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Varde, South Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 243 of 243

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albinus, Julius Gotthold  23 Mar 1841Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131034
2 Allerup, Maren Bjørn Hansen  25 Jan 1710Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I45772
3 Andersen, Anders Kristian   I54579
4 Andersen, Karen  23 Apr 1821Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I59977
5 Ankersen, Karen Lydia  27 Oct 1901Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I191177
6 Arntz, Christian Georg Parmo Breen  27 Jun 1876Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I47639
7 Bergman, Karen Johansen  11 Feb 1783Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61049
8 Bergman, Kirstine Johansen  21 Mar 1786Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61046
9 Bergman, Wilhelm Johansen  23 Dec 1784Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61047
10 Blinkenberg (Blinkenberg), Anders Rasmussen  Abt 1733Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I271256
11 Blinkenberg (Blinkenberg), Andreas Peter  1837Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I277689
12 Blinkenberg (Blinkenberg), Christian Sørensen  Abt 1797Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I271492
13 Blinkenberg (Blinkenberg), Kirsten Marie Andersen  1770Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I271254
14 Blinkenberg (Blinkenberg), Kirsten Pedersen  1766Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I271250
15 Blinkenberg (Blinkenberg), Peder Rasmussen  1726Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I271252
16 Blinkenberg (Blinkenberg), Søren Andersen  18 May 1765Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I271262
17 Bott, Henrik   I61457
18 Bott, Martin Gordon   I61458
19 Bott, Rasmus   I61456
20 Brandt, Anders Stephensen  Abt 1646Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I277503
21 Bruun (Bruun of Seest), Andreas Larsen  8 Sep 1885Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I16431
22 Bundgaard, Christiane Hansen  1741Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61062
23 Bøyesen, Bøye Andreas  5 Dec 1852Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I7203
24 Bøyesen, Peter Rostrup  16 Jan 1882Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I7237
25 Castonier (Castonier), Dagmar Alexandra Constance Eleonore Angelica Danielline de  21 Apr 1860Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I7281
26 Castonier (Castonier), Edgar Oscar Nonus de  11 Nov 1866Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I23057
27 Castonier (Castonier), Hakon Hjalmar Alvild Decimus de  9 Feb 1868Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I23068
28 Castonier (Castonier), Henry Daniello de  4 Sep 1853Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I22968
29 Castonier (Castonier), Hugo Charles Victor Alexander Acquarius de  10 May 1858Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I22991
30 Christensen, Ellen   I54327
31 Christensen, Frank Kargo   I56718
32 Christensen, Jens Kargo   I59253
33 Christensen, Jytte   I54320
34 Christensen, Karen Kargo   I59251
35 Christensen, Kjeld Kargo   I59252
36 Christensen, Lene Hauberg   I54344
37 Christensen, Mette  Abt 1510Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I279827
38 Christensen, Ragna Hauberg   I54343
39 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Agnes  16 Feb 1824Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131045
40 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Axel  27 Dec 1869Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131081
41 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Beche Christine Brandt  15 Jul 1828Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131042
42 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Carl Emil  5 Mar 1834Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131095
43 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Einar Thorvald Ingomar  29 Jul 1866Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131093
44 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Johannes Peter Nicolai Isidor  3 Sep 1868Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131082
45 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Julie  17 Dec 1825Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131044
46 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Kirstine Amalie  7 Mar 1822Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131049
47 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Nicolaj  10 Jul 1818Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131099
48 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Peder Sørensen  9 Mar 1830Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131003
49 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Petrea  14 Mar 1820Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131098
50 Colding, Marie Louise  8 Oct 1902Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I222200
51 Davidsen, Jacob Sørensen  30 Apr 1852Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60975
52 Drechsel, Anna Tutein von  5 Dec 1900Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I3915
53 Dyrebye, Anne Marie Christensen  10 Sep 1768Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61056
54 Dyrebye, Caroline Falck  27 Jan 1828Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60400
55 Dyrebye, Christen Christensen  5 Jan 1777Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61052
56 Dyrebye, Christen Christensen  3 Dec 1778Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61051
57 Dyrebye, Christen Christensen  Jun 1780Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61050
58 Dyrebye, Christian August Falck  15 Dec 1807Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60962
59 Dyrebye, Christiane Sørensen  1 Dec 1793Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61038
60 Dyrebye, Hans Christian Christensen  12 Apr 1767Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61057
61 Dyrebye, Hans Christian Falck  29 Mar 1801Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60964
62 Dyrebye, Helene Falck  13 Dec 1804Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60963
