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Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark



Matches 1 to 150 of 150

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Emil Kornerup  9 Sep 1880Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224428
2 Andersen, Karen Rasmusen  Oct 1797Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I420490
3 Andreasen, Karina Lorey   I67147
4 Asmussen, Souvanni   I34172
5 Augsburg, Henrik Vilhelm  26 Apr 1885Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I41883
6 Barfoed (Barfod), Helga Louise  4 Sep 1884Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I196315
7 Barfoed (Barfod), Knud Valdemar  1 Mar 1888Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I396616
8 Barner of Vedbygaard (Barner), Karl Otto von   I177145
9 Berg, Martin  28 Jul 1959Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I277994
10 Bergeschou, Josine Danieline  17 Mar 1801Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I411039
11 Bilde, Adam   I296249
12 Bilde, Anker   I296247
13 Bohn, Camilla   I201183
14 Bohn, Christian   I201182
15 Bording, Ole  3 Jun 1905Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I171324
16 Bording, Ole Jensinius  3 Jun 1905Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I415378
17 Bording, Vibeke "Vibe" Thora Beate  3 Jun 1905Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I177097
18 Braëm, Johan Friderich August  1832Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I125251
19 Briand de Crèvecoeur, René Gisli  2 Dec 1953Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I170660
20 Brofeldt, Amelie   I87145
21 Brofeldt, Marcus   I84405
22 Brorson (Brorson), Charlotte Sophie Dorthea  9 Nov 1828Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I49506
23 Buchwald of Gudumlund (Buchwaldt), Jan Martin   I136513
24 Christensen, Cecilie   I84019
25 Christensen, Mia   I84075
26 Christensen, Niklas   I83583
27 Christensen, Tobias   I84020
28 Denmark and Norway (Oldenburg), Louise Augusta "Struensee", Princess of  7 Jul 1771Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I115106
29 Dombernowsky, Johan Mathias  30 Jun 1800Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I432966
30 Elkiær, Emilie Mai   I87298
31 Elkiær, Mathilde Linnea   I86452
32 Engelsted, Valdemar  1 Nov 1797Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I163968
33 Ewans, Kai Peter Anthon Nielsen  10 Apr 1906Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I257328
34 Faurschou, Bo   I239465
35 Faurschou, Tim   I239466
36 Fischer, Ann-Louise   I250893
37 Frølich (Frølich), Fritz Heinrich  22 Jul 1807Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I129044
38 Fürst (Fürst of Hørsholm), Knud Charles  4 Dec 1884Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I152374
39 Gad, Ove Stenersen  15 Apr 1869Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I410428
40 Gad (Gad of Denmark), Isaac Marius Bendtsen  20 Jan 1807Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I169007
41 Gad (Gad of Denmark), Octavia  23 Oct 1808Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I169009
42 Gad (Gad of Denmark), Theodor Nonus  29 Jan 1810Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I169010
43 Glarbro, Marie Louise Kampmann  14 Oct 1912Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I138504
44 Glarbro, Ole  16 Sep 1917Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I138503
45 Goldschmidt (Goldschmidt), Else  11 Apr 1891Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I92958
46 Goldschmidt (Goldschmidt), Jørgen Ivar  26 Jan 1897Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I92956
47 Graae (Graae), Charlotte Pilegaard   I160339
48 Greisen (Greisen), Emanuel   I150815
49 Grevenkop-Castenskiold (Castenschiold), Bente   I14864
50 Grum, Christian   I181628
51 Grüner (Pedersen), Christian   I178289
52 Gutfeld, Anna Henriette  1795Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I186950
53 Hansen, Ane Cathrine  Abt 1834Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I433857
54 Hasfeldt, Carsten Langebeck  25 Aug 1844Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224505
55 Hasfeldt, Carstense Birgitte  2 Mar 1842Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224506
56 Haxthausen of Thienhausen (Haxthausen), Anna Marie Elisabeth von  30 Jul 1839Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I169927
57 Hertz, Henning   I174072
58 Hertz, Kirsten   I140335
59 Hertz, Ole Adolf  28 Jul 1916Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I154444
60 Hoffbauer, Carl August  3 May 1810Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I157936
61 Holm (Holm of Gunderslev), Estrid Elvira  11 Mar 1916Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I138957
62 Hornwain, Caroline Lovise  20 Sep 1846Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I117342
63 Hou, Henriette Caroline   I298515
64 Jensen, Ernst Anders  28 Sep 1898Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I287245
65 Jensen, Hanne Lundsberg   I55738
66 Jensen, Tina Groth   I120857
67 Jespersen, Dan   I190974
68 Jespersen, Uffe   I190839
