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London, England, UK



Matches 1 to 466 of 466

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary II Queen of Great Britain  1662London, England, UK I210594
2 Aall, Anthony Jacobson  1699London, England, UK I99721
3 Aall, Benjamin Jacobson  1697London, England, UK I99722
4 Aall, Niels Jacobsen  1702London, England, UK I96102
5 Aall, Nikkolai  1860London, England, UK I105991
6 Aass, Palle Frederik   I144909
7 Aass, Per Valentin   I144898
8 Abrahamson, Bertha Henriette  23 May 1864London, England, UK I137049
9 Abrahamson, Charlotte Emma  5 Apr 1866London, England, UK I67780
10 Abrahamson, Florence Olga  3 Jun 1877London, England, UK I137045
11 Abrahamson, Harriet Elisabeth  28 Jul 1867London, England, UK I167364
12 Abrahamson, Mary Alice  13 Jun 1873London, England, UK I16249
13 Abrahamson (Abrahamson), Sir Martin Arnold  12 Sep 1870London, England, UK I160922
14 Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Ahlefeldt of Langeland), Christian William Benedict "Bent", Count  15 Apr 1896London, England, UK I148504
15 Ammentorp, Paul Anker  2 Dec 1922London, England, UK I147999
16 Armstrong-Jones (Jones), Lord Antony Charles Robert the 1st Earl of Snowdon and the 1st Baron Armstrong-Jones of Nymans  7 Mar 1930London, England, UK I145914
17 Arup, Arne Seidelin  6 Nov 1886London, England, UK I56924
18 Arup, Elinor Seidelin  14 May 1889London, England, UK I56918
19 Arup, Frank  4 Sep 1917London, England, UK I56926
20 Arup, John Dahl  22 Jun 1916London, England, UK I56920
21 Arup, Karen Seidelin  15 Jul 1885London, England, UK I56925
22 Arup, Marie Seidelin  14 May 1889London, England, UK I56917
23 Arup, Paul Seidelin  2 Feb 1884London, England, UK I56932
24 Arup, Peter Dahl   I56919
25 Ashley-Cooper (Ashley), Lord Anthony the 10th Earl of Shaftesbury  22 May 1938London, England, UK I227016
26 Ashley-Cooper (Ashley), Lord Nicholas Edmund Anthony the 12th Earl of Shaftesbury   I227018
27 Askew, Gerald Rank  2 Jun 1911London, England, UK I287921
28 Asquith (Asquith), Lady Elizabeth Charlotte Lucy  26 Feb 1897London, England, UK I243138
29 Atherold, Hannah  1614-1615London, England, UK I213185
30 Backer (Backer of UK)   I172587
31 Barnett, Gwedoline "Gwen" Doris  18 Sep 1923London, England, UK I14872
32 Barnett, Jean   I191542
33 Bass, Samuel  20 Aug 1598London, England, UK I272044
34 Bayliss, Clive Lane  1897London, England, UK I194399
35 Beaufort (Anjou - Plantagenet Lancaster), Lady Suo Jure Eleanor de the Countess of Ormonde  1431London, England, UK I25141
36 Belgum, Susan   I214759
37 Bell, Emily Louisa Ramsay  Abt 1839London, England, UK I260424
38 Bendixon, Arthur Edmund  24 Aug 1900London, England, UK I140426
39 Bendixon, Bertram Evelyn  24 Jan 1903London, England, UK I140419
40 Bendixon, Harald Ivar Sylvester  8 May 1902London, England, UK I140423
41 Bendixon, Helen Valfrid  10 Dec 1906London, England, UK I140417
42 Bendtner, Nicolas Christian Iuel   I202043
43 Benson, Juliet  10 Jun 1822London, England, UK I136984
44 Bentinck (Bentinck), Arthur William Douglas  24 Jul 1887London, England, UK I173213
45 Bentinck (Bentinck), Charles Henry  28 Apr 1879London, England, UK I173169
46 Bentinck (Bentinck), Henry Charles Adolphus Frederick W  30 Oct 1846London, England, UK I173093