63 Dyrebye, Jacob Krog Sørensen  16 Oct 1795Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61036
64 Dyrebye, Johanne Sørensen  17 Mar 1807Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61040
65 Dyrebye, Maren  19 Jun 1803Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I64283
66 Dyrebye, Peder Falck Christensen  2 Jul 1773Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61055
67 Dyrebye, Peder Falck Christensen  20 Feb 1775Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61054
68 Dyrebye, Peter Christensen Falck  18 May 1821Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60544
69 Dyrebye, Peter Falck  11 Apr 1813Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60961
70 Dyrebye, Simon Sørensen  18 Oct 1804Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61042
71 Dyrebye, Søren Christensen  13 Mar 1771Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62360
72 Eller, Poul Henrik  8 Nov 1925Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I82359
73 Falk (Falck of Norway), Andreas Marius  14 Jul 1878Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60455
74 Falk (Falck of Norway), Astrid  1 May 1910Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60486
75 Falk (Falck of Norway), Christian  4 Nov 1843Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60397
76 Falk (Falck of Norway), Ella Franziska  17 Dec 1913Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60555
77 Falk (Falck of Norway), Friderik  3 Sep 1846Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60395
78 Falk (Falck of Norway), Hans Christian  23 Oct 1870Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60561
79 Falk (Falck of Norway), Helene Christine  29 Dec 1835Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60569
80 Falk (Falck of Norway), Johanne  8 Jun 1838Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60568
81 Falk (Falck of Norway), Johannes  8 Jul 1906Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60556
82 Falk (Falck of Norway), Karen Raska  25 Nov 1907Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60557
83 Falk (Falck of Norway), Maren Caroline Elisa  1 Jul 1903Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60559
84 Falk (Falck of Norway), Mette Christine  30 Oct 1825Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60572
85 Falk (Falck of Norway), Peter Sørensen  23 May 1832Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60570
86 Friisvad, Kirsten Sørensen  Abt 1733Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I271255
87 Graae (Graae), Gaëta  6 Mar 1904Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I175125
88 Grabod, Grethe Vibeke  21 Jul 1915Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I48960
89 Grunnet, Carl Johan "Jeppe"  26 Sep 1906Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I199798
90 Guldager, Inger Kjerstine  13 Mar 1883Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I136196
91 Gulløv, Thomas Lassen  Abt 1897Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62286
92 Hahn (Hahn of Schleswig), Andreas Michael  Abt 1817Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I232279
93 Hahn (Hahn of Schleswig), Cicilie Cathrine  9 Mar 1815Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I232316
94 Hahn (Hahn of Schleswig), Henrik Peder  13 Nov 1819Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I232315
95 Hahn (Hahn of Schleswig), Marie Frederikke  26 Apr 1825Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I232312
96 Hahn (Hahn of Schleswig), Marie Sophie  8 Apr 1822Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I232311
97 Hahn (Hahn of Schleswig), Peder Christian Frederik  5 Dec 1840Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I232282
98 Hallum, Mette Marie  29 Nov 1821Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61014
99 Harck, Anna Elise "Alice" Reenberg Teilmann  27 Mar 1887Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I167864
100 Harck, Hans Carl  24 Jul 1872Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I130806
101 Hauberg, Elisabeth Margrethe  21 Jan 1905Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I54355
102 Heilmann (Heilmann), Sophie Charlotte  5 Sep 1806Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I54962
103 Helms (Helms), Augusta  10 Jan 1804Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I91886
104 Helms (Helms), Christence Petronelle  15 Nov 1826Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I79625
105 Helms (Helms), Conrad Daniel Kofoed  17 May 1828Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I91269
106 Henningsen, Karen Kirstine  6 May 1909Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62198
107 Heuser, Frederikke  31 Aug 1839Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I136691
108 Ingerslev, Helge  27 Apr 1893Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I18727
109 Jacoby, Ove Vagn  9 Dec 1917Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I141150
110 Jensen, Raska Ditlevfine  31 May 1875Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60560
111 Johansen, Ellen Karen Margrethe  29 Dec 1886Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I86226
112 Johnsen, Inga   I61469
113 Johnsen, Lydia   I61471
114 Johnsen, Simon Nielsen  9 Jul 1807Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I76991
115 Johnsen, Steen Michael   I61472
116 Johnsen, Tina Marie   I61468
117 Jonsen, Ellen Margrethe  30 Nov 1740Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I34652
118 Juulsager, Jens  14 Feb 1837Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60999
119 Jørgensen, Claus   I59821
120 Kamman, Bodil Charlotte   I176625
121 Kamman, Erik Conrad   I157013
122 Kamman, Ulla Birgitte   I171541
123 Klitgaard-Nielsen, Harald  2 Dec 1884Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I168233
124 Knuth-Winterfeldt (Knuth), Frederik, Count   I154705
125 Krog-Meyer (Meyer), Erik Herluf  6 Dec 1922Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I178655
126 Krog-Meyer (Meyer), Marie Louise "Lille Sysser"   I138280
127 Krog-Meyer (Meyer), Mogens  13 Jun 1920Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I178652
128 Lamp, Annette   I58860
129 Lamp, Carl Andreas   I58865
130 Lamp, Egon   I58861
131 Lamp, Kurt   I58862