69 Jonquières, Godefroi Chrétien de Dompierre de  3 Mar 1818Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I68050
70 Kofoed, Torben   I153579
71 Krause, Cecilie   I416799
72 Krogen, Paul Bro  30 Dec 1928Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I277957
73 La Cour (La Cour), Jacob Vilhelm   I164097
74 Lange, Per  30 Aug 1901Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I413887
75 Lange (Lange of Copenhagen 2), Per  30 Aug 1901Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I239290
76 Larsen, Cathrine Schnoor   I61516
77 Larsen, Johan Lars  5 Mar 1831Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I400719
78 Lerche (Lerche), Anders Fritz   I17766
79 Lerche (Lerche), Anette Trine   I167567
80 Lerche (Lerche), Ellinor Johanne  3 Nov 1883Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I158891
81 Lerche (Lerche), Flemming Christian  7 Jul 1876Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I165368
82 Lerche (Lerche), Harriet Marie Josephine  5 Jul 1878Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I165371
83 Lindegaard, Bodil  1 Jan 1879Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I15144
84 Lindholm, Knud Herluf von  15 Mar 1866Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I163998
85 Linstow (Linstow), Hans Dittlof Franciscus "Frantz" von  1787Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I116153
86 Linstow (Linstow), Hedvig Sophie von  1791Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I116144
87 Lønberg-Holm, Christian Michael "Mik"   I197019
88 Malmer, Anne Sidsel   I415972
89 Meiniche, Johan Friderich Bastian  1790Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I378522
90 Melbye, Mads   I201832
91 Meyer, Birgitte   I136806
92 Mollerup (Mollerup of Hasle), Frederikke   I35403
93 Mollerup (Mollerup of Hasle), Tobias Hans Peter   I161554
94 Mortensen, Dorthea  6 Jun 1824Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I432875
95 Muushardt, Ulrik Nikolaj   I61879
96 Møller, Anna Maria Caroline  1795Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I127334
97 Møller, Svend Christian  Abt 1806Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I397287
98 Nielsen, Vilhelmine "Villumine" Caroline Andrea  11 Aug 1838Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I12614
99 Olsen, Lise  Abt 1827Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I77389
100 Olsen, Niels  30 Jan 1816Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I85782
101 Oxholm (Oxholm), Andreas Alexander   I172403
102 Oxholm (Oxholm), Daniel Oliver   I172404
103 Pagh (Mortensen), Klaus Henrik   I202634
104 Pantsmann, Merete   I288144
105 Pedersen, Jon Ramskov   I294442
106 Pedersen, Kirsten Ramskov   I294443
107 Petersen, Ellen  17 Oct 1862Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I19294
108 Petersen, Jørgen Juul   I141628
109 Pitzner (Pitzner), Morten   I415946
110 Poulsen, Dorthe Esmarch   I201000
111 Rasmussen, Hans Peter  25 Sep 1878Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I257404
112 Rasmussen, Marie Sofie Rosine  28 Oct 1882Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I257333
113 Rasmussen, Peter Christian Hans  16 Dec 1906Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I264473
114 Rode, Henrik   I169137
115 Rohde, Cecilie "Cille" Paludan   I90917
116 Sadolin (Sadolin of Mors), Kristina   I165938
117 Sage de Fontenay (Sage de Fontenay), John Philip le   I161384
118 Scavenius (Scavenius), Alix Maria Birgitte Brønnum   I163289
119 Schaumburg-Lippe (Lippe), Eleonore-Christine Eugenie Benita Feodora Maria, Princess of   I17359
120 Scheller, Christian Vibe   I23135
121 Schultze, Julia Therese Clementine  1824Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I117339
122 Schütze, Peter   I177240
123 Simonsen, Charlotte Helene  20 Jul 1843Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I437262
124 Simonsen, Emma Ottilie  17 Apr 1846Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I436964
125 Skaaning   I142204
126 Skaaning   I240411
127 Skaaning, Christian Risom   I142205
128 Soelberg, Anna Cathrine  1767Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I125856
129 Soelberg, Søren  1771Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I106866
130 Soelberg, Søren Lykke  1731Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I106867
131 Steckhahn, Heinrich Theodor William  8 Jul 1859Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224492
132 Steckhahn, Julie Frederikke  23 Nov 1852Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224495
133 Steckhahn, Robert Heinrich August  Abt 1857Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224493
134 Steckhahn, Valdemar August Ernst  14 Jul 1854Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224494
135 Sørensen, Ane Sofia Malvina  30 Mar 1878Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I80764
136 Sørensen, Anna L Erling  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I87500
137 Sørensen, Camilla Soelberg   I137568
138 Tuxen (Tuxen), Sophie Amalie  1658Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I192767
139 Vedel (Vedel of Copenhagen), Birgitte Camilla   I158691
