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The Netherlands



Matches 1 to 74 of 74

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Wytze   I53694
2 Aandeweil, Hendricus "Henk"   I196117
3 Ameide, Diederick "Dirk" III Van Herlaer En  Abt 1218-1220The Netherlands I254710
4 Arntzenius, Kirsten "Kirsa"   I291016
5 Bentzen, Jacobe  Abt 1570The Netherlands I224659
6 Berger, Christoffel  The Netherlands I263203
7 Bing, Heyman "Herman" Jacob  1776The Netherlands I151767
8 Brakell, Stephina Staeskendr Van  Abt 1386The Netherlands I254653
9 Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Arnold Christian Leopold, Baron  17 Aug 1763The Netherlands I159151
10 Dirksen, Geertruyt "Gertrude"  1773The Netherlands I112068
11 Distelberg, Jacob Johansen  The Netherlands I276496
12 Doodes, Mary  1642The Netherlands I213190
13 Doodes, Meindert  1617The Netherlands I213191
14 Doodes, Mr  1644The Netherlands I262668
15 Eekhout, Barbara Joyce   I88594
16 Eggers (Eggers of Netherlads), Anne Cathrine  Abt 1735The Netherlands I117080
17 Egmond (Egmond), Anna, Countess of  Abt 1542-1550The Netherlands I255330
18 Falkener, Adrian Rickertsen  1517The Netherlands I120838
19 Genth, Ernst Gotfried  1737The Netherlands I116842
20 Geret, Mary  Abt 1612The Netherlands I213192
21 Ginchel Bergh, Herman Van  Abt 1560The Netherlands I254347
22 Gravensteen, Peter Hansen  Abt 1730The Netherlands I347274
23 Groth, Cornelius Jansen  Bef 1725The Netherlands I323404
24 Grovestins, Eliza Sirtima, Baroness of  The Netherlands I159171
25 Harmsen, Antonette Frantzen  1770The Netherlands I138049
26 Harmsen, Elisabeth Christianna  1766The Netherlands I117086
27 Harmsen, Frantz Caspar  Abt 1730The Netherlands I117089
28 Hemert (Hemert), Frederick Van  Abt 1445The Netherlands I254649
29 Hemert (Hemert), Johan Van  Abt 1370The Netherlands I254654
30 Hemert (Hemert), Otto "Cocq" Van  Abt 1506The Netherlands I254646
31 Hemert (Hemert), Staes Van  Abt 1475-1504The Netherlands I254648
32 Hennemann, Ferdinand "Ferdy"  1 Dec 1907The Netherlands I139506
33 Hennemann, Frans Teodor   I139503
34 Herlaer, Dirk III Van  Abt 1217-1220The Netherlands I255470
35 Hetebrij, Marian   I391202
36 Hinckaert, Maria Van  The Netherlands I254655
37 Holländer (Holländer of Holland), Erich Nielsen  The Netherlands I124860
38 Holten of Skibstedgaard (Holten), Isebrandt von  Abt 1630The Netherlands I378123
39 Holten of Skibstedgaard (Holten), Reinholdt Jacob Isebrandtsen  The Netherlands I139664
40 Hoppe (Hoppe), Hans "Hopp"  The Netherlands I49771
41 Houden, Matilda Van  The Netherlands I272717
42 Høe, Barthold  Abt 1680The Netherlands I103847
43 Jonquières, Jean Francois de Dompierre de  1709The Netherlands I203225
44 Joode, Johannes Walravensdr de  Abt 1421The Netherlands I254656
45 Josten, Henrich von  1625The Netherlands I285652
46 Klyne (Klyne), Søren Nielsen  1480The Netherlands I120703
47 Kortland, Jan  The Netherlands I263204
48 Kuipers, Laurens   I21486
49 Lede, Margriet Van der  Abt 1240The Netherlands I254664
50 Luytkis, Hay  Abt 1650The Netherlands I97204
51 Majoner, Hans Jørgen  Abt 17 Nov 1618The Netherlands I84273
52 Mow (Mow), Gert Van der Lith  Abt 1710The Netherlands I116703
53 Oosterzee, Dirk  The Netherlands I5551
54 Oskam, Aris  1849The Netherlands I263206
55 Oskam, Gerradina  1874The Netherlands I263205
56 Pelt, Arnold von  The Netherlands I160195
57 Pol, Anthonia Van der  The Netherlands I263207
58 Riede, Hendrik Splinter Van  Abt 1260The Netherlands I254661
59 Riede, Margaretha Van  Abt 1300The Netherlands I254660
60 Rochusen, Jonkheer Willem Frederik  18 Dec 1832The Netherlands I715
61 Rone, Barbera Van der  Abt 1500The Netherlands I120608
62 Rossem, Otto Goosensdr Van  Abt 1360The Netherlands I254658
63 Runge, Wilhelmine Marie  The Netherlands I263202
64 Sandrart, Johanne Marie  The Netherlands I192915
65 Schaldemose (Schaldemose), Bent   I157540
66 Schutte, Abel Antonio   I61350
67 Schutte, Elin Isabel   I61349
68 Schuyler (Schuyler of Benelux), Pieter "Tjercks"  Abt 1601The Netherlands I227125
69 Tilma, Dooitze  25 Dec 1905The Netherlands I403557
70 Vahl, Evert  Abt 1635The Netherlands I126537
71 Valkenier, Jan Van  Abt 1400The Netherlands I103783
72 Valkenier, Laurens Van  Abt 1440The Netherlands I103784
73 Valkenier, Rickert Van  Abt 1470The Netherlands I103785
74 Wit, Betty de   I231204


