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Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 164 of 164

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Jens Jørgen   I52148
2 Andersen, Kirstine  1856Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I231938
3 Andersen, Majbritt Vej   I52103
4 Andersen, Susanne Vej   I52104
5 Andreasen, Elda Møller   I162232
6 Arntz, Hans Valdemar  21 Jun 1842Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I47635
7 Bennedsgaard, Conny   I52179
8 Bjerregaard-Andersen, Helge   I56480
9 Blicher (Blicher), Henriette Vilhelmine  2 May 1848Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I129434
10 Bollerup, Aage  22 Nov 1876Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I130845
11 Bollerup, Frederikke Kirstine  21 Jul 1869Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I130865
12 Bollerup, Jens Peter Marius  12 Nov 1873Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I130859
13 Bollerup, Jensine Kirstineadelaide Elisabeth  21 Apr 1871Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I130864
14 Brøchner (Brøchner)  1723Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I63208
15 Brøchner (Brøchner), Karen Mortensen  25 Aug 1726Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I63052
16 Brøchner (Brøchner), Malene Mortensen  25 Jun 1725Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I63041
17 Brøchner (Brøchner), Maren Mortensen  28 Nov 1727Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I63063
18 Bundgaard, Henrik   I56248
19 Busse, Anna Birgitte  10 Sep 1821Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I123306
20 Børgesen, Britt   I54854
21 Børgesen, Jane   I54856
22 Børgesen, Tina   I54855
23 Christensen, Bent Ole Engsig   I52389
24 Christensen, Claus Nagstrup   I52177
25 Christensen, Michael   I52770
26 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Albertine Frederikke Lovise  25 Sep 1831Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I130868
27 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Birgitte  21 Apr 1826Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131145
28 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Christian Carl  1 Jan 1829Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I130919
29 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Eduard  11 Aug 1820Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131193
30 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Emilie  1 Dec 1823Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131184
31 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Eva  18 Jan 1825Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131165
32 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Frederikke  12 May 1818Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131420
33 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Hansine  12 Jun 1819Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131195
34 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Isaac  12 Jan 1828Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I137292
35 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Jacob Cohn  12 Jan 1829Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131179
36 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Louise Nicolette  25 Oct 1827Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I132909
37 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Ludvig  25 Jun 1822Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131185
38 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Magnus  30 Jul 1827Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131144
39 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Regine  18 Jul 1821Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131186
40 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Rudolph Oluf Magnus  29 Jul 1834Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I130837
41 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Sophie Marie Rosa  8 Jul 1830Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I155094
42 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Wulf Moses  8 Nov 1814Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131470
43 Conig, Julius Cohn  25 Jun 1817Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131421
44 Dalgaard, Theodor  15 Feb 1851Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I201744
45 Dam, Carsten   I51980
46 Dam, Jesper   I51979
47 Fenger, Jørgen Vilhelm  4 Jan 1849Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I76491
48 Fischer, Christian Thomas Johannes  11 Dec 1889Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I18593
49 Friis, Johanne Fredeikke Gottliephine  1 Nov 1850Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I107415
50 Frølund, Louise  15 Feb 1876Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I19949
51 Fuglsang, Jens Peter  6 Nov 1780Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I264323
52 Gravesen, Aage  4 Sep 1887Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I107393
53 Gravesen, Carl Christian  30 Mar 1850Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I107382
54 Gravesen, Hans  9 Apr 1801Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I201555
55 Gravesen, Johannes  30 Jan 1889Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I107537
56 Gravesen, Vilhelm  27 Feb 1879Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I122771
