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Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 144 of 144

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Anne  23 Jan 1774Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68043 onetrees 
2 Andersen, Christen  7 Apr 1711Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I48162 onetrees 
3 Andersen, Jens  20 Nov 1707Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I48259 onetrees 
4 Andersen, Niels  22 Dec 1709Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I48174 onetrees 
5 Andersen, Peder  1 Jan 1717Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I48150 onetrees 
6 Andersen, Poul  7 Dec 1727Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I48136 onetrees 
7 Andersen, Søren  1 Jan 1720Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I48138 onetrees 
8 Andreasen, Jens Christian  20 Oct 1844Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53698 onetrees 
9 Bertelsen, Niels Julius  7 Jul 1866Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53343 onetrees 
10 Byrgesen, Else  1765Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93489 onetrees 
11 Byrgesen, Maren  31 Jul 1768Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I77997 onetrees 
12 Børglum, Gertrud Nicoline  1849Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I90569 onetrees 
13 Børglum, Sara Marie  20 Jul 1845Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I90570 onetrees 
14 Christensen, Aksel  20 Jul 1893Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I70950 onetrees 
15 Christensen, Anne Sofie  22 Jun 1804Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I61261 onetrees 
16 Christensen, Birgitte  Abt 13 Sep 1801Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93485 onetrees 
17 Christensen, Byrge  1736Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93492 onetrees 
18 Christensen, Christen  1718Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I62489 onetrees 
19 Christensen, Christen  19 Aug 1736Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53571 onetrees 
20 Christensen, Christen  1791Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I47803 onetrees 
21 Christensen, Else  1729Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68193 onetrees 
22 Christensen, Else  10 Feb 1811Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I77679 onetrees 
23 Christensen, Frederik  24 Jan 1836Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I77654 onetrees 
24 Christensen, Jens  1 Jan 1781Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53537 onetrees 
25 Christensen, Jens Christian  29 Oct 1827Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53597 onetrees 
26 Christensen, Johanne  1690Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93278 onetrees 
27 Christensen, Johanne  27 Nov 1746Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53797 onetrees 
28 Christensen, Karen  12 Apr 1744Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I54421 onetrees 
29 Christensen, Karen  1766Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93192 onetrees 
30 Christensen, Karen  3 Aug 1783Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53525 onetrees 
31 Christensen, Karen Marie  7 Apr 1814Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I61903 onetrees 
32 Christensen, Karen Marie  11 Apr 1816Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53722 onetrees 
33 Christensen, Kirsten  2 Aug 1739Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68168 onetrees 
34 Christensen, Kristen  8 Jun 1769Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53624 onetrees 
35 Christensen, Lars Christian  1817Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I47827 onetrees 
36 Christensen, Laurits  1673Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53098 onetrees 
37 Christensen, Maren  1732Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68052 onetrees 
38 Christensen, Maren  8 Oct 1769Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93181 onetrees 
39 Christensen, Maren  29 Sep 1771Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53513 onetrees 
40 Christensen, Maren  Abt 22 Jun 1806Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93452 onetrees 
41 Christensen, Marie  7 Jun 1840Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I77641 onetrees 
42 Christensen, Martha Oline  24 Mar 1845Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I77629 onetrees 
43 Christensen, Mette  Oct 1680Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93264 onetrees 
44 Christensen, Mette  5 Nov 1775Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93179 onetrees 
45 Christensen, Michael  1764Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93183 onetrees 
46 Christensen, Morten  20 Jan 1768Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93182 onetrees 
47 Christensen, Niels  20 May 1771Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93180 onetrees 
48 Christensen, Niels  Abt 30 Dec 1798Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93486 onetrees 
49 Christensen, Niels Christian  1814Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53609 onetrees 
50 Christensen, Ottea Amalie  25 Apr 1852Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I77605 onetrees 
51 Christensen, Peder  23 Aug 1807Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I61089 onetrees 
