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Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 293 of 293

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bente   I57151
2 Jenny Alfrida  18 May 1903Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I96936
3 Mette   I86787
4 Svend Aage  21 Feb 1926Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62662
5 Thyra Agnes Helene Guldager  30 Sep 1896Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I136787
6 Andersen, Aage  29 Dec 1909Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62456
7 Andersen, Ane-Marie   I62450
8 Andersen, Grethe   I294620
9 Andersen, Hans Christian  17 Mar 1909Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I51242
10 Andersen, Inge Marie   I294629
11 Andersen, John  8 Apr 1975Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I54789
12 Andersen, Kent   I62451
13 Andersen, Leif Henry   I294625
14 Barslund, Anna Jensen  19 Aug 1901Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I386359
15 Bencard, Adam   I166861
16 Bencard, Frans Ulrik   I166857
17 Bergenser, Agnete   I285364
18 Bertelsen, Adam   I223215
19 Bing, Anette Dora   I33649
20 Bing, Lisbet Sigrid   I33558
21 Bjerregaard-Andersen, Kaare   I56399
22 Boysen, Maja  12 Jun 1889Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I170638
23 Brask (Brasch), Carl Christian Henrik  14 Aug 1903Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I196711
24 Brinch, Peder  7 Oct 1841Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I220228
25 Brix, Birgitte   I62638
26 Brockdorff (Brockdorff), Knud Peter   I23304
27 Bruhn, Helga Rosendahl  17 Mar 1895Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I196540
28 Bruun, Gerda Helene  10 Oct 1881Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I200649
29 Bruun, Karen  19 Dec 1879Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I92029
30 Buttenschøn, Hanne   I23916
31 Buur, Tom   I135693
32 Bæk, Anette   I296232
33 Bøttker, Annette   I54777
34 Bøttker, Marianne   I54778
35 Carlsen, Grethe Ruth   I55296
36 Christensen, Aksel  Abt 1910Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I55626
37 Christensen, Alfred  Abt 1900Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I55631
38 Christensen, Ann Josefine   I61477
39 Christensen, Christina Charlotte Højlund   I63155
40 Christensen, Dagny  Abt 1898Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I55632
41 Christensen, Ingeborg  20 Jun 1899Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I188742
42 Christensen, Thyra  Abt 1900Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I55630
43 Christensen, Viktor  Abt 1905Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I55629
44 Christensen, Vilhelm  5 Nov 1908Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I55627
45 Christiansen, Bethina   I62447
46 Christiansen, Christen Lassen  18 Nov 1896Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I64358
47 Christiansen, Dyma   I62651
48 Christiansen, Jette-Marie   I53510
49 Christiansen, Jørgen   I62448
50 Christiansen, Olga  11 Nov 1909Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62655
51 Clausen, Jane Ehrenskjold   I54787
52 Clausen, Jens Olesen  9 Nov 1901Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I59783
53 Cold, Eli  13 Dec 1906Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I115241
54 Cold, Sigurd  27 Dec 1903Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I115207
55 Dahl, Anna Marie Frederikke  15 Apr 1886Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I56923
56 Dahl, Kirsten   I51981
57 Dam, Daniel   I51967
58 Damgaard, Kirsten   I62649
59 Eriksen, Henning Gebhardus   I61571
60 Eriksen, Niclas Poulsen   I61567
61 Faber, Børge  29 Oct 1909Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I159082
62 Faber, Sonja  5 Jan 1907Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I159069
63 Falbe-Hansen, Ejnar  15 Nov 1905Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I179187
64 Fock, Arne   I26636
65 Frich, Jytte   I62667
66 Fritsche, Else  19 Aug 1907Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I195308
67 Fritsche, Gunnar  13 Jun 1900Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I195286
68 Fritsche, Inge  6 Dec 1903Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I195297
69 Fritsche, Johanne Elisabeth  3 Mar 1910Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I195328
70 Fritsche, Sigrid  28 Jan 1905Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I181005
