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Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 200 of 200

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agerskov, Else Irene Clare  11 Sep 1914Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I99936
2 Bahnsen, Cecilie  30 Apr 1759Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174321
3 Bahnsen, Martin  28 Jun 1719Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174330
4 Bartelsen, Anna Maria  1793Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174317
5 Bartelsen, Casparus  1790Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174314
6 Bartelsen, Catharina  1787Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I72177
7 Bartelsen, Christina  1796Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174320
8 Bartelsen, Gartrud Marie  7 Sep 1728Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174331
9 Bastrup, Margarethe  23 May 1915Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I130760
10 Becker, Marcus Peder Friedrich  25 Oct 1762Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I78929
11 Bojesen, Johannes Bo  22 Mar 1923Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I24865
12 Bruhn, Ludolph Conrad  1817Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I13877
13 Bruhn, Marie Catharina  18 Nov 1852Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I13870
14 Bucka-Christensen, Jørn   I236404
15 Bucka-Christensen, Ole   I236485
16 Bøggild, Jens Axel   I384661
17 Bøggild, Jørgen Gerhard  24 Nov 1923Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I384656
18 Børsmann, Helena  4 Mar 1791Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I13862
19 Callesen, Anna Ida  13 Jul 1907Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I163284
20 Callesen, Christiane Georgine Sophie Johanne  4 Oct 1818Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I14604
21 Callesen, Johan Heinrich  27 Oct 1820Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I14594
22 Callesen, Peter  11 Aug 1781Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I14605
23 Callesen, Peter  17 Mar 1847Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I14591
24 Callsen, Anna Elisabeth  9 Sep 1818Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174191
25 Carstensen, Christine Margarethe  7 Oct 1914Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I13854
26 Carstensen, Ida Johanne  5 Sep 1917Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I13853
27 Castenschiold (Castenschiold), Henriette  12 Nov 1852Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I162533
28 Castonier (Castonier), Eve Hedevig de  28 Feb 1762Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I156569
29 Christensen, Anne-Marie   I293889
30 Christiansen, Steen Lund   I239494
31 Christiansen, Susanne Lund   I239495
32 Clausen, Catharina Thekla   I142985
33 Collstrop, Mette Christine Lauesen  1752Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I110308
34 Cornett, Andreas Edvard  26 May 1846Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174269
35 Cornett, Andreas Jürgensen  19 May 1842Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174267
36 Cornett, Anna Cathrine  12 Dec 1839Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174255
37 Cornett, Ingeborg  28 Dec 1835Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174264
38 Cornett, Ingeborg Cæcilia  15 May 1844Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174268
39 Cornett, Lorentz Nicolai  26 Apr 1848Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174270
40 Cornett, Maria  19 Nov 1837Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174265
41 Damm, Emilie Christine  6 Dec 1855Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I14601
42 Davidsen, Christian Theodor  16 May 1842Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174294
43 Davidsen, Ida Amalie  1845Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174297
44 Davidsen, Ludolph Conrad  28 Jul 1806Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174291
45 Davidsen, Marie Botilde Sophia  25 Apr 1844Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174295
46 Davidsen, Sophus  13 May 1838Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174293
47 Engelhardt, Elisabeth  1739Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I114035
48 Fink, Cecilie Trier   I132197
49 Fink, Dan Trier  10 Oct 1908Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I113374
50 Fink, Ernst Trier  16 Dec 1909Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I132214
51 Fink, Ingeborg Trier   I132196
52 Fink, Julie Trier  16 May 1917Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I132198
53 Fink, Troels Marstrand Trier  18 Apr 1912Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I4721
54 Fischer, Anna Jacoba  27 Jan 1843Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174400
55 Fischer, Anton Heinrich Conrad  13 Dec 1847Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174220
56 Fischer, Carl  28 Aug 1849Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174405
57 Fischer, Carl Christian  5 Sep 1844Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I157907
58 Fischer, Carl Ludvig  Abt 1817Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174342
59 Fischer, Catharina  15 Jul 1809Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174301
60 Fischer, Cathrina Regine  1834Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174390
61 Fischer, Cecilie  1820Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174338
62 Fischer, Christina Marie  19 Mar 1835Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174393