52 Christensen, Peder Christian  1819Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I87408 onetrees 
53 Christensen, Søren Christian  Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I61077 onetrees 
54 Christensen, Tinus  17 Oct 1867Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I438394 onetrees 
55 Gregersen, Maren  1716Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I62501 onetrees 
56 Hansen, Inge  5 Mar 1727Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53161 onetrees 
57 Hansen, Jens  3 Feb 1724Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53173 onetrees 
58 Hansen, Laurits  1728Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53149 onetrees 
59 Hansen, Margrethe  2 Mar 1721Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53186 onetrees 
60 Hansen, Peder  1 Jan 1716Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53198 onetrees 
61 Jensen, Anders  6 Jan 1745Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I48222 onetrees 
62 Jensen, Anders Christian  1811Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I87412 onetrees 
63 Jensen, Ane Catrine  4 Apr 1816Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I63915 onetrees 
64 Jensen, Birgitte  1738Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93491 onetrees 
65 Jensen, Bodil  23 Aug 1741Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53584 onetrees 
66 Jensen, Elisabeth Birgitte  13 Mar 1875Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53319 onetrees 
67 Jensen, Hans  6 Jan 1754Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I77824 onetrees 
68 Jensen, Jens  Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53331 onetrees 
69 Jensen, Johanne  1818Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I47899 onetrees 
70 Jensen, Maren  20 Mar 1735Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I48234 onetrees 
71 Jensen, Maren  1 Jan 1777Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53547 onetrees 
72 Jensen, Peder  1 Jan 1747Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I48210 onetrees 
73 Johansen, Inger  1758Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93273 onetrees 
74 Kristiansen, Mette Kirstine  5 Aug 1852Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I49896 onetrees 
75 Larsen, Anders  1859Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I54112 onetrees 
76 Larsen, Ane Margrethe  5 Jun 1843Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I77848 onetrees 
77 Larsen, Hans Christian  1 Jul 1832Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I77873 onetrees 
78 Larsen, Sofie  28 Jun 1840Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I77861 onetrees 
79 Lauritsen, Mette  1698Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93346 onetrees 
80 Lauritsen, Morten  Oct 1680Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93265 onetrees 
81 Laursen, Johanne  1700Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93345 onetrees 
82 Laursen, Mads  1695Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93349 onetrees 
83 Laursen, Maren  1689Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93350 onetrees 
84 Laursen, Michael  17 May 1696Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93347 onetrees 
85 Madsen, Johanne  1698Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93322 onetrees 
86 Madsen, Karen  1702Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93320 onetrees 
87 Madsen-Mygdal (Madsen), Aage  4 Apr 1872Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I111761 onetrees 
88 Madsen-Mygdal (Madsen), Jakob Peter  1863Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I264571 onetrees 
89 Madsen-Mygdal (Madsen), Johannes  30 Mar 1874Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I156679 onetrees 
90 Madsen-Mygdal (Madsen), The 25Th Prime Minister of Denmark Thomas  24 Dec 1876Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I156680 onetrees 
91 Mortensen, Anders Faellet  Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68053 onetrees 
92 Mortensen, Anne  1 Jan 1713Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93263 onetrees 
93 Mortensen, Else  1708Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93352 onetrees 
94 Mortensen, Else  10 Apr 1776Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I54372 onetrees 
95 Mortensen, Else  10 Apr 1785Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I54346 onetrees 
96 Mortensen, Ingeborg  1731Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68184 onetrees 
97 Mortensen, Johanne  1702Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93494 onetrees 
98 Mortensen, Maren  28 Apr 1772Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I54397 onetrees 
99 Mortensen, Maren  29 Jan 1775Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I61113 onetrees 
100 Mortensen, Mette  25 Mar 1779Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I54360 onetrees 
101 Munch, Lars  1737Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I90598 onetrees 
102 Nielsen, Anders  1677Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I48186 onetrees 
103 Nielsen, Anne  2 May 1706Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68191 onetrees 
104 Nielsen, Anne  6 Jan 1765Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93177 onetrees 
105 Nielsen, Anne Mette  1786Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I87647 onetrees 
