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Bergen, Hordaland, Norway


Latitude: 60.3912628, Longitude: 5.3220544


Matches 1 to 3011 of 3011

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aarnæs, Sigrid  31 Jan 1885Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264712
2 Aarseth, Christine Johanne  5 Jan 1886Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99657
3 Aarseth, Niels Peter  1810Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125701
4 Aarseth, Ricard Martin Knudsen  28 Aug 1852Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97930
5 Albricthsen, Petronelle Cathrine  28 Apr 1805Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100879
6 Algaard, Christine Marie  1812Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I95703
7 Algaard, Elisabeth Maria  26 Jul 1809Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127039
8 Algaard, Gurine Elisabeth  16 Jun 1816Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127038
9 Algaard, Torkel Martin  17 Jan 1808Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127035
10 Algaard, Ulrich Lauritz Fridrick  27 Jan 1811Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127036
11 Alm, Barbra Elisabeth  11 Aug 1777Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128966
12 Alm, Berent Jensen  19 Nov 1801Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I103335
13 Alm, Edevard Christi  21 Aug 1799Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128959
14 Alm, Friderich Henriette  7 Dec 1795Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102358
15 Alm, Jonas Arnoldus  1744Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128976
16 Alm, Josine Arnoldine  21 Aug 1797Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128960
17 Alm, Martha Magdalena  1769Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128962
18 Alm, Marthe Magdalene  5 Nov 1786Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128963
19 Alm, Olai Andreaas  1774Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128961
20 Alm, Peter Elias  28 Jul 1779Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102381
21 Alm, Thomas Fredrich  19 Feb 1784Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128964
22 Alm, Thomas Friis  27 Jun 1781Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128965
23 Alver, Berthe Amalie  22 Aug 1846Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I231131
24 Andersen, Andreas  18 Oct 1797Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122709
25 Andersen, Anna Catrina  28 Jul 1794Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122711
26 Andersen, Dorthe Mortensen  1752Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125667
27 Andersen, Elisabeth  27 Apr 1800Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122708
28 Andersen, Ingeborg Cathrine  2 Jun 1794Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120312
29 Andersen, Johanna Jacobia  22 Mar 1796Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122710
30 Andersen, Magdalena  Abt 1685Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126802
31 Andersen, Niels  1745Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111747
32 Andersen, Thomas  1766Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122722
33 Angel, Andreas  1755Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108540
34 Angel, Anne Serine  1769Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129339
35 Angel, Christian  1764Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129347
36 Angel, Giertrud Cathrine  1770Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129340
37 Angel, Hans Henning Smith  1766Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129345
38 Angel, Judithe Marie  1760Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129341
39 Angel, Karen Suhm  1778Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129342
40 Angel, Knud Andreas  22 Apr 1787Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108539
41 Angel, Paul Christian  1761Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129348
42 Angel, Paulina Christiane  1767Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100593
43 Angel, Susanna Sophie  1763Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121199
44 Angell, Anne Elisabeth  11 Jun 1789Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I265936
45 Anker, Barbra Annette Karen  25 May 1841Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98202
46 Anker, Louise Charlotte  7 Oct 1846Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126839
47 Anker, Petra Bernhardine  10 May 1844Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126840
48 Arentz, Hans Severin  29 Jun 1789Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112674
49 Arentz, Ingeborg Marie Frørup  1775Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129461
50 Arentz, Peter Henriksen  1 Mar 1633Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111336
51 Armauer, Anna Elisabeth  7 Dec 1767Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122513
52 Armauer, Beata  1 Jun 1772Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122507
53 Armauer, Carolina Wilhelmina Sophia  16 May 1811Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122500
54 Armauer, Ernstina Beata  16 May 1811Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122501
55 Armauer, Friderich Cramer  29 Sep 1764Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122514
56 Armauer, Gerhard Hinrich  21 Jul 1813Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122499
57 Armauer, Gerhard Jacob  31 Jul 1770Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122508
58 Armauer, Gerhardt Hendrich  26 Feb 1776Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122504
59 Armauer, Jacob  10 Feb 1809Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122511
60 Armauer, Johan Adam  2 May 1769Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122510
61 Armauer, Johanna Helena  2 Aug 1777Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122503
62 Armauer, Maria Dorthea  4 Apr 1774Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126690
63 Askevold, Bolette Marie  1868Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109932
64 Astrup, Anna Elisabeth  1764Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117466
65 Astrup, Annanias Christian  1769Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117463
66 Astrup, Elsebeth "Else"  1761Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122453
67 Astrup, Hans Røberg  1762Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117469
68 Astrup, Nicolai  1760Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117470
69 Astrup, Nicolai Henrich  1767Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117464
70 Astrup, Otthe Finde  1763Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117468
71 Aubert (Aubert), Frantz "Hans" Henrich de  6 Jun 1848Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98285
72 Aubert (Aubert), Inger "Inga" Christine de  6 Jun 1848Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98275
73 Aubert (Aubert), Otto Benjamin Andreas de  17 Dec 1841Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98727
74 Baade, Dorthe  1747Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102350
75 Baade, Giertrud  1749Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102349
76 Baade, Peter Koren  1755Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123886
77 Baade, Petter Koren  1762Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102348
78 Bach, Susanna Catrina  1775Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125312
79 Bagge, Anders  1657Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119111
80 Bagge, Anna  22 Oct 1814Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109854
81 Bagge, Anna Carstensen  21 May 1660Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I134963
82 Bagge, Halver  31 Dec 1787Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109921
83 Bagge, Halvor Olai  9 Jun 1783Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109922
84 Bagge, Helene Christine  16 Mar 1785Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109925
85 Bagge, Inger Martine  14 Feb 1813Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109855
86 Bagge, Johan Jørgen  15 Sep 1789Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109926
87 Bagge, Ludvig Johan  27 Jun 1811Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109918
88 Bagge, Ludvig Olsen  1757Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109927
89 Bagge, Ole  3 May 1782Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109924
90 Bake, Berte Kildsen  1743Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126830
91 Balchen, Anna Elena  Nov 1801Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100581
92 Balchen, Anne Jensen  1760Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126006
93 Balchen, Catharina Moradt  8 Jul 1807Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100584
94 Balchen, Dorothea Kjøbke  1 Nov 1808Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100583
95 Balchen, Hans  8 Jul 1797Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100589
96 Balchen, Jens Glae  4 Dec 1794Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100591
97 Balchen, Ludvig Rosenkrantz  11 Apr 1806Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100585
98 Balchen, Maria Frederica  11 Dec 1802Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100587
99 Balchen, Paulina Christiana  1 Sep 1799Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100588
100 Balchen, Thomas von Western  7 Mar 1804Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100586
101 Bech, Inger  1770Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I104874
102 Bech, Johanne Martine  1767Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I104875
103 Benkestok, Jon Trondsen  1531Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123807
104 Bentzon, Henrik  5 May 1895Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I25167
105 Berendtsen, Ane Marie  1733Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126599
106 Berendtsen, Carel Christian  1736Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126310
107 Berendtsen, Erich  1738Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126309
108 Berg, Charlotte Amalie Christie  1773Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I103338
109 Berg, Sara Schytte  17 Dec 1852Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I114614
110 Berg-Olsen, Eyolf  18 Feb 1892Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I265602
111 Berg-Olsen, Eyolf Johannes  24 Dec 1920Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I265593
112 Berg-Olsen, Ferdinand  13 Mar 1866Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266677
113 Berg-Olsen, Ferdinand  21 Apr 1922Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I265592
114 Berg-Olsen, Ole Reinert Ferdinand  2 Jan 1916Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I265598
115 Berle, Catharina Bergitha  1795Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126447
116 Berle, Harald  28 Aug 1869Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264639
117 Berle, Harald Kielland  1 Jul 1901Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264644
118 Berle, Karen Høyer  1797Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126446
119 Berle, Maarthe Margretha  1788Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126450
120 Berle, Paul Henrich  1761Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126451
121 Berle, Regine Jensen  1721Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99312
122 Besell, Regine  1694Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123892
123 Beyer, Alida  5 Jul 1742Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113515
124 Beyer, Allit  1738Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110139
125 Beyer, Anna Maria Barth  28 Nov 1824Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112094
126 Beyer, Christen  1729Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110142
127 Beyer, Dagmar Kielland  13 Jun 1871Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266676
128 Beyer, Eenvold Kønig  1732Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110141
129 Beyer, Giertrud Christine  2 Sep 1783Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110144
130 Beyer, Johanna Colbjørnsen Munch  23 Jun 1863Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266669
131 Beyer, Karen Christine  14 Feb 1785Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110150
132 Beyer, Kirsten Jeanette Cappelen  5 Jul 1859Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266665
133 Beyer, Marie de Fine von Krogh  1835Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112089
134 Beyer, Marie de Fine von Krogh  23 Apr 1862Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266667
135 Beyer, Morten F S  8 Jul 1822Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266663
136 Beyer, Peder Christensen  1751Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110146
137 Beyer, William Absalon Pederson  2 Sep 1865Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266673
138 Beyer-Arnesen, Morten  13 Sep 1880Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I265170
139 Bing, Aasta Grieg  1902Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109217
140 Bing, Reidar Grieg  10 Jun 1901Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I106473
141 Blaauw, Dirck  28 Mar 1859Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266668
142 Blaauw, Einar  22 Jan 1862Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119305
143 Blaauw, Johanne Jacoba  1835Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102535
144 Bloch, Ester  1732Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109845
145 Blom (Blom), Anna Ida Faye  3 Jun 1889Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100676
146 Blom (Blom), Cecilie Marie Faye  7 Jul 1887Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100677
147 Blom (Blom), Hans Faye  8 Mar 1886Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100678
148 Blydt, Cornelius  1732Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I104580
149 Blydt, Jacob  1734Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I104579
150 Blydt, Peter  1735Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I104578
151 Blytt, Ragnhild  1870Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I103987
152 Boalth, Abigael Catharina  1760Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I105614
153 Boalth, Anna Wilhelmina  1764Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I105608
154 Boalth, Bendix Nyrop  1763Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I105609
155 Boalth, Christian Tullin  1767Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I105606
156 Boalth, Jens  1762Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I105610
157 Boalth, Johanne Cathica "Betzy"  1837Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101076
158 Boalth, Peder  1761Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I105611
159 Boalth, Søren Klow  1769Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I105604
160 Bohr (Bohr), Anna Hedevig  15 Nov 1797Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I163201
161 Bohr (Bohr), Frederikke Christiane  1 Dec 1799Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I163226
162 Bollman, Adelheid "Alida"  22 Apr 1776Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126556
163 Bollman, Anna Henriche  12 Aug 1777Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126555
164 Bollman, Gunner Wolding  12 Nov 1785Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126541
165 Bollman, Jocum  1737Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126551
166 Bollman, Jocum  1741Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126546
167 Bollman, Johan  1736Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126550
168 Bollman, Johan Henrich  14 Aug 1782Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126542
169 Bollman, Johann Henrich  1745Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126558
170 Bollman, Luccas  1735Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126552
171 Bollman, Margaretha Elisabeth  19 Nov 1778Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100919
172 Bollman, Margrethe Elisabeth  1739Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126548
173 Bollman, Woldine  Feb 1781Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126506
174 Bonnevie, Mathilde  1841Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125777
175 Borgen (Borgen of Norway), Helga Marie  11 Aug 1866Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99550
176 Borgersen, Gjert  Abt 1520Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I135053
177 Bork, Bergithe Lampe  1774Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120181
178 Bornemann (Bornemann), Vilhelm von  20 Sep 1731Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I159835
179 Bosse, Sigismund Zetliz  1767Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96031
180 Both, Elisabeth  22 Jun 1731Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116059
181 Bratten, Randi Kielland  9 Sep 1913Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I265009
182 Bredal, Barbro Severina Kahrs  8 Mar 1791Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102494
183 Bredal, Inger Severine  5 Nov 1792Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102493
184 Bredal, Ivar  1737Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121624
185 Bredal, Niels Christin Koren  29 Dec 1789Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102496
186 Bredal, Peter, Count  1780Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112118
187 Breder, Albert  30 Jul 1775Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101027
188 Breder, Albert  5 Jul 1780Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101025
189 Breder, David Heitmand  1742Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101032
190 Breder, Elen  1765Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101022
191 Breder, Elen  11 Oct 1795Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101016
192 Breder, Elisabeth  23 Jan 1789Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101012
193 Breder, Elisabeth Maria  1746Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101030
194 Breder, Elizabeth  11 Jun 1791Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101018
195 Breder, Else Catharine  1745Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101031
196 Breder, Herman  1 Jan 1788Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101020
197 Breder, Ingeborg Catharina Holt  20 Oct 1793Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101017
198 Breder, Jacob  14 Jul 1792Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101015
199 Breder, Jørgen  1740Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101039
200 Breder, Margarethe  1749Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101029
201 Breder, Mette Karine  13 Feb 1790Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101014
202 Breder, Søren  1711Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101037
203 Breder, Søren  22 Aug 1778Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101026
204 Breder, Sørine Elisabeth  28 Sep 1752Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101028
205 Bremer, Anna  1728Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102515
206 Bremer, Anna  1733Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I118011
207 Bremer, Christopher  1696Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I118015
208 Bremer, Christopher  1728Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I118017
209 Bremer, Claus  1737Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I118009
210 Bremer, David  1732Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102514
211 Bremer, Harman  1729Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I118013
212 Bremer, Henrich  1735Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I118010
213 Bremer, Karen  1738Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I118007
214 Bremer, Magrethe  1734Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102506
215 Bremer, Margaretha  1730Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102507
216 Bremer, Margrethe  1732Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I118012
217 Bremer, Morten  1742Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I118005
218 Bremer, Peder  1741Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I118006
219 Bringeland, Oline Albertine  18 May 1796Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126834
220 Bringeland, Peter Simon  13 Jan 1794Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126835
221 Bringeland, Peter Uldrich  19 Sep 1799Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126833
222 Bringmand, Elisabeth  1741Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101038
223 Brun (Brun of Wismar), Christen  1827Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101476
224 Brun (Brun of Wismar), Hans Johan  3 Nov 1827Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102226
225 Brun (Brun of Wismar), Johan Lyder  1802Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101477
226 Brun (Brun of Wismar), Michael Wallem  29 Mar 1819Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I231079
227 Brunchorst, Albert Hofmand  1747Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97075
228 Brunchorst, Alida  14 Jul 1802Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97056
229 Brunchorst, Alida  1 Nov 1803Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97055
230 Brunchorst, Anna Johanna  1741Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97079
231 Brunchorst, Anna Johanne  1743Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97076
232 Brunchorst, Anthoni  1737Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97082
233 Brunchorst, Christian Ege  Abt 1830Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97048
234 Brunchorst, Cornelia Margrethe  18 Feb 1784Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97084
235 Brunchorst, David  1755Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97091