57 Grove-Rasmussen, Alice Juliane  21 Feb 1911Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I175507
58 Gyldenkrone (Gyldenkrone), Frederik Christian Julius, Baron  1838Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I151400
59 Gyldenkrone (Gyldenkrone), Julius Vilhelm, Baron  20 Aug 1841Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I151415
60 Gyldenkrone (Gyldenkrone), Ove Ludvig Christian, Baron  20 Aug 1841Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I151428
61 Hahn (Hahn of Schleswig), Cathrine  Abt 1849Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I232285
62 Hahn (Hahn of Schleswig), Georgine Johanne  13 Aug 1844Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I232283
63 Hahn (Hahn of Schleswig), Hans Christian Jonas  Abt 1843Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I232277
64 Hahn (Hahn of Schleswig), Marie Sophie  12 Oct 1846Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I232284
65 Hahn (Hahn of Schleswig), Mette Marie  Abt 1838Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I232281
66 Hallas-Møller, Knud  23 Jun 1914Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I242502
67 Hansen, Dorette Melanie Dagmar  7 Nov 1867Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I122807
68 Harpøth (Harpøth of Ness), Paula  17 Jun 1882Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I172795
69 Holm, Ane Marie  Abt 1813Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I232280
70 Husted, Anne  12 Mar 1810Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I76992
71 Høgh, Christian Frederik  1645Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I248237
72 Iversen, Ane Marie Pedersen  27 Apr 1810Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I201558
73 Jensen, Ane Betina "Bartina"  24 Sep 1866Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I251279
74 Jensen, Astrid   I56463
75 Jensen, Bo Koue   I52728
76 Jensen, Gerda  8 Mar 1902Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I151535
77 Jensen, Hilda   I52381
78 Jensen, Jette Sandberg   I52729
79 Jensen, Lena Vestergaard   I56458
80 Jensen, Margrethe Andrea  11 Sep 1884Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I163601
81 Jensen, Tove Vestergaard   I56459
82 Jeppesen, Ejnar   I52660
83 Jeppesen, Jonna   I52661
84 Jeppesen, Villy   I52664
85 Josephsen, Carl Aage   I52602
86 Josephsen, Eva   I52600
87 Josephsen, Jørgen   I52603
88 Junge, Anna Marie Cathrine Henriette Christine  28 Aug 1873Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I179178
89 Kirkegaard, Kresten Jensen  2 Jul 1859Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I76882
90 Klerk, Jørgen Marius  6 Oct 1885Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I148656
91 Lakier, Christine  1701Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I113912
92 Lakier, Gunder  1727Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I113897
93 Lakier, Laurs  1731Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I113898
94 Lakier, Peder  4 Sep 1688Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I113926
95 Larsen, Gitte Espensen   I52739
96 Larsen, Ingrid Katrine   I54857
97 Larsen, Louise  Abt 1850Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I51871
98 Larsen, Marie  1844Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I51877
99 Larsen, Niels Christian  Abt 1850Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I51872
100 Levetzow (Levetzow), Cornelia Frederikke Juliane Victorine von  14 Jan 1836Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I176421
101 Levetzow (Levetzow), Vilhelmine Louise von  6 Apr 1827Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I201656
102 Linck, Torsten   I53199
103 Lunde, Anne  Abt 1655Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I124078
104 Mogensen, Inger Kirstine Marie  12 Sep 1884Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I19023
105 Møller, Anders  Abt 1695Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I113910
106 Møller, Bent Erik   I54930
107 Møllgaard, Olga  9 Apr 1891Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I835
108 Nielsen, Brian   I52199
109 Nielsen, Kristian  1876Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I280168
110 Nielsen, Mary Bjerg   I56483
111 Nielsen, Peter  8 Mar 1902Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I52879
112 Noe, Maren Kirstine  2 Mar 1755Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I75754
113 Pedersen, Arne   I52613
114 Pedersen, Egon   I52589
115 Pedersen, Inga   I52346
116 Pedersen, Johannes   I52588
117 Pedersen, Marianne   I52345
118 Pedersen, Niels Jørgen   I52591
119 Pedersen, Tove   I52347
120 Petersen, Aage Thormod  8 May 1900Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I110875
121 Philipson, Albert  30 Apr 1843Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131408
122 Philipson, Blanca  20 Oct 1850Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131208
123 Philipson, Ferdinand  5 Jun 1844Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131210
124 Philipson, Ivan  6 Jan 1857Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131196
125 Philipson, Jacob  18 Mar 1842Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131418
126 Philipson, Rosalie  3 Dec 1855Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131198
127 Philipson, Siegfrid  13 Sep 1848Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131209
128 Philipson, Valdemar  28 Sep 1854Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131204