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Svane (Svane of Norway), Claus  13 Sep 1748The Netherlands I117101


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hermegard  The Netherlands I255215
2 Berger, Christoffel  The Netherlands I263203
3 Bircherod, Niels Jensen  The Netherlands I280587
4 Buol, Christian  1777The Netherlands I363367
5 Cooper, Anthony Ashley  21 Jan 1683The Netherlands I37781
6 Coyard, Agnes Jans  The Netherlands I255222
7 Friis (Friis of Hesselager), Christoffer Nielsen  1603The Netherlands I235077
8 Gent (Gent), Willen Van  The Netherlands I244721
9 Glemham, Thomas  1649The Netherlands I2517
10 Guinness (Guinness), Lord Arthur Onslow Edward The Viscount Elveden  Feb 1945The Netherlands I9803
11 Haderup, Louisa  The Netherlands I138122
12 Hansen, Mads  Abt 1755The Netherlands I360167
13 Harris, Niels Boesen  1823The Netherlands I99614
14 Hemert (Hemert), Frederick Van  Abt 1520The Netherlands I254649
15 Hemert (Hemert), Heer Gijsbert Van  Abt 1455The Netherlands I254652
16 Hemert (Hemert), Johan Van  Abt 1414-1415The Netherlands I254654
17 Hemert (Hemert), Staes Ghijsbertsz Van  Abt 1485The Netherlands I254651
18 Hemert (Hemert), Staes Van  31 Mar 1540The Netherlands I254648
19 Holten of Skibstedgaard (Holten), Reinholdt Jacob Isebrandtsen  The Netherlands I139664
20 Kortland, Jan  1941The Netherlands I263204
21 Larsen, Frederikke Adolphine "Frikka" Thal  7 Oct 1961The Netherlands I145607
22 Marchmann, Peder Hansen  Abt 1746The Netherlands I85405
23 Meerwijk, Gerarda Herlaer Vrouwe Van  Abt 1437The Netherlands I244632
24 Natt Och Dag, Johan Henriksson  1615The Netherlands I238214
25 Oskam, Gerradina  1941The Netherlands I263205
26 Pedersen, Hans  1730-1747The Netherlands I347273
27 Philipsen-Prahm, Louis François Jean  6 Jul 1958The Netherlands I108367
28 Pol, Anthonia Van der  The Netherlands I263207
29 Resen (Resen), Elias Hansen  Abt 1651The Netherlands I203328
30 Rochusen, Jonkheer Willem Frederik  17 Jul 1912The Netherlands I715
31 Rover, Agnes  The Netherlands I242504
32 Rover, Ridder Dirk de  The Netherlands I240315
33 Rover, Ridder Geerlic de  The Netherlands I237294
34 Runge, Wilhelmine Marie  The Netherlands I263202
35 Sølling (Sølling of Ravnholt), Peter Norden  1 Sep 1766The Netherlands I143834
36 Tranberg, Alexander Andersen  1787-1805The Netherlands I335330
37 Treschow (Treschow), Mathias Lorentz  8 Feb 1717The Netherlands I63201
38 Waderle, Ermgard  The Netherlands I237406


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bakker, H W  The Netherlands I188790
2 Dunlea, Cyril Lawrence  The Netherlands I184352
3 Holm (Holm of Holmstrand), Christian Wilhelm  The Netherlands I186600
4 Holten of Skibstedgaard (Holten), Reinholdt Jacob Isebrandtsen  The Netherlands I139664
5 Nolthenius, Willem Hendrik  The Netherlands I33775
6 Sypesteijn, Johannes Conradus   I139915
7 Wit, L de  The Netherlands I231205


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Frobus / Nattiken  Abt 1749The Netherlands F52075
2 Munk (Munk of A) / Bentzen  Abt 1590The Netherlands F115224
3 Schuyler (Schuyler of Benelux) / Schuylder  1626-1627The Netherlands F94607

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