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Sundby, Amager, Denmark



Matches 1 to 69 of 69

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Agnes Camilla Josefine  27 Apr 1845Sundby, Amager, Denmark I281024
2 Andersen, Alfrida Vilhelmine  1 Sep 1883Sundby, Amager, Denmark I15268
3 Andersen, Arnold Ausker Wilhelm  8 Dec 1891Sundby, Amager, Denmark I281018
4 Bache, Christian Duus   I102123
5 Bache, Lene Duus   I103119
6 Balslev (Balsløw), Bertel  6 Sep 1922Sundby, Amager, Denmark I240287
7 Balslev (Balsløw), Sten Engelhardt  23 Feb 1921Sundby, Amager, Denmark I240288
8 Becher, Søs   I53944
9 Bentsen, Bertha Kristine  1 Dec 1884Sundby, Amager, Denmark I77053
10 Bentsen, Frederik Ludvig  24 Jul 1879Sundby, Amager, Denmark I77055
11 Bentsen, Malvine Christiane Vilhelmine  9 Nov 1882Sundby, Amager, Denmark I77054
12 Bentsen, Peter N  Abt 1877Sundby, Amager, Denmark I77058
13 Bentzen, Emmy Karoline Augusta  27 Dec 1883Sundby, Amager, Denmark I421617
14 Bentzen, Helga Sophie  23 Feb 1879Sundby, Amager, Denmark I421616
15 Bentzen, Peter Ulrik Bartholin  1 Jan 1878Sundby, Amager, Denmark I421608
16 Brammer-Olsen (Olsen), Erik Vilhelm  10 Oct 1911Sundby, Amager, Denmark I266564
17 Bredahl, Betty Ingeborg  6 Aug 1881Sundby, Amager, Denmark I424791
18 Brenøe, Minna Carla  15 Nov 1893Sundby, Amager, Denmark I225889
19 Davidsen, Børge   I390032
20 Edwards (Edwards of Liverpool), Pia Kathrine   I255034
21 Elbæk, Max Carl   I86186
22 Frederiksen, Anna Elisabeth Svendborg  2 Aug 1875Sundby, Amager, Denmark I144283
23 Gerhardt, Knud Edvin  30 Nov 1925Sundby, Amager, Denmark I65687
24 Greisen (Greisen), Orla Christian  5 Apr 1914Sundby, Amager, Denmark I188385
25 Gudmandsen (Gudmandsen), Camilla Bruhn   I154079
26 Gudmandsen (Gudmandsen), Sara Bruhn   I153944
27 Hansen, Anna Margrethe  13 Jan 1884Sundby, Amager, Denmark I363593
28 Hartling, The 36th Prime Minister of Denmark Poul  14 Aug 1914Sundby, Amager, Denmark I120783
29 Henriksen, Maren Kirstine  Abt 1811Sundby, Amager, Denmark I389099
30 Hoff-Jessen, Annette   I281248
31 Hvidkjær, Karsten  28 Jun 1940Sundby, Amager, Denmark I292815
32 Høegh-Guldberg (Flensborg), Christian Juul Hahn  18 Jul 1907Sundby, Amager, Denmark I161184
33 Jansen, Caroline Amalie  25 Jun 1875Sundby, Amager, Denmark I43970
34 Jansen, Chrilles  Abt 1841Sundby, Amager, Denmark I43971
35 Jønsson, Frederik Anders  24 Dec 1878Sundby, Amager, Denmark I370174
36 Jørgensen, The 35th Prime Minister of Denmark Anker Henrik  13 Jul 1922Sundby, Amager, Denmark I288165
37 Klingenberg, Carla Hansine Betty  10 Jun 1886Sundby, Amager, Denmark I391620
38 La Cour (La Cour), Marie Magdalene  20 Apr 1884Sundby, Amager, Denmark I400921
39 La Cour (La Cour), Niels  29 Jan 1886Sundby, Amager, Denmark I400919
40 Larsen, Henning Hausgaard   I54756
41 Lottrup, Knud Mogens   I240293
42 Møller, Anna Dorthea Helene  20 Apr 1879Sundby, Amager, Denmark I27713
43 Norsk, Frans Julius Petersen  17 Sep 1890Sundby, Amager, Denmark I244470
44 Norup, Axel Valdemar  1 Aug 1881Sundby, Amager, Denmark I401835
