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Hesselager, Funen, Denmark



Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Anne  1860Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I76031
2 Christensen, Maren  1789Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75447
3 Christiansen, Anna Ottilia  24 Jan 1891Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I76030
4 Christiansen, Anne Marie  6 Jul 1858Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75434
5 Christiansen, Anne Marie  17 Apr 1862Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75433
6 Christiansen, Erik  23 Jun 1864Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75436
7 Christiansen, Hans Henrik  16 Aug 1860Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75438
8 Christiansen, Iver  23 Sep 1849Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75446
9 Christiansen, Iver  16 Jan 1857Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I76033
10 Christiansen, Jens  16 Nov 1850Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75453
11 Christiansen, Kirsten  1859Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75448
12 Christiansen, Kristian Iver  28 Sep 1890Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75442
13 Christiansen, Maren  28 May 1855Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75449
14 Christiansen, Maren  19 Dec 1886Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I76075
15 Christiansen, Mette Kirstine  12 Sep 1853Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75451
16 Christiansen, Mette Kirstine  26 Jan 1889Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75445
17 Christiansen, Niels Peter  30 Oct 1861Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75437
18 Christiansen, Rasmus  24 Mar 1852Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75452
19 Egedorf, Clara  30 Nov 1917Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I76120
20 Egedorf, Hans Madsen Nikolaus  12 Mar 1891Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I76027
21 Egedorf, Jørgen   I76068
22 Egedorf, Peder Jensen  21 Dec 1884Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I76076
23 Friis (Friis of Hesselager), Berte Nielsen  27 Feb 1583Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I147422
24 Friis (Friis of Hesselager), Christoffer Nielsen  6 May 1578Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I235080
25 Friis (Friis of Hesselager), Christoffer Nielsen  22 Nov 1581Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I235077
26 Friis (Friis of Hesselager), Fredrik Nielsen  29 Nov 1591Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I235012
27 Friis (Friis of Hesselager), Henrik Nielsen  6 Aug 1576Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I235081
28 Friis (Friis of Hesselager), Jesper Nielsen  10 Aug 1591Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I178212
29 Friis (Friis of Hesselager), Johan Nielsen  30 Nov 1580Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I235078
30 Friis (Friis of Hesselager), Johan Nielsen  24 Jun 1585Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I235075
31 Friis (Friis of Hesselager), Margrethe Nielsen  7 May 1579Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I235079
32 Friis (Friis of Hesselager), Tønnes Nielsen  19 Jun 1584Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I186873
33 Grønnevold, Birgitte Sachariæ Poulsen  Abt 1686Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I46662
34 Grønnevold, Paul Sachariæ  Abt 1653Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I46658
35 Hansen, Elisabeth  1810Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I132665
36 Iversen, Christian  1817Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75456
37 Iversen, Hans  1814Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75435
38 Jensen, Kirsten  1816Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75432
39 Jensen, Peder  1805Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75427
40 Kabell, Aage Emmanuel Christoffer  8 Jan 1877Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I88352
41 Kroun, Tove  15 Dec 1918Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I176171
42 Lauritsen, Niels Peter Lindeman   I53864
43 Monrad  1 Jan 1716Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I46694
44 Monrad, Birgitte  Abt 1713Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I46705
45 Monrad, Frederik Hansen  5 Aug 1705Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I46732
46 Monrad, Niels Hansen  1717Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I46688
47 Monrad, Paul  1709Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I46741
48 Monrad, Povel  1711Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I46731
49 Monrad, Øllegaard Grønnevold Hansen  Abt 1714Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I46696
50 Monrath, Erich Hansen  1 Jan 1716Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I47032
51 Olesen, Ane  1804Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75376
52 Pedersen, Anders  1856Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75422
53 Pedersen, Anne Marie  1849Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75441
54 Pedersen, Borger  1846Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75423
55 Pedersen, Hans  1852Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75430
56 Pedersen, Rasmus  1855Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75429
57 Rasmussen, Maren  1825Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75454
58 Sivers, Augusta Mariane  Abt 1834Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I130018


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Christiansen, Anna Ottilia  26 Mar 1891Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I76030
2 Christiansen, Anne Marie  9 Jun 1862Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75433
3 Christiansen, Erik  7 Aug 1864Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75436
4 Christiansen, Hans Henrik  14 Oct 1860Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75438
5 Christiansen, Iver  4 Nov 1849Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75446
6 Christiansen, Jens  19 Jan 1851Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75453
7 Christiansen, Kristian Iver  21 Dec 1890Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75442
8 Christiansen, Maren  14 Jul 1855Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75449
9 Christiansen, Mette Kirstine  20 Oct 1853Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75451
10 Christiansen, Mette Kirstine  10 Mar 1889Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75445
11 Christiansen, Rasmus  Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75452
12 Egedorf, Hans Madsen Nikolaus  31 May 1891Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I76027
13 Egedorf, Peder Jensen  22 Feb 1884Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I76076


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dons, Andreas  8 Jul 1868Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I129681
2 Friis (Friis of Hesselager), Anne Nielsen  14 Jun 1595Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I235073
3 Friis (Friis of Hesselager), Christoffer Nielsen  2 Jun 1581Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I235080
4 Friis (Friis of Hesselager), Margrethe Nielsen  2 May 1584Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I235079
5 Friis (Friis of Hesselager), Niels Henriksen  26 Apr 1610Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I153802
6 Iversen, Hans  23 Jan 1879Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75435
7 Kirketerp-Møller, Frode  3 Feb 1943Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I87903
8 Kroun, Henrik Marius  2 Aug 1967Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I176173
9 Larsen, Mette Marie Elisabeth  13 Aug 1952Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I176172
10 Monrad, Hans Rhumann  Jul 1775Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I46742
11 Rasmussen, Maren  Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75454
12 Segger, Anna  19 Mar 1876Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I129680


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Christiansen, Maren  1981Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I76075
2 Egedorf, Peder Jensen  1962Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I76076
3 Friis (Friis of Hesselager), Anne Nielsen  Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I235073
4 Iversen, Hans  31 Jan 1879Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I75435
5 Rosén (Rosén of Sweden), Carin Sigrid Eleonore, Countess von  17 Sep 2016Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I2371


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Dons, Julius  Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I130020
2 Iuul (Juul of Willestrup), Axel Frederik   I144344
3 Poulsen, Tage Gerhard   I111289
4 Sidenius (Sidenius), Niels  Hesselager, Funen, Denmark I83966


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Christiansen / Andersen  18 Sep 1883Hesselager, Funen, Denmark F35047
2 Fenger / Egedorf  3 Aug 1946Hesselager, Funen, Denmark F35084
3 Hansen / Pedersen  26 Nov 1881Hesselager, Funen, Denmark F34847
4 Kroun / Larsen  16 Sep 1910Hesselager, Funen, Denmark F74179
5 Monrad / Grønnevold  1704Hesselager, Funen, Denmark F862
6 Sidenius (Sidenius) / Sidenius (Sidenius)  7 Nov 1821Hesselager, Funen, Denmark F38139

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