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Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway



Matches 1 to 136 of 136

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aabel, Morten Andreas Persen "Leigh"  9 Feb 1830Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129069
2 Aabel, Oluf Andreas  9 Oct 1825Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129074
3 Alm, Elisabeth Kristina Petersen  16 Sep 1801Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129353
4 Alm, Jakop Petersen Foss  13 Jul 1800Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129354
5 Aubert (Aubert), Anna Johanne de  31 Oct 1853Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I98273
6 Aubert (Aubert), Henrik Arnold de  1854Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I125175
7 Bjørnsen, Guri  19 Oct 1678Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I105756
8 Bringeland, Peter Simon  1718Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I126813
9 Buckner, Maria Elsa  1861Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I112113
10 Christie (Christie), Andreas Lind Edvardsen  1796Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I103328
11 Christie (Christie), David Verner Edvardsen  1803Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102296
12 Christie (Christie), Henrik Vilhelm Edvardsen  1797Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I103327
13 Christie (Christie), Maren Dorothea  1805Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102295
14 Christie (Christie), Maren Sofia Edvardsen Sunde  1795Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I103329
15 Christie (Christie), Nikolina Dorotea Stabel Edvardsen  28 Jan 1801Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102298
16 Christie (Christie), Sara Kornelia Edvardsen  1802Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102297
17 Daa (Daa of Norway), Hans Knagenhjelm  Abt 1763Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102324
18 Daa (Daa of Norway), Joachim Knagenhjelm  1762Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I96567
19 Eide, Ludolf Johan Kramer Antonius  1821Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I97322
20 Engh, Carina "Kaja" Dorothea Christophersen  1826Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129306
21 Fleischer, Anna Christina Blixenkrone Mikkelsen  5 Oct 1782Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I128295
22 Fleischer, Christian Fredrik Mikkelsen  10 Sep 1781Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I128298
23 Fleischer, Dorthea Margreta Heiberg  6 Jan 1789Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I128291
24 Fleischer, Hans Mikkelsen  7 Apr 1785Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I128287
25 Fleischer, Isaac Wilhelm Castberg  9 Dec 1778Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I128297
26 Fleischer, Johan  22 Dec 1777Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I128290
27 Fleischer, Johanna Catharina Mikkelsen  29 Mar 1787Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I128293
28 Fleischer, Karen Catharina Mikkelsen  15 Dec 1783Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I128294
29 Fleischer, Katarine Mikkelsen  20 Mar 1780Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I128289
30 Fleischer, Michael  14 Oct 1804Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I128285
31 Fleischer, Michael Mikkelsen  13 Oct 1790Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I126918
32 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Anna Christopha Pettersen  2 Nov 1857Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129303
33 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Anna Jensen  14 Apr 1842Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129286
34 Foss (Foss of Bergen), August  1864Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129299
35 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Berger Andreas Petersen  4 May 1856Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129304
36 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Birgitta Jensen  29 Aug 1828Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129320
37 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Christian August Petersen  8 Sep 1859Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129290
38 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Christine Augusta Pettersen  5 Nov 1860Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129288
39 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Elisabeth Sofia Jensen  2 Jun 1837Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129285
40 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Georg Teodor Leopold Jensen  24 Feb 1840Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129287
41 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Henrik Jensen  16 Jan 1834Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129308
42 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Jens Andreas Pettersen  26 Oct 1862Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129301
43 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Katharina Bergitta  14 Jun 1792Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129357
44 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Kristoffer Jensen  4 Mar 1830Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129319
45 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Ludvik Kristoffer Jacobsen  12 Jun 1791Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129352
46 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Maren Jensina Jensen  26 Jul 1844Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129307
47 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Nanna Mathilde Cathrine Pettersen  8 Sep 1859Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129302
48 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Peter Andreas "Per" Jensen  4 Mar 1827Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129321
49 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Secilia Maria Jensen  12 Jul 1831Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129324
50 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Søren Tønnes Jensen  2 May 1833Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129316
51 Gill, Anna "Sophie" Dorothea Jonsen  15 Apr 1852Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I96521
52 Gill, Christen Knagenhjelm  1 Jan 1820Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I112102
53 Gill, Christian Klaus Johnsen  14 Oct 1850Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102656
54 Gill, Hans Christiansen Knagenhjelm  29 Dec 1824Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I112103
55 Gjeilen, Johannes  1895Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I121874
56 Hansen, Simon  1738Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I101245
57 Hartmann, Gustav Adolph Emil  26 Jul 1834Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I97601
58 Heiberg (Heiberg of Denmark), Christen  23 Sep 1754Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I174515
59 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Anders Gjertsen  21 Sep 1693Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I185619
60 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Anna Sofie  1757Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102306
61 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Catharina Elisabeth  26 Aug 1756Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I96598
62 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Catharine Rachelow  23 Mar 1750/51Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I10275
63 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Cecilia Catharina  1764Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I96568
64 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Cecilie Cathrine  1717Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I96609
65 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Christian Gjertsen  1692Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120279
66 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Christiane Gjertsen  7 Aug 1701Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I119699
