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Matches 1 to 75 of 75

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barclay (Berkeley), Hamish   I259309
2 Barclay (Berkeley), Harriet   I259313
3 Barclay (Berkeley), James   I259311
4 Barclay (Berkeley), Lachkan   I259310
5 Barclay (Berkeley), Richard   I259307
6 Cameron (Cameron)  Australia I259792
7 Cameron (Cameron), Anita May   I259221
8 Cameron (Cameron), Annie C  13 Jul 1867Australia I259788
9 Cameron (Cameron), Charles Berry  Abt 1815Australia I259692
10 Cameron (Cameron), Charles Ewen  1898Australia I259800
11 Cameron (Cameron), Charles George  25 Nov 1859Australia I259784
12 Cameron (Cameron), Charlotta Da Silva  1813Australia I259691
13 Cameron (Cameron), Donald MacKenzie   I259204
14 Cameron (Cameron), Douglas   I259222
15 Cameron (Cameron), Elsie Neville  18 Feb 1876Australia I259793
16 Cameron (Cameron), Ewen Mort  3 Nov 1861Australia I259785
17 Cameron (Cameron), Finoa   I259308
18 Cameron (Cameron), Heather   I259217
19 Cameron (Cameron), James  1877Australia I259194
20 Cameron (Cameron), James Allan  1919Australia I259211
21 Cameron (Cameron), Jenifer   I259213
22 Cameron (Cameron), Jessie Mabel Isabella  16 Feb 1864Australia I259786
23 Cameron (Cameron), Jill Beatrice   I259205
24 Cameron (Cameron), John Ewen Vindin  26 Dec 1926Australia I259361
25 Cameron (Cameron), Julia Anna Luduvina Da Silva  1813Australia I259694
26 Cameron (Cameron), Luduvina Rosa Da Silva Cameron  4 Nov 1853Australia I259781
27 Cameron (Cameron), Nina Cameron  1896Australia I259799
28 Cameron (Cameron), Reverend Ronald John  19 Jun 1869Australia I259789
29 Cameron (Cameron), Sophia Charlotte  10 Aug 1855Australia I259782
30 Cameron (Cameron), Wallace MacPherson  27 Jul 1865Australia I259787
31 Cameron (Cameron), William Lawson  28 Jul 1871Australia I259790
32 Cook, Michael John   I224975
33 Douglass (Douglas), William  5 Jan 1899Australia I16759
34 Entwisle, Clare Therese   I305780
35 Entwisle, Gerard Joseph   I305779
36 Entwisle, Michael John   I305782
37 Entwisle, Pauline Mary   I305781
38 Evans, Lily Maud  Australia I224973
39 Franklin, Monika   I269458
40 Hawkins, Mitchel James   I196789
41 Heegaard (Heegaard), Eva Elisabeth  1857Australia I411712
42 Heegaard (Heegaard), Marianne Harriet  1870Australia I411699
43 Hjorth, Anders Stensen  18 Feb 1876Australia I403247
44 Hjorth, Annie Agathe  28 Jan 1866Australia I403240
45 Hjorth, Emily Octavia  20 May 1880Australia I403249
46 Hjorth, Gotfred Henry  25 May 1878Australia I403248
47 Hjorth, Jens Christian  2 Dec 1873Australia I403246
48 Hjorth, John Christian  Nov 1864Australia I403239
49 Hjorth, Kirstien Abelone Helene  13 Sep 1867Australia I403241
50 Hjorth, Louise Christiane  27 Oct 1868Australia I403242
51 Hjorth, Pouline Margrethe  26 Mar 1872Australia I403244
52 Hjorth, Ralph Theodor  26 Jul 1883Australia I403250
53 Hjorth, Victoria Kirstine  26 May 1870Australia I403243
54 Hogg, Jacky   I269449
55 Holland (Holland of de), Alfred  1906Australia I134785
56 Holland (Holland of de), Anna  1904Australia I134786
57 Kofoed, Helen Martha  6 Jun 1914Australia I362710
58 Kofoed, John Parker  22 Jul 1910Australia I362708
59 Kofoed, Margrethe  17 May 1907Australia I362706
60 Kofoed, Mary Valborg  10 Feb 1906Australia I362704
61 Kofoed, Norman Joseph Parker  15 Aug 1918Australia I362711
62 Kofoed, Peter Parker  23 Aug 1911Australia I362709
63 Kofoed, Thomas Parker  28 Feb 1909Australia I362707
64 Metz, Ellen Margaret   I135976
65 Metz, Poul Henning   I135975
66 Moltke (Moltke), Ingeborg Margrethe, Comtesse  8 Jan 1895Australia I16389
67 Parker, Mary Blanche  Bef 1885Australia I362705
68 Siddins, Graham Arthur   I196797
69 Spencer, David Malcolm  6 Sep 1953Australia I261087
70 Spencer, Diana Jeanette   I261071
71 Spencer, Graham William  7 Aug 1945Australia I261067
72 Spencer, Marguerite Anne   I261068
73 Spencer, Vernon William  28 Oct 1914Australia I261066
74 Taylor, Maureen Hogan  1908Australia I224974
75 Young (Young), Cyril Robert  1895Australia I448611