140 Wanser, Dorothea Hansen  1806Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I188169
141 Weilbach, Hanna  29 May 1824Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I167107
142 Wismer, Agnete Madelaine Kirck   I155253
143 Wismer, Jonas   I155257
144 Wismer, Lars   I155258
145 Wismer, Marie Louise Kirck   I155254
146 Wiuff, Flora Adolfine  6 Jul 1843Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I166634
147 Zachariae, Mathilde Mariane  1821Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I187633
148 Zöylner (Zöylner), Emilie Severine Nathalie  7 Dec 1839Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I59564
149 Zöylner (Zöylner), Hansine Marie Christina  24 Mar 1831Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I186175
150 Zöylner (Zöylner), Johannes Henrik Emil  23 Feb 1838Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I184403


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Boel Marie "Rasmussen"  4 May 1800Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I417235
2 Andersen, Karen Rasmusen  22 Oct 1797Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I420490
3 Augsburg, Henrik Vilhelm  29 May 1885Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I41883
4 Braëm, Johan Friderich August  23 Apr 1832Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I125251
5 Briand de Crèvecoeur, René Gisli  11 Jun 1954Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I170660
6 Brorson (Brorson), Charlotte Sophie Dorthea  31 May 1829Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I49506
7 Christensen, Emma Egsgaard Fogh   I81259
8 Fürst (Fürst of Hørsholm), Carl Adam  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I213525
9 Fürst (Fürst of Hørsholm), Emilie Louise  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I213526
10 Fürst (Fürst of Hørsholm), Frederik Julius Conrad  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I49961
11 Fürst (Fürst of Hørsholm), Hannah Wilhelmine  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I213524
12 Gottschalck, Alexander   I416143
13 Hasfeldt, Carstense Birgitte  16 Jun 1842Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224506
14 Hasfeldt, Knud Langebæk  7 Jul 1907Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224514
15 Lange-Müller (Müller of Boller), Ruth Irmelin  23 May 1895Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I198626
16 Linstow (Linstow), Hans Dittlof Franciscus "Frantz" von  14 May 1787Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I116153
17 Meiniche, Johan Friderich Bastian  19 Dec 1790Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I378522
18 Meitzner, Maria Dorothea von  12 Sep 1790Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I99853
19 Møller, Anna Maria Caroline  9 Jul 1795Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I127334
20 Neergaard (Neergaard), Mette Lise de   I79401
21 Olsen, Niels  25 Feb 1816Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I85782
22 Rasmussen, Hans Peter  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I257404
23 Rasmussen, Maren  17 Aug 1794Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I423838
24 Rasmussen, Marie Sofie Rosine  26 Dec 1882Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I257333
25 Rasmussen, Sophie "Sidse" Johanne  6 Jan 1793Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I423837
26 Saust, Wilhelmine Fredrikke  26 Aug 1851Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I109521
27 St Amory (Brøchner), Carl Cecil Bertie Brøchner  8 Sep 1878Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I43874
28 Steckhahn, Heinrich Theodor William  2 Oct 1859Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224492
29 Sørensen, Agnes Sørine Marie  27 Feb 1881Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I84494
30 Sørensen, Ane Sofia Malvina  26 May 1878Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I80764
31 Sørensen, Jens  19 Oct 1851Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I85789
32 Weilbach, Anna  25 Jun 1833Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I107100
33 Weilbach, Anna Sophie Frederiche Florentine  9 Nov 1808Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I107094
34 Weilbach, Daniel  11 Jul 1820Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I107099
35 Weilbach, Hanna  22 Aug 1824Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I167107
36 Weilbach, Margaretha  22 Sep 1822Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I107097
37 Weilbach, Marie  12 Oct 1828Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I107096
38 Weilbach, Philip  28 Sep 1834Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I107111
39 Westenholz, Karen "Kis"  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I197243
40 Wilson, Caroline Mathilde  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I407637


Matches 1 to 97 of 97

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Inger  12 Jun 1996Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I123624
2 Bech-Jespersen, Oda  25 Dec 1976Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I166031
3 Bentzon, Jørgen Liebenberg  9 Jul 1951Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I91072