236 Brunchorst, Divert  28 Apr 1789Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97068
237 Brunchorst, Elisabeth  9 Jan 1780Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97086
238 Brunchorst, Else Margrethe  24 Nov 1806Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97052
239 Brunchorst, Georgine  16 Dec 1788Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127289
240 Brunchorst, Giertrud Helene  15 Jul 1801Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97057
241 Brunchorst, Harmen  Jan 1787Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126668
242 Brunchorst, Herman  1704Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97098
243 Brunchorst, Herman  1739Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97085
244 Brunchorst, Herman  1763Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97066
245 Brunchorst, Herman  26 Mar 1782Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97067
246 Brunchorst, Herman  4 Oct 1792Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97074
247 Brunchorst, Johane Marie  3 Jun 1788Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97069
248 Brunchorst, Judith  1738Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97081
249 Brunchorst, Judith  1742Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97077
250 Brunchorst, Jørgen  19 Sep 1736Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97088
251 Brunchorst, Jørgen  23 Dec 1804Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97054
252 Brunchorst, Karen  10 Nov 1792Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127293
253 Brunchorst, Karen Margrethe  Aug 1796Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126667
254 Brunchorst, Maria  1770Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97064
255 Brunchorst, Marie  18 Feb 1809Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97051
256 Brunchorst, Wilhelmine Lucia  6 Mar 1790Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97073
257 Brynd, Cathrine Birgithe  1802Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119735
258 Bryning, Marie  1703Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120751
259 Bucher, Henrich Peter  1822Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109135
260 Budde, Petronella Kirstine  16 Feb 1773Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I147768
261 Bull, Alexander Ole Felix Etienne  29 Oct 1839Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98140
262 Bull, Benedicte Marie Wilhelmine  1 May 1853Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125402
263 Bull, Dorothea Catherine Wandal Randulff  28 Oct 1780Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124631
264 Bull, Edvard Hagerup  23 Jan 1855Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125315
265 Bull, Eleonore Felicie  25 Apr 1843Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98139
266 Bull, Eyvind Hagerup  1882Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I115864
267 Bull, Georg Andreas  26 Mar 1829Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98129
268 Bull, Henrik Janson  12 Sep 1859Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110580
269 Bull, Ivar Berle  17 Jun 1896Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98132
270 Bull, Jens Munthe  23 May 1815Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I130596
271 Bull, Jens Munthe  22 Nov 1886Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I115840
272 Bull, Jens Storm  12 Mar 1787Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I95751
273 Bull, Johan Storm  20 Oct 1856Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125328
274 Bull, Lilly Berle  12 Jun 1891Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98133
275 Bull, Lucie Edvardine  1846Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100232
276 Bull, Michael Schwartzkoph  9 Oct 1790Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128246
277 Bull, Ole Bornemann  2 May 1810Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125488
278 Bull, Schak August  10 May 1858Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99066
279 Busch, Amling von Lengeren  13 Nov 1815Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96513
280 Busch, Andrea Petricha  4 Nov 1824Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125709
281 Busch, Andrea Petriche  11 Jul 1811Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96518
282 Busch, Andreas  1771Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96532
283 Busch, Andreas  5 Feb 1796Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96530
284 Busch, Andreas  4 Jul 1817Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126717
285 Busch, Andreas  20 May 1827Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125706
286 Busch, Anna Catharina  18 Jun 1800Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96525
287 Busch, Anna Christine  15 Apr 1847Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102436
288 Busch, Anne Chatarine  29 Nov 1826Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125711
289 Busch, Bergithe  11 Oct 1801Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96524
290 Busch, Blance Anna Louise  13 Nov 1861Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125690
291 Busch, Chatarina Erichsen  20 Apr 1822Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125710
292 Busch, Christian Ege  10 Aug 1806Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126714
293 Busch, Christian Johan Ege  5 Jun 1843Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125687
294 Busch, Christian Olaus Gill  14 Apr 1860Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126692
295 Busch, Christine  4 Oct 1824Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125705
296 Busch, Christopher Ege  1 Jan 1798Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96527
297 Busch, Dagmar Adeline Pierrette  5 May 1866Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125688
298 Busch, Elen Michelsen  16 Jan 1797Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96529
299 Busch, Henrich  29 Nov 1802Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96523
300 Busch, Hildur  5 Mar 1865Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126697
301 Busch, Inger Lusie  2 Aug 1805Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96522
302 Busch, Jonas  27 Jan 1804Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126725
303 Busch, Lucie Marie  26 Jun 1828Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125708
304 Busch, Martha  3 Mar 1777Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126729
305 Busch, Marthe Maria Andersen  1743Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111969
306 Busch, Mathrine Knagehjelm Gill  14 Sep 1868Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126694
307 Busch, Maurice Christian Francisco  31 May 1863Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125694
308 Busch, Maxim Peder Kristian  18 Dec 1868Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125691
309 Busch, Olay Mylenphort  2 Jun 1810Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96519
310 Busch, Olga Eugenie Caroline  24 Sep 1864Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125689
311 Busch, Peder  1775Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126730
312 Busch, Peder  31 Dec 1807Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96520
313 Busch, Peder Schavenius  27 Jan 1804Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126724
314 Busch, Peter  28 Oct 1812Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96515
315 Busch, Peter Hansen  1770Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126726
316 Busch, Petro Andreas  26 Apr 1832Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125697
317 Busch, Regine  1774Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126731
318 Busch, Sara  4 May 1814Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96514
319 Busch, Sine Kirstine  1772Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126732
320 Busch, Uldrich Fredrik  17 Jan 1835Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126698
321 Busch, Uldrich Fredrik  9 May 1867Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126696
322 Busch, Uldrich Friderich  1768Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126728
323 Busch, Ulrich Friderich  16 Jul 1799Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96526
324 Bünemand, Anna  1760Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112379
325 Bünemand, Anne Engel  1762Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I136073
326 Bünemand, Anthon Ulrich  1742Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112382
327 Bünemand, Christiane Sophie  1740Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112394
328 Bünemand, Christina Sophia  1742Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126777
329 Bünemand, Dorothea Helene  1739Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112392
330 Bünemand, Henrich Schilling  1737Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112393
331 Bünemand, Herman Johan  1746Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112390
332 Bünemand, Jacob Ludolph  Abt 1727Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126783
333 Bünemand, Joachim Ludolph  Abt 1725Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112385
334 Bünemand, Joachim Ludolph  1759Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126779
335 Bünemand, Johan Ludolph  1773Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112386
336 Bünemand, Johanna von der Lippe  1758Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112384
337 Bünemand, Margaretha Elisabeth  1745Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112383
338 Bünemand, Margarethe Elisabeth  1765Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126776
339 Bünemand, Maria Magdalena  1744Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112391
340 Bünemand, Moritz Georg  1741Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112381
341 Bünemand, Paul Mongaard  1771Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126775
342 Bødicher, Elert  1712Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117264
343 Bødtker, Daniel Reutzer  26 Apr 1815Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121229
344 Bødtker, Frederich Adrian  2 May 1817Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121215
345 Bødtker, Fredericha Christine  14 May 1816Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121216
346 Bødtker, Frederike Christiane  15 Mar 1814Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121230
347 Bødtker, Hans Binther Pihl  27 Aug 1828Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121213
348 Bødtker, Henning  1845Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121032
349 Bødtker, Hjalmar  1857Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121030
350 Bødtker, Johan Kobroe  17 May 1818Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121214
351 Bødtker, Louise Daniella  24 Mar 1862Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121218
352 Bødtker, Maren Dorothea  23 Jan 1813Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121231
353 Bødtker, Nicoline Marie  13 Jun 1854Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121221
354 Bødtker, Petrea Laurentze  29 Apr 1856Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121220
355 Bøe, Christina Mattea  5 Aug 1814Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128414
356 Bøe, Gunder  1753Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109106
357 Bøe, Jan  13 Sep 1812Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128415
358 Bøe, Karen  1792Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109114
359 Bøe, Magdalena  1784Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96533
360 Bøgh (Lassen), Mette Margrethe  16 Aug 1808Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I198523
361 Bøgh (Lassen), Valborg  15 Oct 1823Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I105971
362 Børs, Anna  13 Apr 1794Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117031
363 Børs, Christian  1745Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117042
364 Børs, Christian  14 Jun 1788Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117039
365 Børs, Christian  21 Mar 1823Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117012
366 Børs, Christian  27 Dec 1824Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117017
367 Børs, Christine Magdalene  3 Oct 1783Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117036
368 Børs, Claus  21 Apr 1787Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117040
369 Børs, Eva  28 May 1795Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117035
370 Børs, Hanne Frederiche Synnestvedt  30 Sep 1831Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117009
371 Børs, Hans  23 Nov 1828Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117007
372 Børs, Hansine Karenne  23 Feb 1821Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117013
373 Børs, Karen  10 Jul 1789Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117044
374 Børs, Karen Teting  26 May 1817Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117014
375 Børs, Karen Theting  2 Jun 1829Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117006
376 Børs, Marta Sophia Synnestvedt  1815Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117030
377 Børs, Regina  15 Feb 1793Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117032
378 Børs, Regine Cathrine  6 Jul 1821Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117008
379 Børs, Søren Ulrich  11 Nov 1791Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117038
380 Børs, Torbjørn Ludvig Synnestvedt  2 Jun 1819Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117021
381 Børs, Wilhelm Theting  13 Jul 1785Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117041
382 Børs, Wilhelmine Marie  14 Jan 1825Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117011
383 Bøye, Anna Catharina  1795Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I104115
384 Castberg (Castberg), Metthe Dorothea  1817Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98322
385 Christensen, Anna Johanne  17 Jan 1826Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126666
386 Christensen, Janikke Lovise Martine  8 Dec 1822Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I130688
387 Christiansen, Christian  28 Oct 1768Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111843
388 Christiansen, Didrica Maria Ridder  19 Jan 1771Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111842
389 Christie (Christie)  1697Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125295
390 Christie (Christie), Aadel  15 Sep 1709Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102742
391 Christie (Christie), Anders  1704Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102743
392 Christie (Christie), Anna Magdalene Cathrine  17 Dec 1869Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102438
393 Christie (Christie), Anne Davidsen  Abt 1699Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102521
394 Christie (Christie), Anne Heggelund  Abt 1738Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I103365
395 Christie (Christie), Arthur  20 Jul 1883Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102433
396 Christie (Christie), Cornilsche  1700Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102744
397 Christie (Christie), David A  1673Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I139698
398 Christie (Christie), Dirk Blaauw  17 Apr 1865Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I173950
399 Christie (Christie), Edvard  26 Oct 1701Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108172
400 Christie (Christie), Frantz  1713Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102739
401 Christie (Christie), Hans  20 Nov 1886Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102432
402 Christie (Christie), Hansine  25 Jul 1857Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102534
403 Christie (Christie), Hansine Langsted  12 Apr 1860Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102581
404 Christie (Christie), Hansine Langsted  13 May 1882Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102434
405 Christie (Christie), Jan  1702Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102740
406 Christie (Christie), Jeanette  21 Dec 1862Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102441
407 Christie (Christie), Kamilla  14 Dec 1874Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102437
408 Christie (Christie), Karen Dorothea  25 Dec 1864Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102440
409 Christie (Christie), Kristian Busch  22 Apr 1880Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102435
410 Christie (Christie), Louise  1867Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102426
411 Christie (Christie), Søren Lorentz Lous  27 Aug 1861Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102443
412 Christie (Christie), Werna  14 Mar 1859Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102532
413 Christie (Christie), Wilhelm Frieman Koren  24 Dec 1824Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125519
414 Clausen, Daniel  Abt 1745Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116969
415 Cold  1815Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98929
416 Cold, Amalia Christine  1833Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97809
417 Cold, Andreas  1760Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98927
418 Cold, Anna  1719Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98888
419 Cold, Anna  1728Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97885
420 Cold, Anna  1767Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98922
421 Cold, Anna Magreta  24 Jan 1826Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97772
422 Cold, Anna Sophie Amalia  9 Apr 1858Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97766
423 Cold, Anne Christine  16 May 1812Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98879
424 Cold, Anne Christine Oline  9 Jun 1824Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97762
425 Cold, Antonette Augusta  16 Sep 1859Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97812
426 Cold, Augusta Pauline  1 Jan 1855Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97801
427 Cold, Cicilia Sophie  21 Jul 1827Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97771
428 Cold, David Marcus  1718Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98889
429 Cold, David Marcus  1734Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102418
430 Cold, David Marcus  1764Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98926
431 Cold, David Marcus  30 Sep 1790Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98883
432 Cold, David Marcus  21 Nov 1801Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98917
433 Cold, David Marcus  10 Apr 1823Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97763
434 Cold, David Marcus  1 May 1857Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97768
435 Cold, Ellen Christene  24 Mar 1819Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97765
436 Cold, Else Margareta  1722Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97884
437 Cold, Fritjof  1867Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97805
438 Cold, Henrik Steen  1803Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98916
439 Cold, Ingeborg Christine  8 Jul 1799Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98880
440 Cold, Isaac  1720Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98887
441 Cold, Jacobia Christophine  16 Feb 1821Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97764
442 Cold, Jacobia Christophine  31 May 1856Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97800
443 Cold, Johan  1724Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98884
444 Cold, Johan Christopher  17 Apr 1800Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98918
445 Cold, Juliane Johanne Christine  11 Mar 1826Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97882
446 Cold, Knud Engelbert Kleve  12 Aug 1860Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97767
447 Cold, Margrethe Catarina  1763Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102364
448 Cold, Olai  1809Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98913
449 Cold, Paul Meyer  1762Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102416
450 Cold, Paul Meyer  16 Jul 1830Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97815
451 Cold, Pauline Meyer  6 Apr 1802Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97898
452 Cold, Peter Christian  17 Feb 1792Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98882
453 Cold, Robert  1723Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98886
454 Cold, Sophia  1869Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97804
455 Cold, Stinche Dreyer  1764Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98924
456 Cold, Stinche Dreyer  7 Oct 1795Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97820
457 Cold, Stinche Dreyer  19 Jan 1797Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98919
458 Cold, Søren Meyer  1766Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98923
459 Corneliusen, Bodil  1734Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109815
460 Cramer, Alida  1741Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117969
461 Cramer, Christopher  1710Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117972
462 Cramer, Maren Harmansen  1701Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I118014
463 Cramer, Sophia Amalia  1740Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117970
464 Crometie, Alida Thomasen  1671Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120866
465 Dahl, Alice  1863Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101050
466 Dahl, Ane Sophie  1751Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110145
467 Dahl, Christine  1853Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100664
468 Dahl, Karen Sue   I194886
469 Dahl, Nicoline Cecilie  21 Jul 1818Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I95659
470 Dahl, Reinhold Jacob  1822Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100665
