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Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark



Matches 1 to 150 of 150

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Ared  1791Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300392
2 Andersen, Claus  1712Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I301526
3 Andersen, Jesper  1708Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I301527
4 Andersen, Karen Kirstine  1763Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I333633
5 Andersen, Kirstine  1794Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300394
6 Andersen, Peder  1705Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I356399
7 Andersen, Peder Kofoed  1793Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300393
8 Aredsen, Karen  1717Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I370582
9 Aredsen, Ole  1719Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I370583
10 Aristdatter, Kirstine  1778Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I356915
11 Aristsen, Hans  1787Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I356918
12 Aristsen, Jens  1776Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I356914
13 Aristsen, Peder  1780Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I356916
14 Bager, Anne Marie  Abt 1836Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I365584
15 Bager, Niels Andreasen  Abt 1833Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I365579
16 Buch, Peder Hansen  1776Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I326392
17 Christensen, Birgitte  1770Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I310355
18 Christensen, Birgitte Cathrine  1774Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I310359
19 Christensen, Bodil  1765Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I348691
20 Christensen, Bodil  1766Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I310352
21 Christensen, Christen  1803Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I356912
22 Christensen, Karen  1769Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I310354
23 Christensen, Karen  1776Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I310358
24 Christensen, Kirstine Marie  1800Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I376632
25 Christiansen, Jens  Abt 1818Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I333413
26 Christophersen, Elisabeth  1771Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I377308
27 Christophersen, Peder  1774Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I377309
28 Eskildsen, Eskild  1715Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I346192
29 Eskildsen, Peder  1712Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I346186
30 Espersen, Jens  1786Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I299412
31 Espersen, Peder  1782Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I299418
32 Frennesen, Sidsele  1738Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I346303
33 Frennesen, Sidsele  1739Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I346304
34 Frennesen, Øder  1737Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I346302
35 Funch, Hans Peter  Abt 1827Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I304179
36 Funch, Jens Michael  Abt 1830Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I304082
37 Graae, Jens Jensen  1757Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I372555
38 Gudbersen, Hans Pedersen  1797Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I383266
39 Haagensen, Anne  1780Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I351190
40 Haagensen, Christen  1783Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I351191
41 Haagensen, Jørgen  1780Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I351189
42 Hald, Ole Pedersen  1762Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I347841
43 Hansen, Anders  1795Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I339467
44 Hansen, Andreas Ludvig  Abt 1852Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I364206
45 Hansen, Cecilie Kristine  Abt 1813Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I324975
46 Hansen, Else Dorthea  Abt 1854Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I364207
47 Hansen, Hans  1748Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300470
48 Hansen, Jeppe  1746Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300469
49 Hansen, Johanne Christine  Abt 1860Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I351003
50 Hansen, Karen  1765Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I303830
51 Hansen, Kirstine  1770Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I345347
52 Hansen, Mogens  1752Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I346835
53 Hansen, Peder  1697Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I340417
54 Hansen, Terkel  1743Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300453
55 Henningsen, Margrethe  1753Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300187
56 Henningsen, Sophie  1750Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300188
57 Henrichsen, Anne Cathrine  1766Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I367820
58 Henrichsen, Inger Cathrine  1763Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I367819
59 Henrichsen, Jørgen  1760Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I367818
60 Hermansen, Gregers Michael  1790Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I299871
61 Hermansen, Hans Peter  1793Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I299870
62 Holm, Helene  Abt 1819Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I379269
63 Høg, Mogens Henrichsen  1753Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I368229
64 Jacobsen, Jens  1800Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I343648
65 Jensen, Anne  1765Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I301187
66 Jensen, Anne  1765Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I372558
67 Jensen, Didrich  1761Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I301188
68 Jensen, Ellen  1771Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300547
69 Jensen, Else Cathrine  4 Jun 1812Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I343307
70 Jensen, Gundel  1765Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I372559
71 Jensen, Hans  1728Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I352849
72 Jensen, Hans  1754Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I372554
73 Jensen, Hans  1773Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I344871
74 Jensen, Hans  1800Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I357412
75 Jensen, Jacob  1752Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I372553
