvig Nicolaus  26 Aug 1818Odense, Funen, Denmark I199517
725 Helweg, Regner  23 Jan 1861Odense, Funen, Denmark I199543
726 Helweg, Vilhelmine Elisabeth  6 Mar 1850Odense, Funen, Denmark I133948
727 Hempel, Christian August  16 Apr 1839Odense, Funen, Denmark I23904
728 Hempel, Elisabeth  3 Apr 1865Odense, Funen, Denmark I248221
729 Hempel, Frederikke Kirstine  31 Jan 1809Odense, Funen, Denmark I244384
730 Hempel, Johanne Sophie  28 Aug 1861Odense, Funen, Denmark I248213
731 Hempel-Hansen, Hans Erik   I184729
732 Hempel-Jørgensen (Jørgensen), Johannes  4 Nov 1892Odense, Funen, Denmark I248220
733 Hennings, Christian  4 Jun 1924Odense, Funen, Denmark I153657
734 Hennings, Ebba  11 Aug 1892Odense, Funen, Denmark I148498
735 Hennings, Elisabeth  1903Odense, Funen, Denmark I106076
736 Hennings, Ove  29 May 1894Odense, Funen, Denmark I153664
737 Hennings, Paula   I172438
738 Hennings, Vibeke   I162959
739 Henningsen, Kurt  10 Jan 1944Odense, Funen, Denmark I239603
740 Henriksen, Asger Preben Knud Wissing  16 Oct 1903Odense, Funen, Denmark I28467
741 Henriksen, Gerda Ruth Wissing  11 May 1905Odense, Funen, Denmark I111166
742 Henriksen, Inga Rigmor Wissing  16 May 1900Odense, Funen, Denmark I146048
743 Hertel, Simon Samuelsen  Abt 1675Odense, Funen, Denmark I380665
744 Hess, Jørgen Henriksen  1781Odense, Funen, Denmark I181488
745 Hey (Møller), Andrea Caroline  Abt 1853Odense, Funen, Denmark I240450
746 Hey (Møller), Frederik Larsen  21 Feb 1857Odense, Funen, Denmark I34438
747 Hey (Møller), Ida Vilhelmine  Abt 1854Odense, Funen, Denmark I240449
748 Hey (Møller), Karen Anny  1845Odense, Funen, Denmark I240451
749 Hey (Møller), Knud Bendt Seidelin  15 Aug 1873Odense, Funen, Denmark I29445
750 Hey (Møller), Louise Johanne  Abt 1859Odense, Funen, Denmark I240448
751 Hey (Møller), Marie Sophie  4 Aug 1850Odense, Funen, Denmark I240446
752 Hey (Møller), Sophie Johanne  2 Jun 1861Odense, Funen, Denmark I182683
753 Hey (Møller), Thyra  8 Mar 1875Odense, Funen, Denmark I240403
754 Hey (Møller), Vilhelm Alfred  12 Nov 1847Odense, Funen, Denmark I29457
755 Hillerup, Marie Margrethe  26 Nov 1848Odense, Funen, Denmark I177531
756 Hindse, Christian Nielsen  Abt 1695Odense, Funen, Denmark I331850
757 Hindsgaul, Ferdinand Christian  1 Jan 1886Odense, Funen, Denmark I191526
758 Hindsholm, Abigael Lauridsen  1 Nov 1646Odense, Funen, Denmark I183578
759 Hintze, Barbara Marie Rasmusen  1759Odense, Funen, Denmark I371939
760 Hintze, Barbara Rasmusen  1763Odense, Funen, Denmark I371941
761 Hintze, Birgitte Cathrine Christiansen  1751Odense, Funen, Denmark I371946
762 Hintze, Carsten  1756Odense, Funen, Denmark I371937
763 Hintze, Carsten  1 Nov 1757Odense, Funen, Denmark I371938
764 Hintze, Carsten  1762Odense, Funen, Denmark I371940
765 Hintze, Christian Christiansen  1722Odense, Funen, Denmark I331884
766 Hintze, Christian Christiansen  1754Odense, Funen, Denmark I371948
767 Hintze, Christian Christiansen  1756Odense, Funen, Denmark I371947
768 Hintze, Helene Ambrosia Christiansen  1749Odense, Funen, Denmark I331885
769 Hintze, Karen Christiansen  1728Odense, Funen, Denmark I371943
770 Hintze, Rasmus Christiansen  1724Odense, Funen, Denmark I331883
771 Hjorth, Hanne Marie  Abt 1810Odense, Funen, Denmark I351616
772 Hofgaard, Anna Kirstine  1776Odense, Funen, Denmark I200635
773 Hofman, Vibeke Kornerup   I239203
774 Hofman-Bang (Bang), Niels Erik  13 Apr 1844Odense, Funen, Denmark I70504
775 Holbeck (Holbech of Holbæk), Sophie Rasmine  25 Dec 1840Odense, Funen, Denmark I66868
776 Holck of Holckenhavn (Holck of Roenhave), Christian Eiler, Ruling Baron  9 Oct 1847Odense, Funen, Denmark I4214
777 Holm, Mads Peder  Abt 1798Odense, Funen, Denmark I330436
778 Holm, Maren Cathrine  Abt 1801Odense, Funen, Denmark I351627
779 Holm, Maren Cathrine  Abt 1807Odense, Funen, Denmark I330437
780 Holmblad (Holmblad), Bente   I192825
781 Holmblad (Holmblad), Jette   I192408
782 Holmblad (Holmblad), Lars   I192532
783 Holmblad (Holmblad), Søren  21 Oct 1942Odense, Funen, Denmark I192645
784 Holmer, Bartholette Dorothea  25 Feb 1765Odense, Funen, Denmark I192783
785 Holmer, Christiane Lovise Wilhelmine  1788Odense, Funen, Denmark I108029
786 Holmer, Henriette Marie  18 Sep 1791Odense, Funen, Denmark I201686
787 Holmer, Margaretha Christina  1753Odense, Funen, Denmark I108031
788 Holmer, Peder  1751Odense, Funen, Denmark I201691
789 Holst, Anne Cathrine  1792Odense, Funen, Denmark I384140
790 Holst, Casper Sibbern  1727Odense, Funen, Denmark I347907
791 Holst, Christian Frandsen  Feb 1737Odense, Funen, Denmark I46352
792 Holst, Dorothea  1795Odense, Funen, Denmark I331728
793 Holst, Dorothea  30 May 1814Odense, Funen, Denmark I350039
794 Holst, Dorthea Marie  1792Odense, Funen, Denmark I332477
795 Holst, Else Dorthea  1791Odense, Funen, Denmark I332476
796 Holst, Frands Josiasen  1699Odense, Funen, Denmark I314374
797 Holst, Frands Sørensen Josiasen  1760Odense, Funen, Denmark I314378
798 Holst, Josias Frandsen  1725Odense, Funen, Denmark I340730
799 Holst, Josias Frandsen  1767Odense, Funen, Denmark I331725
800 Holst, Lucas  20 May 1734Odense, Funen, Denmark I80666
801 Holst, Nicolai  29 Mar 1795Odense, Funen, Denmark I332478
802 Holst, Peder Christian Frandsen  1739Odense, Funen, Denmark I313243
803 Holst, Rasmus  1801Odense, Funen, Denmark I384141
804 Holst, Rasmus Lucas  20 May 1734Odense, Funen, Denmark I313912
805 Holst, Severine Frideriche  11 Nov 1799Odense, Funen, Denmark I384142
806 Holst, Severine Magdalene  10 Jul 1804Odense, Funen, Denmark I332479
807 Holst, Søren Lucas Frandsen  1723Odense, Funen, Denmark I314062
808 Holst, Søren Lucas Frandsen  1756Odense, Funen, Denmark I314228
809 Holsten (Holsten), Adamine Benedicte, Baroness von  11 Aug 1791Odense, Funen, Denmark I145777
810 Holsten-Charisius (Holsten), Hans, Baron  3 Mar 1829Odense, Funen, Denmark I95800
811 Holten of Oberndorf (Holten), Olga von  4 May 1882Odense, Funen, Denmark I193979
812 Holten of Skibstedgaard (Holten), Christian Frederik von  11 Mar 1817Odense, Funen, Denmark I32357
813 Hunderup, Anne Marie Hansen  1773Odense, Funen, Denmark I341107
814 Hunderup, Jens Matthias  1722Odense, Funen, Denmark I384182
815 Hunderup, Jochum Peter  Abt 1782Odense, Funen, Denmark I384185
816 Hunderup, Johan Jochum  1724Odense, Funen, Denmark I384177
817 Hunderup, Sara Dorothea  Abt 1777Odense, Funen, Denmark I384184
818 Hvalsøe, Valdemar  19 Jan 1856Odense, Funen, Denmark I160319
819 Hyltoft, Alexander Christian Johannes  22 Nov 1865Odense, Funen, Denmark I423222
820 Høeg (Høeg), Einar Emil  2 Aug 1905Odense, Funen, Denmark I148506
821 Høeg (Høeg), Ove Tage  20 Jan 1900Odense, Funen, Denmark I148507
822 Høeg (Høeg), Poul Albert  24 Mar 1848Odense, Funen, Denmark I160327
823 Høeg-Brask (Brasch), Peter   I201337
824 Høhne, Anne Cathrine Christophersen  Abt 1736Odense, Funen, Denmark I311005
825 Høhne, Anne Christophersen  Abt 1739Odense, Funen, Denmark I373044
826 Høhne, Jens Christophersen  Abt 1733Odense, Funen, Denmark I373043
827 Høhne, Jørgen Christophersen  1744Odense, Funen, Denmark I383740
828 Høst, Ude  Abt 1738Odense, Funen, Denmark I115195
829 Høyer, Bodil Marie Pedersen  1765Odense, Funen, Denmark I371881
830 Høyer, Dorothea Pedersen  1763Odense, Funen, Denmark I371569
831 Ilsøe, Karen  21 Jun 1948Odense, Funen, Denmark I416648
832 Ilsøe, Lisbeth   I416604
833 Ipsen, Caroline Amalie  16 May 1815Odense, Funen, Denmark I185783
834 Ipsen, Rigmor Ellen Alvilda  25 Feb 1877Odense, Funen, Denmark I172202
835 Irming, Georg  2 May 1884Odense, Funen, Denmark I183915
836 Iuel (Juel of Oegelstrup), Peder Gregers  1 May 1858Odense, Funen, Denmark I174917
837 Iver, Fredrikke Sophie  1725Odense, Funen, Denmark I116050
838 Iversen, Eja Mosberg   I298442
839 Iversen, Jørgen Sigvard Rasmussen  24 Oct 1764Odense, Funen, Denmark I342381
840 Iversen, Kasper Mosberg   I298441
841 Jacobsen, Alfred Julius  5 Jun 1843Odense, Funen, Denmark I135518
842 Jacobsen, Anne Marie Stiller  29 May 1807Odense, Funen, Denmark I224245
843 Jacobsen, Caroline Mathilde  16 May 1806Odense, Funen, Denmark I143043
844 Jacobsen, Fredericke "Frederikke" Jacobine  19 Mar 1805Odense, Funen, Denmark I224246
845 Jacobsen, Frederikke  24 Jul 1841Odense, Funen, Denmark I135519
846 Jacobsen, Henrik Valdemar  15 Mar 1887Odense, Funen, Denmark I213479
847 Jacobsen, Israel Peter  6 Jun 1860Odense, Funen, Denmark I371866
848 Jacobsen, Jacob  17 Jul 1849Odense, Funen, Denmark I135515
849 Jacobsen, Jacob Eli  29 Aug 1726Odense, Funen, Denmark I373046
850 Jacobsen, Julia Henrietta Marie  1 Sep 1858Odense, Funen, Denmark I371863
851 Jacobsen, Julie  15 Oct 1839Odense, Funen, Denmark I135520
852 Jacobsen, Laurids  12 Jun 1721Odense, Funen, Denmark I373048
853 Jacobsen, Lorentz Ingwert  17 Mar 1723Odense, Funen, Denmark I331881
854 Jacobsen, Margrethe  1 May 1717Odense, Funen, Denmark I373047
855 Jacobsen, Marie Sophie  4 Mar 1809Odense, Funen, Denmark I224244
856 Jacobsen, Mathilde  9 Jun 1845Odense, Funen, Denmark I135517
857 Jacobsen, Pauline  7 Oct 1835Odense, Funen, Denmark I135522
858 Jacobsen, Pauline  8 Aug 1847Odense, Funen, Denmark I135516
859 Jacobsen, Rasmus Andreas  29 Aug 1726Odense, Funen, Denmark I331882
860 Jacobsen, Rigborg Kirstine Marie Jacobine  5 Jan 1923Odense, Funen, Denmark I83546
861 Jacobsen, Rosalie  27 Feb 1852Odense, Funen, Denmark I135486
862 Jacobsen, Sophie  3 Mar 1837Odense, Funen, Denmark I135521
863 Jacobsen, Vibeke Lilian   I114021
864 Jahn, Henny Tetens  3 May 1895Odense, Funen, Denmark I175336
865 Jantzen, Andreas  1754Odense, Funen, Denmark I373042
866 Jantzen, Anna Adelaide Theodora  Abt 1847Odense, Funen, Denmark I373692