132 Lassen, Alfred Carlo  2 Jun 1885Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62343
133 Lassen, Alvilda Marie Hansine Adolfine  27 Nov 1887Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62277
134 Lassen, Anna Nielsine  24 Jun 1882Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62344
135 Lassen, Anne  2 May 1836Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62353
136 Lassen, Anne Jensine Abelone  31 Jul 1853Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61011
137 Lassen, Arnold Carl Thomas  18 Jul 1871Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I64336
138 Lassen, Christian Bruun  12 Sep 1860Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61008
139 Lassen, Christiane  5 Sep 1840Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62352
140 Lassen, Else Marie  30 Dec 1828Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62354
141 Lassen, Emil Johan Buchardt  10 Sep 1875Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60980
142 Lassen, Emilie Caroline Amalie  14 Jul 1877Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62346
143 Lassen, Frederik Rasmus Lauritz  3 Jun 1873Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62348
144 Lassen, Hans Peder Møller  21 Mar 1833Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62355
145 Lassen, Jens  13 May 1858Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61009
146 Lassen, Johan Peder Bukhart  26 Dec 1879Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62345
147 Lassen, Julius Kaster  Abt 1898Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60146
148 Lassen, Lars  17 May 1826Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62356
149 Lassen, Maren  7 Jul 1855Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61010
150 Lassen, Peder Johan  10 Aug 1865Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61006
151 Lassen, Rigmor Eleonora  27 Oct 1904Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62332
152 Lassen, Søren  30 Sep 1823Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62357
153 Lassen, Søren  24 Mar 1863Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61007
154 Lassen, Thomas Thorup  7 Aug 1843Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I64314
155 Lassen, Tove Helle  8 Sep 1906Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62331
156 Lauridsen, Rosa   I62196
157 Lauritzen, Alma Wengel Christensen  18 Jan 1885Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I270445
158 Lerche (Lerche), Ruth Olga  22 Jul 1888Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I18046
159 Mortensen, Britta   I61420
160 Mortensen, Estrid Siig   I54580
161 Mortensen, Hans   I61917
162 Mortensen, Henning   I61918
163 Mortensen, Margit Siig   I54587
164 Møller, Anna Margrethe  6 Jul 1896Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I54472
165 Mørch, Allan Metz  27 Feb 1930Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I135964
166 Mørch, Ivan Metz  13 Jun 1928Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I135965
167 Nielsen, Allan Haahr   I61585
168 Nielsen, Caroline Cathrine Steenbek  23 Feb 1843Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60566
169 Nielsen, Christine Marie  24 Dec 1858Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I166028
170 Nielsen, Gitte Haahr   I61584
171 Nielsen, Hans Dyrreby  5 Nov 1830Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60552
172 Nielsen, Jens Christian  3 Mar 1840Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60549
173 Nielsen, Jens Peter Christian  18 Dec 1895Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60377
174 Nielsen, Karen Marie  7 Jun 1888Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60381
175 Nielsen, Lis Beate   I59026
176 Nielsen, Mette Marie  11 May 1892Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60379
177 Nielsen, Niels Aage   I59027
178 Nielsen, Niels Anton Gylling  20 Jan 1882Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I139885
179 Nielsen, Niels Christensen  16 Apr 1894Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60378
180 Nielsen, Rosa   I59314
181 Nielsen, Sanne Haahr   I61586
182 Nielsen, Søren Johan  17 Sep 1835Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60550
183 Nielsen, Søren Lassen  24 Jun 1890Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60380
184 Nissen, Ingrid Emilie Laura  21 Mar 1903Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I132553
185 Nissen, Jens Michael   I172441
186 Obel (Obel), Elna Johanne Sølling  13 Aug 1884Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I180993
187 Obel (Obel), Finn Ole Jørgen  18 Jan 1927Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I181007
188 Obel (Obel), Gerda Marie  9 Jul 1917Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I180996
189 Obel (Obel), Gustav Palæmon Sølling  2 May 1886Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I180994
190 Obel (Obel), Ingrid Elna Margrethe   I181004
191 Obel (Obel), Poul Oluf Johannes Palæmon  21 Oct 1921Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I181002
192 Olrik (Olrik), Peder-Otto Rosenørn  11 Mar 1906Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I100447
193 Palludan, Alfred  20 Nov 1886Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131008
194 Palludan, Esther  28 Nov 1910Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131013
195 Palludan, Frederik Holmsted  1 Jul 1854Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131018
196 Palludan, Gerda  20 Dec 1916Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131009
197 Palludan, Helga  20 Nov 1886Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131006
198 Palludan, Johannes  17 May 1885Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131017
199 Palludan, Per  9 May 1915Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131010
200 Palludan, Poul Frederik  25 Sep 1913Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131011
201 Pedersen, Peder Olof  19 Jun 1874Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I161748
202 Pedersen, Poul Erik   I53727
203 Pedersen, Rasmus  13 Jan 1892Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I58982
204 Pedersen, Svend Søndergaard  17 May 1911Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I70167
205 Pedersen, Søren Juel   I61597
