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Seest, South Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 125 of 125

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aagaard, Hans Henrik  14 Nov 1912Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I127323
2 Ahlefeldt (Ahlefeldt), Conrad, Count  24 Jun 1771Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I104495
3 Ammitzbøll, Hans Peder  Mar 1759Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I50138
4 Bartholdy (Bartholdy), Sofie Elisabeth  6 Apr 1896Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I169858
5 Becker, Claus Henrik  3 Dec 1782Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I8459
6 Bendtsen, Ingeborg  16 Mar 1916Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I198702
7 Borch (Borch of Lemvig), Erhard  17 Jun 1877Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I183812
8 Borch (Borch of Lemvig), Martha Christiane  7 Mar 1880Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I195634
9 Borch (Borch of Lemvig), Niels Sofus  19 Mar 1884Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I200178
10 Boye, Kirsten Vibeke  5 Sep 1901Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I165456
11 Brandt, Fritz Wilhelm  29 Dec 1849Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I163886
12 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Anne Kirstine  29 Dec 1774Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I105334
13 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Bartholine Kirstine  19 Jan 1777Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I105345
14 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Bartholine Kirstine  3 May 1779Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I105356
15 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Bertel  30 Nov 1780Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I105366
16 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Dorthea Kathrine  5 Jun 1789Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I195547
17 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Hans  5 Jan 1774Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I105323
18 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Kirsten  19 Dec 1783Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I105378
19 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Kirstine Margrethe  1772Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I105312
20 Bruun (Bruun of Seest), Gye Hansen  Abt 1637Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I48814
21 Bülow (Bülow), Magnus Martinus von  25 Dec 1797Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I121862
22 Bülow (Bülow), Mette Christine von  8 Aug 1793Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I157139
23 Castonier (Castonier), Frederikke Louise de  6 Jun 1764Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I156586
24 Christgau, Ellen  15 Aug 1893Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I153673
25 Curtz, Poul Hansen  11 Dec 1684Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I196154
26 Dam, Agnes  25 May 1920Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I88732
27 Dam, Marie Louise  29 Aug 1917Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I88721
28 Damberg, Ella   I56265
29 Denmark and Norway (Oldenburg), Christiane, Countess of  15 Jul 1626Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I45519
30 Denmark and Norway (Oldenburg), Frederik II, Count of Oldenburg, King of  11 Jul 1534Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I46094
31 Denmark and Norway (Oldenburg), Frederik III, King of  18 Mar 1609Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I45784
32 Denmark and Norway (Oldenburg), Hans, Prince of  26 Jul 1583Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I20966
33 Denmark and Norway (Oldenburg), Johann "Hans" II, Duke of Schleswig, Duke Holstein, Prince of  9 Jul 1521Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I49362
34 Denmark, Norway and Sweden (Oldenburg), Friedrich "Frederik" I, Count of Oldenburg, Duke of Schleswig, King of  16 Oct 1471Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I49447
35 Elberg, Caroline  12 Dec 1814Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I161158
36 Esendrup, Birgitte Else Marie  May 1774Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I156597
37 Ferslev (Ferslev), Anna Thomasen Lyngaa  Abt 1611Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I196013
38 Finsen, Hans Valgard Steingrim  22 Jan 1821Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I195564
39 Finsen, Søren Hilmar Steindor  28 Jan 1824Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I195394
40 Finsen, Thorun Victorine Elisabeth  25 Feb 1823Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I115416
41 Frølund, Sven Frode   I150951
42 Grau, Laurence "Laura" Sophie  18 Dec 1854Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I158089
43 Grüner (Grüner), Henriette  30 Oct 1875Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I166200
44 Grüner (Grüner), Ingeborg Marie  13 Dec 1873Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I161627
45 Grüner (Grüner), Marie Otilie  15 Jul 1877Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I109681
46 Grüner (Grüner), Otto Frederik  9 Feb 1879Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I4726
47 Hansen, Cathrine  Abt 1592Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I46132
48 Hansen, Margrethe Agnes  24 Nov 1880Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I154363
49 Heimann, Fanny  12 Jan 1868Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I89294
50 Helweg-Larsen, Gunnar  16 Apr 1887Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I199554
51 Holstein (Holstein), Charlotte Amalie von  28 Jul 1681Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I96627
52 Horskjær (Horskjær), Hans Johannes  Abt 1827Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I221867
53 Horskjær (Horskjær), Johan Nielsen  Abt 1796Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I221872
54 Horskjær (Horskjær), Mette Dorthea  Abt 1822Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I221897