867 Jantzen, Anne Cathrine Marie  13 Jul 1802Odense, Funen, Denmark I371550
868 Jantzen, Camilla  Abt 1846Odense, Funen, Denmark I373694
869 Jantzen, Caroline Matilde  16 Aug 1805Odense, Funen, Denmark I371551
870 Jantzen, Charlotte Amalie  14 Jul 1808Odense, Funen, Denmark I371552
871 Jantzen, Christian  1800Odense, Funen, Denmark I371526
872 Jantzen, Christopher Nielsen  25 Sep 1810Odense, Funen, Denmark I371553
873 Jantzen, Frederik Christian  29 Apr 1831Odense, Funen, Denmark I371559
874 Jantzen, Hans Ferdinand  Abt 1833Odense, Funen, Denmark I371560
875 Jantzen, Jacob  1748Odense, Funen, Denmark I373041
876 Jantzen, Johan Claude  1742Odense, Funen, Denmark I373039
877 Jantzen, Johan Jørgen  1795Odense, Funen, Denmark I371729
878 Jantzen, Karen Camilla Larsine Marie  Abt 1861Odense, Funen, Denmark I373693
879 Jantzen, Katinka Kirstine  Abt 1844Odense, Funen, Denmark I373691
880 Jantzen, Martha Cecilie  Abt 1829Odense, Funen, Denmark I371561
881 Jantzen, Rudolph Christopher  Abt 1819Odense, Funen, Denmark I371556
882 Jantzen, Søren  1745Odense, Funen, Denmark I373040
883 Jantzen (Jantzen of Drenderupgaard), Hans Henrik   I153352
884 Jantzen (Jantzen of Drenderupgaard), Merete   I153353
885 Jensen, Ane Marie  Abt 1831Odense, Funen, Denmark I351605
886 Jensen, Anna Frederikke Jørgine  1 May 1850Odense, Funen, Denmark I321652
887 Jensen, Anne Kirstine  Abt 1819Odense, Funen, Denmark I348227
888 Jensen, Carl Christian  30 Mar 1853Odense, Funen, Denmark I136406
889 Jensen, Carl Marius  1855Odense, Funen, Denmark I411584
890 Jensen, Christian Waage  4 Jun 1822Odense, Funen, Denmark I45577
891 Jensen, Emil  Abt 1828Odense, Funen, Denmark I351604
892 Jensen, Erik Helge Prip   I298960
893 Jensen, Erik Kaj   I81431
894 Jensen, Gitte Elisabeth   I294189
895 Jensen, Hans Prip   I298959
896 Jensen, Harald Wilhelm  19 Feb 1820Odense, Funen, Denmark I383368
897 Jensen, Helene Sophie Amalie  28 Mar 1860Odense, Funen, Denmark I134842
898 Jensen, Henning  Abt 1718Odense, Funen, Denmark I372746
899 Jensen, Henny Elsøe  23 Dec 1907Odense, Funen, Denmark I13880
900 Jensen, Henrik Bo   I294190
901 Jensen, Jacob Lindhardt  8 Jun 1793Odense, Funen, Denmark I371914
902 Jensen, Jacobine Amalie  18 Jan 1840Odense, Funen, Denmark I351601
903 Jensen, Jan  Abt 1822Odense, Funen, Denmark I384160
904 Jensen, Jens Christian  Abt 1816Odense, Funen, Denmark I348230
905 Jensen, Jens Friderich  Abt 1786Odense, Funen, Denmark I383386
906 Jensen, Johan  1756Odense, Funen, Denmark I372735
907 Jensen, Juliane Philippa Camilla  10 Feb 1863Odense, Funen, Denmark I134824
908 Jensen, Jutta Anna  1 Aug 1866Odense, Funen, Denmark I321653
909 Jensen, Karen Elisabeth  25 Oct 1908Odense, Funen, Denmark I392100
910 Jensen, Karoline Marie  Abt 1859Odense, Funen, Denmark I223777
911 Jensen, Lilian Prip   I298957
912 Jensen, Peter Sophus  Abt 1826Odense, Funen, Denmark I351603
913 Jensen, Petrine  Abt 1829Odense, Funen, Denmark I384161
914 Jensen, Poul  1931Odense, Funen, Denmark I298956
915 Jensen, Rasmus Vest  Abt 1821Odense, Funen, Denmark I348231
916 Jensen, Samuel Gothlieb Ernst Conradt  1785Odense, Funen, Denmark I342389
917 Jensen, Sophie  Abt 1844Odense, Funen, Denmark I351606
918 Jensen, Søren Elung   I14665
919 Jensen, Theodor  Abt 1820Odense, Funen, Denmark I384159
920 Jensen, Valborg  Abt 1836Odense, Funen, Denmark I351600
921 Jensen, Wilhelm  Abt 1818Odense, Funen, Denmark I384158
922 Jernert, Olivia   I191014
923 Jespersen, Hans  29 Nov 1778Odense, Funen, Denmark I328328
924 Jespersen, Hans  20 Sep 1819Odense, Funen, Denmark I328306
925 Jespersen, Lone Susanne   I18295
926 Jespersen, Marie Nicoline  25 Jan 1893Odense, Funen, Denmark I445479
927 Jessen, Thyra Andrea  28 Jul 1867Odense, Funen, Denmark I75750
928 Johansen, Augusta Jørgine  14 Aug 1844Odense, Funen, Denmark I244580
929 Johansen, Einar Fritz  3 Nov 1907Odense, Funen, Denmark I313836
930 Johansen, Erik   I148709
931 Johansen, Ester  31 May 1906Odense, Funen, Denmark I229654
932 Johansen, Karen   I148710
933 Johansen, Mariane Sørine  Abt 1816Odense, Funen, Denmark I336323
934 Josephsen, Frederikke  Abt 1829Odense, Funen, Denmark I342385
935 Josephsen, Johan Figath  1831Odense, Funen, Denmark I342384
936 Josiasen, Abigael Margrethe  1709Odense, Funen, Denmark I331791
937 Josiasen, Christian Peter  1712Odense, Funen, Denmark I331792
938 Josiasen, Gunder  1705Odense, Funen, Denmark I331790
939 Josiasen, Johanne Cathrine  1702Odense, Funen, Denmark I24319
940 Jungersen, Hedvig  26 Feb 1869Odense, Funen, Denmark I200242
941 Justesen, Kirsten   I433896
942 Juul, Else Vibeke  6 Jan 1907Odense, Funen, Denmark I110062
943 Jürgensen, Emma Georgine  29 Dec 1845Odense, Funen, Denmark I239951
944 Jørgensen, Ane Dorthea  28 Apr 1814Odense, Funen, Denmark I306996
945 Jørgensen, Ane Louise  15 Feb 1827Odense, Funen, Denmark I309984
946 Jørgensen, Anna Cathrine  Abt 1775Odense, Funen, Denmark I46932
947 Jørgensen, Anna Christine Elisabeth  6 Oct 1881Odense, Funen, Denmark I239773
948 Jørgensen, Anne Cathrine  10 Apr 1779Odense, Funen, Denmark I371520
949 Jørgensen, Anne Margrethe  16 Nov 1847Odense, Funen, Denmark I328392
950 Jørgensen, Anne Marie  1784Odense, Funen, Denmark I319589
951 Jørgensen, Anne Marie  1788Odense, Funen, Denmark I330404
952 Jørgensen, Antonette Louise  1806Odense, Funen, Denmark I328712
953 Jørgensen, Axel Marius Frederik  30 Apr 1869Odense, Funen, Denmark I134555
954 Jørgensen, Bent Nyløkke   I191440
955 Jørgensen, Carl Anton  1 Nov 1845Odense, Funen, Denmark I328447
956 Jørgensen, Carl Emaunel Alfred  30 Aug 1896Odense, Funen, Denmark I88625
957 Jørgensen, Carl Martin  9 Jul 1871Odense, Funen, Denmark I407033
958 Jørgensen, Daniel Tafdrup   I141779
959 Jørgensen, Ebba  1 Nov 1894Odense, Funen, Denmark I328537
960 Jørgensen, Elias  1737Odense, Funen, Denmark I371536
961 Jørgensen, Ellen Marie  29 Sep 1879Odense, Funen, Denmark I198916
962 Jørgensen, Emanuel  11 May 1786Odense, Funen, Denmark I371524
963 Jørgensen, Emanuel  5 Sep 1808Odense, Funen, Denmark I245385
964 Jørgensen, Emma Elisabeth Hansine  6 Dec 1835Odense, Funen, Denmark I328711
965 Jørgensen, Emma Hansine Jørgine  18 Feb 1837Odense, Funen, Denmark I328519
966 Jørgensen, Esther Ellen Margrethe  4 Jul 1890Odense, Funen, Denmark I188701
967 Jørgensen, Frederic Vilhelm  31 Jul 1815Odense, Funen, Denmark I328307
968 Jørgensen, Gunnar Friis  4 Feb 1907Odense, Funen, Denmark I95628
969 Jørgensen, Hans Kristian  20 Mar 1883Odense, Funen, Denmark I391618
970 Jørgensen, Hans Peter  22 Nov 1780Odense, Funen, Denmark I307532
971 Jørgensen, Hans Peter  27 Apr 1813Odense, Funen, Denmark I328715
972 Jørgensen, Henning  1789Odense, Funen, Denmark I310864
973 Jørgensen, Hermann Bernhard Roulund  9 Jan 1887Odense, Funen, Denmark I245383
974 Jørgensen, Hermann Emanuel  29 Oct 1845Odense, Funen, Denmark I328379
975 Jørgensen, Hermann Hagbarth  3 May 1853Odense, Funen, Denmark I114907
976 Jørgensen, Holger Theodor  3 Sep 1889Odense, Funen, Denmark I391615
977 Jørgensen, Ingrid Hariet Gurli  21 Jan 1888Odense, Funen, Denmark I328540
978 Jørgensen, Jacob  7 May 1792Odense, Funen, Denmark I371528
979 Jørgensen, Jens Frederik Harald  7 Aug 1841Odense, Funen, Denmark I410724
980 Jørgensen, Johanne Marie  10 Apr 1779Odense, Funen, Denmark I371521
981 Jørgensen, Johanne Marie Sørine  25 Aug 1840Odense, Funen, Denmark I328680
982 Jørgensen, Johannes Emanuel Roulund  30 Sep 1885Odense, Funen, Denmark I245384
983 Jørgensen, Julie Rudolphine Wilhelmine  2 Nov 1843Odense, Funen, Denmark I245386
984 Jørgensen, Karen  19 Oct 1777Odense, Funen, Denmark I5273
985 Jørgensen, Karen  25 Apr 1782Odense, Funen, Denmark I371522
986 Jørgensen, Karen Elise   I49035
987 Jørgensen, Karen Kirstine  1785Odense, Funen, Denmark I311010
988 Jørgensen, Karsten Haakon   I139389
989 Jørgensen, Kirstine Marie  1733Odense, Funen, Denmark I371541
990 Jørgensen, Kirstine Vilhelmine  15 Jun 1817Odense, Funen, Denmark I328717
991 Jørgensen, Lars Christian  1783Odense, Funen, Denmark I309925
992 Jørgensen, Lis  6 Mar 1943Odense, Funen, Denmark I285479
993 Jørgensen, Lisa Merethe   I53275
994 Jørgensen, Maren Cathrine  1791Odense, Funen, Denmark I330405
995 Jørgensen, Nanna Johanne Marie Elisabeth  28 Dec 1891Odense, Funen, Denmark I328538
996 Jørgensen, Niels Peter  25 Jul 1843Odense, Funen, Denmark I183916
997 Jørgensen, Peder  Abt 1725Odense, Funen, Denmark I46928
998 Jørgensen, Peder  1727Odense, Funen, Denmark I371538
999 Jørgensen, Peder Pedersen  28 Mar 1789Odense, Funen, Denmark I373687
1000 Jørgensen, Peter  1724Odense, Funen, Denmark I371537
1001 Jørgensen, Petrea Knudsine Christiane  9 Oct 1837Odense, Funen, Denmark I328710
1002 Jørgensen, Philip Tafdrup   I141780
1003 Jørgensen, Poul  3 Sep 1777Odense, Funen, Denmark I372350
1004 Jørgensen, Poul  19 Jul 1784Odense, Funen, Denmark I371523
1005 Jørgensen, Sidsel Marie  1720Odense, Funen, Denmark I371527
1006 Jørgensen, Sidsel Marie  27 Oct 1775Odense, Funen, Denmark I371519
1007 Jørgensen, Sigrid Ebba  1 Nov 1894Odense, Funen, Denmark I138987
1008 Jørgensen, Tage  22 Jan 1900Odense, Funen, Denmark I328536
1009 Jørgensen, Thora Emilie  3 Jan 1848Odense, Funen, Denmark I245387
1010 Kaasbøll, Peter Nielsen  1645Odense, Funen, Denmark I170599
1011 Kalkar, Helga Simonia Margrethe  31 Oct 1832Odense, Funen, Denmark I160190
1012 Kalkar, Henriette Mathilde  14 May 1835Odense, Funen, Denmark I133432
1013 Kalkar, Karl Otto Herman Tryde  9 Jun 1837Odense, Funen, Denmark I165065
1014 Kalkar, Marie Gabrielle Beate  17 May 1829Odense, Funen, Denmark I165053
1015 Kalkar, Simon Andreas Herman Tryde  14 Aug 1831Odense, Funen, Denmark I133581
