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Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark



Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Anne Margrethe  1755Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I279265
2 Andersen, Anne Margrethe  1760Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I384347
3 Andersen, Maren  1753Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I384254
4 Michelsen, Anders  Abt 1788Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I370396
5 Michelsen, Anne Marie  28 Oct 1802Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I363548
6 Michelsen, Hans  1747Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I367645
7 Michelsen, Karen  22 Feb 1796Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I369788
8 Michelsen, Knud  21 Jan 1792Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I369789
9 Michelsen, Maren  1783Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I375638
10 Michelsen, Maren  1800Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I369528
11 Michelsen, Margrethe Kirstine  1786Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I373666
12 Michelsen, Michel  1749Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I382479
13 Michelsen, Michel  1780Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I380048
14 Michelsen, Peder  14 Nov 1794Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I370369
15 Michelsen, Peder  3 May 1798Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I369534
16 Michelsen, Peder  6 Feb 1804Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I362942
17 Michelsen, Rasmus  1781Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I379767
18 Olsen, Anne  7 Oct 1682Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374089
19 Olsen, Birthe  1688Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374020
20 Olsen, Maren  1680Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374082
21 Olufsen, Hans  1671Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374085
22 Olufsen, Hans  1685Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374090
23 Olufsen, Karen  1676Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I353802
24 Olufsen, Laurids  1674Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374087
25 Olufsen, Maren  1672Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374086
26 Olufsen, Niels  1686Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374091
27 Pedersen, Hans  Abt 1846Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I363073
28 Pedersen, Jens Jørgen  Abt 1842Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I360944
29 Pedersen, Karen  Abt 1852Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I357360
30 Pedersen, Lars Jensen  Abt 1840Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I361115
31 Pedersen, Mette Margrethe  Abt 1850Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I357787
32 Pedersen, Mikkel  Abt 1844Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I358465
33 Rasmusen, Anne  1720Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374098
34 Rasmusen, Anne Marie  1723Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374099
35 Rasmusen, Maren  1706Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374095
36 Rasmussen, Michel  1725Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I368178
37 Rasmussen, Ole  1709Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374094
38 Rasmussen, Ole  1716Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374096
39 Rasmussen, Ole  1718Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374097


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Anne Margrethe  1759Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I279265
2 Andersen, Maren  1788Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I384254
3 Hansen, Oluf  1697Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374021
4 Jensen, Lars  2 May 1849Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I343375
5 Knudsen, Mette  27 Jul 1836Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I326889
6 Michelsen, Anne Marie  21 Nov 1802Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I363548
7 Michelsen, Hans  11 Oct 1811Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I367645
8 Michelsen, Michel  2 Dec 1807Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I382479
9 Michelsen, Peder  1795Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I370369
10 Michelsen, Peder  1802Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I369534
11 Olsen, Maren  1753Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374082
12 Olufsen, Hans  1676Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374085
13 Olufsen, Hans  1685Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374090
14 Olufsen, Laurids  1676Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374087
15 Olufsen, Maren  1673Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374086
16 Olufsen, Niels  1686Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374091
17 Pedersen, Hans  1751Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374084
18 Pedersen, Maren  1760-1787Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I279256
19 Rasmusen, Anne  1720Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374098
20 Rasmussen, Anders  1779-1787Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I343188
21 Rasmussen, Michel  1749Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I368178
22 Rasmussen, Ole  Abt 1709Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374094
23 Rasmussen, Ole  1719Skrillinge, Kaulsunde, Vends , Denmark I374096

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