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Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 88 of 88

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Anders Christen Carl  24 Aug 1864Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I94757 onetrees 
2 Andersen, Eva   I293291 onetrees 
3 Andersen, Knud   I290853 onetrees 
4 Andersen, Oline Johanne  3 Apr 1863Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I76927 onetrees 
5 Antonsen, Dagmar Eleonora  23 Nov 1892Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78449 onetrees 
6 Antonsen, Ella Sofie  23 Jul 1912Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78340 onetrees 
7 Antonsen, Harald Henry Dybro  Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I80617 onetrees 
8 Antonsen, Kunigunda Maren  3 Mar 1898Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78413 onetrees 
9 Antonsen, Olga Frederikke  16 Sep 1894Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78437 onetrees 
10 Antonsen, Othillia Magdalene  22 Jun 1896Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78425 onetrees 
11 Antonsen, Sofus Julius  19 Jun 1900Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78402 onetrees 
12 Antonsen, Tidemand  16 Oct 1908Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78352 onetrees 
13 Arffmann, Charles Theodor Edvard  Abt 1872Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I222564 onetrees 
14 Arffmann, Johannes Sophus  Abt 1875Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I222563 onetrees 
15 Arffmann, Sofie Henriette Amalie  14 Mar 1878Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I82423 onetrees 
16 Christensen, Inger  1779Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93626 onetrees 
17 Christensen, Karen  1784Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93625 onetrees 
18 Christensen, Lars  20 Jan 1799Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I75492 onetrees 
19 Christensen, Maren  Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I64609 onetrees 
20 Christensen, Marius  16 Aug 1869Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I67847 onetrees 
21 Christensen, Niels  1790Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93627 onetrees 
22 Christensen, Niels Peder  Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78164 onetrees 
23 Christensen, Petra Andrea  22 Oct 1881Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I94664 onetrees 
24 Christiansen, Ane Catrine  24 Oct 1847Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I77203 onetrees 
25 Clausen, Annine Christiane Emilie  21 Feb 1861Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93622 onetrees 
26 Clausen, Antomine  13 Jul 1859Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93621 onetrees 
27 Clausen, Christen  12 May 1754Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93637 onetrees 
28 Clausen, Ingeborre  1762Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93634 onetrees 
29 Clausen, Jensine Ane  27 Dec 1831Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93617 onetrees 
30 Clausen, Johanne  19 Oct 1760Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93633 onetrees 
31 Clausen, Karen  15 Jul 1764Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93632 onetrees 
32 Clausen, Kirsten Johanne  5 Sep 1830Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93615 onetrees 
33 Clausen, Maren Johanne  6 Aug 1841Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93613 onetrees 
34 Clausen, Margrethe  11 Jan 1767Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93629 onetrees 
35 Clausen, Niels  27 Mar 1757Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I75291 onetrees 
36 Clausen, Peder Christian  30 Jun 1828Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93620 onetrees 
37 Clausen, Søren Christian  18 Nov 1837Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I69672 onetrees 
38 Dybro, Christian Martin  6 Feb 1876Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I77191 onetrees 
39 Dybro, Christian Valdemar  26 May 1906Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78068 onetrees 
40 Dybro, Emma Marie  10 Dec 1911Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78043 onetrees 
41 Dybro, Jens  5 Nov 1908Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78055 onetrees 
42 Grubak, Edna Nielsine Christensen  2 Aug 1891Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93556 onetrees 
43 Grubak, Kristine Christensen  1 Sep 1896Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93548 onetrees 
44 Grubak, Marie Christensen  1 Sep 1896Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93549 onetrees 
45 Grubak, Oluf Hoyer Christensen  1 Aug 1894Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93550 onetrees 
46 Hansen, Maren  8 Oct 1809Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I69463 onetrees 
47 Jacobsen, Holger Marinus  28 Mar 1889Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I76938 onetrees 
48 Jensen, Christian Peter  4 Jan 1886Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I390069 onetrees 
49 Jensen, Elise Klara  2 Sep 1894Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I68821 onetrees 
50 Jensen, Inger  5 Jun 1724Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I59308 onetrees 
51 Jensen, Kirstine Vilhelmine Anna Amalia  22 Mar 1838Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I87665 onetrees 
52 Jensen, Lars  Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I94552 onetrees 
53 Jensen, Lars Christen  Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I76365 onetrees 
54 Jensen, Maren  19 Feb 1756Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93589 onetrees 
55 Jensen, Talche  1805Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I398277 onetrees 
56 Jensen, Willum  17 Apr 1735Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I67781 onetrees 
