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Bremen, Bremen, Germany



Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bacmeister (Bacmeister), Franz Julius  1848Bremen, Bremen, Germany I211898 onetrees 
2 Bacmeister (Bacmeister), Gustav  21 Aug 1849Bremen, Bremen, Germany I211899 onetrees 
3 Bacmeister (Bacmeister), Henriette Johanne  28 Jun 1845Bremen, Bremen, Germany I211896 onetrees 
4 Baring (Baring), Johann "John"  31 Jan 1697Bremen, Bremen, Germany I4842 onetrees 
5 Beck, Thomas von  30 Oct 1747Bremen, Bremen, Germany I55395 onetrees 
6 Brunchorst, Herman  Abt 1635Bremen, Bremen, Germany I126672 onetrees 
7 Cornelius-Wheeler, Sir Selwyn Charles  15 Mar 1923Bremen, Bremen, Germany I248935 onetrees 
8 Dauelsberg, Gerhard  26 Jan 1843Bremen, Bremen, Germany I211897 onetrees 
9 Deverhagen, Hermann  Abt 1685Bremen, Bremen, Germany I123181 onetrees 
10 Drachmann (Drachmann), Geert Heinrich  Abt 1710Bremen, Bremen, Germany I189221 onetrees 
11 Drachmann (Drachmann), Geert Wilhelm  Abt 1679Bremen, Bremen, Germany I168542 onetrees 
12 Gyldenløve of Pape (Gyldenløve), Privy Councillor (Joint Minister of Denmark) Ulrich Friederich "Frederik", Ruling Count of  20 Jul 1638Bremen, Bremen, Germany I45115 onetrees 
13 Henke, Karl  3 Oct 1895Bremen, Bremen, Germany I193225 onetrees 
14 Krammer, Margrethe Johansen  1621Bremen, Bremen, Germany I151309 onetrees 
15 Kulenkamp, Hermann  21 Oct 1664Bremen, Bremen, Germany I275304 onetrees 
16 Lippe (Lippe of Germany), Joachim von der  Abt 1670Bremen, Bremen, Germany I123266 onetrees 
17 Lippe (Lippe of Norway), Jacob von der  Abt 1640Bremen, Bremen, Germany I123242 onetrees 
18 Lücke, Friedericke Wilhelmine Fransiska  1859Bremen, Bremen, Germany I100783 onetrees 
19 MacGregor of Inneregny (MacGregor), Lord Alexander Coleman The 6th Baron MacGregor of Inneregny, The 14th Laird of Glenstrae and the 11th Laird of Inverenzie  22 Oct 1817Bremen, Bremen, Germany I198830 onetrees 
20 MacGregor of Inneregny (MacGregor), Honourable Elisabeth "Lilli" Coleman  22 Dec 1824Bremen, Bremen, Germany I198884 onetrees 
21 MacGregor of Inneregny (MacGregor), Honourable John Coleman  18 Apr 1819Bremen, Bremen, Germany I198843 onetrees 
22 Magens, Joachim Melchior  Bremen, Bremen, Germany I443034 onetrees 
23 Meineke, Jan Erik   I197493 onetrees 
24 Meineke, Ralph Lauritz   I197480 onetrees 
25 Munthe of Morgenstjerne (Munthe of Morgenstjerne), Christian Frederik Jacob von  23 Mar 1806Bremen, Bremen, Germany I17193 onetrees 
26 Rehorst, Johanne Elise Frederikke  12 Jan 1892Bremen, Bremen, Germany I426900 onetrees 
27 Schultz (Schultz of Bremen), Johan Valentin Peter  1793Bremen, Bremen, Germany I275946 onetrees 
28 Simonsen, Christine   I15999 onetrees 
29 Sternowski, Mara Johanna   I150523 onetrees 
30 Sternowski, Poul Erik   I150524 onetrees 
31 Stünckel, Anna Margaretha  17 Dec 1796Bremen, Bremen, Germany I242317 onetrees 
32 Stünckel, Margaretha Henrietta Maria  27 Dec 1798Bremen, Bremen, Germany I242321 onetrees 
33 Stünckel, Maria Catharina Elisabeth  1796Bremen, Bremen, Germany I242320 onetrees 
34 Suhr (Suhr), Anna Elisabeth Berntsen  Abt 1650Bremen, Bremen, Germany I186618 onetrees 