471 Dahm, Elsebet  24 Aug 1675Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116992
472 Damsgaard, Jan Pedersen  29 Oct 1670Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123131
473 Danckertsen, Danckert  Abt 1675Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123291
474 Danckertsen, Else Margrethe  1705Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102621
475 Danckertsen, Gedske  17 Apr 1702Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123327
476 Danckertsen, Giertrud Catharina  1740Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101538
477 Danckertsen, Ingeborg Benedicte  4 Feb 1739Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123374
478 Danielsen, Danele Marie  24 May 1777Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126580
479 Danielsen, Margrethe  1715Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129577
480 Dauch, Didrich  1671Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117848
481 Dauch, Dorothea Hansen  1719Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121201
482 Dauch, Hans  1695Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117849
483 Davidsen, Cathrine  Abt 1640Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126669
484 Dekke, Ananias Christopher Hansen  22 Jul 1832Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I137118
485 Dekke, Anna  1873Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100711
486 Dekke, Anne Engel  6 Jun 1830Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I135996
487 Dekke, Anne Engel  22 Jan 1838Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117442
488 Dekke, Christine  10 Jan 1848Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117437
489 Dekke, Christine Johanne  15 Jan 1840Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117441
490 Dekke, Christopher Nagell Hansen  21 Dec 1844Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117438
491 Dekke, Frantz Marius  12 Dec 1836Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117445
492 Dekke, Gedske Johanne  19 Jan 1834Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117444
493 Dekke, Gedske Johanne  13 Jul 1835Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126784
494 Dekke, Johan Jacob  6 Jun 1830Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I136054
495 Dekke, Johan Jacob  13 Jun 1831Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I136009
496 Dekke, Johan Mungaard  13 Aug 1802Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I136102
497 Dekke, Johan Mungaard  19 Mar 1841Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I135984
498 Dekke, Johan Mungaard  15 May 1861Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I136667
499 Dekke, Johanne Frideriche  6 Jul 1800Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I136072
500 Detlof, Anne  15 Jan 1760Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117063
501 Detlof, Catharina Marie  1737Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121971
502 Detlof, Christian  1690Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116045
503 Detlof, Christian  1724Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120749
504 Detlof, Daniel  1689Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116041
505 Detlof, Daniel  Feb 1693Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120752
506 Detlof, Else  1725Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120748
507 Detlof, Else  1743Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120742
508 Detlof, Hans  1735Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120743
509 Detlof, Johan Herman  1722Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120750
510 Detlof, Johan Herman  1727Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120747
511 Detlof, Johan Herman  1729Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120746
512 Detlof, Johan Herman  1732Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120745
513 Dichman, Carl Frederik  1763Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I74608
514 Dichman, Catharina  1767Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I104586
515 Dichman, Cornelius  1769Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I104585
516 Didrichsen, Magdalene Kirstine  1775Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124632
517 Dietrichsen, Nicoline Lorenzte "Birgitte"  19 Jan 1852Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97170
518 Dietricksen, Anne Elisabeth Angell  6 Mar 1854Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97155
519 Dietricksen, Augusta Ludovica Chatarina  24 Mar 1843Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97158
520 Dietricksen, Berger Kjoelseth  21 Mar 1847Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97159
521 Dietricksen, Berger Kjølseth  1810Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97163
522 Dietricksen, Frederich Eleseus  8 Jun 1844Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97161
523 Dietricksen, Juliane Fredrikke Bolette  15 Jan 1850Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97157
524 Dishington, Anders Andersen  Abt 1702Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121291
525 Dishington, Anna Cornelisen  1727Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121358
526 Dishington, Anna Jacobsen  1749Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121270
527 Dishington, Catharina Reutzer  1726Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121360
528 Dishington, Divert  1725Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121292
529 Dishington, Elisabeth Jobsen  1 Dec 1732Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121341
530 Dishington, Emmiche Gerdtsen  1750Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121258
531 Dishington, Gabriel Andersen  1728Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123882
532 Dishington, Giert Andersen  1706Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121315
533 Dishington, Jacob Andersen  1708Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121378
534 Dishington, Jacob Andersen  1723Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121293
535 Dishington, Jon Jacob  1726Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121364
536 Dishington, Karen Andersen  1726Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121290
537 Dishington, Maren Christine  1735Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121251
538 Dishington, Maren Gerdtsen  1754Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121256
539 Dishington, Margrethe Gerdtsen  1749Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121259
540 Dishington, Niels Jacobsen  1750Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121269
541 Dishington, Otthe Gerdtsen  1756Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121255
542 Dishington, Rachel Jobsen  1729Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121355
543 Dishington, Regine  1753Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121257
544 Dishington, Weinchie  1738Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121274
545 Dishington, Weincke  1736Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121276
546 Dverhagen, Christen Smith  1773Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129464
547 Dverhagen, Christen Smith  1774Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129463
548 Dverhagen, Christopher  1767Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129468
549 Dverhagen, Herman  1734Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129452
550 Dverhagen, Herman  1771Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129465
551 Dverhagen, Herman  19 Oct 1778Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129462
552 Dverhagen, Ingeborg Bolette Arentz  2 Sep 1798Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129460
553 Dverhagen, Ingeborg Marie Arentz  14 Apr 1802Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129457
554 Dverhagen, Jens  1732Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129470
555 Dverhagen, Jens  1797Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129456
556 Ebeltoft, Ahlida  1776Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111964
557 Ebeltoft, Andreas  1775Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111965
558 Ebeltoft, Anne Malene  15 Mar 1784Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111959
559 Ebeltoft, Bernt  29 Jan 1783Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111960
560 Ebeltoft, Marthe Marie  28 Feb 1789Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111958
561 Ebeltoft, Peder  15 May 1780Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111962
562 Ebeltoft, Talensius Martin  4 Jul 1778Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111963
563 Ebeltoft, Thomas  1743Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111968
564 Ebeltoft, Ulrich Christian  1773Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111967
565 Echoff, Cathrine Hedewig  Abt 1710Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122898
566 Echoff, Maren Alida Benonisen  1726Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I115343
567 Ege, Anne Sophie  4 Nov 1804Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97050
568 Ege, Bergethe  10 Jun 1814Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96551
569 Ege, Carl Johan  5 Apr 1852Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109397
570 Ege, Christian  Nov 1774Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96545
571 Ege, Christian  2 Sep 1815Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96549
572 Ege, Christian  13 Jul 1842Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109399
573 Ege, Christian  20 Feb 1850Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109398
574 Ege, Christine  3 Sep 1778Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96543
575 Ege, Christine  27 Mar 1781Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96566
576 Ege, Christopher  11 May 1807Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96555
577 Ege, Christopher Larsen  28 Feb 1742Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96562
578 Ege, Elen  14 Jun 1787Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96541
579 Ege, Elen Bergithe  25 Dec 1801Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96449
580 Ege, Elisabeth  29 Jan 1780Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96542
581 Ege, Jacob  19 Jun 1803Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96448
582 Ege, Jacob Riech  29 Nov 1812Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96552
583 Ege, Joachim Jonsen Møller  3 Oct 1808Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96554
584 Ege, Johanne Caroline  21 Jul 1843Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109396
585 Ege, Johanne Dorothea  18 Dec 1844Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109400
586 Ege, Lars  Oct 1771Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96548
587 Ege, Palmyra Angela  10 Dec 1877Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109391
588 Ege, Petriche  15 Oct 1776Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96544
589 Ege, Petrichia  Sep 1769Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96531
590 Ege, Rebecca Christine  13 Aug 1857Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109395
591 Ege, Sara  15 Aug 1810Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96553
592 Eide, Paal Lindtner   I139378
593 Ellerhausen, Christopher  15 Dec 1835Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96866
594 Ellertsen, Ellina von Tangen  16 Dec 1896Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264876
595 Ellertsen, Inggard  13 Jan 1893Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I265212
596 Ellertsen, Ingrid  20 May 1923Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I265214
597 Ellertsen, Jan  23 Mar 1919Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I265213
598 Elsner, Jan  24 Mar 1797Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108620
599 Ely, Søren Heiberg von  12 Apr 1747Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I149164
600 Engholm, Maria Hansen  Abt 1600Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109980
601 Erichsen, Christine  1804Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125712
602 Erichsen, Sigurd  20 Sep 1859Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100770
603 Eriksen, Marie  1880Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98042
604 Erle, Jaen Dishington B  1720Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121203
605 Erpecom, Judith Danielsen Van  1726Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127118
606 Erstad, Jacobia Martine  1818Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I244925
607 Eydesen, Ole  1763Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109850
608 Farnov  May 1737Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120129
609 Farnov, Anna  1718Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120134
610 Farnov, Christine  1732Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120131
611 Farnov, Egte  1716Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120133
612 Farnov, Egte  Apr 1719Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120140
613 Farnov, Else Margrethe  1730Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120135
614 Farnov, Henric  1726Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125673
615 Farnov, Maria Magdalena  1723Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125672
616 Farnov, Maria Magdalena Henricsen  1728Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126480
617 Farnov, Sara Henrichsen  1721Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121849
618 Farnow, Abel Carnelsche  1687Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111810
619 Farnow, Anne Margrethe  1684Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111815
620 Farnow, Anne Margrethe  3 Apr 1686Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111826
621 Farnow, Casten  1679Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111813
622 Farnow, Trenkie  1692Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111812
623 Farnow, Ægte  1683Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111814
624 Faye, Agnes Friele  20 Sep 1889Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102841
625 Faye, Agnethe Catharine  19 Jun 1848Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100892
626 Faye, Agnethe Friele  11 Feb 1892Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100811
627 Faye, Anna  1744Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101011
628 Faye, Anna Sophia  9 Jan 1818Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100883
629 Faye, Anne  1715Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98793
630 Faye, Anne Ida Wallendahl  11 May 1862Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102850
631 Faye, Anne Sofie Wiese  16 Jul 1869Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109012
632 Faye, August  28 Aug 1855Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100992
633 Faye, Augusta Friele  29 Apr 1886Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102843
634 Faye, Cecilia Marie Wallendahl  5 Jul 1865Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102849
635 Faye, Cecilie Friele  16 Feb 1885Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102844
636 Faye, Christen  1751Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100984
637 Faye, Christen  16 Feb 1781Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121260
638 Faye, Christen  1782Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101019
639 Faye, Christen  19 Oct 1821Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100829
640 Faye, Christen  13 Aug 1859Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102847
641 Faye, Christen  22 Mar 1879Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I138142
642 Faye, Christen Michael  19 Nov 1845Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100998
643 Faye, Christian  1708Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121137
644 Faye, Christopher  9 Jan 1854Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100993
645 Faye, Christopher Urdal  24 Mar 1814Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101003
646 Faye, Dagny Friele  6 Nov 1890Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100812
647 Faye, David Davidsen  1700Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126845
648 Faye, David Hansen  1717Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98802
649 Faye, David Rupertsenn  1712Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100970
650 Faye, Edith  16 Mar 1886Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100782
651 Faye, Elisabeth  1742Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101006
652 Faye, Elisabeth Davidsen  15 Sep 1699Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100754
653 Faye, Elisabeth Gerhardsen  1731Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108097
654 Faye, Elisabeth Hansen  1714Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98806
655 Faye, Elisabeth Rupertsen  1718Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121125
656 Faye, Ellert Andreas Wallendahl  6 Jan 1861Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100814
657 Faye, Elna  1895Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102833
658 Faye, Else  1747Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101010
659 Faye, Else Catharine Reusch  27 Oct 1827Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100840
660 Faye, Else Cathrine Reusch  19 Jul 1885Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I138052
661 Faye, Else Margrete  1748Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100986
662 Faye, Fredrich  9 Aug 1824Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100827
663 Faye, Georg  28 Jul 1820Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100826
664 Faye, Giert  1691Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I137872
665 Faye, Hans  1738Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101008
666 Faye, Hans Davidsen  1681Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121113
667 Faye, Hans Hagelsteen  8 Jan 1829Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I189858
668 Faye, Hans Hagelsten  25 Oct 1883Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I138057
669 Faye, Helga Friele  24 Jun 1892Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102838
670 Faye, Herman Breder  8 Jul 1812Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101004
671 Faye, Herman Rupertsoenn  1720Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100966
672 Faye, Ida  1896Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102837
673 Faye, Johan Daniel Irgens  4 Oct 1849Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100893
674 Faye, Johan Mohr  16 May 1889Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101000
675 Faye, Judithe  1680Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98866
676 Faye, Jørgen  1896Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102832
677 Faye, Jørgen Breder  6 Jul 1823Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121397
678 Faye, Jørgen Breder  6 Dec 1859Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100989
679 Faye, Jørgen Breder D  12 May 1867Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102846
680 Faye, Kristi  21 Jul 1876Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I138163
681 Faye, Lily  4 Oct 1893Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102834
682 Faye, Ludwig  13 Feb 1819Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100882
683 Faye, Magdalene Christine  6 Dec 1846Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100994
684 Faye, Magdalene Christine  27 Jan 1888Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102842
685 Faye, Magdalene Christine "Magda"  7 Oct 1863Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119317
686 Faye, Marcus Davidsen  1683Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98864
687 Faye, Maren  1740Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101007
688 Faye, Margrethe Davidsen  1696Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98930
689 Faye, Margrethe Kathrine Arctander  24 Jan 1871Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I138195
690 Faye, Methe Johanna Lembach  15 Jun 1815Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100900
691 Faye, Michaline  21 Feb 1851Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100990
692 Faye, Ole Fredrik Hjortaas  15 May 1868Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I189846
693 Faye, Peder Rupertsoenn  1713Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100968
694 Faye, Rolf Friele  17 Jul 1903Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I95480
695 Faye, Rupert Davidsen  Abt 1685Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100972
696 Faye, Sara Davidsen  1684Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98908
697 Faye, Sofie  1899Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102831
698 Faye, Susanne  17 Nov 1844Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100995
699 Faye, Wilhelmine Catharina  17 Apr 1858Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100988
700 Fehr, Balthazar Christian Hageman  21 May 1808Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121182
701 Fehr, Carl Van der  1707Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121198
702 Fehr, Carl Van der  1759Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121186
703 Fehr, Carolina Dorothea Van der  1745Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121193
704 Fehr, Catharine von der  1736Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98749
705 Fehr, Cecilia Van der  1742Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121197
706 Fehr, Diderich Van der  1752Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121190
707 Fehr, Dorothea Van der  1757Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121188
708 Fehr, Eberhard Van der  1744Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121194
709 Fehr, Eberhard Van der  1748Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121192