4 Berg, Herman  27 Feb 2008Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I44513
5 Berg, Martin  30 Oct 2002Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I277994
6 Bluhme, Kamma  22 Jun 2012Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I33333
7 Bramsen (Bramsen), Bo Viggo  18 Apr 2002Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I159475
8 Bülow (Bülow), Marie Catharina von  10 Jul 1784Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I50096
9 Bøgh (Lassen), Jørgen  26 Dec 1997Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I240368
10 Christensen, Finn Birger  12 Jul 2004Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I144260
11 Christmas (Smith-Christmas), Eileen Elisabeth "Molly"  5 May 1945Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I195937
12 Daell (Daell), Peter Møller (Founder of Daells Varehus)  20 Jul 1974Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I170341
13 Dinesen (Dinesen), Ingeborg Margrethe "Merete"  2 May 2003Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I92111
14 Dokkedal, Helge  10 Feb 1990Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I181284
15 Dombernowsky, Andreas Jacob  Abt 1845Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I432968
16 Erstad-Jørgensen, Erik  12 May 1945Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I186338
17 Fabricius (Fabricius), Theodore  5 Feb 1890Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I91880
18 Fischer, Agnete  29 Dec 1986Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I157526
19 Flindt, Christian  4 Jul 1823Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I22840
20 Franzow, Johanne Ernestine  16 Sep 1874Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I170784
21 Fürst (Fürst of Copenhagen), Marie Louise  20 Apr 1887Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I183463
22 Fürst (Fürst of Hørsholm), Carl Wilhelm  22 Jan 1891Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I49967
23 Fürst (Fürst of Hørsholm), Frederik Julius Conrad  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I49961
24 Gad (Gad of Denmark), Octavia  6 Jul 1809Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I169009
25 Gjellerup, Mogens  7 Apr 1971Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I67153
26 Gottschalk, Ellen Francisca  8 Apr 1951Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I200321
27 Gottschalk, Frederik Ludvig Frantz  22 May 1939Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I180717
28 Gottschau, Axel  26 Oct 1977Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I139182
29 Greisen (Greisen), Orla Christian  3 Mar 1994Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I188385
30 Grut (Grut), Michala "Mik"  17 Jul 1981Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I199966
31 Hammerich, Louis Leonor  1 Nov 1975Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I161006
32 Hansen, Dagmar Julie Augusta  13 Apr 1959Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I229533
33 Hansen, Emma Eliza  26 May 1949Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I156467
34 Hansen, Estrid  25 Jul 1956Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I170531
35 Hansen, Jessie  21 Nov 1933Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I200748
36 Hansen, Rigmor  18 May 1982Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I200272
37 Hansen, Ruth  23 Feb 2002Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I66985
38 Hartmann, Johan  28 Oct 1988Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I178248
39 Hartmann, Niels Rudolph "Ulle"  6 Sep 2006Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I178235
40 Hasfeldt, Carsten Johansen  6 May 1851Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224508
41 Heilbuth, Gerda Emilie  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I139675
42 Heilbuth, Niels Julius  1 Jun 1992Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I139673
43 Holm, Bodil Edel Christine  9 Sep 1972Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I416994
44 Holm (Holm of Gunderslev), Emma  3 Jun 1914Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I139148
45 Hornwain, Caroline Lovise  Abt 1850Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I117342
46 Hänflein, Felix  24 Jan 1902Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I104333
47 Høyer, Marie Birthe Kirstine  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I284160
48 Jacobi, Kirsten Gisselbæk  2 Aug 1993Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I388048
49 Jensen, Willy Georg  19 Jul 1992Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I416993
50 Johansen, Stig  16 Jul 1972Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I148703
51 Jorck-Jorckston, Lydia Patricia  26 Jul 1990Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I86438
52 Jungersen, Ellen  24 Dec 1971Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I194400
53 Kirkebjerg, Niels Rasmussen  27 Apr 1965Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I56941
54 Kjeldsen, Mogens  25 Aug 1970Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I153585