71 Frøkjær (Frøkjær of A), Ketty Hansine Birkedal  1 Jul 1901Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62545
72 Frøkjær (Frøkjær of Ødis), Karen Dorothea  13 Mar 1892Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I387835
73 Frøkjær (Frøkjær of Ødis), Lauge Pedersen  26 Nov 1889Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I387840
74 Frøkjær-Jensen (Jensen), Christen  25 Aug 1899Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I439868
75 Frøkjær-Jensen (Jensen), Elise  16 Aug 1890Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I439865
76 Frøkjær-Jensen (Jensen), Ella Elvina  31 Jan 1893Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I439867
77 Frøkjær-Jensen (Jensen), Martin  16 Aug 1890Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I439866
78 Frøkjær-Jensen (Jensen), Martin Christian  14 Dec 1894Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I439864
79 Gaden, Henrik Jensen   I294633
80 Graa-Petersen, Elna Cecilie Kirstine  11 Mar 1900Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I153491
81 Graff, Alexander Theodor  5 Jun 1901Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I78368
82 Graff, Anna Emelie  11 Apr 1898Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I78371
83 Graff, Carl Christian  27 Jul 1891Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I78374
84 Graff, Carl Villaume  13 Nov 1886Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I81754
85 Graff, Carl Villaume  23 Aug 1914Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I81750
86 Graff, Christine Andrea  9 Jan 1890Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I78373
87 Graff, Ellen  7 Nov 1906Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I77238
88 Graff, Hansine  23 May 1896Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I78372
89 Graff, Marry  16 Jul 1899Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I78370
90 Graff, Mary Kathrine Ejlert  18 Jul 1893Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I81752
91 Graff, Rejnholt Aage  3 Jan 1889Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I81753
92 Graff, Sara Olivia  5 Dec 1899Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I78369
93 Gulløv, Carl Emil Lassen  28 Mar 1912Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62330
94 Hansen, Annika Schnoor   I61497
95 Hansen, Charlotte   I59636
96 Hansen, Gitte Rølle   I61387
97 Hansen, Hans Henrik Godt   I54687
98 Hansen, Inger Martha   I82537
99 Hansen, Jan   I54664
100 Hansen, Jesper   I53205
101 Hansen, Leif Orla   I54670
102 Hansen, Liva Sonja   I395386
103 Hansen, Mette Marie   I54665
104 Hansen, Susan   I54663
105 Hansen, Uffe Schnoor   I61498
106 Harboe (Harboe of Odense), Kate   I141615
107 Hedegaard, Ellen Margrethe "Tutte"  29 Mar 1895Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I122295
108 Hedemann (Hedemann), Hanne von   I16711
109 Heide, Erik   I58792
110 Heide, Erna Elisabeth   I58787
111 Hjortshøj, Søren Pihlkjær   I62641
112 Jacobsen, Else  6 Apr 1898Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I136340
113 Jacobsen, Erik  30 Sep 1899Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I136185
114 Jacobsen, Erik   I57589
115 Jacobsen, Ida Anette Faye   I184241
116 Jacobsen, Rasmus Støier   I57587
117 Jensen, Anders Gaden   I294632
118 Jensen, Ane Kirstine  12 Oct 1893Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62562
119 Jensen, Anette Lodberg   I51738
120 Jensen, Anna  8 Mar 1918Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I51743
121 Jensen, Charles Svenningsen  13 Feb 1902Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I54803
122 Jensen, Edith   I62542
123 Jensen, Else   I62539
124 Jensen, Erling   I59333
125 Jensen, Gustav   I59321
126 Jensen, Hans Jakob Lodberg   I62540
127 Jensen, Hansine Kathrine  30 Aug 1893Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I58939
128 Jensen, Harald Lodberg   I51770
129 Jensen, Jane Gaden   I294631
130 Jensen, Johannes Lodberg   I62541
131 Jensen, Kirsten Nordby   I52016
132 Jensen, Niels  Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62278
133 Jensen, Nielsine Ketty  17 Jul 1910Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I59805
134 Jensen, Ole Bo   I54769
135 Jensen, Ove  18 Mar 1968Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I59323
136 Jensen, Peder Larsen Lodberg  18 Apr 1900Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62559
137 Jensen, Peter Mikael   I54770
138 Jensen, Petrea   I51729
139 Jensen, Poul Gerhard Lodberg   I62544
140 Jensen, Ruth Lodberg   I51682
141 Johansen, Flemming Høirup   I297899