710 Fehr, Eberhard Van der  1755Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121189
711 Fehr, Eberhart von der  1733Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98752
712 Fehr, Hans Dauch Van der  20 Jul 1810Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121181
713 Fehr, Jan Henrich von der  1735Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98751
714 Fehr, Johan Van der  1760Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121185
715 Fehr, Magrethe Elisabeth von der  1738Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98746
716 Fehr, Margarethe Elisabeth Van der  1751Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121191
717 Fehr, Margarethe Elisabeth von der  1741Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121202
718 Fehr, Maria Agnethe von der  1739Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98747
719 Fehr, Maria Van der  1743Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121196
720 Fehr, Mariane  12 Jul 1810Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121180
721 Fine (Fine), Christine Sophie de  29 Mar 1766Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116063
722 Fine (Fine), Johan Arnoldus de  25 Oct 1773Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I230376
723 Fine (Lem), Alida Marie de  30 Mar 1796Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I230407
724 Fine (Lem), Anders Randolph de  30 Aug 1839Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I230418
725 Fine (Lem), Arnoldus Samuel de  26 Jan 1827Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I230415
726 Fine (Lem), Jens de  6 Jun 1779Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I230432
727 Fine (Lem), Joachim Johan de  12 Aug 1835Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I230417
728 Fine (Lem), Joachim Lübtzien de  17 Sep 1799Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I230408
729 Fine (Lem), Lars Blix de  12 Oct 1832Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I230416
730 Fine (Lem), Mette Margrethe de  6 Sep 1794Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I230405
731 Finne, Sophie Cappelen  30 Jun 1875Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266120
732 Fleischer, Agnete Catarine  27 Jul 1822Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101001
733 Fleischer, Anna Beata Mossin  14 Aug 1793Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I103352
734 Fleischer, Catharina Geelmuyden  10 Oct 1784Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119499
735 Fleischer, Christence Jensine Nordahl  1821Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112090
736 Fleischer, Christian Lorentz Ferrye  29 Sep 1791Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119495
737 Fleischer, Christina Margareta  1787Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119497
738 Fleischer, Friderich Diederich Sechmand  31 Oct 1797Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119494
739 Fleischer, Hans Mossin  2 May 1789Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119496
740 Fleischer, Joachim Nordahl  7 Sep 1783Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I83537
741 Fleischer, Johan Sechman  1 Nov 1813Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119378
742 Fleischer, Johan Sechmand  22 Sep 1782Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119506
743 Fleischer, Magtele Catharina  1739Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119507
744 Fleischer, Morten Lange  10 Feb 1786Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119498
745 Fleischer, Wilhelmine  1909Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112533
746 Fleischer, Wilhelmine Catherine  15 Sep 1814Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119379
747 Flotmand, Margaretha  1735Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116044
748 Flottmand, Ane Dorothea "Anna"  1733Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97142
749 Folchers, Hans Teiste  1709Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112264
750 Folchers, Kisten  1704Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112265
751 Folchers, Lucia Clausen  1705Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112282
752 Forman, Gierche Henrichsen  1670Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I103611
753 Forman, Henrich Janson  14 Feb 1624Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109996
754 Forman, Johan Henriksen  29 Oct 1747Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I107565
755 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Jacob Christian  1768Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129358
756 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Jens Andreas  10 Jan 1801Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129326
757 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Peder "Per"  1765Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129314
758 Foss (Foss of Bergen), Søren Tønnes  13 Feb 1804Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129312
759 Frick, Hans Hansen  Sep 1693Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I169764
760 Friel, Anna Cathrine  24 Jan 1795Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126570
761 Friel, Henrich Johan  5 Jan 1793Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126574
762 Friel, Joachim  18 Dec 1793Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126573
763 Friel, Margrethe  3 Nov 1789Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126578
764 Friele, Anna  28 Oct 1791Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126575
765 Friele, Aslaug Kielland  7 Apr 1899Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264641
766 Friele, Augusta Mohr  17 Mar 1865Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100999
767 Friele, Daniel Mohr  11 Mar 1864Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100820
768 Friele, Haakon Beyer  3 Feb 1897Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264643
769 Friele, Helga Mohr  18 Jul 1871Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100815
770 Friele, Henrich Johan  18 Feb 1798Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126568
771 Friele, Herman  1763Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126585
772 Friele, Johan Anon Vilhelm Mohr  30 Nov 1857Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100822
773 Friele, Johan Anton Wilhelm Mohr  24 May 1853Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100825
774 Friele, Johan Henrich  20 May 1802Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126576
775 Friele, Johan Mohr  29 Nov 1866Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100819
776 Friele, Karen Cathrine  18 Feb 1798Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126567
777 Friele, Luise Bohr  3 May 1877Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100817
778 Friele, Magdalene Mohr  22 Sep 1862Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102845
779 Friele, Olaf Mohr  31 Dec 1860Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100821
780 Friele, Ole Mørup  14 Nov 1790Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126577
781 Friele, Oluf Morup  16 Dec 1855Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100823
782 Friele, Pauline Christiane  1728Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129349
783 Friele, Rolf Mohr  4 Nov 1868Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100818
784 Friele, Severine  16 Aug 1796Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126569
785 Friis, Christina  1726Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101589
786 Friis, Elisabeth  1727Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101576
787 Friis, Karen  1724Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101577
788 Friis, Lisbeth  1722Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101581
789 Friis, Margarethe  1723Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101580
790 Frimann, Ragnar Harboe  20 Jul 1886Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I265498
791 Froechen, Charlotte Amalie  1771Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120304
792 From (From of Norway), Anna Dorothea  1720Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117450
793 Frøchen, Berent  1738Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128628
794 Frøchen, Berent  28 Nov 1788Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128620
795 Frøchen, Elen Marie  28 Mar 1784Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128621
796 Frøchen, Elisabeth  28 Jun 1768Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128624
797 Frøchen, Elisabeth  28 Feb 1784Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128622
798 Frøchen, Ellichen Sofia  1769Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128625
799 Frøchen, Engel  1759Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126988
800 Frøchen, Friderica Lovise  11 Oct 1782Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I95773
801 Frøyer, Christina Magdalena  1728Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109906
802 Fusing, Else Christophersen  1698Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120136
803 Gabrielsen, Anne  Abt 1705Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121294
804 Garnæs, Andreas Jensen  24 May 1805Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I105893
805 Garnæs, Anne Cathrine  1799Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I105894
806 Garnæs, Hans Henrich Berg  1769Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108107
807 Garnæs, Jacob Lerche Anderesen  1775Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108108
808 Garnæs, Jens Johan  28 Aug 1772Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108114
809 Garnæs, Joen  1771Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108110
810 Geelmuyden, Anna  8 Jul 1816Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123533
811 Geelmuyden, Anna Dorothea Borse  4 May 1789Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I95737
812 Geelmuyden, Catharina Knudsen  11 Jun 1705Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I83590
813 Geelmuyden, Elisabeth Marie  1776Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129458
814 Geelmuyden, Hans  25 Sep 1779Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123541
815 Geelmuyden, Knud  2 Apr 1752Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I95725
816 Geelmuyden, Knud  19 May 1815Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123528
817 Geelmuyden, Knud Giertsen  1664Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112564
818 Geelmuyden, Margrethe Hansen  3 Feb 1818Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123530
819 Gerdes, Herman Fridrich Schrøder  1752Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126367
820 Gether, Regine  1813Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I115071
821 Gierding, Cathrine Johanne  1733Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112372
822 Giertsen, Claus  Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I64644
823 Gjertsen, Borkart  Abt 1570Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98352
824 Gotschalchsen  Abt 1560Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102158
825 Gran, Agnes  26 Aug 1876Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99288
826 Gran, Albert Nicoli  30 Apr 1838Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125805
827 Gran, Anna  13 Jul 1786Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121411
828 Gran, August Krigsmann  1844Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99294
829 Gran, Augusta  23 Jan 1880Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99287
830 Gran, Bolette Marie  25 Aug 1830Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99311
831 Gran, Bolette Sophie  22 Apr 1824Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125803
832 Gran, Catharina  23 Nov 1834Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121415
833 Gran, Catharina Marie  6 Sep 1792Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128403
834 Gran, Cathrine  29 Jul 1820Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125765
835 Gran, Cathrine Maria Didrikke  11 Jun 1834Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109968
836 Gran, Christen Knagenhjelm  27 Nov 1822Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99317
837 Gran, Christen Knagenhjelm  13 May 1858Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125766
838 Gran, Christen Knagenhjelm  19 May 1888Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125676
839 Gran, Christian Fredrik  15 Sep 1882Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99301
840 Gran, Clamer Meltzer  19 May 1800Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I95544
841 Gran, Clamer Meltzer  11 Jan 1841Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99304
842 Gran, Conrad  1854Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125767
843 Gran, Franzisca Alexandrine  1842Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100548
844 Gran, Friderich  21 Apr 1791Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128404
845 Gran, Gerhard von der Lippe  9 Dec 1856Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I136381
846 Gran, Haakon Hasberg  17 Apr 1870Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99290
847 Gran, Halfdan  1869Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128359
848 Gran, Hans Knagenhjelm  31 Jan 1829Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125797
849 Gran, Hans Knagenhjelm  27 Apr 1891Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125763
850 Gran, Henrich  1752Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128410
851 Gran, Henrich  15 Feb 1789Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128406
852 Gran, Henricha  2 Mar 1790Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128405
853 Gran, Henrike Catharine Wilhelmine  27 Nov 1840Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125799
854 Gran, Henrikke Vilhelmine  19 Jun 1846Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99285
855 Gran, Herman  1756Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128407
856 Gran, Herman  3 May 1796Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128402
857 Gran, Honoria  1863Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125774
858 Gran, James  3 Nov 1803Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128398
859 Gran, Jens  1754Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128409
860 Gran, Jens  19 Jul 1793Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128396
861 Gran, Jens  24 May 1827Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125807
862 Gran, Jens  14 Jan 1836Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99308
863 Gran, Jens  1852Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125768
864 Gran, Jens Berle  9 Oct 1794Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119982
865 Gran, Jens Henriksen  1758Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99316
866 Gran, Jens Johan  1861Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125775
867 Gran, Jensine  1 Oct 1844Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125798
868 Gran, Johan  1892Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125762
869 Gran, Johanne  1848Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125772
870 Gran, Johanne Margrethe  11 Mar 1830Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125802
871 Gran, Johanne Margrethe  23 Feb 1832Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125801
872 Gran, Karen Helene  17 Jan 1837Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121414
873 Gran, Karen Helene  1 Oct 1839Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121413
874 Gran, Louise  1859Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125776
875 Gran, Magdalene Elisabeth  1894Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125761
876 Gran, Marie  26 Apr 1872Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99289
877 Gran, Mathilde  1864Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125773
878 Gran, Mathilde Isabella Cappelen  17 Dec 1885Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125756
879 Gran, Olaf  2 Dec 1881Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99286
880 Gran, Oliva Theodora  21 Feb 1839Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99305
881 Gran, Petra Fredrikke Amalie  22 Jun 1837Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99306
882 Gran, Petter Lexau  9 Dec 1787Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121418
883 Gran, Regina Berle  31 Aug 1785Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121412
884 Gran, Wenche  1851Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125770
885 Gran, Wilhelm Lexau  9 Jul 1797Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128401
886 Gran, Wilhelmine Bergithe  27 Jun 1802Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128399
887 Gran, Wilhelmine Lydia  19 Jan 1834Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125800
888 Greve, Arendt  1733Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120123
889 Greve, Dorothea  2 May 1751Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112117
890 Greve, Jan  1705Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120126
891 Greve, Johan  1738Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120124
892 Greve, Jørgen  1735Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120127
893 Greve, Marthe  1761Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120151
894 Greve Dy, Jan Arentsen  19 Jul 1775Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122547
895 Grieg, Alexander  1 Jul 1806Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124996
896 Grieg, Catrina Hedevig Haslund  15 Apr 1800Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I103319
897 Grieg, Eduard Hagerup  15 Jun 1843Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98113
898 Grieg, Elisabeth Kembell  30 Mar 1845Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I134383
899 Grieg, Ingeborg Benedicte  18 Dec 1838Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124868
900 Grieg, James  18 Jan 1811Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122902
901 Grieg, James  6 Apr 1812Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122900
902 Grieg, John  21 Aug 1772Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I130716
903 Grieg, John  28 May 1840Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I134371
904 Grieg, Maren Regine  17 Aug 1837Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123897
905 Grieg, Margaretha Elisabeth  7 Jan 1799Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129053
906 Grieg, Margrethe Elisabeth  21 Jul 1802Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124995
907 Grieg, Marie "Mimmi"  11 Feb 1872Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111675
908 Grieg, Modesta  11 Aug 1809Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122903
909 Grieg, Niels  30 Jul 1804Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I135268
910 Grieg, Ole Bull  11 Jun 1883Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108305
911 Grip, Anna Sophia  2 Oct 1771Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I137774
912 Grip, Anne Catharina  1 Aug 1779Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I137809
913 Grip, Bergitha  25 Jul 1807Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126472
914 Grip, Bergitha  19 Apr 1811Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126421
915 Grip, Bergithe Catharine  5 Oct 1810Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126485
916 Grip, Bergithe Lokker  2 Nov 1814Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126456
917 Grip, Bergittha  1801Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126492
918 Grip, Carina Tausan  1808Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125669
919 Grip, Catharina Johana  1797Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126496
920 Grip, Catharina Johanna  18 Apr 1801Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126478
921 Grip, Catharina Johanne  17 Sep 1773Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I137797
922 Grip, Claus  14 May 1785Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I137798
923 Grip, Dorthea Catrina  1763Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126458
924 Grip, Elert Møller  11 Jun 1812Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126454
925 Grip, Elisabeth Beritta  22 Jan 1815Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126503
926 Grip, Elisabeth Birgitha  4 Nov 1777Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I137460
927 Grip, Garlov  11 Sep 1810Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126470
928 Grip, Garlow Rudolphsen  1751Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126512
929 Grip, Hans Garlow  15 Mar 1812Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126487
930 Grip, Harman  7 Sep 1769Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126502
931 Grip, Helvic Ide  1726Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126466
932 Grip, Henrich  1753Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126419
933 Grip, Henrich Christopher  2 Aug 1806Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126475
934 Grip, Herman Didrich  16 May 1809Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126469
935 Grip, Joachim Otte  6 Aug 1781Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I137787
936 Grip, Jochum Otto  30 May 1767Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126501
937 Grip, Jochumine Laurentia  5 Sep 1764Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I137462
938 Grip, Jørgen  1728Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126465
939 Grip, Karen Cathrine Olsen  26 Oct 1818Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127533
940 Grip, Maria  1729Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126467
941 Grip, Maria  15 Jul 1803Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126477
942 Grip, Maria Dorthea  1798Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126495
943 Grip, Maria Magdalena  1762Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I137777