106 Nielsen, Frands  19 Jul 1691Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93279 onetrees 
107 Nielsen, Mette  1755Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68147 onetrees 
108 Nielsen, Voldborg  1756Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I77959 onetrees 
109 Olesen, Birgitte  1786Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93272 onetrees 
110 Olesen, Christen  16 Aug 1789Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I87483 onetrees 
111 Olesen, Maren  1739Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I48076 onetrees 
112 Pedersen, Anders  7 Aug 1746Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68179 onetrees 
113 Pedersen, Anne Marie  28 Oct 1816Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I87413 onetrees 
114 Pedersen, Christen  1755Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I47967 onetrees 
115 Pedersen, Jens  1763Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I47936 onetrees 
116 Pedersen, Jens  1766Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I47923 onetrees 
117 Pedersen, Karen  1751Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I48051 onetrees 
118 Pedersen, Kirsten  14 Feb 1740Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68186 onetrees 
119 Pedersen, Maren  1721Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I48003 onetrees 
120 Pedersen, Niels  1737Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93101 onetrees 
121 Pedersen, Niels  7 Sep 1738Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I48065 onetrees 
122 Pedersen, Niels  1758Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I47957 onetrees 
123 Pedersen, Ole  1760Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I47947 onetrees 
124 Pedersen, Peder  1753Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I47979 onetrees 
125 Pedersen, Peder Christian Menholt  14 Nov 1829Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I50795 onetrees 
126 Pedersen, Søren  9 May 1745Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68178 onetrees 
127 Smed, Hans Jensen  1 Jan 1733Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I48247 onetrees 
128 Steensen (Steensen), Søren Sigvard   I131677 onetrees 
129 Sørensen, Anders  1 Jun 1777Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68190 onetrees 
130 Sørensen, Anne Marie  8 Apr 1770Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68188 onetrees 
131 Sørensen, Christen  24 Jun 1830Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I61139 onetrees 
132 Sørensen, Inger  1803Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I87395 onetrees 
133 Sørensen, Jens  29 Oct 1780Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68181 onetrees 
134 Sørensen, Karen Marie  9 Feb 1827Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I61153 onetrees 
135 Sørensen, Morten  1796Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93268 onetrees 
136 Sørensen, Peder  15 Feb 1767Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68187 onetrees 
137 Sørensen, Søren  28 Nov 1828Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I61141 onetrees 
138 Terkelsen, Nielsine Marie  26 Jun 1873Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I49908 onetrees 
139 Thisted, Søren Sørensen  8 Aug 1773Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I54384 onetrees 
140 Trædholt, Christen Christensen  26 Aug 1834Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I78253 onetrees 
141 Weinkauff, Else Marie Jensen  20 Oct 1877Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I94942 onetrees 
142 Weinkauff, Kristen Jensen  26 Apr 1892Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I95012 onetrees 
143 Weinkauff, Martine Jensen  1880Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I95017 onetrees 
144 Winde, Riise  1765Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I90595 onetrees 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Christensen, Karen  2 Feb 1766Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93192 onetrees 
2 Christensen, Michael  24 Apr 1764Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93183 onetrees 
3 Larsen, Maren  7 Aug 1836Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I78266 onetrees 
4 Mortensen, Christen  17 Aug 1732Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93186 onetrees 
5 Nielsen, Anton Martellus  13 Jul 1879Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I69525 onetrees 
6 Pedersen, Martin Christian  25 Apr 1886Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I69511 onetrees 
7 Sørensen, Ane Marie  26 Dec 1848Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I69526 onetrees 
8 Trædholt, Christen Christensen  12 Oct 1834Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I78253 onetrees 
9 Weinkauff, Niels Jensen  27 May 1894Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I95013 onetrees 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Peder  1 Jan 1789Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I48150 onetrees 
2 Andersen, Søren  Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I48138 onetrees 
3 Axelsen, Christen  17 Jul 1900Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I61177 onetrees 
4 Axelsen, Karl Kristian  4 Jun 1901Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I95015 onetrees 
