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Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 349 of 349

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Achen, Helvig Gertsen von  1620Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I92305
2 Achen, Iver Gertsen V  Oct 1620Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89114
3 Achen, Melchior Gertsen V  Oct 1614Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89115
4 Andersen, Agnes Marie  5 Jan 1896Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94751
5 Andersen, Ane  16 Mar 1900Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94749
6 Andersen, Jesper  14 Jul 1894Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94752
7 Andersen, Karl  30 Sep 1897Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94750
8 Andersen, Margrete  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90549
9 Andersen, Sonja Cathrine   I59480
10 Andreasen, Cathrine  13 Jul 1716Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89213
11 Becker, Claus  10 Sep 1922Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I148203
12 Becker, Mogens  23 Aug 1924Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I161068
13 Becker, Uffe  1920Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I88019
14 Berg, Engel Margrethe  28 NovHjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I187522
15 Bilgrav, Rita Marion  26 Feb 1915Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I163214
16 Bing, Dorothea C H W  1805Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I96636
17 Bing, Lars Hess  10 Sep 1761Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I96663
18 Bing, Lars Hess  1800Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I96682
19 Bistrup (Bidstrup of Sindal), Christen Christensen  1602Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89061
20 Bistrup (Bidstrup of Sindal), Christen Terkelsen  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89068
21 Bistrup (Bidstrup of Sindal), Ingeborg Christensen  Oct 1610Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89066
22 Bjerre, Henrik Axel   I143763
23 Bjerregaard, Inger Marie Sørensen  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89071
24 Bjerring, Maren  1740Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I69159
25 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Andrea  20 Apr 1827Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89078
26 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Anne Elisabeth  22 Aug 1815Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89079
27 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Benedikte  21 Mar 1836Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89080
28 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Gjertrud Marie  6 Oct 1809Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I93607
29 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Marcine Frederikks Nicoline  4 Dec 1821Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89081
30 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Sophie Margrethe  5 Oct 1816Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89083
31 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark), Vilhelmine Charlotte Antonette  23 Sep 1825Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89082
32 Brendstrup, August  24 May 1872Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I138531
33 Brinck-Seidelin (Brinck), Mariane Magdalene Clausine de  8 May 1817Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I170046
34 Bro, Jørgen Christoffersen   I180599
35 Bruun, Hans Georg Koefoed  26 Dec 1855Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I148223
36 Bülow (Bülow of Vranderup - Bülow), Hans Adam Frederik von   I50574
37 Bülow (Bülow of Vranderup - Bülow), Niels Flemming von   I50571
38 Bülow (Bülow of Vranderup - Bülow), Peter Vilhelm von   I50579
39 Bülow (Bülow of Vranderup - Bülow), Vivi Camilla Elisabeth von   I50578
40 Bøgh (Lassen), Nicolai Seidelin  5 Apr 1792Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I85654
41 Bøgh (Lassen), Nicoline Catrine  17 Oct 1790Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I86152
42 Børglum, Adolph Emil  18 Sep 1836Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90606
43 Børglum, Gutzon Johan  9 Nov 1834Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90607
44 Børglum, Kirstine Amalie  26 Dec 1842Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90571
45 Børglum, Martine Jacobine  21 Jul 1833Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90573
46 Christensen, Hakon  12 Jan 1916Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I133493
47 Christiansen, Andreas  6 Jan 1854Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63342
48 Christophersen, Agnes Johanne Augusta Kirstine Jelstrup  3 Jul 1876Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I127840
49 Christophersen, Jacob Jelstrup  28 Jan 1869Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I127903
50 Christophersen, Johan Jelstrup  24 Mar 1875Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I128107
51 Christophersen, Johanne Augusta Jelstrup  31 May 1871Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I215692
52 Christophersen, Kirstine Marie Mathilde Jelstrup  11 Feb 1879Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I127839
53 Dybro, Christine Marie  2 Apr 1894Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I76743
54 Dybro, Dagmar Elise  29 Jul 1897Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I76719
55 Dybro, Jens Valdemar  8 Feb 1896Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I76731
56 Egedorf, Maren Marie   I76092
57 Eierstd, Andreas  7 Nov 1878Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90545
58 Eiersted, Anders  1781Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I69993
59 Eiersted, Andreas  12 May 1817Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I93602
60 Eiersted, Anna  9 May 1890Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90537
61 Eiersted, Axel  8 Jan 1881Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90544
62 Eiersted, Caroline Marie  29 Mar 1827Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I69999
63 Eiersted, Ellen  18 Feb 1892Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90536
64 Eiersted, Else Johanne  18 Jun 1783Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I69994
65 Eiersted, Else Marie  27 Jan 1788Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I70018
66 Eiersted, Erich Christian  10 Sep 1786Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I69995
67 Eiersted, Erik Christian  20 Aug 1838Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I93604
68 Eiersted, Erik Otto  27 Oct 1844Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I93600
69 Eiersted, Frederik  1824Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I69997
70 Eiersted, Henry  24 Mar 1883Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90543
71 Eiersted, Johanne Dorthea  10 Jul 1888Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90538
72 Eiersted, Kai  25 Oct 1886Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90539
73 Eiersted, Niels Christopher  1777Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I69992
74 Eiersted, Olaf Frederik Rye  10 Mar 1885Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90540
75 Eiersted, Otto  26 Nov 1877Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90546
76 Ejersted, Hansine Andrea  23 Aug 1846Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I93598