57 Jørgensen, Svend Aage   I297824 onetrees 
58 Knudsen, Ane Helena  31 Jan 1887Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I60458 onetrees 
59 Knudsen, Jensine  24 May 1900Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I71646 onetrees 
60 Knudsen, Knud Holst  1900Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I60423 onetrees 
61 Knudsen, Knudsine Claudia  1890Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I60445 onetrees 
62 Knudsen, Nikoline  1898Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I60435 onetrees 
63 Larsen, Christian  7 Mar 1777Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I94649 onetrees 
64 Madsen, Karoline  Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I76379 onetrees 
65 Markussen, Markus  2 Sep 1764Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I94897 onetrees 
66 Mikkelsen, Anne Marie   I297879 onetrees 
67 Mikkelsen, Johanne Marie  30 Aug 1820Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I77116 onetrees 
68 Mortensen, Martinus  9 Dec 1855Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I178370 onetrees 
69 Nielsen, Ane  26 Dec 1806Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I90568 onetrees 
70 Nielsen, Ane Marie  1 Mar 1894Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I397793 onetrees 
71 Nielsen, Christen Stavad  1 Jan 1896Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I397730 onetrees 
72 Nielsen, Claus  17 Sep 1719Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I59322 onetrees 
73 Nielsen, Dagmar  18 Oct 1888Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78105 onetrees 
74 Nielsen, Johanne  12 Mar 1747Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93636 onetrees 
75 Nielsen, Julius Vilhelm  4 Oct 1822Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I54334 onetrees 
76 Pedersen, Anton  2 Jan 1860Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I67896 onetrees 
77 Pedersen, Christian  1 Feb 1864Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I67871 onetrees 
78 Pedersen, Karen Marie  28 Oct 1861Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I67883 onetrees 
79 Pedersen, Kirstine Petrine  29 Nov 1865Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I68873 onetrees 
80 Pedersen, Kristine Marie  3 Dec 1889Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I61841 onetrees 
81 Pedersen, Leif Bjerregaard   I290508 onetrees 
82 Sørensen, Christian Julius  1818Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I77104 onetrees 
83 Sørensen, Finn Bo   I294912 onetrees 
84 Sørensen, Jens  Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I93576 onetrees 
85 Sørensen, Kirsten  Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I94553 onetrees 
86 Sørensen, Niels Andreas  20 Jan 1826Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I60015 onetrees 
87 Thomsen, Maren Kathrine  3 Mar 1863Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I433038 onetrees 
88 Torslev, Christopher Frandsen  1570Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I69425 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Anders Christen Carl  8 Jan 1865Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I94757 onetrees 
2 Antonsen, Harald Henry Dybro  Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I80617 onetrees 
3 Jensen, Christian Peter  31 Jan 1886Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I390069 onetrees 
4 Jensen, Talche  17 Feb 1805Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I398277 onetrees 
5 Knudsen, Bodil   I408203 onetrees 
6 Knudsen, Else  Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I408204 onetrees 
7 Knudsen, Erik  Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I408202 onetrees 
8 Knudsen, Kirsten   I408196 onetrees 
9 Knudsen, Kjærulf  Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I408192 onetrees 
10 Pedersen, Anton  19 Feb 1860Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I67896 onetrees 
11 Pedersen, Kirstine Petrine  26 Dec 1865Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I68873 onetrees 
12 Sørensen, Hanne Kjelst   I408290 onetrees 
13 Sørensen, Peter Kjelst   I408201 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Karoline Amalie  25 Apr 1939Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I60470 onetrees 
2 Antonsen, Ella Sofie  18 Apr 1931Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78340 onetrees 
3 Antonsen, Jens  18 May 1931Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78658 onetrees 
4 Christensen, Adolf  29 Nov 1939Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I67835 onetrees 
5 Christensen, Andreas Martin  3 Oct 1928Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I90156 onetrees 
6 Christensen, Inger Elene  23 Jun 1855Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I67809 onetrees 
7 Christensen, Jens  29 Jun 1838Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I433040 onetrees 
8 Christensen, Kirstine Marie  31 Jul 1915Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I67916 onetrees 
9 Christensen, Peder  6 Apr 1868Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I67905 onetrees 
10 Dybro, Jens  1975Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78055 onetrees 
11 Dybro, Jens Peder Christensen  8 Mar 1932Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78080 onetrees 
12 Jensen, Dorthea Elisabeth  25 Jun 1912Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78732 onetrees 
13 Jensen, Frederik Christian  7 May 1925Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78303 onetrees 
14 Jensen, Ingrid  4 Jul 1934Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I297597 onetrees 
15 Jensen, Maren Kirstine  25 Mar 1961Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78462 onetrees 
16 Jensen, Søren  Oct 1795Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I94828 onetrees 