63 Fischer, Christine  Abt 1813Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174347
64 Fischer, Christine Frederikke  28 Aug 1852Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174226
65 Fischer, Christopher Conrad  1736Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174282
66 Fischer, Christopher Conrad  16 May 1783Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174308
67 Fischer, Christopher Conrad  25 Jul 1811Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174190
68 Fischer, Christopher Conrad  7 Jan 1814Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174304
69 Fischer, Christopher Conrad  15 Jun 1884Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174203
70 Fischer, Elise Jenny Bertha  4 Oct 1877Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I157904
71 Fischer, Fester  3 Oct 1774Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174243
72 Fischer, Fester  1815Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174343
73 Fischer, Fester  7 Dec 1838Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174397
74 Fischer, Frederik  6 Feb 1809Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174382
75 Fischer, Frederik  5 Oct 1840Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174399
76 Fischer, Harald Frederik  27 Jan 1850Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174240
77 Fischer, Henriette Marie Wilhelmine  1 Apr 1845Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174403
78 Fischer, Jenny Catharina  7 Feb 1843Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174233
79 Fischer, Jes Fester  19 Mar 1792Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174326
80 Fischer, Jürgen David  19 Jun 1790Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174324
81 Fischer, Magnus  6 Jun 1771Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174283
82 Fischer, Margrethe Amalie  Abt 1775Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174309
83 Fischer, Maria  1852Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174345
84 Fischer, Maria Dorthea  4 Sep 1805Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174290
85 Fischer, Marie Dorothea  14 Dec 1803Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174366
86 Fischer, Marie Dorthea  18 Jul 1784Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174272
87 Fischer, Martin Bahnsen  30 Aug 1785Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174322
88 Fischer, Peter Johann  3 Sep 1802Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174289
89 Fischer, Rolf Sigurd  16 Oct 1850Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174406
90 Fischer, Thoma  1887Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174212
91 Fischer, Waldemar  19 Mar 1847Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174404
92 Fæster, Jes Festersen  1665Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I183549
93 Gad (Gad of Denmark), Kirsten   I105607
94 Gad (Gad of Denmark), Ole   I104957
95 Garben, Catharina Maria  1873Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174373
96 Garben, Catharina Regina  1830Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174344
97 Garben, Cecilia  1784Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174369
98 Garben, Claus Casper  1790Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174367
99 Garben, Johan  1827Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174370
100 Garben, Julie Amalie  1878Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174381
101 Garben, Maria Dorthea  1871Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174377
102 Garben, Marie  1785Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174368
103 Grauer, Sophia Mariane  22 Jan 1853Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I82350
104 Hagensen, Anne Cathrine  2 Sep 1659Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I82821
105 Hansen, Ruth  22 Oct 1903Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I182360
106 Heiberg (Heiberg of Denmark), Edvard Christie  17 Mar 1801Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I185638
107 Herse, Finn Jensen   I297711
108 Huus, Elfriede  18 Apr 1903Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239677
109 Huus, Hermann Detlef  20 Dec 1901Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239676
110 Huus, Ida Louise Emma  20 Oct 1898Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239675
111 Huus, Margarethe Ida Emilie  15 Jul 1893Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239673
112 Huus, Marie Elisabeth  3 Jan 1896Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239674
113 Høffner, Birgit Cathrine  17 Jun 1928Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I163280
114 Høffner, Carl  2 May 1902Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I163281
115 Ipsen, Henning  6 Mar 1919Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I292491
116 Jebsen, Heinrich  8 May 1880Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I12751
117 Jebsen, Johanne  1 May 1879Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I12744
118 Jebsen, Michael  27 Sep 1835Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I12804
119 Jebsen, Michael  26 Jul 1883Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I12749
120 Johannsen, Margrethe Cathrine  21 Mar 1774Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I131615
121 Junggreen, Anna Cathrine Henriette  6 Sep 1858Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I124153
122 Junggreen, Camilla  31 Oct 1877Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I197340
123 Junggreen, Jens Peter  14 Aug 1827Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174256