206 Petersen, Caroline Emilie  16 Oct 1875Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60389
207 Petersen, Isidora  1 May 1861Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131019
208 Petersen, Johanne Isidore  6 Jan 1852Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131035
209 Petersen, Leo Haahr   I61594
210 Petersen, Richard Eltang  Abt 1869Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I47640
211 Prag, Niels Brorson   I179994
212 Rasmussen, Jytte Annette   I59312
213 Rosengaard, Sofus  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I51783
214 Rostrup, Hedvig  27 Apr 1854Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I7159
215 Ruffert, Caroline Amalie  17 Jul 1869Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I156556
216 Ruffert, Maria Christine Frederikke  23 Apr 1856Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I156555
217 Rygaard, Maren Agerholm  21 Dec 1813Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I82344
218 Seidenfaden (Seidenfaden), Gunnar  24 Feb 1908Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I91913
219 Smith, Marenstine "Mine"  17 Feb 1830Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I32434
220 Sommer, Ellen Maria  17 Sep 1869Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131058
221 Sommer, Hans Adolph Brorson Fogtmann  24 Feb 1875Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131056
222 Sommer, Ingrid  14 Oct 1872Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131057
223 Sommer, Jørgen Nicolai  18 Jun 1868Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131069
224 Steenbæk-Petersen, William Carl Nicolai  15 Oct 1847Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131038
225 Stæhr, Jens Christian  8 Mar 1867Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61001
226 Stæhr, Otto Julius  11 Apr 1871Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61000
227 Svendlund, Bent   I58855
228 Svendlund, Kai   I58859
229 Svendlund, Per   I58854
230 Svendlund, Tove Kristine   I58857
231 Sørensen, Johanne  28 Mar 1793Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I133363
232 Sørensen, Maren  11 Mar 1844Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60460
233 Therkildsen, Thure  1640Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I140037
234 Thomsen, Camilla Nicolina  24 Mar 1873Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I47647
235 Thomsen, Johannes Th  25 Dec 1892Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I201961
236 Thomsen, Laura Louise  27 Jun 1878Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I47643
237 Thomsen, Mathilde Wilhelmine  28 Feb 1877Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I47645
238 Thomsen, Thomas Flensburg  14 Sep 1875Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I47646
239 Thorbøll, Heidi   I53021
240 Tjørnelund, Paul Beyer Mogensen  Abt 1805Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I80257
241 Tutein, Peter  2 Apr 1902Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I33542
242 Weis, Christine Elisabeth  1840Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I271495
243 Øllgaard, Balthasar Krarup  6 Jul 1811Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I201360


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Davidsen, Jacob Sørensen  26 Jun 1852Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60975
2 Dyrebye, Christen Christensen  12 Jan 1777Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61052
3 Dyrebye, Maren  2 Jul 1803Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I64283
4 Dyrebye, Maria Sørensen  14 Oct 1798Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61035
5 Eller, Poul Henrik  14 Feb 1926Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I82359
6 Falk (Falck of Norway), Andreas Marius  14 Jul 1878Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60455
7 Falk (Falck of Norway), Elise Margrethe  29 Sep 1872Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60459
8 Falk (Falck of Norway), Hans Christian  22 Jan 1871Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60561
9 Falk (Falck of Norway), Johanne  21 Jul 1838Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60568
10 Falk (Falck of Norway), Johannes  4 Apr 1840Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60567
11 Hallum, Mette Marie  30 Nov 1821Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61014
12 Hecquet, Vibeke Gandil  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60471
13 Jonsen, Ellen Margrethe  1 Jan 1741Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I34652
14 Juulsager, Jens  9 Apr 1837Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60999
15 Lassen, Alfred Carlo  30 Aug 1885Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62343
16 Lassen, Alvilda Marie Hansine Adolfine  11 Apr 1888Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62277
17 Lassen, Anna Nielsine  8 Oct 1882Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62344
18 Lassen, Anne Jensine Abelone  24 Sep 1853Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61011
19 Lassen, Arnold Carl Thomas  15 Sep 1871Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I64336
20 Lassen, Christian Bruun  3 Nov 1860Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61008
21 Lassen, Christiane  2 Jan 1841Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62352
22 Lassen, Emil Johan Buchardt  24 Oct 1875Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60980
23 Lassen, Emilie Caroline Amalie  23 Sep 1877Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62346
24 Lassen, Frederik Rasmus Lauritz  20 Jul 1873Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62348
25 Lassen, Hans Peder Møller  9 Jun 1833Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62355
26 Lassen, Johan Peder Bukhart  10 Mar 1880Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62345
27 Lassen, Maren  2 Sep 1855Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61010
28 Lassen, Peder Johan  28 Dec 1865Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61006
29 Lassen, Rigmor Eleonora  26 Dec 1904Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62332
30 Lassen, Søren  15 May 1863Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61007
31 Lassen, Thomas Thorup  4 Nov 1843Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I64314
