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Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 2723 of 2723

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ellen Margrethe  20 Mar 1905Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I433412
2 Julie Nathalie  16 May 1858Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I253194
3 Lily Dagmar  17 Jun 1908Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I265876
4 Aaberg, Peter  10 Nov 1885Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I244156
5 Aagaard, Harry Christensen  22 Jun 1883Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I270733
6 Aagesen (Aagesen), Hans Vagn   I171730
7 Aagesen (Aagesen), Ingvar  28 Nov 1897Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I77078
8 Aagesen (Aagesen), Sven  25 Nov 1896Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I77067
9 Aakerlund, Sonja Ruth  19 Jul 1920Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I175150
10 Aamund (Aamund), Jane Weibel  8 Nov 1936Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I153642
11 Adler, Ada Sara  18 Feb 1878Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I45175
12 Agier, Aline Sophie  22 Mar 1806Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I106980
13 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Elise Marie, Comtesse  5 Apr 1917Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I154127
14 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Preben Christian Lauritz, Count   I154170
15 Ahlmann-Ohlsen (Ohlsen), Bjørn   I190708
16 Ahlmann-Ohlsen (Ohlsen), Otto Detlev  14 Jun 1915Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I182446
17 Ahnfeldt-Mollerup (Mollerup), Claus Christian  11 Jan 1938Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I173356
18 Ahrensberg, Hilda Johanne Pouline  21 Aug 1887Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I434695
19 Aistrup, Kai Orla Alfred  29 Jul 1900Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I66407
20 Aksel-Hansen, Elisabeth "Lis"  29 Aug 1893Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I199028
21 Albeck, Sven Aage  31 Mar 1888Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I59708
22 Albertus, Gundorph  15 Feb 1909Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I240101
23 Albertus, Karen  2 Jun 1912Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I240102
24 Algreen-Ussing (Ussing), Camilla  2 Sep 1839Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I160895
25 Algreen-Ussing (Ussing), Ebba  9 Apr 1880Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I196566
26 Algreen-Ussing (Ussing), Flemming  23 Apr 1885Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I395288
27 Algren-Ussing, Asbjørn  25 May 1876Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I414838
28 Algren-Ussing, Gerda  26 Sep 1878Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I414837
29 Algren-Ussing, Sigrid  30 Dec 1881Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I414777
30 Alhof, Jytte  23 Dec 1941Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I3873
31 Aller, Axel Bjørn  8 Aug 1935Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I387478
32 Aller, Claës Bierring  25 Feb 1905Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I46320
33 Allingham, Toke  17 Jun 1898Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I419076
34 Alme, Oda Ajva  19 Sep 1904Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I388574
35 Amden, Jørgen  4 Feb 1935Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I445143
36 Amden, Paul Heinrich Louis  16 Oct 1910Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I445162
37 Ammendrup, Rita Doris   I284749
38 Ammentorp, Hans Christian Anker  5 Sep 1892Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I172730
39 Ammentorp, Kirsten Anker  16 Aug 1921Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I147997
40 Ammentorp, Kjeld Oluf Anker  10 Nov 1895Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I147988
41 Ammentorp, Leif Christian Anker   I147994
42 Ammentorp, Stig Gustav Emil Anker  17 Jun 1924Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I147992
43 Ammentorp, Verner Emil Anker  22 May 1894Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I147987
44 Amorsen, Jens Erik  2 Nov 1938Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I402597
45 Andersen, Agda "Mau"  27 Dec 1885Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I178884
46 Andersen, Bodil Nyboe   I130883
47 Andersen, Carl  1 Aug 1915Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I191395
48 Andersen, Else  19 Sep 1891Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I178763
49 Andersen, Helle Lisbeth   I239432
50 Andersen, Ida Agnete La Cour  22 Apr 1917Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I129243
51 Andersen, Ingrid Merete  20 Nov 1899Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I8235