944 Grip, Maria Magdalena  8 Nov 1809Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126420
945 Grip, Martin Peter  28 Nov 1774Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I137795
946 Grip, Ottilie  3 Aug 1853Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I159706
947 Grip, Richarda Nicoline  1802Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126491
948 Grip, Robert Christian  26 Nov 1775Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I137794
949 Grip, Rolf Olsen  2 Oct 1812Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126423
950 Grip, Rudolph  4 Oct 1765Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I137461
951 Grip, Rudolph  1803Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126490
952 Grip, Rudolph  11 Dec 1804Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126476
953 Grip, Rudolph  13 Mar 1814Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126422
954 Grip, Rudolph Christian  21 May 1810Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126455
955 Grip, Rudolphus "Rudolph"  1724Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I137800
956 Grip, Uldriche Christine  21 Mar 1814Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126489
957 Grip, Ulricha Christine  22 Jan 1815Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126504
958 Grooth, Inger Christiansen  1699Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109837
959 Grubber, Mette  20 Sep 1713Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124343
960 Grung, Jacob Olai  1802Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96502
961 Grønvold, Augusta Marcilia  3 Aug 1848Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124752
962 Grønvold, Bernt Borchgrevink  10 Sep 1860Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124751
963 Grønvold, Borghild  30 Jun 1888Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124745
964 Grønvold, Christian August  28 Jan 1854Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124757
965 Grønvold, Christophine Martine  16 Aug 1827Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120324
966 Grønvold, Diderik Hegermann  16 Dec 1855Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124754
967 Grønvold, Elisabeth Orning  7 May 1893Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124743
968 Grønvold, Holmfrid Marie  25 Nov 1890Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124744
969 Grønvold, Johan  29 Feb 1828Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120318
970 Grønvold, Karen Christine  29 Apr 1822Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120320
971 Grønvold, Magnus Gissur Thorlacius  10 Apr 1887Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124748
972 Grønvold, Marcus Fredrik Steen  5 Jul 1846Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124756
973 Grønvold, Nicolai Fridrik Reichwein  18 Aug 1849Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124755
974 Grønvold, Rise Christine  2 Jan 1847Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124753
975 Grønvold, Sara Gudrun Marcilia  25 May 1892Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124742
976 Gude, Ewa Elisabeth  1738Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128245
977 Gundersen, Andrea Petronelle  21 Jun 1846Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I170763
978 Gundersen, Gurine Dorthea  21 Mar 1834Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I134979
979 Gundersen, Hans Olai  12 Dec 1830Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I134981
980 Gundersen, Karen Mathea  5 Sep 1828Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I133864
981 Gyldenkrantz, Hans Anton  1820Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116054
982 Gyldenkrantz, Hans Both Geelmuyden  10 Jul 1759Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116062
983 Gyldenkrantz, Joachim Christian Geelmuyden  1 Feb 1730Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116061
984 Gyldenkrantz, Jochum Christian Linstow  1784Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116055
985 Gyldenkrantz, Lauritz Frederich  1815Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116053
986 Gyttri, Hans  Abt 1635Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I115059
987 Haasewinckel, Engel Jansen  Abt 1675Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I131414
988 Hadler, Gottfried Magnus  12 Apr 1807Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122490
989 Hadler, Johan Conrad Armauer  14 Nov 1805Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122491
990 Hadler, Johan Wilhelm  20 Aug 1809Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I105047
991 Hagelsteen, Benthe Catharina  15 Feb 1765Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121169
992 Hagelsteen, Benthe Cathrine  16 Oct 1781Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121157
993 Hagelsteen, Diederich  7 Jan 1779Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121159
994 Hagelsteen, Else Catharine  25 Jan 1785Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121155
995 Hagelsteen, Else Margrethe  27 Dec 1759Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121176
996 Hagelsteen, Gierdt  31 Aug 1780Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121158
997 Hagelsteen, Giert von der Ohe  19 May 1767Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121167
998 Hagelsteen, Gottfred  7 Jan 1762Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121171
999 Hagelsteen, Henrich  11 Apr 1783Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121156
1000 Hagelsteen, Johan  23 Dec 1800Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121178
1001 Hagelsteen, Johan Gewerdt  23 Feb 1766Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121168
1002 Hagelsteen, Johan Gewerdt  16 Dec 1774Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121179
1003 Hagelsteen, Johanna  21 Dec 1760Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121174
1004 Hagelsteen, Johanna Margaretha  12 May 1769Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121166
1005 Hagelsteen, Maren Mallena  23 Nov 1771Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121165
1006 Hagelsteen, Margarethe Catharine  3 Aug 1763Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121170
1007 Hagelsteen, Mette Kirstine  7 Oct 1773Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121164
1008 Hagelsteen, Nicolay  3 May 1777Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121160
1009 Hagelsteen, Søren Breder  10 Mar 1776Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121163
1010 Hagelsteen, Søren Schjelderup  24 Apr 1802Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121154
1011 Hagemann (Hagemann of Norway), Marie Hedvig  25 Jun 1850Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109026
1012 Hagerup, Anna Friedricha  8 Sep 1783Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99983
1013 Hagerup, Anna Schielderup  1750Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123850
1014 Hagerup, Anthonie Lovise "Tony"  31 Aug 1844Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97627
1015 Hagerup, Christiane Benedicte  19 Jun 1810Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100792
1016 Hagerup, Christiane Margrethe  8 Dec 1812Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100547
1017 Hagerup, Edvardine Margrethe  30 Oct 1811Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100669
1018 Hagerup, Eilert  22 Feb 1815Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100309
1019 Hagerup, Gesine Judithe  18 Jan 1814Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100430
1020 Hagerup, Hans Jørgen  25 Jun 1782Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99995
1021 Hagerup, Herman Didrich  1 Aug 1816Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97868
1022 Hagerup, Johanne Margrethe "Hanne"  3 Sep 1817Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100067
1023 Hagerup, Johannes Annanias  1747Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123862
1024 Hagerup, Nina  24 Nov 1845Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97991
1025 Hagerup, Pike  1753Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126606
1026 Hagerup, Wilhelm Christie  30 Oct 1818Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102228
1027 Hagerup, Yelva Hermansen  20 Aug 1847Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97507
1028 Hahm, Margarethe Dorothea  1780Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126352
1029 Halvorsen, Anne  1746Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109938
1030 Hamer, Anna Severina "Amalie"  1781Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126330
1031 Hammechen, Adelheid  1704Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126553
1032 Hammechen, Anna Ludolfsen  30 Sep 1692Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126752
1033 Hammechen, Gotfrid  1702Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126357
1034 Hammechen, Johan  1713Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126362
1035 Hanche, Albrigt Meyer  1749Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97900
1036 Hanche, Elen "Maria"  1765Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98920
1037 Hanche, Hans Jørgen  1752Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125808
1038 Hanche, Jan "Johan" Christopher  1722Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97908
1039 Hanche, Johan Christopher  1762Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97904
1040 Hanche, Marie  1749Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97899
1041 Hanche, Marie  1763Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97902
1042 Hanche, Wilhelm  1760Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97906
1043 Hansen, Abel Margrethe  1676Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120934
1044 Hansen, Annanias Christopher  Abt 1780Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126262
1045 Hansen, Bergliot  15 Jan 1878Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100661
1046 Hansen, Bertel Emil  8 Sep 1849Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100843
1047 Hansen, Christine  1809Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I136066
1048 Hansen, Elizabeth Sophia  1752Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127044
1049 Hansen, Henriche von Gylik  1803Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100706
1050 Hansen, Johanne Kirstine  1734Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109970
1051 Hansen, Katarine Agnete  2 Mar 1879Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100656
1052 Hansen, Kristen Heiberg  6 Feb 1882Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100653
1053 Hansen, Kristoffer Faye  26 Jul 1880Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100654
1054 Hansen, Synneve  1730Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112275
1055 Hansenfaye, Elias  1717Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98791
1056 Harboe (Harboe 4), Anna Gasmer  11 Sep 1780Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111845
1057 Harboe (Harboe 4), Margaretha Bolette  28 Oct 1777Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111848
1058 Harboe (Harboe 4), Peder  23 Feb 1779Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111846
1059 Haslop, Anna  30 Sep 1751Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113171
1060 Haslop, Anna Margaretha  1719Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113180
1061 Haslop, Bendix  1744Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113167
1062 Haslop, Diderich  1731Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113178
1063 Haslop, Diderich  1753Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113170
1064 Haslop, Didric  1706Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113185
1065 Haslop, Didrich  1708Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113207
1066 Haslop, Didrich  1743Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113197
1067 Haslop, Echte  4 Jun 1750Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113172
1068 Haslop, Echte Magdalene  1746Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113175
1069 Haslop, Egte  1745Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113203
1070 Haslop, Elisabeth  Abt 1738Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113193
1071 Haslop, Gedsche  1746Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113202
1072 Haslop, Helena  1749Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113206
1073 Haslop, Henric  1705Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113188
1074 Haslop, Henrich  1739Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113201
1075 Haslop, Hieronymus  1713Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113183
1076 Haslop, Hieronymus Maria  21 May 1754Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113169
1077 Haslop, Jan Peter  1717Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113181
1078 Haslop, Janneche  1711Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113184
1079 Haslop, Johannes  1751Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113205
1080 Haslop, Lyder  1715Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113182
1081 Haslop, Lydia  1752Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113204
1082 Haslop, Magdalene  1748Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113173
1083 Haslop, Niels  1741Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113200
1084 Haslund, Catharina Hedevig  15 Mar 1783Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122864
1085 Haslund, Catharine Hedevig  17 May 1777Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122863
1086 Haslund, Elisabeth  25 May 1784Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122858
1087 Haslund, Maren Regine  24 Jan 1776Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I134359
1088 Haslund, Mette Catharina  1 Apr 1780Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122860
1089 Haslund, Niels  18 May 1778Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122859
1090 Haslund, Niels  22 Oct 1781Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122861
1091 Hasselberg, Jens Mogensen  31 Oct 1805Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126425
1092 Haug, Dorothea Elisabeth Stender  7 Mar 1920Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264674
1093 Haven, Lambert von  16 Apr 1630Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I179982
1094 Hechmand, Barbra Hansen  1743Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128975
1095 Heckel, Frantz Carl  1770Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120612
1096 Heckel, Hans Georg Anthonius  1771Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120611
1097 Heckel, Mariana Chatarina  1773Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97798
1098 Heiberg, Alida Georgine  2 Nov 1773Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97058
1099 Heiberg, Andreas Severin  28 Aug 1820Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100841
1100 Heiberg, Andreas Severin  25 May 1878Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98497
1101 Heiberg, Andreas Severin Knagenhjelm  5 Feb 1878Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102652
1102 Heiberg, Anna Georgine  17 Dec 1876Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98498
1103 Heiberg, Anne Sofie  5 Jul 1857Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100834
1104 Heiberg, Cathrine Elisabeth  4 Nov 1853Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100837
1105 Heiberg, Cecilie Marie  7 Jan 1860Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100832
1106 Heiberg, Christen  1799Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122857
1107 Heiberg, Christen Faye  4 Sep 1850Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100839
1108 Heiberg, Christen Knagenhjelm  21 Jul 1879Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102651
1109 Heiberg, Dorthea Amalia  23 Feb 1823Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100763
1110 Heiberg, Einar Knagenhjelm  31 Mar 1884Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125796
1111 Heiberg, Elisa Susanne  16 Oct 1864Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100831
1112 Heiberg, Else  15 Feb 1880Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98496
1113 Heiberg, Else  23 Sep 1888Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102648
1114 Heiberg, Erna  15 Aug 1892Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102646
1115 Heiberg, Hans Knagenhjelm  17 Jul 1754Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I105570
1116 Heiberg, Immanuel  5 Mar 1855Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100838
1117 Heiberg, Johan Widing  17 Sep 1737Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101238
1118 Heiberg, Jonas Andreas  1729Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96455
1119 Heiberg, Jørgen Faye  4 Jul 1861Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100833
1120 Heiberg, Kamilla Karoline  13 Jan 1869Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100830
1121 Heiberg, Magdalene Christine  15 Mar 1856Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100836
1122 Heiberg, Nils Joachim Knagenhjelm  13 Nov 1880Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100859
1123 Heiberg, Odd  13 Jun 1882Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102644
1124 Heiberg, Philipp  1731Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96453
1125 Heiberg, Randi  6 Dec 1881Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98495
1126 Heiberg, Severin "Søren" Andreas  1726Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98482
1127 Heiberg, Severin Andreas Andreasen  5 May 1852Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119279
1128 Heiberg, Sigurd  17 Oct 1885Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102649
1129 Heiberg, Sofie Knagenhjelm  23 Nov 1890Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102647
1130 Heiberg, Søren  1738Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101193
1131 Heiberg, Vilhelm Hansen  1735Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I118071
1132 Heitmand, Grisille  1707Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I103799
1133 Heitmand, Jan  1710Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I103787
1134 Heitmand, Jan Magnus  1714Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I103805
1135 Heitmand, Maren  1715Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101036
1136 Heitmann, Jacob Davidsen  1717Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129737
1137 Heitmann, Margaretha Elisabeth  12 Aug 1742Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I130204
1138 Helland-Hansen, Bjørn Krag  12 Sep 1903Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I265730
1139 Helmers, Alida Margrethe  1 May 1834Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I104118
1140 Helmers, Anna  24 Oct 1783Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120150
1141 Helmers, Anna Alida  19 Jun 1789Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120147
1142 Helmers, Anna Alida  4 Dec 1790Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120146
1143 Helmers, Egte  29 Feb 1788Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120148
1144 Helmers, Egte  2 Aug 1792Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120145
1145 Helmers, Georg Adolph  13 Oct 1827Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I104120
1146 Helmers, Henrich  1704Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I135653
1147 Helmers, Henrich  29 Jul 1752Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120152
1148 Helmers, Henrich  6 Oct 1784Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120161
1149 Helmers, Jacob Busch  24 Jul 1794Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120144
1150 Helmers, Jacob Busch  1795Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I104122
1151 Helmers, Jørgen  7 Mar 1786Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120149
1152 Helmers, Karen Sardine  27 Feb 1836Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I104117
1153 Helmers, Martha  23 May 1796Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120141
1154 Helmers, Martha  15 Apr 1831Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I104119
1155 Helmers, Peter Johan  31 Oct 1753Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120139
1156 Henrichsen, Jens  1863Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99909
1157 Henschien, Anne Marie  17 Mar 1919Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266704
1158 Henschien, Erling  25 Mar 1922Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266460
1159 Herdal, Christine  1766Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109941
1160 Herdal, Giertrud Christine  1765Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109959
1161 Herdal, Marthe Kirstine  1772Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108895
1162 Herdal, Svend  1770Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109933
1163 Hess, Anna Dreyer  1764Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125994
1164 Hess, Anna Margraretha  1770Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125989
1165 Hess, Anna Margrethe  1765Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125992
1166 Hess, Anna Susana  21 Oct 1792Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126005
1167 Hess, Annanias  17 May 1802Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126000
1168 Hess, Hans Christian  12 Jan 1796Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126002
1169 Hess, Herborg  1786Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125999
1170 Hess, Ingeborg Cathrine  5 Feb 1830Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126063
1171 Hess, Jacob  1777Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125996
1172 Hess, Jens Arent  22 Feb 1799Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126001
1173 Hess, Leonard  1728Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125998
1174 Hess, Leonard  1760Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126007
1175 Hess, Leonard  4 Aug 1789Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126009