124 Kirkegaard, Pia   I62794
125 Kloevekorn, Uwe   I234546
126 Knudsgaard, Kirsten Lund   I55066
127 Knudsgaard, Poul Ingemann   I55067
128 Kock, Maria Dorthea  1816Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174260
129 Loft, Caroline Henriette Ingendreich "Tugenreich"  8 Jul 1777Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I161763
130 Lorentzen, Anna Cathrina  21 Feb 1778Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I193598
131 Lund, Just Poulsen  Abt 1699Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I367775
132 Lundtang, Ellen Marie  1819Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I119286
133 Lunn, Villars Hilmar  5 Mar 1855Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I164068
134 Løbger, Alma Katharina  3 Jul 1857Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I194694
135 Løbger, Bertha Maria  1822Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33445
136 Løbger, Carl Wilhelm Theodor  1870Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33452
137 Løbger, Christina Maria  1824Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33446
138 Løbger, Gertrud Catharina Maria  1863Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33448
139 Løbger, Helena Maria  1820Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33444
140 Løbger, Helena Maria  1875Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33455
141 Løbger, Ingeborg Elisabeth  1872Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33453
142 Løbger, Maria Katharina  1860Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33055
143 Løbger, Thomas Christian  3 Jun 1826Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33071
144 Løbger, Thomas Christian  1862Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33447
145 Løbger, Thomas Christian  1866Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33449
146 Løbger, Thomas Christian  1867Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33451
147 Maag, Laue Jessen  29 Oct 1782Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I14610
148 Marcus, Marcus Joseph  29 May 1824Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I133558
149 Matz, Jürgen   I236301
150 Monrath, Gyrithe Petrea  Abt 1811Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I46912
151 Monrath, Hans Lemming von  30 Aug 1809Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I46915
152 Mørch (Mørch of Flensburg), Jørgen Marcussen  7 Jun 1719Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I196830
153 Nielsen, Jan Bandsberg   I55962
154 Nissen, Julius  29 Dec 1817Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I50421
155 Nørschou, Jes Petersen  1803Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I281809
156 Offersen, Anna Marie  21 Feb 1846Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I157911
157 Offersen, Clara  18 Mar 1844Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I12752
158 Pedersen, Hans  16 Nov 1864Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I46776
159 Pedersen, Jørgen  1525Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I85523
160 Pedersen, Stig Anton Mellergaard  26 Sep 1948Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I297691
161 Petersen, Erland   I54942
162 Petersen, Petra Marie   I153351
163 Ravnsgaard, Laue  6 Aug 1843Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I82375
164 Regensburg, Helene Carolina Benedicta  11 Feb 1819Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I30117
165 Richter, William Gustav Ditlev Frederik  22 Aug 1860Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I197185
166 Rosenberg, Anette   I235528
167 Rosenberg, Birgitte   I235529
168 Rosenberg, Poul   I235530
169 Rosendal, Helga Johanne  15 Mar 1918Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I101024
170 Rosendal, Karen Elisabeth  31 Mar 1915Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I100813
171 Rosendal, Svend  28 Dec 1910Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I100601
172 Schalburg, Marcus Emil Christian  2 Apr 1868Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I82073
173 Schultz, Edel   I236547
174 Stricker, Inge Merete   I59384
175 Suhr (Suhr), Conrad Sophus Julius Wilhelm  1834Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I107193
176 Suhr (Suhr), Ferdinand Ludvig  1830Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I107150
177 Sørensen, Carl Richard  5 Sep 1843Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174353
178 Sørensen, Christian Carl  4 May 1841Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174356
179 Sørensen, Fester Theodor  4 May 1841Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174357
180 Sørensen, VIVI   I59631
181 Thau, Martin Hansen  28 Jul 1887Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I80280
182 Thaulow, Georg Philip  1821Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I107195
183 Thaulow, Laura  1822Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I128901
184 Thomsen, Gudrun Refslund  5 May 1915Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I103717
185 Tillisch (Tillisch), Christian Frederik  18 Jul 1833Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I74191
186 Tillisch (Tillisch), Cornelia Emma Sophie Louise  1 Jul 1837Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I153030
187 Voetmann, Annemarie  7 Jun 1906Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239690
188 Voetmann, Antje   I235532
189 Voetmann, Carl-Ernst  2 Jul 1909Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239697
190 Voetmann, Christa Louise  1 Jul 1911Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239693