45 Pedersen, Cathrine  1825Sundby, Amager, Denmark I422605
46 Pedersen, Lydia Riis   I295060
47 Pedersen, Robert August  29 Jun 1907Sundby, Amager, Denmark I242560
48 Petersen, Edith Vilhelmine  7 Mar 1901Sundby, Amager, Denmark I285446
49 Prier, Jacob Jensen  19 Sep 1779Sundby, Amager, Denmark I248633
50 Rasmussen, Willy Edouard  3 Apr 1929Sundby, Amager, Denmark I392980
51 Reinert, Svend Asger Rasmussen  9 Oct 1888Sundby, Amager, Denmark I292527
52 Sadolin (Sadolin of Mors), Inger Louise  16 Mar 1914Sundby, Amager, Denmark I188249
53 Sartor, Bjørn  24 Sep 1905Sundby, Amager, Denmark I410256
54 Spies, Sophie Amalie  15 Jun 1810Sundby, Amager, Denmark I64504
55 Staffeldt (Staffeldt), Paul Erik  31 Oct 1926Sundby, Amager, Denmark I164023
56 Strandberg, Emil Axel  16 Apr 1894Sundby, Amager, Denmark I338155
57 Strandberg, Johan Edvard Heinrich  8 Oct 1897Sundby, Amager, Denmark I196935
58 Svenningsen, Ellen Johanne  29 Dec 1916Sundby, Amager, Denmark I236704
59 Svenningsen, Gudrun Marie Franciska  2 May 1904Sundby, Amager, Denmark I236691
60 Sørensen, Ingeborg Jørgine  13 Dec 1891Sundby, Amager, Denmark I409325
61 Thornberg, Hans Peter  23 Feb 1885Sundby, Amager, Denmark I424808
62 Wøldike, Peter Frederik Ludvig  30 Oct 1820Sundby, Amager, Denmark I86198
63 Zangenberg, Asger Bach  1 Jan 1894Sundby, Amager, Denmark I410487
64 Zangenberg, Ebba Margrethe  8 Oct 1889Sundby, Amager, Denmark I410252
65 Zangenberg, Erna Emilie  26 Oct 1894Sundby, Amager, Denmark I410466
66 Zangenberg, Gerda Dorthea  27 Aug 1894Sundby, Amager, Denmark I410253
67 Zangenberg, Martha Dorthea  11 Oct 1899Sundby, Amager, Denmark I410489
68 Zangenberg, Martha Elvira  8 Oct 1889Sundby, Amager, Denmark I410251
69 Zangenberg, Martha Johanne  20 Sep 1887Sundby, Amager, Denmark I410250


Matches 1 to 91 of 91

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Alfi Clara Elise Marie Edsberg  15 Jul 1906Sundby, Amager, Denmark I424633
2 Andersen, Alfrida Vilhelmine  6 Jun 1886Sundby, Amager, Denmark I15268
3 Andersen, Arnold Ausker Wilhelm  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I281018
4 Andersen, Gerda Caroline  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I32999
5 Andersen, Hans Vilhelm  12 Jun 1892Sundby, Amager, Denmark I427087
6 Andersen, Harriet Ausker  6 Nov 1915Sundby, Amager, Denmark I43944
7 Andersen, Harry Ausker  19 Jan 1919Sundby, Amager, Denmark I142920
8 Andersen, Hjørdis Ausker  1 May 1917Sundby, Amager, Denmark I142919
9 Andersen, Johannes Oscar  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I43930
10 Andersen, Orla Harry Ausker  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I43941
11 Andersen, Poul Aage  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I32821
12 Andersen, Robert Sofus  22 Jan 1899Sundby, Amager, Denmark I43932
13 Auscher, Jørgen  27 Jul 1930Sundby, Amager, Denmark I43934
14 Bech (Bech of Taarnborg and Valbygaard), Marianne  3 Jan 1943Sundby, Amager, Denmark I144267
15 Behrendt, Otto Emil  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I193623