1016 Kall (Kall), Christian Richardt  2 Mar 1897Odense, Funen, Denmark I231559
1017 Kamp, Anne Marie Christensen  Abt 1729Odense, Funen, Denmark I384171
1018 Kauffeldt (Sørensen), Peter Mærsk   I145016
1019 Kellinghusen (Kellinghusen), Matthie Kirstine Petersen  6 Aug 1783Odense, Funen, Denmark I81156
1020 Kier, Otto Frederik Rasmus  16 Mar 1891Odense, Funen, Denmark I198638
1021 Kierulff (Kiermet - Skriver), Karen Schiøtz  8 Sep 1892Odense, Funen, Denmark I12391
1022 Kierulff (Kiermet - Skriver), Otto Schiøtz  16 May 1891Odense, Funen, Denmark I170891
1023 Kisbye (Kisbye), Jens Brandt  27 Mar 1774Odense, Funen, Denmark I390027
1024 Kjeldsen-Kragh, Sofie   I90999
1025 Kjeldsen-Kragh, Troels   I91000
1026 Kjer, Bodil  2 Sep 1917Odense, Funen, Denmark I92177
1027 Klaumann, Elisa Nicoline Claudine Charlotte de  13 Aug 1840Odense, Funen, Denmark I183937
1028 Knieriem, Harriet  7 Jan 1904Odense, Funen, Denmark I131555
1029 Knudsen, Bent Aage Steen   I232924
1030 Knudsen, Bertha Therese Theodora  28 May 1905Odense, Funen, Denmark I409215
1031 Knudsen, Emilie Sophie Magdalene  Abt 1874Odense, Funen, Denmark I409221
1032 Knudsen, Fritz Theodor Valdemar  7 Jun 1872Odense, Funen, Denmark I288922
1033 Knudsen, Grethe Linnet   I200381
1034 Knudsen, Hans Jesper  21 Apr 1798Odense, Funen, Denmark I328326
1035 Knudsen, Karl Christian Frederik  Abt 1869Odense, Funen, Denmark I409220
1036 Knudsen, Laura Marie Johanne  Abt 1878Odense, Funen, Denmark I409222
1037 Knudsen, Maja Lindegaard  17 Nov 1889Odense, Funen, Denmark I186958
1038 Knudsen, Maren Johanne Christine  Abt 1883Odense, Funen, Denmark I409223
1039 Knudsen, Otto Carl Valdemar  Abt 1843Odense, Funen, Denmark I409218
1040 Knudsen, Sara Christiane Marie  7 Aug 1823Odense, Funen, Denmark I408175
1041 Knuth of Christiansdal (Knuth), Birgit Elisabeth, Comtesse   I154571
1042 Knutzen, Fanny  12 Apr 1869Odense, Funen, Denmark I43178
1043 Knutzen, Sylvius  1871Odense, Funen, Denmark I43137
1044 Knutzon, Line   I32460
1045 Knutzon, Per Thor Brockdorff  22 Apr 1897Odense, Funen, Denmark I167913
1046 Koch, Jacob Lauritzen  Abt 1641Odense, Funen, Denmark I257947
1047 Koch, Johan Friederich  22 May 1746Odense, Funen, Denmark I196344
1048 Koch, Lisbeth Dorothea Jacobsen  16 Feb 1670Odense, Funen, Denmark I257950
1049 Koch, Lykke Jacobsen  21 Apr 1678Odense, Funen, Denmark I249747
1050 Kofoed, Andreas  1758Odense, Funen, Denmark I371930
1051 Kofoed, Bent   I153472
1052 Kofoed, Carl Aage  15 Aug 1892Odense, Funen, Denmark I116418
1053 Kofoed, Carl Peter  29 Nov 1891Odense, Funen, Denmark I168224
1054 Kofoed, Hans Nielsen  1753Odense, Funen, Denmark I384150
1055 Kofoed, Hans Nielsen  1792Odense, Funen, Denmark I371929
1056 Kofoed, Harald Ulrich  Abt 1845Odense, Funen, Denmark I330406
1057 Kofoed, Karen Nielsen  10 Mar 1750Odense, Funen, Denmark I371936
1058 Kofoed, Karen Nielsen  1762Odense, Funen, Denmark I371932
1059 Kofoed, Karen Nielsen  1786Odense, Funen, Denmark I371934
1060 Kofoed, Margrethe Nielsen  1754Odense, Funen, Denmark I384151
1061 Kofoed, Margrethe Nielsen  1760Odense, Funen, Denmark I371931
1062 Kofoed, Niels  1791Odense, Funen, Denmark I371933
1063 Kofoed, Niels Nielsen  1788Odense, Funen, Denmark I384152
1064 Kornbech, Sophie Margrethe  1815Odense, Funen, Denmark I47060
1065 Kornbech, Vibeke Cathrine  Abt 1805Odense, Funen, Denmark I394433
1066 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde), Per Herman   I199744
1067 Krag, Knud Valdemar  18 Jul 1868Odense, Funen, Denmark I436940
1068 Krag (Krag of Denmark), Carl Mouritz Gotthold Rosenberg  25 May 1857Odense, Funen, Denmark I162594
1069 Krag (Krag of Denmark), Georg Andreas  3 Jan 1803Odense, Funen, Denmark I176387
1070 Krag-Hansen (Hansen), Ellen Louise  29 Aug 1911Odense, Funen, Denmark I92954
1071 Krag-Hansen (Hansen), Emil Vilhelm  5 May 1907Odense, Funen, Denmark I88610
1072 Krag-Hansen (Hansen), Hans Christian  20 Apr 1903Odense, Funen, Denmark I88286
1073 Krag-Hansen (Hansen), Inger Margrethe  9 Nov 1904Odense, Funen, Denmark I88297
1074 Kragh, Anne Margrethe Rasmusen  1757Odense, Funen, Denmark I331727
1075 Kragh, Emma Oline  10 Sep 1844Odense, Funen, Denmark I147062
1076 Kramer, Ingeborg  15 Feb 1868Odense, Funen, Denmark I281432
1077 Krarup (Krarup of Viborg), Christian Theodor Valdemar  12 May 1881Odense, Funen, Denmark I91479
1078 Krarup (Krarup of Viborg), Ove Christian  18 Feb 1872Odense, Funen, Denmark I255703
1079 Krause-Jensen, Anne Elsebeth   I153354
1080 Kristensen, Connie   I433630
1081 Kristensen, Johnny Reimar   I433623
1082 Kristensen, Karl Ludvig  30 May 1887Odense, Funen, Denmark I433697
1083 Kristensen, Maja   I433621
1084 Krog, Birgitte Gellers   I137909
1085 Krogh, Jes André  5 Mar 1935Odense, Funen, Denmark I290465
1086 Krogh (Krogh), Niels von  26 Mar 1801Odense, Funen, Denmark I176385
1087 Krogh Christensen, Inge Margrethe   I88621
1088 Krogh Christensen, Jørgen Ulrik Urban   I88632
1089 Kruuse, Jens Severin  6 Apr 1908Odense, Funen, Denmark I292190
1090 Krüger (Krüger of Lüneburg), Batholette Elisabeth  1814Odense, Funen, Denmark I108064
1091 Krüger (Krüger of Lüneburg), Cecilie Johanne Charlotte  15 Aug 1823Odense, Funen, Denmark I3355
1092 Krüger (Krüger of Lüneburg), Dorothea "Doris"  1812Odense, Funen, Denmark I108061
1093 Krüger (Krüger of Lüneburg), Frederikke Theodora Louisa  1834Odense, Funen, Denmark I108063
1094 Krüger (Krüger of Lüneburg), Jenny  1824Odense, Funen, Denmark I108062
1095 Krüger (Krüger of Lüneburg), Minna  1820Odense, Funen, Denmark I108060
1096 Krüger (Krüger of Lüneburg), Pouline Erasmine Dorothea "Doris"  22 Aug 1811Odense, Funen, Denmark I8559
1097 Krüger (Krüger of Wandsbeck), Aage Jens Holmegaard  5 Feb 1901Odense, Funen, Denmark I118497
1098 Krüger (Krüger of Wandsbeck), Anne  Abt 1831Odense, Funen, Denmark I228894
1099 Krüger (Krüger of Wandsbeck), Charles Frederik Holmegaard  2 Oct 1896Odense, Funen, Denmark I118772
1100 Krüger (Krüger of Wandsbeck), Elna Magaretha Holmegaard  5 Jul 1899Odense, Funen, Denmark I118352
1101 Krüger (Krüger of Wandsbeck), Hermandine Laurine  Abt 1827Odense, Funen, Denmark I228896
1102 Krüger (Krüger of Wandsbeck), Joachim  Abt 1833Odense, Funen, Denmark I228897
1103 Krüger (Krüger of Wandsbeck), Johanne  Abt 1835Odense, Funen, Denmark I228898
1104 Krüger (Krüger of Wandsbeck), Karen Christiane  Abt 1829Odense, Funen, Denmark I228893
1105 Krüger (Lunde of Balslev), Ove  19 Feb 1909Odense, Funen, Denmark I112932
1106 Krüger-Larsen (Lunde of Balslev), Axel  19 May 1912Odense, Funen, Denmark I75650
1107 Krøldrup, Christian Valdemar  23 May 1871Odense, Funen, Denmark I413244
1108 Kurrild-Klitgaard (Klitgaard of Nibe), Peter   I158728
1109 Kyhn, Hans Bent Bergmann  25 Apr 1913Odense, Funen, Denmark I88810
1110 Kähler (Kähler), Inger   I180115
1111 Købke (Købke), August Carl Christian  8 Jul 1821Odense, Funen, Denmark I182858
1112 La Cour (La Cour), Gøsta Marstrand   I397099
1113 La Cour (La Cour), Poul Marstrand  25 Jun 1920Odense, Funen, Denmark I397100
1114 Lachmann, Jacob  10 Jun 1844Odense, Funen, Denmark I172817
1115 Lachmann, Nicolai  2 Sep 1842Odense, Funen, Denmark I133644
1116 Lange (Lange of Sorø), Knud Morten  24 Jan 1919Odense, Funen, Denmark I183613
1117 Langebæk (Langebæk), Henning Ulrich   I139281
1118 Langebæk (Langebæk), Jørgen Ulrik  8 Dec 1913Odense, Funen, Denmark I139286
1119 Langebæk (Langebæk), Tage Ulrich   I139284
1120 Langhoff, Karen Sørensen  Abt 1736Odense, Funen, Denmark I384183
1121 Langkilde, Augusta Emilie  1858Odense, Funen, Denmark I149830
1122 Langkilde, Valborg  16 May 1887Odense, Funen, Denmark I42359
1123 Langsted, Anne Cathrine Hansen  1719Odense, Funen, Denmark I365166
1124 Langsted, Anne Margrethe Hansen  Abt 1730Odense, Funen, Denmark I365173
1125 Langsted, Apollone Marie Hansen  1722Odense, Funen, Denmark I365170
1126 Langsted, Charlotte Amalie Hansen  Abt 1740Odense, Funen, Denmark I365176
1127 Langsted, Christian Hansen  Abt 1733Odense, Funen, Denmark I365174
1128 Langsted, Else Hansen  1718Odense, Funen, Denmark I365167
1129 Langsted, Else Hansen  1721Odense, Funen, Denmark I365169
1130 Langsted, Frideriche Hansen  Abt 1736Odense, Funen, Denmark I365175
1131 Langsted, Hieronimus  Abt 1726Odense, Funen, Denmark I365172
1132 Langsted, Iver Matthias  1724Odense, Funen, Denmark I365171
1133 Langsted, Mogens Prebensen  1724Odense, Funen, Denmark I365162
1134 Langsted, Niels Hansen  1720Odense, Funen, Denmark I365168
1135 Larsen, Charlotte   I416634
1136 Larsen, Ellen Margrethe  31 Jan 1910Odense, Funen, Denmark I192399
1137 Larsen, Emil Peter Sextus  1 May 1897Odense, Funen, Denmark I85649
1138 Larsen, Erik Axel  30 Jan 1926Odense, Funen, Denmark I156079
1139 Larsen, Gunhild Olga Rigmor Martha  31 Mar 1908Odense, Funen, Denmark I276341
1140 Larsen, Gustav Osvald  14 Feb 1906Odense, Funen, Denmark I276209
1141 Larsen, Hans  1846Odense, Funen, Denmark I426222
1142 Larsen, Hans Peter  9 Feb 1846Odense, Funen, Denmark I421071
1143 Larsen, Jens  1848Odense, Funen, Denmark I426223
1144 Larsen, Jens Christian  1844Odense, Funen, Denmark I426221
1145 Larsen, Jens Jacob  4 Jul 1848Odense, Funen, Denmark I427359
1146 Larsen, Johanne Kirstine  Abt 1822Odense, Funen, Denmark I373690
1147 Larsen, Karla Sofie  27 Jun 1897Odense, Funen, Denmark I276208
1148 Larsen, Lars Christian  19 Jan 1813Odense, Funen, Denmark I199508
1149 Larsen, Niels Jørgen  1804Odense, Funen, Denmark I331816
1150 Larsen, Nils Jørgen   I135841
1151 Larsen, Selma Frederikke  12 Sep 1901Odense, Funen, Denmark I276165
1152 Larsen, Sidenius Panduro Frederik  28 Nov 1904Odense, Funen, Denmark I276340