67 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Christina Margretha Hansen  27 Sep 1781Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I105448
68 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Dorothea Margaretha Christensen  29 Sep 1726Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120584
69 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Dorthea Katharina  11 Apr 1771Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I112108
70 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Gabriel Sørensen  13 Jun 1708Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I185613
71 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Gerhard  6 Nov 1714Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102318
72 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Gjert Gjertsen  21 May 1705Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I124068
73 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Ingeborg Maria  28 Feb 1762Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102308
74 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Ingeborg Marie  27 Sep 1781Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I128286
75 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Jesper  1769Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I96569
76 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Jesper Hansen  17 Apr 1783Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I105329
77 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Jesper Rachløw von der Lippe  22 Nov 1722Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I105205
78 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Joachim Jespersen  26 Jul 1767Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I112110
79 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Katharina Jespersen  3 May 1753Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I112112
80 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Kristoffer Gjertsen  15 Nov 1694Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I124065
81 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Margretha Gjertsen  30 Aug 1695Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I124067
82 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Maria Sophia Christina Christensen  11 Nov 1728Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102319
83 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Melkior  22 Sep 1796Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I128283
84 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Melkior Hansen  11 Jun 1786Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I128284
85 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Metta Sofia Jespersen  27 Aug 1758Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I112111
86 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Mette Dorothea Gerhardsen  23 Oct 1752Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102307
87 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Mette Marie Gjertsen  26 Nov 1699Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I104601
88 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Mette Sophie Jespersen  14 Apr 1757Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102310
89 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Sofia Maria Jespersen  23 Nov 1760Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102309
90 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Thomas Gjertsen  7 Aug 1698Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I124069
91 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Tomas  2 Nov 1727Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I104128
92 Klingenberg (Klingenberg of Itzehoe), Øllegaard Jensen  Abt 1694Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I116767
93 Knagenhjelm, Abel Margarethe  27 Jan 1725/26Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120548
94 Knagenhjelm, Albert  29 Sep 1799Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120068
95 Knagenhjelm, Albert  21 Oct 1831Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I119578
96 Knagenhjelm, Anna Sophie Dorothea Wiese  15 Nov 1854Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I119419
97 Knagenhjelm, Bolette Sophie  17 Feb 1820Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I119663
98 Knagenhjelm, Caroline Margrethe Nilsen  13 Jun 1822Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I119640
99 Knagenhjelm, Catharina Elisabeth  12 Jun 1734Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120455
100 Knagenhjelm, Catharina Elisabeth  16 Oct 1754Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120369
101 Knagenhjelm, Catherine Elisabeth  6 Apr 1801Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120056
102 Knagenhjelm, Cecilie Marie Faye  28 Jul 1886Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I104602
103 Knagenhjelm, Christen  18 Nov 1756Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120352
104 Knagenhjelm, Christen  10 Aug 1823Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I119626
105 Knagenhjelm, Christen  18 Oct 1888Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I119121
106 Knagenhjelm, Christine Sophie  14 Dec 1806Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120019
107 Knagenhjelm, Else Catharina Reuch  11 Nov 1827Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I119590
108 Knagenhjelm, Hans  4 Jan 1732/33Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120490
109 Knagenhjelm, Hans  28 Aug 1753Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120393
110 Knagenhjelm, Hans  18 Sep 1804Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120044
111 Knagenhjelm, Hans Fredrik  6 Oct 1826Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I119603
112 Knagenhjelm, Henning Didrik  17 Jul 1738Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120418
113 Knagenhjelm, Ingeborg Marie  15 May 1731Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I105081
114 Knagenhjelm, Johan Henrik  8 Jan 1735/36Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120430
115 Knagenhjelm, Johanna Margarethe  9 Aug 1798Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120081
116 Knagenhjelm, Ludvig Wiese  11 Nov 1824Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I119615
117 Knagenhjelm, Marie  12 Oct 1729Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120514
118 Knagenhjelm, Niels  16 Aug 1723Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120596
119 Knagenhjelm, Niels  1757Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120328
120 Knagenhjelm, Nils Joachim  20 Dec 1858Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I119383
121 Knagenhjelm, Wenche V D Lippe  16 Nov 1724Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120573
122 Knagenhjelm, Wilhelmine Chatharina  27 Sep 1804Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120031
123 Langfeldt, Margrethe Gjertsen  1766Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I96283
124 Leigh (Leigh), Søren  1724Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I108547
125 Rasmussen, Ole  1772Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I112101
126 Richard, Abel Falch Jespersen  1651Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I110559
127 Rønne (Rønne of Denmark), Christen Pedersen "Klingenberg"  1635Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120192
128 Rønne (Rønne of Denmark), Sophie Christensen  Nov 1661Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120204
129 Schjelderup, Sebastian Sørensen  15 Jan 1775Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I112107
130 Sunde, Anders  1704Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I121622
131 Sunde, Benjamin  1710Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I121620
132 Sunde, Hans Knagenhjelm  15 Jun 1752Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120342
133 Sunde, Lena  1703Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I121621
134 Sunde, Nathanael  1711Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I121634
135 Sunde, Niels  1706Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120561
136 Zernichow, Peter Nicolay Theordorsen  1825Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I128664


