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Krageroe, Telemark, Norway



Matches 1 to 82 of 82

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sofie  1815Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102682
2 Alsing, Boel Magdalena  1818Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102666
3 Alsing, Christiane  1845Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102680
4 Alsing, Halvor Andreas Hech  18 May 1809Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102677
5 Alsing, Inger Olette  1780Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102034
6 Alsing, Johan Ludvig  9 Jun 1812Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I119455
7 Alsing, Jørgen  1781Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102032
8 Alsing, Lars  1853Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102678
9 Alsing, Lorentz C  1814Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102684
10 Alsing, Lorentz Christian  1744Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I103383
11 Alsing, Lovise  1813Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102665
12 Alsing, Lovise Cathrine  14 Jul 1783Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I103382
13 Alsing, Maren  1778Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102035
14 Alsing, Maren  1847Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102679
15 Alsing, Nikoline  1843Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102681
16 Alsing, Ole  1789Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102031
17 Alsing, Paul  23 Mar 1786Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102690
18 Alsing, Pauline  1743Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102028
19 Alsing, Pauline Dorothea  1839Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102663
20 Bang, Anne Cathrine  1795Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118489
21 Bang, Anne Margrethe  1791Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118491
22 Bang, Elisabeth Cathrine  4 Nov 1784Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118498
23 Bang, Gjøde Jørgensen  17 Oct 1753Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118494
24 Bang, Jørgen  1789Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118492
25 Bang, Jørgine  1798Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118487
26 Bang, Rasmus  1792Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118490
27 Barth, Abraham Bøckmann  1768Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120434
28 Barth, Abraham Gotfried  19 Sep 1800Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120460
29 Barth, Albert August Breinholm  16 Jul 1848Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120452
30 Barth, Anton Marius  1815Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120364
31 Barth, Daniel  1738Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120440
32 Barth, Daniel Nikolai  1810Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120425
33 Barth, Elisebet Cathrine  23 May 1795Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120466
34 Barth, Henrik Bjørn  1825Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120428
35 Barth, Jacob  1766Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120464
36 Barth, Jacob Christian  1790Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120431
37 Barth, Louise Christence H  22 Nov 1804Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I112427
38 Barth, Margrethe Chr Augusta  1791Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120461
39 Barth, Nicolaj Bøckmann  8 Jul 1797Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I49010
40 Barth, Thomas Fredrik Weybye  1820Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120445
41 Beylegaard, Elisabeth Andrea  1863Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I97713
42 Beylegaard, Karen K  1859Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I97715
43 Beylegaard, Martha Marie Regine  1862Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I97726
44 Beylegaard, Niels  1829Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I97717
45 Bjørn (Bjørn), Alberth  1798Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I123118
46 Bjørn (Bjørn), Anne Cathrine  1750Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120876
47 Bjørn (Bjørn), Boel Cathrine  1796Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I123120
48 Bjørn (Bjørn), Henrich  1793Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I123121
49 Bjørn (Bjørn), Henrich Olsen  1739Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I123122
50 Bjørn (Bjørn), Johanne  1799Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120429
51 Bjørn (Bjørn), Ole  1800Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I123115
52 Bøckmann, Daniel Peter  1793Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120433
53 Bøyesen, Inger  1 Oct 1764Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118493
54 Christensen, Anna Bolette  1768Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120462
55 Grønvold, Bernt Olaus Christian  1818Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I124768
56 Heuch, Peter Andreas  18 Apr 1756Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I121143
57 Homann, Peter Jacob  11 Apr 1816Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I100231
58 Kinch, Frederik Suhm  29 Oct 1755Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I144103
59 Munch, Edvard Kristofer  19 Jan 1870Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I98844
60 Møller, Anne Marie  1782Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120426
61 Møller, Kathrine Margrethe  1740Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120439
62 Møller, Lovise Christence Heuch  1805Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I123125
63 Nordraach, Georg Marcus  1811Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118515
64 Nordraach, Georgine Marie  15 Sep 1806Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118481
65 Nordraach, Inger Elise  18 Sep 1808Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118479
66 Nordraach, Mads Mikkelsen  1784Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118499
67 Ruth, Bolette Christine  1786Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I122315
68 Ruth, Hans Math Wormsen  1731Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I121152
69 Simonsen, Anne  1741Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118485
70 Simonsen, Johanna  1715Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I109090
71 Svendsen  1864Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102661
72 Svendsen, Lorense Sofie  1862Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102660
73 Svendsen, Ole  1803Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102659
74 Svendsen, Olette Malene  1844Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102658
75 Svendsen, Samul  1832Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102662
76 Tønder, Elise Gustava  1813Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I92254
77 Wamberg, Christina Frid Wedel  1778Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I97533
78 Wamberg, Henrik Lakman  1775Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I97534
79 Wamberg, Maria Cathrine  1773Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I97540
80 Weckhorst, Louise Amalie  1869Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I110409
81 Wenneberg, Anne Cathrine  5 Mar 1827Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120363
82 Weyer, Anna Dorothea  Abt 1685Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I99505