1153 Larsen, Thorkild Tvede  15 Oct 1901Odense, Funen, Denmark I192531
1154 Larsen, Valborg Louise  6 Jun 1899Odense, Funen, Denmark I276143
1155 Lassen, Christine   I62316
1156 Lassen, Marie Britt Tang   I88465
1157 Lassen, Marius Sophus Christian  25 Nov 1868Odense, Funen, Denmark I62350
1158 Lassen (Christensen), Thomas Ejner  11 Mar 1973Odense, Funen, Denmark I62317
1159 Lasson (Lassen of Randers), Marie Elisabeth de  24 Oct 1758Odense, Funen, Denmark I174993
1160 Lauersen, Svend Aage   I141446
1161 Lauritsen, Anne Cathrine  1725Odense, Funen, Denmark I313911
1162 Lauritsen, Hans  1711Odense, Funen, Denmark I313597
1163 Lauritsen, Jens  1722Odense, Funen, Denmark I313910
1164 Lauritsen, Philip  1706Odense, Funen, Denmark I313596
1165 Laursen, Anne Margrethe   I171175
1166 Lausen, Martin Frederik  25 Aug 1866Odense, Funen, Denmark I156409
1167 Lehn, Caroline  Abt 1829Odense, Funen, Denmark I332486
1168 Lehn, Christian  Abt 1835Odense, Funen, Denmark I332488
1169 Lehn, Kirstine  Abt 1833Odense, Funen, Denmark I332487
1170 Lehn, Rasmus  Abt 1794Odense, Funen, Denmark I332485
1171 Lehn, Rasmus Rasmussen  1777Odense, Funen, Denmark I123282
1172 Lerche (Lerche), Margit  29 Jan 1904Odense, Funen, Denmark I167527
1173 Leth (Leth of Odense), Inger Jacobsen  5 Apr 1591Odense, Funen, Denmark I183747
1174 Leth (Leth of Odense), Maren Nielsen  Abt 1604Odense, Funen, Denmark I347319
1175 Levin, Josephine  5 Feb 1861Odense, Funen, Denmark I137722
1176 Lieben, Mette Cathrine  1752Odense, Funen, Denmark I384169
1177 Lieder, Emma Christine Vilhelmine  27 Jan 1856Odense, Funen, Denmark I229511
1178 Lieder, Oline Mathilde Augusta  5 Jan 1860Odense, Funen, Denmark I229563
1179 Lindegaard, Torben Ramshart  1 Apr 1929Odense, Funen, Denmark I51082
1180 Linstow (Linstow), Cathrine Eliabeth von  1811Odense, Funen, Denmark I116112
1181 Linstow (Linstow), Knud Holtermann von  1813Odense, Funen, Denmark I116107
1182 Lohmann (Lohmann of Denmark), Johan Christopher  14 Feb 1767Odense, Funen, Denmark I197819
1183 Lomholt, Erling   I175703
1184 Lomholt, Jacob Kristian  1 Apr 1924Odense, Funen, Denmark I175668
1185 Lomholt, Svend  18 Oct 1888Odense, Funen, Denmark I116772
1186 Lomholt, Vagn  5 Sep 1887Odense, Funen, Denmark I175736
1187 Lommer, Karen Olga  Odense, Funen, Denmark I136254
1188 Lorentzen, Karen Lorine  May 1796Odense, Funen, Denmark I124221
1189 Lorentzen, Nicolai  18 Apr 1649Odense, Funen, Denmark I254076
1190 Lublin, Ernest Emile  19 Apr 1916Odense, Funen, Denmark I449253
1191 Lucas, Laurids Rasmussen  Abt 1672Odense, Funen, Denmark I331720
1192 Lucas, Marie Kirstine Rasmusen  Abt 1670Odense, Funen, Denmark I24316
1193 Lucas, Rasmus Josiasen  12 Aug 1693Odense, Funen, Denmark I332098
1194 Lucas, Søren Rasmussen  Abt 1668Odense, Funen, Denmark I331690
1195 Lucassen, Rasmus Sørensen  Abt 1640Odense, Funen, Denmark I331689
1196 Ludvigsen, Anne  Aft 1651Odense, Funen, Denmark I279344
1197 Ludvigsen, Bertel  24 Aug 1638Odense, Funen, Denmark I183596
1198 Ludvigsen, Cathrine  Aft 1650Odense, Funen, Denmark I279343
1199 Ludvigsen, Giertrud  Abt 1680Odense, Funen, Denmark I328066
1200 Luja, Birgitte Christiansen  1659Odense, Funen, Denmark I183595
1201 Luja, Christian Michael  19 Jun 1660Odense, Funen, Denmark I6171
1202 Luja, Euphrosyne  1669Odense, Funen, Denmark I183575
1203 Luja, Karen Christiansen  Jul 1666Odense, Funen, Denmark I278463
1204 Lund, Anne Elisabeth  1787Odense, Funen, Denmark I371570
1205 Lund, Bodil Marie  1785Odense, Funen, Denmark I371882
1206 Lund, Carl Bertelin  10 Dec 1820Odense, Funen, Denmark I421620
1207 Lund, Hans Christian  1790Odense, Funen, Denmark I371585
1208 Lund, Hans Peter Edvard  21 Feb 1831Odense, Funen, Denmark I331815
1209 Lund, Harildine  1795Odense, Funen, Denmark I371571
1210 Lund, Johanne Kirstine  1758Odense, Funen, Denmark I371883
1211 Lund, Johannes  13 Jan 1816Odense, Funen, Denmark I371904
1212 Lund, Johannes Christiansen  1 Jun 1761Odense, Funen, Denmark I371567
1213 Lund, Johannes Christiansen  Abt 1786Odense, Funen, Denmark I371564
1214 Lund, Jørgen Christian  3 Aug 1766Odense, Funen, Denmark I371566
1215 Lund, Niels Saabye  1799Odense, Funen, Denmark I371572
1216 Lund, Nielsine "Sine" Marie  1815Odense, Funen, Denmark I408808
1217 Lund, Peter Christian  1789Odense, Funen, Denmark I371892
1218 Lund, Sidsel Marie  1770Odense, Funen, Denmark I327941
1219 Lund, Sofie Augusta Elvira  30 Apr 1885Odense, Funen, Denmark I127335
1220 Lund, Truels  1793Odense, Funen, Denmark I371887
1221 Lunde, Christian Jørgensen  1730Odense, Funen, Denmark I371539
1222 Lunde, Peder Nielsen  Abt 1665Odense, Funen, Denmark I371542
1223 Lyng, Lise   I135845
1224 Maaløe (Maaløe), Anna  16 Mar 1882Odense, Funen, Denmark I57478
1225 Maar, Eduard Vilhelm Emil  8 Jun 1871Odense, Funen, Denmark I186520
1226 Madsen, Andreas  1779Odense, Funen, Denmark I383350
1227 Madsen, Birgit   I287502
1228 Madsen, Birgit Dorete Byrch   I159335
1229 Madsen, Carl  9 Dec 1889Odense, Funen, Denmark I288010
1230 Madsen, Gudrun Hesseldahl   I155179
1231 Madsen, Gurli Marie  9 Dec 1913Odense, Funen, Denmark I287504
1232 Madsen, Kirstine  1773Odense, Funen, Denmark I383345
1233 Madsen, Lauritz Adolph  5 Oct 1864Odense, Funen, Denmark I144081
1234 Madsen, Maren  1771Odense, Funen, Denmark I383348
1235 Madsen, Svend Ove   I297929
1236 Madsen, Thomas Nørrelund  3 Sep 1901Odense, Funen, Denmark I307002
1237 Maegaard, Anna Marie Frydendahl  Abt 1855Odense, Funen, Denmark I174514
1238 Maegaard, Christian Frydendal  3 Jul 1853Odense, Funen, Denmark I130789
1239 Maegaard, Frederik Frydendahl  21 May 1866Odense, Funen, Denmark I130572
1240 Maegaard, Johannes Hviid Frydendahl  Abt 1855Odense, Funen, Denmark I130571
1241 Maegaard, Julius Frydendahl  29 Apr 1859Odense, Funen, Denmark I130574
1242 Maegaard, Knud Frydendahl  8 Aug 1869Odense, Funen, Denmark I130577
1243 Maegaard, Rasmus Frydendahl  1860Odense, Funen, Denmark I130899
1244 Magnus, Michael von   I177310
1245 Malling, Caroline Maria Dorthea  Abt 1819Odense, Funen, Denmark I373689
1246 Malmer, Esther  4 Feb 1916Odense, Funen, Denmark I417301
1247 Malmer, Leo Felix  7 Feb 1922Odense, Funen, Denmark I417229
1248 Manigoff, Astrid Ankjær   I285149
1249 Marsbøll, Viggo Christian  21 Jun 1901Odense, Funen, Denmark I312586
1250 Marstrand-Jørgensen, Otto   I160974
1251 Martinsen, Frauke Elisabeth   I145552
1252 Marx-Nielsen, Christian   I102266
1253 Matthiasen, Lars  1798Odense, Funen, Denmark I381435
1254 Matthiasen, Lars  1799Odense, Funen, Denmark I381421
1255 Mau, Caroline Vilhelmine Augusta  15 Jan 1807Odense, Funen, Denmark I200622
1256 Melbye, Daniel  8 Apr 1749Odense, Funen, Denmark I36933
1257 Melbye, Jens  5 Nov 1758Odense, Funen, Denmark I37011
1258 Melbye, Johan Christian  16 Oct 1754Odense, Funen, Denmark I36989
1259 Melbye, Karen Landorph  19 Mar 1763Odense, Funen, Denmark I45687
1260 Melbye, Margrethe Kirstine  24 Jan 1746Odense, Funen, Denmark I36900
1261 Melbye, Steen   I63774
1262 Melbye, Thor  8 Sep 1744Odense, Funen, Denmark I36889
1263 Melbye, Ulrikke Birgitte  1 Jun 1757Odense, Funen, Denmark I36580
1264 Melhops, Karen  Abt 1744Odense, Funen, Denmark I115068
1265 Mellentin, Frederik August Herman  20 Sep 1856Odense, Funen, Denmark I387498
1266 Metz, Steen Axel   I135918
1267 Meyer, Allan  25 Nov 1900Odense, Funen, Denmark I167284
1268 Meyer, Anne Cathrine Michaelsen  1738Odense, Funen, Denmark I314225
1269 Meyer, Ausa  8 Aug 1894Odense, Funen, Denmark I167271
1270 Meyer, Karen Emilie  12 Sep 1896Odense, Funen, Denmark I167272
1271 Meyer, Laurine  29 Feb 1796Odense, Funen, Denmark I37651
1272 Meyer, Louis  21 Oct 1898Odense, Funen, Denmark I167278
1273 Meyer, Otto Larsen  21 Aug 1873Odense, Funen, Denmark I18985
1274 Meyer, Peter   I435933
1275 Meyer, Termanna "Manna" Magdalene  11 Jul 1848Odense, Funen, Denmark I177260
1276 Michaëlis, Sophus August Bertel  14 May 1865Odense, Funen, Denmark I420575
1277 Moe-Larsen, Arne  9 Sep 1889Odense, Funen, Denmark I13369
1278 Mogensen, Ebbe   I184232
1279 Mogensen, Erna  22 Jul 1937Odense, Funen, Denmark I443072
1280 Mogensen, Herman Emil  20 Mar 1871Odense, Funen, Denmark I179746
1281 Mogensen, Laurs  1714Odense, Funen, Denmark I332282
1282 Moltke (Moltke), Adam Gottlob Detlev, Count  15 Jan 1765Odense, Funen, Denmark I148575
1283 Moltke (Moltke), Catharina Magdalena, Comtesse  4 Feb 1766Odense, Funen, Denmark I187188
1284 Moltke (Moltke), Privy Councillor (Joint Minister of Denmark) Friedrich "Frederik" von  18 Jan 1754Odense, Funen, Denmark I189402
1285 Moltke (Moltke), Henrik von   I184792
1286 Moltke-Leth (Leth), Aage   I128177
1287 Mose, Tove   I58199
1288 Moth (Moth), Christian Sørensen  Abt 1700Odense, Funen, Denmark I371844
1289 Moth (Moth), Christiane Stuart Sørensen  19 May 1698Odense, Funen, Denmark I371843
1290 Moth (Moth), Mathias Paulsen  27 Mar 1649Odense, Funen, Denmark I160232
1291 Mouritsen, Elly Mary Anne  31 Jan 1909Odense, Funen, Denmark I212295
1292 Moyell, Jeanne "Nana"   I169905
1293 Mule (Hansen), Mikkel Hansen  21 May 1620Odense, Funen, Denmark I279282
1294 Mule (Mule), Anna Jensen  4 Mar 1628Odense, Funen, Denmark I124362
1295 Mule (Mule), Anna Jørgensen  1613Odense, Funen, Denmark I279213
1296 Mule (Mule), Birgitte Jensen  Abt 1630Odense, Funen, Denmark I279254
1297 Mule (Mule), Carl Laurits Emil  26 Feb 1818Odense, Funen, Denmark I37683
1298 Mule (Mule), Claus Hansen  Abt 1575Odense, Funen, Denmark I183599
1299 Mule (Mule), Elisabeth Jensen  11 Aug 1625Odense, Funen, Denmark I279240
1300 Mule (Mule), Else Hansen  12 May 1658Odense, Funen, Denmark I188921
1301 Mule (Mule), Else Jørgensen  1613Odense, Funen, Denmark I279255
