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Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark



Matches 1 to 179 of 179

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abrahamsen, Anne Margrethe  1772Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I381926
2 Abrahamsen, Jens  1767Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I368967
3 Abrahamsen, Seigne Kirstine  1776Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I381918
4 Andersen, Anne  1699Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I300728
5 Andersen, Anne  1718Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370660
6 Andersen, Birgitte  1724Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I322229
7 Andersen, Elsebeth  1716Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370706
8 Andersen, Hanne  1698Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I300729
9 Andersen, Hanne  1702Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I300727
10 Andersen, Hans  1711Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I300724
11 Andersen, Hans  1726Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370709
12 Andersen, Karen  1705Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I300726
13 Andersen, Kirstine  1722Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370707
14 Andersen, Morten  1708Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I300725
15 Anger, Augusta Vilhelmine Christine  1848Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I109033
16 Anger, Christiane Amalia  1849Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I109034
17 Anger, Edvard Christian Viglar  1851Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I109037
18 Anger, Ludvig Wiglar Ditlev  1853Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I109039
19 Christensen, Anne  1699Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I334375
20 Christensen, Anne Kirstine  1785Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359593
21 Christensen, Esper  1775Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359590
22 Christensen, Hans  1777Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359591
23 Christensen, Karen  1779Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359592
24 Christensen, Margrethe  1697Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I382429
25 Christensen, Niels  1782Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359588
26 Christiansen, Anders  1788Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370923
27 Christiansen, Hans  1791Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370924
28 Christiansen, Niels Christian  1776Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370919
29 Dam, Hans Peter  19 Dec 1814Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I340067
30 Dam, Niels Larsen  1812Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I340066
31 Dam, Peder Svendsen  1809Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I340065
32 Dam, Sidsele Cathrine  1808Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I340064
33 Erland, Jens Hansen  1755Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I358980
34 Ernstsen, Svend  1762Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I364259
35 Funch, Jacob Peter  Abt 1843Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I365383
36 Funch, Johanne Cathrine  Abt 1848Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I365924
37 Funch, Juliane Cathrine  Abt 1842Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I365922
38 Funch, Julie Caroline  Abt 1845Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I365923
39 Funch, Julie Kavaline Cathrine  Abt 1864Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I365915
40 Hansen, Anders  1795Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I356902
41 Hansen, Anne  1717Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I341465
42 Hansen, Anne  1797Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I356903
43 Hansen, Bartolomeus  1709Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I380736
44 Hansen, Elisabeth  1792Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I356900
45 Hansen, Emma Oliva Sonne  9 Jun 1883Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I244616
46 Hansen, Hans Dominicus  1706Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I380735
47 Hansen, Jens  1715Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I309281
48 Hansen, Jens  1788Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I356898
49 Hansen, Jep  1720Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I321109
50 Hansen, Karen  1714Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I368510
51 Hansen, Lars  1800Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I356904
52 Hansen, Margrethe  1703Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I380734
53 Hansen, Peder  1789Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I356899
54 Hansen, Poul  1714Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I375870
55 Hintzesen, Niels  1695Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I369325
56 Jacobsen, Else Marie  Abt 1834Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I368674
57 Jacobsen, Peder  Abt 1837Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I368665
58 Jacobsen, Seigne  1720Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I362410