55 Horskjær (Horskjær), Niels Nielsen  Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I221874
56 Horskjær (Horskjær), Niels Peter  Abt 1825Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I221899
57 Houe, Flemming   I199722
58 Humblet, Karen Madsen  1699Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I96650
59 Hundevad, Anna Jensen  15 Feb 1620Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I200556
60 Hundevad, Jens Sørensen  Abt 1576Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I46135
61 Hvalsøe, Elisabeth Hagerup  25 Oct 1887Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I102240
62 Hvalsøe, Hans Erik Godske  20 Nov 1884Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I102252
63 Jacobæus (Iacobæa), Ellen  10 Oct 1882Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I150929
64 Jacobæus (Iacobæa), Henrik Emil  6 Apr 1881Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I187091
65 Jensen, Bodil Norring   I99670
66 Jensen, Jenny  20 Sep 1890Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I161977
67 Johansen, Anna Kathrine Lorentine  22 Aug 1856Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I198851
68 Jørgensen, Gerda Bjerregaard   I161349
69 Jørgensen, Ingeborg  28 Mar 1912Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I43773
70 Kirschbaum, Hansine Sundine  8 Jul 1820Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I48748
71 Krag (Krag of Denmark), Esther Louise  8 Mar 1902Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I92388
72 Krag (Krag of Denmark), Margrethe Magdalene  23 Nov 1906Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I92466
73 Krag (Krag of Denmark), Paul Christian Bruun  9 Nov 1904Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I92399
74 Kralund, Henriette Otilia  5 Feb 1851Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I4659
75 Krarup (Krarup), Dorothea Margrethe Johanne  14 Jun 1803Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I201113
76 Kraunsøe, Karen Gerda Solveig  22 Nov 1898Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I18871
77 Meyer, Viggo Leonhard  28 Jun 1873Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I161968
78 Mortens, Karen Agnete  17 Jun 1914Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I4270
79 Møhl, Hans Christian  15 Aug 1757Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I9258
80 Neckelmann, Agnes  2 Oct 1884Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I161108
81 Neckelmann, Hother  8 Jul 1882Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I158092
82 Neckelmann, Kaj  13 Oct 1892Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I158083
83 Nielsen, Alma Theodora  10 Jan 1882Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47568
84 Nielsen, Axel  25 Jan 1864Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47587
85 Nielsen, Else Laurentze  18 Sep 1880Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47569
86 Nielsen, Elsen Cathrine  17 May 1872Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47578
87 Nielsen, Georg Carl Peter  3 May 1884Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47566
88 Nielsen, Harald Thomas Henrik  4 Dec 1891Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47565
89 Nielsen, Laura  29 Jan 1868Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47582
90 Nielsen, Maren  Abt 1797Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I221898
91 Nielsen, Otto  24 Apr 1865Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47584
92 Pedersen, Kaj Aage   I52417
93 Ploug, Carl Parmo  29 Oct 1813Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I155358
94 Pommerencke, Karen Margrethe  30 Oct 1901Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47518
95 Rantzau (Rantzau), Anna Christine von  Abt 1618Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I175891
96 Ravn, Kurt   I387902
97 Rosenstand (Rosenstand), Knud Valdemar  19 Apr 1867Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47499
98 Schade, Sophus Martinus  30 Nov 1905Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I403067
99 Schjerbeck, Jens Christian  18 Sep 1777Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I37396
100 Schrøder, Gudrun  20 May 1892Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I14225
101 Sterlie, Niels Helge   I112709
102 Sønderbye, Sven Thorkild  12 Apr 1906Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I193760
103 Sørensen, Christian   I113065
104 Thalbitzer, William Henry   I187089
105 Thiele (Thiele), Maude Ingeborg   I97370
106 Thislund, Else Marie  16 Jun 1894Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47742
107 Thislund, Hans Christian  10 Sep 1895Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47739
108 Thislund, Jens  24 Oct 1892Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47744
109 Thislund, Sophie  9 Dec 1890Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47769
110 Thislund, Vilhelm  8 May 1889Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47770
111 Thomsen, Aage  15 Jan 1879Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47536
112 Thomsen, Carl Hans  14 May 1841Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47661
113 Thomsen, Carl Hans  11 Sep 1876Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47554
114 Thomsen, Henriette  18 Mar 1875Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47558
115 Thomsen, Laurentze Christine  2 Nov 1832Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47667
116 Thomsen, Nicoline  11 Sep 1872Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47562
117 Thomsen, Thomas Hartvig Julius  27 Dec 1877Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47544
118 Thomsen, Wilhelmine Johanne Frederikke  21 Feb 1874Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47560
119 Thorning-Schmidt (Schmidt), Valdemar Emil  5 Sep 1898Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I393256
120 Udsen (Udsen), Peder  1616Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I152201
121 Vandel, Bente Scheel   I151114
122 Vandel, Fin Scheel   I151113
123 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Marianne, Baroness   I164655
124 Winkel-Pedersen, Henning   I187156
125 Wisbech, Christina  Abt Jan 1772Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I147748