129 Rindom (Rindom), Anne Catrine  3 Apr 1810Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I192706
130 Rindom (Rindom), Christiane Dorothea  13 Jan 1816Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I192712
131 Rindom (Rindom), Christiane Dorothea  1 Dec 1820Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I107914
132 Rindom (Rindom), Jensine Jacobine  3 Jul 1818Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I192711
133 Rindom (Rindom), Kirstine Sophie  21 Apr 1814Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I192709
134 Rindom (Rindom), Laurits Nielsen  1670Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I192704
135 Rindom (Rindom), Lovise Sustrate  25 Apr 1826Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I192713
136 Rindom (Rindom), Ole  1781Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I192372
137 Rindom (Rindom), Peter Christian  19 Feb 1802Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I146248
138 Rølle, Nina   I61740
139 Saabye (Saabye), Ellen Josepha Bruun  1877Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I258361
140 Schmidt, Anna Severine  2 Mar 1777Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I81044
141 Schouboe (Schouboe of Viborg), Ane Sophie Elisabeth  1811Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I248297
142 Schouboe (Schouboe of Viborg), Johan Jacob Leonhard  1809Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I248296
143 Schouboe (Schouboe of Viborg), Johan Peter Broager  Abt 1813Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I248298
144 Schrum, Clara Vilhelmine Gabriella N  12 Apr 1829Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I60947
145 Secher (Cohn of Denmark), Secker "Ludvig"  25 Jul 1813Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131531
146 Speyer, Adolf  30 Oct 1838Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I118573
147 Speyer, Hanna  1833Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I166122
148 Sponneck, Wilhelm Carl von Eppingen, Imperial Count von  16 Feb 1815Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I48875
149 Sporon, Lisbeth  27 Jul 1696Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I78511
150 Sporon, Nicolai  11 Jun 1699Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I78378
151 Strandgaard, Morten Nielsen  5 Jun 1767Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I80390
152 Stræde, Kresten   I53112
153 Tang, Niels Kiær  2 Aug 1767Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I168242
154 Toft, Peter Christian Petersen  25 May 1910Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I55317
155 Trankjær, Jan   I52460
156 Trankjær, Karsten   I52333
157 Trankjær, Kathrine   I52149
158 Trankjær, Mogens   I52314
159 Ussing, Einar  9 Dec 1862Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I130926
160 Ussing, Elisa Frederikke  16 May 1861Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I130936
161 Ussing, Valdemar  9 Oct 1859Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I196542
162 Wiese, Peter  2 Apr 1933Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I175510
163 Wismer, Gustav Aage Jepsen  12 Apr 1889Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I151063
164 Wismer, Niels Erik Tauson  25 Aug 1888Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I150941


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Dalgaard, Theodor  8 Aug 1851Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I201744
2 Fuglsang, Jens Peter  Nov 1780Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I264323
3 Hahn (Hahn of Schleswig), Georgine Johanne  5 Oct 1844Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I232283
4 Husted, Anne  28 Apr 1810Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I76992
5 Lakier, Christine  1 Feb 1701Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I113912
6 Lakier, Gunder  22 Oct 1727Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I113897
7 Lakier, Laurs  5 Sep 1731Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I113898
8 Westerby, Niels  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I41372


Matches 1 to 63 of 63

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Else  Abt 1975Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I250081
2 Anthonisen, Karoline Marie  4 Sep 1900Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I85394
3 Arents, Georg Arnold  28 Mar 1869Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I176344
4 Bak, Kirstine  25 Aug 1968Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I55383
5 Bay (Bay of Xxx), Johanne Frederikke Henikjethe  21 Jul 1880Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I61112
6 Bjerg, Ane  Oct 1991Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I52495
7 Bollerup, Christian Peter Jensen  26 Sep 1883Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I130866
8 Bollerup, Rigmor Agnete  17 Sep 1989Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I55646
9 Borch (Borch of Lemvig), Hans Clausen  28 Aug 1773Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I91336
10 Brockdorff (Brockdorff), Christian Ehrenreich von  20 Aug 1819Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I56077
11 Bruun, Johanne Kirstine Dorthea  17 Oct 1927Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I258357
12 Brøchner (Brøchner)  6 Jul 1723Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I63208
13 Børgesen, Jan  29 Oct 1970Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I56069