16 Bentsen, Bertha Kristine  3 Nov 1896Sundby, Amager, Denmark I77053
17 Bentsen, Frederik Ludvig  4 Jan 1880Sundby, Amager, Denmark I77055
18 Bentsen, Malvine Christiane Vilhelmine  3 Apr 1897Sundby, Amager, Denmark I77054
19 Bentzen, Emmy Karoline Augusta  17 Feb 1884Sundby, Amager, Denmark I421617
20 Bentzen, Helga Sophie  22 Jun 1879Sundby, Amager, Denmark I421616
21 Bentzen, Knud Gustav  24 Mar 1895Sundby, Amager, Denmark I421619
22 Bentzen, Paulli  26 Dec 1890Sundby, Amager, Denmark I421618
23 Bentzen, Peter Ulrik Bartholin  17 Feb 1878Sundby, Amager, Denmark I421608
24 Bredahl, Betty Ingeborg  25 Sep 1881Sundby, Amager, Denmark I424791
25 Bülow, Frederikke Louise Christine  2 Feb 1879Sundby, Amager, Denmark I424327
26 Carlsen, Alma Marie Olivia  8 Nov 1877Sundby, Amager, Denmark I422985
27 Carlsen, Anna Margrethe  4 May 1890Sundby, Amager, Denmark I416829
28 Carlsen, Axel Martin Rudolf  18 May 1879Sundby, Amager, Denmark I422986
29 Carlsen, Ellen Johanne  4 Aug 1895Sundby, Amager, Denmark I416983
30 Carlsen, Inga Mathilde  29 Jul 1883Sundby, Amager, Denmark I422988
31 Carlsen, Robert Emil  28 Jun 1885Sundby, Amager, Denmark I422989
32 Carlsen, Valborg Marie  2 Apr 1888Sundby, Amager, Denmark I418768
33 Christensen, Kamma Adelheid  30 Aug 1914Sundby, Amager, Denmark I426065
34 Christiansen, Oline Margrethe  4 Apr 1908Sundby, Amager, Denmark I426073
35 Ehlers, Karen  17 Jul 1900Sundby, Amager, Denmark I100203
36 Greisen (Greisen), Isaac Holm   I34059
37 Greisen (Greisen), Jesper Graae   I173586
38 Greisen (Greisen), Johannes Portielje   I191520
39 Greisen (Greisen), Siri Ane Rauff   I166489
40 Gudmandsen (Gudmandsen), Camilla Bruhn   I154079
41 Gudmandsen (Gudmandsen), Sara Bruhn   I153944
42 Hangstrup, Jan Lysholm   I396836
43 Hansen, Gustava Christiane  14 Oct 1907Sundby, Amager, Denmark I417041
44 Hegelund (Jacobsen), Bjørn Robert Hakon  26 Nov 1911Sundby, Amager, Denmark I398497
45 Heinsen, Abelone   I69388
46 Heinsen, Jacob   I66664
47 Heinsen, Simon   I68028
48 Helbo, Anders   I191658
49 Hvidkjær, Karsten  28 Jul 1940Sundby, Amager, Denmark I292815
50 Jacobsen, Aase   I396832
51 Jansen, Caroline Amalie  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I43970
52 Jensen, Else  4 Feb 1781Sundby, Amager, Denmark I254334
53 Jensen, Gert Ragnvald   I254990
54 Jønsson, Frederik Anders  14 Apr 1879Sundby, Amager, Denmark I370174
55 Lander, Harald Alfred Bernhardt Stevnsborg  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I159586
56 Lysboe, Vibeke   I114296
57 Maibom, Louise Jensine Margrethe  2 Sep 1906Sundby, Amager, Denmark I424332
58 Maibom, Marius Louis Andreas Funk  31 Aug 1902Sundby, Amager, Denmark I424328
59 Nielsen, Ellen Selchau   I397938
60 Nielsen, Preben Selchau  9 May 1918Sundby, Amager, Denmark I397943
61 Norsk, Frans Julius Petersen  29 Sep 1890Sundby, Amager, Denmark I244470
62 Sadolin (Hansen), August Alexander Lanner   I147910
63 Sadolin (Hansen), Christian Ulrik Lanner   I26602
64 Sadolin (Hansen), Clara Victoria Lanner   I188970