5 Byrgesen, Christen  1772Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93495 onetrees 
6 Byrgesen, Else  25 Dec 1824Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93489 onetrees 
7 Byrgesen, Jens  1854Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I47911 onetrees 
8 Byrgesen, Maren  5 May 1835Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I77997 onetrees 
9 Christensen, Byrge  Abt 13 Jun 1791Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93492 onetrees 
10 Christensen, Christen  1866Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I47803 onetrees 
11 Christensen, Christen  1 Jun 1895Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I77666 onetrees 
12 Christensen, Else  4 Sep 1887Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I77679 onetrees 
13 Christensen, Kirsten  1823Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I47887 onetrees 
14 Christensen, Maren  15 Jan 1825Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93452 onetrees 
15 Christensen, Maren  31 Oct 1825Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93181 onetrees 
16 Christensen, Morten  17 Mar 1837Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93182 onetrees 
17 Christensen, Niels  1820Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93153 onetrees 
18 Christensen, Peder Christian  6 Jan 1823Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I87408 onetrees 
19 Erichsen, Thøger  1 Oct 1815Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93487 onetrees 
20 Frandsen, Niels  1788Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93277 onetrees 
21 Hansen, Jens  2 Jun 1806Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I53173 onetrees 
22 Hansen, Lars Christian  7 May 1864Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I77885 onetrees 
23 Jacobsen, Ane Kirstine  19 Aug 1902Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I56275 onetrees 
24 Jensen, Anders Christian  11 Mar 1820Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I87412 onetrees 
25 Jensen, Byrge  1720Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68130 onetrees 
26 Jensen, Byrge  3 Mar 1820Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I47875 onetrees 
27 Jensen, Christen  1828Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68134 onetrees 
28 Johansen, Inger  1 Nov 1799Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93273 onetrees 
29 Jørgensen, Anders  1705Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I50372 onetrees 
30 Kiil, Anne Larsen  1865Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I47814 onetrees 
31 Madsen-Mygdal (Madsen), Jakob Peter  1887Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I264571 onetrees 
32 Mortensen, Anne  1792Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93263 onetrees 
33 Mortensen, Johanne  2 Jun 1769Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93494 onetrees 
34 Nielsen, Christen  Abt 24 Jan 1808Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93488 onetrees 
35 Nielsen, Mette  1814Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68147 onetrees 
36 Nielsen, Voldborg  1796Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I77959 onetrees 
37 Olufsen, Karen  1749Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68131 onetrees 
38 Pedersen, Maren  1695Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I50384 onetrees 
39 Pedersen, Maren  1805Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I48003 onetrees 
40 Pedersen, Søren  1 Jan 1781Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I68178 onetrees 
41 Sørensen, Morten Ladefoged  14 Oct 1834Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I54409 onetrees 
42 Weinkauff, Martine Jensen  27 Aug 1902Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I95017 onetrees 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Byrgesen, Else  2 Jan 1825Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93489 onetrees 
2 Christensen, Byrge  13 Jun 1791Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93492 onetrees 
3 Christensen, Kirsten  9 Sep 1810Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93184 onetrees 
4 Christensen, Maren  23 Jan 1825Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93452 onetrees 
5 Erichsen, Thøger  8 Oct 1815Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93487 onetrees 
6 Mortensen, Christen  26 Feb 1809Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93186 onetrees 
7 Nielsen, Christen  24 Jan 1808Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I93488 onetrees 
8 Nielsen, Christian  26 Feb 1832Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I61101 onetrees 
9 Winde, Niels Hansen  25 Mar 1766Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark I89000 onetrees 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Steensen (Steensen), Gunnar   I131680 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 55 of 55

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Andersen / Pedersen  16 Nov 1738Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F24625 onetrees 
2 Andersen / Pedersen  23 Jun 1765Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F24607 onetrees 
3 Andersen / Sørensen  25 Oct 1744Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F24617 onetrees 
4 Byrgesen / Christensen  8 Dec 1743Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F32516 onetrees 
