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Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark



Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Kirstine  1766Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I365860
2 Andersen, Margrethe  1775Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I365866
3 Aristdatter, Anne  1700Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I310378
4 Aristdatter, Bodil  1705Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I315400
5 Aristdatter, Margrethe  8 Dec 1714Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I315447
6 Aristsen, Hans  1697Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I313303
7 Aristsen, Herluf  1703Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I310384
8 Aristsen, Jens  2 Feb 1708Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I310833
9 Aristsen, Jeppe  1720Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I312078
10 Aristsen, Mads  13 Aug 1710Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I315446
11 Hansen, Boel  1673Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I357820
12 Hansen, Jens  1676Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I357821
13 Hansen, Margrethe  1656Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I314207
14 Hansen, Peder  1680Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I357822
15 Jensen, Anne  1691Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I324563
16 Jensen, Birgitte  Abt 1685Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I324561
17 Jensen, Christen  1697Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I337640
18 Jensen, Hans  1690Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I324564
19 Jensen, Kirstine  Abt 1683Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I324562
20 Jensen, Mads  1694Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I333097
21 Jensen, Marie  1687Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I324565
22 Jensen, Niels  1694Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I337639
23 Joensen, Christopher  1648Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I338876
24 Joensen, Elsebye  Abt 1643Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I338877
25 Joensen, Eskild  1649Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I338878
26 Kofoed, Elsebeth Margrethe  1778Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I354685
27 Kofoed, Kirstine Clemensen  1781Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I354686
28 Kofoed, Sidsele  1784Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I354688
29 Ridder, Anne Dorthe Pedersen  1746Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I315439
30 Ridder, Mads Kofoed  1763Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I310308
31 Ridder, Marild Pedersen  1739Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I310379
32 Schiøtt, Jeppe Pedersen  Abt 1795Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I328437


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Seigne  1691Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I344289
2 Aristsen, Hans  1724Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I313303
3 Hansen, Marild  1738Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I310383
4 Herlufsen, Arist  1755Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I310382
5 Jensen, Hans  1690Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I324564
6 Jensen, Kirstine  1773Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I342267
7 Joensen, Elsebye  1649Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I338877
8 Ridder, Anne Dorthe Pedersen  1746Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I315439
9 Ridder, Peder Olsen  1759Smedegaard, Aaker, Bornholm, Denmark I310377

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