65 Sadolin (Hansen), Sofie Frederikke Lanner   I148078
66 Sadolin (Rasmussen), Julie Catrine Rasmussen   I149809
67 Sadolin (Rasmussen), Line Emilie Rasmussen   I35261
68 Sadolin (Sadolin of Mors), Inger Louise  26 Apr 1914Sundby, Amager, Denmark I188249
69 Sehested-Larsen (Larsen), Helge  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I149024
70 Seidelin (Seidelin), Paul Christian  31 Jan 1907Sundby, Amager, Denmark I157481
71 Sigumfeldt, Egon Vilhelm   I32786
72 Sigumfeldt, Esther Margrethe   I32788
73 Steffensen, Edel Vangsgaard   I399261
74 Steffensen, Else Marie Aagot Solveig  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I62966
75 Steffensen, Johanne Vangsgaard   I399260
76 Steffensen, Maren Vangsgaard  22 Mar 1925Sundby, Amager, Denmark I398750
77 Steffensen, Søren Seerup Vangsgaard   I399259
78 Steffensen, Tove Dyveke Jessie Edel  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I63860
79 Strandberg, Ellen Marie  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I338156
80 Strandberg, Emil Axel  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I338155
81 Strandberg, Johan Edvard Heinrich  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I196935
82 Sørensen, Ingeborg Jørgine  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I409325
83 Thornberg, Andreas Gabriel  23 Jul 1882Sundby, Amager, Denmark I423362
84 Thornberg, Carl Jacob  21 Mar 1897Sundby, Amager, Denmark I423386
85 Thornberg, Hans Peter  3 May 1885Sundby, Amager, Denmark I424808
86 Thornberg, Nicoline Hansine  12 Oct 1879Sundby, Amager, Denmark I423361
87 Veje, Jens  12 May 1912Sundby, Amager, Denmark I86659
88 Veje, Jens Otto   I238406
89 Veje, Karen   I86493
90 Veje, Niels Peder   I238408
91 Zabell (Zabell of Denmark), Lis  17 Jul 1927Sundby, Amager, Denmark I243991


Matches 1 to 56 of 56

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andersen  21 Dec 1880Sundby, Amager, Denmark I1213
2 Andersen, Agnes Camilla Josefine  28 Feb 1918Sundby, Amager, Denmark I281024
3 Bentsen, Frederik Ludvig  4 May 1885Sundby, Amager, Denmark I77055
4 Brøtterup, Carl Rasmus Severin  30 Jun 1919Sundby, Amager, Denmark I338925
5 Bøgh, Ove Martin Sørensen  1 Sep 1973Sundby, Amager, Denmark I415823
6 Christophersen, Ellen  Bef 1770Sundby, Amager, Denmark I369501
7 Denbak, Stig Edvard Bjørn Bluhme  3 Dec 1985Sundby, Amager, Denmark I232621
8 Dreyer, Carl Johan  30 Nov 1940Sundby, Amager, Denmark I72558
9 Eller, Jacob Rudolph  31 Dec 2001Sundby, Amager, Denmark I83555
10 Gade, Gerda Henriette Dorthea  14 Oct 1967Sundby, Amager, Denmark I421674
11 Greisen (Greisen), Holger Palm  20 Aug 1966Sundby, Amager, Denmark I76880
12 Gynther, Hans Christian  15 Aug 1903Sundby, Amager, Denmark I57519
13 Hablizel, Anna Martha  12 Sep 1978Sundby, Amager, Denmark I12047
14 Hansen, Grith Dirch  18 Nov 1889Sundby, Amager, Denmark I423356
15 Hansen, Hans Thorvald Oskar  4 Apr 1964Sundby, Amager, Denmark I143492
16 Hansen, Louisa  19 Aug 1978Sundby, Amager, Denmark I143475
17 Heimbürger, Grete Mary  17 Aug 1971Sundby, Amager, Denmark I33574