5 Byrgesen / Mortensen  13 Feb 1735Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F41860 onetrees 
6 Byrgesen / Olesen  30 Sep 1770Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F41859 onetrees 
7 Byrgesen / Pedersen  13 Oct 1748Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F24505 onetrees 
8 Christensen / Christensen  15 Jul 1837Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F35663 onetrees 
9 Christensen / Gregersen  14 Oct 1739Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F30470 onetrees 
10 Christensen / Jensen  4 Nov 1764Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F41858 onetrees 
11 Christensen / Jensen  17 Feb 1765Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F27043 onetrees 
12 Christensen / Jensen  1845Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F24425 onetrees 
13 Christensen / Kiil  14 Feb 1817Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F24410 onetrees 
14 Christensen / Madsen  13 Nov 1701Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F41815 onetrees 
15 Christensen / Nielsen  17 Jan 1798Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F41755 onetrees 
16 Christensen / Sørensen  25 Nov 1787Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F41756 onetrees 
17 Christiansen / Thomsen  27 Nov 1860Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F42317 onetrees 
18 Erichsen / Byrgesen  13 Dec 1808Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F41856 onetrees 
19 Frandsen / Mortensen  1750Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F41787 onetrees 
20 Grøn (Hansen) / Christensen  5 Nov 1779Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F27073 onetrees 
21 Hammerholt / Byrgesen  7 Aug 1812Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F24437 onetrees 
22 Hansen / Laursen  13 Oct 1748Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F26884 onetrees 
23 Jensen / Andersen  12 Apr 1801Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F32480 onetrees 
24 Jensen / Christensen  22 Oct 1837Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F30258 onetrees 
25 Jensen / Christensen  27 Oct 1843Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F27096 onetrees 
26 Jensen / Christensen  27 Oct 1874Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F26958 onetrees 
27 Jensen / Jensen  27 Nov 1757Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F24670 onetrees 
28 Jensen / Nielsen  1788Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F32517 onetrees 
29 Jensen / Olufsen  28 Dec 1704Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F32515 onetrees 
30 Jensen / Pedersen  8 Apr 1785Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F35682 onetrees 
31 Knudsen / Terkelsen  25 Oct 1895Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F25575 onetrees 
32 Lauritsen / Christensen  12 Jul 1705Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F41788 onetrees 
33 Lund / Mortensen  3 May 1811Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F27116 onetrees 
34 Madsen / Christensen  23 Oct 1712Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F41801 onetrees 
35 Mortensen / Christensen  22 Nov 1763Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F41757 onetrees 
36 Mortensen / Christensen  7 Dec 1800Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F41753 onetrees 
37 Mortensen / Johansen  13 Nov 1791Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F41790 onetrees 
38 Mortensen / Mortensen  1802Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F27373 onetrees 
39 Nielsen / Byrgesen  23 Nov 1798Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F41857 onetrees 
40 Nielsen / Christensen  1 Nov 1716Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F41792 onetrees 
41 Nielsen / Christensen  1 Aug 1794Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F41762 onetrees 
42 Nielsen / Mortensen  20 Oct 1800Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F29904 onetrees 
43 Nielsen / Nielsen  1 Jul 1731Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F32531 onetrees 
44 Nielsen / Sørensen  6 Feb 1874Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F33072 onetrees 
45 Pedersen / Hielm  25 Nov 1856Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F25905 onetrees 
46 Pedersen / Mortensen  29 Oct 1786Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F32530 onetrees 
47 Pedersen / Nielsen  5 Nov 1815Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F39545 onetrees 
48 Pedersen / Olesen  15 Nov 1772Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F24557 onetrees 
49 Sørensen / Christensen  1 Jan 1772Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F27379 onetrees 
50 Sørensen / Mortensen  26 Nov 1802Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F27108 onetrees 
51 Terkelsen / Kristiansen  30 Dec 1873Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F25565 onetrees 
52 Thomsen / Christensen  31 Aug 1800Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F41754 onetrees 
53 Toplund / Andersen  11 Oct 1696Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F25780 onetrees 
54 Trædholt / Larsen  18 Apr 1865Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F35925 onetrees 
55 Weinkauff / Jacobsen  14 Mar 1876Mygdal, North Jutland, Denmark F42422 onetrees 

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