1176 Hess, Marthe Elisabeth  1762Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125995
1177 Hielm, Helene "Lene"  1765Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122712
1178 Hielm, Jørgen  1714Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122707
1179 Hille, Agnes Sofie  1864Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125755
1180 Hjertholm, Betzy Kristine  4 Mar 1879Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I136432
1181 Hochkirchen, Christina Elisabeth  1764Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128222
1182 Hochkirchen, Sophie Hedvig  1762Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109408
1183 Holberg, Peder  24 Sep 1681Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120024
1184 Holm, Caroline Marie Bredal  20 Sep 1884Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266161
1185 Holm, Christian Lerche Dahl  28 Sep 1878Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266156
1186 Holm, Danchert Krohn  19 Apr 1844Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266371
1187 Holm, Helene Christiane Falsen  16 Jun 1881Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266159
1188 Holm, Janna Lange Kielland  10 Apr 1880Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266157
1189 Holm, Jens Zetlitz Kielland  14 Jul 1887Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266162
1190 Holmboe, Karen Johanne "Kaja"  25 Aug 1826Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109518
1191 Holmsen, Cathrine Elisabeth  29 Sep 1855Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127676
1192 Holtermann, Abraham  8 Mar 1690Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98902
1193 Holtermann, Abraham  1727Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127288
1194 Holtermann, Anna  1722Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98819
1195 Holtermann, Anna Henriksen  10 Jan 1701Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119481
1196 Holtermann, Anna Maria  1688Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98907
1197 Holtermann, Anne  1742Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127325
1198 Holtermann, Anne Margrethe  1851Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127051
1199 Holtermann, Axel  1849Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127052
1200 Holtermann, Bergete  1692Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98815
1201 Holtermann, Carsten  19 Feb 1680Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98871
1202 Holtermann, Carsten Davidsen  1742Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113222
1203 Holtermann, Caspar Rømer  1725Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127286
1204 Holtermann, Catrina  1697Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98899
1205 Holtermann, Christian  1686Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98905
1206 Holtermann, Christian  1687Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98904
1207 Holtermann, Christopher Mühlenphort  1738Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128411
1208 Holtermann, Cort  1677Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98816
1209 Holtermann, Cort  1730Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127331
1210 Holtermann, Daniel  1684Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98906
1211 Holtermann, Daniel  1732Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127330
1212 Holtermann, David Carstensen  1714Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98896
1213 Holtermann, Elisabeth Carstensen  1716Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98833
1214 Holtermann, Elisabeth Munthe  1735Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96447
1215 Holtermann, Giertrud  1736Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127328
1216 Holtermann, Hans  1720Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I95711
1217 Holtermann, Hans  1738Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127327
1218 Holtermann, Henric Peter  1729Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127287
1219 Holtermann, Henrik Henriksen  4 Jul 1683Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96431
1220 Holtermann, Herman David  1719Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98860
1221 Holtermann, Isaac  1691Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98901
1222 Holtermann, Jacob  1695Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98900
1223 Holtermann, Jacob  1740Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127326
1224 Holtermann, Lorentz  1768Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I95708
1225 Holtermann, Lorentz  11 Jan 1917Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266281
1226 Holtermann, Lorentz Ananias  14 Jan 1831Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I95702
1227 Holtermann, Margrethe  1725Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98817
1228 Holtermann, Mathias  1735Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98373
1229 Holtermann, Nicolai  1804Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I95706
1230 Holtermann, Nutta Boletta Davidsen  29 Nov 1748Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119483
1231 Holtermann, Rebecka  1694Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98813
1232 Holtermann, Rebecka  1698Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98898
1233 Holtermann, Sara  1724Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98818
1234 Holtermann, Sara  1747Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113219
1235 Hopstock, Franca Cecilia  1864Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112441
1236 Hornung, Birthe "Berte"  1715Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126311
1237 Hornung, Johan Michael  1717Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126304
1238 Hornung, Margretha  1713Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126306
1239 Hude (Hude), Siband von der  1711Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I16462
1240 Huitfeldt (Huitfeldt), Kirsten Christoffersen  22 Jul 1544Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I159862
1241 Huun, Aalche Christine  17 Aug 1784Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109820
1242 Huun, Anna Elisabeth  1743Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109817
1243 Huun, Anne Cornelia  1764Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109807
1244 Huun, Birthe Jacobe  1764Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109842
1245 Huun, Christopher  1727Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109849
1246 Huun, Christopher Christophersen  1775Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127232
1247 Huun, Cornelius  29 Nov 1787Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109829
1248 Huun, Ester Block  13 Mar 1815Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109818
1249 Huun, Gutt  1758Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109844
1250 Huun, Hans  1771Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109839
1251 Huun, Hans Mathiasen  Abt 1731Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109816
1252 Huun, Henrich  3 Dec 1775Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109826
1253 Huun, Henrik  1781Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109765
1254 Huun, Ingeborg Lisbeth  1754Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109812
1255 Huun, Inger  1732Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109833
1256 Huun, Inger  24 Sep 1777Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109825
1257 Huun, Inger Cornelias  1759Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109809
1258 Huun, Inger Martine  1759Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109852
1259 Huun, Johan Joachim  1734Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109832
1260 Huun, Maria Gustav  1770Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109840
1261 Huun, Martha Maria  1729Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109836
1262 Huun, Mathias  1762Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109843
1263 Huun, Matthias  Abt 1690Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109838
1264 Huun, Matthias  1752Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109814
1265 Huun, Matthias  1756Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109811
1266 Huun, Matthias  25 Dec 1774Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109827
1267 Huun, Matthias  13 Sep 1780Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109821
1268 Huun, Nelle  1761Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109808
1269 Huun, Nicoline Christine Berendtine  1768Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109841
1270 Huun, Rasmus  18 Nov 1778Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109823
1271 Huun, Stine Marie  30 Mar 1773Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109828
1272 Huun, Valentin  1740Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109831
1273 Hysing, Ahlert  16 Mar 1798Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126325
1274 Hysing, Ahlerta  5 Jan 1794Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126317
1275 Hysing, Ane Catharina  29 Mar 1799Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126322
1276 Hysing, Anne Cathrine  13 Nov 1791Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126318
1277 Hysing, Giertrud Maria  5 Oct 1796Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126326
1278 Hysing, Ingeborg Sophia  5 Jun 1800Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126321
1279 Hysing, Ingeborg Sophie  12 Dec 1801Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126323
1280 Hysing, Inger Elisabeth  9 Jul 1789Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126328
1281 Hysing, Maren Elisabeth  5 Jan 1794Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126315
1282 Hysing, Maria Elisabeth  28 Nov 1803Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126314
1283 Hysing, Ole Morup  26 Jul 1790Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126329
1284 Høyer (Høyer of Norway), Charlotte Eleonora Johanne  26 Mar 1806Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102853
1285 Høyer (Høyer of Norway), Christine Detlovia  1804Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102855
1286 Høyer (Høyer of Norway), Jacobine  25 Nov 1808Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102852
1287 Høyer (Høyer of Norway), Magrethe Christine  8 May 1810Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124533
1288 Høyer (Høyer of Norway), Maria Dorthea  1 Jul 1803Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124532
1289 Høyer (Høyer of Norway), Ole  1764Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125313
1290 Høyer (Høyer of Norway), Susanna Catharina  16 Feb 1807Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102854
1291 Ibsen (Ibsen of Norway), Karen  Jun 1727Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97087
1292 Ibsen (Ibsen of Norway), Rasmus Peter  1722Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97062
1293 Ingebrigtsen, Sigurd   I62857
1294 Isdahl, Johan Christian  1855Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125703
1295 Ivendorph, Dorothea  1741Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117456
1296 Ivendorph, Henricha Maria  1744Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117462
1297 Ivendorph, Joachim  1743Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117453
1298 Ivendorph, Johanna Lydia  1747Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117457
1299 Iversen, Margrethe  Abt 1600Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98355
1300 Jansen, Andreas  20 Apr 1837Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126265
1301 Jansen, Anna Dorthea  24 Apr 1813Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129472
1302 Jansen, Christina Magrethe  7 Aug 1809Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129475
1303 Jansen, Christopher Nagel  5 May 1841Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I106180
1304 Jansen, Constanse Frederiche  7 Apr 1844Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I106179
1305 Jansen, David Middelthun  1815Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97236
1306 Jansen, Else  4 Jun 1755Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I103605
1307 Jansen, Georgine Johanna  25 Oct 1837Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I106183
1308 Jansen, Gessine Judithe  26 Oct 1815Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129473
1309 Jansen, Helmich  20 Dec 1723Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123205
1310 Jansen, Helmich  1804Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129480
1311 Jansen, Hendrich  9 Aug 1781Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101595
1312 Jansen, Hendrich  12 Jul 1819Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101539
1313 Jansen, Herman Diderich  11 Oct 1810Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129474
1314 Jansen, Herman Diederich  11 Aug 1833Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I106185
1315 Jansen, Honoria  13 Aug 1877Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I138141
1316 Jansen, Ide  26 Aug 1663Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117262
1317 Jansen, Ingeborg Benedicte Hermansen  3 Dec 1786Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101154
1318 Jansen, Jacob  18 Feb 1839Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I106181
1319 Jansen, Justine Marie Agnethe  28 Jul 1835Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I106184
1320 Jansen, Karen  1721Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129451
1321 Jansen, Sille Marie  1773Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121322
1322 Jansen, Wibeche  16 May 1805Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129476
1323 Jebsen, Asany Sofie  1897Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101197
1324 Jensen, Andrea Serene  3 Mar 1821Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127639
1325 Jensen, Anna Magrethe  1721Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97907
1326 Jersin, Georg Andreas  1856Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112086
1327 Jessen, Burchard Peter Friendrich  19 Jul 1849Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102810
1328 Johannesen, Edith  Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I95297
1329 Johannesen, Hedvig  9 Dec 1902Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I17475
1330 Johnsen, Odd  12 Oct 1891Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I265618
1331 Johnsen, Synneve  Abt 1656Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127132
1332 Johnson, Stein Jean  20 Oct 1921Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266008
1333 Jonaesen, Gietrud  1701Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102346
1334 Jordan, Anne Margretha  1749Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117983
1335 Juul (Juul), Anna  1791Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128217
1336 Juul (Juul), Hans  1761Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128219
1337 Juul (Juul), Johan Wilhelm  25 Aug 1794Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128215
1338 Juul (Juul), Maren  Abt 1815Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116949
1339 Juul (Juul), Stine Marlene "Mariia"  1801Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I128216
1340 Jürgensen, Anne  1855Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I87186
1341 Jürgensen, Vilhelm Lexau  3 Sep 1812Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I86018
1342 Jürgers, Heinrich  1703Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99160
1343 Jørgensen, Caspar Johan  15 Sep 1829Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97790
1344 Jørgensen, Christine Marie  1796Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121651
1345 Jørgensen, Else  1698Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122185
1346 Jørgensen, Maren  1711Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120125
1347 Jørgensen, Otte  Abt 1730Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122695
1348 Kahrs, Catharina  17 Aug 1784Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112121
1349 Kahrs, Christen Heiberg  13 Feb 1750Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96584
1350 Kahrs, Dithmar  29 Sep 1713Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96610
1351 Kahrs, Dithmar  1746Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96611
1352 Kahrs, Gerhard  1753Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96606
1353 Kahrs, Karen  1735Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116977
1354 Kastrup, Christine "Stine"  1753Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126380
1355 Kastrup, Claus  1756Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126368
1356 Kaurin, Karen Alida  12 Nov 1877Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127540
1357 Keuter, Sophie Magdalene  1736Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I103354
1358 Kibsgaard  30 Oct 1900Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I130135
1359 Kibsgaard, Signe Aastad  20 May 1898Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I130137
1360 Kibsgaard, Wilhelm Aaber  13 Jul 1899Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I130136
1361 Kieding, Johan Nicolai Holm  1 Sep 1892Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264667
1362 Kieding, Kirsten  8 Nov 1913Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264665
1363 Kielland, Aagot  16 Apr 1890Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264662
1364 Kielland, Anna Georgine Christine  29 Aug 1840Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I265957
1365 Kielland, Anna Magdalena Cathrine  17 Dec 1871Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266136
1366 Kielland, Birger von Tangen  24 Jul 1890Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264873
1367 Kielland, Bjørn  26 Jan 1919Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264743
1368 Kielland, Christine Margrethe Hammer  20 Mar 1863Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264870
1369 Kielland, Christopher Kahrs  4 Jul 1883Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264689
1370 Kielland, Einar  13 Nov 1889Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264734
1371 Kielland, Else Christie  20 Oct 1903Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I265074
1372 Kielland, Fredrik Christian Biering  2 Jun 1849Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264767
1373 Kielland, Gerda  12 Mar 1895Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I265199
1374 Kielland, Ida Randi  2 Apr 1895Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264735
1375 Kielland, Jacob Christie  11 Feb 1897Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I266137
1376 Kielland, Jacob de Rytter  23 Aug 1853Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264793
1377 Kielland, Jacob de Rytter  7 Jan 1882Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264661
1378 Kielland, Jacob de Rytter  28 Mar 1923Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264680
1379 Kielland, Jacob de Rytter von Tangen  29 Mar 1887Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264872
1380 Kielland, Johanna  9 Nov 1878Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111721
1381 Kielland, Kaspar Kruse  12 Jun 1857Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264869
1382 Kielland, Kaspar Kruse  1 Sep 1902Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264877
1383 Kielland, Kristoffer von Tangen  17 Aug 1885Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264871
1384 Kielland, Morten Henrik  14 Apr 1912Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264663
1385 Kielland, Trygve von Tangen  3 Apr 1893Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264874
1386 Kielland, Øivind Kahrs  13 Aug 1891Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264749
1387 Kielstrøm, Matthias Huun  1777Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I104873
1388 Kierulff of Christianssand (Kjærulf), Ole Andreas  20 Mar 1743Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I88462
1389 Kierumgaard, Anders  1740Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122891
1390 Kierumgaard, Andreas Echoff  1751Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122869
1391 Kierumgaard, Jens  1709Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122899
1392 Kierumgaard, Katharina Hedevig  1748Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I134331
1393 Kierumgaard, Mette Catharina  1741Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122870
1394 Kierumgaard, Petronelle  1743Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122866
1395 Kierumgaard, Petronelle  1745Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122892
1396 Kierumgaard, Regine  1744Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122894
1397 Kierumgaard, Regine  1749Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122893
1398 Kiil, Joen Stephanson  1637Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126868
1399 Kisling, Carl Martin  7 Jul 1767Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109766
1400 Kisling, Carl Martin  18 Aug 1800Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108615
1401 Kisling, Caroline Mathilde Elisabeth  13 Jun 1835Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108610
1402 Kisling, Catharina Maria  1761Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108634
1403 Kisling, Christine Elisabeth  22 Jan 1831Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108612
1404 Kisling, Christine Margaretha Elisabeth  1764Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108638
1405 Kisling, Inger  21 May 1829Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108613
1406 Kisling, Johanne Cortine Schriver  17 May 1839Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108609
1407 Kiønig, Karen  1704Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113513
1408 Kiøning, Antonette Augusta  20 Jul 1799Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97883