32 Lassen, Tove Helle  26 Dec 1906Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62331
33 Nielsen, Jens Christian  16 May 1840Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60549
34 Nielsen, Laurids Frederik  26 Jul 1845Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60547
35 Nielsen, Marie Hansine Adolphine  9 Jul 1848Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60545
36 Nielsen, Niels Peder  25 Sep 1841Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60548
37 Olrik (Olrik), Peder-Otto Rosenørn  20 May 1906Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I100447
38 Pedersen, Svend Søndergaard  18 Jun 1911Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I70167
39 Petersen, Caroline Emilie  2 Jan 1876Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60389
40 Stæhr, Jens Christian  18 May 1867Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61001
41 Stæhr, Otto Julius  25 Jun 1871Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ellen  15 Jan 1953Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60984
2 Bergman, Wilhelm Johansen  11 May 1785Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61047
3 Bergmand, Johan Christian  18 Jul 1809Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61058
4 Blinkenberg (Blinkenberg), Kirsten Marie Andersen  1838Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I271254
5 Bloch, Karen Adamine Ottilie  6 Aug 1901Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I130772
6 Bloch, Peter Wilhelm  20 Sep 1887Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I138520
7 Brøndsted, Ane Sophie  20 Jan 1804Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I91885
8 Bundgaard, Christiane Hansen  30 Aug 1807Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61062
9 Bundgaard, Hans  23 Nov 1765Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61061
10 Castonier (Castonier), Daniel Storm de  22 Apr 1872Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I22924
11 Christensen, Christen Nielsen  6 Feb 1967Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I59855
12 Christensen, Jens Peder  14 Apr 1981Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61953
13 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Isaac Abraham  25 Apr 1860Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I133365
14 Crone (Crone), Niels Christoffer  23 Aug 1937Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I25800
15 Davidsen, Jacob Sørensen  3 Dec 1871Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60975
16 Davidsen, Thomas Christian  9 Apr 1886Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60976
17 Dyhre, Johanne Hansen  17 May 1843Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60974
18 Dyrebye, Christen Christensen  31 May 1778Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61052
19 Dyrebye, Christen Christensen  5 Feb 1779Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61051
20 Dyrebye, Christen Christensen  6 Aug 1780Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61050
21 Dyrebye, Christen Christensen Dyreborg  7 Aug 1780Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61063
22 Dyrebye, Christen Sørensen  12 Apr 1817Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61039
23 Dyrebye, Hans Christian Falck  22 Sep 1848Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60964
24 Dyrebye, Johanne Sørensen  30 Jan 1884Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61040
25 Dyrebye, Maren  19 Jun 1881Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I64283
26 Dyrebye, Peder Falck Christensen  4 Mar 1774Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61055
27 Dyrebye, Peder Falck Christensen  23 Nov 1852Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61054
28 Dyrebye, Simon Sørensen  27 Mar 1840Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61042
29 Dyrebye, Søren Christensen  11 Jan 1821Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62360
30 Eller, Edvard Richard Mathias  6 Jun 1964Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I83304
31 Falck (Falck of Norway), Kirstine  28 Nov 1786Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61060
32 Falk (Falck of Norway), Andreas Marius  17 Aug 1878Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60455
33 Falk (Falck of Norway), Friderik  17 Feb 1849Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60395
34 Falk (Falck of Norway), Hans Christian  10 Jan 1939Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60561
35 Falk (Falck of Norway), Helene Christine  26 Jun 1855Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60569
36 Falk (Falck of Norway), Johanne  10 Dec 1838Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60568
37 Falk (Falck of Norway), Johannes  14 Oct 1919Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60567
38 Falk (Falck of Norway), Laura Frederikke  15 Nov 1877Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60456
39 Falk (Falck of Norway), Mette Christine  30 Jul 1833Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60572
40 Fogtmann, Johannes Marius  2 Mar 1837Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I167821
41 Frausing, Johannes "Johan" Jacob  6 Sep 1775Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I192222
42 Frederiksen, Mette Margrethe  12 May 1937Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I59037
43 Fridsch, Mathia Augusta "Mathie"  28 Apr 1884Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I188409
44 Gulløv, Jens Lassen  26 Jan 1850Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I64284
45 Hahn (Hahn of Schleswig), Henrik Peder  1 Jul 1822Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I232315
46 Hahn (Hahn of Schleswig), Peder Christian Friederich  2 May 1833Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I232314
47 Hansen, Anton Christian Madsen  6 Nov 1955Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I54811
48 Harck, Anders Hansen  26 Jul 1916Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I130761
49 Harck, Niels Jochum Hansen  27 Jul 1908Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I167961
50 Hegelund (Hegelund of Denmark), Peder Mortensen  3 May 1584Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I6603