35 Suhr (Suhr), Bernt  Abt 1615Bremen, Bremen, Germany I151308 onetrees 
36 Thomsen, Annegret   I190343 onetrees 
37 Wedel-Jarlsberg (Wedel of Uchtenhagen), Erhard Friederich "Frederik", Baron  26 Nov 1668Bremen, Bremen, Germany I44737 onetrees 
38 Werdenhoff, Jost von  1611Bremen, Bremen, Germany I238749 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Conze, Rebecca Sophie Elisabeth  11 Jun 1821Bremen, Bremen, Germany I46372 onetrees 
2 MacGregor of Inneregny (MacGregor), Honourable Elisabeth "Lilli" Coleman  Bremen, Bremen, Germany I198884 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aldenburg & Kniphausen (Oldenburg), Wilhelmine Juliane, Imperial Countess von  18 Nov 1746Bremen, Bremen, Germany I148549 onetrees 
2 Bacmeister (Bacmeister), Gustav  17 Aug 1870Bremen, Bremen, Germany I211899 onetrees 
3 Bacmeister (Bacmeister), Johann Heinrich  26 Oct 1864Bremen, Bremen, Germany I71135 onetrees 
4 Conze, Georg Ludwig  7 Sep 1825Bremen, Bremen, Germany I46377 onetrees 
5 Dauelsberg, Gerhard  26 May 1884Bremen, Bremen, Germany I211897 onetrees 
6 Helmke, Anna Rebecca  17 Dec 1874Bremen, Bremen, Germany I211895 onetrees 
7 Kehrhahn, Anna Maria Olga  2 Jan 1990Bremen, Bremen, Germany I23822 onetrees 
8 Kehrhahn, Heinrich Carl  14 May 1962Bremen, Bremen, Germany I23824 onetrees 
9 Kulenkamp, Arend  1694Bremen, Bremen, Germany I275191 onetrees 
10 Lauritzen (Lauritzen of Ribe), Inger  12 Jan 1942Bremen, Bremen, Germany I155186 onetrees 
11 Lindemann (Lindemann of Rostock), Anna Metta  Bremen, Bremen, Germany I183515 onetrees 
12 Lippe (Lippe of Germany), Joachim von der  Abt 1703Bremen, Bremen, Germany I123266 onetrees 
13 Lippe (Lippe of Norway), Wenche von der  1733Bremen, Bremen, Germany I123254 onetrees 
14 Meyer, Maria Elisabeth  31 May 1826Bremen, Bremen, Germany I175320 onetrees 
15 Oelreich, Bernhard  30 Mar 1686Bremen, Bremen, Germany I461310 onetrees 
16 Prussia (Hohenzollern), Louis Ferdinand, Crown Prince of  25 Sep 1994Bremen, Bremen, Germany I95334 onetrees 
17 Reichau, Louise Benedicte von  5 Feb 1755Bremen, Bremen, Germany I160250 onetrees 
18 Stünckel, Johann Hinrich  1823Bremen, Bremen, Germany I242318 onetrees 
19 Wedel-Jarlsberg (Wedel of Uchtenhagen), Anton Franz Wilhelm, Baron  14 Nov 1716Bremen, Bremen, Germany I148545 onetrees 
20 Wedel-Jarlsberg (Wedel of Uchtenhagen), Charlotte Elisabeth, Comtesse  22 Aug 1758Bremen, Bremen, Germany I148543 onetrees 
21 Wedel-Jarlsberg (Wedel of Uchtenhagen), Georg Ernst, Count  30 Jan 1717Bremen, Bremen, Germany I148542 onetrees 
22 Wedel-Jarlsberg (Wedel of Uchtenhagen), Marie Juliane, Comtesse  1747Bremen, Bremen, Germany I148547 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Meyer, Maria Elisabeth  Bremen, Bremen, Germany I175320 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Simonsen, Erik  Bremen, Bremen, Germany I16005 onetrees 
2 Trampe (Trampe of Fjellebro), Harald, Count  Bremen, Bremen, Germany I46701 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bernus / MacGregor of Inneregny (MacGregor)  11 Oct 1818Bremen, Bremen, Germany F44691 onetrees 
2 Dauelsberg / Bacmeister (Bacmeister)  8 Feb 1866Bremen, Bremen, Germany F87606 onetrees 

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