47 Bentinck (Bentinck), Henry Duncan  24 Jun 1881London, England, UK I173191
48 Bentinck (Bentinck), Naomi Mechtild Henrietta  24 Jul 1887London, England, UK I173224
49 Bentinck (Bentinck), Renira Christine  6 Nov 1877London, England, UK I173125
50 Bentinck (Bentinck), Ursula Victoria Henrietta  18 Nov 1884London, England, UK I173202
51 Bentinck (Bentinck), William Frederick Charles  22 Jun 1880London, England, UK I172927
52 Berman, Peter   I181390
53 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Astrid Desiree Estelle, Countess   I26586
54 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Edward Gustav, Count   I26587
55 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Oscar Alexander, Count   I26589
56 Berner (Berner), Ditlev Christoffer   I171966
57 Bevan, John Henry  5 Apr 1894London, England, UK I10209
58 Bingham (Bingham), Lord George Charles the 8th Earl of Lucan   I735
59 Bonney, Linda Mary   I5411
60 Bourbon-Habsburg (Bourbon), Alphonse Carlos de San Jaime,  12 Sep 1849London, England, UK I24660
61 Bowes (Lyon), Lord John  19 Jun 1811London, England, UK I208729
62 Bowles (Parker of Engiand), Laura Parker   I2058
63 Bowles (Parker of Engiand), Thomas Henry Parker   I2061
64 Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (Gölph), Karl Georg August, Hereditary Prince of  8 Feb 1766London, England, UK I9596
65 Briant, Susanne Marie   I139089
66 Brindley, Camilla   I48390
67 Brockenhuus-Schack, Oluf, Count   I915
68 Broms, Donald Gustaf Emil  19 Feb 1926London, England, UK I140364
69 Brown, Ivy Ada  2 Jan 1897London, England, UK I183905
70 Brown, Mary Olive  13 Aug 1917London, England, UK I156047
71 Brownlow, Clara Anna Jane  Abt 1830London, England, UK I259488
72 Bruce, Allan Cameron Pryce  1836London, England, UK I260446
73 Brudenell-Bruce (Bruce), Lord Charles Frederick  4 Mar 1849London, England, UK I253146
74 Brudenell-Bruce (Bruce), John Charles  6 Mar 1884London, England, UK I141946
75 Bryne, Catherine Widdrington  15 Oct 1879London, England, UK I140520
76 Buch, Elsie  28 Jul 1898London, England, UK I135265
77 Buller-Fullerton-Elphinstone (Elphinstone), Honourable Margaret  9 Jun 1925London, England, UK I10283
78 Bulwer-Lytton (Bulwer), Lord Edward George Earle Lytton the 1st Baron Lytton  25 May 1803London, England, UK I28425
79 Burnyeat, Ryles Fredric   I140526
80 Bushill, John David   I158292
81 Byron (Byron), George the 6th Baron Byron  22 Jan 1788London, England, UK I38266
82 Cameron of Fassifern (Cameron), The UK Prime Minister David William Donald   I32561
83 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron)  10 May 1622London, England, UK I258467
84 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron), Ann  11 Mar 1785London, England, UK I217798
85 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron), Catherine Stirling  12 Sep 1794London, England, UK I258676
86 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron), Charles Hay  11 Feb 1795London, England, UK I213700
87 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron), Charles Hay  9 Feb 1849London, England, UK I258952
88 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron), Diana  4 Feb 1794London, England, UK I217800
89 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron), Eleanora Yea  1875London, England, UK I215012