52 Andersen, Karen Elisabeth La Cour  12 Oct 1904Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I129459
53 Andersen, Niels Christian La Cour  30 Mar 1907Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I129257
54 Andersson, Gerda Ingrid Margareta  18 Mar 1912Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I123173
55 Andersson, Preben Svend   I174177
56 Andreasen, Gerda   I135600
57 Antony, Thor   I294524
58 Arnstedt (Arnstedt), Alix Emilie "Lulu"  26 May 1914Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I91768
59 Arnstedt (Arnstedt), Carl Christian Johan  18 Aug 1924Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I147059
60 Arnstedt (Arnstedt), Niels Peter  4 Nov 1920Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I91494
61 Arvedsen, Frederikke Augusta Elisabeth  18 Sep 1883Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I143493
62 Arvin, Henrik  22 Jun 1908Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I163651
63 Aschenbrenner, Emil   I130484
64 Aschenbrenner, Emilie  3 Oct 1910Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I130493
65 Aschenbrenner, Helmuth  19 Apr 1914Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I130492
66 Aschenbrenner, Poul  23 Sep 1917Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I130491
67 Aschenbrenner, Preben   I130490
68 Aschenbrenner, Tove  12 Jul 1916Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I130486
69 Askgaard, Susanne   I239002
70 Asmussen, David   I223214
71 Asmussen, Kirsten Ruth   I401352
72 Asvarisch, Miriam   I96116
73 Auchamp (Auchamp), Birthe Maria Thérese de   I163344
74 Auchamp (Auchamp), François Louis Xavier de  12 Jun 1906Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I145348
75 Auchamp (Auchamp), Madeleine Birgitte Maria de  29 Nov 1904Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I194149
76 Auchamp (Auchamp), Madeleine Maria de   I145347
77 Auken, Gunvor Marie Gunnarsen   I163073
78 Axelholm, Julie  26 Jun 1897Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I222572
79 Baastrup, Grethe   I129854
80 Baastrup, Kirsten   I129845
81 Baastrup Friis, Wilma Olivia   I416797
82 Bach, Bente   I154394
83 Bach, Hanne   I164851
84 Bache, Einar Christian  23 Sep 1897Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I194165
85 Bache, Erling  2 Mar 1903Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I194150
86 Bache, Hans Henrik   I194207
87 Bache, Jens   I194214
88 Bache, Knud Mogens   I87556
89 Bache, Liselotte   I201163
90 Bache, Trine Vibeke   I166925
91 Backer, Margrethe "Grethe"  4 Sep 1907Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I286010
92 Bagge, Frederik August Vilhelm  2 Mar 1861Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I132310
93 Bagge, Inger Gertrud  26 Feb 1894Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I34079
94 Bagge, Peter Frederik  2 Mar 1886Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I168143
95 Bagge, Povl  30 Nov 1902Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I146609
96 Bagger, Ole Jørgen  10 Jan 1939Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I225500
97 Bagger (Burchardsen), Rolf   I201019
98 Bagger (Burchardsen), Stein   I15756
99 Bahnson, Elisabeth Kirstine  12 Jan 1876Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I253022
100 Bahnson, Gertrude  17 Mar 1905Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I162942
101 Ballin, Ellen  12 May 1889Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I134991
102 Ballin, Ellen Louise Johanne Sophie  18 Feb 1869Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I187803
103 Ballin, Kai Gerhard Jacob  25 Apr 1900Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I134989
104 Balling (Balling of Lyby), Benedicte  10 Feb 1976Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I280978
105 Balslev, Emil  19 Sep 1913Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I338738
106 Balslev, Jens Vilhelm Birkedal   I416079
107 Balzer, Jürgen Brandt  4 Apr 1906Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I141271
108 Bang, Eva Hjelm   I119750
109 Bang, Jette  4 Feb 1914Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I415379
110 Bang, Margrethe Christine  Abt 1858Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I413247
111 Bang, Niels Rohr  Abt 1851Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I413039
112 Bang, Oluf August  22 Aug 1882Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I34083
113 Bang, Sofus Niels Peter  19 Dec 1881Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I415425
114 Bang (Bang of Davinde), Edel Johanne  6 May 1898Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I264198
115 Bang (Bang of Davinde), Jacob Ejler  19 Dec 1899Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I264197
116 Bang (Bang of Morsø), Peter Boas  14 Mar 1900Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I45270
