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NobleCircles is a searchable genealogical relationship database consisting of more than 283.751 individuals and 117,619 families at nearly 30.000 places worldwide Ė all gathered in one single family tree; mapping their ancestors, descendants and various relatives (all of them somehow related to each other through either our fatherís or our motherís side). We always have several projects going on Ė beside exploring our own direct ancestors - and three of them, and among these are 33 British Prime Ministers and the ancestors and 28 American Presidents and their ancestors.

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Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adils Ottarsson  Abt 572Sweden I273672
2 Agni Dagsson  Abt 424Sweden I274008
3 Alf Alreksson  Abt 468Sweden I274005
4 Alrek Agnasson  Abt 445Sweden I274002
5 Anna Augusta  9 Dec 1911Sweden I245421
6 Aun "The Aged" Jorundsson  Abt 509Sweden I270335
7 Braut-Onund Ingvarsson  Abt 638Sweden I273667
8 Dag Dyggvasson  Abt 403Sweden I274011
9 Dagreid Dagsson  Abt 449Sweden I274003
10 Domaldi Visbursson  Abt 340Sweden I274016
11 Domar Domaldasson  Abt 361Sweden I274013
12 Drott Danpsson  Abt 365Sweden I274014
13 Dyggvi Domarsson  Abt 382Sweden I274012
14 Egil "Vendikraka" Aunsson  Abt 530Sweden I270329
15 Eystein Adilsson  Abt 594Sweden I273670
16 Gauthild Algautsen  Abt 664Sweden I273666
17 Ingjald Braut-Onundsson  Abt 660Sweden I273665
18 Ingvar "The Tall" Eysteinsson  Abt 616Sweden I273669
19 Jorund Yngvasson  Abt 487Sweden I274000
20 Ottar Egilsson  Abt 551Sweden I273674
21 Solveig Halfdansson  Abt 684Sweden I273658
22 Thorborg Alreksson  Abt 470Sweden I274006
23 Vanlandi Svegdasson  Abt 298Sweden I274018
24 Visbur Vanlandasson  Abt 319Sweden I274017
25 Yngvi Alreksson  Abt 466Sweden I274001
26 Aastrand, Malin  1811Sweden I251930
27 Aastrand, Samuel  1767Sweden I251927
28 Axelsson, Bertil E   I210176
29 Balck, Anders Gustaf  1806Sweden I266262
30 Bengtsson, Katrina  Bef 1275Sweden I272744
31 Bengtsson, Nils  Sweden I246719
32 Bla, Filip Knutson  Sweden I272955
33 Bla, Jon Filipsson  Sweden I272745
34 Dahlgren, Bernhard Ulric  1784Sweden I247961
35 Drimmer, Erik  Sweden I262059
36 Eggers (Eggers), Svend  12 Sep 1908Sweden I257401
37 Eggers (Eggers), Vivian  12 Sep 1908Sweden I264469
38 Folkunge, Cecelia  Sweden I272956
39 Folkunge, Elin Larsen  Sweden I272742
40 Forsberg, Anna Christina  1859Sweden I266258
41 Gregorsson, Cajsa Brita  Sweden I272731
42 Haakonsson, Hanna  Sweden I246714
43 Knutson, Abraham  Sweden I272736
44 Knutson, Erik  Sweden I272730
45 Knutson, Hans  Sweden I272738
46 Knutson, Olof  Sweden I272735
47 Larsen, Olivia  Sweden I246576
48 Lindberg, Anna Marie  Abt 1846Sweden I252133
49 Lund, Marie  1776Sweden I251928
50 Petterson, Kirstine Andrea Engeline  23 Feb 1867Sweden I264549
51 Pettersson, Ida  18 Jul 1862Sweden I246981
52 Simonson, Knut  Sweden I272733
53 SkŲldberg, Sven Erik  Sweden I251931
54 Strale, Simon Kristoferson  Sweden I272739
55 Svantepolksson, Ingeborg  Sweden I272746
56 SŲderstrŲm, Gunnel Margareta Johnsson  6 Jul 1914Sweden I255836
57 Thuresen, Maren  Abt 1519Sweden I253710
58 ÷hman, Maj-Lis Irene  Sweden I247501


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aastrand, Samuel  1827Sweden I251927
2 Balck, Anders Gustaf  1889Sweden I266262
3 Bengtsson, Nils  Sweden I246719
4 Bla, Ivar Knutsson  6 Jan 1357Sweden I272741
5 Bla, Knut Jonsson  1347Sweden I272743
6 BoŽtius (BoŽtius), Hedvig  1811Sweden I283540
7 BoŽtius (BoŽtius), Jacob  Sweden I283541
8 Eggers (Eggers), Johan Emil  1921Sweden I264465
9 Haakonsson, Hanna  Sweden I246714
10 Holmgersson, Knut  1234Sweden I272957
11 Lund, Marie  1847Sweden I251928
12 Norway (Jarl), Gunhild Sveinsen, Princess of  Abt 1060Sweden I204222
13 TÝrsleff (TÝrsleff), Laura Elisabeth  31 Jul 1964Sweden I72868
14 Wenden, Edla of  Abt 1005Sweden I254472
15 Zeuthen (Zeuthen), Oluf  Abt 1947Sweden I22790


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bla / Folkunge  31 Oct 1338Sweden F113556

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