90 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron), Ewen  14 Dec 1788London, England, UK I217795
91 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron), Ewen Arthur  1 Jun 1895London, England, UK I258771
92 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron), Freda Elizabeth  Abt 1899London, England, UK I258606
93 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron), Henry Dundas  Oct 1790London, England, UK I217797
94 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron), Adm John Ewen  15 Jun 1874London, England, UK I215010
95 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron), Marcella  10 Aug 1792London, England, UK I217799
96 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron), Margaret Hay  3 Jan 1794London, England, UK I260622
97 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron), Honourable Nathaniel the 10th Laird of Erracht  23 Mar 1787London, England, UK I215832
98 Campbell of Argyll (Campbell), Lord John George Edward Henry Douglas Sutherland the 2nd/9th Duke of Argyll  6 Aug 1845London, England, UK I189621
99 Carnegie of Southesk (Carnegie), Lady Alexandra Clare   I190071
100 Carnegie of Southesk (Carnegie), David  13 May 1813London, England, UK I142791
101 Carstensen, Henry Francis  18 Sep 1886London, England, UK I171082
102 Carstensen, Philip Richard  28 Sep 1886London, England, UK I171070
103 Carter, Dora "Denny" Maud  14 Feb 1924London, England, UK I226705
104 Carter, Matilda "Tilly"   I200181
105 Cavendish (Cavendish), Lord Victor Christian William the 9th Duke of Devonshire  31 May 1868London, England, UK I88479
106 Channon (Channon), Honourable Henry Paul Guinness the Baron Kelvedon  9 Oct 1935London, England, UK I9843
107 Charr, Eliza Caroline  17 Dec 1795London, England, UK I230311
108 Christensen, Thyra  5 May 1872London, England, UK I81851
109 Clark (Clark), Felix Henry Gordon   I140413
110 Clark (Clark), Matthew Richard Gordon   I140415
111 Clifford (Clifford), Lord Charles Hugh the 8th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh  27 Jul 1819London, England, UK I249613
112 Clout, Isabel Jane   I177235
113 Clout, Peter Norman   I177207
114 Clout, Rosalinde   I177222
115 Coetler, Marie  Abt 1790London, England, UK I125226
116 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Jeffrey   I137560
117 Collett (Collett), James  18 Aug 1655London, England, UK I166496
118 Collins, John  1540London, England, UK I269713
119 Comins, Margaret Ada  30 Sep 1891London, England, UK I141159
120 Cook, John  London, England, UK I283051
121 Cooke (Cooke), Ian Macneil   I47636
122 Cooper, Anthony Ashley  26 Feb 1670/71London, England, UK I22995
123 Cooper, Anthony Ashley  28 Apr 1801London, England, UK I22999
124 Cooper (Cooper), Honourable Stephanie Agnes  5 Sep 1883London, England, UK I32557
125 Cubitt (Cubitt), Honourable Rosalind Maud  11 Aug 1921London, England, UK I11162
126 Davis (Davis), Sir John Henry Harris  10 Nov 1906London, England, UK I224167
127 Death, John Sr  Abt 1613London, England, UK I269717
128 Demuth, Harry Frederick Lewis "Freddy"  23 Jun 1851London, England, UK I246029
129 Despencer (Despencer), Thurston le  Abt 1122London, England, UK I274147
130 Deurs (Deurs), Georg Van  Abt 1824London, England, UK I105753