14 Christensen, Vibeke  8 Jan 1860Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I57254
15 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Heyman  25 Mar 1828Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I133492
16 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Moses Abraham  22 Oct 1842Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I133367
17 Davidsen, Gitte "Henriette"  12 Jun 1864Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I133366
18 Foss (Foss of Hjerk), Anne  22 Aug 1821Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I200522
19 Frisenberg, Kirstine  Jun 1791Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I56079
20 Graversgaard, Knud Pedersen  Dec 1993Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I52380
21 Gravesen, Carl Christian  25 Aug 1910Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I107382
22 Gravesen, Hans  5 Dec 1868Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I201555
23 Grove-Rasmussen, Peter Bendix  4 Aug 1921Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I178419
24 Hahn (Hahn of Schleswig), Andreas Michael  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I232279
25 Hansen, Laurids Karl  19 Jul 1966Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I74944
26 Hauch (Hauch), Marie Elisabeth  8 Aug 1897Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I5448
27 Holm, Ane Marie  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I232280
28 Jacobsen, Karen  28 Jan 1804Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I57915
29 Jensen, Malene  10 Jul 1723Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I63197
30 Jensen, Marius Lauritzen  23 Mar 1949Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I196915
31 Jensen, Mette Marie  1 Aug 1912Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I57218
32 Jeppesen, Johanne Cathrine  31 Aug 1881Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I53414
33 Johansen, Lisbeth  1684Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I78489
34 Jørgensen, Inger Marie Meding  29 Dec 1966Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I178672
35 Krarup (Lange of Viborg), Magdalene  16 Nov 1931Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I255662
36 Krarup (Lange of Viborg), Niels Bygum  16 Mar 1887Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I91576
37 Kristensen, Kristen  1 Jun 1933Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I75009
38 Lassen, Ingeborg  6 Feb 1844Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I85704
39 Laursen, Arne Busk  12 Jun 1989Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I112040
40 Moltke of Bregentved (Moltke), Adam Gottlob Ferdinand, Count  16 Aug 1820Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I149217
41 Montagne, Thomas  7 Feb 1790Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I200590
42 Nielsen, Kirstine Marie  30 Aug 1951Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I56086
43 Pedersen, Cenius  28 Jan 1989Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I55647
44 Pedersen, Margrethe  18 Jan 1957Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I55455
45 Pedersen, Peder Christian  16 Jan 1933Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I55456
46 Pultz (Pultz), Henriette Kristine von  1 Apr 1825Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I56076
47 Rindom (Rindom), Laurits Nielsen  17 Mar 1753Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I192704
48 Rindom (Rindom), Ole  1837Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I192372
49 Rølle, Svend  26 Jun 1966Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I61895
50 Saabye (Saabye), Jørgen Simon  26 Jan 1916Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I258355
51 Schouboe (Schouboe of Viborg), Peder Smidt  1 Jul 1849Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I248278
52 Smidt, Laurits Nielsen  17 Sep 1968Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I56049
53 Smith, Regine Johanne Sofie  28 Dec 1888Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I91649
54 Sporon, Benjamin Nicolaisen  30 Mar 1706Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I78466
55 Sporon, Lisbeth  3 Apr 1701Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I78511
56 Sylvestersen, Niels Ditlev  4 Apr 1941Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I54182
57 Søndergaard, Ingrid Marie  9 Apr 1995Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I56534
58 Tarpgaard, Kirstine Margrethe Thomsen  25 Oct 1963Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I55452
59 Toft, Kristen  8 Jan 1949Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I55318
60 Trankjær, Ejner  Dec 1993Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I52939
61 Vestergaard, Villads  24 Mar 1966Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I55385
62 Villemoes, Niels Lundby  28 Oct 1972Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I181235
63 Westerby, Niels Erik  14 Feb 1981Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I40851


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Anthonisen, Karoline Marie  8 Sep 1900Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I85394
2 Brockdorff (Brockdorff), Christian Ehrenreich von  25 Aug 1819Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I56077
3 Frisenberg, Kirstine  7 Jun 1791Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I56079