59 Jensen, Anne  1781Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I369388
60 Jensen, Karen  1698Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I323041
61 Jensen, Poul  1777Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I320839
62 Johansen, Boel  1696Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I356209
63 Johansen, Kirstine  1690Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I356208
64 Johansen, Margrethe Marie  Abt 1837Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I365921
65 Jørgensen, Anne  1699Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367133
66 Jørgensen, Boel  1691Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367129
67 Jørgensen, Engelke  1691Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367128
68 Jørgensen, Hans  1689Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367125
69 Jørgensen, Hans  1696Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367132
70 Jørgensen, Karen  1712Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367138
71 Jørgensen, Marie  1701Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367134
72 Jørgensen, Marie  1703Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367135
73 Jørgensen, Michel  1695Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367131
74 Jørgensen, Michel  1705Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367136
75 Jørgensen, nn  1689Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367126
76 Jørgensen, Peder  1707Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367137
77 Kofoed, Anne Margrethe Jensen  1786Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I356685
78 Kofoed, Caroline Christine  Abt 1831Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370686
79 Kofoed, Caroline Kirstine  Abt 1842Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I380767
80 Kofoed, Cathrine  Abt 1832Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I364440
81 Kofoed, Cecilie Christine  Abt 1840Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370688
82 Kofoed, Christian Julius  Abt 1839Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I380774
83 Kofoed, Elsebeth  Abt 1843Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370689
84 Kofoed, Hans Peter  Abt 1828Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I380775
85 Kofoed, Jens  Abt 1834Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370687
86 Kofoed, Jens Hansen  1693Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I341456
87 Kofoed, Jens Hansen  1780Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I322135
88 Kofoed, Jørgen  Abt 1827Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I364438
89 Kofoed, Niels Peter Jensen  1781Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I356684
90 Kofoed, Peder  Abt 1828Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370685
91 Kofoed, Peter Anthoni  Abt 1830Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I380768
92 Kofoed, Seigne Christine  Abt 1826Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370684
93 Kofoed, Signius Martinius Olarius  Abt 1838Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I380776
94 Kure, Emilie Petrea  Abt 1839Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I372236
95 Larsen, Hans Jørgen  Abt 1822Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I378797
96 Larsen, Karen  1760Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370654
97 Larsen, Kirstine  1694Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I344002
98 Larsen, Kristine Margrethe  24 Sep 1873Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I308568
99 Lind, Rasmus Pedersen  1769Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I300942
100 Marchmann, Mourits  1783Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I356683
101 Meussen, Jens  Abt 1625Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I333082
102 Michelsen, Jens  1712Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I375869
103 Michelsen, Karen  1732Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I307988
104 Mogensen, Anne  Abt 1792Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359252
105 Mogensen, Christian  1790Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359250
106 Mogensen, Elsebye  1788Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359249
107 Mogensen, Kirstine  1796Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359251
108 Mogensen, Nicolai  1778Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359243
109 Mogensen, Seigne Kirstine  1786Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359248
110 Mogensen, Svend  1781Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359247
111 Mortensen, Jens  1743Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I368911
112 Mortensen, Kirstine  1756Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I363417
113 Munch, Anders Mogensen  1719Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I378731
114 Munch, Hans Mogensen  1723Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I378718
115 Nicolaisen, Bodil Kirstine  1747Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359254
116 Nicolaisen, Mogens  1754Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I359245
117 Nielsen, Jens  1717Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I363121
118 Nielsen, Jep  1691Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I340566
119 Nielsen, Michel  1688Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I349986