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Ursula Laura Henriette, Comtesse  12 May 1972Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I22558
2 Bille, Cathrine Marie  1917Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I413204
3 Bille Brahe Selby (Bille), Preben Charles, Baron  8 Sep 1931Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47121
4 Bohr (Bohr), Harald Gregers Valdemar  18 Mar 1877Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I162685
5 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Bartholine Kirstine  5 Feb 1777Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I105345
6 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Bertel  6 Feb 1831Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I105366
7 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Kirsten  26 Aug 1867Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I105378
8 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Kirstine Margrethe  1781Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I105312
9 Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia), Maren Iversen  10 Mar 1710Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I104924
10 Brömbsen, Hedevig Amalie von  1765Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I156585
11 Castonier (Castonier), Frederikke Louise de  5 Oct 1817Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I156586
12 Dahl, Johannes Frederik  9 Apr 1935Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I153210
13 Evers, Marie Augusta  1930Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I164724
14 Faber, Frits Ludvig  28 May 1849Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I198888
15 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Agatha Davidsen  Feb 1694Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I200501
16 Hammerich, Kai  5 May 1963Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I161010
17 Heining, Christiana Amalie Foss  19 Apr 1790Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I157579
18 Horskjær (Horskjær), Niels  Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I221873
19 Hundevad, Jens Sørensen  21 Dec 1634Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I46135
20 Jørgensen, Christine  2 May 1849Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I20105
21 Knipschildt (Knipschildt), Hans Frants  26 Nov 1926Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I164699
22 Knudsen, Maja Lindegaard  26 Nov 1938Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I186958
23 Krarup (Krarup), Dorothea Margrethe Johanne  1854Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I201113
24 Marcussen (Marcussen of Fredericia), Valdemar  8 Feb 1894Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I48089
25 Mikkelsen, Peder  27 Jan 1917Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I62148
26 Mogensen, Ancher  Apr 1687Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I200559
27 Schmidt, Johan Christian Pedersen  Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I393312
28 Sørensen, Marine  10 Jun 1640Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I152188
29 Thalbitzer, Henry Albert Gerhard Simony  24 Jan 1954Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I289
30 Thomsen, Hans Buhl  1890Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47672
31 Thomsen, Henriette  10 Jul 1875Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47558
32 Thomsen, Thomas Flensburg  5 Mar 1900Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I47675
33 Thorning (Thorning 2), Marie Kirstine  Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I393313
34 Tillisch (Tillisch), Christian Frederik  20 May 1900Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I74191
35 Udsen (Udsen), Peder  1659Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I152201
36 Udsen (Udsen), Ude Pedersen Colding  14 Nov 1641Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I152152
37 Utzon (Udesen), Michael Lausen  1 Oct 1854Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I11336
38 Welcher, Johan Gotfried  23 Dec 1835Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I328666


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bille, Cathrine Marie  31 Jul 1917Seest, South Jutland, Denmark I413204


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ammitzbøll / Baggesen (Baggesen)  24 May 1758Seest, South Jutland, Denmark F19914
2 Asch / Kirschbaum  1844Seest, South Jutland, Denmark F10956
3 Bacmeister (Bacmeister) / Bording  14 Aug 1560Seest, South Jutland, Denmark F77902
4 Bering (Velling) / Humblet  10 Jul 1723Seest, South Jutland, Denmark F43032
5 Denmark and Norway (Oldenburg) / Brandenburg (Hohenzollern)  27 Nov 1597Seest, South Jutland, Denmark F11312
6 Krabbe (Krabbe of Damsgaard) / Charisius (Charisius)  26 Nov 1755Seest, South Jutland, Denmark F62566
7 Nielsen / Nielsen  1 Aug 1879Seest, South Jutland, Denmark F9516
8 Nielsen / Thomsen  22 Feb 1857Seest, South Jutland, Denmark F9691
9 Nielsen / Thomsen  31 Jul 1900Seest, South Jutland, Denmark F9504
10 Paludan (Paludan of Denmark) / Olsen   F45549
11 Petersen / Schultz  3 Nov 1859Seest, South Jutland, Denmark F18069
12 Pio / Borch (Borch of Lemvig)  17 May 1905Seest, South Jutland, Denmark F82296
13 Sage de Fontenay (Sage de Fontenay) / Jørgensen   F62870
14 Skeel (Skeel) / Tillisch (Tillisch)  12 Jul 1887Seest, South Jutland, Denmark F49277
15 Vilstrup / Chambers (Chambers)   F46530

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