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Buckner, Maria Elsa  27 Jul 1861Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I112113
2 Christie (Christie), Andreas Lind Edvardsen  17 Mar 1796Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I103328
3 Christie (Christie), David Verner Edvardsen  16 Sep 1803Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102296
4 Christie (Christie), Maren Dorothea  29 Jul 1805Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102295
5 Christie (Christie), Maren Sofia Edvardsen Sunde  26 Feb 1795Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I103329
6 Christie (Christie), Nikolina Dorotea Stabel Edvardsen  30 Jan 1801Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102298
7 Christie (Christie), Sara Kornelia Edvardsen  15 May 1802Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102297
8 Heiberg (Heiberg of Denmark), Christen  30 Sep 1754Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I174515
9 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Anna Sofie  14 Apr 1757Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102306
10 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Catharina Elisabeth  3 Sep 1756Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I96598
11 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Gabriel Sørensen  16 Jun 1708Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I185613
12 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Gerhard  11 Jul 1714Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102318
13 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Hans Knagenhjelm  24 Jul 1754Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I105570
14 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Mette Dorothea Gerhardsen  30 Oct 1752Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102307


Matches 1 to 67 of 67

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aall, Nicolai Benjamin  16 Apr 1888Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I99669
2 Alm, Jakop Petersen Foss  10 Feb 1802Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129354
3 Alm, Peter Elias  12 Jan 1816Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102381
4 Andersen, Cecilia Marie  16 Apr 1838Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129313
5 Bjørnsen, Guri  1 Jun 1743Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I105756
6 Blixencrone (Blixencrone), Hans Hansen  1 Apr 1730Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I156684
7 Bringeland, Peter Simon  12 Dec 1762Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I126813
8 Bruun, Johanne Munch  1737Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I99155
9 Castberg (Castberg), Wilhelmine Catharina  28 Mar 1830Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I128301
10 Christie (Christie), David Werner  26 Jul 1805Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102630
11 Christie (Christie), Dorothea Maria  8 Oct 1806Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102301
12 Christie (Christie), Nikolina Dorotea Stabel Edvardsen  21 Feb 1801Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102298
13 Diurhuus, Dorothea Juditha  16 Jul 1756Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I97517
14 Falch (Falch of Norway), Anna Sophie  13 Apr 1830Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I105685
15 Faye, Magdalene Christine "Magda"  2 Jan 1924Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I119317
16 Fleischer, Michael  28 Jan 1814Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I128300
17 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Jacob Christian  7 Aug 1793Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129358
18 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Kristoffer Jensen  7 Jul 1845Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129319
19 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Peder "Per" Ludvigsen  7 Apr 1825Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129314
20 Foss (Foss of Denmark), Birgitte  8 Oct 1806Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I9960
21 Froechen, Charlotte Amalie  3 Dec 1819Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120304
22 Gill, Christen Knagenhjelm  9 Jan 1820Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I112102
23 Hagerup, Christine Margrethe  1 Nov 1795Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I109005
24 Harberg, Anna Sophia Randulf  14 Oct 1834Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120381
25 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Christian Gjertsen  1747Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120279
26 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Christiane Gjertsen  1739Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I119699
27 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Dorothea Margaretha Christensen  1 Aug 1788Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120584
28 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Gerhard  14 Feb 1778Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102318
29 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Gjert Andersen  1717Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I64617
30 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Hans Knagenhjelm  28 Dec 1897Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I118045
31 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Jesper Rachløw von der Lippe  5 Oct 1770Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I105205
32 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Melkior Hansen  8 May 1787Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I128284
33 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Sophie  Nov 1772Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102614
34 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Søren Andersen  7 Sep 1713Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I185615
35 Jersin, Bolette Sophie  22 Mar 1845Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120340
36 Kirsebom, Gabriel Jacobsen  1744Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I105768
37 Knagenhjelm, Christen  30 Oct 1815Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120352
38 Knagenhjelm, Christen  29 May 1902Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I119626
39 Knagenhjelm, Hans  24 May 1741Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I104962
40 Knagenhjelm, Hans  23 Feb 1796Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120393
41 Knagenhjelm, Hans  12 Oct 1824Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120044
42 Knagenhjelm, Joachim von der Lippe  Mar 1782Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120291
43 Knagenhjelm, Niels  11 Mar 1788Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120596
44 Knagenhjelm, Niels  28 May 1808Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120328
45 Knagenhjelm, Niels Joachim  3 Aug 1852Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120105
46 Knagenhjelm, Nils Joachim  3 Jun 1940Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I119383
47 Knagenhjelm, Wenche V D Lippe  1773Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120573
48 Koren, Peter Fredrik  20 Sep 1793Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I101206
49 Koren, Sara Cornelia  27 Nov 1807Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102628
50 Krøger (Krøger of Norway), Anne Sofie  1889Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I99668
51 Lambe, Jarl Øjvind Kaaresson  Aft ER 877Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I254396
52 Landmark, Andrea Olava  9 Jan 1912Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I124844
53 Leigh (Leigh), Søren  1870Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I108666
54 Lind, Birgitte Andreasen "Lisabeth"  25 Sep 1829Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102302
55 Linde (Linde of Norway), Birgitte Margrethe Gabrielsen  1723Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I121389
56 Lippe (Lippe of Germany), Catharina Elisabeth von der  27 Jul 1771Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I104840
57 Munthe (Munthe), Ludvig  7 Nov 1785Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102613
58 Parelius, Maren "Malena" Bergitha Christophersen  5 Dec 1858Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129325
59 Poppe, Augusta Petrea  20 Oct 1897Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I119492
60 Prahl, Maria Christina  16 Sep 1772Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I97514
61 Prahl, Niels Brostrup  27 Sep 1748Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I97518
62 Rachloew, Catharina  1753Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120267
63 Rasmussen, Ole  Abt 1823Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I112101
64 Rønne (Rønne of Denmark), Sophie Christensen  1736Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120204
65 Sunde, Niels  1 Sep 1751Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120561
66 Sussemehl, Catharina Elisabeth  Abt 1801Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129351
67 Wiese, Anna Sophie Dorothea  27 Feb 1876Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I119957