77 Ejersted, Jensine Nicoline  24 May 1841Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I93603
78 Ejersted, Laurits Christian  30 Aug 1849Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I93596
79 Ejersted, Søren Christoffer  12 May 1854Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I93595
80 Eliasen, Ivar Brinck  9 Jun 1884Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I188988
81 Engberg, Gudrun  23 Oct 1909Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I139449
82 Engberg, Poul Moth Thestrup  26 May 1908Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I40070
83 Eriksen, Jens Nicolai  26 Dec 1808Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I93608
84 Ewertsen, Karen Marie Wind  24 Jul 1899Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I31226
85 Ewertsen, Kirsten Emma Wind  19 Apr 1894Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I31237
86 Falk (Falck of Norway), Knud   I60476
87 Fenger, Benedicte   I160706
88 Fiedler, Erik Sporon   I182227
89 Fiedler, Thora Olavia Sporon   I182241
90 Floridon, Flora Kirstine  1 May 1864Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I201547
91 Frederiksen, Jens  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I60386
92 Friederichsen, Henrich  27 Nov 1757Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94847
93 Friis, Ane Dorothea J  Oct 1809Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I182322
94 Friis, Daniel  17 May 1844Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I99602
95 Friis, Kirsten Elisabeth  17 Oct 1915Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I17536
96 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Abel Cathrine  11 Apr 1862Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I80610
97 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Carsten Andreas  20 May 1856Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94329
98 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Marie Annette Margrethe  21 Aug 1860Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94314
99 Ginge, Jacob Lehmann  19 Oct 1891Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I222250
100 Ginge, Karen Emilie  14 Mar 1889Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I222249
101 Ginge, Marie Margrethe  15 May 1887Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I222243
102 Grubak, Christian Valdemar Christensen  18 Oct 1903Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I93542
103 Grubak, Holm Dusinius Christensen  9 Jun 1902Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I93543
104 Grøntved, Christian  28 Jan 1846Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67948
105 Grøntved, Christian Nielsen  20 Mar 1834Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67942
106 Grøntved, Gertrud Catherine  11 May 1843Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67947
107 Grøntved, Gertrud Catherine Nielsen  7 Dec 1840Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67945
108 Grøntved, Jens Nielsen  24 Oct 1836Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67943
109 Grøntved, Jensine Birgitte  7 Aug 1826Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67938
110 Grøntved, Karen Marie Nielsen  24 Nov 1830Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67941
111 Grøntved, Niels  24 Feb 1825Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67935
112 Hagemann (Hagemann of Denmark), Mikkel   I198267
113 Hansen, Anders "Andrew" Marinus  12 Aug 1881Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I48951
114 Hansen, Carl August Holmer  18 Nov 1811Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I77276
115 Hansen, Hans Østergaard Bolvig  3 Oct 1883Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I183340
116 Hansen, Johan Christian  8 Jun 1877Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I136994
117 Hansen, Karen  6 Jan 1890Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90533
118 Hansen, Nicoline Hansine  15 Jan 1880Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I48963
119 Haugaard, Hannah Dorthea  20 Dec 1825Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90650
120 Haugaard, Jacob Christian  1824Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90648
121 Haugaard, Margrethe Dorthea  9 May 1854Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90643
122 Haugaard, Oline Frederikke  12 Oct 1856Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90640
123 Hegelund (Hegelund of Denmark), Birgitte  6 Apr 1909Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I220736
124 Hegelund (Hegelund of Denmark), Birtha Hermine  20 Jan 1861Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I44026
125 Hegelund (Hegelund of Denmark), Ellen  29 Nov 1900Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I220739
126 Hegelund (Hegelund of Denmark), Ester  7 Jan 1905Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I220737
127 Hegelund (Hegelund of Denmark), Jacob Christian  3 Aug 1859Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I44027
128 Hegelund (Hegelund of Denmark), Orla  19 Oct 1903Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I220738
129 Heiberg (Heiberg of Denmark), Klaus Johan   I140594
130 Heidemann, Andreas Frederik  30 Oct 1835Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I87675
131 Heidemann, Annine Laurette  6 May 1838Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I87672
132 Heidemann, Frederik  5 Oct 1833Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I87673
133 Heidemann, Ide Hedemine  4 Oct 1840Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I87669
134 Heidemann, Lars Brynnil  23 Oct 1849Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I87670
135 Heidemann, Laurits  1 Oct 1885Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63749
136 Heidemann, Lorentine Frederikke  9 Jun 1844Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I87671
137 Heidemann, Thomas Peder  1 Oct 1836Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63762
138 Heidemann, Thomine Henriette  23 Mar 1842Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I87668
139 Hermansen, Ane Sophie  27 Dec 1848Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I79379
140 Hermansen, Marie Kirstine  11 Dec 1846Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I79386
141 Hoffmeyer, Sophie Kirstine  4 Aug 1857Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I868
142 Hofmeister, Anne Marie   I183039
143 Hornemann (Hornemann of Lübeck), Kjeld Wilken  4 Mar 1906Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I45623
144 Hornemann (Hornemann of Lübeck), Margrethe  9 Jul 1902Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I45625
145 Horskjær, Erik  12 Feb 1921Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I221855
146 Hougaard, Ingeborg Catrine  10 Apr 1853Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90646
147 Hoversen, Gunild Marie  31 May 1815Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I187495
148 Høgsted, Albertine  1836Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90555
149 Høgsted, Ane  1798Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90618
150 Høgsted, Caroline Arnoldine  17 Jan 1837Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90634
151 Høgsted, Caroline Wilhelmine  29 May 1835Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90556
152 Høgsted, Christen Wilhelm  1 Aug 1828Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90636