18 Heinsen, Johannes  9 May 1999Sundby, Amager, Denmark I33874
19 Høj (Høj of Høruphav), Hans Jørgensen  6 Apr 1980Sundby, Amager, Denmark I143483
20 Kisbye (Kisbye), Anne Dorthe  6 Jan 1966Sundby, Amager, Denmark I390052
21 Kjøller, Jens Hansen  28 Sep 1928Sundby, Amager, Denmark I366350
22 Kornerup-Bang (Bang of Anneberggaard), Anna  1953Sundby, Amager, Denmark I239855
23 Krüger-Larsen (Larsen), Axel  31 Aug 2006Sundby, Amager, Denmark I75650
24 La Cour (La Cour), Niels Otto August  30 Jul 1883Sundby, Amager, Denmark I400918
25 Larsen, Aksel Karl  19 May 1966Sundby, Amager, Denmark I76058
26 Lobedanz, Max Arnold  29 Jan 1961Sundby, Amager, Denmark I389149
27 Lund, Oline Christine  11 Jun 1903Sundby, Amager, Denmark I309595
28 Møller, Frederik Vilhelm  21 Jun 1936Sundby, Amager, Denmark I79666
29 Nielsen, Mathilde Helene Hedvig  11 Apr 1938Sundby, Amager, Denmark I279969
30 Norup, Rudolph  25 Feb 1885Sundby, Amager, Denmark I401660
31 Olsson, Christina  16 Sep 1934Sundby, Amager, Denmark I423387
32 Passer, Marchen Jacobsen  9 Nov 1918Sundby, Amager, Denmark I392986
33 Petersen, Andrea Hedvig Vibe  27 Oct 1934Sundby, Amager, Denmark I161270
34 Petersen, Emma  6 Sep 1961Sundby, Amager, Denmark I236709
35 Poulsen, Ane Sofie Regine  12 Jan 1935Sundby, Amager, Denmark I235171
36 Prom, Ludvig Christian  21 Feb 1880Sundby, Amager, Denmark I131716
37 Riber (Riber of Horsens), Julie Holm  18 Mar 1975Sundby, Amager, Denmark I143484
38 Ringsted (Ringsted), Jens Peter  19 Jun 1831Sundby, Amager, Denmark I143749
39 Sadolin (Sadolin of Mors), Knud  26 Aug 1960Sundby, Amager, Denmark I25766
40 Schultz (Schultz of Kiel), Johan Philip  21 Apr 1959Sundby, Amager, Denmark I36068
41 Sivertsen, Ane Louise  7 Aug 1869Sundby, Amager, Denmark I131713
42 Sode, Martha Jensen  1756-1784Sundby, Amager, Denmark I325755
43 Staffeldt (Staffeldt), Paul Erik  14 Jul 1990Sundby, Amager, Denmark I164023
44 Strø, Jens Nielsen  7 Nov 1918Sundby, Amager, Denmark I392971
45 Svenningsen, Karl Christian Julius  1 Nov 1944Sundby, Amager, Denmark I236700
46 Thornberg, Carl Jacob  9 Sep 1916Sundby, Amager, Denmark I423386
47 Thornberg, Einer Valdemar  22 Jul 1953Sundby, Amager, Denmark I423388
48 Winter, Dagmar Ernestine Lovise  15 Dec 1975Sundby, Amager, Denmark I412061
49 Wivel (Wivel of Copenhagen 2), Julius August  25 Sep 1914Sundby, Amager, Denmark I391561
50 Zacho, Jens Peter Christian  1894Sundby, Amager, Denmark I235172
51 Zangenberg, Anna Marie Theodora Christine  12 Jun 1913Sundby, Amager, Denmark I410462
52 Zangenberg, Erna Emilie  28 Feb 1895Sundby, Amager, Denmark I410466
53 Zangenberg, Gerhard Peter  16 Jul 1887Sundby, Amager, Denmark I410378
54 Zangenberg, Martha Elvira  20 Jan 1891Sundby, Amager, Denmark I410251
55 Zangenberg, Martha Johanne  16 Oct 1887Sundby, Amager, Denmark I410250
56 Zangenberg, Vilhelm Gustav  31 Oct 1919Sundby, Amager, Denmark I410463


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt), Beke, Comtesse  24 Mar 2012Sundby, Amager, Denmark I145318