51 Helms (Helms), Augusta  18 Nov 1871Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I91886
52 Helms (Helms), Rudolph  14 Jul 1833Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I188408
53 Heuser, Frederikke  23 Feb 1909Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I136691
54 Holm, Laura Sofie Christine Frederikke  10 Aug 1901Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I132556
55 Jakobsen, Maren  23 May 1802Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61043
56 Jensen, Ane Johanne Kathrine  3 Apr 1934Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I58797
57 Jensen, Anne Margrethe  4 Dec 1887Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60564
58 Jensen, Maren Kathrine  19 Aug 1961Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I58621
59 Jensen, Raska Ditlevfine  24 Dec 1923Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60560
60 Jessen, Søren Rygaard  18 May 1859Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I81037
61 Jørgensen, Cecilie Kristine  8 Dec 1889Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I154998
62 Jørgensen, Søren  29 Jul 1927Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I59922
63 Knudsen, Elisabeth  20 Dec 1923Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I58630
64 Knudsen, Else Katrine  10 Jan 1977Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I54604
65 Krarup (Lange), Christian Gyberg  18 Feb 1858Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I91888
66 Kristensen, Kamma Nielly  7 Feb 1974Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I54638
67 Krosp, Margrethe Elisabeth  17 May 1769Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I192224
68 Larsen, Vilhelm  10 Oct 1950Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I181006
69 Lassen, Christian Bruun  1 Aug 1879Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61008
70 Lassen, Else Marie  22 Apr 1879Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62354
71 Lassen, Emil Johan Buchardt  19 Nov 1876Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60980
72 Lauridsen, Lars Kristian Rølle  23 Jan 1961Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62219
73 Lerche (Lerche), Ruth Olga  7 Jun 1889Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I18046
74 Lorentsen, Johanne  30 May 1871Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60977
75 Lund, Jeppe Lauridsen  17 May 1828Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61045
76 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark), Anton Marius  11 Mar 1882Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I136680
77 Lyster, Carl Andreas  15 Jan 1945Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I65420
78 Mathiesen, Henriette Emilie  26 Dec 1898Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I138521
79 Mortensen, Maren  5 Jun 1812Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61044
80 Müller, Frederik Vilhelm  17 Jan 1932Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I86171
81 Nielsen, Anders  10 Mar 1879Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60565
82 Nielsen, Caroline Cathrine Steenbek  31 May 1923Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60566
83 Nielsen, Christen Røjkjær  16 Jan 1983Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62463
84 Nielsen, Jens Christian  24 Jun 1849Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60549
85 Nielsen, Peder  5 May 1966Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I58913
86 Nielsen, Søren  18 Jan 1914Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60384
87 Nielsen, Søren  22 Jun 1958Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I59036
88 Nørholm, Andrea  19 Apr 1970Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I54613
89 Obel (Obel), Finn Ole Jørgen  14 Jun 1970Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I181007
90 Obel (Obel), Gustav Palæmon Sølling  14 Aug 1953Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I180994
91 Obel (Obel), Oluf Frederik  22 Mar 1895Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I180987
92 Ostenfeld (Ostenfeld), Jørgen  25 Oct 1989Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I155395
93 Pedersen, Anna Cathrine  24 Jun 1852Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60575
94 Pedersen, Christian  24 Apr 1942Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I54600
95 Petersen, Peter  28 Jun 1885Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131041
96 Plesner (Plesner), Mette Hilaria Cathrine  18 Mar 1804Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I167815
97 Posselt, Inger Margrethe  6 Feb 1960Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I83923
98 Poulsen, Erik  19 Apr 1981Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61986
99 Sabra, Gaëta Caroline  25 Mar 1904Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I175121
100 Schmidt, Anna Severine  28 Dec 1844Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I81044
101 Simonsen, Else  10 May 1828Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62359
102 Smith, Troels  6 May 1873Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I25655
103 Stephensen, Olafur Stephani  5 Jan 1854Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I119169
104 Sveistrup (Sveistrup of Norup), Agnes Marie  15 May 1949Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I72254
105 Sølling (Sølling of Skydebjerg), Hanne Vilhelmine  25 Dec 1918Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I180985
106 Sørensen, Else  1 Mar 1854Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60573
107 Sørensen, Maren  5 Oct 1884Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60460
108 Sørensen, Rask  8 Feb 1888Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I59979
109 Thuresen, Therkel  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I91906
110 Toft, Frederik Christopher  5 Apr 1900Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I45148
111 Varder, Kirsten Ellen "Lene" Christiernsen  1556Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I26159
112 Vium, Georgine Cicilie Cathrine Andersen  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I232310
113 Weis, Lars Christian Rølle  26 Jun 1984Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62244