17 Jensen, Thomasine Ottilie  9 Apr 1956Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I60944 onetrees 
18 Knudsen, Rasmus Holst Christian  24 Jun 1938Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I60760 onetrees 
19 Nielsen, Severine Mathilda  2 Jan 1934Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I78092 onetrees 
20 Rasmussen, Peder  1776Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I89180 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Christensen, Christen  7 Jun 1915Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I67858 onetrees 
2 Christensen, Kirstine Marie  8 May 1915Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I67916 onetrees 
3 Knudsen, Erik  Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I408202 onetrees 
4 Kristiansen, Anna Sofie  13 Aug 1951Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark I408197 onetrees 


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Andersen / Christensen  11 Feb 1858Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F32180 onetrees 
2 Andersen / Christensen  18 Dec 1863Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F42338 onetrees 
3 Andersen / Larsen  1890Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F42337 onetrees 
4 Antonsen / Jensen  20 Sep 1893Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F36013 onetrees 
5 Bilde / Madsen   F121764 onetrees 
6 Bæk / Jensen  2 Jan 1945Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F122266 onetrees 
7 Børglum / Nielsen  23 Apr 1832Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F40632 onetrees 
8 Christensen / Christensen  19 Oct 1835Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F31269 onetrees 
9 Christensen / Christensen  19 Jun 1896Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F32427 onetrees 
10 Christensen / Christensen  28 Sep 1897Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F29858 onetrees 
11 Christensen / Jensen  11 Nov 1913Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F29842 onetrees 
12 Christensen / Nielsen  30 Nov 1824Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F41900 onetrees 
13 Christensen / Pedersen  29 May 1827Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F41899 onetrees 
14 Christensen / Sørensen  14 Oct 1802Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F40620 onetrees 
15 Clausen / Christensen  3 Nov 1854Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F41897 onetrees 
16 Clausen / Nielsen  22 Jun 1776Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F41903 onetrees 
17 Dybro / Christiansen  15 Aug 1875Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F35466 onetrees 
18 Dybro / Jensen  11 Nov 1910Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F35164 onetrees 
19 Grøn (Hansen) / Clausen  11 Oct 1853Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F41895 onetrees 
20 Hansen / Clausen  6 Feb 1790Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F41902 onetrees 
21 Hesthaven / Antonsen  27 May 1919Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F35899 onetrees 
22 Jacobsen / Andersen  26 Nov 1886Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F35363 onetrees 
23 Jacobsen / Dybro  29 Jun 1914Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F35375 onetrees 
24 Jensen / Clausen  25 Apr 1791Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F41901 onetrees 
25 Jensen / Hansen  24 Jan 1780Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F44435 onetrees 
26 Jensen / Madsen  20 Feb 1884Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F35152 onetrees 
27 Jensen / Nielsen  6 Mar 1829Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F29971 onetrees 
28 Jensen / Thomasen  24 Jun 1723Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F29184 onetrees 
29 Knudsen / Andersen  31 Mar 1885Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F29661 onetrees 
30 Knudsen / Knudsen  10 May 1924Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F33766 onetrees 
31 Madsen / Olsen  26 Oct 1880Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F30180 onetrees 
32 Madsen / Poulsen  4 Dec 1903Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F30190 onetrees 
33 Mikkelsen / Christensen  10 Nov 1903Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F42306 onetrees 
34 Nielsen / Antonsen  18 Nov 1919Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F35881 onetrees 
35 Nielsen / Christensen  10 Oct 1822Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F41881 onetrees 
36 Nielsen / Jensen  27 Dec 1751Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F29193 onetrees 
37 Nielsen / Knudsen  Abt 1914Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F33770 onetrees 
38 Nielsen / Kristensen  14 Nov 1919Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F34810 onetrees 
39 Olsen / Jørgensen   F121423 onetrees 
40 Pedersen / Dybro  4 Nov 1913Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F36881 onetrees 
41 Perbøl (Perbøl) / Frederichsen  5 Jun 1786Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F41884 onetrees 
42 Stampe (Stampe of Kiel) / Ginchel Bergh  19 Nov 1753Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F65381 onetrees 
43 Sundt / Pedersen  1934Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F122405 onetrees 
44 Sørensen / Christensen  11 Dec 1903Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F29818 onetrees 
45 Sørensen / Clausen  27 Nov 1855Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F41896 onetrees 
46 Sørensen / Knudsen   F157630 onetrees 
47 Sørensen / Mikkelsen  30 Jul 1841Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F35436 onetrees 
48 Sørensen / Pedersen  16 Aug 1931Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F122399 onetrees 
49 Thomsen / Clausen  5 Nov 1863Ugilt, North Jutland, Denmark F41894 onetrees 

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