1409 Kiøning, Jacob  1769Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97799
1410 Kiøning, Uldrich Friderich Wilhelm  18 Jul 1797Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97597
1411 Kjørlaug, Jens Dagfinn   I56541
1412 Klagenberg, Reinholdt Abel  25 Sep 1820Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I105594
1413 Kleppe, Inger Jonette Helene Johnsen  20 Oct 1897Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I65547
1414 Kleve, Rasmus Cornelius  3 Jun 1798Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97795
1415 Kloster, Robert  8 Mar 1905Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I265322
1416 Kloumand, Claus Pedersen  1717Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98832
1417 Klæve, Alf Cold  15 Nov 1886Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97777
1418 Klæve, Andreas Johan Julius  22 May 1832Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97878
1419 Klæve, Andreas Rognald  30 Jul 1823Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97784
1420 Klæve, Anna Catrine  21 Dec 1830Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97785
1421 Klæve, Anthon August  1855Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97780
1422 Klæve, Arent Johan  8 Apr 1795Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97791
1423 Klæve, Bergita Lovise  16 Jan 1800Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97793
1424 Klæve, Eyvind Cold  5 Sep 1885Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97778
1425 Klæve, Gotfriedine Margretha Charlotte  19 Dec 1830Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97787
1426 Klæve, Henrich August Weideman Meyer  5 Oct 1824Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97783
1427 Klæve, Knud Engelbert  3 Dec 1796Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97879
1428 Klæve, Rasmine Christine  20 Dec 1826Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97789
1429 Knagenhjelm, Abel Margarethe  1722Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125390
1430 Knagenhjelm, Anna Christine Nilsen  Abt 1710Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125795
1431 Knagenhjelm, Anna Sofie Dorothea  14 Apr 1863Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102816
1432 Knagenhjelm, Cecilie Anna  20 Sep 1699Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120898
1433 Knagenhjelm, Hanna Maria Arntzen  29 Aug 1868Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98453
1434 Knagenhjelm, Hans  29 Jul 1696Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I104962
1435 Knagenhjelm, Ingeborg Marie  25 Dec 1697Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120922
1436 Knagenhjelm, Karelius August  27 Mar 1861Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98467
1437 Knagenhjelm, Karen Anker  10 Aug 1859Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98468
1438 Knagenhjelm, Ludvig Wiese  22 Dec 1865Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98461
1439 Knagenhjelm, Nils Theodore  13 Sep 1896Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98474
1440 Knudsen, Birthe  19 Dec 1782Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97796
1441 Knutzon, Baeille  1886Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100663
1442 Kobro, Isaac Lange  18 Dec 1810Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I118115
1443 Koch, Margrethe  1890Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120268
1444 Koch, Randi  1896Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120266
1445 Kocken, Anna Maria  1655Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119922
1446 Kohmann, Hugo  17 Jul 1875Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I201487
1447 Konow, Anna Elisabeth  11 Jun 1789Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126268
1448 Konow, Anne Hedevig  15 May 1814Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97162
1449 Konow, August Ludwig  20 Jan 1784Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97156
1450 Konow, Clarche  18 Jan 1785Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126270
1451 Konow, Friedrich "Frederik" Ludwig  16 May 1746Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I230749
1452 Konow, Johan Frøchen  15 Mar 1787Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126269
1453 Konow, Johan Wilhelm West  14 Aug 1859Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I172031
1454 Konow, Wilhelm August  12 Sep 1857Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112421
1455 Koren, Agnete Castharina  20 Jun 1813Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102406
1456 Koren, Angnete Catharina  27 Sep 1804Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102414
1457 Koren, Anna Maria  3 Dec 1772Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102504
1458 Koren, Arnoldus von Westen Sylow  1764Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102572
1459 Koren, Birgithe Jony  1778Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102470
1460 Koren, Christian Nicolai  1769Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102569
1461 Koren, Claus  1779Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102459
1462 Koren, Claus  14 Mar 1807Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102410
1463 Koren, Claus  10 Aug 1810Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102402
1464 Koren, Claus  8 Oct 1810Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102404
1465 Koren, Claus Peter  1732Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102513
1466 Koren, Claus Peter  5 Sep 1806Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102413
1467 Koren, Claus Wilhelm  1722Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I103334
1468 Koren, Conradus  1775Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102473
1469 Koren, Cornelsche  1692Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102456
1470 Koren, Drude Maria  1748Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102460
1471 Koren, Drude Marie  1767Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102476
1472 Koren, Edvard Christie  1762Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102571
1473 Koren, Else Elisabeth  1761Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102477
1474 Koren, Georg Friderich  1750Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102468
1475 Koren, Georg Friderich  1754Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102465
1476 Koren, Giertrud  1776Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102471
1477 Koren, Jacob  28 Apr 1812Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102408
1478 Koren, Johan  1745Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102461
1479 Koren, Johan  1758Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I103348
1480 Koren, Johan  6 Jul 1809Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102409
1481 Koren, Johan Christian Kroepelin  18 Dec 1807Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102405
1482 Koren, Johan Fridedrich Kroepelien  7 Feb 1803Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102403
1483 Koren, Johan Randulf  1762Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I103349
1484 Koren, Jonie  1723Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102343
1485 Koren, Joris  1728Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102345
1486 Koren, Lovise  1859Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112479
1487 Koren, Magdalene  1753Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102466
1488 Koren, Maren  1726Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102353
1489 Koren, Maren Christina  1755Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102463
1490 Koren, Nils  1757Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129274
1491 Koren, Peder  1774Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102474
1492 Koren, Regine  1751Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102467
1493 Koren, Stine  1729Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102341
1494 Koren, Wilhelm  1724Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102342
1495 Koren, Wilhelm Friman  1765Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102570
1496 Koren, Wilhelm Friman  9 Jan 1885Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102537
1497 Kraglund, Peder Jensen  21 Dec 1602Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123336
1498 Kramer, Anna Margrethe Chlarikje  1748Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126719
1499 Kramer, Helene  1736Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122515
1500 Kramer, Johan Ludolph  1740Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116967
1501 Kramer, Ludolph  1710Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116968
1502 Krefting, Charlotte Amalia  1807Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116886
1503 Krefting, David Chrystie  1802Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116889
1504 Krefting, Elisabeth  1812Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116883
1505 Krefting, Emma Andrea  6 Nov 1809Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99743
1506 Krefting, Frderich  1806Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116888
1507 Krefting, Friderica Lovisa  1807Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116885
1508 Krefting, Herman Petter  1808Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116884
1509 Krefting, Peter Berendt  1799Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116890
1510 Kroepelien, Elsebet Catharine  Abt 1774Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102415
1511 Krog, Abel Margrethe  1724Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111257
1512 Krog, Anna Sophia  1722Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111246
1513 Krog, Anne Dorothea  1726Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111244
1514 Krog, Henning  1723Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111245
1515 Krog, Johan Georg  1720Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111247
1516 Krog, Sophia Amalia  1731Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111242
1517 Krog, Unni  3 May 1883Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119733
1518 Krogh, Bernhardus Aroldus von  3 Apr 1801Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100899
1519 Krogh, Christen Faye  14 Sep 1844Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100662
1520 Krogh, Christen Faye  1 Oct 1848Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100675
1521 Krogh, Henrich Christie  22 Dec 1799Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102510
1522 Krogh, Jens Andreas Thomasen  7 Nov 1740Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I111357
1523 Krogh, Magdalene Sophie von  16 Mar 1838Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100660
1524 Krogh, Mentz Lillo Rynning von  8 Nov 1877Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127539
1525 Krogh, Mette Bernhardine  31 Oct 1845Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100674
1526 Krogh, Morten Mathias  22 Nov 1797Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102511
1527 Krogh, Ulrika Frederika  21 Apr 1841Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100659
1528 Krohn, Alida Catharina  1769Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117834
1529 Krohn, Anna Margretha  1768Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117835
1530 Krohn, Anne  11 Nov 1821Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117258
1531 Krohn, Anne Christine  21 May 1810Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116021
1532 Krohn, Cecilia Margartha  3 Sep 1801Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117713
1533 Krohn, Christiane Benedicte  7 Jul 1762Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I100911
1534 Krohn, Christopher Christian  1770Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117833
1535 Krohn, Christopher Kramer  25 Jul 1807Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116024
1536 Krohn, Claus  1745Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101527
1537 Krohn, Claus  1760Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101523
1538 Krohn, Claus  1767Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117836
1539 Krohn, Claus  1782Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117826
1540 Krohn, Claus "Crone"  20 Feb 1694Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123338
1541 Krohn, Danchert Danchertsen  1771Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117832
1542 Krohn, Danchert Danchertsen  2 Jul 1797Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117714
1543 Krohn, Danchert Danchertsenn  1726Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101537
1544 Krohn, Dankert Dankertsen  12 Apr 1814Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116019
1545 Krohn, Dorthea Sophia  1774Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97311
1546 Krohn, Engel Sophia Amalia  1778Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117838
1547 Krohn, Engel Sophie Amalie  1818Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117256
1548 Krohn, Gedske  1763Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101526
1549 Krohn, Gedske  1768Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101521
1550 Krohn, Gerhard  12 Apr 1804Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117712
1551 Krohn, Giedske  1780Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117827
1552 Krohn, Giertrud  1763Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101525
1553 Krohn, Giertrud Magdalene  8 Jan 1813Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116020
1554 Krohn, Giertrud Malene  1737Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101531
1555 Krohn, Gjertrud Mallene  1739Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101529
1556 Krohn, Hans  1727Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101536
1557 Krohn, Hans  1732Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101533
1558 Krohn, Hans  1742Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101528
1559 Krohn, Hans  4 Nov 1804Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116026
1560 Krohn, Ingeborg Benedicta  4 Jun 1788Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101517
1561 Krohn, Joachim von der Lippe  1729Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101534
1562 Krohn, Johan  1773Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117830
1563 Krohn, Johan Herman  1779Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117837
1564 Krohn, Johan Jochum  1734Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101532
1565 Krohn, Johan Plate  10 Feb 1800Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117717
1566 Krohn, Johan Weiner  1775Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117829
1567 Krohn, Johanne Wilhelmine  Sep 1820Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117257
1568 Krohn, Michael  16 May 1793Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117715
1569 Krohn, Sophi Amalia  28 Dec 1808Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116022
1570 Krohn, Vollert Dankerts  17 Aug 1765Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101522
1571 Krohn, Wenche Garman  1815Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117255
1572 Krohn, Wenche von der Lippe  1784Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117825
1573 Krohn, Wenchie Elisabeth  1769Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101520
1574 Krohn, Wollert  6 Jan 1731Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123385
1575 Krohn, Wollert  12 Dec 1790Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101516
1576 Krum, Albertine Christina Schriver  17 Nov 1819Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116955
1577 Krum, Hans  15 Feb 1818Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116964
1578 Krum, Jacobine  6 Dec 1837Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116946
1579 Krum, Jacobine Andreas  28 Apr 1827Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116951
1580 Krum, Johan Carl Schriver  3 Jun 1830Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116945
1581 Krum, Lauritz Elias  8 Apr 1821Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116954
1582 Krum, Michilde Helene  9 Mar 1832Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116950
1583 Krum, Regine Chatarine  21 Mar 1822Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116953
1584 Krum, Susanne Sophie  26 May 1825Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116952
1585 Krøger, Arent Hendrich  1738Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97129
1586 Krøger, Cathrine Elisabeth  1750Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97119
1587 Krøger, Chatarina Elsebeth  1740Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97128
1588 Krøger, Elsebet  1746Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97123
1589 Krøger, Henrich  1749Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97120
1590 Krøger, Jochum Henrich  1742Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97125
1591 Krøger, Jochum Henrich  1743Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97124
1592 Krøger, Karen  1747Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97122
1593 Krøger, Magdalene Christiane  2 Feb 1745Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97143
1594 Krøpelien, Ana Marie  1709Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117460
1595 Krøpelien, Magdalene  1869Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125764
1596 Krøpelin, Johan  1766Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116018
1597 Kühle, Caj Fridrich Van der Aa  15 Jun 1791Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110335
1598 Kühle, Caroline Marie Van der Aa  1 Mar 1836Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109357
1599 Kühle, Charlotte Gustave Van der Aa  27 Dec 1795Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110384
1600 Kühle, Emma Johanne Marie Van der Aa  1793Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110373
1601 Kühle, Friderica Emilia Catharina Van der Aa  17 Oct 1792Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110322
1602 Kühle, Nicoline Thomasia Van der Aa  3 Apr 1797Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110310
1603 Kühle, Peter Christian Van der Aa  2 Nov 1789Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110419
1604 Köhler, Eberhard Gerhard  12 Dec 1808Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I114752
1605 Köhler, Helena Margaretha  3 Aug 1800Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I114756
1606 Köhler, Helena Margaretha  4 Mar 1803Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I114754
1607 Köhler, Henrich Martin  4 Feb 1845Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I114747
1608 Köhler, Hermann  1765Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122498
1609 Köhler, Johan Conrad Armauer  2 Nov 1801Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I114755
1610 Köhler, Maria Gottliebe  2 Jan 1836Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I114748
1611 Køning, Elisabeth  1699Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112549
1612 Køning, Gert  1709Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112550
1613 Køning, Johan Stoch  1705Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112553
1614 Køning, Jørgen  1707Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112552
1615 Køning, Peder Montagne  1708Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I112551
1616 Lamberg, Henning Frimand  19 Apr 1808Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129883
1617 Lamberg, Karen Maria  1806Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127068
1618 Lamberg, Peter Christian Schrøder  8 Nov 1809Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I129885
1619 Lamberg, Wilhelmine Christiane  1802Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120864
1620 Lampe, Hans Joachim  1806Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120274
1621 Lampe, Rasmus  8 Sep 1834Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120325
1622 Lanchering, Ane Mette "Lanchen"  1734Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122706
1623 Lanchering, Berent  1737Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122691
1624 Lanchering, Elling  1741Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122689
1625 Lanchering, Gesche Margreta  1744Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122700
1626 Lanchering, Inger Johanne  1733Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122696
1627 Lanchering, Johan Ahlers  1732Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122697
1628 Lanchering, Johanna  1739Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122690
1629 Lanchering, Karen Helene  1749Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122698
1630 Lanchering, Mathias Albrecht  1736Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122693
1631 Lanchering, Niels  1747Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122699
1632 Lanchering, Søren Borg  1742Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122701
1633 Lange (Lange of Norway), Agnete Catharine de  1 Nov 1752Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102505
1634 Lange (Lange of Norway), Anna Lucia de  29 Nov 1784Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97873
1635 Lange (Lange of Norway), David Cold de  13 Sep 1783Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97874
1636 Lange (Lange of Norway), Elert de  1739Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117915
1637 Lange (Lange of Norway), Else de  1688Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126645
1638 Lange (Lange of Norway), Giertrud de  16 Jul 1788Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97869
1639 Lange (Lange of Norway), Hans Henrich de  20 Jan 1786Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97871
1640 Lange (Lange of Norway), Lars Eliasen  1685Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I118027
1641 Lange (Lange of Norway), Stinche Cold de  22 May 1787Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97872
1642 Larsen, Elsa Heilmann  14 Jan 1913Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I81195