131 Deurs (Deurs), John Van  Abt 1822London, England, UK I105754
132 Domney, Roy Gilbert   I172723
133 Douglas of Friarshaw (Douglas), James  London, England, UK I246197
134 Dove, Sophie Gwendolyn   I195384
135 Dresing, Dennis Gerald   I157601
136 Dreyer, Raymond Garnier   I7597
137 Dreyer, Richard Christopher John  1908London, England, UK I7743
138 Dunant, William Harold   I139273
139 Dunlea, Cyril Lawrence  London, England, UK I184352
140 Elson, Pamela Evelyn   I285028
141 Elwes, Damian   I190410
142 Engbæk, Gunhild Siim   I139296
143 England (Plantagenet), Royal Lord Edmund "Crouchback", Prince of the King of Sicily, and the 1st Earl of Lancaster & Leicester  16 Jan 1245London, England, UK I202888
144 England (Tudor), Elizabeth I, Queen of Queen of England  7 Sep 1533London, England, UK I14103
145 Eve, Steven Theodore  22 Nov 1911London, England, UK I287923
146 Faber, Cecil Torben  22 Mar 1896London, England, UK I94257
147 Faber, Ella  26 Feb 1890London, England, UK I94102
148 Faber, Harriet  11 Sep 1887London, England, UK I94081
149 Faber, Ida Gertrude  16 Aug 1900London, England, UK I94302
150 Faber, Jessie Virtue  26 Oct 1905London, England, UK I75980
151 Faber, Oscar  5 Jul 1886London, England, UK I93869
152 Faber, Sven Erik  9 Jan 1892London, England, UK I94168
153 Faber, Svend Emerson Valdemar  22 Jan 1904London, England, UK I75969
154 Ferguson (Ferguson), Ronald Ivor  10 Oct 1931London, England, UK I76770
155 Ferguson (Ferguson), Sarah Margaret Duchess of York   I145910
156 Fitzgeorge (Gölph), Sir Adolphus Augustus Frederick  30 Jan 1846London, England, UK I208
157 Fitzgeorge (Gölph), George William Adolphus  27 Aug 1843London, England, UK I207
158 Fitzroy (Fitzroy), Francis Horatio  6 Jun 1823London, England, UK I252306
159 Foster, Dora  14 Jun 1911London, England, UK I186940
160 Fox-Strangways (Fox), Lord Edward Henry "Harry" Charles James the 7th Earl of Ilchester  1 Oct 1905London, England, UK I262095
161 Fox-Strangways (Fox), Lord Giles Henry Holland the 8th Earl of Ilchester   I262104
162 Fox-Strangways (Fox), Lady Theresa Jane   I262103
163 Fürstenstein (Fürstenstein), Charlotte Henriette Susanne Diede von  3 Mar 1773London, England, UK I162250
164 Gestetner (Gestetner), David  1 Jun 1937London, England, UK I14802
165 Gestetner (Gestetner), Jenny Muriel  24 Jul 1903London, England, UK I14833
166 Gestetner (Gestetner), Marie Phoebe  7 Aug 1893London, England, UK I14819
167 Gestetner (Gestetner), Ruth  8 Mar 1907London, England, UK I14821
168 Gibbs (Gibbs), Sir John Evelyn  22 Dec 1879London, England, UK I34480
169 Gilligan, Bridget Aline  25 Jul 1910London, England, UK I24205
170 Goldsmith (Goldsmith), Benjamin "Ben" James   I65012
171 Gordon (Gordon), Frances Sybel Iles  9 Jul 1878London, England, UK I166395
172 Gordon (Gordon), Graeme Henry   I180892
173 Graae (Graae), Eleanor  8 Mar 1897London, England, UK I162963
174 Graham (Graham), Janet Elizabeth de   I177152
175 Graham (Graham), Kai David de   I177112
176 Graham (Graham), Katharine Jane de  19 Dec 1949London, England, UK I177125
177 Gray of Gray (Gray), Ronald Dougan  26 Nov 1891London, England, UK I132537
178 Greece (Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Odysseas-Kimon, Prince To Denmark and Prince of   I190204