120 Nielsen, nn  1709Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I383904
121 Olsen, Anne  1732Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I379181
122 Olsen, Anne  1738Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I379240
123 Olsen, Karen  1720Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I339062
124 Olsen, Niels  1734Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I379238
125 Olsen, Ole  1736Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I379239
126 Olsen, Peder  1723Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I339063
127 Pedersen, Anders  1740Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370670
128 Pedersen, Ane Marie  Abt 1809Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I311689
129 Pedersen, Anne  Abt 1687Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I328404
130 Pedersen, Anne  1706Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I329407
131 Pedersen, Bendte  1729Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I307452
132 Pedersen, Ellen  1751Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370672
133 Pedersen, Elsebeth  1708Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I329405
134 Pedersen, Hans  1743Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370671
135 Pedersen, Hans  1748Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I380976
136 Pedersen, Karen  1733Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I342439
137 Pedersen, Kirstine  Abt 1686Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I362290
138 Pedersen, Kirstine  1713Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I329404
139 Pedersen, Kirstine  1753Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I345021
140 Pedersen, Lars  1731Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I338019
141 Pedersen, Lisabeth  1691Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I341756
142 Pedersen, Lisabeth  1739Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370668
143 Pedersen, Magdalene Margrethe  1804Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I356735
144 Pedersen, Maren  Abt 1680Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I362289
145 Pedersen, Maren  1767Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I300946
146 Pedersen, Petrea Cathrine  13 Apr 1822Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I307207
147 Pedersen, Rasmus  Abt 1681Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I328403
148 Rasmussen, Hans  1724Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I323043
149 Rasmussen, Urban  1724Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I323044
150 Rytter, Anne Nielsen  1717Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367228
151 Rytter, Christian Pedersen  1708Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I329406
152 Rytter, Giertrud Nielsen  1724Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367234
153 Rytter, Giertrud Nielsen  1726Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367235
154 Rytter, Hans Nielsen  1713Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367231
155 Rytter, Hans Pedersen  1703Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I329408
156 Rytter, Jens Nielsen  1727Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367236
157 Rytter, Peder Nielsen  1722Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367233
158 Rytter, Urban Nielsen  1720Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367232
159 Sandegaard, Hans Olsen  1727Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I336549
160 Sandegaard, Morten Olsen  1721Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I319439
161 Sejersen, Karen Marie  1795Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367382
162 Sommer, Jens Peter  Abt 1832Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I305181
163 Sommer, Morten Jensen  Abt 1802Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I305182
164 Sonne, Christian Peter  Abt 1851Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I373453
165 Svan, Anders Jensen  1755Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I358891
166 Svan, Hans Jensen  Abt 1757Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I300853
167 Svan, Mogens Jensen  1766Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I358893
168 Svan, Niels Jensen  1760Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I358892
169 Svan, Niels Jensen  1762Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I358867
170 Thuesen, Hans  1734Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I380998
171 Thuesen, Ostred  1735Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I349533
172 Thuesen, Trine  1728Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I349536
173 Willumsen, Anne  1716Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370063
174 Willumsen, Christian  1726Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370066
175 Willumsen, Hans  1723Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370065
176 Willumsen, Lars  1729Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370067
177 Willumsen, Lisabeth  1731Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I341673
178 Willumsen, Marie  1718Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370064
179 Zachariasen, Giertrud  1747Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I380977