142 Johansen, Torben Høirup   I297898
143 Johnsen, Aase Inge- Lise   I61466
144 Johnsen, Christina Alexandra   I61465
145 Juhl, Stefan   I122651
146 Juul (Juul of Spentrup), Karen Margrethe   I151003
147 Juul (Juul of Spentrup), Marie Louise   I151004
148 Jørgensen, Dorthe Marie   I59808
149 Jørgensen, Karsten   I59812
150 Jørgensen, Kirsten Marie Manthey   I59839
151 Jørgensen, Marianne Elmholt   I59838
152 Jørgensen, Torben Magnus   I59813
153 Kjeldsen, Henning   I52159
154 Kjeldsen, Leila   I52160
155 Kjeldsen, Mona   I52158
156 Knuth of Christiansdal (Knuth), Johan Gabriel Brandt   I7548
157 Kohl, Grethe  23 Apr 1913Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I166396
158 Kristensen, Annelene   I294336
159 Kristensen, Inge   I186722
160 Kristensen, Pia   I135614
161 Kristensen, Steen   I294334
162 Kristensen, Torben   I294335
163 Krog, Leo Svend Arnold Seest  13 Mar 1913Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I141268
164 Krogh, Vagn Thomsen  5 Mar 1919Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I6567
165 Kyhl, Janus Jacobi   I388120
166 Kyhl, Kasper Jacobi   I388121
167 Larsen, Henny Lindorff  29 Apr 1902Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I386403
168 Larsen, Randi Schnoor   I61505
169 Lauridsen, Asta   I62184
170 Lauridsen, Christine  2 Aug 1889Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62410
171 Lauridsen, Kim Richard   I61628
172 Lauridsen, Kurt   I62185
173 Lauridsen, Lonny Nielsen   I61658
174 Lauritzen (Lauritzen of Ribe), Anna  18 Aug 1895Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I155159
175 Lauritzen (Lauritzen of Ribe), Erik  9 Jun 1894Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I155146
176 Lauritzen (Lauritzen of Ribe), Inger  2 Jun 1907Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I155186
177 Lauritzen (Lauritzen of Ribe), Ivar  29 Nov 1897Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I155172
178 Lauritzen (Lauritzen of Ribe), Ivar  25 Mar 1900Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I155227
179 Lauritzen (Lauritzen of Ribe), Knud  12 Apr 1904Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I155037
180 Laursen, Karsten Krower  3 Aug 1933Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I288828
181 Lind, Anette   I19650
182 Lind, Jakob   I199270
183 Lodberg, Birthe   I51684
184 Lodberg, Hanne   I51683
185 Lodberg, Lars   I51687
186 Lodberg, Peter   I51699
187 Madsen, Jørgen Hillingsø   I59044
188 Matras, Eva Irene   I61549
189 Matras, Knud   I61541
190 Meiner, Jenny Christine  10 Mar 1896Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I121928
191 Melbye, Anna Else Henriette  23 Sep 1898Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I201916
192 Melbye, Svend Aage  23 Apr 1903Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I403624
193 Mollerup (Mollerup of Oerum), Erik  11 Feb 1917Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I173548
194 Nielsen, Aage Bruun   I51728
195 Nielsen, Anders Blaaholm   I53497
196 Nielsen, Anitta  31 Jan 1968Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I52200
197 Nielsen, Anna Christine Louise Holst  15 Feb 1896Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I61892
198 Nielsen, Birgitte Bruun   I51724
199 Nielsen, Bjarne Skov   I90486
200 Nielsen, Elisabeth Bruun   I51720
201 Nielsen, Gunnar Ormstrup   I61627
202 Nielsen, Henrik Schimmell   I91957
203 Nielsen, Irene Tjørnelund   I61524
204 Nielsen, Johanne  12 Sep 1918Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62461
205 Nielsen, Johannes Lodberg Bruun   I51718
206 Nielsen, Karina Blaaholm   I59306
207 Nielsen, Kim Tjørnelund   I61529
208 Nielsen, Linda   I53097
209 Nielsen, Lone Godt   I54710
210 Nielsen, Morten Godt   I54709
211 Nielsen, Morten Tjørnelund   I61522
212 Nielsen, Tina Tjørnelund   I61523
213 Nielsen, Torben Blaaholm   I53498
214 Nim-Olsen, Lars Erik   I53453
215 Nygaard, Theis Stegelmann   I141664
216 Næslund, Mogens   I59474
217 Ohlsen, Caroline Søeborg   I111857
218 Oxholm (Oxholm), Alma Ottilie Alfride  6 Apr 1899Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I34601
219 Oxholm (Oxholm), Karl Valdemar Antony  6 Dec 1896Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I34602
220 Pagh (Mortensen), Knud Boye  13 Nov 1908Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I202617
221 Pedersen, Henrik Hoffmann   I61404
222 Pedersen, Jacob Lykke   I53469
223 Pedersen, Jesper Lykke   I53471
224 Pedersen, Johanne Alvilda  3 Aug 1902Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I52979