117 Bang (Bang of Odense), Eva Sigismunde  24 Feb 1908Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I136104
118 Bang (Bang of Odense), Morten   I232437
119 Bangert, Johannes  20 Apr 1922Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I200460
120 Bangert, Kaare   I147780
121 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth), Ellen Kristine Sophie von  12 Jul 1890Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I145346
122 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth), Gunnar von  1 Mar 1889Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I171487
123 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth), Helene Cecilie von   I191935
124 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth), Henrik Vilhelm Løvenørn von  20 May 1924Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I171553
125 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth), Karen von  28 Feb 1892Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I155714
126 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth), Knud Stampe von  19 Feb 1884Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I162640
127 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth), Niels Gustav Johannes Løvenørn von   I68483
128 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth), Ove Løvenørn von   I171332
129 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth), Sophia Elizabeth von   I157878
130 Bardenfleth (Bardenfleth), Thomas Henrik Løvenørn von   I157879
131 Barfod (Pedersen), Hans Egede Schack  27 Oct 1917Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I143817
132 Barfod (Pedersen), Ove Tang  26 Jul 1911Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I385865
133 Barfoed (Pedersen), Aage  2 May 1879Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I244130
134 Barfoed (Pedersen), Gudrun  24 Jun 1903Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I166710
135 Barfoed (Pedersen), Orla  8 May 1877Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I244129
136 Bauditz (Baudissin), Knud Valdemarsen  18 Feb 1866Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I173681
137 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Inger Birgit "Nutter"   I194281
138 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Kirsten  20 Oct 1901Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I178788
139 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Mogens   I194375
140 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Niels Erik   I194377
141 Bech, Anna Bolette Wibroe  14 May 1901Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I15090
142 Bech, Conrad Vilhelm  27 Sep 1869Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I419057
143 Bech, Ella  9 Jul 1867Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I419056
144 Bech, Kirsten  8 Apr 1904Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I150071
145 Bech-Jespersen, Oda  24 Feb 1895Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I166031
146 Becher, Annalise   I231980
147 Bechgaard, Carl Christian  13 Mar 1917Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I102265
148 Bechgaard, Carl Christian  13 Mar 1917Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I270774
149 Bechmann, Gesche   I182356
150 Beck, Andreas Hansen  10 May 1827Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I68870
151 Beck, Tove  14 Sep 1907Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I103602
152 Beckwith, Estrid  24 Sep 1907Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I171335
153 Beermann, Dorthe Mühlendorf Wolf   I135664
154 Begstrup, Tine  18 Dec 1939Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I77257
155 Behrens, Julie Karen Christence  7 Jan 1886Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I79556
156 Beier, Ulla   I142086
157 Bekker, Pieter Gerdtsen  Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I249741
158 Bekker, Tønnes Pedersen  1687Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I246453
159 Bencard, Henning Heinrich  21 Jul 1928Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I62236
160 Bencard, Mogens Christian   I120639
161 Bendix, Aage  11 Apr 1882Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I163580
162 Bendix, Jan   I166806
163 Bendix, Kaj Victor  24 Sep 1883Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I168434
164 Bendsen, Karen Marie  5 Mar 1906Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I134698
165 Bendsen, Karl Frederik Kristian  31 Dec 1875Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I134699
166 Bendtz, Stig   I395226
167 Bendz, Henrik Carl Bang  28 May 1882Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I47999
168 Bengtsson, Else Marie  10 Oct 1897Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I109448
169 Bennike, Ove  6 Apr 1898Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I157150
