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Malmoe, Scania, Sweden



Matches 1 to 129 of 129

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adamson, Maria Caroline   I79284
2 Adeler (Adeler), Cosmus, Baron  24 Jan 1867Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I165058
3 Andersson, Christiana Helma  6 Jul 1863Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I80135
4 Ankjær, Stephanie Ebba Storm   I201987
5 Arnold, Annette Wanda Else von   I139060
6 Arnold, Hans Gustaf Reinhold von   I139059
7 Arnold, Otto Gustaf Reinhold von   I139061
8 Arp, Ruth Ellen  16 Aug 1878Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I182126
9 Barnekow (Barnekow), Hans  5 Jan 1601Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I180135
10 Bartholin (Bartholin), Caspar Jesper Berthelsen  12 Feb 1585Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I171221
11 Bechshøft, Henrik Wilhelm  31 May 1885Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I157017
12 Becker, Selma Victoria  23 Mar 1888Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I134735
13 Benediktsson, Kent Johan Stefan   I60314
14 Berendsen, Doris  6 Jan 1887Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I134751
15 Berendsen, James  31 Jul 1888Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I134747
16 Bloomstrand, Peter Hilder  Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I286707
17 Borg, Lorens   I76859
18 Bønnelycke, Gregers Werner  13 Jan 1897Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I285576
19 Bønnelycke, Knut Eigil  15 Jan 1889Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I285569
20 Bønnelycke, Torsten  28 Mar 1893Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I285575
21 Cederschiöld, Rudolph Uranius  11 Jul 1806Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I194898
22 Cewers, Nils Christian Bjarneson   I190923
23 Cleve, Stig  31 Jul 1908Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I143279
24 Duvander, Bengt B  12 Sep 1929Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I143731
25 Duvander, Birger Henry  20 Feb 1901Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I143730
26 Ericson, Clas-Göran Christer   I141528
27 Fagerberg, Anna Elisabeth  5 Jan 1863Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I69115
28 Fischer, Carsten   I294646
29 Fries, Björn Elias   I144234
30 Fries, Hjalmar Elias   I144212
31 Fries, Vibeke Margrethe   I144223
32 Geijer, Frederik Vilhelm Gustav von  8 Feb 1865Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I194431
33 Grevenkop-Castenskiold (Castenschiold), Thorbjørn Adolph Gotthard Eriksen   I162012
34 Gumpert, Jacob Abraham  22 Jul 1813Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I134713
35 Hagemann (Hagemann of Denmark), Anna-Maria Elisabeth Kronquist   I153552
36 Hedlund, Gunnar  15 Jun 1907Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I139538
37 Hedlund, Inga  1 Mar 1909Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I139535
38 Hedlund, Matts  16 Feb 1873Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I139684
39 Hedlund, Vera  1 Mar 1909Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I139536
40 Helm, Maril Elisabeth Margareta   I231220
41 Helm, Sten Henrik Valdemar   I231219
42 Henriques (Henriques), Oscar Michael  15 Feb 1895Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I184624
43 Holm (Mortensen), Bendt Christian   I139106
44 Kockum (Kockum), Cecilie   I281668
45 Kockum (Kockum), Frans Carl Gottfried  29 Apr 1891Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I387508
46 Kockum (Kockum), Frans Henrik  27 Sep 1802Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I289089
47 Kockum (Kockum), Frans Henrik  2 Jul 1840Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I289091
48 Kockum (Kockum), Frans Henrik  22 Jul 1917Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I281665
49 Kockum (Kockum), Frans Henrik   I281667
50 Kockum (Kockum), Lorens  6 May 1773Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I289088
51 Kockum (Kockum), Lorens Petter  12 Jun 1834Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I289106
52 Krutmeier, Margrethe Jostsen  Abt 1600Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I85640
53 Lindahl, Dagny  26 Oct 1901Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I285577
54 Lindander, Bengt Otto   I171423
55 Lindander, Henrik Otto   I171427
56 Lindander, Martin Otto   I171428
57 Lindqvist, Hassan August  1893Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I233345
58 Lindqvist, Thea Emilia  28 Mar 1901Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I235969
59 Löwegren, Anders Gunnar Hilding  24 Sep 1881Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I431085
60 Malmøe, Jens Lauritsen  Abt 1625Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I309043
61 Marlow, Albert Alexsander  14 Jan 1890Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I137132
62 Marlow, Allan Salomon   I135440
63 Marlow, Stig Gerson   I135439
64 Metz, Peter   I136087
65 Metz, Vivian   I137596
66 Meyer, Elisabeth   I135429
67 Meyer, Karin  9 Jul 1911Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I137029
68 Meyer, Kjell Gunnar  23 Apr 1906Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I137030
69 Meyer, Ralph   I135430
70 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Alexander Oppen  3 Jun 1882Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I181155
71 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Frederik Berend  21 Oct 1876Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I6414
72 Münter (Münter of Lübeck), Herman  23 Oct 1874Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I6392
73 Möllander, Bo Frederik   I201041
74 Nielsen, Mette Kai  31 Jan 1945Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I165493
75 Nisell, Salomon  3 Nov 1901Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I123721
76 Olivarius (Olivarius), Niels Holgersen  24 Apr 1637Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I113425
77 Olsen, Eugen Bjerresø  15 Oct 1899Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I165953
78 Philip-Sørensen, Nils Jørgen  23 Sep 1938Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I67005
79 Platen (Platen), Carl Henrik G, Baron von  14 Dec 1913Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I157945
80 Platen (Platen), Gustaf Gösta, Baron von  20 Feb 1917Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I157951
81 Platen (Platen), Johan Magnus Gösta, Baron von   I157957
82 Prawitz, Kjell Johan Axel  3 May 1884Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I157361
83 Roos (Roos of Sweden), Ingrid Elisabeth   I158185
84 Rothe (Rothe), Ellen  12 Dec 1875Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I79355
85 Rothe (Rothe), Oluf Skram  26 Oct 1880Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I165923
86 Rothe (Rothe), Tyge Jesper  2 Dec 1877Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I34562
87 Salomon (Dessau-Meisling-Salomon), Mikael   I32074
88 Schelinsky, Israel Salomon  10 Jun 1873Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I136481
89 Schiemann, Minna Elsebeth  12 Sep 1900Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I83573
90 Schmidt, Eva Marianne   I200342
91 Sejersen, Ellen Ingeborg  14 Feb 1878Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I146769
92 Silwer, Elsa Margareta  14 Jan 1908Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I79063
93 Sjöbeck, Johan Christian   I140908
94 Stenbock, Birgitta  1 Feb 1660Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I235434
95 Stjernswärd, Carl Gustav Eric Nocken  16 Oct 1915Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I198245
96 Stjernswärd, Eva Christina   I153556
97 Suell, Frans  9 Jun 1744Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I289095
98 Thurøe, Einar Aage  17 Nov 1879Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I285599
99 Thurøe, Ingeborg Maria  24 Mar 1877Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I284181
100 Treschow (Treschow), Charlotte Maria Johanna   I79283
101 Treschow (Treschow), Stephanie Fredrika Caroline   I79282
102 Urne (Urne), Merete  10 Apr 1631Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I54385
103 Wachtmeister of Johannishus (Wachtmeister), Ulrika "Ulla" Fanny Eleonora, Countess   I161999
104 Wehtje, Arne   I30226
105 Wehtje, Urban   I30676
106 Werchmeister (Werchmeister), Herman Carstensen  21 Oct 1628Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I271414
107 Westergren, Gerd Elise  8 Oct 1904Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I387890
108 Westman, Ebba  2 May 1917Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I71186
109 Wicksell, Cathrine   I122401
110 Wicksell, Nicklas  13 May 1960Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I122408
111 Wilkens (Wilkens of Sweden), Ellen Maria  25 Apr 1895Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I50310
112 Woelfer, Claes Theodor  11 May 1931Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I122379
113 Woelfer, Vendla Ulla  11 Feb 1922Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I110554
114 Woelfer, Vera Gertrud  25 Feb 1918Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I187524
115 Zadig, Adolf Ludvig  27 Jun 1882Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I135303
116 Zadig, Aina Johanna  18 May 1911Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I135504
117 Zadig, Albert Ferdinand  3 Oct 1879Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I135506
118 Zadig, Are Viggo   I135304
119 Zadig, Bertil Albert  21 Dec 1916Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I135500
120 Zadig, Birgit Ellen  2 Oct 1914Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I135503
121 Zadig, Erik Philipp  14 Jun 1891Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I135296
122 Zadig, Gustaf Albert  30 May 1879Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I135494
123 Zadig, Gösta Albert  13 Oct 1909Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I135505
124 Zadig, Ingvar Gustaf  17 Nov 1913Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I135487
125 Zadig, Karin Emma Erika  8 Jan 1910Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I135490
126 Zadig, Lennart Gustaf  28 Aug 1911Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I135488
127 Zadig, Viggo Moritz  4 Jul 1880Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I135307
128 Zadig, William Ferdinand  21 Jul 1884Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I135298
129 Zeligson, Judith Brita   I135675