55 Krenchel, Bartolomaeus Sebastian  20 Feb 1877Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I260
56 Købke (Købke), Christian  Abt 1810Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I107710
57 Lehmann, Alfred Georg Ludvig  26 Sep 1921Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I182251
58 Lindhardt, Jonna Maria  14 Jan 2006Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I197209
59 Lindhardt, Knud Bendt  17 Aug 2006Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I66361
60 Marcus, Aage  16 Aug 1985Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I200333
61 Marcus, Benedicte  2 Jun 1985Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I200650
62 Marcus, Gunnar  9 Nov 1984Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I166923
63 Marcus, Harriet Elisabeth  13 Jun 2000Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I200639
64 Meyer, August Heinrich  18 Mar 1875Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I170782
65 Meyer, Kirsten "Kis"  27 Jul 1978Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I166921
66 Münster, Vilhelmine Louise  9 Nov 1955Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I8104
67 Neergaard (Neergaard), Peter Sadolin  15 Mar 1857Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I125815
68 Nielsen, Anthon  1916Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I257332
69 Nørgaard, Henrik Carl  9 Jan 1995Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I44729
70 Petri, Max  21 Mar 1980Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I149096
71 Philip (Philip of Aalsgaarde), Kjeld Löwenstein  27 Oct 1989Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I2662
72 Poulsen, Hans Esmarch  29 Oct 2003Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I200945
73 Prytz (Prytz), Ingeborg  14 Jul 1986Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I31171
74 Rasmussen, Marie Sofie Rosine  1919Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I257333
75 Rasmussen, Peter Christian  Abt 1906Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I257403
76 Repholtz, Eva  1979Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I164933
77 Riise, Carmen  27 Aug 1980Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I71194
78 Sadolin (Sadolin of Mors), Inger Louise  1 May 2013Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I188249
79 Schaltz, Anna Dorthea Margrethe  17 Nov 1926Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224489
80 Scheibye, Estrid  2 Jun 1983Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I389921
81 Schenkelberg, Marie Anna  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I49960
82 Schiøler (Schiøler), Arendse Theodora  15 Feb 1988Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I200477
83 Schiøler (Schiøler), Birgitte Marie "Grie"  1990Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I200466
84 Sehested (Sehested), Elisabeth  28 Aug 1843Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I146961
85 Steckhahn, Christian Julius Ernst  16 Oct 1882Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224499
86 Steckhahn, Valdemar August Ernst  19 Jun 1932Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224494
87 Stensballe, Holger  28 Dec 1988Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I167002
88 Stephensen, Fanny Theodore  18 Dec 1992Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I119358
89 Thamsen, Ole Sigurd  1998Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I122243
90 Theisen, Elisa Maria Claudia  16 Jul 1948Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I95298
91 Thørche, Bolette Mariane  14 Mar 1887Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I397589
92 Topsøe (Topsøe), Preben  2 Feb 1989Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I111895
93 Tutein, Alice  15 May 1958Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I33498
94 Tuxen (Tuxen), Søren Ludvig Poul  15 Jun 1983Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I53163
95 Westenholz, Erik Aage  1982Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I197232
96 Westenholz, Karen "Kis"  3 Nov 2000Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I197243
97 Wilse-Nielsen, Johanne Christiane Fernando  2 May 1981Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I15727


Matches 1 to 79 of 79

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bergstøm, Annette  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I182503
2 Bernhoft (Bernhoft), Henning Amtorp Hansen  3 Jun 1999Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I44610
3 Bjerrum (Bjerrum), Palle Oluf Daell  12 Dec 2016Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I173027
4 Bluhme, Kamma  2 Jul 2012Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I33333
5 Braëm, Charlotte Serene  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I187760
6 Bramsen (Bramsen), Ernst Boe  4 Feb 1989Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I160074
7 Conder, Helen Aiko  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I67533
8 Daell (Daell), Peter Møller (Founder of Daells Varehus)  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I170341
