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Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany



Matches 1 to 81 of 81

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbée, Elisabeth de le  10 May 1739Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I163315
2 Ahlefeldt (Ahlefeldt), Sophie Marie Albertine von  16 Mar 1810Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I165124
3 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Christian Johan Frederik, Ruling Count  17 Jan 1789Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I46478
4 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Frantz Vilhelm Ferdinand, Count  7 Nov 1790Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I46306
5 Baden (Baden 2), Gustav Ludwig  9 Feb 1764Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I143523
6 Becker, Carl Frederik  5 Dec 1784Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I48920
7 Brandt, Johanne Elisabeth Josephine  28 Jan 1844Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I131407
8 Brøste, Esther Sofie  14 Jan 1900Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I81300
9 Cantor (Cantor), Jacob Abraham  Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I3908
10 Cohn, Henriette "Henny"  19 Feb 1864Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I134754
11 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Joseph Moses  Abt 1650Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I223674
12 Corleisen, Catharina Fridericke  24 Feb 1796Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I76158
13 Delbanco, Elias Moses  1750Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I95172
14 Donner, Sophie Elisabeth  15 Nov 1805Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I49038
15 Elias, Bertha  9 Nov 1873Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I136820
16 Fürst (Fürst of Altona), Israel  Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I130093
17 Fürst (Fürst of Altona), Jacob Ruben  Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I285626
18 Fürst (Fürst of Altona), Sara  1745Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I285625
19 Fürst (Fürst of Gothenburg), A S  Abt 1797Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I136841
20 Goldschmidt (Goldschmidt), Hanne  1763Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I167321
21 Goldschmidt (Goldschmidt), Judith "Gitl"  Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I137543
22 Goldschmidt (Goldschmidt), Ruben  Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I129966
23 Groos, Helena  21 Apr 1818Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I47342
24 Grund, Vilhelmine  Est 1845Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I106523
25 Hamann, Anna Vilhelmine  30 Aug 1886Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I162968
26 Hartvig, Gitl "Birgitte"  Abt 1762Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I172856
27 Heckscher, Israel  1764Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I133533
28 Hertz (Bendix), Bendix  Abt 1725Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I13535
29 Heymann (Heymann of Assens), Abraham  1758Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I130547
30 Holm, Louise Thalia Charlotte  7 Jul 1854Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I151303
31 Holten (Holten), Susanne von  Abt 1640Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I112920
32 Hudtwalcker, Jacob Hinrich  20 Nov 1710Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I45437
33 Huth (Huth), Christian Jürgen  Abt 1715Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I324107
34 Johnsen, Erich A A  13 Jan 1892Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I60375
35 Juel (Juel of Oegelstrup), Carl Johan Engelbrecht  1800Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I147558
36 Kaestner, Anna "Anni"  28 Apr 1864Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I135160
37 Kalkar, Beate  14 Apr 1785Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I141577
38 Kalkar, Simon Isaac  7 Oct 1754Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I134077
39 Kähler (Kähler), Joachim  Abt 1802Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I200870