153 Høgsted, Hans Christian Bang  2 May 1834Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90637
154 Høgsted, Hansine Christine  25 Sep 1838Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90631
155 Høgsted, Jens Nicolai  18 Aug 1833Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90557
156 Høgsted, Johanne Kirstine Bang  20 Sep 1831Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90633
157 Høgsted, Johannes Peder  1795Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90621
158 Høgsted, Kirstine  18 Sep 1855Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90547
159 Høgsted, Laurits  12 Feb 1797Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90620
160 Høgsted, Mads  23 Dec 1804Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90559
161 Hørlück, Henny Reimers  24 Dec 1907Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I19150
162 Høygaard, Karen Marie  28 Mar 1814Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I120774
163 Ifversen, Andreas Hegelund  13 Jan 1805Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89075
164 Ifversen, Henriette Petrea Amalie  12 Mar 1821Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I107809
165 Jacobsen, Inger  19 May 1888Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I135495
166 Jacobsen, Peder August  17 Jun 1812Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I76916
167 Jenen, Elly Lindtner  7 May 1914Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I134836
168 Jensen, Aksel  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94695
169 Jensen, Andrea  16 Jul 1879Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I76857
170 Jensen, Annie Minnie  2 Jan 1863Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I51995
171 Jensen, Elly Lindtner  7 May 1914Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I138758
172 Jensen, Frederik Christian Vilhelm  1858Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I180509
173 Jensen, Helga Sophie  1 Mar 1888Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I76809
174 Jensen, Ingrid Elisabeth  28 Sep 1890Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I76797
175 Jensen, Ingrid Jensine  3 Sep 1892Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I76785
176 Jensen, Jens Johannes  6 Feb 1886Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I76822
177 Jensen, Jensine Kristine  31 Jul 1882Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I88296
178 Jensen, Johannes Christian  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I60373
179 Jensen, Joseph Christian  1 Mar 1883Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I76834
180 Jensen, Sørine Martine  30 Mar 1876Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67999
181 Juul (Juul), Niels  10 Sep 1895Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I134667
182 Jørgensen, Ann Eleonora   I93055
183 Kampmann (Kampmann), Else  3 Feb 1889Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I138516
184 Kampmann (Kampmann), Hack  1 Jan 1878Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I198836
185 Kirkegaard, Emilie Marie  23 May 1915Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I136838
186 Kjerstrup, Edel Valborg  11 Nov 1910Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I179250
187 Knudsen, Asger Hjelm  28 Aug 1906Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I170452
188 Krag (Krag of Denmark), Ide Christine Larsen  30 Dec 1811Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63725
189 Kragelund, Amalie Charlotte  17 Aug 1855Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89270
190 Kragelund, Andreas Magnus  4 Aug 1820Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89275
191 Kragelund, Anna Andrea  30 Oct 1859Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89269
192 Kragelund, Carl  16 Sep 1829Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89274
193 Kragelund, Christian Marinus  4 Feb 1849Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89242
194 Kragelund, Elise Marie  26 May 1846Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89268
195 Kragelund, Emma Adelaide  20 Nov 1853Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89266
196 Kragelund, Frederik Julius  4 May 1847Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89243
197 Kragelund, Gunnarus Julius  19 Jun 1863Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89241
198 Kragelund, Ide Kirstine  7 Jan 1827Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89264
199 Kragelund, Johan Adolf  12 Jul 1856Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89248
200 Kragelund, Julie Frederikke  30 May 1858Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89240
201 Kragelund, Kirstine  1808Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89234
202 Kragelund, Magdalene Jensine  29 Aug 1848Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89262
203 Kragelund, Marie Josefine  8 Dec 1855Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89238
204 Kragelund, Nicolai Christian  19 May 1786Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89281
205 Kragelund, Nicolai Christian  10 Sep 1850Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89259
206 Kragelund, Nicolai Christian  30 Apr 1858Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89260
207 Kragelund, Nicolai Martin  1818Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89245
208 Kragelund, Nicoline Marie  25 Apr 1824Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89253
209 Kragelund, Nicoline Mathilda  5 Apr 1860Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89236
210 Kragelund, Niels Christian  1752Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I69946
211 Kragelund, Ottemine Jensine  8 Nov 1863Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89254
212 Kragelund, Peter Severin  2 May 1822Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89273
213 Kragelund, Peter Wilhelm  11 Apr 1853Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89235
214 Kragelund, Robertine Georgine  10 Sep 1850Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89258
215 Kragelund, Severine  19 Jul 1858Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89255
216 Kragelund, Thomas Peder  30 Sep 1865Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89256
217 Krogh, Inge Marie Johanne  7 Jul 1915Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I136117
218 Kronborg, Christine Christensen  1752Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89276
219 Laage-Petersen, Holger   I254504
220 Larsen, Johannes  10 Aug 1835Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63665
221 Larsen, Laura Marie  21 Jun 1863Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63652
222 Lerche-Lerchenborg (Lerche), Christian Cornelius, Baron   I162519
223 Lerche-Lerchenborg (Lerche), Mads Christian, Baron   I162521
224 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark), Anna  1886Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I91719
225 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark), Christian Frederik  16 Oct 1891Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I270300
226 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark), Ellen  1883Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I275670
227 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark), Erik  17 Oct 1895Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I275196
228 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark), Inger  1893Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I275669