179 Greece (Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Phillippos, Prince To Denmark and Prince of   I100489
180 Grieve, Amanda Jane   I251991
181 Griffith, Ann  1828London, England, UK I104091
182 Grut (Grut), Maximilian Saemus Rolf   I158523
183 Grut (Grut), Oscar Kolya Meisen   I171717
184 Grut (Grut), Sacha Nicolai   I171711
185 Hall, Wilhelmine  22 May 1860London, England, UK I144829
186 Hardy (Hardy), Arthur Reginald Meyer  23 Nov 1868London, England, UK I136368
187 Hardy (Hardy), Dorothy Sylvia  22 Jul 1892London, England, UK I136365
188 Hardy (Hardy), Eileen Lillian  1898London, England, UK I136370
189 Hardy (Hardy), Helen Irene  18 Nov 1890London, England, UK I136366
190 Hardy (Hardy), Robert Meyer  26 Nov 1866London, England, UK I136372
191 Harris, Annika Jeanne   I141937
192 Harris, Edward Georg   I141941
193 Harris, Simon Allan   I141938
194 Harris, Stephen James   I141940
195 Harrison (Harrison), Louisa  Abt 1840London, England, UK I99183
196 Harttung (Harttung), Sebastian Alexander   I282242
197 Hartwig, John Seymour  7 Sep 1905London, England, UK I140760
198 Hartwig, Maud Violet  7 Sep 1905London, England, UK I140766
199 Harvey, Mary  Abt 1595London, England, UK I213187
200 Haugwitz-Hardenberg-Reventlow (Haugwitz), Lawrence "Lance", Count  24 Feb 1936London, England, UK I146723
201 Hayward, William  1612London, England, UK I272331
202 Hayward\Howard, Huldah  1636London, England, UK I272208
203 Heaton, Louis Michael   I179660
204 Hepburn-Stewart-Forbes-Trefusis (Xxx), Lord Charles John Robert the 21st Baron Clinton  18 Jan 1863London, England, UK I26609
205 Hetherington, Merriell Anne   I158967
206 Hewet, Ruby Hardy  15 Mar 1899London, England, UK I86433
207 Hicks, Ashley   I46743
208 Hicks, Edwina   I406
209 Hicks, India   I202546
210 Hikins, Emma  9 Nov 1838London, England, UK I83761
211 Holt (Holt of England), May Nellie  14 May 1902London, England, UK I140556
212 Hoover, Allan Henry  17 Jul 1907London, England, UK I274318
213 Hornby, Michael Charles St John  2 Jan 1899London, England, UK I202168
214 Hornby, Sir Simon Michael  28 Dec 1934London, England, UK I262098
215 Hornby, Susan Mary  19 Oct 1929London, England, UK I202167
216 Howard of Norfolk and Suffolk (Howard), Lord George the 6th Earl of Carlisle  17 Sep 1773London, England, UK I6178
217 Huston, Honourable Allegra   I32528
218 Ingerslev (Ingerslev), Ellen   I143641
219 Ingerslev (Ingerslev), Eric  1 Aug 1918London, England, UK I18672
220 Jacobsen, Charlotte Camilla   I82525
221 Jacobsen, Jade Louise   I82524
222 Jerne, Niels Kaj  23 Nov 1911London, England, UK I199098
223 Jessel, Albert Henry  31 Oct 1864London, England, UK I137277
224 Jessel, Julia   I140537
225 Jessel, Robert William Albert  16 Mar 1899London, England, UK I140538
226 Johnson, Louisa Catherine  12 Feb 1775London, England, UK I270136
227 Johnson (Johnson of Turkey), Joseph Edmund "Jo"   I248907
228 Johnstone-Black (Black), Shelia Leslie   I8087
229 Jorck-Jorckston, Lydia Patricia  25 Nov 1920London, England, UK I86438
230 Kampmann (Kampmann), Ebbe "Jack" Willemoës  19 Nov 1914London, England, UK I198946
231 Karberg, Ida  23 Mar 1879London, England, UK I173830
232 Karsten, Peter Michael  20 Oct 1927London, England, UK I155750
233 Kay, Philip Bruce   I168495