40 Leidersdorff (Leidersdorff), David Nathan  Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I133756
41 Leidersdorff (Leidersdorff), Ludvig Nathan  15 Nov 1798Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I137237
42 Leidersdorff (Leidersdorff), Moses Nathan  Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I133763
43 Lemmich, Agnes Friederike  27 Aug 1790Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I107872
44 Lipmann, Bertha  26 Nov 1825Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I134881
45 Marjenhoff, Anna Marie  1751Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I150836
46 Mathiessen, Cathrine Margrethe  1788Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I110760
47 Matthissen, Dorothea "Doris"  30 Jun 1782Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I98849
48 Melbye, Andreas  22 Jan 1784Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I61073
49 Melbye, Anna Catharina  20 Aug 1786Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I61072
50 Melbye, Christian Friderich  10 Nov 1788Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I61071
51 Melbye, Conradine Wilhelmina Elisabeth  29 Oct 1781Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I61074
52 Melbye, Johann Diderich  11 Mar 1779Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I61075
53 Melbye, Maria Dorothea  19 Feb 1795Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I61067
54 Meyer, Ahron "Ernst"  11 May 1797Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I184733
55 Meyer, Dina  1788Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I167459
56 Meyer, Franziska  22 Dec 1871Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I136273
57 Meyer, Jacobine  Abt 1754Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I44498
58 Meyer, Rachel  1777Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I137644
59 Nathan, Moses Aron "Mausche Nasche"  1690Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I184170
60 Nathan (Leidersdorff), Hendel "Hedda"  1766Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I134076
61 Nathanson, Joel Levin  20 Aug 1774Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I3993
62 Nathanson, Samuel Levin  14 Jun 1787Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I178754
63 Nathanson (Leidersdorff), Mendel Levin  20 Nov 1780Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I170722
64 Petit (Petit), Marianne Lucie  23 Feb 1811Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I390143
65 Philip (Philip of Altona), Feivisch "Philip" Jonas  Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I3901
66 Präger, Joseph Simon  1714Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I133657
67 Reventlow (Reventlow), Christopher, Count  1716Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I164722
68 Ræder, Axel Georg Christian Severin  4 Sep 1848Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I97632
69 Schmidt, Christian Maximilian "Max"  16 Dec 1874Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I138950
70 Schønheyder (Schønheyder), Johan Edvard  14 Jan 1866Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I195931
71 Secher (Cohn of Denmark), Axel Johannes  16 Nov 1864Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I131480
72 Siemsen, Therese  20 Nov 1833Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I26930
73 Struwe, Marie Johanna Catharina  10 Feb 1852Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I246403
74 Trier (Trier), Julius Meyer Theodor  28 Nov 1847Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I135182
75 Trier (Trier), Marie Emilie Elisabeth "Lise"  21 Oct 1841Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I135163
76 Trier (Trier), Marie Sophie Frederikke  13 May 1846Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I135183
77 Trier (Trier), Napoléon  16 Mar 1839Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I135165
78 Trock, Anna Cathrine  25 Dec 1762Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I408428
79 Wedege (Wedege), Ingeborg  2 Dec 1858Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I175282
80 Zadig, Philipp  22 Nov 1848Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I135493
81 Zobel (Zobel), Hermann Heinrich Christian  30 Mar 1880Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I14900


