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Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway



Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barlien, Oliana  1821Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I133856
2 Barlien, Thore Edvard  1844Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I133861
3 Bernhoft (Bernhoft), Susanne Meldahl  1 Jun 1777Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I97409
4 Bruenech, Catharina Maria  28 Nov 1789Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I99196
5 Bruenech, Fridric Wilhelm  5 Aug 1787Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I99194
6 Bruenech, Gabriel Ulven  31 Jul 1792Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I99212
7 Bruenech, Johan Christopher  5 Apr 1791Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I99197
8 Bruenech, Karen Sofia  4 Mar 1798Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I99198
9 Brünech, Bergitha Georgine  1796Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I99171
10 Dorph, Hanna Franciske Dybdahl  1866Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I112192
11 Dorph, Karen  1864Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I112195
12 Dorph, Olga  1868Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I112191
13 Holst, Ingeborg Anna  25 Feb 1779Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I103016
14 Jørginiusen, Johanne Birgitte  1864Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I135220
15 Kiøbing, Andrea Dorothea  9 Mar 1755Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I95919
16 Lehne, Ingeborg Maria "Anna"  1742Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I133337
17 Lie (Lie of Norway), Mons  1803Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I106204
18 Motzfeldt, Caroline Margaretha  16 Sep 1781Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I133923
19 Motzfeldt, Thale Maria Cathrina  26 Oct 1764Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I133408
20 Stabel (Stabel), Anna Cathrina  2 Sep 1735Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I120674
21 Stabel (Stabel), Christian Larsen  25 May 1737Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I99231
22 Stabel (Stabel), Elsebet  19 Jul 1741Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I120670
23 Stabel (Stabel), Lars Jors Larsen  8 Aug 1743Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I120673
24 Stabel (Stabel), Ragnille Margretehe  12 Jan 1739Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I120671
25 Stabel (Stabel), Wibeke Lucia  24 Jun 1747Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I120669
26 Westervaldt, Anna Caspartina  Abt 1755Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I131789
27 Westervaldt, Anna Maria Caspartina  9 May 1784Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I133922
28 Westervaldt, Annanias Matthias  7 May 1754Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I131790
29 Westervaldt, Hans Christian Caspersen  19 Mar 1752Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I131815
30 Westervaldt, Jahnus Michael  1748Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I134148
31 Westervaldt, Johannes Julius Strachen  26 Feb 1748Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I131874
32 Westervaldt, Jørgen Urne  1752Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I134144
33 Westervaldt, Margrethe Maria Nobel  1747Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I134150
34 Westervaldt, Ove Gedde  1750Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I134146
35 Willer, Aksel Arenfeldt  5 Jun 1807Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I104413
36 Willer, Bolette Catharina  29 Jan 1805Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I104411
37 Willer, Carl von Motzfeldt  1803Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I104409
38 Willer, Jens Olenius Bragstad  5 Jun 1807Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I104412
39 Willer, Margaretha Maria Nobel Westerwald  14 Feb 1806Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I104410
40 Wittrup, Lorentz  1743Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I97574


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bruenech, Catharina Maria  14 Dec 1789Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I99196
2 Bruenech, Fridric Wilhelm  16 Sep 1787Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I99194
3 Bruenech, Gabriel Ulven  30 Sep 1792Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I99212
4 Bruenech, Johan Christopher  2 Jun 1791Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I99197
5 Bruenech, Karen Sofia  13 Apr 1798Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I99198
6 Holst, Ingeborg Anna  18 Mar 1779Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I103016
7 Motzfeldt, Caroline Margaretha  4 Nov 1781Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I133923
8 Motzfeldt, Thale Maria Cathrina  2 Nov 1764Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I133408
9 Stabel (Stabel), Anna Cathrina  29 Sep 1735Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I120674
10 Stabel (Stabel), Christian Larsen  2 Jun 1737Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I99231
11 Stabel (Stabel), Elsebet  23 Jul 1741Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I120670
12 Stabel (Stabel), Lars Jors Larsen  14 Aug 1743Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I120673
13 Stabel (Stabel), Ragnille Margretehe  21 Jan 1739Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I120671
14 Stabel (Stabel), Wibeke Lucia  2 Jul 1747Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I120669
15 Westervaldt, Anna Maria Caspartina  8 Jun 1784Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I133922
16 Westervaldt, Johannes Julius Strachen  4 Mar 1748Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I131874
17 Willer, Aksel Arenfeldt  2 Aug 1807Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I104413
18 Willer, Bolette Catharina  4 Jun 1805Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I104411
19 Willer, Carl von Motzfeldt  5 Feb 1803Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I104409
20 Willer, Jens Olenius Bragstad  2 Aug 1807Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I104412


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barth, Anna Dorothea  10 May 1850Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I111003
2 Motzfeldt, Peter Jacob  1791Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I104415
3 Motzfeldt, Thale Maria Cathrina  21 Mar 1785Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I133408
4 Strachan (Strachan of Norway), Anne Marie von  11 May 1754Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I131866
5 Wagenfeuer, Maren Falch  Abt 1801Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I115047
6 Westervaldt, Caspar Henrik  Apr 1771Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I131867
7 Westervaldt, Margrethe Maria Nobel  1799Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I134150
8 Willer, Aksel Arenfeldt  4 Oct 1807Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway I104413


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Borch / Kiøbing  15 Sep 1784Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway F42839
2 Hanning / Motzfeldt  29 Oct 1761Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway F46021
3 Lie (Lie of Norway) / Stroem  29 Mar 1801Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway F48505
4 Motzfeldt / Wessel (Wessel)  4 Jun 1805Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway F53361
5 Motzfeldt / Westervaldt  11 Feb 1763Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway F55331
6 Olesen / Stabel (Stabel)  26 Feb 1770Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway F51746
7 Pedersen / Stabel (Stabel)  16 Jun 1763Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway F51749
8 Poulsen / Stabel (Stabel)  10 Nov 1768Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway F51747
9 Westervaldt / Grav  16 Jan 1769Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway F55194
10 Westervaldt / Motzfeldt  18 Apr 1782Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway F46160
11 Willer / Motzfeldt  5 Jan 1803Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway F53360
12 Wittrup / Bull  1 May 1772Inderoey, Nord-Troendelag, Norway F43518

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