234 Keppel (Keppel), Lord Arnold Alan Cecil Van the 8th Earl of Albemarle  1 Jun 1858London, England, UK I212808
235 Keppel (Keppel), Lord William Coutts Van the 7th Earl of Albemarle  15 Apr 1832London, England, UK I11191
236 Kier, Hans Jørgen  20 Nov 1913London, England, UK I105540
237 Knight, Margery  1610London, England, UK I272332
238 Knight, William  1570London, England, UK I272233
239 Knudtzon, Ida Benedicte   I44569
240 Knudtzon, Janicke Margrethe  7 Aug 1920London, England, UK I44583
241 Knust, Valli Elizabeth  4 Apr 1930London, England, UK I256380
242 Knuth-Winterfeldt (Knuth), Amalie Vibeke, Comtesse   I163528
243 Lanner, Clara Geraldini  14 Sep 1881London, England, UK I172179
244 Lascelles (Lascelles), Lord Henry George Charles the 6th Earl of Harewood  9 Sep 1882London, England, UK I145932
245 Lascelles (Lascelles), Henry Ulick   I190564
246 Lascelles (Lascelles), Martin David   I330
247 Layton (Layton), Asta Bech   I241876
248 Layton (Layton), Lara Bech   I227263
249 Lazarus, Sophie "Sophia"  14 Feb 1862London, England, UK I14807
250 Lees (Lees), Rev James Cameron  24 Jul 1834London, England, UK I260672
251 Lerche-Lerchenborg (Lerche), Eva Charlotte Louise Minna, Baroness   I162513
252 Levin, Joachim Christian Scheel   I44322
253 Levin, Nicholas Kresten Scheel   I44321
254 Levinsohn, Emma  11 May 1855London, England, UK I132549
255 Levita (Levita), Honourable Enid Agnes Maud  10 Feb 1908London, England, UK I32559
256 Lewin, Joseph L  London, England, UK I226661
257 Lind, Torsten   I140439
258 Littlejohn, Edward Sydney  April 1867London, England, UK I224814
259 Littlejohn, George Stanley  16 August 1861London, England, UK I224815
260 Livanos, Athina "Tina" Mary  19 Mar 1929London, England, UK I43362
261 Livings, Eliza  4 Sep 1866London, England, UK I193397
262 Lowzow (Lowzow), Désirée Antoinette von   I199214
263 Lowzow (Lowzow), Joséphine Madeleine von   I154479
264 Lunzer, Raphael Alan  18 Apr 1932London, England, UK I14835
265 Lunøe (Lunøe of Denmark), Torben  5 Apr 1929London, England, UK I275666
266 MacDonald, Alice M  Abt 1863London, England, UK I259494
267 MacDonald, Emily A J  Abt 1854London, England, UK I259493
268 MacDonald, Frances M  Abt 1872London, England, UK I259495
269 MacDonell of Antrim (Kerr), Lady Jane Grey  15 Jun 1863London, England, UK I26608
270 MacKenzie (MacKenzie), Jan   I140036
271 MacKerrell (MacKerrell), Henrietta Eliza Cathcart  20 Jul 1848London, England, UK I173103
272 MacMillan (MacMillan), The UK Prime Minister, Lord Harold the 1st Earl of Stockton  10 Feb 1894London, England, UK I87604
273 Mainwaring (Mainwaring), Helen Joan  7 May 1884London, England, UK I93880
274 Marsella, Steven   I62158
275 Massy-Beresford, Monica Emily  12 Jul 1894London, England, UK I200340
276 Meyer, Marie  London, England, UK I182159
277 Middelboe, Bernhard   I141137
278 Miller, Marie-Chantal Claire   I101724
279 Moltke of Nørager (Moltke), Adam Georg Ernst Henrik, Count  2 Jan 1822London, England, UK I149432
280 Montagu-Douglas-Scott of Monmouth (Crofts), Lord Charles William Henry the 4th Duke of Buccleuch and the 6th Duke of Queensberry  24 May 1772London, England, UK I1144
281 Moon, Juliette Rosette  1794London, England, UK I226681
282 Morris, Elizabeth Kate Ellen  1849London, England, UK I260438
283 Mosley (Mosley), Max Rufus   I43514