225 Pedersen, Karin   I52394
226 Pedersen, Karl Niels Kristian Damgaard   I62594
227 Pedersen, Maria Haahr   I61373
228 Pedersen, Marie Lykke   I53470
229 Pedersen, Mette Haahr   I61374
230 Pedersen, Peder Haahr   I61375
231 Pedersen, Petra Camilla  2 Jun 1904Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I52978
232 Pedersen, Rasmus   I52185
233 Pedersen, Robert   I56101
234 Pedersen, Susanne Hoffmann   I61402
235 Pedersen, Søren   I56102
236 Pedersen, Søren   I52395
237 Petersen, Flemming   I59281
238 Petersen, Karen Sofie  27 Nov 1900Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I148122
239 Petersen, Lene   I59282
240 Petersen, Ove  13 Apr 1902Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I185183
241 Petersen, Ove Nikolaj  11 Jul 1906Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I185185
242 Petersen, Torben   I59280
243 Plett, Anna  5 Jan 1902Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I166001
244 Pristed, Hanne   I294369
245 Rasksen, Marina   I53491
246 Rasksen, Martin   I53492
247 Rasksen, Merete   I53490
248 Rasmussen, Claus Højmark   I292991
249 Rasmussen, Dorthe   I53506
250 Rasmussen, Kamma Gerda Øllegaard  1 Sep 1911Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I198591
251 Rasmussen, Lars Højmark   I292992
252 Rasmussen, Peter   I59338
253 Rasmussen, The 38Th Prime Minister of Denmark Poul Oluf Nyrup   I231832
254 Rauff, Line   I10868
255 Redder, Lisbeth Bjerring   I222220
256 Rølle, Asbjørn   I61888
257 Schnoor, Jelva Nørgaard   I61521
258 Schnoor, Ulla   I61506
259 Schrøder, Torben   I294621
260 Simonsen, Martin Bundgaard   I54383
261 Simony (Simony), Lars   I59572
262 Skjøth, Niels   I53005
263 Smidt, Birgitte   I53457
264 Smidt, Charlotte   I53456
265 Stabell (Stabell), Michael   I81666
266 Stage, Heidi   I55122
267 Stage, John   I55120
268 Steners, Lene Buhl   I142051
269 Svendsen, Brian   I51975
270 Svendsen, Heidi   I53447
271 Svendsen, Keld   I51971
272 Svendsen, Lars   I53448
273 Svendsen, Lissy   I51973
274 Sørensen, Dagny Toftager   I132855
275 Sørensen, Frank   I61544
276 Sørensen, Ghita   I61631
277 Sørensen, Helene   I61543
278 Sørensen, Inger Margrethe   I58774
279 Tapdrup, Ove  8 Jan 1920Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I77577
280 Thomsen, Ellen Anna  30 Nov 1887Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I166006
281 Thygesen, Kirstine   I62659
282 Tiedemann, Marie Olga  5 Dec 1897Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I408772
283 Tillisch (Tillisch), Benedicte   I161972
284 Truelsen, Annette   I51968
285 Villemoes, Johanne Louise  28 Sep 1909Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I148302
286 Villemoes, Knud  27 Nov 1920Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I415712
287 Warrer, P M  2 Nov 1878Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I157913
288 Westergaard, Harald Ludvig  13 Jan 1890Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I131649
289 Westergaard, Helga Ingeborg  13 Jan 1890Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I124823
290 Westergaard, Viggo  1 Oct 1886Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I131655
291 Wimmelmann, Thora Henriette  21 Dec 1879Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I50883
292 Wind, Erik   I154709
293 Wolters, Henning   I62690


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Christiansen, Christen Lassen  13 Dec 1896Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I64358
2 Graff, Carl Christian  28 Feb 1892Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I78374
3 Graff, Christine Andrea  2 Mar 1890Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I78373
4 Graff, Rejnholt Aage  10 Feb 1889Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I81753
5 Petersen, Karen Sofie  8 Dec 1900Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I148122


Matches 1 to 76 of 76

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Aage  10 Nov 2002Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62456
2 Aubertin (Aubertin), Ellen Gusta Beatrice  26 Dec 1965Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I186098
3 Boye, Sinne Olsen  1986Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62653
4 Brask (Brasch), Christian Henrik  30 Jun 1914Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I196698
5 Bruun, Oscar Jacob Ludvig  30 Oct 1898Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I92027
6 Bülow (Bülow), Friedrich "Frederik" Wilhelm von  4 Aug 1932Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I164538