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Davidsen, Jacob Sørensen  9 Dec 1871Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60975
2 Davidsen, Thomas Christian  16 Apr 1886Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60976
3 Dyhre, Johanne Hansen  24 May 1843Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60974
4 Dyrebye, Christen Christensen  4 Jun 1778Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61052
5 Dyrebye, Christen Christensen  9 Aug 1780Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61050
6 Dyrebye, Christen Sørensen  15 Apr 1817Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61039
7 Dyrebye, Christiane Sørensen  25 Feb 1837Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61038
8 Dyrebye, Hans Christian Falck  30 Sep 1848Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60964
9 Dyrebye, Johanne Sørensen  4 Feb 1884Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61040
10 Dyrebye, Maren  22 Jun 1881Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I64283
11 Dyrebye, Maria Sørensen  31 Dec 1799Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61035
12 Dyrebye, Peder Falck Christensen  8 Mar 1774Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61055
13 Dyrebye, Peder Falck Christensen  28 Nov 1852Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61054
14 Dyrebye, Peter Christensen Falck  30 Oct 1833Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60544
15 Dyrebye, Simon Sørensen  30 Mar 1840Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61042
16 Dyrebye, Søren Christensen  16 Jan 1821Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62360
17 Eller, Edvard Richard Mathias  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I83304
18 Falk (Falck of Norway), Andreas Marius  23 Aug 1878Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60455
19 Falk (Falck of Norway), Friderik  23 Feb 1849Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60395
20 Falk (Falck of Norway), Hans Christian  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60561
21 Falk (Falck of Norway), Helene Christine  4 Jul 1855Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60569
22 Falk (Falck of Norway), Johanne  13 Dec 1838Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60568
23 Falk (Falck of Norway), Laura Frederikke  19 Nov 1877Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60456
24 Falk (Falck of Norway), Mette Christine  3 Aug 1833Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60572
25 Gulløv, Jens Lassen  2 Feb 1850Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I64284
26 Hansen, Christiane  4 Aug 1746Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60646
27 Jensen, Anne Margrethe  10 Dec 1887Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60564
28 Juel (Juel), Kjeld  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I74013
29 Lassen, Christian Bruun  5 Aug 1879Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61008
30 Lassen, Else Marie  29 Apr 1879Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62354
31 Lassen, Emil Johan Buchardt  24 Nov 1876Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60980
32 Lorentsen, Johanne  4 Jun 1871Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60977
33 Lund, Jeppe Lauridsen  22 May 1828Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61045
34 Mortensen, Maren  8 Jun 1812Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I61044
35 Nielsen, Jens Christian  30 Jun 1849Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60549
36 Nielsen, Laurids Frederik  21 Sep 1857Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60547
37 Nielsen, Søren  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60384
38 Pedersen, Anna Cathrine  27 Jun 1852Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60575
39 Posselt, Inger Margrethe  1960Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I83923
40 Simonsen, Else  17 May 1828Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I62359
41 Sørensen, Else  7 Mar 1854Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I60573


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Blinkenberg (Blinkenberg), Christian Sørensen  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I271492
2 Bloch, Peter Wilhelm  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I138520
3 Brun (Brun of Wismar), Tyge  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I190998
4 Buch, Peder Jacobsen  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I80680
5 Bøyesen, Morten Gadegaard  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I7214
6 Castonier (Castonier), Daniel Storm de  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I22924
7 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Isaac Abraham  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I133365
8 Eller, Edvard Richard Mathias  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I83304
9 Fogh (Fogh), Nicolaj Christopher Kall  12 May 1847Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I80951
10 Frausing, Johannes "Johan" Jacob  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I192222
11 Frier, Hans Søren Martin  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I138459
12 Hahn (Hahn of Schleswig), Peder Christian Friederich  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I232314
13 Harck, Anders Hansen  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I130761
14 Harck, Hans Carl  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I130806
15 Harck, Niels Jochum Hansen  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I167961
16 Helms (Helms), Rudolph  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I188408
17 Jacobsen, Jacob  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I138595
18 Jensen, Harry Brørup  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I180997
19 Jessen, Søren Rygaard  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I81037
20 Johansen, Niels Jensen Gert  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I86249
21 Krog-Meyer (Meyer), Gustav  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I180396
22 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark), Anton Marius  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I136680