229 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark), Jørgen  1889Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I275195
230 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark), Knud  1888Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I275667
231 Løgstrup, Hans Harald Ussing  26 Jul 1886Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I130934
232 Madsen-Mygdal, Anna  19 May 1880Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I47494
233 Mathiasen, Sophie  31 Mar 1874Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I176853
234 Meyer, Martin  13 Feb 1840Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I137015
235 Michelsen, Hans Christian  12 Jan 1887Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I132946
236 Mikkelsen, Gerhard  27 Mar 1912Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I133001
237 Mikkelsen, Henning   I94738
238 Mogensen, Else  25 May 1906Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I111272
239 Mogensen, Grete  18 Aug 1918Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I182200
240 Mortensen, Ane Marie  Abt 1873Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I254950
241 Mortensen, Carl  Abt 1879Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I254948
242 Mortensen, Jens Johan  6 Jul 1867Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I254970
243 Mortensen, Kristen  Abt 1875Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I254949
244 Mortensen, Martine  Abt 1871Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I254951
245 Møller, Carl August  7 Mar 1889Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I18816
246 Møller, Dagmar Camilla Charlotte  19 May 1877Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I138137
247 Møller, Elisabeth Margrethe  14 Aug 1888Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I100149
248 Møller, Nicoline  1836Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I117559
249 Neergaard of Skjoldenæsholm (Neergaard), Thomas Bruun de   I183043
250 Neist, Jensine Henriette Christiane Marg  24 Feb 1815Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94840
251 Nepper, Ane Cathrine Marie  30 Mar 1860Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I70007
252 Nepper, Ida Kirstine Marie  13 Aug 1856Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I70004
253 Nepper, Niels Christian  2 May 1858Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I70005
254 Nielsen, Agnes  18 Jun 1898Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I50712
255 Nielsen, Astrid Kirstine  1877Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I274615
256 Nielsen, Christian Henrik  1 Jan 1809Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I120778
257 Nielsen, Christiane Cathrine Nicoline  22 Jun 1851Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I35217
258 Nielsen, Ingeborg  1813Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I117560
259 Nielsen, Kristine Marie  3 Jan 1887Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I49453
260 Nyholm, Jens  24 Jul 1900Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I184336
261 Nyholm, Paul Christian Edvard  27 Sep 1895Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I184335
262 Olesen, Chresten Andreas  27 Jun 1845Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I35205
263 Paludan, Marie-Louise Bull  13 Sep 1917Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I184656
264 Pedersen, Anders Christian  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89265
265 Pedersen, Anders Peder  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I93559
266 Pedersen, Othine Catrine  9 Sep 1896Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I70916
267 Petersen, Bente   I60289
268 Petersen, Frederik Wilhelm  6 Jan 1874Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67959
269 Petersen, Nicolena Catrine  Abt 3 Dec 1871Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67958
270 Petersen, Nicoline Marie  24 Jan 1867Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67956
271 Petersen, Peter Emil  9 Jan 1853Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67951
272 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Tina Michaela   I173672
273 Poulsen, Hans Frederik  12 Mar 1815Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I198634
274 Poulsen, Oda  5 Mar 1902Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I175248
275 Poulsen, Sara Marie  22 Aug 1822Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I23306
276 Prior (Prior of Denmark), Andrea Wilhelmine  1875Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I101295
277 Proft, Margrethe Cathrine Helene  15 Mar 1767Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I96662
278 Quade, Marie Kristine  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89084
279 Rasmussen, Peer Juel   I222031
280 Rasmussen, Tove Juel   I222033
281 Reventlow (Reventlow), Aage  17 Jul 1892Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I170330
282 Scheving, Benedict  31 May 1883Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I133567
283 Scheving, Gudrun Rigmor  20 Aug 1913Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I133518
284 Scheving, Gudrun Simonia  21 May 1881Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I133569
285 Scheving, Haldora  12 May 1891Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I133510
286 Scheving, Halfdan  24 Nov 1884Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I133566
287 Scheving, Helge  15 Sep 1887Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I133554
288 Scheving, Holger  31 May 1883Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I133568
289 Scheving, Sigrid Vilhemine  21 May 1881Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I133574
290 Scheving, Simonia  30 May 1911Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I133530
291 Scheving, Villy  13 Oct 1909Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I133542
292 Schiøler (Schiøler), Eigil Christian Schou  7 Sep 1893Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I3453
293 Segelcke, Johanne Elise  4 Apr 1874Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I107807
294 Siegumfeldt, Ellen Marie Elisabeth la Cour  6 Sep 1869Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I222787
295 Siegumfeldt, Immanuel la Cour  8 Jan 1871Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I222786
296 Siegumfeldt, Johanne Hendrine Marie la Cour  16 Feb 1868Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I222788
297 Siegumfeldt, Jørgen Carl la Cour  6 Feb 1867Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I222789
298 Siegumfeldt, Nikolaj Frederik Severin la Cour  29 Jul 1872Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I222793
299 Skræm, Agnes Catrine Dorthea  1 Oct 1872Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63775
300 Skræm, Agnes Catrine Marie  1 Jun 1876Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63607
301 Skræm, Ane  2 Jul 1859Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63821
302 Skræm, Ane Cathrine  1 Oct 1889Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63523
303 Skræm, Anthine  1 Oct 1884Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63561
304 Skræm, Antine Marie  15 Mar 1840Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63892
305 Skræm, Axel Christian  1 Oct 1886Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63547
306 Skræm, Dorthea  20 Mar 1845Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63866
307 Skræm, Elna  1 Oct 1888Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63535