170 Bennike, Vagn  6 Jan 1888Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I44962
171 Bentzen, Bent  1 Dec 1909Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I251514
172 Bentzen, Einar  21 Nov 1896Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I198207
173 Bentzon, Axel  15 Sep 1889Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I168779
174 Bentzon, Birgitte Weis  11 Jul 1914Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I14069
175 Benzon (Bentsen of Lund), Jørgen   I132881
176 Berg, Else Marie "Bitti"  1 Apr 1906Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I30611
177 Bergh (Bergh of X), Bente Marie   I189352
178 Bergh (Bergh of X), Karin Esther   I189338
179 Bergstrøm, Ellen Marie  24 Aug 1883Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I108729
180 Bergsøe (Bergsøe), Bent Edvard  11 Jul 1909Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I79244
181 Bergsøe (Bergsøe), Flemming Vilhelm  12 Jan 1905Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I154240
182 Bergsøe (Bergsøe), Grethe  12 Jun 1914Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I79256
183 Bergsøe (Bergsøe), Olaf  24 Dec 1916Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I79267
184 Bergsøe (Bergsøe), Svend  15 Sep 1902Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I154349
185 Bering (Lauritzen), Elisabeth Birgitte   I392881
186 Bering (Lauritzen), Lisbeth Anette   I158763
187 Berning, Asger Godvin  7 Jun 1910Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I184713
188 Berning, Hugo Godwin  20 Jan 1896Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I195413
189 Berning, Jesper  7 Feb 1944Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I184719
190 Berning, Merete   I184710
191 Berning, Sigurd Godvin  7 Oct 1903Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I184716
192 Berthelsen, Anne-Mette   I284982
193 Biering, Anne Sofie   I239108
194 Biering, Arne   I239101
195 Biering, Astrid   I239099
196 Biering, Bodil   I239111
197 Biering, Cecille   I239115
198 Biering, Elisabeth Magna Ingeborg Sigrid  18 Oct 1892Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I406900
199 Biering, Erik   I239100
200 Biering, Gudrun   I239103
201 Biering, Gunnar   I239102
202 Biering, Inge   I239112
203 Biering, Louise   I239114
204 Biering-Petersen, Aage  1900Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I448789
205 Biering-Petersen, Gudrun Sofie  1896Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I448787
206 Biering-Petersen, Knud  1902Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I448790
207 Biering-Petersen, Vera Henriette  25 Oct 1895Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I448751
208 Bildsøe, Kirsten Swane  14 Sep 1921Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I91834
209 Bildsøe, Naia Swane   I91845
210 Bille (Bille), Joen Steensen   I163257
211 Bille Brahe of Egeskov (Bille), Frantz Preben, Baron  1 Nov 1824Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I187549
212 Bing, Else  11 May 1882Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I178103
213 Bing, Kaare Trolle  23 Sep 1921Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I91514
214 Bing, Kai  16 Feb 1880Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I107979
215 Bing, Kirsten  13 Oct 1917Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I141290
216 Bing, Mogens Henrik  11 Aug 1883Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I166388
217 Birkland, Gudrun Sofie Ingeborg  18 Oct 1894Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I96072
218 Bjarnhof, Daniella Debra   I30905
219 Bjarnhof, Douglas Martin   I145849
220 Bjarnhof, Hannah Elisabeth  6 Jul 1928Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I22483
221 Bjarnhof, Line   I158033
222 Bjarnhof, Mark Martin  10 Aug 1996Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I31040
223 Bjarnhof, Rikke   I158168
224 Bjerg, Kirsten   I179670
225 Bjerregaard, Hanna   I56488
226 Bjerregaard, Jacob   I56485
227 Bjerrehuus (Larsen), Jørgen Peter  13 Sep 1901Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I126
228 Bjerrum (Bjerrum), Jannik Peter Daell Oluf   I177205
229 Bjørløw, Erik   I392880
230 Bjørn, Mark Eyvind Qvistgaard  28 Jan 1902Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I197514
231 Bjørum, Elisabeth   I123062
232 Bjørum, Eva Johanne  24 Sep 1920Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I244611
233 Bjørum, Lise   I139759
234 Blad, Caspar Andreas Valdemar  9 May 1860Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I222354
235 Blad, Ingeborg  1873Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I222355
236 Blad, Maria Magdalene  19 Nov 1875Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I222353
237 Blatt, Franz  31 Aug 1903Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I288826
238 Blegvad, Jørgen Michael  21 Jan 1913Frederiksberg, CPH, Zealand, Denmark I17039
239 Blicher-Hansen, Ole