76 Jensen, Johanne Lisabeth  1763Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I313893
77 Jensen, Kirstine Margrethe  1797Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I340019
78 Jensen, Lars  1776Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I344872
79 Jensen, Martha Cathrine  1810Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I343328
80 Jensen, Mogens  1741Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I85531
81 Jensen, Morten  1796Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I357414
82 Jensen, nn  1751Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I372552
83 Jensen, Ole  1761Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I372556
84 Jensen, Ole  1798Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I357413
85 Jensen, Rasmus  1772Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300528
86 Johansen, Anne  1706Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I301524
87 Johansen, Karen  1706Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I301523
88 Johansen, Karen  1713Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I378375
89 Johansen, Peder  1709Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I301522
90 Jørgensen, Hans  1689Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I301070
91 Kames, Elisabeth Elline  Abt 1518Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I85338
92 Klinge, Jens Pedersen  1796Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I350725
93 Kloe, Ingeborg Kirstine Hansen  1793Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I304333
94 Kofoed, Absalon Christensen  1768Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I310353
95 Kofoed, Absalon Christensen  1772Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I310356
96 Kofoed, Antonette Marie Johansen  1728Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I309833
97 Kofoed, Hans Christensen  1777Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I351187
98 Kofoed, Helga  23 Feb 1906Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I64767
99 Kofoed, Lars Christensen  1773Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I310357
100 Kofoed, Mette Johansen  1731Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I307176
101 Lind, Hans  1787Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I326116
102 Lund, Anne Kirstine Nielsen  1806Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I365585
103 Lund, Ole Nielsen  1802Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I365580
104 Lythje, Margrethe  16 Oct 1813Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I313780
105 Marker, Martin Peter  Abt 1843Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I324327
106 Mogensen, Hans  Abt 1824Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I299636
107 Mogensen, Jens  Abt 1823Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I299644
108 Mogensen, Lars  1804Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I306614
109 Mogensen, Rasmus  1753Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I368621
110 Mortensen, Hellis  1755Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I305627
111 Mortensen, Karen  1750Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I305629
112 Mortensen, Maren  1753Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I305628
113 Mortensen, Mette Marie  1803Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I351197
114 Møller, Christian  1749Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I377850
115 Møller, Hans Pedersen  1742Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I377858
116 Møller, Peder Pedersen  1738Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I325749
117 Nielsen, Elisabeth  1669-1671Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I85305
118 Nielsen, Niels  1710Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I324556
119 Nielsen, Peder  1745Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I332291
120 Olsen, Hans  1789Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I383189
121 Olsen, Malene  1781Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I383188
122 Olsen, Peder  1776Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I383187
123 Pedersen, Anne  1740Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I377857
124 Pedersen, Anne  1785Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I368602
125 Pedersen, Anne Cathrine  1798Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I303825
126 Pedersen, Inger  1734Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I377855
127 Pedersen, Jens  1747Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I377862
128 Pedersen, Jørgen  1752Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I377860
129 Pedersen, Karen  1736Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I377856
130 Pedersen, Kirstine  1718Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I348349
131 Pedersen, Kirstine  1745Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I377859
132 Pedersen, Kirstine  1789Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I368609
133 Pedersen, Peder  1790Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300386
134 Pedersen, Søren  1787Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I368603
135 Reinholt, Jacob Pedersen  1782Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I291721
136 Smed, Jens Hansen  Abt 1685Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I335360
137 Stubbe, Svend Bendtsen  1704Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I351919
138 Svendsen, Anders Rømer  Abt 1814Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I330371
139 Svendsen, Juliane Marie  Abt 1822Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I330370
140 Svendsen, Mogens  Abt 1818Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I330376
141 Sørensen, Johanne  1781Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I299874
142 Sørensen, Jørgen  1779Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I299876
143 Sørensen, Jørgen  1784Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I299873
144 Sørensen, Michael  1780Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I299875
145 Thorn (Thorn of Denmark), Johannes Kristian  5 Nov 1861Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I171943
146 Vest, Hans Ipsen  Abt 1841Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I375504
147 Vest, Jens Johan Nielsen  Abt 1845Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I375506
148 Vest, Jesper Nielsen  Abt 1848Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I375507
149 Vest, Johan Nielsen  Abt 1841Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I375505
150 Vest, Juliane Cathrine  Abt 1837Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I375503


