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Navy Seaman (Matros)



Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Hans  31 Jul 1707Navy Seaman (Matros) I361132
2 Andersen, Jørgen  24 Apr 1757Navy Seaman (Matros) I361909
3 Andersen, Lars  21 Jul 1709Navy Seaman (Matros) I361133
4 Andersen, Mogens  1 Jun 1704Navy Seaman (Matros) I303357
5 Andersen, Peder  27 Aug 1730Navy Seaman (Matros) I379182
6 Andersen, Svend  19 Jul 1696Navy Seaman (Matros) I326540
7 Andreasen, Gabriel  1741-1768Navy Seaman (Matros) I350379
8 Berildsen, Lasse  9 Apr 1705Navy Seaman (Matros) I324199
9 Bjørneboe, Friderich Peter  10 Mar 1811Navy Seaman (Matros) I383296
10 Bohn, Anders Hansen  9 Jul 1775Navy Seaman (Matros) I348819
11 Bunke, Johann  29 Oct 1812Navy Seaman (Matros) I313165
12 Espersen, Mads  5 May 1726Navy Seaman (Matros) I379243
13 Espersen, Mogens  15 Jun 1704Navy Seaman (Matros) I345362
14 Espersen, Peder  14 May 1719Navy Seaman (Matros) I379242
15 Hald, Niels Poulsen  22 Feb 1750Navy Seaman (Matros) I362632
16 Hansen, Hans  29 Dec 1720Navy Seaman (Matros) I351911
17 Hansen, Simon  4 Nov 1694Navy Seaman (Matros) I341039
18 Hansen, Terkel  28 Jul 1743Navy Seaman (Matros) I300453
19 Høg (Høg), Hans Jørgen Olsen  31 May 1751Navy Seaman (Matros) I334911
20 Høg (Høg), Svend Guttorm Olsen  13 Jul 1732Navy Seaman (Matros) I347744
21 Ibsen, Mogens  10 Feb 1743Navy Seaman (Matros) I302440
22 Jørgensen, Peder  22 Oct 1713Navy Seaman (Matros) I356567
23 Kjøller, Mogens Terchildsen  21 May 1689Navy Seaman (Matros) I318842
24 Kofoed, Peder Michaelsen  16 Apr 1780Navy Seaman (Matros) I355954
25 Larsen, Jacob  10 Jul 1757Navy Seaman (Matros) I360332
26 Larsen, Ludvig  8 Jan 1713Navy Seaman (Matros) I360553
27 Lassen, Mogens  28 Mar 1694Navy Seaman (Matros) I375592
28 Lund, Jens Hansen  21 Mar 1756Navy Seaman (Matros) I359202
29 Madsen, Anders  26 Sep 1721Navy Seaman (Matros) I344028
30 Madsen, Bastian  2 Feb 1707Navy Seaman (Matros) I347748
31 Madsen, Hans  16 Jun 1743Navy Seaman (Matros) I364690
32 Madsen, Jørgen  5 Oct 1718Navy Seaman (Matros) I344027
33 Mauritsen, Ole  24 Jun 1738Navy Seaman (Matros) I351539
34 Mogensen, Anders  10 Jul 1740Navy Seaman (Matros) I346241
35 Mortensen, Mourits  10 Apr 1726Navy Seaman (Matros) I334421
36 Nielsen, Henrich  25 Oct 1705Navy Seaman (Matros) I337111
37 Nielsen, Mads  28 Oct 1787Navy Seaman (Matros) I376358
38 Olsen, Hans  4 May 1698Navy Seaman (Matros) I365807
39 Olsen, Jens  4 Sep 1712Navy Seaman (Matros) I358508
40 Pedersen, Jacob  27 May 1714Navy Seaman (Matros) I379823
41 Pedersen, Lars  17 Feb 1715Navy Seaman (Matros) I372605
42 Pedersen, Ole  16 Feb 1757Navy Seaman (Matros) I367675
43 Pelle, Hans Hansen  21 Dec 1766Navy Seaman (Matros) I305927
44 Rag, Peder Jensen  22 Oct 1758Navy Seaman (Matros) I366448
45 Rasmussen, Jens  28 Jan 1700Navy Seaman (Matros) I356332
46 Rasmussen, Johan  14 Apr 1695Navy Seaman (Matros) I360409
47 Schou, Jens Andersen  17 Apr 1757Navy Seaman (Matros) I334769
48 Sørensen, Niels  7 May 1747Navy Seaman (Matros) I372492


