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Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 100 of 100

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Grethe Mellegaard   I299252
2 Ansø, Jens   I290751
3 Ansø, Niels   I290750
4 Boel, Esper  10 Sep 1913Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I195103
5 Bæk, Minna Kristine   I294333
6 Christensen, Anne Catrine  12 Sep 1830Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I55242
7 Christensen, Per   I297859
8 Christensen, Steen   I297857
9 Egensbjerg, Bent   I296442
10 Eriksen, Carsten Risgaard   I289432
11 Eriksen, Inger Risgaard   I289430
12 Formann, Birgitte Kirstine  13 Aug 1840Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I116102
13 Formann, Charlotte Marie Margrethe  3 Aug 1836Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I185502
14 Formann, Christian Henrik Frantz Wilhelm  7 Feb 1842Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I103174
15 Formann, Emilie Marie  1843Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I103158
16 Formann, Johan Volqvartz Carsten  9 Dec 1838Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I103155
17 Formann, Johanne Henrikke  23 Jun 1833Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I124049
18 Formann, Nielsine Rüberthine  1837Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I103160
19 Formann, Sophie Johanne Henriette Kirstine  1831Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I124050
20 Gadensgaard, Anders   I292634
21 Gadensgaard, Bodil   I292623
22 Gadensgaard, Hans Christian   I289784
23 Gadensgaard, Inge-Lise   I289785
24 Gadensgaard, Ove   I292601
25 Hansen, Jens Christian Bering   I298057
26 Hansen, Jette Holtegaard   I298366
27 Hansen, Jørgen   I297199
28 Højmark, Birgit   I293066
29 Iversen, Frederikke Henriette  16 Jul 1840Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I94375
30 Jacobsen, Jens  12 Apr 1869Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I284329
31 Jacobsen (Jacobsen of Carlsberg), Chresten  1776Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I191731
32 Jensen, Anders Egebak   I296331
33 Jensen, Anette   I297810
34 Jensen, Christen  15 Feb 1750Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I55938
35 Jensen, Christian Egebak   I296332
36 Jensen, Hans Frederik  Abt 1864Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I246417
37 Jensen, Henrik Bishoff   I296353
38 Jensen, Jens  1818Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I105900
39 Jensen, Karen  1784Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I105903
40 Jensen, Kristian Dybdahl   I290723
41 Jensen, Lasse   I296365
42 Jensen, Laurids   I56437
43 Jensen, Marlene Vincentz   I296352
44 Jensen, Morten   I289527
45 Jensen, Morten Dybdahl   I290722
46 Jensen, Ole Christian  1 Aug 1858Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I67242
47 Jensen, Peter   I121956
48 Jensen, Steen Dybdahl   I290721
49 Jensen, Tina   I298320
50 Knudsen, Svend Erik   I296968
51 Larsen, Alice   I296881
52 Larsen, Bente Holmgaard   I298223
53 Larsen, Henning Bøgh   I297918
54 Larsen, Joan Mølgaard   I297946
55 Larsen, Kjeld Bøgh   I297919
56 Larsen, Michael Holmgaard   I298222
57 Lauridsen, Johannes  Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I241283
58 Lindhard, Jørgen  22 Nov 1909Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I188473
59 Lyche, Kirstine  Abt 1714Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I111587
60 Madsen, Ane Catrine  26 Nov 1839Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I68449
61 Markvorsen, Karen  21 Oct 1736Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I56010
62 Mollerup (Mollerup of Kalø), Christiane Sophie  23 Dec 1804Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I107746
63 Møller, Finn Thøger   I289505
64 Møller, Hans Karsten Wechtmester  10 Oct 1831Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I107667
65 Naur, Robert  23 May 1926Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I139517
66 Nielsen, Asta Bering Kold   I297938
67 Nielsen, Carsten Mølgaard   I297957
68 Nielsen, Else Bering Kold   I297922
69 Nielsen, Gudrun  23 Aug 1923Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I94067
70 Nielsen, Hanne Bering   I297868
71 Nielsen, Inger   I56224
72 Nielsen, Jacob   I296986
73 Nielsen, Jens Buurgaard   I296371
74 Nielsen, Kirsten Bering Kold   I297930
75 Nielsen, Lene Merete   I290870
76 Nielsen, Niels Christian Reiwald   I298228
77 Nielsen, Woldborg  1739Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I53122
78 Pape, Ane Cecilia Hansen  1882Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I107219
79 Pape, Erik Vilhelm Gulbroder  1884Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I107217
80 Pape, Georg Mossel  1886Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I107216
81 Pape, Hans Christian  6 Nov 1844Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I107231
82 Pape, Hans Fischer Tørslev  1 May 1876Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I107223
83 Pape, Marie Elfrida  1880Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I107221
84 Pape, Søren Danieø  1879Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I107222
85 Pape, Søster Emma  1883Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I107218
86 Pedersen, Jane Toft   I194651
87 Pedersen, Karen Marie  19 Apr 1890Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I238456
88 Pedersen, Pouline Petrea  21 Jun 1864Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I68351
89 Schubarth, Ernst Heinrich Herman von  1813Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I116487
90 Stresino, Ane Christine Julia   I293069
91 Svendsen, Jens  1778Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I105901
92 Svendsen, Tine Marie Kold   I297937
93 Sørensen, Jane Bering Kold   I297941
94 Sørensen, Trine   I298437
95 Thorup, Christen Jensen  12 Feb 1824Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I83391
96 Thygesen (Thygesen of Aalborg), Maren Leth  20 Jul 1783Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I173454
97 Winther, Alfred Gustav   I295302
98 Winther, Martha   I295303
99 Winther, Niels Karl   I295304
100 Ørtoft, Jensine Christine  14 May 1840Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I139066