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Laura Caroline  21 Oct 1943Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I72556
2 Ahlefeldt (Ahlefeldt), Bendix von  4 Jun 1677Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I147353
3 Andresen, Marie Kirstine Mathilde  28 May 1914Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I285555
4 Arp, Ruth Ellen  18 Apr 1963Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I182126
5 Ascheberg (Ascheberg), Christian Ludvig von  1 Feb 1722Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I233615
6 Ascheberg (Ascheberg), Otto Vilhelm von  2 Jun 1687Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I233616
7 Bing, Karen Ingeborg  8 Jul 1930Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I166385
8 Busseck, Maria Eleonora von  9 Jun 1690Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I233621
9 Bønnelycke, Frederik Wilhelm  1 Aug 1937Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I284860
10 Bønnelycke, Gregers Svenn  13 Nov 1924Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I284177
11 Cronman, Johan Christoffer  25 Jul 1737Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I232685
12 Foss (Foss of Viborg), Inger  12 Jun 1909Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I157335
13 Friderichsen, Elisabeth Kirstine  10 Aug 1943Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I284856
14 Hecker, Augusta  2 Jan 1915Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I289107
15 Jensen, Jens  18 Sep 1659Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I79021
16 Kihlgast, Gottlieb Petter Daniel  7 Oct 1901Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I232479
17 Kockum (Kockum), Frans Henrik  12 Feb 1875Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I289089
18 Kockum (Kockum), Frans Henrik  18 Feb 1910Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I289091
19 Kockum (Kockum), Lorens Petter  3 Aug 1899Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I289106
20 Kofoed, Peder Pedersen  Aug 1637Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I86037
21 Krutmeier, Margrethe Jostsen  1635Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I85640
22 Melbye, Amintha "Minna" Birgitte Amalie "Lerche"  18 Nov 1910Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I157291
23 Neergaard (Neergaard), Andreas Ludvig  5 Jun 1955Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I113696
24 Prawitz, Göran  15 Jul 2012Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I121466
25 Raphael, Clara  29 Aug 1945Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I111014
26 Scheib, Anna Marie  27 Mar 1957Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I129886
27 Seidelin (Seidelin), Dorethe Hansen  Mar 1662Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I81070
28 Stenbock, Erik  Jun 1602Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I235432
29 Suell, Frans  1748Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I289096
30 Suell, Frans  15 Nov 1817Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I289095
31 Sweden and Norway (Bernadotte), Carl Yhe Xv & IV "Carl Ludwig Eugen", Duke of Scania, King of  19 Aug 1872Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I147905
32 Thott (Thott), Otto Tagesen  10 Sep 1656Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I178356
33 Troelsen, Thøger  Bef 14 Aug 1684Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I276240
34 Wandel (Wandel), Johan Jensen  25 Feb 1710Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I279740