Matches 1 to 66 of 66

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Jan  Abt 1771Navy Seaman (Matros) I363949
2 Andersen, Anders  Abt 1730Navy Seaman (Matros) I365886
3 Andersen, Jacob  Abt 1760Navy Seaman (Matros) I365854
4 Andersen, Jens  Abt 1808Navy Seaman (Matros) I371174
5 Andersen, Jep  Abt 1751Navy Seaman (Matros) I363240
6 Andersen, Ole  Abt 1751Navy Seaman (Matros) I363235
7 Andersen, Sejer  Abt 1784Navy Seaman (Matros) I342562
8 Andersen, Thor  Abt 1808Navy Seaman (Matros) I371175
9 Anthoni, Rasmus  Abt 1748Navy Seaman (Matros) I351491
10 Bertelsen, Mads  Abt 1775Navy Seaman (Matros) I381860
11 Borringholm, Hans Hansen  Abt 1705Navy Seaman (Matros) I380055
12 Bunke, Anthon  Abt 1834Navy Seaman (Matros) I332989
13 Christophersen, Ernst  Abt 1742Navy Seaman (Matros) I335185
14 Due, Magnus Andreas  Abt 1860Navy Seaman (Matros) I304522
15 Erichsen, Jens  Abt 1726Navy Seaman (Matros) I347732
16 Eskildsen, Hans  Abt 1770Navy Seaman (Matros) I321307
17 Frost, Jørgen Hansen  Abt 1741Navy Seaman (Matros) I319338
18 Frost, Lars Hansen  Abt 1741Navy Seaman (Matros) I343657
19 Frost, Rasmus Hansen  Abt 1741Navy Seaman (Matros) I314747
20 Haagensen, Johan  Abt 1763Navy Seaman (Matros) I304388
21 Hammer, Hans Hansen  Abt 1731Navy Seaman (Matros) I314977
22 Hansen, Jep  Abt 1733Navy Seaman (Matros) I344064
23 Hansen, Ole  1755-1784Navy Seaman (Matros) I324823
24 Hansen, Truels  1772-1779Navy Seaman (Matros) I318050
25 Hobye, Peder Pedersen  Abt 1794Navy Seaman (Matros) I344891
26 Holm, Christian Andersen  Abt 1805Navy Seaman (Matros) I356184
27 Holm, Niels Jensen  1740Navy Seaman (Matros) I347730
28 Høg (Høg), Ole Svendsen  1762Navy Seaman (Matros) I334905
29 Jacobsen, Jørgen  1745-1756Navy Seaman (Matros) I360775
30 Jacobsen, Morten  Abt 1730Navy Seaman (Matros) I360776
31 Jensen, Hans  Abt 1756Navy Seaman (Matros) I347465
32 Jensen, Jens Larsen  Abt 1845Navy Seaman (Matros) I376713
33 Jensen, Jep  Abt 1727Navy Seaman (Matros) I351264
34 Johnsen, Ole  Abt 1807Navy Seaman (Matros) I349972
35 Knudsen, Laurits  1718Navy Seaman (Matros) I316763
36 Kok, Peder  Abt 1798Navy Seaman (Matros) I380906
37 Krøger, Daniel Michaelsen  1738-1754Navy Seaman (Matros) I343003
38 Larsen, Anders  Abt 1814Navy Seaman (Matros) I365587
39 Larsen, Hans  Abt 1722Navy Seaman (Matros) I381729
40 Larsen, Peder  Abt 1728Navy Seaman (Matros) I306059
41 Lonberg, Peder Larsen  Abt 1765Navy Seaman (Matros) I316869
42 Lund, Just Poulsen  1732Navy Seaman (Matros) I367775
43 Madsen, Jens  Abt 1749Navy Seaman (Matros) I357381
44 Madsen, Jørgen  Abt 1769Navy Seaman (Matros) I345923
45 Michaelsen, Ole  Abt 1787Navy Seaman (Matros) I367658
46 Munch, Thomas Larsen  1727Navy Seaman (Matros) I319432
47 Møller, Jens Larsen  1786Navy Seaman (Matros) I326364
48 Nielsen, Ole  Abt 1741Navy Seaman (Matros) I351261
49 Nielsen, Peder  Abt 1747Navy Seaman (Matros) I301567
50 Olsen, Lars  Abt 1716Navy Seaman (Matros) I380145
51 Olsen, Lars  Abt 1771Navy Seaman (Matros) I363942
52 Olsen, Ole  Abt 1756Navy Seaman (Matros) I370673
53 Pedersen, Alexander  Abt 1753Navy Seaman (Matros) I351317
54 Pedersen, Christen  Abt 1753Navy Seaman (Matros) I351316
55 Pedersen, Hans  Abt 1753Navy Seaman (Matros) I351314
56 Pedersen, Lars  Abt 1741Navy Seaman (Matros) I351262
57 Pedersen, Mogens  Abt 1761Navy Seaman (Matros) I362037
58 Pedersen, Niels  Abt 1753Navy Seaman (Matros) I351315
59 Pedersen, Peder  Abt 1763Navy Seaman (Matros) I330895
60 Rasmussen, Christen  Abt 1755Navy Seaman (Matros) I292002
61 Richardsen, Richard  Abt 1787Navy Seaman (Matros) I381105
62 Ridder, Ole Larsen  Abt 1727Navy Seaman (Matros) I344219
63 Røboe, Peter  Bef 1832Navy Seaman (Matros) I300516
64 Tousch, Henrich Gottlieb  Abt 1804Navy Seaman (Matros) I377287
65 Valsøe, Peder Jørgensen  Abt 1742Navy Seaman (Matros) I308389
66 Willumsen, Willum  1755-1763Navy Seaman (Matros) I304386

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