1643 Larsen, Giertrud  1765Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109962
1644 Larsen, Herman  15 May 1780Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127296
1645 Larsen, Hilchia  1768Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127301
1646 Larsen, Ingeborg  1712Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I118056
1647 Larsen, Judithe  15 Oct 1781Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127374
1648 Larsen, Lauritz  18 Aug 1778Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127298
1649 Larsen, Maren  1759Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117939
1650 Larsen, Marie Christiane  1773Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127300
1651 Larsen, Wenche Elisabeth  1775Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127299
1652 Lau  1754Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121835
1653 Lau, Anna Elisabeth  18 Mar 1754Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121844
1654 Lau, Anne Lucie  1757Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121848
1655 Lau, Carl Christopher Henrik  1814Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121652
1656 Lau, Dahm  1723Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121850
1657 Lau, Else Elisabeth  25 Jan 1760Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121838
1658 Lau, Else Lucia  Nov 1750Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121847
1659 Lau, Gedske Maria  30 Nov 1763Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121836
1660 Lau, Guttebarn  1748Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121845
1661 Lau, Jacob  11 Feb 1756Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121841
1662 Lau, Johan Magnus  17 Dec 1751Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121842
1663 Lau, Sara Dahmeta  27 Jun 1762Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121837
1664 Lau, Sophia Amalia  15 Apr 1841Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121640
1665 Lax, Jens Nielsen  1714Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126255
1666 Lax, Jens Nilsen  Abt 1660Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117781
1667 Lax, Johanne Nilsen  Abt 1708Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117782
1668 Lax, Magdalena "Mallene" Nielsen  Abt 1710Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121271
1669 Lebrecht, Carl Martin  8 Jan 1786Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108629
1670 Lebrecht, Carl Martin  21 May 1788Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108628
1671 Lebrecht, Christian Tønder  12 Aug 1791Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108626
1672 Lebrecht, Christopher Laurentius  1758Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108632
1673 Lebrecht, Christopher Laurentius  19 May 1789Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108627
1674 Lebrecht, Margaretha Maria  26 May 1790Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108618
1675 Lebrecht, Paulus Gottlob  15 Jan 1785Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108630
1676 Lebrecht, Sara Regina  1759Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108601
1677 Lebrecht, Sara Regina  31 Jan 1795Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108624
1678 Lebrecht, Thomas Johann  24 Jan 1793Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I108625
1679 Leganger, Emilie  9 Jul 1820Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I118080
1680 Lem, Arnoldus Hess  30 Oct 1818Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124845
1681 Lem, Ingeborg Pedersen  1649Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120861
1682 Lengeren, Anna Catharina von  28 Sep 1742Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126808
1683 Lengeren, Pige  1749Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117095
1684 Lessøe, Ellen Marie  1713Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126655
1685 Lexau, Catharina Maria  1765Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I99315
1686 Lillienschiold (Lillienschiold), Charlotte Amalie  19 Feb 1683Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I230355
1687 Lillienschiold (Lillienschiold), Hans Gustav de  11 Dec 1727Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I188066
1688 Lillienschiold (Lillienschiold), Mette Cathrine Elisabeth "Elise" de  22 Jun 1774Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I188140
1689 Lind, Henrik  1824Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I131363
1690 Linde (Linde of Norway), Birgethe Magdalene Steimetz  21 Oct 1797Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122854
1691 Lindhé, Maren Gabrielle  5 Mar 1851Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264788
1692 Lindholm, Daniel Kildal  14 Sep 1875Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97166
1693 Lindholm, Joachim  15 Nov 1876Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97164
1694 Lindholm, Karl Beatus  25 Oct 1873Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97167
1695 Lindholm, Lina  12 Oct 1870Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97169
1696 Lindholm, Nathan Fredrik  4 Feb 1872Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97168
1697 Linstow (Linstow), Fredrikke Louise von  27 Jun 1759Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I116056
1698 Lippe (Lippe), Catharina Elisabeth von der  1697Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I104840
1699 Lippe (Lippe), Giertrud  Abt 1690Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123278
1700 Lippe (Lippe), Jacob von der  1731Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I123234
1701 Lodtz, Christofa Lovise  6 Aug 1865Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I114632
1702 Lodtz, Johanne Fredrikke  7 Jul 1856Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I114628
1703 Lodtz, Johannes Christensen Mørch  10 Aug 1830Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I114624
1704 Lodtz, Karen Karine  14 Oct 1868Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I114631
1705 Lodtz, Peder Cornelius  10 Dec 1858Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I114627
1706 Lodtz, Peder Mørch  13 Apr 1828Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I114634
1707 Lodtz, Petra Constanse  5 Dec 1860Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98706
1708 Lohmann (Lohmann of Norway), Anna  1725Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110175
1709 Lohmann (Lohmann of Norway), Anna Magdalena  1730Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110173
1710 Lohmann (Lohmann of Norway), Anne Maria  1719Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110178
1711 Lohmann (Lohmann of Norway), Nicolaj  1729Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110174
1712 Lorentzen, Eva Vogt  8 Feb 1907Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I106461
1713 Lund, Jacob  1752Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97478
1714 Lund, Maren Grøn Tafteberg  15 Jun 1758Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122442
1715 Lydersen, Alide  24 Nov 1758Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I230404
1716 Lyngaas, Lillemor  21 Oct 1914Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I196507
1717 Løberg, Anne Sophie  19 Sep 1953Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122556
1718 Maartmann, Hans Christensen  1733Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119484
1719 Maartmann, Hans Christensen  1775Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I119485
1720 Maas, Adelheit  1719Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I135629
1721 Madsen, Mars  Abt 1700Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125542
1722 Madtzen, Maren Willadzen  3 Dec 1636Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109995
1723 Magelsen, Eugenie "Nenni" Bratteville  1865Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I164498
1724 Magnus, Anna Jacobia  1757Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109897
1725 Magnus, Christian Frøyer  1761Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109904
1726 Magnus, Christiana Cecilia  1748Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109903
1727 Magnus, Giertrud  1749Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109900
1728 Magnus, Giertrud  1756Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109888
1729 Magnus, Gjertrud  26 Sep 1766Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109892
1730 Magnus, Inger Christine  4 Mar 1917Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I264778
1731 Magnus, Jan  22 Feb 1774Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109898
1732 Magnus, Karen and  9 Feb 1759Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109895
1733 Magnus, Knudt Loss  1854Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109905
1734 Magnus, Lilly Aagot Beyer  11 Jul 1891Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I265109
1735 Magnus, Magdalena Cecilia  1752Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109891
1736 Magnus, Peter Lexau  2 Mar 1765Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109893
1737 Magnus, Willum Møller  26 Nov 1762Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109894
1738 Magnus, Wilmiche Birgitta  1753Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109889
1739 Magnus, Wilmiche Birgitte  1751Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109908
1740 Magnusen, Alexander Magnus  1758Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125814
1741 Magnusen, Andreas  1746Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125817
1742 Magnusen, Anna Catharina  1748Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125816
1743 Magnusen, Anna Cathrine  1759Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125813
1744 Magnusen, Berendt  1743Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98875
1745 Magnusen, Isaac  1761Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125811
1746 Magnusen, Jacobia  14 Jun 1768Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125819
1747 Magnusen, Wilhelm  1750Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125812
1748 Marstrander, Diderich  1728Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126997
1749 Marstrander, Didrich  1730Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127000
1750 Marstrander, Friderich  1737Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126992
1751 Marstrander, Friderich  1740Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126989
1752 Marstrander, Friderich  11 Sep 1781Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126987
1753 Marstrander, Jens Meyer  1785Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126985
1754 Marstrander, Kirstine Marie  1734Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126994
1755 Marstrander, Malene  1731Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126996
1756 Marstrander, Mette Cathrine  1733Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126995
1757 Marstrander, Mette Catrina  1783Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126984
1758 Marstrander, Peter  1740Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126990
1759 Martens, Agnetha  1725Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122132
1760 Martens, Catharina Elisabeth  1727Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122125
1761 Martens, Cicilia Catharina Detlovsen  1736Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122135
1762 Martens, Detlov  1698Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122134
1763 Martens, Else Catharina  1806Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I96501
1764 Martens, Hans Klenow  1726Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122131
1765 Mathisen, Turid Kielland  16 Mar 1916Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I265011
1766 Meel, Anna Gillsen  Abt 1650Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I115058
1767 Meidell, Albin "Albert" Conrad Vilhelm  20 Jul 1871Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98838
1768 Meidell, Amathea Joh  1838Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I124347
1769 Meidell, Harriet Amanda  12 Jul 1874Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125532
1770 Meidell, Henrik Anton Gohde  6 Sep 1869Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125533
1771 Meidell, Hilda Sofie Elisabeth  3 May 1868Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I125534
1772 Melboe, Sara Mathiasen  Abt 1710Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I122702
1773 Meltzer, Adelheit Margarethe  1721Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126750
1774 Meltzer, Adelheit Margrethe  25 Dec 1783Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126759
1775 Meltzer, Agnete  6 Feb 1785Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126758
1776 Meltzer, Anna  1742Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120790
1777 Meltzer, Anna  1744Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120788
1778 Meltzer, Anna Hedewich  1720Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126751
1779 Meltzer, Clamer Eberhard  1745Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126762
1780 Meltzer, Dorothea Catharina  1722Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126748
1781 Meltzer, Else  1746Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126746
1782 Meltzer, Else  29 May 1750Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126743
1783 Meltzer, Emmicke  12 Aug 1803Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126739
1784 Meltzer, Fredrik  29 Sep 1779Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126862
1785 Meltzer, Fredrik  18 Oct 1808Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126734
1786 Meltzer, Friderica Maria  4 Apr 1761Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126742
1787 Meltzer, Friderich  1718Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126755
1788 Meltzer, Jacob  6 Sep 1804Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126737
1789 Meltzer, Jochum  1748Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126744
1790 Meltzer, Johan  5 Oct 1791Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126756
1791 Meltzer, Johan  25 Aug 1806Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126735
1792 Meltzer, Wollert  3 Sep 1805Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126736
1793 Messing, Anna  1729Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127316
1794 Messing, Christiana  1734Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127310
1795 Messing, Clascke  1727Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127317
1796 Messing, Constantia  1731Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127311
1797 Messing, Dorothea  1726Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127318
1798 Messing, Elen  1724Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127319
1799 Messing, Elisabeth "Lisbeth"  1660Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I121079
1800 Messing, Ellen  1737Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I127308
1801 Mestmacher, Claus Christopher  1765Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110015
1802 Mestmacher, Claus Pegelau  1760Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110060
1803 Mestmacher, Divert Dorothea  1763Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110016
1804 Mestmacher, Giertrud Johanne  8 Jan 1772Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110013
1805 Mestmacher, Johan Albert  1767Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110014
1806 Mestmacher, Johan Jørgen  1745Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110034
1807 Mestmacher, Jørgen  1759Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110061
1808 Meyer, Albert Henrich  1732Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97887
1809 Meyer, Albertina Mallene  1757Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97876
1810 Meyer, Anna Magdalene "Malena"  23 Apr 1758Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I115351
1811 Meyer, Anna Sophia Bejer  20 Apr 1818Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110159
1812 Meyer, Anne Cathrina Weideman  1798Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97786
1813 Meyer, Berendt Andreas  1798Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117922
1814 Meyer, Berent Andreas  1791Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117934
1815 Meyer, Bergitha Margaretha  1797Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113147
1816 Meyer, Berntine  1865Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117942
1817 Meyer, Berthe  1794Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117924
1818 Meyer, Betzy Andrea  8 Aug 1856Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117946
1819 Meyer, Cecilia Margaretha  1762Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101519
1820 Meyer, Christiane Margrethe  14 Dec 1869Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102821
1821 Meyer, Christofa Martine  28 Nov 1861Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117948
1822 Meyer, Christoffer Grønvold  27 Dec 1859Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117943
1823 Meyer, Christofine Martine  27 Sep 1858Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117947
1824 Meyer, Elert  1684Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109985
1825 Meyer, Elert  Jun 1728Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117940
1826 Meyer, Ellert  12 Jun 1769Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117929
1827 Meyer, Ellert Henrik Zakrøder  28 Feb 1867Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117944
1828 Meyer, Else Catharina  1792Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117926
1829 Meyer, Else Catrina  1800Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117932
1830 Meyer, Emmike  1738Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97886
1831 Meyer, Ernst  1752Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126722
1832 Meyer, Giertrud Kiestine  1735Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97890
1833 Meyer, Hans  1728Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97889
1834 Meyer, Ingeborg Cathrine  8 Oct 1854Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117949
1835 Meyer, James Lund  19 May 1837Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102822
1836 Meyer, Jan  1687Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109984
1837 Meyer, Jan  1689Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109983
1838 Meyer, Joachim  10 Oct 1863Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117945
1839 Meyer, Joachim Christian  22 Oct 1825Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120322
1840 Meyer, Johanna Margrethe  13 Jun 1790Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126723
1841 Meyer, Karen Kirstine  1 Jan 1823Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110147
1842 Meyer, Kirsten Carstberg  6 Mar 1816Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110149
1843 Meyer, Kirsten Kastberg  6 Mar 1820Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110148
1844 Meyer, Lars Petter  1800Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117933
1845 Meyer, Louise Margretha  1750Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I126986
1846 Meyer, Maren  1682Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109987
1847 Meyer, Maria Christine  12 Apr 1853Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120311
1848 Meyer, Maria Ehlertsen  1726Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109976
1849 Meyer, Maria Elisabeth  1777Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117927
1850 Meyer, Michael Schram  19 Aug 1790Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120313
1851 Meyer, Ole Kamserup  1766Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I113148
1852 Meyer, Peder Christensen  12 Jul 1809Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110138
1853 Meyer, Povel  1730Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97888
1854 Meyer, Rebecca  1683Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109986
1855 Meyer, Rebecca Maria  1796Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117923
1856 Meyer, Simeon Bruun  1774Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I117928
1857 Meyer, Stinche Dreyer  1758Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I97875
1858 Meyer, Stinche Poulsen  1736Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I102417
1859 Meyer, Vendel  1691Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I109982
1860 Meyer, Wilhelm Friman  1784Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110151
1861 Michelsen, Margrethe  1583Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I98348
1862 Michelsen, Peter Christian Hersleb K  15 Mar 1857Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I101045
1863 Middelthun (Middleton of Norway), Abraham D  1709Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110210
1864 Middelthun (Middleton of Norway), Boel  1718Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110205
1865 Middelthun (Middleton of Norway), David  Abt 1668Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110217
1866 Middelthun (Middleton of Norway), David  1716Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I120638
1867 Middelthun (Middleton of Norway), David  1732Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110202
1868 Middelthun (Middleton of Norway), Friderich Andreas  9 Jul 1774Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110194
1869 Middelthun (Middleton of Norway), Henrich Bryssel  1741Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110193
1870 Middelthun (Middleton of Norway), Isaac  1707Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110212
1871 Middelthun (Middleton of Norway), Jacob Davidsen  1712Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110207
1872 Middelthun (Middleton of Norway), Johan Schaning  19 Jun 1768Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110197
1873 Middelthun (Middleton of Norway), Johan Schaning  10 Jan 1772Bergen, Hordaland, Norway I110195
1874 Middelthun (Middleton of Nor