191 Voetmann, Christian Carl  26 Apr 1875Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239695
192 Voetmann, Christian Friederich  27 Apr 1908Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239696
193 Voetmann, Elisabeth Cæcilie  11 Sep 1908Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239692
194 Voetmann, Friderich Wilhelm  23 Aug 1914Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I235519
195 Voetmann, Ingrid   I235531
196 Voetmann, Johann Thomas  4 Apr 1872Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239689
197 Voetmann, Kaethe Walburg  11 Aug 1907Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239691
198 Weiergang, Peter Matthiasen  1719Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I311908
199 Wildfang, Maren Mathilde  19 Jul 1845Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I91237
200 Zeise, Fredrik  1754Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I133713


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Grauer, Sophia Mariane  15 Feb 1853Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I82350
2 Heisel, Maria  17 Mar 1756Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I59630
3 Huus, Ida Louise Emma  6 Dec 1898Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239675
4 Huus, Margarethe Ida Emilie  16 Aug 1893Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239673
5 Huus, Marie Elisabeth  27 Feb 1896Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239674
6 Løbger, Bertha Maria  25 Aug 1822Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33445
7 Løbger, Carl Wilhelm Theodor  30 Jan 1870Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33452
8 Løbger, Christina Maria  31 Oct 1824Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33446
9 Løbger, Gertrud Catharina Maria  27 Sep 1863Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33448
10 Løbger, Helena Maria  7 Jun 1820Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33444
11 Løbger, Helena Maria  9 May 1875Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33455
12 Løbger, Maria Katharina  2 May 1860Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33055
13 Løbger, Thomas Christian  11 Jun 1826Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33071
14 Løbger, Thomas Christian  20 Jul 1862Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33447
15 Løbger, Thomas Christian  11 Mar 1866Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33449
16 Løbger, Thomas Christian  22 Dec 1867Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33451
17 Ravnsgaard, Laue  27 Aug 1843Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I82375
18 Reimers, Henriette Marie  23 Jul 1876Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I19172
19 Schalburg, Marcus Emil Christian  21 Apr 1868Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I82073
20 Thaulow, Georg Philip  14 Dec 1821Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I107195
21 Zeise, Fredrik  28 Feb 1754Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I133713


Matches 1 to 69 of 69

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bolten, Elisabeth Adolphine  24 Apr 1949Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239672
2 Borse, Maria Magrete  14 Aug 1852Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I13875
3 Bülow (Bülow of Vranderup - Bülow), Christian Friedrich von  6 Apr 1797Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I166037
4 Børsmann, Helena  23 Mar 1848Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I13862
5 Callesen, Christiane Georgine Sophie Johanne  27 Jan 1887Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I14604
6 Callesen, Johan Heinrich  12 Oct 1908Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I14594
7 Callesen, Peter  8 Sep 1872Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I14605
8 Callesen, Peter  3 Apr 1905Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I14591
9 Callsen, Catharina Regina  29 Dec 1840Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174242
10 Carstensen, Christine Margarethe  13 Apr 1992Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I13854
11 Carstensen, Ida Johanne  5 Apr 1991Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I13853
12 Carstensen, Johannes Marquard  18 May 1931Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I13867
13 Charisius, Frederikke Amalie  18 Mar 1828Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I167407
14 Christensen, Anna Barbara  13 Jun 1852Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174383
15 Cornett, Andreas Jürgensen  6 Sep 1844Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174267
16 Cornett, Ingeborg  26 Jun 1841Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174264
17 Cornett, Maria  20 Dec 1859Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174265
18 Damm, Ditlev  16 Oct 1887Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I14602
19 Fischer, Anna Charlotte  10 Jul 1941Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174192
20 Fischer, Carl  4 Sep 1849Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174405
21 Fischer, Carl Christian  29 Oct 1933Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I157907
22 Fischer, Carl Christian  10 May 1989Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174207
23 Fischer, Catharina  1 Sep 1841Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174301
24 Fischer, Christopher Conrad  17 Jul 1833Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174308
25 Fischer, Christopher Conrad  18 Jul 1884Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174190
26 Fischer, Fester  9 Nov 1863Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174243