4 Jensen, Jørgen Bækby  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I56038
5 Lassen, Ingeborg  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I85704
6 Westerby, Niels Erik  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I40851


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Arents, Georg Arnold  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I176344
2 Bollerup, Christian Peter Jensen  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I130866
3 Clausen-Bagge (Clausen), Nicolai  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I352
4 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Moses Abraham  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I133367
5 Erichsen, Peter Henrik  1873Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I85923
6 Friis, Frederik Christian From  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I201557
7 Gravesen, Carl Christian  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I107382
8 Grove-Rasmussen, Peter Bendix  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I178419
9 Hahn (Hahn of Schleswig), Andreas Michael  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I232279
10 Hallas-Møller, Holger  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I242598
11 Hansen, Peter William  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I122806
12 Høgsbro, Thorkild   I157121
13 Jensen, J Lorensen  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I163609
14 Jensen, Marius Lauritzen  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I196915
15 Junge, Johan  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I179195
16 Nielsen, Otto Wøldike  11 May 1917Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I81059
17 Philipson, Simon Jacob  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I131419
18 Rasmussen, Niels Munkgaard  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I148666
19 Rich, Peter Høeg  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I72931
20 Rindom (Rindom), Jens Bjerg  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I192703
21 Rindom (Rindom), Laurits Nielsen  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I192704
22 Rindom (Rindom), Niels Christensen  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I192705
23 Rindom (Rindom), Ole  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I192372
24 Schouboe (Schouboe of Viborg), Johan Peter Broager  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I248298
25 Schouboe (Schouboe of Viborg), Peder Smidt  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I248278
26 Schouboe (Schouboe of Viborg), Urban Christian  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I248277
27 Schrum, Johan Frederik  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I47913
28 Sporon, Benjamin Nicolaisen  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I78466
29 Tang, Lauritz  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I248300
30 Trampe of Fjellebro, Jørgen Ditlev, Count  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I157007
31 Westerby, Niels Erik  Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark I40851


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andersen / Fenger  29 Apr 1926Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark F34677
2 Andersen / Jensen   F26520
3 Bjerregaard-Andersen / Nielsen   F28140
4 Bollerup / Cohn (Cohn of Denmark)  11 Jun 1868Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark F54862
5 Bollerup / Saabye (Saabye)  7 Aug 1897Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark F54860
6 Borup / Philipson  1 May 1872Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark F54975
7 Brøchner (Brøchner) / Jensen  6 Nov 1721Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark F30643
8 Børgesen / Larsen   F27556
9 Fenger / Busse  30 Oct 1846Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark F3155
10 Friis / Iversen  12 Oct 1832Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark F63547
11 Fuglsang / Brockdorff (Brockdorff)  17 Mar 1810Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark F109534
12 Gravesen / Bro  1 Jun 1832Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark F63548
13 Hinrichsen / Cohn (Cohn of Denmark)  20 Oct 1848Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark F54960
14 Jacobsen / Petersen   F29331
15 Jensen / Pedersen   F17227
16 Jensen / Rathje   F17226
17 Jeppesen / Graversen   F26717
18 Johnsen / Husted  22 Nov 1832Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark F35401
19 Lakier / Hoxbroe  19 May 1724Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark F49377
20 Larsen / Stræde   F26875
21 Møller / Lakier  12 Dec 1720Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark F49368
22 Obel (Obel) / Skov  13 Dec 1916Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark F76157
23 Philipson / Brandt  23 Mar 1869Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark F55040
24 Rindom (Rindom) /   16 Aug 1715Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark F81195
25 Rindom (Rindom) / Bay (Bay of Xxx)  17 Jan 1808Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark F80980
26 Rindom (Rindom) / Møller  2 Nov 1762Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark F81194
27 Schnoor / Nørgaard   F30293
28 Secher (Cohn of Denmark) / Ibsen  28 Jan 1842Ringkøbing, Central Jutland, Denmark F55080
29 Wiborg (Wiborg) / Jensen   F26519

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