9 Dinesen (Dinesen), Adolph Wilhelm  1 Apr 1895Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I199767
10 Dinesen (Dinesen), Anne Arendse  6 Oct 2000Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I111016
11 Dinesen (Dinesen), Inger Benedicte "Ea"  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I197036
12 Dinesen (Dinesen), Thomas Fasti  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I197080
13 Dobler, Emilie Adolphine Catharine  19 Oct 1900Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224498
14 Foght, Elisabeth  28 Aug 2012Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I164767
15 Fürst (Fürst of Hørsholm), Carl Wilhelm  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I213528
16 Fürst (Fürst of Hørsholm), Carl Wilhelm  25 Jan 1892Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I49967
17 Fürst (Fürst of Hørsholm), Knud Charles  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I152374
18 Gjellerup, Mogens  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I67153
19 Gottschalk, Ellen Francisca  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I200321
20 Grut (Grut), Benedikte "Dik"  24 Jun 2004Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I199999
21 Grut (Grut), Ebba Cecilia  9 Aug 1991Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I160088
22 Grut (Grut), Ellen Margaretha "Margrethe"  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I197431
23 Grut (Grut), Flemming Harald  31 Jul 1987Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I199955
24 Grut (Grut), Harald  1 Aug 2000Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I66849
25 Grut (Grut), Michala "Mik"  23 Jul 1981Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I199966
26 Grut (Grut), Ursula "Ulla" Valborg  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I174991
27 Grut (Grut), William Lennart  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I197798
28 Hansen, Ellen Mathilde  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I193879
29 Hansen, Ruth  1 Mar 2002Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I66985
30 Hansen, Vibeke "Kim"  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I38490
31 Hartling, The 36th Prime Minister of Denmark Poul  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I120783
32 Hartmann, Bolette  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I716
33 Hartmann, Johan  4 Nov 1988Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I178248
34 Hasfeldt, Carsten Johansen  13 May 1851Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224508
35 Heilmann (Heilmann), Valborg  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I194620
36 Henriques (Henriques), Walter Holm  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I178696
37 Hiort-Lorenzen, Frederik Peter "Frits"  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I194357
38 Iuel (Juel of Oegelstrup), Marie Thalia  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I199415
39 Jerichau, Jens Adolf  1921Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I28703
40 Kaalund-Jørgensen (Jørgensen), Ingrid Leth  26 Aug 2015Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I158006
41 Kemp, Frithjof Gudmund  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I87867
42 Kopp, Erik Bertil  14 Feb 1983Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I66020
43 Kopp, Niels Erik  27 Jan 2010Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I277946
44 Krogen, Paul Bro  5 Mar 2005Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I277957
45 Langebæk (Langebæk), Olivia Lene Klarup  19 Mar 1878Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224507
46 Lindhardt, Jonna Maria  20 Jan 2006Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I197209
47 Lützen (Lützen), Kirsten  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I158648
48 Marcus, Aage  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I200333
49 Marcus, Benedicte  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I200650
50 Marcus, Harriet Elisabeth  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I200639
51 Melbye-Hansen, Ove  13 Mar 2002Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I63832
52 Melchior, Mogens Gustav Ivar  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I197376
53 Neergaard (Neergaard), Karen Christence de  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I124136
54 Plesner, Paul Erik  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I276704
55 Plum (Plum), Peter Andreas Julius  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I194987
56 Poulsen, Hans Esmarch  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I200945
57 Repholtz, Eva  1979Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I164933
58 Rode, Bent  17 Dec 2016Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I186233
59 Sandfeldt, Ane Marie  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I213527
60 Schaltz, Anna Dorthea Margrethe  1926Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224489
61 Schiøler (Schiøler), Birgitte Marie "Grie"  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I200466