27 Fischer, Harald Frederik  19 Feb 1853Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174240
28 Fischer, Magnus  23 Oct 1829Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174283
29 Fischer, Marie Dorothea  23 May 1871Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174366
30 Fischer, Marie Dorthea  24 Jan 1861Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174272
31 Fischer, Sara Margaretha Catharina  17 Jan 1962Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174193
32 Garben, Claus Casper  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174367
33 Garben, Johan  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I46644
34 Garben, Johan  1885Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174370
35 Hansen, Maria Catharina  6 Sep 1864Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33436
36 Hansen-Nørremølle, Hans Peter  27 May 1936Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I182361
37 Haxthausen of Thienhausen (Haxthausen), Caroline Sophie von  14 Oct 1778Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I54995
38 Hougs, Arne Borch  26 Jan 1984Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I246699
39 Hougs, Birthe Borch  28 Jul 1962Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I246701
40 Huus, Hermann Detlef  8 Apr 1902Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239676
41 Huus, Marie Elisabeth  17 Nov 1918Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239674
42 Huus, Otto Friedrich Detlef  10 Apr 1946Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239665
43 Ipsen, Aage Guldmann  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I293509
44 Jebsen, Heinrich  23 Nov 1944Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I12751
45 Jebsen, Michael  30 Sep 1899Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I12804
46 Jessen, Arwed Peter  17 Feb 2011Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I12767
47 Jessen, Johann Heinrich  10 Nov 1871Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I12735
48 Jørgensen, Emmy Elvira  12 Mar 1976Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I246707
49 Kock, Maria Dorthea  1910Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174260
50 Loft, Caroline Henriette Ingendreich "Tugenreich"  11 Nov 1852Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I161763
51 Løbger, Thomas Christian  28 Feb 1862Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33439
52 Løbger, Thomas Christian  Abt 1867Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33449
53 Løbger, Thomas Christian  2 Dec 1882Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I33071
54 Maag, Jes Petersen  23 Oct 1795Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I14607
55 Offersen, Anna Marie  29 Oct 1888Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I157911
56 Offersen, Clara  8 Jun 1913Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I12752
57 Olsen, Henning Jacob  17 Oct 1980Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I143148
58 Ostenfeld (Ostenfeld), Svend  11 May 1991Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I172267
59 Petersen, Anneliese  1 Nov 2004Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I235533
60 Thaulow, Laura  1855Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I128901
61 Thomsen, Maria Christina  11 Aug 1850Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174284
62 Toft, Anna Ida  29 Jun 1901Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I14593
63 Voetmann, Annemarie  10 Sep 1977Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239690
64 Voetmann, Carl-Ernst  24 Sep 1948Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239697
65 Voetmann, Christian Carl  22 May 1925Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239695
66 Voetmann, Christian Friederich  20 May 1980Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239696
67 Voetmann, Elisabeth Cæcilie  23 Oct 2001Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239692
68 Weiland, Elisabeth Cæcilia Anna  12 Aug 1956Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239680
69 Weiland, Maria Ida Elisabeth  21 Mar 1961Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239685


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Heurlin, Otto Edward Marquard  27 Apr 1962Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I246706
2 Hougs, Arne Borch  28 Jan 1984Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I246699
3 Hougs, Birthe Borch  31 Jul 1962Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I246701
4 Huus, Marie Elisabeth  22 Nov 1918Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239674
5 Jørgensen, Emmy Elvira  16 Mar 1976Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I246707
6 Voetmann, Johann Thomas  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I239689


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bahnsen, Martin  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174330
2 Bentzon, Svend  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I168793
3 Bojesen, Harald Gunni Bo  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I24866
4 Bruhn, Joachim Adolph  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I59123
5 Bruhn, Jørgen  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I13878
6 Bruhn, Ludolph Conrad  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I13877
7 Esendrup, K Søren   I79059
8 Fabricius, Erich  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I157340
9 Fink, Jep  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I5614
10 Fink, Troels Marstrand Trier  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I4721
