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Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Maren Kirstine  3 Nov 1799Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I66737
2 Bagh, Bent  20 Sep 1926Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I163928
3 Bagh, Severin Jensen  21 Mar 1901Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I70348
4 Bjørnsbæk, Svend Aage  16 Jan 1911Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I89975
5 Bønnelycke, Hanne   I285461
6 Caspersen, Else  22 Jan 1908Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I40623
7 Caspersen, Ove Malte  27 Jun 1910Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I193027
8 Christensen, Mads  9 May 1784Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I66751
9 Fabricius, Martin Bechmann  20 Oct 1828Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I91233
10 Guldberg (Guldberg), Christine Charlotte Bang  10 Jun 1777Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I87978
11 Holst, Engel Sofie  31 Jul 1877Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I122001
12 Holst, Johanne  17 Dec 1868Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I223501
13 Høgenhaug, Maren Kirstine Jensen  28 Dec 1878Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I122011
14 Højer, Johan Pedersen  1 Jan 1681Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I85508
15 Jensen, Jakobine  Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I62528
16 Jensen, Maren  10 Jan 1749Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I74564
17 Klæbel, Vagn Eyvind  18 Oct 1906Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I111261
18 Knudsen, Johnny   I78868
19 Knudsen, Maibritt   I78855
20 Lauesen, Ellinor   I16733
21 Licht (Licht), Eina Margarethe de Fine  18 Sep 1912Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I223379
22 Lund, Niels Andreas  3 Feb 1817Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I143056
23 Madsen, Mette Marie  3 Dec 1819Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I66754
24 Madsen, Peder  29 May 1726Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I91206
25 Mikkelsen, Jens Martin Woergaard  11 Mar 1908Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I254130
26 Neergaard of Gunderslevholm (Neergaard), Eva Flach de   I177343
27 Nielsen, Caroline Dorthea  9 Dec 1860Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I239852
28 Nielsen, Frederikke Laurentze  Abt 1790Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I287313
29 Nielsen, Helle  10 Feb 1765Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I74512
30 Nielsen, Jens  27 Apr 1777Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I74549
31 Nielsen, Kirsten  24 Apr 1779Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I74536
32 Nielsen, Maren  24 Jun 1781Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I74524
33 Nielsen, Thonnis  10 Mar 1784Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I75010
34 Pedersen, Maren  7 Apr 1750Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I74488
35 Reinert, Jørgen Neist  11 Sep 1845Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I94769
36 Saxild, Anna Caroline  6 Aug 1880Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I194724
37 Saxild, Engel Cathrine  18 Apr 1885Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I198192
38 Saxild, Lars Johan  18 Jul 1842Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I194722
39 Scavenius (Scavenius), Claus Lauritsen  1515Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I85708
40 Scavenius (Scavenius), Jakob Brønnum  2 Apr 1749Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I23365
41 Syberg (Christensen), Anne Grete   I69055
42 Syberg (Christensen), Kirsten   I68934
43 Thomasen, Ane  23 May 1823Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I75047
44 Thomasen, Karen  19 Aug 1792Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I75022
45 Westenholz, Maren Severin  19 Jan 1811Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I192935
46 Westenholz, Regnar  10 Dec 1815Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I195230
47 Westenholz, Rolf Krake  18 Mar 1813Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I192936
48 Østergaard, Jens Jeppe Ladefoged   I254983


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Ferslev, Peder Bering Hansen  21 Feb 1762Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I276759
2 Holst, Johanne  8 Mar 1869Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I223501
3 Licht (Licht), Eina Margarethe de Fine  29 Dec 1912Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I223379
4 Lodberg, Ide Marie Sørensen  15 May 1763Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I276954
5 Lund, Niels Andreas  5 Jun 1817Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I143056
6 Syberg (Christensen), Anne Grete   I69055
7 Thomasen, Ane  20 Jul 1823Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I75047


