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Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark



Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bernstorff of Bernstorff (Bernstorff), Helene Margrethe, Comtesse   I164310
2 Bidstrup (Bidstrup of Bornholm), Anna Michelle  3 May 1856Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65172
3 Bidstrup (Bidstrup of Bornholm), Hans  24 Jan 1859Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65171
4 Bidstrup (Bidstrup of Bornholm), Ludvig Ole  18 Dec 1863Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65169
5 Bruun, Hans Frandsen  Abt 1735Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I116680
6 Bøggild, Maria Katharina Hoffman  4 Jan 1864Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I118929
7 Clemmensen, Laust  30 Mar 1830Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I68890
8 Dam, Didrich Tuesen  1754Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65237
9 Didrichsen, Niels  1804Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65953
10 Dybkjær, Esben   I231881
11 Dybkjær, Ib  17 Aug 1939Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I231827
12 Dybkjær, Karen Benedikte   I231884
13 Dybkjær, Keld   I231883
14 Dybkjær, Ole   I231882
15 Hansen, Inger Baagø   I167564
16 Haugaard, Ove Jespersen  Apr 1640Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I88653
17 Heinsvig, Anne Marie  1708Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I89107
18 Heinsvig, Arents  1709Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I89106
19 Heinsvig, Mathias  1714Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I89104
20 Heinsvig, Sofie Amalie  31 Aug 1711Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I89105
21 Helms (Helms), Helge  3 Dec 1900Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I168929
22 Helms (Helms), Walther  17 May 1902Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I168938
23 Holm (Holm of Svendborg), Anna Saxager Pedersen  1628-1630Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I92313
24 Humble (Humble), Iver Rudbechsen  1658Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I91925
25 Humble (Humble), Peder Rudbechsen  Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I91927
26 Humble (Humble), Rebekka Rudbechsen  Abt 1660Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I91923
27 Jensen, Aasted  Dec 1744Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65396
28 Jensen, Aasted  Jan 1745/46Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65395
29 Jensen, Clemmen  Aug 1740Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65398
30 Jensen, Nille  Feb 1741/42Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65397
31 Jensen, Peder  1712Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65573
32 Jensen, Seigne  Feb 1738/39Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65401
33 Lyster, Hans Mortensen  20 Nov 1716Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65558
34 Lyster, Hans Mortensen  1722Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65556
35 Mogensen, Gertrud  29 Nov 1772Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I77780
36 Mortensen, Maren Anne  21 Feb 1718/19Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65574
37 Mørch (Mørch of Gunderup), Mads Trier   I132305
38 Nielsen, Hans  Apr 1628Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I84903
39 Nørgaard, Carl Edvard Christian Georg  14 Nov 1909Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I138798
40 Prætorius, Julie Sophie "Tutt"  4 Aug 1884Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I59763
41 Schou, Elisabeth  20 Jul 1878Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I94483
42 Schou, Ellen  11 Nov 1880Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I94482
43 Schou, Ingeborg  18 May 1884Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I94447
44 Schou, Valdemar  15 Aug 1886Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I94445
45 Sonne, Hans Jørgensen  1686Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I84822
46 Stibolt, Julius Thorvald Jensen  30 Aug 1859Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I64817
47 Sørensen, Jacob Andreas  2 Mar 1925Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I94397
48 Tancke (Tanke), Sophie Hansen  Abt 1688Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I155214
49 Terkelsen, Nanna   I57064
50 Thorning, Ane Lorentze  1763Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I118974
51 Tuesen, Christen  1763Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65234
52 Tuesen, Karen  1750Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65238
53 Tuesen, Karen  1765Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65233
54 Tuesen, Malene  1757Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65236
55 Tuesen, Peder  1760Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65235
56 Vedsted (Vedsted), Anders Clementsen  1450Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I95096
57 Videbæk, Jens  16 Jun 1879Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I115634
58 Weis, Anna Sophie  19 Jun 1861Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I48763


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Didrichsen, Niels  8 Oct 1804Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65953
2 Hacke, Simon Emil   I68262
3 Hacke, Sofie Mathilde   I68260
4 Kofoed, Gunhild Petrea  27 Jul 1837Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I122466
5 Kofoed, Niels Adolph  1 Jan 1838Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I122465
6 Mogensen, Gertrud  2 Dec 1772Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I77780
7 Nielsen, Jens Mogens  11 Oct 1812Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I83713
8 Pedersen, Seigne  30 Jun 1650Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I77692