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Hansen, Gundel  4 May 1690Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I82984
2 Lyster, Agnethe Margrethe Larsen  6 Jan 1833Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I65515


Matches 1 to 107 of 107

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elsebeth  1775Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I356913
2 Aagesen, Margrethe  1793Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I369993
3 Aaker, Ole Pedersen  1810Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I335628
4 Ambrosen, Esper  1802Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I312240
5 Andersen, Ared  1795Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300392
6 Andersen, Claus  1712Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I301526
7 Andersen, Inger  1776Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I333529
8 Andersen, Kirstine  1798Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300394
9 Andersen, Peder Kofoed  1793Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300393
10 Andersen, Valborg Cathrine  1870-1880Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I336621
11 Aredsen, Ole  1757Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I370583
12 Aristdatter, Margrethe  1748Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I315447
13 Aristsen, Jens  1788Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I356917
14 Brandt, Hans Aage  19 Dec 1967Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I308484
15 Christensen, Birgitte  1771Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I310355
16 Christensen, Bodil  1766Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I348691
17 Christensen, Bodil  1767Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I310352
18 Christensen, Karen  1769Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I310354
19 Christensen, Karen  1776Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I310358
20 Christophersen, Jørgen  1780Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I381625
21 Clausen, Karen  1729Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I368637
22 Eskildsen, Anne  1754Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I346198
23 Espersen, Peder  1785Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I299418
24 Espersen, Pernille  1764Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I344849
25 Frennesen, Sidsele  1738Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I346303
26 Gregersen, Helvig  1791Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I345136
27 Gregersen, Jens  1813Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I317843
28 Haagensen, Anne  1781Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I351190
29 Haagensen, Christen  1785Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I351191
30 Haagensen, Jørgen  1780Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I351189
31 Hansen, Boel  1779Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I342508
32 Hansen, Elisabeth  Abt 1766Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I381614
33 Hansen, Hans  1748Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300470
34 Hansen, Henrich  1805Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I367796
35 Hansen, Jeppe  1746Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300469
36 Hansen, Magdalene Kirstine  1798Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I320774
37 Hansen, Meidelborg  1798Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I372550
38 Hansen, Sidsele  1777Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I359924
39 Henningsen, Sophie  1751Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300188
40 Henrichsen, Anne Cathrine  1797Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I367820
41 Henrichsen, Hans  1765Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I313528
42 Henrichsen, Inger Cathrine  1763Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I367819
43 Henrichsen, Lylou  1715Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I345485
44 Hermansen, Gregers Michael  1790Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I299871
45 Hintze, Hans Hansen  1811Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I354264
46 Hintze, Niels Hansen  1699Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I323019
47 Icoman, Alexander Israelsen  1809Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I345128
48 Icoman, Michael  1766Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I345134
49 Icoman, Peter Michaelsen  1770Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I345139
50 Ipsen, Anders  1809Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I370941
51 Israelsen, Marie  1760Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I345132
52 Jacobsen, Jens  1792Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I372516
53 Jensen, Bodil  1808Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I299614
54 Jensen, Ellen  1771Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300547
55 Jensen, Gundel  1765Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I372559
56 Jensen, Karen  1799Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I311864
57 Jensen, Kirstine  1768Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I331144
58 Jensen, Margrethe  1772Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I358632
59 Jensen, nn  1751Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I372552
60 Johansen, Anne  1706Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I301524
61 Johansen, Karen  1717Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I378375
62 Jørgensen, Birgitte  1798Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I351192
63 Jørgensen, Karen  1806Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I367817
64 Jørgensen, Kirstine  1763Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I333652
65 Koefoed, Else Margrethe  29 Mar 1976Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I308515
66 Kofoed, Absalon Christensen  1768Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I310353
67 Kofoed, Absalon Christensen  1772Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I310356
68 Kofoed, Anders Jensen  1788Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I333552
69 Kofoed, Christen Absalonsen  1778Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I310346
70 Kofoed, Hans Christensen  1777Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I351187
71 Kofoed, Jens Olufsen  1773Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I313405
72 Kofoed, Lars Christensen  1774Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I310357
73 Larsen, Giertrud  1758Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I335295
74 Larsen, Karen  1776Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I326468
75 Larsen, Kirstine  1807Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I327977
76 Larsen, Marie  1763Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I354876
77 Lind, Hans  1788Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I326116
78 Michelsen, Birgitte  1773Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I310338
79 Michelsen, Hans  1782Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I357288
80 Michelsen, Margrethe  1751Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I319760
81 Michelsen, Peder  1776Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I310339
82 Mogensen, Kirstine  1711Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I351666
83 Mortensen, Bodil  1716Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I309795
84 Mortensen, Henning  1758Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300198
85 Munch, Absalon Hansen  1776Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I318037
86 Nielsen, Niels  1710Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I324556
87 Nielsen, Niels  1840-1845Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I350985
88 Olsen, Karen Kirstine  1840-1845Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I351002
89 Olsen, Seigne  8 Jul 1734Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I370580
90 Pedersen, Inger  1737Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I377855
91 Pedersen, Jens  1746Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I377861
92 Pedersen, Johan  1735Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I343915
93 Pedersen, Karen  1737Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I377856
94 Pedersen, Kirstine  1720Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I348349
95 Pedersen, Sidsele  1808Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I300390
96 Rasmussen, Peder  1711Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I368629
97 Reinholt, Jacob Pedersen  1782Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I291721
98 Ridder, Ole Larsen  1808Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I360319
99 Samsingsen, Karen  1694Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I357344
100 Sivertsen, Mogens  1798Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I362938
101 Stange, Arist Jensen  1791Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I356891
102 Steffensen, Johan  1740Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I359107
103 Svendsen, Hans  1750Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I338673
104 Sørensen, Jørgen  1779Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I299876
105 Sørensen, Michael  1780Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I299875
106 Tingsted, Hans Hansen  1787Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I334602
107 Truedsen, Niels  1754Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I332857


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Graae (Graae), Jacob Hansen  24 Jan 1731Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I82998
2 Ipsen (Ipsen of Bornholm), Karen  21 Mar 1733Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I77682
3 Jensen, Anna  22 Feb 1711Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I82987
4 Kofoed, Hans Aksel Hansen  28 Dec 1729Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I97504
5 Nielsen, Elisabeth  5 Mar 1707Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I85305
6 Pedersen, Erik  27 Jan 1694Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I77683
7 Piil, Karen Cathrine Christensen  15 Apr 1737Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark I83295


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anker / Kofoed  16 May 1929Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark F31355
2 Graae (Graae) / Hansen  28 Feb 1714Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark F37707
3 Graae (Graae) / Jensen  2 Jul 1694Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark F37709
4 Hansen / Lesler  12 Oct 1692Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark F38510
5 Thorsen / Nielsen  1687Nylars, Bornholm, Denmark F38414

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