308 Skræm, Jens  30 Oct 1842Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63880
309 Skræm, Josefine Amalie  28 Sep 1851Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63845
310 Skræm, Josva  5 Dec 1856Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63833
311 Skræm, Josva Andreas  1 Sep 1878Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63595
312 Skræm, Laura Antine Christiane  1 Jun 1861Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63787
313 Skræm, Mette Marie  1 Sep 1880Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63585
314 Skræm, Olga Julia  1 Oct 1882Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63573
315 Sommer (Sommer of Bagterp), Ane Lorentze Nielsen  18 Sep 1845Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I127854
316 Sporon, Benjamin Georg  4 Jan 1822Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I78544
317 Sporon, Georgia Hansine  20 Jun 1820Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I78533
318 Sporon, Margrethe Albertine Charlotte  15 Nov 1818Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I78211
319 Stephensen, Mads  8 Sep 1720Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90550
320 Stougaard, Mette Vibeke Segelcke  23 Jun 1902Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I100136
321 Stricker, Elimar  6 Oct 1917Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I59385
322 Suur (Suur), Gert Nielsen Bech  Oct 1640Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89112
323 Suur (Suur), Henrik Gertsen Bech  1674Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89110
324 Suur (Suur), Johanne Nielsen Bech  Oct 1638Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89113
325 Suur (Suur), Laurids Nielsen Bech  1646Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I92306
326 Suur (Suur), Niels Gertsen Bech  1672Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89111
327 Svennevig, Aage Skræm  1885Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63676
328 Svennevig, Laurits Christian  1882Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63688
329 Sørensen, Cecilie Marina Hother   I34385
330 Sørensen, Clara Josephine  19 Feb 1836Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I168533
331 Sørensen, Sørmine Birgitte  22 Aug 1839Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I44029
332 Thomsen, Ellen  23 Aug 1903Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I36780
333 Thorning-Petersen, Edith Jacobine   I28907
334 Thøgersen, Christina Elisabeth   I56132
335 Topp, Georg  25 Feb 1860Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I80618
336 Torp-Pedersen, Emil  14 Jul 1894Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I154846
337 Vestergaard, Kirsten   I145176
338 Vestergaard, Martine Jensen  1873Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63629
339 Vestergaard, Peder Jensen  1 Jan 1833Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63642
340 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Karl, Baron  25 Jul 1877Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I146432
341 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Marie, Baroness  4 Feb 1871Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I147187
342 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Vibeke, Baroness  29 Apr 1899Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I147075
343 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Vilhelm Ferdinand, Baron  26 Apr 1873Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I147209
344 Westerby, Jens Christian  Abt 1835Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I40910
345 Westerby, Laurentz  25 May 1877Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I192460
346 Westerby, Niels  15 Dec 1868Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I38836
347 Westerby, Poul Bach  Abt 1879Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I37331
348 Würmfeldt, Anne Marie Elisabeth  21 Aug 1757Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I156972
349 Østergaard, Ida   I141827


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Signe  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94748
2 Becker, Claus  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I148203
3 Becker, Mogens  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I161068
4 Becker, Uffe  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I88019
5 Bøgh (Lassen), Nicolai Seidelin  5 Apr 1792Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I85654
6 Bøgh (Lassen), Nicoline Catrine  17 Oct 1790Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I86152
7 Hegelund (Hegelund of Denmark), Gunnar  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I44122
8 Hegelund (Hegelund of Denmark), Hans Ulrik  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I44120
9 Hegelund (Hegelund of Denmark), Ulla  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I44130
10 Horskjær, Erik  22 Apr 1922Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I221855
11 Hoversen, Gunild Marie  3 Jun 1815Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I187495
12 Jensen, Ane Catrine  10 Apr 1816Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63915
13 Mikkelsen, Henning   I94738
14 Mørck (Mørch of Jegindø), Christian  19 Mar 1778Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I240606
15 Rasmussen, Peer Juel   I222031
16 Siegumfeldt, Ellen Marie Elisabeth la Cour  7 Nov 1869Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I222787
17 Siegumfeldt, Immanuel la Cour  29 May 1871Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I222786
18 Siegumfeldt, Johanne Hendrine Marie la Cour  16 Mar 1868Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I222788
19 Siegumfeldt, Jørgen Carl la Cour  6 Feb 1867Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I222789
20 Siegumfeldt, Nikolaj Frederik Severin la Cour  11 Sep 1872Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I222793


Matches 1 to 109 of 109

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abrahams, Frederik Philip Vilhelm "Fritz"  26 Mar 1881Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I139896
2 Achen, Gert Petersen V  1635Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89123
3 Achen, Helvig Gertsen von  1670Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I92305
4 Andersen, Anders Christen Carl  21 Aug 1942Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94757
5 Andersen, Niels Christian  17 Sep 1912Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I49551
6 Andersen, Signe  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94748
7 Bistrup (Bidstrup of Sindal), Christen Eriksen  26 Jun 1668Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89144
8 Bolvig, Knud  25 Nov 1835Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I92351
9 Bruhn, Agnes Christiane  20 Aug 1891Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I148803
10 Børglum, Augustinus  20 Jan 1881Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90654
11 Børglum, Ingeborg Catrine Wilsbech  28 May 1869Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90660
12 Børglum, Jens Møller  3 May 1865Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90657
13 Børglum, Kirstine  5 Oct 1855Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90671
14 Børglum, Sara Marie  14 May 1820Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I171369
15 Calmer, Catrine Marie Christensen  16 Mar 1838Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I66876
