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Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden



Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aakerhielm, Gerd Agnes  3 Mar 1905Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I135097
2 Aakerhielm, Hjördis Gabriella  16 Aug 1902Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I135099
3 Aakerhielm, Sonja Signe Sophia  30 Nov 1900Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I135100
4 Aakerhielm, Uno Carl Victor Samuel  8 Mar 1904Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I135098
5 Aakerhielm, Vera Siri  1 Sep 1899Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I135101
6 Almkvist, Bengt Lison   I140801
7 Almkvist, Dag Lison   I140803
8 Eberstein, Elisabeth Sophia Caroline  24 Feb 1872Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I137414
9 Edelberg, Gunhild Helga Maria  18 Feb 1912Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I74776
10 Edelberg, Sven Gunnar Leonard  23 Aug 1908Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I74777
11 Ekberg, Anna Maria  11 Feb 1903Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I131088
12 Ennerfelt, Pewe Göran   I157937
13 Gehlin, Jan Hugo Michaël   I140943
14 Gehlin, John Erik Hugo  8 Sep 1889Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I140946
15 Grubbe (Grubbe), Anna Danielsen  1544Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I237390
16 Henriques (Henriques), Emil  19 Dec 1883Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I141034
17 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden), Ernst Axel   I140779
18 Johansson, Gustav Eric  2 Jul 1894Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I141521
19 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud), Abraham Leonard  1779Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I237763
20 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud), Catharina Charlotta  1783Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I237764
21 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud), Eva Carolina Knutsson  1 May 1771Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I237759
22 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud), Fredrik Georg  1787Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I237765
23 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud), Gustav  1778Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I237762
24 Lison Almkvist, Karin   I140802
25 Nelson, Carl Vincent   I123726
26 Philip (Philip of Dargun), Aake  20 Nov 1899Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I136576
27 Philip (Philip of Dargun), Anna Rebecca  1 Feb 1869Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I136572
28 Philip (Philip of Dargun), Gösta Johan  16 Jun 1901Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I136575
29 Philip (Philip of Dargun), Karin Birgitta  10 Feb 1903Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I136574
30 Philip (Philip of Dargun), Nils Jakob  22 Aug 1904Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I136573
31 Philip (Philip of Dargun), Sven Olof  11 May 1898Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I136577
32 Philip (Philip of Dargun), Sven Samuel  10 Aug 1867Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I136579
33 Philipson, Elise Sofie "Lisen"  20 Jun 1855Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I140900
34 Philipson, John  28 Dec 1829Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I174081
35 Philipson, Lars Erik  17 Sep 1857Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I167317
36 Philipson, Mauritz  3 Mar 1871Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I140293
37 Philipson, Sten Isaac Walter  24 May 1861Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I140309
38 Schöntal, Bertha  11 Feb 1854Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I5305
39 Schönthal, Edith Rosalie "Judith"  7 Nov 1855Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I140833
40 Taitz, Sylvia   I140231
41 Treschow (Treschow), Erik August Peder   I78961
42 Unge, Brita von  22 Feb 1888Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I136592
43 Unge, Greta von  2 May 1886Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I136601
44 Unge, Stina von  21 Jul 1894Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I140786
45 Wahren, Agda Caroline  7 Jun 1861Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I138199
46 Wahren, Anna  1860Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I137425
47 Wahren, Anna Emilie Catharina  3 Nov 1903Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I137404
48 Wahren, Anna Rebecca  14 Mar 1865Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I137400
49 Wahren, Betty  6 Dec 1862Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I137423
50 Wahren, Elsa  28 Aug 1898Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I137406
51 Wahren, Ernst Samuel  9 Aug 1879Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I137398
52 Wahren, Eva Ingegerd Margareta  10 Sep 1907Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I136585
53 Wahren, Gerda  11 Jun 1868Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I137399
54 Wahren, Gunnel   I136583
55 Wahren, Herman Gustaf Christian  11 Feb 1897Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I137412
56 Wahren, Herman Leonard  2 Jan 1827Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I137552
57 Wahren, Ingrid   I136584
58 Wahren, Jacob  19 Mar 1864Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I137420


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aakerhielm, Carl Gustav Edvard  19 Jul 1913Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I135108
2 Crone (Crone), Holger Fredrik  4 Sep 1901Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I50506
3 Edelberg, Gunnar Leonard  3 Sep 1965Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I74789
4 Eklund, Margit  6 Nov 1994Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I81955
5 Eldstierna, Lars Björnsson  1657Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I238222
6 Fredholm, Hildur Jenny Elisabeth  29 Nov 1960Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I74780
7 Gustavsen Vasa, Prinsesse of Sverige, Elisabet "Isabel"  12 Nov 1597Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I20579
8 Gylta, Mätta Bengtsen  Abt 1642Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I238098
9 Hilchen, Anna Catharina  24 Nov 1810Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I237358
10 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud), Elsa Maria Gustava Eleonora  1791Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I237767
11 Leijonhufvud (Leijonhufvud), Knut Henrik, Baron  19 Oct 1816Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I237757
12 Matthiæ, Hans Johannes  12 Jul 1637Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I237388
13 Philip (Philip of Dargun), Joseph Samuel  24 Jul 1906Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I137388
14 Philipson, Carl Oscar  28 Mar 1922Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I140506
15 Wahren, Anna  1861Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I137425
16 Wahren, Betty  13 Dec 1906Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I137423
17 Wahren, Herman Leonard  10 Feb 1892Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden I137552


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aakerhielm / Warburg (Warburg)  3 Dec 1898Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden F56223
2 Fabricius (Fabricius) / Stolpe  19 May 1906Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden F65624
3 Heyman (Heyman of Sweden) / Unge  17 Oct 1916Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden F58096
4 Lamm / Philipson  21 Nov 1878Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden F57954
5 Lundgren / Edelberg  17 Feb 1940Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden F34593
6 Mannheimer / Wahren  4 Dec 1926Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden F56964
7 Salomon (Dessau-Meisling-Salomon) / Wahren  24 Sep 1878Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden F56971
8 Tanger / Lyckow   F29223
9 Thornquist / Unge  22 Apr 1913Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden F56699
10 Ulff / Wahren  19 Sep 1925Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden F56963
11 Unge / Wahren  2 Jun 1885Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden F57236
12 Wahren / Eberstein  13 Mar 1896Norrkoeping, Oestergoetland, Sweden F56966

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