1302 Mule (Mule), Hans Jørgensen  8 Mar 1605Odense, Funen, Denmark I183586
1303 Mule (Mule), Jens Hansen  15 Sep 1564Odense, Funen, Denmark I206995
1304 Mule (Mule), Karen Jørgensen  Aft 1605Odense, Funen, Denmark I248074
1305 Mule (Mule), Mogens Jørgensen  19 Jul 1610Odense, Funen, Denmark I279238
1306 Munch, Sidsel Sørensen  18 Dec 1767Odense, Funen, Denmark I313626
1307 Munch-Andersen, Mogens  14 Apr 1899Odense, Funen, Denmark I29667
1308 Munk, Christiane  13 Nov 1869Odense, Funen, Denmark I83987
1309 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Anne Vibeke   I166855
1310 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Axel Bruun  22 Feb 1882Odense, Funen, Denmark I167090
1311 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Ebba Arendrup  1 Aug 1911Odense, Funen, Denmark I166817
1312 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Hans Arendrup  1 Jul 1916Odense, Funen, Denmark I200319
1313 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Harald Arendrup   I200320
1314 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Harriet Arendrup  28 Nov 1914Odense, Funen, Denmark I166830
1315 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Ivar   I102366
1316 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Jacob Nielsen  1691Odense, Funen, Denmark I118650
1317 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Jette Elisabeth  5 Apr 1952Odense, Funen, Denmark I102277
1318 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Kirsten Harriet   I166843
1319 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Marianne Birgitte  11 Nov 1946Odense, Funen, Denmark I166867
1320 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Niels Thorbjørn   I200323
1321 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Oscar Hakon Valdemar Bruun  24 Nov 1847Odense, Funen, Denmark I200305
1322 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Ove Bruun  20 Jul 1883Odense, Funen, Denmark I200330
1323 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Thora Henriette Ingertha Bruun  6 Dec 1844Odense, Funen, Denmark I166585
1324 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Tove Charlotte   I102311
1325 Mylius (Mülius of Greiz), Johan Caspar de  22 Oct 1776Odense, Funen, Denmark I164351
1326 Müller, Mathea Elisabeth  15 Mar 1834Odense, Funen, Denmark I5859
1327 Müller, Max  6 May 1877Odense, Funen, Denmark I66625
1328 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Erik  29 Oct 1920Odense, Funen, Denmark I181161
1329 Myrthu, Jess   I62842
1330 Myrthu, Lars   I62839
1331 Myrthu, Uffe   I62843
1332 Myrthu, Vibeke   I62844
1333 Møldrup, Mark   I392037
1334 Møller, Aage  18 Oct 1885Odense, Funen, Denmark I37270
1335 Møller, Alice Elisabeth Sidney  7 Apr 1908Odense, Funen, Denmark I77250
1336 Møller, Anne Frederikke  Abt 1869Odense, Funen, Denmark I348274
1337 Møller, Carl August  6 Jun 1810Odense, Funen, Denmark I135241
1338 Møller, Elisabeth  Abt 1876Odense, Funen, Denmark I348277
1339 Møller, Emilie  Abt 1870Odense, Funen, Denmark I348275
1340 Møller, Holger Christopher  Abt 1875Odense, Funen, Denmark I348276
1341 Møller, Kaj Peter   I190919
1342 Møller, Marie  Abt 1878Odense, Funen, Denmark I348278
1343 Møller, Marie Christina  31 Jul 1846Odense, Funen, Denmark I175532
1344 Møller, Marthe  1705Odense, Funen, Denmark I172080
1345 Nannestad, Andreas  1768Odense, Funen, Denmark I106357
1346 Nannestad, Anna "Nanna"  7 May 1775Odense, Funen, Denmark I155879
1347 Nannestad, Cathrine  1760Odense, Funen, Denmark I106356
1348 Nannestad, Christopher  1765Odense, Funen, Denmark I106355
1349 Nannestad, Elisabeth  1771Odense, Funen, Denmark I106351
1350 Nannestad, Marie Sophie Frederikke  12 Feb 1829Odense, Funen, Denmark I33710
1351 Nannestad, Palæmon  1831Odense, Funen, Denmark I106362
1352 Neergaard (Neergaard), Bodil Vibeke de  5 Dec 1901Odense, Funen, Denmark I146289
1353 Neergaard (Neergaard), Christiane Ida Ebba de  20 Jul 1894Odense, Funen, Denmark I146286
1354 Neergaard (Neergaard), Tønnes Christian Wilhelm Bruun de  18 Aug 1912Odense, Funen, Denmark I71893
1355 Neergaard (Neergaard), Vibeke Sophie Adelaide Bruun de  21 Jun 1914Odense, Funen, Denmark I71904
1356 Nicolaisen, Fritz Ludvig  1811Odense, Funen, Denmark I408807
1357 Nicolaisen, Hans Ludvig  1842Odense, Funen, Denmark I408383
1358 Nicolaisen, Hans Oluf  1877Odense, Funen, Denmark I280455
1359 Niegel, Fritz   I149904
1360 Nielsen   I437896
1361 Nielsen   I437895
1362 Nielsen, Ane Margrethe  14 Dec 1815Odense, Funen, Denmark I384035
1363 Nielsen, Ane Marie Elisabeth  22 Feb 1767Odense, Funen, Denmark I186562
1364 Nielsen, Anna Britta Troelsgaard   I438837
1365 Nielsen, Anne Cathrine  5 Sep 1796Odense, Funen, Denmark I314194
1366 Nielsen, Anne Dorthe  1746Odense, Funen, Denmark I306586
1367 Nielsen, Bente   I229742
1368 Nielsen, Betty Catharine Birgitte Blumensaadt  29 Dec 1799Odense, Funen, Denmark I162290
1369 Nielsen, Bodil Lund  30 Aug 1917Odense, Funen, Denmark I185312
1370 Nielsen, Carl Wilhelm  28 Jun 1832Odense, Funen, Denmark I384033
1371 Nielsen, Cathrine  1703Odense, Funen, Denmark I331864
1372 Nielsen, Christopher  14 Feb 1830Odense, Funen, Denmark I371554
1373 Nielsen, Edvard  Abt 1670Odense, Funen, Denmark I312856
1374 Nielsen, Eigil Hede  4 Dec 1904Odense, Funen, Denmark I34097
1375 Nielsen, Elna Johanne Hellner  18 Dec 1893Odense, Funen, Denmark I167157
1376 Nielsen, Erik Nørkjær   I102322
1377 Nielsen, Espen  1716Odense, Funen, Denmark I332279
1378 Nielsen, Gregers Josef Antonius   I54515
1379 Nielsen, Hans Matthias  1748Odense, Funen, Denmark I306587
1380 Nielsen, Hans Peter  18 Jul 1818Odense, Funen, Denmark I384036
1381 Nielsen, Hans Peter Anthon  18 Dec 1839Odense, Funen, Denmark I384037
1382 Nielsen, Henrik  25 May 1846Odense, Funen, Denmark I47577
1383 Nielsen, Jens  13 Oct 1805Odense, Funen, Denmark I384030
1384 Nielsen, Johanne  1698Odense, Funen, Denmark I331862
1385 Nielsen, Johanne Kirstine  30 Jul 1814Odense, Funen, Denmark I347033
1386 Nielsen, Jørgen  30 Mar 1809Odense, Funen, Denmark I384031
1387 Nielsen, Karen Marie  5 May 1799Odense, Funen, Denmark I303847
1388 Nielsen, Knud  Abt 1794Odense, Funen, Denmark I414881
1389 Nielsen, Laurits  1744Odense, Funen, Denmark I306588
1390 Nielsen, Maren  14 Nov 1812Odense, Funen, Denmark I384032
1391 Nielsen, Marie  1707Odense, Funen, Denmark I331865
1392 Nielsen, Marie Elisabeth  14 Sep 1804Odense, Funen, Denmark I384029
1393 Nielsen, Marius  10 Mar 1867Odense, Funen, Denmark I145823
1394 Nielsen, Mogens Kristian   I54521
1395 Nielsen, Ole Peter  20 Jun 1802Odense, Funen, Denmark I303848
1396 Nielsen, Otto  Odense, Funen, Denmark I425488
1397 Nielsen, Peder  1701Odense, Funen, Denmark I331863
1398 Nielsen, Siff   I294391
1399 Nielsen, Tore Stamp   I175944
1400 Nikolajsen, Anne Dorte   I38766
1401 Nissen, Ingelise   I163241
1402 Nomensen, Andreas  1792Odense, Funen, Denmark I371764
1403 Nomensen, Anne Cathrine  1 Dec 1745Odense, Funen, Denmark I342370
1404 Nomensen, Anne Margrethe  Abt 1752Odense, Funen, Denmark I373029
1405 Nomensen, Anne Marie  1796Odense, Funen, Denmark I342383
1406 Nomensen, Frideriche Jacobine  1799Odense, Funen, Denmark I371765
1407 Nomensen, Nomen  Abt 1750Odense, Funen, Denmark I373028
1408 Nomensen, Søren  15 Jun 1754Odense, Funen, Denmark I342382
1409 Norberg, Hansine Julie  27 Sep 1822Odense, Funen, Denmark I75397
1410 Norden, Albert Samuel Christian  15 Jan 1839Odense, Funen, Denmark I422041
1411 Norden, Augusta Caroline  19 Aug 1837Odense, Funen, Denmark I423997
1412 Norden, Bolette Margrete Catharina  10 Sep 1831Odense, Funen, Denmark I423995
1413 Norden, Johan Jacob  28 Sep 1834Odense, Funen, Denmark I423996
1414 Normann, Janne Grete   I182345
1415 Normann, Per Haustrup  25 Jan 1936Odense, Funen, Denmark I167879
1416 Næraae, Peder  1767Odense, Funen, Denmark I106693
1417 Nørby, Viggo  4 Mar 1908Odense, Funen, Denmark I419872
1418 Oesede, Jørgen von  Abt 1672Odense, Funen, Denmark I279461
1419 Oldenburg (Oldenburg), Henriette  28 Feb 1880Odense, Funen, Denmark I141181
1420 Olesen, Hans Karl Fischer   I54493
1421 Olesen, Poul Fischer   I54504
1422 Olsen, Inge Kay   I179672
1423 Olsen, Karin Grete   I162646
1424 Olufsen, Karen  Bef 1643Odense, Funen, Denmark I279004
1425 Origny (Origny), Cathrine Marie Alexandrine de  18 Sep 1778Odense, Funen, Denmark I7638
1426 Origny (Origny), Frederik "Fritz" Julius de  12 Jan 1774Odense, Funen, Denmark I242038
1427 Ortmann, Anne Cathrine  17 Feb 1800Odense, Funen, Denmark I328325
1428 Ortmann, Johanne  Abt 1780Odense, Funen, Denmark I395095
1429 Ottosen, Marine  Odense, Funen, Denmark I176331
1430 Ottosen-Støtt, Jens Ernest   I407803
1431 Ovesen, Kirsten   I141560
1432 Oxholm (Oxholm), Gerd Antoinette   I148438
1433 Pade, Erik  20 Dec 1877Odense, Funen, Denmark I146112
1434 Pagh, Caroline Dorthea  Abt 1842Odense, Funen, Denmark I394983
1435 Pattermann, Susanne  Abt 1755Odense, Funen, Denmark I179797
1436 Paulsen, Astrid Elisif  19 Jun 1838Odense, Funen, Denmark I139152
1437 Paulsen, Mette Beier   I153375
1438 Pedersen, Abraham  Abt 1667Odense, Funen, Denmark I332304
1439 Pedersen, Anders Christian  Abt 1834Odense, Funen, Denmark I328376
1440 Pedersen, Anders Georg Emanuel  8 Jun 1868Odense, Funen, Denmark I328544
1441 Pedersen, Anne  Abt 1673Odense, Funen, Denmark I331871
1442 Pedersen, Anne  1718Odense, Funen, Denmark I314216
1443 Pedersen, Anne  1720Odense, Funen, Denmark I314218
1444 Pedersen, Anne Lisabeth  Abt 1681Odense, Funen, Denmark I332316
1445 Pedersen, Bente Glasdam   I399530
1446 Pedersen, Cecilie Rehfeld   I42519