284 Mountbatten (Hesse - Battenberg Windsor), Lord Ivar Alexander Michael   I247964
285 Mountbatten (Hesse - Battenberg Windsor), Lady Tatiana Helen Georgia   I247971
286 Mowatt (Mowatt), Christian Alexander   I145956
287 Mowatt (Mowatt), Paul Julian   I145954
288 Mowatt (Mowatt), Zenouska May   I145955
289 Murdoch, James   I255739
290 Murdoch, Lachlan   I255738
291 Murray of Dunmore (Murray), Augusta  27 Jan 1768London, England, UK I774
292 Murray of Tweedsmuir (Murray)   I226708
293 Mygind (Mygind of Sandager), Annie Evelyn   I159397
294 Mygind (Mygind of Sandager), Christopher John   I177288
295 Mygind (Mygind of Sandager), Hariette  18 Feb 1954London, England, UK I177302
296 Mygind (Mygind of Sandager), Rina Katharina Elizabeth  4 Jul 1917London, England, UK I159382
297 Mygind (Mygind of Sandager), Timothy Kai   I177315
298 Münster von Derneburg, Martin Valentin, Count von  14 Feb 1934London, England, UK I262107
299 Münster von Derneburg, Peter Cyril Alexander, Baron von Grothaus, Count von   I262106
300 Nachemsohn, Ben Nathan   I136495
301 Nansen (Leidersdorff), Cyril  22 Feb 1905London, England, UK I133109
302 Nathan, Rosalie Elisabeth   I142127
303 Natkiel, Brenda Carol   I142128
304 Northrop, Virginia Anne  1 Jan 1945London, England, UK I255935
305 O'Néill (O'néill), Christopher Paul   I23516
306 Ogilvie of Airlie (Ogilvie), Privy Counsellor, Sir Angus James Bruce  14 Sep 1928London, England, UK I145947
307 Ormsby-Gore (Gore), Honourable Tallulah Sylvia   I267362
308 Ormsby-Gore (Gore), Lord William David the 5th Baron Harlech  20 May 1918London, England, UK I4320
309 Overton, Anthony Ronald   I84706
310 Parry, John  London, England, UK I172313
311 Parry, Muriel Cathrine Lanner  Sep 1912London, England, UK I172449
312 Parsons, Caroline Marianne   I48744
313 Parsons, Francesca Viveva   I48770
314 Peiser, Adelaide  1839London, England, UK I134588
315 Peiser, Esther  1851London, England, UK I134528
316 Peiser, Philip  1841London, England, UK I134548
317 Pinner, Edgar Alfred  10 Sep 1887London, England, UK I133680
318 Plante, Janet Ethel  21 Jul 1883London, England, UK I50443
319 Pritchard, David  10 Mar 1885London, England, UK I44951
320 Prytz (Prytz), John Axel  1876London, England, UK I239259
321 Purkhardt, Calem Jeanne   I141934
322 Raben-Levetzau (Raben), Charlotte, Comtesse   I186377
323 Raben-Levetzau (Raben), Michael Paul, Baron  1 Jun 1930London, England, UK I186378
324 Ramsey of Dalhousie (Ramsey), Alexander Robert Maule  29 May 1881London, England, UK I189626
325 Raphael, Alfred  18 Aug 1835London, England, UK I166375
326 Raphael, Clara  10 Jul 1866London, England, UK I111014
327 Raphael, Ellinor "Ella"  10 Jul 1868London, England, UK I137276
328 Raphael, George Gershon Charles  19 Nov 1836London, England, UK I135200
329 Raphael, Jenny  11 Mar 1830London, England, UK I45682
330 Raphael, Susanne  23 Sep 1876London, England, UK I136659
331 Reece, Eileen "Ellie"  9 Feb 1884London, England, UK I196828
332 Reeh, Elouise Burchardine  15 Dec 1880London, England, UK I95461
333 Reid (Reid), Alexander James   I46319
334 Rellos, Angie   I177067
335 Reventlow (Reventlow), Christian Benedict Frederik, Ruling Count  31 Oct 1915London, England, UK I143629
336 Reventlow (Reventlow), Elisabeth Jutta Frederikke, Comtesse  25 Feb 1847London, England, UK I172153