62 Skovgaard-Petersen, Carl Axel  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I195313
63 Skovgaard-Petersen, Erni  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I200043
64 Skovgaard-Petersen, Karen Marie Julie "Kamma"  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I154680
65 Spies, Simon Ove Christian Ogilvie  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I199860
66 Steckhahn, Christian Julius Ernst  22 Oct 1882Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224499
67 Steckhahn, Valdemar August Ernst  24 Jun 1932Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I224494
68 Thomsen, Harald Sigurd Wegener  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I240496
69 Thørche, Bolette Mariane  21 Mar 1887Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I397589
70 Vedel (Vedel of Copenhagen), Aage Helgesen  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I158649
71 Wandel (Wandel), Gudrun Marguerite  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I178697
72 Weilbach, Balthazar  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I69006
73 Westenholz, Aage  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I199280
74 Westenholz, Erik Aage  19 Mar 1982Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I197232
75 Westenholz, Holger  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I197276
76 Westenholz, Ingeborg  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I199026
77 Westenholz, Karen "Kis"  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I197243
78 Westenholz, Mary "Bess"  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I199147
79 Westenholz, Regnar William Søren  Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark I197220


Matches 1 to 98 of 98

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Regnarsen   F166551
2 Andersen / Pedersen  3 Jul 1791Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F162217
3 Banck (Banck) / Henriques (Henriques)  21 Nov 1942Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F75778
4 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing) / Lauritzen (Lauritzen of Ribe)   F36422
5 Bentzon / Nielsen  15 Mar 1940Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F40793
6 Benzon (Bentsen of Lund) / Bauditz (Baudissin)  27 Mar 1954Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F65187
7 Bing / Lindgreen   F58359
8 Bjørnsen / Rasmussen  30 May 1817Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F162219
9 Bornemann (Bornemann) / Préalle  26 Jul 1849Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F73745
10 Braëm / Lindam  23 Nov 1826Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F60547
11 Brammer (Brammer) / Panner  28 Dec 1932Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F37176
12 Bramsen (Bramsen) / Kleis  11 Jun 1907Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F65093
13 Brøchner-Larsen / Wiuff  28 May 1865Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F70037
14 Buck-Friis / Holm  25 Jan 1793Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F117792
15 Chaldecott / Kauffmann   F9223
16 Conradt / Lundstrøm  3 Mar 1805Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F47858
17 Dahl / Dinesen (Dinesen)  14 Jul 1916Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F47904
18 Danneskiold-Samsøe (Gyldenløve Moth - Danneskiold-Samsøe) / Hasselbalch  14 Nov 1906Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F24005
19 Danstrup / Waagepetersen  10 Jan 1947Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F92379
20 Dokkedal / Eickhoff   F76281
21 Drejer / Westh  20 Apr 1839Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F159648
22 Ehrenreich-Hansen / Boesen  21 Jun 1913Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F57484
23 Engelsen / Vogel-Jørgensen  24 Feb 1926Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F25604
24 Feddersen / Bech (Bech of Taarnborg and Valbygaard)  23 Sep 1932Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F2798
25 Federspiel / Zahle  23 Jun 1934Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F37366
26 Finne / Hiort-Lorenzen  6 Jul 1926Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F43314
27 Foss (Foss of Viborg) / Dyhr   F59902
28 Frandsen / Tillisch (Tillisch)   F67958
29 Frimodt / Holten of Oberndorf (Holten)  24 May 1892Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F27266
30 Gabe / Jantzen (Jantzen of Drenderupgaard)  8 Jan 1931Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F50758
31 Gammeltoft-Hansen / Ingerslev-Jensen   F28898
32 Grenness / Andersen  10 Dec 1969Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F82422
33 Hagerup / Hagemann (Hagemann of Norway)  12 Oct 1886Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F47705
34 Hansen / Wismer   F64598
35 Harnung / Regnarsen   F73292
36 Hasfeldt / Steckhahn  19 Nov 1871Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F93364
37 Hein (Hein) / Holmberg  8 Aug 1788Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F77154
38 Helmuth / Darville  17 May 1961Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F2418