2 Bech (Bech of Taarnborg and Valbygaard), August Villads  16 Jun 1953Sundby, Amager, Denmark I2937
3 Bentsen, Frederik Ludvig  10 May 1885Sundby, Amager, Denmark I77055
4 Bjarnhof, Steen  4 Oct 1997Sundby, Amager, Denmark I157897
5 Buchwald of Gudumlund (Buchwaldt), Margrethe Elisabeth von  4 Mar 1943Sundby, Amager, Denmark I169425
6 Collet (Collet), Marie Emilie Jutta Francisca "Unne"  1 Mar 1946Sundby, Amager, Denmark I187804
7 Dochedahl, Laura Marie  27 Jun 1920Sundby, Amager, Denmark I405517
8 Fischer (Fechser), Heinrich Carl  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I254163
9 Grevenkop-Castenskiold (Castenschiold), Henriette Margrethe  29 Jan 1969Sundby, Amager, Denmark I153668
10 Jensen, Ragna  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I285898
11 Juel-Brockdorff (Juel of Brockdorff), Margrethe Caroline Augusta Julie, Baroness  29 Oct 1943Sundby, Amager, Denmark I1229
12 Krüger (Krüger of Wandsbeck), Hannibaline "Eline"  25 Jul 1985Sundby, Amager, Denmark I76202
13 Krüger-Larsen (Larsen), Hedvig  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I114030
14 La Cour (La Cour), Peter David  2 Jan 1906Sundby, Amager, Denmark I84195
15 Larsen, Aksel Karl  24 May 1966Sundby, Amager, Denmark I76058
16 Linde (Linde of Germany), Karen  8 Apr 1952Sundby, Amager, Denmark I164539
17 Lobedanz, Max Arnold  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I389149
18 Lorentzen, Aage Christian  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I2176
19 Lund, Oline Christine  17 Jun 1903Sundby, Amager, Denmark I309595
20 Lysboe, Villy Johannes  23 Nov 1965Sundby, Amager, Denmark I114163
21 Madsen, Mads Møller  10 Mar 1926Sundby, Amager, Denmark I405567
22 Moltke (Moltke), Nancy Caroline Louise, Comtesse von  13 Jan 1947Sundby, Amager, Denmark I149394
23 Munthe of Morgenstjerne (Munthe of Morgenstjerne), Therese Hedevig Birthe Bredo von  Oct 1946Sundby, Amager, Denmark I166095
24 Müller, Sophus Otto  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I164551
25 Nielsen, Hans Peter Christian  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I250136
26 Petersen, Kristian Frederik Vilhelm  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I154838
27 Pilegaard, Jeppe Krogsgaard  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I109806
28 Pitzner (Pitzner), Anna Johanne Karen  10 Nov 1951Sundby, Amager, Denmark I533
29 Pitzner-Jørgensen (Jørgensen), Ejnar Kristoffer  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I831
30 Pitzner-Jørgensen (Jørgensen), Kaj Ejnar  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I109063
31 Pitzner-Jørgensen (Jørgensen), Ulla Merete  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I34388
32 Rasmussen, Frederik Marius  2 Nov 1923Sundby, Amager, Denmark I412078
33 Scavenius (Scavenius), Alix Karine Lucie  27 Feb 1957Sundby, Amager, Denmark I23168
34 Schack (Schack of Hillerup), Tage  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I251913
35 Schaffalitzky de Muckadell (Schaffalitzky), Louise, Baroness  19 Dec 1940Sundby, Amager, Denmark I47341