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Melbye, Johann Diderich  14 Sep 1784Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I61075


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Roschen  1767Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I285627
2 Abbestée, Manone "Marie" Barbara de le  8 Dec 1852Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I109647
3 Adler, David Jacob Isaac  25 May 1798Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I45946
4 Ammentorp, Andreas  6 Feb 1909Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I154510
5 Barthels von Wylich, Charlotte Sophie von  29 Jun 1867Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I135187
6 Baur, Franz Johannes  27 Apr 1902Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I171512
7 Blücher of Altona (Blücher of Altona), Conrad Daniel, Ruling Count  1 Aug 1845Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I159099
8 Branth (Branth), Cajus  9 Feb 1819Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I255521
9 Buchwaldt of Neudorf (Buchwaldt), Ludwig Achatz von  25 May 1836Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I178136
10 Cohn, Isaac Moses  12 Dec 1827Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I128994
11 Danneskiold-Laurvigen (Gyldenløve Pape - Danneskiold-Laurvigen), Anna Sophia, Countess of  3 Nov 1787Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I166318
12 Danneskiold-Laurvigen (Gyldenløve Pape - Danneskiold-Laurvigen), Ulrica "Ulrikke" Antoinette, Countess of  30 Sep 1755Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I156683
13 Donner, Hinrich  1 Jan 1854Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I191675
14 Fürst (Fürst of Altona), Chajim "Ruben"  28 May 1653Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I130089
15 Fürst (Fürst of Altona), Jacob Ruben  1764Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I285626
16 Fürst (Fürst of Altona), Jitsche "Gitel"  5 Jul 1717Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I130040
17 Fürst (Fürst of Altona), Johanne  1738Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I129967
18 Fürst (Fürst of Altona), Salomon Chajim "Ruben"  31 May 1653Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I130057
19 Heckscher, Gottschalk Moses  12 Aug 1801Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I137065
20 Hedemann (Hedemann), Sophie Ernstine Ottilie von  7 Mar 1911Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I171513
21 Hildesheim, David  Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I133160
22 Hildesheim, Jachebed  20 Jun 1754Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I133758
23 Hildesheim, Samson  1731Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I131973
24 Holstein (Holstein), Aurelia Antoinette Amalia von  6 Dec 1848Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I38832
25 Israel, Betti  1665Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I130090
26 Leidersdorff (Leidersdorff), Bendit Nathan  3 Sep 1824Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I133842
27 Leidersdorff (Leidersdorff), Nathan Mendel  1710Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I133759
28 Leidersdorff (Leidersdorff), Nathan Moses  6 May 1782Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I133762
29 Luckner (Luckner), Sophia Agnesa, Comtesse  19 Mar 1847Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I16358
30 Matthissen, Georg Daniel  1783Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I121445
31 Melbye, Andreas  21 Jan 1786Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I61073
32 Melbye, Conradine Wilhelmina Elisabeth  8 Apr 1785Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I61074
33 Melchior, Fradche Thamar  17 Jun 1805Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I137067
34 Meyer, Jacob  1766Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I133757
35 Meyer, Jacobine  1796Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I133197
36 Meyer, Salomon Amsel  1795Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I44575
37 Meyer (Meyer of Eckernförde), Heinrich Christian  15 Jun 1874Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I45801
38 Minden (Minden), Bele "Joel"  26 Mar 1780Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I133761
39 Moltke (Moltke), Friedrich Ludwig, Count  22 Jan 1824Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I16359
40 Mortimer (Mortimer), Honurable Maud  17 Sep 1312Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I209807
41 Munk, Maria Sophie Hviid  18 Feb 1829Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I168947
42 Nathan (Leidersdorff), Sara  16 Oct 1825Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I133840
43 Raben (Raben of Mecklenburg), Sophie Hedevig von  29 Nov 1835Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I118306
44 Rantzau (Rantzau), Cathrine von  1720Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I159639
45 Rothenburg, Moses Ber  12 Jan 1712Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I130041
46 Salomonsen, Jette Lea  23 Jul 1770Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I133952
47 Schack (Schack of Gültzow), Barthold Hartvig von  20 Nov 1800Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I996
48 Secher (Cohn of Denmark), Secker "Ludvig"  17 May 1877Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I131531
49 Trier (Trier), Isaac Moses  29 Sep 1868Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I135189
50 Wulf, Salomon  1765Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany I131994


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Benjamin / Bentheim  28 Aug 1883Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany F55207
2 Denmark and Norway (Oldenburg) / United Kingdom of Great Britain, France and Ireland (Gölph)  11 Dec 1743Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany F76340
3 Faber / Corleisen  20 Oct 1815Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany F35094
4 Heckscher / Lipmann  18 Oct 1848Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany F56164
5 Kaestner / Trier (Trier)  Jul 1864Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany F56242
6 Kalkar / Nathan (Leidersdorff)  11 Jul 1781Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany F55933
7 Melbye / Dupré  17 Jul 1857Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany F46104
8 Meyer / Elias  19 Aug 1900Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany F56767
9 Meyer / Meyer  Apr 1776Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany F75290
10 Neergaard (Neergaard) / Siemsen  28 Sep 1856Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany F80611
11 Reventlow (Reventlow) / Jessen  18 Aug 1702Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany F65165
12 Thomsen / Groos  2 May 1854Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany F9717
13 Tschirnhaus / Johns  24 Jul 1869Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany F81584

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