16 Carøe (Carøe), Jacobine Alberta  19 May 1944Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I270302
17 Christensen, Jens  Abt 1801Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67922
18 Christensen, Karen  21 Apr 1879Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67924
19 Christiansen, Ane Martine  2 Feb 1981Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I76353
20 Christiansen, Martin  19 Apr 1938Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94745
21 Christophersen, Johannes Jelstrup  1889Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I127877
22 Dybro, Elvine Kirstine  27 Jan 1981Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I80593
23 Eiersted, Axel  17 Dec 1950Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90544
24 Eiersted, Ellen  29 Dec 1941Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90536
25 Eiersted, Else Marie  22 Mar 1861Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I70018
26 Eiersted, Erich Christian  27 Nov 1856Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I69995
27 Eiersted, Erik Otto  11 Oct 1928Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I93600
28 Eiersted, Jens Erichsen  1814Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I69990
29 Eriksen, Jens Nicolai  26 Jul 1840Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I93608
30 Falk (Falck of Norway), Johannes  18 Sep 1968Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I60556
31 Fangel, Hans Peter Christian  1 Aug 1911Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I21888
32 Frederiksen, Birgitte  15 Sep 1880Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I91804
33 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Marie  1 May 1967Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I88586
34 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Otto  25 Jul 1944Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94181
35 Ginge, Karen Emilie  22 Sep 1889Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I222249
36 Graae (Graae), Peder Hersleb  14 Dec 1830Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I191421
37 Grøntved, Jens Nielsen  8 Nov 1836Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67943
38 Grøntved, Jensine Birgitte  28 May 1827Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67938
39 Grøntved, Jensine Birgitte Nielsen  19 Sep 1879Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67940
40 Grøntved, Niels Nielsen  10 Feb 1867Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67934
41 Guldberg (Guldberg), Anna Margrethe  12 Sep 1786Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I2152
42 Hansen, Margrete  4 Mar 1645Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89116
43 Harbou, Marie Elisabeth Wilhelmine "Mimi"  27 Apr 1879Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I72733
44 Haugaard, Jens Møller  6 May 1839Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90659
45 Hegelund (Hegelund of Denmark), Alfred  17 Feb 1946Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I44127
46 Hegelund (Hegelund of Denmark), Gunnar  13 Aug 1997Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I44122
47 Heidemann, Andreas Frederik  1860Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63712
48 Helmich, Johanne Jensen  Jul 1808Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I240611
49 Hildebrandt of Marzhausen (Hildebrandt), Christian Peter  28 Feb 1961Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67987
50 Holst, Gerda Nathalie  21 Jul 1942Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I44123
51 Humble (Humble), Iver Rudbechsen  27 Mar 1696Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I91925
52 Høygaard, Karen Marie  18 Feb 1881Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I120774
53 Ifversen, Henriette Petrea Amalie  1889Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I107809
54 Ifversen, Peder  1810Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89074
55 Jacobsen, Jacob  24 Nov 1905Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I135515
56 Jensen, Ane Catrine  4 Dec 1876Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63915
57 Jensen, Ane Sophie  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I254952
58 Jensen, Else Krage  9 Apr 1930Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94746
59 Jensen, Else Marie  8 Mar 1925Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I68005
60 Jensen, Johanne  1899Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I47899
61 Jensen, Karoline  27 Jan 1964Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I68002
62 Jensen, Krista Marie  10 Jun 1963Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94740
63 Jørgensen, Else  28 Jun 1961Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94177
64 Jørgensen, Jens Peder Dybro  4 Sep 1986Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I76415
65 Kampmann (Kampmann), Hack  31 Mar 1894Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I138569
66 Klitgaard, Carl  7 Jan 1957Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I129645
67 Klitgaard, Tove Lisbet  2 Feb 2006Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I12409
68 Kragelund, Nicolai Christian  21 Apr 1870Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89281
69 Kristiansen, Kristian  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94747
70 Kruse, Ingeborg Cathrine  1756Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I68822
71 Larsen, Ane Marie  1 Jan 1955Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94756
72 Lassen, Ane Birgitte  13 Nov 1845Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I77690
73 Lund, Karen Elisabeth  25 Dec 1861Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I90610
74 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark), Anna  1970Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I91719
75 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark), Ellen  1886Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I275670
76 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark), Johan Henrik Balthasar  28 Dec 1933Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I33572
77 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark), Jørgen  1967Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I275195
78 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark), Knud  1889Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I275667
79 Lützhøft, Holten Nicolaus  11 May 1922Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I88581
80 Meyer, Meyer Hartvig  16 Feb 1872Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I137346
81 Meyhoff, Christiane Geshe  25 Jan 1927Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I21887
82 Mikkelsen, Christian  4 Feb 1990Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I94739
83 Mogensen, Kristen  27 Apr 1831Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I68082
84 Mortensen, Christian  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I254953
85 Mortensen, Martinus  9 Dec 1940Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I178370
86 Mørk, Peder Andersen  15 Nov 1898Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I69877
87 Mørup, Christian  29 Apr 1873Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I279868
88 Nielsen, Christian Henrik  1 May 1881Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I120778
89 Pedersen, Christian Peder  5 Jan 1945Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I80580