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Thott (Thott), Otto Tagesen  2 Oct 1656Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I178356
2 Thott (Thott), Tage Ottosen  3 Apr 1658Malmoe, Scania, Sweden I152606


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnekow (Barnekow) / Bülow (Bülow)  22 Aug 1630Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F75808
2 Carstensson / Jönsson  1729Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F127460
3 Carstensson / Lassesson  Abt 1665Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F127463
4 Crone (Crone) / Maansson  9 May 1883Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F65182
5 Franc / Wismer   F64593
6 Grevenkop-Castenskiold (Castenschiold) / Wachtmeister of Johannishus (Wachtmeister)   F67943
7 Hagens / Silwer  1 Oct 1938Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F36257
8 Herbst (Herbst) / Hempel   F35363
9 Jensen / Seidelin (Seidelin)  23 Jan 1653Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F36238
10 Kofoed / Krutmeier  Abt 1625Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F38829
11 Metzon / Feinberg   F56498
12 Meyer / Törngren  26 Jul 1938Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F56533
13 Meyer / Wolowski  25 Nov 1945Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F56319
14 Michaels / Oppenheim   F74611
15 Neergaard (Neergaard) / Arp  21 Oct 1901Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F71946
16 Nilsson /   Abt 1721Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F127462
17 Nilsson / Jönsson  Abt 1700Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F127461
18 Rosenkrantz (Rosenkrantz) / Brahe (Brahe of Denmark)  13 Aug 1598Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F63194
19 Sehested (Sehested) / Bille (Bille)  28 Sep 1550Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F62986
20 Sparre (Sparre of Bjergby) / Wolch  Between Jun 1685 and 21 Sep 1698Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F115608
21 Thott (Thott) / Rosenkrantz (Rosenkrantz)  14 May 1643Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F75067
22 Thott (Thott) / Urup (Urup)  15 Oct 1615Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F98008
23 Trellund / Pedersen  1627Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F77312
24 Treschow (Treschow) / Adamson   F17682
25 Treschow (Treschow) / Werner  5 Jun 1953Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F22290
26 Ulfeldt (Ulfeldt) / Podebusk  24 Mar 1639Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F78663
27 Vind (Vind) / Ulfstand (Ulfstand)  27 Aug 1620Malmoe, Scania, Sweden F76121

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