7 Christensen, Dagny  6 Nov 1983Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I55632
8 Christensen, Ole  13 Apr 1959Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I55636
9 Christensen, Vilhelm  1996Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I55627
10 Christiansen, Christian Peter  7 May 1988Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62656
11 Christiansen, Kirstine Jens  Abt 1943Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I63313
12 Christiansen, Søren Jørgen Jens  3 Dec 1927Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I64338
13 Dahl, Nielsine Kristine  1924Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I58960
14 Damgaard, Ove  27 Jul 1977Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62650
15 Eriksen, The 30Th Prime Minister of Denmark Erik  7 Oct 1972Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I393893
16 Formann, Birgitte Kirstine  7 Jul 1930Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I116102
17 Frich, Jens Larsen  3 Aug 1981Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62496
18 Frøkjær (Frøkjær of A), Christen Jensen  28 Jul 1909Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I439857
19 Frøkjær (Frøkjær of A), Ketty Hansine Birkedal  1 May 1976Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62545
20 Frøkjær (Frøkjær of Ødis), Nis Hansen  Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I387838
21 Frøkjær-Jensen (Jensen), Elise  18 Aug 1890Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I439865
22 Frøkjær-Jensen (Jensen), Martin  22 Mar 1893Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I439866
23 Graff, Frederik Carl Christian Eberhard  23 Sep 1914Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I81759
24 Hansen, Alfred  20 Feb 1962Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I310455
25 Hansen, Laurine Kathrine  19 Nov 1940Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I55687
26 Hedegaard, Niels Pejtersen  5 Jun 1935Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I147521
27 Hiort-Lorenzen, Oscar Peter  28 Feb 1913Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I194530
28 Hjortnæs, Harald Lauritsen  5 Jun 1966Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I296621
29 Iversen, Karen Katrine Margrethe  Abt 1993Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I86963
30 Jensen, Charles Svenningsen  23 Oct 1961Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I54803
31 Jensen, Jens Peder  17 Jan 1946Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62564
32 Jensen, Lisbeth Bjørch  14 Nov 1979Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I152168
33 Jensen, Peder Larsen Lodberg  31 Mar 1977Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62559
34 Jørgensen, Anna Margrethe  5 Dec 2001Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I59847
35 Jørgensen, Bent Oluf  22 Feb 2002Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I59830
36 Kloster, Niels Sørensen Nielsen  Abt 1930Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I63305
37 Larsen, Anders Peder  Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62500
38 Larsen, Ane Margrethe  19 Jul 1950Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62626
39 Larsen, Ane Marie  8 Apr 1928Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I64337
40 Larsen, Mette Margrethe  Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62502
41 Lassen, Arnold Carl Thomas  Jan 1956Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I64336
42 Lauridsen, Christiane  Abt 1930Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I64315
43 Lauridsen, Fridtjof  7 Jun 1969Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62217
44 Lauridsen, Hans Thimsen  13 Aug 1930Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62427
45 Lauritzen, Emma  27 Aug 1965Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I194213
46 Lauritzen (Lauritzen of Ribe), Ivar  15 Jan 1899Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I155172
47 Laustsen, Cecilie  25 Feb 1923Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I175653
48 Lindbach, Carl Theodor  28 Jan 1873Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I242089
49 Mikkelsen, Maren  24 Oct 1931Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I64311
50 Mogensen, Jensine  16 Apr 1965Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62452
51 Mortensen, Vagner Madsen  23 Apr 1950Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I59611
52 Neergaard (Neergaard), Ebbe de  2 Aug 1957Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I139321