23 Müller, Frederik Vilhelm  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I86171
24 Nielsen, Hans Peder  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I17562
25 Nielsen, Peder  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I166029
26 Nissen, Christen Adolph Sophus  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I132557
27 Obel (Obel), Oluf Frederik  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I180987
28 Oldenburg (Oldenburg), Paul  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I154840
29 Ostenfeld (Ostenfeld), Jørgen  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I155395
30 Pedersen, Niels Christian "Kristian"  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I70166
31 Pedersen, Peder  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I192883
32 Petersen, Peter  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131041
33 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Svend Vieth  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I42982
34 Rostrup, Peter  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I7081
35 Simony (Simony), Jørgen Bech  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I245401
36 Sommer, Leonard David  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I131070
37 Toft, Frederik Christopher  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I45148
38 Varder, Christiern Nielsen  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I26013
39 Vium, Georgine Cicilie Cathrine Andersen  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I232310
40 Woydemann, Jens Peter  Varde, South Jutland, Denmark I117118


Matches 1 to 54 of 54

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Albinus / Petersen  9 Apr 1873Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F54918
2 Bott / Johnsen   F30076
3 Bruun / Weber   F29346
4 Castonier (Castonier) / Ruffert  4 Sep 1883Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F12140
5 Castonier (Castonier) / Ruffert  10 May 1894Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F12141
6 Christensen / Andersen   F27359
7 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark) / Sørensen  12 Sep 1817Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F55698
8 Dyrebye / Hansen  8 Oct 1836Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F29628
9 Dyrebye / Pedersen  17 Feb 1821Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F29849
10 Faber / Michaelsen  17 May 1890Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F34972
11 Falk (Falck of Norway) / Jensen  15 Jul 1902Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F29702
12 Falk (Falck of Norway) / Nielsen  18 Dec 1869Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F29705
13 Falk-Larsen (Falck of Norway) / Falk (Falck of Norway)   F29661
14 Fogtmann / Bech  17 Mar 1809Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F70534
15 Fogtmann / Cohn (Cohn of Denmark)  4 Sep 1844Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F54940
16 Gulløv / Dyrebye  4 May 1822Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F31153
17 Hansen / Nielsen  24 Nov 1929Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F29061
18 Harck / Bloch  26 Aug 1869Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F54835
19 Hecquet / Falk (Falck of Norway)  3 Feb 1929Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F29663
20 Holst / Cohn (Cohn of Denmark)  2 Apr 1844Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F54922
21 Holten of Oberndorf (Holten) / Smith  11 Apr 1856Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F16748
22 Jensen / Obel (Obel)  1 Apr 1943Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F76158
23 Jess / Nielsen   F29090
24 Johansen / Nissen  5 Sep 1926Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F55420
25 Jørgensen / Jensen   F29400
26 Jørgensen / Madsen  21 Mar 1925Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F29413
27 Jørgensen / Nielsen   F29394
28 Jørgensen / Sørensen  12 Jul 1929Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F29402
29 Krarup (Lange) / Helms (Helms)  15 Jan 1841Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F41159
30 Krarup (Lange) / Møller  9 Oct 1807Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F76779
31 Larsen / Obel (Obel)   F76160
32 Lassen / Hallum  4 May 1853Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F29875
33 Lauridsen / Henningsen  27 Dec 1934Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F30377
34 Lund / Dyrebye  6 Nov 1812Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F29889
35 Müller / Johansen  10 Jul 1910Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F39019
36 Nielsen / Andersen  25 Nov 1923Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F29095
37 Nielsen / Dyrebye  4 Apr 1829Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F29704
38 Nielsen / Jensen  4 May 1839Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F29703
39 Nielsen / Lassen  21 Apr 1888Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F29624
40 Nielsen / Nielsen   F29092
41 Palludan / Petersen  26 Oct 1881Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F54911
42 Petersen / Cohn (Cohn of Denmark)  25 Sep 1846Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F54921
43 Petersen / Haahr (Haahr 3)   F30123
44 Rasmussen / Nielsen   F29094
45 Rovsing / Crone (Crone)  14 Nov 1856Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F46250
46 Rung-Keller / Palludan  7 May 1907Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F54906
47 Seidenfaden (Seidenfaden) / Harck  2 Oct 1906Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F70547
48 Steffensen / Christensen  1529Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F116476
49 Stæhr / Lassen  27 May 1866Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F29872
50 Sørensen / Andersen  14 May 1845Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F29446
51 Tjørnelund / Bayer  1790Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F35808
52 Torstensen / Dyrebye  30 Oct 1830Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F29630
53 Weywadt / Falk (Falck of Norway)  12 Dec 1934Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F29700
54 Wøldike / Wulff  4 Jul 1730Varde, South Jutland, Denmark F48341

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