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NobleCircles is a searchable genealogical relationship database consisting of more than 283.000 individuals and 117,000 families at 25.000 places worldwide – all gathered in one single family tree; mapping their ancestors, descendants and various relatives (all of them somehow related to each other through either our father’s or our mother’s side). We always have several projects going on – beside exploring our own direct ancestors - and three of them, and among these are 33 British Prime Ministers and the ancestors and 28 American Presidents and their ancestors.

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Matches 1 to 90 of 90

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Danielle   I84087
2 Dominique   I84088
3 Genevieve  21 Jul 1916Canada I84152
4 Baillie (Baillie), Peter   I150354
5 Blücher of Altona (Blücher of Altona), Nina, Comtesse   I158996
6 Brisson, Marie Madeleine  Abt 1728Canada I272374
7 Cameron (Cameron), John Bedford Douglas  5 Nov 1908Canada I260385
8 Christensen, Anne Wøldike   I80886
9 Christensen, Margaret Wøldike   I80885
10 Clifford, Dean   I84182
11 Cunningham (Cunningham), Bertha M   I262865
12 Demille, Carrie   I84101
13 Demille, Cindy   I84102
14 Demille, Leo   I84100
15 Dreyer, Eric Bjørn   I172420
16 Dreyer, Gwen Douglas   I173156
17 Dreyer, Sonia   I173035
18 Floyd, Annie  3 Aug 1855Canada I131586
19 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Gunnar   I56469
20 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Normann   I56470
21 Fraser (Fraser of Canada), Debra   I84096
22 Fraser (Fraser of Canada), Deon   I84089
23 Fraser (Fraser of Canada), George   I84094
24 Fraser (Fraser of Canada), Randy   I84099
25 Fraser (Fraser of Canada), Stacey   I84098
26 Fraser (Fraser of Canada), Susan   I84097
27 Hansen, Carl Eric   I176251
28 Hansen, David John   I176253
29 Hansen, Denita Joan   I176250
30 Hansen, Steann Elvehøj   I176249
31 Hebert, Madeleine  Abt 1796Canada I272382
32 Hossack, Charlotte Elizabeth MacCarthy  2 Mar 1808Canada I165389
33 Iversen, Carsten   I87112
34 Iversen, Gail   I86451
35 Iversen, Karen   I87113
36 Iversen, Michael   I86427
37 Johnston, Frederick Warren  1882Canada I275475
38 Kettle, Kirsten   I84090
39 Kettle, Leah   I84091
40 Laflamme, Genevieve  Abt 1766Canada I272379
41 Laliberte, Francois Roireau Dit  Abt 1790Canada I272383
42 Laliberte, Jean-Baptiste Roireau Dit  Abt 1725Canada I272375
43 Laliberte, Jean-Baptiste Roireau Dit  Abt 1760Canada I272380
44 Laliberte, Michel Roireau Dit  Abt 1700Canada I272373
45 Laliberte, Victoria Roireau Dit  Abt 1821Canada I272377
46 Lang, Karl Ebbesen  21 Feb 1940Canada I66338
47 Lang, Sonia Ebbesen  27 Jun 1937Canada I66340
48 Laverdure, Martiale Elisabeth Donat_dit  Abt 1763Canada I272388
49 Leboeuf, Marie Marguerite  Abt 1701Canada I272372
50 MacBreen, Miriam Emen   I141702
51 Malboeuf, Marie Madeleine  Abt 1738Canada I272386
52 McKague, Cecil  1912Canada I84120
53 McKague, Patricia   I84121
54 Metz, Annalise   I135587
55 Metz, Christine   I135585
56 Montgomerie of Canada (Montgomerie), Christine  1911Canada I84184
57 Olma, Adriane Reve   I139413
58 Olszak   I84084
59 Olszak, Cameron   I84085
60 Olszak, Jayden   I84086
61 Oppenheim, Frances   I199352
62 Ostersen, Brian   I55903
63 Oxholm (Oxholm), Kathryn Joan   I106300
64 Pavelich, Robert "Ron" Gerald   I106305
65 Peake, David   I16563
66 Person, Preben   I79887
67 Pettersen, Steven   I79936
68 Picard, Charles Pierre Deforges Dit (Miller)  Abt 1810Canada I272376
69 Picard, Charles Pierre Desforges Dit  Abt 1790Canada I272393
70 Picard, Louis Deforges Dit  Abt 1760Canada I272389
71 Picard, Louis Robert Desforges Dit  Abt 1730Canada I272387
72 Poppy, Declan   I84107
73 Poppy, Jasper   I84108
74 Poppy, Lee   I84106
75 Porsild, Alfred Erling  Canada I138808
76 Preston of Preston (Preston), Kathrine   I1715
77 Radford, John Arthur  Canada I211272
78 Rempel, Sarah   I84092
79 Ried, James Ralph   I139418
80 Robertson, Jean   I84185
81 Scott (Scott), Brian Grant   I139428
82 Scott (Scott), Michele Anne   I139427
83 Scott (Scott), Peter Grant   I139429
84 Snell, Alan Knightly  6 Feb 1911Canada I139432
85 Souliere, Marie Louise  Abt 1795Canada I272390
86 Squarebriggs, Sophia June  1899Canada I88061
87 Stone, Malvina R  19 Mar 1855Canada I272395
88 Thompson, Damian   I84105
89 Thompson, Malina   I84109
90 Thompson, Matthew   I84111


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Genevieve  30 May 2000Canada I84152
2 Bishopp (Bishopp), Cecil  16 Jul 1813Canada I38450
3 Brookes, Emily Annie  20 Feb 1963Canada I139751
4 Chandler, Edward Stanley  16 Nov 2006Canada I222418
5 Christoffersen, Otto Hans Herman  1874Canada I68402
6 Ginge, Johan Hendrik Nicolaus  1 Feb 1905Canada I222240
7 Hansen, Thorvald  28 Feb 1976Canada I222797
8 Hebert, Marguerite  Canada I272369
9 Lang, Sonia Ebbesen  1986Canada I66340
10 Montgomerie of Canada (Montgomerie), Christine  1967Canada I84184
11 Nørbjerg, Knud Skammelsen  21 May 1984Canada I141757
12 Philipsen, Johan Arnold  24 Feb 1944Canada I139752
13 Stewart of Lennox (Steuart-Stewart-Stuart), General, Lord Charles the 4th Duke of Richmond, the 4th Duke of Lennox and the 4th Duke of Aubigny  28 Aug 1819Canada I4041


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hebert, Marguerite  Canada I272369
2 Vestergaard, Anna Elisa  Canada I56532


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bülow (Bülow of Vranderup - Bülow), Otto Paludan von  Canada I50741
2 Feilberg, Ditlev Nicolaj  Canada I186842
3 Hall, Dorrit   I141706
4 Pontoppidan (Pontoppidan), Henrik Vieth  Canada I42983
5 Prytz (Prytz), Michael   I121507
6 Skeel of Birkelse (Skeel), Jørgen   I1593
7 Smidth (Smidth), Hans  Canada I156040
8 Sypesteijn, Gerrit Willem Adriaan Kaars   I139904
9 Westergaard, Frederik Edward Demant  Canada I131585
10 Winding, Nicolay  Canada I192513
11 Wolsk, David  Canada I88816


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Lauritzen / Martin  1 Jun 1937Canada F64578
2 Olrik (Olrik) / Hearn   F99084
3 Western (Western) / MacKenzie (MacKenzie)  12 Oct 1841Canada F2797

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