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Christie (Christie), David Werner  2 Aug 1805Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102630
2 Christie (Christie), Dorothea Maria  14 Oct 1806Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102301
3 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Ludvig  3 Feb 1789Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129315
4 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Christiane Gjertsen  27 May 1739Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I119699
5 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Gerhard  20 Feb 1778Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102318
6 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Sophie  28 Jan 1732/33Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I102614
7 Kirsebom, Gabriel Jacobsen  7 Dec 1744Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I105768
8 Koren, Peter Fredrik  30 Sep 1793Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I101206
9 Rachloew, Catharina  14 Apr 1753Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I120267
10 Wiese, Conrad Kryger  30 Mar 1782Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I129337


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway), Søren Andersen  Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I185615
2 Petersen  Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway I193862


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alm / Lind  4 Nov 1799Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway F45294
2 Bringeland / Bierch  24 Apr 1754Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway F53705
3 Christie (Christie) / Foss (Foss of Denmark)  16 Oct 1794Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway F877
4 Daa (Daa of Denmark) / Jersin  14 Nov 1823Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway F48720
5 Daa (Daa of Norway) / Lem  25 Nov 1807Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway F53114
6 Fleischer / Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway)  3 Aug 1804Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway F54165
7 Foss (Foss of Bergen) / Engh  17 Oct 1854Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway F54412
8 Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway) / Falch (Falch of Norway)  24 Aug 1781Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway F46533
9 Hog (Høg) / Bierch  6 Jul 1763Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway F53704
10 Jersin / Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway)  Sep 1725Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway F51349
11 Knagenhjelm / Heiberg (Heiberg of Norway)  13 Sep 1752Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway F51717
12 Knagenhjelm / Lem  12 Feb 1789Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway F51605
13 Leigh (Leigh) / Bruun  18 Nov 1722Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway F44132
14 Munthe (Munthe) / Kaas of Mur (Kaas)  3 Sep 1751Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway F45417
15 Olsen / Lind  8 Aug 1819Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway F45295
16 Pharo / Langfeldt  1791Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway F42983
17 Rasmussen / Jersin  21 Dec 1803Sogne-Fjordane, Vest-Agder, Norway F48721

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