1447 Pedersen, Emma  Abt 1842Odense, Funen, Denmark I328374
1448 Pedersen, Giørle  1731Odense, Funen, Denmark I314221
1449 Pedersen, Hans  Abt 1679Odense, Funen, Denmark I332315
1450 Pedersen, Hans Peter  Abt 1836Odense, Funen, Denmark I328375
1451 Pedersen, Inger Abigael  1790Odense, Funen, Denmark I373038
1452 Pedersen, Jacob  Abt 1684Odense, Funen, Denmark I331854
1453 Pedersen, Johanne  Abt 1670Odense, Funen, Denmark I313588
1454 Pedersen, Johanne  Abt 1689Odense, Funen, Denmark I371540
1455 Pedersen, Johanne Cathrine  1738Odense, Funen, Denmark I331852
1456 Pedersen, Julie Rehfeld   I42518
1457 Pedersen, Karen  1716Odense, Funen, Denmark I310718
1458 Pedersen, Karen Margrete   I416595
1459 Pedersen, Niels  Abt 1663Odense, Funen, Denmark I331853
1460 Pedersen, Peder  Abt 1677Odense, Funen, Denmark I332305
1461 Pedersen, Petrine  Abt 1844Odense, Funen, Denmark I328373
1462 Pedersen, Rasmus  Abt 1663Odense, Funen, Denmark I331831
1463 Pedersen, Rasmus  1778Odense, Funen, Denmark I373037
1464 Pedersen, Stine Marie Kroun   I176205
1465 Pedersen, Søren  Abt 1668Odense, Funen, Denmark I279732
1466 Pedersen, Valborg Margrethe  1725Odense, Funen, Denmark I314219
1467 Pedersen, Vilhelm Emil  24 Jun 1839Odense, Funen, Denmark I328588
1468 Petersen, Agnes "Delbanco"  10 Oct 1886Odense, Funen, Denmark I141550
1469 Petersen, Albert Jacobus  Abt 1882Odense, Funen, Denmark I224234
1470 Petersen, Anna Cathrine  13 Jan 1863Odense, Funen, Denmark I132783
1471 Petersen, Anne Marie  20 Jun 1883Odense, Funen, Denmark I141564
1472 Petersen, Astrid  8 Nov 1885Odense, Funen, Denmark I286015
1473 Petersen, Bruno Otto  21 Nov 1899Odense, Funen, Denmark I388174
1474 Petersen, Claus  Abt 1808Odense, Funen, Denmark I224243
1475 Petersen, Claus Villiam Christian  12 May 1869Odense, Funen, Denmark I224237
1476 Petersen, Elisabeth "Elise" Sofie  13 Jan 1864Odense, Funen, Denmark I135349
1477 Petersen, Ellen  27 Jan 1885Odense, Funen, Denmark I141555
1478 Petersen, Frederik  4 Feb 1839Odense, Funen, Denmark I224241
1479 Petersen, Gudrun  8 Mar 1896Odense, Funen, Denmark I141542
1480 Petersen, Hans  Nov 1713Odense, Funen, Denmark I390762
1481 Petersen, Ina Ragnhilda  16 Aug 1850Odense, Funen, Denmark I185343
1482 Petersen, Jacobus Waldemar  17 May 1840Odense, Funen, Denmark I224240
1483 Petersen, Jenny Marie  4 Oct 1849Odense, Funen, Denmark I139899
1484 Petersen, Niels Johan  11 Nov 1865Odense, Funen, Denmark I132768
1485 Petersen, Niels Sophus  21 Jan 1837Odense, Funen, Denmark I224242
1486 Petersen, Oline Andersine Augusta  1845Odense, Funen, Denmark I408384
1487 Petersen, Otto  30 Aug 1848Odense, Funen, Denmark I411589
1488 Petersen, Sophie Jacobine Thora  27 Feb 1874Odense, Funen, Denmark I224236
1489 Petersen, Waldemar Alexander  Abt 1877Odense, Funen, Denmark I224235
1490 Petri, Ejnar  6 Aug 1872Odense, Funen, Denmark I133970
1491 Petri, Marie Cathrine Helweg  21 Apr 1878Odense, Funen, Denmark I133011
1492 Petri, Olaf  29 Jun 1875Odense, Funen, Denmark I133980
1493 Petri, Oscar Valdemar  7 Aug 1870Odense, Funen, Denmark I133959
1494 Pfeiffer, Grete  14 Dec 1914Odense, Funen, Denmark I100624
1495 Pfeiffer, Knud Koch  14 Jan 1909Odense, Funen, Denmark I387894
1496 Philipsen, Anne Cathrine  Abt 1685Odense, Funen, Denmark I314848
1497 Philipsen, Johanne  Abt 1683Odense, Funen, Denmark I314847
1498 Philipsen, Laurits  Abt 1678Odense, Funen, Denmark I313857
1499 Philipsen, Margrethe  Abt 1680Odense, Funen, Denmark I310853
1500 Pingel, Christian Nicolai Johansen  30 Oct 1780Odense, Funen, Denmark I34177
1501 Pingel, Johanne "Hanne" Cathinka Jacobine Eriksine "Peja"  7 Sep 1837Odense, Funen, Denmark I149632
1502 Pommer, Anne  1806Odense, Funen, Denmark I384131
1503 Pommer, Anne Cathrine Johansen  1769Odense, Funen, Denmark I384113
1504 Pommer, Cathrine Dorothea  9 Dec 1798Odense, Funen, Denmark I384125
1505 Pommer, Frands Josiasen  1764Odense, Funen, Denmark I384111
1506 Pommer, Frands Josiasen  1767Odense, Funen, Denmark I384112
1507 Pommer, Frideriche Jørgensen  1789Odense, Funen, Denmark I384116
1508 Pommer, Hans Friderich  22 Oct 1800Odense, Funen, Denmark I384128
1509 Pommer, Hans Olsen  7 Jul 1807Odense, Funen, Denmark I384132
1510 Pommer, Hansine Frideriche  9 Dec 1798Odense, Funen, Denmark I384126
1511 Pommer, Ingeborg Marie  1802Odense, Funen, Denmark I384129
1512 Pommer, Johan Daniel  1794Odense, Funen, Denmark I384123
1513 Pommer, Johan Peter  1793Odense, Funen, Denmark I384118
1514 Pommer, Johan Peter  6 Nov 1794Odense, Funen, Denmark I384119
1515 Pommer, Jørgen Daniel  1761Odense, Funen, Denmark I384114
1516 Pommer, Maren  1805Odense, Funen, Denmark I384130
1517 Pommer, Maren Jørgensen  1791Odense, Funen, Denmark I384117
1518 Pommer, Maren Jørgensen  12 Jan 1798Odense, Funen, Denmark I384121
1519 Pommer, Ole  1797Odense, Funen, Denmark I384124
1520 Pommer, Rasmus  26 Mar 1796Odense, Funen, Denmark I384120
1521 Pommer, Rasmus Holst  1774Odense, Funen, Denmark I331730
1522 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Michael Børge   I173696
1523 Poulsen, Anne Elisabeth  1763Odense, Funen, Denmark I373688
1524 Poulsen, Anne Margrethe  Abt 1794Odense, Funen, Denmark I350042
1525 Poulsen, Christian Jørgen  1751Odense, Funen, Denmark I371532
1526 Poulsen, Emanuel  1748Odense, Funen, Denmark I371531
1527 Poulsen, Emanuel  1757Odense, Funen, Denmark I371534
1528 Poulsen, Hans Andreasen  5 Jan 1799Odense, Funen, Denmark I350040
1529 Poulsen, Johanne Marie  1745Odense, Funen, Denmark I371530
1530 Poulsen, Jørgen  1744Odense, Funen, Denmark I371515
1531 Poulsen, Karen  Abt 1792Odense, Funen, Denmark I350041
1532 Poulsen, Marie Magdalene  1754Odense, Funen, Denmark I371533
1533 Poulsen, Mette Sophie  1800Odense, Funen, Denmark I350043
1534 Poulsen, Thomas  1760Odense, Funen, Denmark I371529
1535 Poulsen (Poulsen-Hansen), Poul Gerhardt  1 Sep 1883Odense, Funen, Denmark I220715
1536 Prag, Inger Petersen  30 Apr 1881Odense, Funen, Denmark I141566
1537 Prag, Torben Brorson   I180060
1538 Prange, Annathea Ludovica  1844Odense, Funen, Denmark I43200
1539 Prange, Carl Wilhelm Anton Frederik  1855Odense, Funen, Denmark I44257
1540 Prange, Christian Gotfred  1841Odense, Funen, Denmark I43662
1541 Prange, Christian Ludwig  1846Odense, Funen, Denmark I43660
1542 Prange, Christian Ludwig Marius  1853Odense, Funen, Denmark I44268
1543 Prange, Christiane Birgitte  1851Odense, Funen, Denmark I44157
1544 Prange, Elise Karoline  26 Jan 1852Odense, Funen, Denmark I47166
1545 Prange, Johannes Henrik  1856Odense, Funen, Denmark I44230
1546 Prange, Laura Marie Christiane  1843Odense, Funen, Denmark I43333
1547 Prange, Pauline  1849Odense, Funen, Denmark I43664
1548 Prange, Peder Emil  1853Odense, Funen, Denmark I44326
1549 Prange, Sophie Christence  1843Odense, Funen, Denmark I44207
1550 Prange, Wilhelmine Eleonora  1844Odense, Funen, Denmark I44169
1551 Preisler (Preisler), Folmer  10 Jun 1874Odense, Funen, Denmark I120483
1552 Preisler (Preisler), Harriet  5 May 1892Odense, Funen, Denmark I7717
1553 Pristed, Finn   I294387
1554 Pristed, Jacob   I290136
1555 Pristed, John   I294394
1556 Pristed, Sune   I294392
1557 Raasted, Else   I134676
1558 Raasted, Grethe  26 May 1918Odense, Funen, Denmark I134677
1559 Raffenberg, Lillian Elisabeth  5 Aug 1899Odense, Funen, Denmark I140704
1560 Rahbek, Lisa   I53200
1561 Ramus, Elisabeth  1751Odense, Funen, Denmark I116526
1562 Rasmussen, Ally Ellen Waltersdorff  21 Aug 1885Odense, Funen, Denmark I74052
1563 Rasmussen, Amalie Vilhelmina Augusta  1 Nov 1854Odense, Funen, Denmark I413332
1564 Rasmussen, Andersmine Juliane Jacobine  23 Oct 1832Odense, Funen, Denmark I331817
1565 Rasmussen, Anne Kirstine  Abt 1690Odense, Funen, Denmark I331835
1566 Rasmussen, Anne Rasmine  Abt 1803Odense, Funen, Denmark I313497
1567 Rasmussen, Barbara  Abt 1695Odense, Funen, Denmark I331849
1568 Rasmussen, Betty Camilla Vilhelmine  Abt 1869Odense, Funen, Denmark I328339
1569 Rasmussen, Betzy Laura  4 Mar 1848Odense, Funen, Denmark I187121
1570 Rasmussen, Birgitte Mose   I289267
1571 Rasmussen, Birthe  Abt 1662Odense, Funen, Denmark I331830
1572 Rasmussen, Bo   I60639
1573 Rasmussen, Dorthe   I60638
1574 Rasmussen, Emma Johanne Amalie  Abt 1868Odense, Funen, Denmark I328340
1575 Rasmussen, Frederik  1828Odense, Funen, Denmark I83153
1576 Rasmussen, Gitte Winther   I172551
1577 Rasmussen, Gudrun Serena  21 Mar 1906Odense, Funen, Denmark I309074
1578 Rasmussen, Gustav Albert Emil  Abt 1864Odense, Funen, Denmark I328342
1579 Rasmussen, Inger Lise Skjold   I447811
1580 Rasmussen, Johanne  Abt 1695Odense, Funen, Denmark I314941
1581 Rasmussen, Johannes Emanuel  Abt 1862Odense, Funen, Denmark I328369
1582 Rasmussen, Jutta  12 Oct 1890Odense, Funen, Denmark I410581
1583 Rasmussen, Kirsten Thorsager  31 Mar 1772Odense, Funen, Denmark I197821
1584 Rasmussen, Knud Christian Emil  2 Oct 1859Odense, Funen, Denmark I83155
1585 Rasmussen, Peder  Abt 1680Odense, Funen, Denmark I347949
1586 Rasmussen, Poul Serena  31 Mar 1908Odense, Funen, Denmark I309073
1587 Rasmussen, Rasmus  21 Jan 1828Odense, Funen, Denmark I328370
1588 Rasmussen, Richardt Vilhelm Emil  Abt 1871Odense, Funen, Denmark I328337
1589 Rasmussen, Valdemar Alfred Thorkild  Abt 1872Odense, Funen, Denmark I328336
1590 Rasmussen, Villiam Eduard Arthur  Abt 1866Odense, Funen, Denmark I328341
1591 Rasmussen, Yelva Serena  15 Oct 1909Odense, Funen, Denmark I312575
1592 Reedtz (Reedtz), Holger Christian  14 Feb 1800Odense, Funen, Denmark I163397
1593 Reimann, Edith Grethe Vilhelmine Emilie  5 Feb 1900Odense, Funen, Denmark I80848
1594 Reinold, Paula Marie  14 Sep 1887Odense, Funen, Denmark I199068