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Achen, Iver Gertsen V  1695Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I89114
2 Bagh, Bent  11 Apr 1995Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I163928
3 Bagh, Severin Jensen  20 May 1964Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I70348
4 Bagh, Simon Sørensen Jensen  15 Mar 1929Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I70345
5 Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Petrea Margrethe Schwane  10 Aug 1778Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I168970
6 Bergh, Jacob Jørgen  1826Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I199783
7 Bjørnsbæk, Christian Godtfred L  19 Oct 1959Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I89977
8 Bjørnsbæk, Karen Marie  6 Aug 1992Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I89976
9 Christensen, Laurits Valdemar  13 Mar 1984Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I69044
10 Clemmensen, Ane  5 Jul 1945Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I89978
11 Drechsel, Lorentz Tuxen von  21 Jul 1857Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I87845
12 Gailhede, Ingeborg Pedersen  11 Jun 1942Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I70343
13 Guldsmed, Niels Madsen  Abt 1580Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I254617
14 Jensen, Martha Sofie  25 Feb 1967Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I70346
15 Jensen, Niels  1621Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I279385
16 Johansen, Roar Thorkild  16 Dec 1993Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I80472
17 Kaalund-Jørgensen, Max Otto  3 Jun 1968Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I191162
18 Kjølbye (Kjølbye), Anders  22 Apr 1797Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I2158
19 Krogh, Vagn Thomsen  27 Nov 1992Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I6567
20 Lachmann, Eva  21 Nov 1995Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I133650
21 Licht (Licht), Eina Margarethe de Fine  23 Feb 2005Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I223379
22 Lommer, Stig  28 Jun 1976Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I175520
23 Lunn, Karen Hanne Margrethe  6 May 2001Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I6568
24 Obel (Obel), Claudine Petrea  27 Aug 1862Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I172770
25 Saabye (Saabye), Ingeborg Julie  8 Aug 1966Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I150789
26 Schleisner, Sophie Nicoline  23 Jul 1840Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I189123
27 Syberg (Syberg), Elsa Alexandra Mathilde  7 May 1967Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I92999
28 Syberg (Syberg), Paul Stanislaw  28 Jan 1992Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I122005
29 Weinkouf, Jens Ottesen  30 Nov 1776Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I54593


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bjørnsbæk, Christian Godtfred L  Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I89977
2 Bjørnsbæk, Karen Marie  10 Aug 1992Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I89976
3 Holm, Christiane Cathrine Mathiasen  9 Jan 1816Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I279377
4 Licht (Licht), Eina Margarethe de Fine  1 Mar 2005Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I223379
5 Lodberg, Ide Marie Sørensen  15 Aug 1796Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I276954
6 Nielsen, Iver  29 Apr 1656Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I276892
7 Wandel (Wandel), Ingeborg Hansen  7 Aug 1654Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I278179


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Peter  Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I197338
2 Bagh, Severin Jensen  Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I70348
3 Bergen, Georg Lauritz von  Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I189122
4 Brønnum (Brønnum), Peder Christensen  Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I174988
5 Christensen, Laurits Valdemar  Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I69044
6 Heilmann (Heilmann), Allan Kristian  Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I174323
7 Holst, Lars Kjelder  Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I121942
8 Høgenhaug, Janus Christian Jensen  Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I122009
9 Lundsteen, Hans Peter Ferdinand  Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I168696
10 Saxild, Lars Johan  Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I194722
11 Saxild, Melchior Augustinus  Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I120646
12 Saxild, Rasmus  Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I119129
13 Trappaud, Ulrik Adolph de  Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark I156184


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Almestad /    F36816
2 Andersen / Nielsen   F28042
3 Brøndsted / Frølich (Frølich)  9 Sep 1917Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark F37335
4 Cewers / Müller   F80371
5 Drachmann / Lasson (Thøgersen Lassen)  15 Jun 1903Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark F70910
6 Hougs /    F101969
7 Jensen / Nielsen  16 Oct 1791Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark F34518
8 Kaalund-Jørgensen / Heinzelmann  23 Aug 1939Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark F80466
9 Kieldsen (Kieldsen) / Holst  6 Jul 1892Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark F92926
10 Licht (Licht) / Holst  30 Jun 1911Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark F2015
11 Lippmann / Nikolajsen   F48921
12 Madsen / Henriques  24 Jun 1935Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark F58143
13 Madsen / Thrane  22 Sep 1747Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark F40827
14 Nielsen / Thomasen  30 Jun 1815Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark F34685
15 Olsen / Madsen  15 Nov 1842Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark F32039
16 Ovesen / Jensen  9 Dec 1774Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark F34522
17 Pagh / Oppenhagen   F82991
18 Pedersen / Thomasen  12 May 1846Skagen, North Jutland, Denmark F34698
19 Østergaard / Edwards (Edwards of Liverpool)   F105810

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