90 Petersen, Frederik Wilhelm  1 Dec 1898Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67959
91 Petersen, Nicoline Marie  19 Dec 1870Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67956
92 Petersen, Peter Emil  9 Jan 1853Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67951
93 Prior (Prior of Denmark), Andreas Peter  10 Dec 1897Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I44550
94 Røring, Sofie Evertsen  Abt 1720Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89135
95 Segelcke, Axel Rosenkrantz  4 Apr 1885Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I88540
96 Siegumfeldt, Jørgen Carl la Cour  6 Feb 1867Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I222789
97 Skræm, Jens Peder  1 Jan 1879Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63986
98 Suur (Suur), Gert Nielsen Bech  1 Apr 1678Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I89112
99 Suur (Suur), Niels Lauridsen Bech  1667Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I118411
100 Sveistrup (Sveistrup), Christen Christensen  28 Jun 1797Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I2153
101 Therkildsen, Anne Marie  21 Aug 1961Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I129644
102 Thøgersen, Henry  21 Sep 1982Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I56166
103 Toft, Nicolette Andriette  5 Oct 1850Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I119795
104 Toxwerdt, Nicolai Peter Diderich  15 Jul 1879Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I121895
105 Ursin (Bjørn of Sæby), Elsebet "Bjørn"  19 May 1704Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I93034
106 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen), Johan Sigismund, Baron  16 Sep 1868Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I147154
107 Wesenberg (Wesenberg), Ernestine Caroline Adalberta Augusta  18 Dec 1911Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I262892
108 Westerby, Jens Christian  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I40910
109 Westerby, Niels  3 Jan 1849Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I41372


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Niels Christian  22 Sep 1912Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I49551
2 Bøgh (Lassen), Nicoline Catrine  26 Jan 1792Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I86152
3 Christensen, Jens  Abt 1801Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67922
4 Christensen, Karen  27 Apr 1879Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67924
5 Eiersted, Jens Erichsen  6 Nov 1814Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I69990
6 Falk (Falck of Norway), Johannes  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I60556
7 Grøntved, Jens Nielsen  1836Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67943
8 Grøntved, Jensine Birgitte  1827Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67938
9 Grøntved, Jensine Birgitte Nielsen  23 Sep 1879Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67940
10 Grøntved, Niels Nielsen  18 Feb 1867Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67934
11 Helmich, Johanne Jensen  6 Jul 1808Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I240611
12 Petersen, Frederik Wilhelm  Abt 1 Dec 1898Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67959
13 Petersen, Nicoline Marie  Abt 19 Dec 1870Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67956
14 Petersen, Peter Emil  Abt 9 Jan 1853Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I67951
15 Prior (Prior of Denmark), Andreas Peter  16 Dec 1897Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I44550
16 Skræm, Ane  27 Mar 1889Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I63821
17 Thomsen, Peder Christian Sophus  7 Apr 1937Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I195222
18 Thøgersen, Henry  28 Sep 1982Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I56166


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Abrahams, Frederik Philip Vilhelm "Fritz"  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I139896
2 Andreasen, Christian Adolph  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I44291
3 Brun (Brun of Wismar), Charlotte   I48014
4 Christensen, Arild Evald  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I133509
5 Christophersen, Johannes Jelstrup  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I127877
6 Eliasen, Elias  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I188989
7 Fibiger, Gotfred  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I27968
8 Fiedler, Erik Sporon  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I172997
9 Friis, J P  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I179808
10 Friis, Valdemar  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I17534
11 Hansen, Lars Christian  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I183339
12 Heerfordt, Niels Christian  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I198278
13 Hegelund (Hegelund of Denmark), Gunnar  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I44122
14 Helsted, Kai  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I15669
15 Hertz, Jens Michael  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I154503
16 Hofmeister, Gunnar Emil   I183040
17 Horskjær, Hans Kristian  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I221853
18 Høygaard, Jørgen Pedersen  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I86176
19 Jacobsen, Jacob  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I135515
20 Kabell, Søren  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I119796
21 Kjerstrup, Eduard  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I179251
22 Kjølbye (Kjølbye), Anders  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I2158
23 Klitgaard, Carl  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I129645
24 Knudsen, Lars  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I170451
25 Kofoed, Hans Georg  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I168187
26 Licht (Licht), Aage Holger de Fine  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I175612
27 Lillienschiold (Lillienschiold), William August de  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I188188
28 Linstow (Linstow), Frederik Wilhelm von  22 Aug 1885Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I81091
29 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark), Johan Henrik Balthasar  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I33572
30 Mathiasen, W M  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I176855
31 Meyer, Meyer Hartvig  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I137346
32 Mikkelsen, Gerhard  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I133001
33 Mortensen, Christian  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I254953
34 Møller, Carl August  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I18849
35 Nielsen, Christian  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I86112
36 Nielsen, Poul Christiansen  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I86110
37 Olesen, Niels  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I120780
38 Riisager, Frans  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I203297
39 Scheving, Gudmundur Bjarnason  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I133575
40 Scheving, Helge  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I133554