1595 Reitersen, Marie Kirstine  1781Odense, Funen, Denmark I342387
1596 Reventlow (Reventlow), Andreas Christian, Count   I67828
1597 Reventlow (Reventlow), Ellen Frandsine  26 Mar 1882Odense, Funen, Denmark I166135
1598 Reventlow (Reventlow), Julie, Comtesse   I118307
1599 Richardt (Richardt), Anne Mathilde  1846Odense, Funen, Denmark I231599
1600 Richardt (Richardt), Carl Christian Victor  1848Odense, Funen, Denmark I231600
1601 Richardt (Richardt), Elise Sophie  1842Odense, Funen, Denmark I231596
1602 Richardt (Richardt), Erik Jørgen Ludvig  1843Odense, Funen, Denmark I231597
1603 Richardt (Richardt), Marie Magdalene "Magda"  1841Odense, Funen, Denmark I156411
1604 Richardt (Richardt), Petra Josephine  1844Odense, Funen, Denmark I231598
1605 Riis-Petersen, Gerda   I255837
1606 Riisbrigh, Sille Thomasen  24 Apr 1637Odense, Funen, Denmark I280615
1607 Robinson, Eva Marianne  23 JanOdense, Funen, Denmark I179703
1608 Rode, Camilla Petrea  1846Odense, Funen, Denmark I201841
1609 Rode, Julie Jacobine Caroline  Abt 1854Odense, Funen, Denmark I231014
1610 Ronæs, Hans Oscar Christopher Gleerup  13 Mar 1913Odense, Funen, Denmark I97659
1611 Rosenvinge, Birgitte Mogensen  1590Odense, Funen, Denmark I183600
1612 Rosenvinge, Mathias Henriksen  2 Nov 1655Odense, Funen, Denmark I279292
1613 Rostoch, Mette Madsen  Mar 1683Odense, Funen, Denmark I279029
1614 Roulund, Jens  Abt 1799Odense, Funen, Denmark I391688
1615 Roulund, Johanne Abelone  2 Apr 1808Odense, Funen, Denmark I245388
1616 Roulund, Johanne Sophie  1797Odense, Funen, Denmark I390920
1617 Roulund, Peter  1839Odense, Funen, Denmark I245395
1618 Roulund, Rasmus  1806Odense, Funen, Denmark I170957
1619 Rude, Poul   I179812
1620 Rützou, Alfred Nicolai Fog  1849Odense, Funen, Denmark I108691
1621 Rützou, Niels Ludolph Georg  1819Odense, Funen, Denmark I108692
1622 Rødsgaard, Jes Mathias Norlien   I157884
1623 Rømeling (Rømeling), Henry Adolph von  15 Jan 1890Odense, Funen, Denmark I50486
1624 Saabye (Saabye of Assens), Marianne   I16963
1625 Sachs (Sachs of Denmark 1), Albert  20 Jun 1846Odense, Funen, Denmark I13063
1626 Sachs (Sachs of Denmark 1), Alberta Ludovika Karla  1882Odense, Funen, Denmark I223776
1627 Sachs (Sachs of Denmark 1), Carl Marius Ludvig  1889Odense, Funen, Denmark I223775
1628 Sachs (Sachs of Denmark 1), Eduard  1859Odense, Funen, Denmark I223768
1629 Sachs (Sachs of Denmark 1), Elise  24 Aug 1813Odense, Funen, Denmark I223785
1630 Sachs (Sachs of Denmark 1), Jeanette  Abt 1822Odense, Funen, Denmark I223760
1631 Sachs (Sachs of Denmark 1), Ludvig  3 Mar 1816Odense, Funen, Denmark I223779
1632 Sachs (Sachs of Denmark 1), Sally  Abt 1818Odense, Funen, Denmark I223767
1633 Sachs (Sachs of Denmark 1), Sara  3 Jan 1819Odense, Funen, Denmark I223784
1634 Sachs (Sachs of Denmark 1), Sophus  1848Odense, Funen, Denmark I223778
1635 Saksø, Aksel  Odense, Funen, Denmark I179844
1636 Saksø, Inge  28 Apr 1917Odense, Funen, Denmark I88231
1637 Saksø, Jens Vilhelm  Odense, Funen, Denmark I83563
1638 Salomonsen, Joseph  1797Odense, Funen, Denmark I133703
1639 Sand, Birgit Ellinor  25 Oct 1910Odense, Funen, Denmark I15339
1640 Saunte, Karen Høst  29 Oct 1906Odense, Funen, Denmark I196492
1641 Saunte, Lise Høst   I181523
1642 Schaffalitzky de Muckadell (Schaffalitzky), Christopher, Count   I163240
1643 Schaffalitzky de Muckadell (Schaffalitzky), Victoria, Baroness   I163396
1644 Schaffalitzky de Muckadell (Schaffalitzky), Vincent, Baron   I163395
1645 Schau, Ernst Friederich "Frederik"  27 Jul 1826Odense, Funen, Denmark I163978
1646 Scheel (Skeel), Carl-Adam, Ruling Count  13 Aug 1943Odense, Funen, Denmark I20803
1647 Scheel (Skeel), Marie Louise "Lulu", Comtesse   I20681
1648 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Mette de   I175370
1649 Scheuer, Anders Ferdinand  Abt 1816Odense, Funen, Denmark I350067
1650 Scheuer, Andreas  31 Jan 1786Odense, Funen, Denmark I350066
1651 Scheuer, Hans Christian  3 Nov 1784Odense, Funen, Denmark I350076
1652 Schiern, Catharine Charlotte Amalie  14 Jun 1795Odense, Funen, Denmark I83603
1653 Schjerbeck, Johannes Mule  14 Feb 1807Odense, Funen, Denmark I37407
1654 Schmidt, Elisabeth  Abt 1788Odense, Funen, Denmark I5286
1655 Schmidt, Hans Rudolph  Abt 1809Odense, Funen, Denmark I229675
1656 Schmidt, Inger  25 Apr 1879Odense, Funen, Denmark I186613
1657 Schmidt, Johannes  1761Odense, Funen, Denmark I50422
1658 Schmidt, Maren  1786Odense, Funen, Denmark I44875
1659 Schmidt, Marie Kirstine  Abt 1794Odense, Funen, Denmark I13638
1660 Schmidt, Martinus  Abt 1790Odense, Funen, Denmark I712
1661 Scholten (Scholten), Anna Alvilda Franzisca von  15 Sep 1909Odense, Funen, Denmark I123779
1662 Scholten (Scholten), Astrid von  27 Dec 1867Odense, Funen, Denmark I92975
1663 Scholten (Scholten), Axel  5 Nov 1869Odense, Funen, Denmark I412055
1664 Scholten (Scholten), Helga von  1 Mar 1866Odense, Funen, Denmark I92731
1665 Scholten (Scholten), Pauline Adelgunde von  8 Aug 1843Odense, Funen, Denmark I91623
1666 Schou, Hans  1754Odense, Funen, Denmark I373024
1667 Schou, Hans Peter  1755Odense, Funen, Denmark I373025
1668 Schou-Pedersen, Knud Erik  23 Apr 1916Odense, Funen, Denmark I17722
1669 Schouboe (Schouboe of Margaard), Oluf Borch de  26 Oct 1689Odense, Funen, Denmark I81242
1670 Schousboe (Schousboe), Anne Cathrine   I153374
1671 Schousboe (Schousboe), Carsten   I166928
1672 Schousboe (Schousboe), Casper  3 Aug 1982Odense, Funen, Denmark I153363
1673 Schousboe (Schousboe), Claus Ulrich   I153362
1674 Schousboe (Schousboe), Jakob   I88819
1675 Schousboe (Schousboe), Jan  19 Apr 1908Odense, Funen, Denmark I166892
1676 Schousboe (Schousboe), Jørgen Iver   I102033
1677 Schousboe (Schousboe), Karoline   I88821
1678 Schousboe (Schousboe), Rebekka   I88820
1679 Schousboe (Schousboe), Stefan Joachim   I153359
1680 Schousboe (Schousboe), Susanne Louise   I153361
1681 Schroll, Gerda  22 Jul 1913Odense, Funen, Denmark I149496
1682 Schrøder, Frants Frederik Wilhelm Hannibal  21 May 1816Odense, Funen, Denmark I79758
1683 Schubart, Anna Sybilla von  14 Sep 1753Odense, Funen, Denmark I173878
1684 Schubart, Herman, Baron von  14 Jan 1756Odense, Funen, Denmark I165211
1685 Schubarth, Anna Sibylle  1778Odense, Funen, Denmark I116430
1686 Schubarth, Benedicta Henriette  1780Odense, Funen, Denmark I116426
1687 Schubarth, Carl Rudolph Jacob  1775Odense, Funen, Denmark I116477
1688 Schubarth, Johan Ludvig  1779Odense, Funen, Denmark I116428
1689 Schubarth, Marie Elisabeth Frederiche Adolphine  29 Jan 1813Odense, Funen, Denmark I116184
1690 Schubarth, Sara Marie  1777Odense, Funen, Denmark I116433
1691 Schultz, Anne Elisabeth  Aft 1633Odense, Funen, Denmark I279370
1692 Schultz, Jens  Aft 1633Odense, Funen, Denmark I279369
1693 Schultz, Xenia  20 Jul 1883Odense, Funen, Denmark I162733
1694 Schultz (Hostrup), Johan Friederich  1 Mar 1756Odense, Funen, Denmark I127446
1695 Schulz, Johan Carl Leopold  Abt 1820Odense, Funen, Denmark I167113
1696 Schwensen, Lauritz  29 Apr 1869Odense, Funen, Denmark I197654
1697 Schwensen, Oluf  16 Oct 1866Odense, Funen, Denmark I197652
1698 Schytte, Anne Dorthea  Abt 1797Odense, Funen, Denmark I332203
1699 Schytte, Josias  Abt 1800Odense, Funen, Denmark I332205
1700 Schytte, Karen Rosia  Abt 1798Odense, Funen, Denmark I332204
1701 Schøller (Schøller), Ebba Ovidia  22 Nov 1899Odense, Funen, Denmark I117338
1702 Schønheyder (Schønheyder), Anders  1841Odense, Funen, Denmark I118382
1703 Schønheyder (Schønheyder), Antonia Marie  21 Sep 1864Odense, Funen, Denmark I195921
1704 Schønheyder (Schønheyder), Antonia Vilhelmine  21 Sep 1841Odense, Funen, Denmark I195653
1705 Schønheyder (Schønheyder), Birthe  1827Odense, Funen, Denmark I118381
1706 Schønheyder (Schønheyder), Christian  1735Odense, Funen, Denmark I118383
1707 Schønheyder (Schønheyder), Christian August  11 Nov 1838Odense, Funen, Denmark I195642
1708 Schønheyder (Schønheyder), Dorthea Magdalene  1828Odense, Funen, Denmark I118384
1709 Seeblad, Knud Knudsen  1612Odense, Funen, Denmark I279676
1710 Seedorff, Adolf  10 Nov 1881Odense, Funen, Denmark I32991
1711 Seedorff, Hartvig Otto  5 May 1840Odense, Funen, Denmark I34030
1712 Seedorff, Morten Carl  9 Apr 1847Odense, Funen, Denmark I33182
1713 Seedorff, Thorvald  22 Sep 1879Odense, Funen, Denmark I33195
1714 Sehested (Sehested), Adolphine Wibeche  9 Mar 1789Odense, Funen, Denmark I116195
1715 Sehested (Sehested), Andreas Michael  13 Jan 1790Odense, Funen, Denmark I41106
1716 Sehested (Sehested), Hedevig  16 Mar 1798Odense, Funen, Denmark I116190
1717 Sehested (Sehested), Jens Vilhelm  23 Nov 1796Odense, Funen, Denmark I116187
1718 Sehested (Sehested), Octavia Fredrikke Marie  23 Dec 1799Odense, Funen, Denmark I116186
1719 Sehested (Sehested), Regine Sophia  1794Odense, Funen, Denmark I116475
1720 Sehested (Sehested), Rudolph Friderich  1791Odense, Funen, Denmark I116192
1721 Seidelin (Seidelin), Bolette   I240312
1722 Seidelin (Seidelin), David  15 Jul 1784Odense, Funen, Denmark I38482
1723 Seidelin (Seidelin), Gottholdt Jacob  27 Apr 1793Odense, Funen, Denmark I201892
1724 Seidelin (Seidelin), Hans Diderich Brinck  1779Odense, Funen, Denmark I240393
1725 Seidelin (Seidelin), Ide   I240314
1726 Seidelin (Seidelin), Ivar Brinch  26 Nov 1789Odense, Funen, Denmark I201891
1727 Seidelin (Seidelin), Jørgen   I177359
1728 Seidelin (Seidelin), Merete   I240313
1729 Seidelin (Seidelin), Sophus Christian  7 Aug 1787Odense, Funen, Denmark I201890
1730 Sibbern, Abel Jørgensen  17 Sep 1648Odense, Funen, Denmark I372052
1731 Sibbern, Anne Cathrine Caspersen  1698Odense, Funen, Denmark I331723
1732 Sibbern, Arent Jørgensen  Abt 1651Odense, Funen, Denmark I372056