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Formann, Birgitte Kirstine  18 Nov 1840Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I116102
2 Formann, Charlotte Marie Margrethe  17 Jul 1836Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I185502
3 Formann, Emilie Marie  25 Sep 1843Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I103158
4 Formann, Nielsine Rüberthine  8 Oct 1837Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I103160
5 Hjortshøj, Niels Pihlkjær   I57992
6 Jacobsen, Jens  22 May 1869Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I284329
7 Jacobsen (Jacobsen of Carlsberg), Chresten  21 Mar 1776Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I191731
8 Pedersen, Pouline Petrea  12 Apr 1866Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I68351
9 Smidt, Ivar Brinck Søren Friis  Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I56979
10 Smith, Bartholine Anine Friis  1 Jun 1860Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I60888


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt of Langeland), Johan Adolph, Count  7 Feb 1931Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I22113
2 Beck, Oskar Severin  24 Aug 1957Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I296516
3 Christensen, Jens Christian  10 Apr 1936Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I67460
4 Christensen, Karl  11 Jan 1969Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I297854
5 Christensen, Marie Johanne  13 Dec 1956Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I67475
6 Christensen, Marie Johanne  13 Dec 1956Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I296119
7 Dalager, Maren Jensen  7 Mar 1753Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I92354
8 Formann, Abraham  3 Apr 1844Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I116113
9 Formann, Johanne Henrikke  16 May 1846Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I124049
10 Hansen, Anna Marie  23 Sep 1959Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I68319
11 Hansen, Anne Cecilie  8 Jul 1928Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I107230
12 Hansen, Petrus Andreas  16 May 1984Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I68235
13 Høffding (Høffding), Louise Emmerence "Lucie"  17 Mar 1889Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I107232
14 Jensen, Margrethe,  8 Jun 1980Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I89753
15 Kjeldsen, Ketty Bolette  Apr 1956Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I297616
16 Larsen, Magnus Møller  14 Feb 1965Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I296817
17 Lorentzen, Agnes Marie  7 Feb 1931Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I22370
18 Moldrup, Cathrine Elisabeth de  30 Jan 1874Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I116610
19 Nielsen, Peder  24 Jul 1900Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I53085
20 Pedersen, Kirstine Petrine  4 Jul 1911Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I68873
21 Pedersen, Robert Bering  20 May 1977Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I297852
22 Simonsen, Laurits  27 Oct 1971Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I67488
23 Simonsen, Laurits  27 Oct 1971Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I296120
24 Skovsgaard, Kirsten  4 Dec 1987Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I291920
25 Sørensen, Albert Aleksander  5 Nov 1973Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I298133
26 Sørensen, Jacob  23 Mar 1753Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I92353


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Butz, Johan Johansen  30 Jun 1730Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I277365
2 Moldrup, Cathrine Elisabeth de  4 Feb 1874Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I116610


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt of Langeland), Johan Adolph, Count  Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I22113
2 Boel, Marius  Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I195105
3 Clausen, Edvard Augustinus  Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I116462
4 Folsach (Folsach), Hans Louis Christian Michael von  Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I159800
5 Formann, Abraham  Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I116113
6 Halling, William Vitus von  Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I80813
7 Lauridsen, Peder  Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark I241273


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Borch (Borch of Lemvig) / Thomsen   F77045
2 Christensen / Egensbjerg   F122108
3 Christensen / Larsen  5 Feb 1884Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark F121986
4 Christensen / Larsen  2 May 1884Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark F32248
5 Finsen / Formann  5 Oct 1865Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark F50106
6 Hansen / Haabegaard  30 Aug 1885Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark F32595
7 Holm / Ottesen  17 Nov 1882Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark F121275
8 Jacobsen / Stresino   F121103
9 Kæseler / Pedersen   F121557
10 Larsen / Rasmussen   F122479
11 Møller / Larsen   F119816
12 Nielsen / Lauridsen  22 Aug 1851Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark F26870
13 Simonsen / Christensen  24 Feb 1925Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark F32303
14 Simonsen / Christensen  24 Feb 1925Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark F122012
15 Svendsen / Jensen  Abt 1817Dronninglund, North Jutland, Denmark F46640

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