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Frits  Australia I173940
2 Berry (Berry), Emma  Australia I224972
3 Cameron (Cameron)  Australia I259792
4 Cameron (Cameron)  Australia I259956
5 Cameron (Cameron)  Australia I259957
6 Cameron (Cameron), Annie C  28 Nov 1903Australia I259788
7 Cameron (Cameron), Charles Berry  Abt 1825Australia I259692
8 Cameron (Cameron), Donald  1883Australia I260584
9 Cameron (Cameron), James Allan  Abt 1966Australia I259211
10 Cameron (Cameron), Mary  Australia I259955
11 Chisholm, George  Abt 1980Australia I260082
12 Coleman, Amalia  1924Australia I135981
13 Devanny, Anne  17 Apr 1886Australia I403238
14 Erichsen, William Theodor  15 Nov 1934Australia I84870
15 Evans, Lily Maud  Australia I224973
16 Hardie, Ingolf Marius  1970Australia I134062
17 Henriques (Henriques), Moritz Bernard  Australia I106660
18 Hjorth, Andreas Steensen  30 Apr 1928Australia I403723
19 Hjorth, Annie Agathe  15 Oct 1945Australia I403240
20 Hjorth, Ellen Elisabeth Andrea "Libbe"  31 May 1985Australia I135980
21 Hjorth, Gotfred Henry  28 Oct 1903Australia I403248
22 Hjorth, John Christian  Feb 1865Australia I403239
23 Hjorth, Kirstien Abelone Helene  13 Jan 1921Australia I403241
24 Hjorth, Louise Christiane  29 Jul 1926Australia I403242
25 Hjorth, Pouline Margrethe  21 Jan 1903Australia I403244
26 Hjorth, Victoria Kirstine  11 Nov 1893Australia I403243
27 Jensen, Johannes  Australia I265146
28 Joachimsen, Mayntz  Australia I197671
29 Kofoed, John Parker  3 Jan 1977Australia I362708
30 Moltke (Moltke), Ingeborg Margrethe, Comtesse  11 Apr 1895Australia I16389
31 Pedersen, Peter Michael  1 Jul 1901Australia I307397
32 Philipson, Valdemar  1909Australia I131204
33 Spencer, David Malcolm  29 Jan 1981Australia I261087
34 Spencer, Graham William  16 Oct 1954Australia I261067
35 Stephens (Stephens of Sweden), John  1850Australia I384894
36 Stephens (Stephens of Sweden), Samuel  1840Australia I384896
37 Taylor, Maureen Hogan  1998Australia I224974
38 Villaume, Caroline Petrina Laurette  28 Jun 1889Australia I81917
39 Villaume, Julie Mathilda  28 Jun 1889Australia I81916


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Nielsen, Haakon  Australia I59144


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Abrahamsen, Povl Josef  Australia I107601
2 Andersen, Christine Nørgaard   I201065
3 Bramsen (Bramsen), Luis "Ib" Grip  Australia I198317
4 Brown (Brown of Dalkeith), John  Australia I145449
5 Bülow (Bülow), Magnus Nicolai von  Australia I49787
6 Bøchmann, Ferdinand von  Australia I43229
7 Goldschmidt (Goldschmidt of Copenhagen), Carl Axel  Australia I93105
8 Grüner (Grüner), Christian Ludvig  Australia I178470
9 Grüner Green, Jacob Preben Banner  Australia I178684
10 Holland (Holland of de), A  Australia I134787
11 Hoppe (Hoppe), Iver Johan Wenzel de  Australia I20930
12 Jermiin, Lars Sommer   I16493
13 Metz, Eigil  Australia I135982
14 Philipson, Edmund Charles   I131202
15 Philipson, Valdemar  Australia I131204
16 Rahbeck, Knud Lyne  Australia I134789
17 Sehested (Sehested), Constantin  Australia I41227


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Haakonsson / Bach   F119799
2 Hawkins / Swaine   F47927
3 Ipsen / Harpur  15 Aug 1873Australia F133233
4 Metz / Coleman  Australia F56510
5 Michaelsen / Buchan  1880Australia F143845

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