53 Nielsen, Anitta  3 Feb 1968Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I52200
54 Nielsen, Anna Christine Louise Holst  8 Sep 1977Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I61892
55 Nielsen, Elma  Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I59361
56 Nielsen, Ingemann  15 Dec 1946Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I59146
57 Nielsen, Martha  Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62467
58 Nielsen, Søren  14 Apr 1926Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I33033
59 Nørbygaard, Erling Lyster  6 Oct 1972Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I56452
60 Olsen, Helga  23 Sep 1959Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I285195
61 Pedersen, Andreas  17 Oct 1952Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I54557
62 Pedersen, Ane Cathrine  25 May 1895Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I92028
63 Pedersen, Ane Kirstine  Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I387839
64 Pedersen, Peter Ebbesen  Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I59775
65 Pedersen, Rasmus Bonde  Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62514
66 Petersen, Ove  13 Apr 1902Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I185183
67 Poulsen, Lars Kristian Rølle  7 Oct 1991Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I61983
68 Ravn, Karen Marie  6 Oct 1926Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I3793
69 Rølle, Christiane  14 Aug 1952Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I64335
70 Rølle, Lars Christian  3 Dec 1918Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I64312
71 Spangsberg, Laura  30 Apr 1949Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I147536
72 Spangsberg, Morten Ole Christensen  14 Aug 1891Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I175652
73 Storch, Ove Eduard  6 Mar 1999Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I176794
74 Tapdrup, Ove  13 May 1973Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I77577
75 Tholander, Anne-Lise  20 Jun 1999Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I415718
76 Westergaard, Harald Ludvig  28 Jan 1891Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I131649


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Aage  15 Nov 2002Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I62456
2 Christiansen, Christen Lassen  23 Dec 1967Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I64358
3 Lassen, Maren Caroline Juliane  Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark I64354


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aabling / Nielsen  2 Feb 1951Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark F29126
2 Andersen / Christiansen  22 Aug 1936Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark F30463
3 Blichfeldt / Graff  28 Dec 1909Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark F36128
4 Christrup / Christoffersen  18 Aug 1933Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark F79274
5 Eriksen / Poulsen   F30114
6 Gjødesen / Colding (Colding)  15 May 1930Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark F92769
7 Graff / Mortensen  29 Mar 1889Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark F35971
8 Hansen / Christensen   F29322
9 Heide / Poulsen   F29000
10 Jacobsen / Christiansen   F28551
11 Jensen / Andersen   F121612
12 Jensen / Frøkjær (Frøkjær of A)  6 Jan 1929Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark F30499
13 Jensen / Frøslev   F30496
14 Jensen / Jensen   F26384
15 Jensen / Pedersen  17 Sep 1924Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark F30500
16 Jensen / Sørensen   F28992
17 Jørgensen / Jørgensen   F29398
18 Kjeldsen / Trankjær   F26539
19 Matras / Schnoor   F30294
20 Nielsen / Jensen   F26357
21 Nielsen / Jensen   F26378
22 Pedersen / Christiansen   F30049
23 Pedersen / Kristensen  22 Jun 1930Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark F27439
24 Pedersen / Pedersen   F27456
25 Petersen / Graae (Graae)  19 Apr 1899Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark F63743
26 Rasmussen / Christiansen   F27023
27 Rølle / Nielsen  6 Sep 1918Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark F30260
28 Schiøtz (Schiøtz) / Jensen  6 Jun 1919Esbjerg, South Jutland, Denmark F42184
29 Schmidt / Grønkjær   F27407
30 Schnoor / Christensen   F30104
31 Schrøder / Jensen   F27511
32 Sehested (Sehested) / Poulsen   F78425

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