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bøyesen, Inger  4 Oct 1764Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118493


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alsing, Lorentz C  Abt 1900Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102684
2 Alsing, Lorentz Christian  Abt 1801Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I103383
3 Alsing, Lovise Cathrine  15 Jan 1864Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I103382
4 Alsing, Paul  13 Dec 1837Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I102690
5 Bang, Elisabeth Cathrine  1821Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118498
6 Bang, Gjøde Jørgensen  18 Feb 1808Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118494
7 Barth, Abraham Bøckmann  1827Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120434
8 Barth, Abraham Gotfried  29 Oct 1855Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120460
9 Barth, Daniel  1794Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120440
10 Barth, Elisebet Cathrine  23 Sep 1849Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120466
11 Barth, Hans Georg Daniel  Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120456
12 Barth, Henrik Bjørn  1890Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120428
13 Barth, Jacob  1822Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120464
14 Barth, Jacob Christian  1886Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120431
15 Bjørn (Bjørn), Henrich Olsen  1809Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I123122
16 Bjørn (Bjørn), Johanne  1891Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120429
17 Bjørn (Bjørn), Ole Henrichsen  1771Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I109091
18 Blehr, Boel Cathrine  1880Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I123127
19 Blehr, Caroline Mariane  1841Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I123129
20 Blehr, Karen Ingeborg  1827Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I123138
21 Bøyesen, Inger  18 Feb 1806Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118493
22 Bøyesen, Jørgen  Abt 1801Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118482
23 Christensen, Anna Bolette  1846Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120462
24 Falck (Falck of Norway), Else Isaacsen  24 Sep 1685Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I60016
25 Heiberg (Heiberg), Ingeborg Marie  24 Aug 1833Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I128286
26 Heuch, Peter Andreas  5 Dec 1825Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I121143
27 Jachwitz, Johan Frederich  1847Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118480
28 Møller, Anne Marie  1815Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120426
29 Møller, Kathrine Margrethe  1812Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120439
30 Nielsen, Dorothea  Abt 1660Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I115386
31 Nordraach, Georgine Marie  1847Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118481
32 Nordraach, Mads Mikkelsen  11 Jul 1840Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I118499
33 Preus (Preus of Norway), Lorentz Angel Ferdinand  2 Dec 1850Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120468
34 Ruth, Peder  Abt 1801Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I121153
35 Simonsen, Johanna  1787Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I109090
36 Solberg, Marie Margrethe Halvorsen  1841Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I121144
37 Sunde, Anne Cathrine  27 Dec 1820Krageroe, Telemark, Norway I120457


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alsing /   Abt 1838Krageroe, Telemark, Norway F45442
2 Alsing / Ruth  9 Dec 1808Krageroe, Telemark, Norway F45189
3 Alsing / Schweigaard  Abt 1805Krageroe, Telemark, Norway F45444
4 Barth / Balch  27 Feb 1824Krageroe, Telemark, Norway F51668
5 Bjørnson / Nordraach  23 Sep 1831Krageroe, Telemark, Norway F50939
6 Blehr / Møller  16 Jun 1828Krageroe, Telemark, Norway F52517
7 Boeck / Blehr  28 Jul 1809Krageroe, Telemark, Norway F47729
8 Bruun (Bruun of Seest) / Hvoslef  10 Jun 1886Krageroe, Telemark, Norway F38199
9 Heuch / Solberg  24 Nov 1786Krageroe, Telemark, Norway F51900
10 Nordraach / Bang  1805Krageroe, Telemark, Norway F50948
11 Nordraach / Tang  17 May 1837Krageroe, Telemark, Norway F50952
12 Preus (Preus of Norway) / Barth  27 Feb 1824Krageroe, Telemark, Norway F51670

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