36 Serène Acqueria, Helene de  9 Dec 1937Sundby, Amager, Denmark I147547
37 Steensen de Leth (Leth), Louise Augusta  26 Apr 1956Sundby, Amager, Denmark I129875
38 Strandberg, Axel Viggo Hagbart  11 Sep 1942Sundby, Amager, Denmark I144282
39 Svanenskiold (Montanus), Thora Johanne Martine de  30 Jul 1965Sundby, Amager, Denmark I172733
40 Tarnow, Gerda Marie  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I246801
41 Valentiner-Branth, Vibeke  13 Dec 1968Sundby, Amager, Denmark I34190
42 Vedel (Vedel of Copenhagen), Gert Hemming Frederik Bernhardt  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I115394
43 Winter, Dagmar Ernestine Lovise  18 Dec 1975Sundby, Amager, Denmark I412061
44 Zangenberg, Martha Elvira  25 Jan 1891Sundby, Amager, Denmark I410251
45 Zangenberg, Martha Johanne  23 Oct 1887Sundby, Amager, Denmark I410250
46 Zangenberg, Martin Henrik  7 Apr 1899Sundby, Amager, Denmark I410476
47 Zimmermann, Johanne  26 Oct 1972Sundby, Amager, Denmark I413641


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Jens Alfred Severius  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I402175
2 Andersson, Gustav Adolf  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I263312
3 Andersson, Villy Palle Reinholt  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I263310
4 Brenøe, Lauritz Carl  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I287176
5 Davidsen, Jørgen Peter  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I390030
6 Ersbøll, Kristian  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I400776
7 Gerhardt, Johannes Harding  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I396839
8 Halberg, Peder  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I81155
9 Henriksen, Anders Johan  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I246798
10 Hvidkjær, Peder Andreas  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I266368
11 Jacobsen, Karl Kristian Martin  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I396981
12 Jansen, Chrilles  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I43971
13 Jørgensen, Johannes Albert  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I288171
14 Lysboe, Villy Johannes  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I114163
15 Mogensen, Hans  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I283478
16 Mortensen, Peter Morten  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I263314
17 Petersen, Ole  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I76808
18 Prom, Ludvig Christian  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I131716
19 Rasmussen, Jens Peter  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I396841
20 Rørdam (Rørdam), Thomas Peter   I161299
21 Strandberg, Axel Viggo Hagbart  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I144282
22 Wivel (Wivel of Copenhagen 2), Julius August  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I391561
23 Wøldike, Hans Christopher Martin  Sundby, Amager, Denmark I85939