41 Segelcke, Axel Rosenkrantz  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I88540
42 Sommer (Sommer of Bagterp), Niels Christian  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I127758
43 Sørensen, Søren Christian  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I91846
44 Thomsen, Peder Christian Sophus  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I195222
45 Uldall, Peter Johan  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark I181659


Matches 1 to 73 of 73

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andreasen / Kragelund  31 Oct 1865Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40232
2 Billenstein / Ifversen  8 Feb 1898Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F78126
3 Borgen (Borgen of Denmark) / Quade  21 Oct 1814Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40171
4 Brandt / Jensen  12 Apr 1916Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F57424
5 Bülow (Bülow of Vranderup - Bülow) / Nielsen  26 Dec 1928Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F13120
6 Børglum / Heidemann  12 Apr 1868Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F39553
7 Børglum / Sørensen  16 May 1830Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40636
8 Christensen / Scheving  12 Sep 1915Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F55741
9 Christiansen / Skræm  6 Dec 1878Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F30813
10 Dallerup / Jensen  29 Apr 1847Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F17458
11 Denking / Kragelund  21 Jun 1861Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40230
12 Dybro / Jensen  30 Nov 1897Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F35433
13 Ehlers / Stougaard  24 Aug 1929Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F44502
14 Eiersted / Haugaard  26 Nov 1875Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40659
15 Eriksen / Borgen (Borgen of Denmark)  24 Oct 1837Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F41893
16 Falk (Falck of Norway) / Petersen   F29584
17 Fiedler / Mogensen  23 Apr 1938Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F72831
18 Frederiksen / Knudsen  9 Nov 1877Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F29625
19 Gjelstrup / Høgsted  14 May 1858Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40656
20 Hegelund (Hegelund of Denmark) / Sørensen  29 Dec 1857Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F65712
21 Heidemann / Christensen  1 Apr 1870Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F30962
22 Heidemann / Krag (Krag of Denmark)  30 Oct 1835Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F30939
23 Heidemann / Skræm  29 Apr 1883Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F30963
24 Heidemann / Svendsen  1 Sep 1888Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F39554
25 Henriksen / Hansen  Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F32461
26 Høgsted / Neist  15 May 1823Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40658
27 Høgsted / Neist  22 Jun 1837Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40657
28 Høgsted / Panck (Payngk)  15 Jun 1851Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40629
29 Høgsted / Simonsen  12 Aug 1830Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40632
30 Ifversen / Bjerregaard  12 Jan 1821Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40166
31 Ifversen / Borgen (Borgen of Denmark)  29 Jun 1838Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40168
32 Jelstrup (Kjærulf) / Restorff  12 Nov 1863Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F112724
33 Jensen / Christensen  19 May 1854Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F35313
34 Jensen / Christensen  11 May 1879Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F35533
35 Jensen / Knudsen  30 Apr 1889Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F29619
36 Kabell / Brinck-Seidelin (Brinck)  14 May 1842Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F552
37 Kaiser / Falk (Falck of Norway)   F29586
38 Kiil / Christensen  1785Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F32522
39 Kjølbye (Kjølbye) / Sveistrup (Sveistrup)  31 May 1793Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F449
40 Knudsen / Kampmann (Kampmann)  6 Dec 1893Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F57322
41 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard) / Nielsen   F88632
42 Krag (Krag of Denmark) / Koch  23 Jan 1798Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F39548
43 Kragelund / Eiersted  23 Sep 1808Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F33247
44 Kragelund / Ejersted  3 Feb 1807Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F33224
45 Kragelund / Hansen  3 Jan 1884Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40226
46 Kragelund / Kronborg  8 Sep 1785Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F33225
47 Kragelund / Schønning  11 May 1846Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40222
48 Lange / Høgsted  28 Sep 1851Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40654
49 Larsen / Kragelund  9 Oct 1842Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40220
50 Larsen / Skræm  14 Nov 1862Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F30919
51 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark) / Ovesen  23 Aug 1922Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F114963
52 Madsen / Madsen  11 Oct 1788Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40631
53 Neist / Schultz  25 Nov 1814Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F42377
54 Nepper / Eiersted  26 Jan 1855Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F33240
55 Nielsen / Ejersted  24 May 1876Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F41889
56 Nielsen / Høygaard  23 Oct 1832Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F13770
57 Olesen / Nielsen  22 Oct 1880Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F18374
58 Pedersen / Kragelund  13 Mar 1873Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40231
59 Petersen / Haugaard  27 Nov 1874Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40662
60 Poulsen / Niklason  14 Nov 1879Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F25039
61 Rasmussen / Hougaard  20 Mar 1884Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40663
62 Rosenørn (Rosenørn) / Brinck-Seidelin (Brinck)  15 Apr 1845Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F71571
63 Scheving / Petersen  6 Mar 1908Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F55756
64 Skræm / Larsen  29 Apr 1860Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F30986
65 Stabell (Stabell) / Hegelund (Hegelund of Denmark)  14 Aug 1934Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F66637
66 Suur (Suur) / Achen  27 Jun 1637Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F41372
67 Suur (Suur) / Ursin (Bjørn of Sæby)  1671Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40182
68 Svendsen / Borgen (Borgen of Denmark)  22 Apr 1852Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40170
69 Svennevig / Skræm  22 Feb 1881Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F30931
70 Sørensen / Andersen   F29265
71 Sørensen / Kragelund  15 Nov 1850Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40227
72 Sørensen / Kragelund  20 Aug 1878Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F40221
73 Vestergaard / Skræm  29 Dec 1871Hjørring, North Jutland, Denmark F30915

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