39 Hiort-Lorenzen / Birkland  1 Mar 1916Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F42902
40 Holm (Holm of Gunderslev) / Wessel (Wessel)  17 May 1934Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F59803
41 Holmblad (Holmblad) / Jensen  10 Aug 1927Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F77612
42 Holstein (Holstein) / Scheitmann  16 Jul 1809Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F11159
43 Hyge / Moltke (Moltke)  1 Feb 1952Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F78749
44 Iversen / Bille Brahe of Fraugdegaard (Bille)  3 Jun 1905Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F91718
45 Jacobsen / Bruun (Bruun of Fredericia)   F45103
46 Jensen / Heering (Heering)  3 Jul 1947Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F25154
47 Jensen / Olsen  28 Sep 1850Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F35538
48 Jensen / Topsøe (Topsøe)  4 Nov 1865Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F38768
49 Kampmann (Kampmann) / Reinhard   F7343
50 Knudsen / Seidelin (Seidelin)  23 Jun 1950Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F78074
51 Krarup (Krarup) / Dethlefsen  9 Mar 1935Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F106107
52 Krog-Meyer (Meyer) / Henriques (Henriques)  22 Apr 1949Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F75182
53 Køhler / Sibbern  4 Nov 1863Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F5702
54 Lerche-Lerchenborg (Lerche) / Tholstrup   F63248
55 Lindegaard / Keil  2 Nov 1877Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F51795
56 Lippmann / Hvid   F48870
57 Lüttichau (Lüttichau) / Lund   F61101
58 Melchior / Grevenkop-Castenskiold (Castenschiold)   F67951
59 Meyer / Holten of Oberndorf (Holten)   F70279
60 Moltke (Moltke) / Glückstadt  3 Jun 1920Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F65491
61 Möllander / Jensen   F22876
62 Møller / Kjær  8 Oct 1927Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F101565
63 Neergaard (Neergaard) / Dinesen (Dinesen)  24 Aug 1916Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F47918
64 Nielsen / Rasmussen  12 Mar 1905Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F106948
65 Nissen / Hiort-Lorenzen  8 Aug 1924Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F43364
66 Olrik (Olrik) / Hellesen  5 Jun 1795Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F82544
67 Plesner / Hartmann  6 Aug 1966Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F115056
68 Plum (Plum) / Bjerre  6 Sep 1880Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F76256
69 Poulsen / Christensen  16 Nov 1962Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F28881
70 Poulsen / Marcus  30 Dec 1937Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F23080
71 Prior (Prior of Denmark) / Braëm  28 Apr 1879Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F60546
72 Robbert / Christensen   F37086
73 Rosenbeck-Hansen / Ingerslev-Jensen   F28899
74 Runge / Arnkiel  1 Jun 1807Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F159210
75 Ryder (Ryder of Denmark) / Skovgaard-Petersen  9 Feb 1939Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F64350
76 Sachs (Sachs) / Marcus  22 Jul 1959Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F115055
77 Scheel (Skeel) / Norstrand   F12397
78 Schütze / Castenschiold (Castenschiold)   F68221
79 Steglich-Petersen / Vibe-Hastrup  26 May 1939Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F70447
80 Stentoft / Winkel  18 Apr 1953Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F157997
81 Suhr (Suhr) / Gjellerup  30 Nov 1810Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F47251
82 Svendsen / Abel (Abel of Denmark)  12 Dec 1858Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F64884
83 Sørensen / Wøldike  6 May 1877Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F36188
84 Thiele (Thiele) / Hiort-Lorenzen  8 Nov 1928Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F43405
85 Tholstrup / Grenness  12 Oct 1969Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F63216
86 Tholstrup / Lauritzen (Lauritzen of Ribe)   F63239
87 Thornberg / Hansen  27 Sep 1807Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F162039
88 Tuxen (Tuxen) / Fønss (Fønss)   F68713
89 Vedel (Vedel of Copenhagen) / Nygaard (Nygaard of Nygaard)  30 Aug 1854Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F79048
90 Vedel (Vedel of Copenhagen) / Tophøj   F66300
91 Wedell-Wedellsborg (Wedell of Uchtenhagen) / Foght   F69234
92 Werner (Werner of Ringsted) / Utke  7 May 1927Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F79539
93 Westenholz / Grut (Grut)  22 Sep 1903Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F32110
94 Weywadt / Hansen   F29602
95 Wieder / Crilsen  4 Apr 1939Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F1331
96 Zeuthen (Zeuthen) / Nobel (Nobel)  30 Sep 1874Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F47906
97 Zobel (Zobel) / Jørgensen  28 May 1991Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F78830
98 Øllgaard / Bie (Bie)  12 Aug 1811Hoersholm, Zealand, Denmark F11345

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