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andersen / Jansen  5 Dec 1896Sundby, Amager, Denmark F22753
2 Andersen / Martin Packness  26 Apr 1884Sundby, Amager, Denmark F153930
3 Auscher / Bieda   F5723
4 Balslev (Balsløw) / Pitzner-Jørgensen (Jørgensen)  12 Feb 1939Sundby, Amager, Denmark F41282
5 Bentzen / Veje   F99000
6 Bostinius / Black-Petersen   F16396
7 Brincker / Sadolin (Sadolin of Mors)   F67961
8 Brodersen / Sadolin (Sadolin of Mors)   F65273
9 Broholt / Mortensen  16 Dec 1921Sundby, Amager, Denmark F105805
10 Bønnelycke / Petersen  5 Sep 1926Sundby, Amager, Denmark F118008
11 Carlsen / Bredahl  6 Aug 1910Sundby, Amager, Denmark F162905
12 Dose / Steffensen  14 Jul 1907Sundby, Amager, Denmark F155674
13 Dreyer /   11 Apr 1906Sundby, Amager, Denmark F34026
14 Estrup (Estrup) / Thorball   F72181
15 Falk (Falk of Valløby) / Gyldenstjerne (Gyldenstjerne)  1329Sundby, Amager, Denmark F88518
16 Fries / Bech (Bech of Taarnborg and Valbygaard)  3 Jun 1932Sundby, Amager, Denmark F1891
17 Greisen (Greisen) / Graae (Graae)   F67129
18 Groth (Groth of Odense) / Faye  3 Dec 1874Sundby, Amager, Denmark F67168
19 Grunnet / Rømeling (Rømeling)  23 Nov 1935Sundby, Amager, Denmark F36840
20 Gudmandsen (Gudmandsen) / Andersen   F30832
21 Gudmandsen (Gudmandsen) / Bruhn (Bruhn of Copenhagen)   F63599
22 Gudmandsen (Gudmandsen) / Christensen  27 Oct 1895Sundby, Amager, Denmark F17737
23 Gudmandsen (Gudmandsen) / Sadolin (Sadolin of Mors)   F62811
24 Heinsen / Engberg (Andersen)   F21904
25 Helbo / Jansen   F66015
26 Hjort / Jensen  19 Mar 1802Sundby, Amager, Denmark F105478
27 Holm / Holm   F121278
28 Houser / Greisen (Greisen)   F16624
29 Jensen Rye / Carlsen  22 Feb 1918Sundby, Amager, Denmark F161785
30 Kastrup / Møller  7 Oct 1917Sundby, Amager, Denmark F162374
31 Kayser / Jensen  5 Feb 1916Sundby, Amager, Denmark F8650
32 Kopp / Bendtsen  Sundby, Amager, Denmark F83571
33 Leisner / Bech (Bech of Taarnborg and Valbygaard)   F59382
34 Madsen / Knudsen   F93383
35 Maibom / Bülow  12 Feb 1899Sundby, Amager, Denmark F162479
36 Moltke (Moltke) / Petersen   F68060
37 Nissen (Nissen) / Bech (Bech of Taarnborg and Valbygaard)   F59376
38 Pedersen / Pedersen  10 Jun 1934Sundby, Amager, Denmark F121725
39 Rømeling (Rømeling) / Buchwald (Buchwald)   F36740
40 Sadolin (Sadolin of Mors) / Andreasen   F16760
41 Sadolin (Sadolin of Mors) / Hall   F68653
42 Sadolin (Sadolin of Mors) / Hausen  17 Mar 1925Sundby, Amager, Denmark F62697
43 Sadolin (Sadolin of Mors) / Petersen   F62878
44 Schimmelmann (Schimmelmann) / Danneskiold-Samsøe (Gyldenløve Moth - Danneskiold-Samsøe)  6 May 1925Sundby, Amager, Denmark F37798
45 Schultz / Egeberg  12 Apr 1906Sundby, Amager, Denmark F25591
46 Steenberg / Sperling (Sperling of Denmark)  21 Apr 1854Sundby, Amager, Denmark F48610
47 Sørensen / Castenschiold (Castenschiold)   F68364
48 Thorball / Bech (Bech of Taarnborg and Valbygaard)  8 Mar 1958Sundby, Amager, Denmark F59372
49 Wærling / Corneliussen  29 Nov 1930Sundby, Amager, Denmark F154651

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