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Oline Christine  26 Aug 1914Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65803
2 Arentsen, Mette Marie  10 May 1714Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I89108
3 Ferslev (Ferslev), Gertrud Nielsen  1662Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I92316
4 Færch (Jeppesen of Nibe), Elisabeth Cathrine  18 Oct 1910Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I94492
5 Gregersen, Malene  1753Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65463
6 Heinsvig, Frans Nielson  17 Feb 1743/44Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I69180
7 Holm (Holm of Svendborg), Peder Jacobsen  1638Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I92319
8 Jensen, Aasted  Jan 1744/45Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65396
9 Jensen, Aasted  May 1746Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65395
10 Jensen, Clemmen  Dec 1740Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65398
11 Jensen, Peder  Dec 1773Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65573
12 Larsen, Hans Anker  1936Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65264
13 Lembcke, Preben  9 Feb 1965Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I178760
14 Lyster, Hans Mortensen  1717Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65558
15 Lyster, Maren Kirstine Thuesen  23 Mar 1858Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65376
16 Maar, Sophia Nathalia  26 Jun 1905Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I187233
17 Mikkelsen, Karina  Abt 1627Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I85577
18 Munch, Bodil Catrine  15 Dec 1831Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65026
19 Pedersen, Hans  1699Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I84943
20 Pedersen, Maren  1786Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65239
21 Schiøtz, Christiane Claudiane Abigail  11 Jul 1941Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I94487
22 Schou, Jacob Andreas  23 Mar 1910Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I94486
23 Sehested (Sehested), Johannes Rantzau  25 Jan 1872Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I187232
24 Sejersen, Hedvig  15 Sep 1964Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65672
25 Skeel (Skeel), Sophus Peter Frederik  22 Nov 1826Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I4682
26 Sode, Agnethe Marie  14 Dec 1965Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65071
27 Sode, Jenny Hansine  24 Nov 1977Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65070
28 Thiesen, Inger Andreasen  17 May 1745Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I84920
29 Thorsager, Karen Louise  9 Mar 1998Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I123730
30 Trampe of Fjellebro, Amalie Hedevig, Comtesse  13 Aug 1840Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I33520
31 Tuesen, Christen  1763Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65234
32 Tuesen, Karen  1770Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65233
33 Wilsbech, Anne Ottosen  1 Jan 1770Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I69148


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Didrichsen, Thue  12 Aug 1725Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65554
2 Didrichsen, Thue Lyster  18 May 1800Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65553
3 Gregersen, Malene  5 Dec 1753Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65463
4 Haugaard, Mads Ovesen  14 Oct 1748Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I106401
5 Jensen, Aasted  6 Jan 1744/45Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65396
6 Jensen, Aasted  6 May 1746Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65395
7 Jensen, Clemmen  1 Jan 1740/41Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65398
8 Jensen, Hans  28 Jan 1710/11Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I85497
9 Jensen, Hans  2 Feb 1751/52Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65394
10 Jensen, Morten  17 Aug 1753Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65392
11 Jensen, Peder  8 Sep 1756Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65390
12 Jensen, Peder  21 Dec 1773Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65573
13 Johnsen, Bodil Cathrine  8 May 1850Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I66549
14 Kofoed, Sidsele Jensen  21 Jan 1710/11Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I85589
15 Lyster, Didrich Thuesen  30 Apr 1696Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65561
16 Lyster, Hans Mortensen  28 May 1717Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65558
17 Lyster, Lars Thuesen  6 Mar 1823Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I66423
18 Lyster, Mathias Thuesen  12 Apr 1702Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65560
19 Lyster, Mathias Thuesen  3 Nov 1702Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65559
20 Lyster, Thue Lauritsen  Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65809
21 Pedersen, Maren  20 Jan 1786Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65239
22 Skeel (Skeel), Ellen  Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I4303
23 Tuesen, Christen  9 Oct 1763Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65234
24 Tuesen, Karen  11 Aug 1770Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I65233


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bartholin (Bartholin), Just Georg Valdemar "Gor"  Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I169034
2 Bernstorff of Bernstorff (Bernstorff), Erik Bechtold Magnus Görtz, Count  Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I164298
3 Bremmer, Jesper Lauridsen  Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I44451
4 Engberg, Bent   I37292
5 Fabricius, Vilhelm Theodor Marius Willaume  Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I80113
6 Hansen, Albrecht  Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I85322
7 Petersen, Hans Peter  Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I26858
8 Prætorius, Axel Frederik Johannes  Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I59752
9 Ræder, Philip Georg William Fritz  Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I96933
10 Thorsager, Karen Louise  Abt 1921Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark I123730


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blinkenberg (Blinkenberg) / Mogensen  27 Jul 1920Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark F111232
2 Bruun / Raft  28 Oct 1727Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark F50338
3 Estrup (Estrup) / Skeel (Skeel)  31 Jul 1890Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark F2648
4 Estrup (Estrup) / Skeel (Skeel)  22 Aug 1923Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark F657
5 Haderup / Holck (Holck)  19 Dec 1824Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark F71190
6 Hansen / Knudsen   F27569
7 Hjelm / Andersen  13 Aug 1921Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark F102174
8 Jensen / Mogensen  18 Nov 1809Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark F35720
9 Jensen / Skeel (Skeel)   F110
10 Jespersen / Schou  14 Sep 1913Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark F42236
11 Juel (Juel of Billeshave) / Skeel (Skeel)  25 Oct 1927Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark F51957
12 Kofoed / Kofoed  25 Apr 1858Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark F52327
13 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde) / Jensen   F23739
14 Neergaard of Skjoldenæsholm (Neergaard) / Skeel (Skeel)  6 Jan 1869Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark F63431
15 Rasmussen / Bolvig (Hansen)   F77205
16 Schaffalitzky de Muckadell (Schaffalitzky) / Skeel (Skeel)  4 Nov 1830Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark F15478
17 Schimmelmann (Schimmelmann) / Skeel (Skeel)  31 Aug 1884Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark F4
18 Sommer / Koed  28 Dec 1941Aaby, Bornholm, Denmark F31673

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