1733 Sibbern, Casper Christiansen  1735Odense, Funen, Denmark I372060
1734 Sibbern, Casper Jørgensen  Abt 1658Odense, Funen, Denmark I371565
1735 Sibbern, Christian Caspersen  Abt 1705Odense, Funen, Denmark I372058
1736 Sibbern, Christopher Jørgensen  Abt 1662Odense, Funen, Denmark I372061
1737 Sichel, Marlene   I141915
1738 Siersted, Agnes Margrethe  6 Jun 1894Odense, Funen, Denmark I131517
1739 Siewecke, Inge Kirsten Mühlendorf  4 Mar 1917Odense, Funen, Denmark I135953
1740 Simonsen, Jens Christian Gundorph  1870Odense, Funen, Denmark I427164
1741 Simonsen, Svend Erik   I258350
1742 Simony (Simony), Johan Frederik  3 Jun 1922Odense, Funen, Denmark I49435
1743 Skinkel (Skinkel), Hilleborg Ottosen  Abt 1415Odense, Funen, Denmark I156641
1744 Skjold, Anne Jørgensen  1534Odense, Funen, Denmark I278555
1745 Skouenborg, Anne Dorothea Louise Stephansen  23 Jun 1899Odense, Funen, Denmark I145380
1746 Skouenborg, Louise  18 Aug 1904Odense, Funen, Denmark I145384
1747 Skouenborg, Merete  3 May 1902Odense, Funen, Denmark I145383
1748 Skouenborg, Vilhelm Hans Stephansen  4 Jan 1901Odense, Funen, Denmark I145381
1749 Skov, Estrid  15 Jun 1905Odense, Funen, Denmark I59143
1750 Skov, Hanne Juliane Nørballe  19 Apr 1876Odense, Funen, Denmark I24260
1751 Smith, Anna Catharina  Oct 1725Odense, Funen, Denmark I46563
1752 Sperling, Jacob Hansen  Feb 1591Odense, Funen, Denmark I279789
1753 Spøhr, Carl  Abt 1832Odense, Funen, Denmark I351626
1754 Spøhr, Clara Andrea  Abt 1848Odense, Funen, Denmark I351614
1755 Spøhr, Ferdiand August Jacob  Abt 1845Odense, Funen, Denmark I351611
1756 Spøhr, Friderich Wilhelm Gottlieb  Abt 1839Odense, Funen, Denmark I351610
1757 Spøhr, Johan Christian  Abt 1803Odense, Funen, Denmark I351607
1758 Spøhr, Louise Wilhelmine Christiane  Abt 1841Odense, Funen, Denmark I351612
1759 Spøhr, Marie Sophie Frederikke  Abt 1843Odense, Funen, Denmark I351613
1760 Staal (Staal of Odense), Maren Jensen  Abt 1740Odense, Funen, Denmark I143041
1761 Staun, Otto Henry Bille Høeg  13 Apr 1883Odense, Funen, Denmark I153675
1762 Steen, Valdemar Frederik Christian  24 Oct 1869Odense, Funen, Denmark I132812
1763 Steenbach, Brita  10 Aug 1905Odense, Funen, Denmark I192355
1764 Steensen (Steensen), Mogens   I291601
1765 Steensen (Steensen), Wilhelmine von  28 Sep 1809Odense, Funen, Denmark I113477
1766 Steffensen, Mikkel   I416606
1767 Steffensen, Nicoline Ilsøe   I416607
1768 Steffensen, Ole   I416605
1769 Stensballe, Ebba  22 May 1905Odense, Funen, Denmark I195824
1770 Stensballe, Holger  28 Dec 1901Odense, Funen, Denmark I167002
1771 Stentved, Nick Rehfeld   I42511
1772 Stentved, Tine Frøsig   I42510
1773 Stephensen, Søren  27 Aug 1742Odense, Funen, Denmark I373023
1774 Stokholm, Harry  1 Oct 1913Odense, Funen, Denmark I200857
1775 Strøbech, Annette Margrethe  18 Dec 1830Odense, Funen, Denmark I160661
1776 Suhr (Suhr), Joachim Edvard Ewans  1779Odense, Funen, Denmark I107409
1777 Suhr (Suhr), Peter Adolph  1775Odense, Funen, Denmark I107411
1778 Svarre, Johan Peder Michael  24 Mar 1912Odense, Funen, Denmark I88754
1779 Sylvestersen, Karin   I53738
1780 Søbøtker, Johannes  1 Jun 1724Odense, Funen, Denmark I419647
1781 Søndergaard, Hans Peter   I176208
1782 Søndergaard, Henning   I176209
1783 Sørensen, Abigael  1722Odense, Funen, Denmark I373022
1784 Sørensen, Anne Cathrine  1709Odense, Funen, Denmark I331858
1785 Sørensen, Anne Cathrine  1754Odense, Funen, Denmark I314377
1786 Sørensen, Carl Sofus  6 Sep 1853Odense, Funen, Denmark I412421
1787 Sørensen, Frideriche  19 Sep 1803Odense, Funen, Denmark I372171
1788 Sørensen, Giertrud Marie  1775Odense, Funen, Denmark I363203
1789 Sørensen, Hans Andreas  1773Odense, Funen, Denmark I347061
1790 Sørensen, Johan  1705Odense, Funen, Denmark I331856
1791 Sørensen, Johanne  1703Odense, Funen, Denmark I331867
1792 Sørensen, Karen  1707Odense, Funen, Denmark I331857
1793 Sørensen, Laura Christine  5 Sep 1872Odense, Funen, Denmark I131557
1794 Sørensen, Marie  1723Odense, Funen, Denmark I331834
1795 Sørensen, Marie Sofie Christine  4 Sep 1876Odense, Funen, Denmark I84004
1796 Sørensen, Peder  1711Odense, Funen, Denmark I331859
1797 Sørensen, Peder  1714Odense, Funen, Denmark I331860
1798 Sørensen, Peder  1717Odense, Funen, Denmark I331861
1799 Sørensen, Sidsel  1771Odense, Funen, Denmark I363477
1800 Taarup, Mads Nielsen  1789Odense, Funen, Denmark I383347
1801 Tannholm, Jette   I51957
1802 Tausen (Tausen of Birkende), Cathrine Hansen  Abt 1535Odense, Funen, Denmark I88100
1803 Teisen, Christian Cornelius  21 Jan 1837Odense, Funen, Denmark I66865
1804 Teisen, Johan Victor  10 Sep 1862Odense, Funen, Denmark I66812
1805 Teisen, Julius  31 May 1857Odense, Funen, Denmark I101360
1806 Teisen, Mathias  13 May 1804Odense, Funen, Denmark I95344
1807 Tengberg, Kurt  20 May 1916Odense, Funen, Denmark I440878
1808 Thal-Jantzen, Holger  20 Oct 1906Odense, Funen, Denmark I109204
1809 Thal-Jantzen, Valdemar  25 Oct 1900Odense, Funen, Denmark I109171
1810 Theill, Alex   I218745
1811 Theill, Heinrich Andreas  25 Jun 1810Odense, Funen, Denmark I186636
1812 Theill, Lars   I218731
1813 Theill, Susanne   I218808
1814 Thiele, Betty  12 Aug 1908Odense, Funen, Denmark I413870
1815 Thiele, Hanna  8 Apr 1918Odense, Funen, Denmark I437406
1816 Thiele, Hanne  8 Apr 1918Odense, Funen, Denmark I413886
1817 Thiele, Ida  19 Nov 1910Odense, Funen, Denmark I413875
1818 Thiele, Mette   I182379
1819 Thobo-Carlsen, Anders Lars Poul Vilhelm  3 May 1906Odense, Funen, Denmark I441785
1820 Thode, Adam Joachim Brochman  10 Apr 1761Odense, Funen, Denmark I419964
1821 Thode, Adamine Juliane Christine  26 Jan 1766Odense, Funen, Denmark I170732
1822 Thode, Emma Elfride Wilhelmine  22 Mar 1853Odense, Funen, Denmark I426195
1823 Thode, Frederik Christian "Christiansen"  15 Dec 1845Odense, Funen, Denmark I425223
1824 Thode, Jørgen Henrich  31 Oct 1756Odense, Funen, Denmark I419211
1825 Thode, Maria Amalia  6 Jan 1764Odense, Funen, Denmark I419753
1826 Thomsen, Eva   I135844
1827 Thomsen, Gisela   I256545
1828 Thomsen, Hans Jacob  1766Odense, Funen, Denmark I223012
1829 Thomsen, Ingeborg Laage  1 Oct 1885Odense, Funen, Denmark I139756
1830 Thomsen, Knud  1726Odense, Funen, Denmark I223013
1831 Thomsen, Niels  1770Odense, Funen, Denmark I223010
1832 Thomsen, Paul   I256546
1833 Thomsen, Ulla   I135843
1834 Thorsen, Birgitte  27 Sep 1721Odense, Funen, Denmark I36658
1835 Thrane, Thomas  30 Aug 1896Odense, Funen, Denmark I130458
1836 Thrige, Anna Cathrine  Abt 1863Odense, Funen, Denmark I242181
1837 Thrige, Severine Mathilde  1836Odense, Funen, Denmark I242186
1838 Thrige, Thomas Barfoed  5 May 1866Odense, Funen, Denmark I140403
1839 Thygesen, Else   I94830
1840 Thygesen, Mogens Bent  12 Dec 1917Odense, Funen, Denmark I94819
1841 Tietgen  25 Oct 1838Odense, Funen, Denmark I182661
1842 Tietgen  19 Jan 1840Odense, Funen, Denmark I182663
1843 Tietgen, Carl Frederik  19 Mar 1829Odense, Funen, Denmark I78355
1844 Tietgen, Caroline Regine  1 Jun 1831Odense, Funen, Denmark I156910
1845 Tietgen, Hansine Christiane  1837Odense, Funen, Denmark I77612
1846 Tietgen, Vilhelmine Marie  13 May 1863Odense, Funen, Denmark I70865
1847 Timmermand, Karen Busk  1785Odense, Funen, Denmark I106269
1848 Tolderlund, Ane Marie  1776Odense, Funen, Denmark I383341
1849 Tolderlund, Peder Madsen  1770Odense, Funen, Denmark I383344
1850 Tornøe, Caspar Christian von Brochmann  28 Mar 1752Odense, Funen, Denmark I102363
1851 Tornøe, Hans  23 Feb 1734Odense, Funen, Denmark I117073
1852 Trampe (Trampe of Fjellebro), Erik Gerhard Adam Frederik, Count  28 May 1926Odense, Funen, Denmark I157009
1853 Trampe (Trampe of Fjellebro), Karl Christian, Count  25 May 1924Odense, Funen, Denmark I46253
1854 Trampe (Trampe of Fjellebro), Torben Etmund Jørgen, Count  3 Dec 1922Odense, Funen, Denmark I157010
1855 Tropmand, Lykke Jørgensen  Abt 1640Odense, Funen, Denmark I25801
1856 Tychsen (Tüchsen 2), Anna Octavia  23 Sep 1851Odense, Funen, Denmark I391967
1857 Tychsen (Tüchsen 2), Thora Adolphine  8 May 1844Odense, Funen, Denmark I167072
1858 Tønnesen, Barbara Marie  1753Odense, Funen, Denmark I371951
1859 Tønnesen, Carsten  1750Odense, Funen, Denmark I371950
1860 Tønnesen, Carsten  8 Sep 1755Odense, Funen, Denmark I371952
1861 Tørring, Ludvig  24 Feb 1875Odense, Funen, Denmark I176366
1862 Tørring, Nils   I46473
1863 Tørring, Vibeke   I176354
1864 Unkersen, Inger  1525Odense, Funen, Denmark I143857
1865 Unna, Adele Helene Wulffine  19 Jul 1834Odense, Funen, Denmark I134844
1866 Vaidtløv, Johan Ulrik  Abt 1876Odense, Funen, Denmark I339020
1867 Valentin, Christopher Wilhelmsen  Abt 1734Odense, Funen, Denmark I384155
1868 Vaupel, Jesper   I135672
1869 Vilstrup, Alice   I105955
1870 Vilstrup, Kim   I106087
1871 Vind (Vind), Nonny Margaretha Elsa   I190115
1872 Voldstedlund, Merete   I251546
1873 Waidtlev  Aug 1751Odense, Funen, Denmark I312853
1874 Waidtlev, Ane Louise  1787Odense, Funen, Denmark I309966
1875 Waidtlev, Ane Margrethe  1797Odense, Funen, Denmark I310710
1876 Waidtlev, Anna Dorthe  4 Feb 1856Odense, Funen, Denmark I310001
1877 Waidtlev, Christen  1750Odense, Funen, Denmark I310849
1878 Waidtlev, Ferdinand  Abt 1839Odense, Funen, Denmark I315518
1879 Waidtlev, Jørgen  1746Odense, Funen, Denmark I310707
1880 Waidtlev, Jørgen Johannes  23 Apr 1858Odense, Funen, Denmark I335579
1881 Waidtlev, Karen  1785Odense, Funen, Denmark I310465
1882 Waidtlev, Karen  1794Odense, Funen, Denmark I309989
1883 Waidtlev, Marie  1789Odense, Funen, Denmark I312855
1884 Waidtlev, Philip  24 Nov 1788Odense, Funen, Denmark I310761
1885 Waidtlev, Philip  1790Odense, Funen, Denmark I309969