11 Fischer, Carl Christian  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I157907
12 Fischer, Christopher Conrad  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174190
13 Fischer, Fester  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174397
14 Garben, Claus Casper  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174367
15 Garben, Johan  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174370
16 Garben, Johan  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I46644
17 Hansen-Nørremølle, Hans Peter  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I182361
18 Holst, Johann Matzen  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I12732
19 Jebsen, Michael  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I12805
20 Jebsen, Michael  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I12804
21 Jessen, Jes  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I12724
22 Jessen, Jes Nicolai  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I12742
23 Jessen, Johann Heinrich  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I12735
24 Junggreen, Jens Peter  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174256
25 Kier, Jes  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I12726
26 Knuth-Winterfeldt (Knuth), Lina Margrethe   I172598
27 Michelsen, Christen  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I35414
28 Nielsen, Niels Michael  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I157588
29 Regensburg, Jacob  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I30450
30 Richter, Carl August  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I197184
31 Simonsen, Henrik   I16007
32 Sørensen, Nicolai  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I174349
33 Thomsen, Kresten Refslund  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I103715
34 Thulstrup, Niels Andreas   I201105
35 Ulrich (Ulrich of Kassel), Peter Carl  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I171497
36 Vagn-Hansen, Cai Andreas  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I182179
37 Weitemeyer, Per  Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark I115090


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bartelsen / Fischer  13 Apr 1798Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F73367
2 Bartelsen / Kopperholt  17 Jan 1817Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F73369
3 Boysen / Wildfang  22 May 1863Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F40839
4 Bucka-Christensen / Voetmann  8 Jul 1939Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F96409
5 Callesen / Damm  15 Jul 1879Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F7441
6 Callsen / Cornett  1858Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F73345
7 Damm / Callesen  17 Mar 1837Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F7442
8 Davidsen / Fischer  4 Dec 1829Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F73361
9 Fischer / Bahnsen  3 Dec 1784Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F73358
10 Fischer / Callsen  21 Jan 1803Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F73338
11 Fischer / Callsen  21 Jun 1839Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F73319
12 Fischer / Christensen  15 Oct 1833Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F73395
13 Fischer / Festersen  16 Dec 1769Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F73357
14 Fischer / Garben  23 Apr 1851Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F73383
15 Fischer / Thomsen  20 Sep 1799Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F73359
16 Garben / Fischer  23 Feb 1827Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F73390
17 Hansen / Autzen   F27485
18 Holten of Oberndorf (Holten) / Clausen   F58826
19 Høffner / Callesen  15 May 1925Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F68559
20 Kloevekorn / Huus  14 Aug 1926Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F94156
21 Koch / Fischer  2 Jun 1835Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F73365
22 Koch / Fischer  1 Jul 1845Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F73353
23 Lunn / Junggreen  1 Jun 1881Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F71589
24 Løbger / Benner  9 May 1865Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F17236
25 Løbger / Jansen  4 Oct 1861Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F17235
26 Løbger / Volquardsen  7 Mar 1856Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F17234
27 Matz / Voetmann  7 Nov 1942Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F96031
28 Monrath / Monrath  Abt 1834Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F1696
29 Offersen / Bartram  25 Feb 1842Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F65937
30 Prætorius / Heisel  2 Dec 1773Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F29317
31 Rehfeld / Hansen   F24045
32 Riis / Løbger  27 Mar 1852Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F17425
33 Ring / Olsen   F58370
34 Suhr (Suhr) / Thaulow  14 Dec 1821Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F47080
35 Sørensen / Fischer  1 Sep 1837Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F73385
36 Sørensen / Hansen   F29320
37 Thaysen / Fischer  20 Sep 1844Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F73381
38 Thomsen / Garben  26 Feb 1779Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F73360
39 Thulstrup / Hilbig   F22840
40 Ubert / Huus  14 Oct 1897Aabenraa, South Jutland, Denmark F99234
41 Voetmann / Peuschel   F94749

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