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Anger, Agnes Louise Charlotte  9 Apr 1855Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I49468
2 Anger, Augusta Vilhelmine Christine  20 May 1848Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I109033
3 Anger, Christiane Amalia  5 Oct 1846Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I109034
4 Anger, Edvard Christian Viglar  22 May 1851Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I109037
5 Anger, Ludvig Wiglar Ditlev  3 May 1853Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I109039
6 Kofoed, Anine Helene  17 Apr 1868Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I123747
7 Kofoed, Else Margrethe Anchersen  18 Jan 1734Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I85482


Matches 1 to 76 of 76

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Karen  1757Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I335711
2 Lisabeth  1738Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370669
3 Abrahamsen, Anne Margrethe  1779Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I381926
4 Andersen, Hanne  1698Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I300729
5 Andersen, Ole  1779Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I369402
6 Andersen, Peder  1757Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I327635
7 Andersen, Peder  1764Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370665
8 Bendtsen, Lars  1694Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I344000
9 Frost, Jeppe Hansen  1800Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I344511
10 Gundersen, Lisabeth  1691Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367127
11 Hansen, Anders  1727Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I310226
12 Hansen, Anne  1719Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I341465
13 Hansen, Anne  1731Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I352872
14 Hansen, Johanne Cathrine  1855-1860Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I365920
15 Hansen, Karen  1758Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I351239
16 Hansen, Karen  1762Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I333855
17 Hansen, Karen  1770Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370663
18 Hansen, Mette  1785Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I83205
19 Hansen, Poul  1714Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I375870
20 Ibsen, Boel  Abt 1735Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I300743
21 Jensen, Herluf  1763Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I330829
22 Jensen, Karen  1698Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I323041
23 Jensen, Kirsten  1765Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I315784
24 Jensen, Seigne  1694Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I328396
25 Jørgensen, Boel  1691Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367129
26 Jørgensen, Ellen  1720Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I315761
27 Jørgensen, Engelke  1691Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367128
28 Jørgensen, Marie  1702Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367134
29 Jørgensen, Marie  1704Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367135
30 Jørgensen, Michel  1695Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367131
31 Jørgensen, nn  1689Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367126
32 Kofoed, Elisabeth Jensen  Dec 1719Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I85348
33 Kofoed, Hans Peter  1801Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I315685
34 Kofoed, Jens Hansen  1695Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I341456
35 Larsen, Boel  1736Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I339012
36 Larsen, Kirstine  1751Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I316526
37 Lassesen, Engelke  1689Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367123
38 Michelsen, Anne  1794Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I356897
39 Mogensen, Elsebeth  1777Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I300852
40 Mortensen, Abraham  1787Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I368904
41 Mortensen, Kirstine  1736Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I323040
42 Nielsen, Anne  1694Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I333862
43 Nielsen, Boel  1746Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I329476
44 Nielsen, Hintze  1737Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I369310
45 Nielsen, Jens  1717Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I363121
46 Nielsen, nn  1709Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I383904
47 Nielsen, Seigne  1784Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I378908
48 Olsen, Abraham  1737Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I368907
49 Olsen, Anne  1737Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I379181
50 Olsen, Ole  1761Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I372603
51 Ostredsen, Thue  1755Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I346251
52 Pedersen, Anne  1699Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I341458
53 Pedersen, Bodil  1758Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I345018
54 Pedersen, Ellen  1752Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370672
55 Pedersen, Gundel  1726Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370340
56 Pedersen, Hanne  1715Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I369324
57 Pedersen, Kirstine  1692Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I362290
58 Pedersen, Maren  1694Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I362289
59 Pedersen, Willum  1737Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I334298
60 Pikker, Mads Jørgensen  1795Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I339110
61 Poulsen, Marie  1768Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I381839
62 Rasmussen, Hans  1724Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I323043
63 Rytter, Giertrud Nielsen  1725Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367234
64 Rytter, Niels Pedersen  1729Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I336537
65 Rytter, Peder Jensen  1720Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I328515
66 Rytter, Urban Nielsen  1720Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I367232
67 Sivertsen, Margrethe  1744Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I349535
68 Smed, Morten Jensen  1732Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I328464
69 Svan, Anders Jensen  1771Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I358891
70 Svan, Jens Andersen  1786Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I370681
71 Svan, Mogens Jensen  1778Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I358893
72 Svan, Niels Jensen  Abt 1760Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I358892
73 Svendsen, Ernst  1771Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I364260
74 Weile, Hans "Kloe" Larsen  12 Nov 1681Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I85490
75 Zachariasen, Margrethe  1751Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I378906
76 Ødbersen, Anne  1772Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I335272


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Erichsen, Jep  2 Jan 1759Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I85447
2 Kjøller, Hans Clausen  13 Dec 1689Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I85492
3 Kofoed, Elisabeth Jensen  11 Dec 1719Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I85348
4 Kofoed, Else Margrethe Anchersen  2 May 1812Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I85482
5 Kofoed, Magdalene Jensen  1690Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I85585
6 Piil, Hans Hansen  24 Apr 1769Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I84486
7 Weile, Hans "Kloe" Larsen  19 Nov 1681Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I85490


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Thorsager, Conrad Zinck Jensen  15 Jul 1853Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I123795
2 Weile, Hans "Kloe" Larsen  Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark I85490


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Erichsen / Kofoed  22 Dec 1710Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark F38748
2 Hjorth / Nielsen  13 Mar 1687Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark F35657
3 Koefoed / Ipsen (Ipsen of Bornholm)  25 Nov 1864Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark F52755
4 Olufsen / Kofoed  28 Dec 1690Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark F38749
5 Piil / Kofoed  10 Feb 1756Ibsker, Bornholm, Denmark F38415

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