337 Rosenborg of Denmark (Oldenburg - Rosenborg of 2-2), Josephine, Comtesse of of Line 2-2 (Axel)   I190113
338 Russell (Russell), The UK Prime Minister, Lord John the 1st Earl of Russell  17 Aug 1792London, England, UK I1956
339 Russia (Oldenburg), Paul Dmitriievich Romanovsky-Ilyinsky, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, Grand Duke of  27 Jan 1928London, England, UK I190486
340 Ryan, Martha  Abt 1790London, England, UK I105757
341 Salto, Ann-Marie   I171956
342 Sampson, Alexander Humphredson  1580London, England, UK I114948
343 Sandeman, Timothy Walter   I186503
344 Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (Sayn), Johannes Karl, Prince of   I202716
345 Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (Sayn), Richard Kasimir, Prince of   I202715
346 Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn (Sayn), Alexander Kyril Ludwig Peter Salentin Maria Gabriel, Prince   I243946
347 Schack of Schackenborg (Schack), Werner Didrik, Ruling Count  30 Aug 1922London, England, UK I163774
348 Schlesinger, Arthur Leonard  13 Dec 1892London, England, UK I140546
349 Schlesinger, Robin Arthur   I140545
350 Schlesinger, Wendy Margaret  30 Sep 1923London, England, UK I140544
351 Schou (Schou of Slagelse), Herbert William Døcker  3 Nov 1902London, England, UK I179167
352 Schulenburg (Schulenburg), Fritz-Dietlof, Count von der  5 Sep 1902London, England, UK I223856
353 Searle, Charles  25 Feb 1834London, England, UK I28554
354 Searle, John Talbot  14 May 1837London, England, UK I28560
355 Selby (Selby), Charles Joseph "August", Ruling Baron  24 Oct 1755London, England, UK I115806
356 Shand (Shand), Bruce Middleton Hope  22 Jan 1917London, England, UK I11158
357 Shand (Shand), Mark Roland  28 Jun 1951London, England, UK I22430
358 Sheffield (Sheffield), Honourable Samantha Gwendoline   I210491
359 Shortland, Ceele Ida S  1891London, England, UK I34129
360 Sichel, Allan Herman Nathan  7 Aug 1900London, England, UK I141959
361 Sichel, Ernest Nathan  17 Jan 1902London, England, UK I141931
362 Sichel, Herbert Marcus  17 Oct 1904London, England, UK I141899
363 Sichel, Jan Herbert   I141955
364 Sichel, Jeanet Barbara   I141942
365 Sichel, Patricia Elisabeth   I141879
366 Sichel, Peter Allan   I141951
367 Sichel, Susan   I141885
368 Simonsen, Albert Edward  1858London, England, UK I141083
369 Simonsen, Edith  28 Jun 1853London, England, UK I103333
370 Simonsen, Horace Charles "Harry"  1856London, England, UK I141107
371 Simonsen, Lionel Michael  28 Jan 1849London, England, UK I166377
372 Simonsen, Sidney Martin  1850London, England, UK I141130
373 Simpson, Ernest Louis  London, England, UK I211304
374 Sivers, Cornelia  2 Jan 1705/06London, England, UK I187295
375 Smith, Betty Evelyn   I15547
376 Sparrow, Anne  Abt 1470London, England, UK I41729
377 Spielman (Spielman), Sir Meyer Adam  10 Sep 1856London, England, UK I135055
378 Spooner, Ellen  25 Dec 1867London, England, UK I136367
379 Steensen Leth, Julie Roselys Dagmar   I113380
380 Stevenson, Audry Janet Margreth   I139297
381 Suenson (Suenson), Ebba Maria  15 Aug 1898London, England, UK I165396
382 Sword, Jean Cathrine Dennistoun   I141681
383 Thynne (Thynne), Agatha Lillian  23 Jan 1879London, England, UK I43789
384 Thynne (Thynne), Joan Emily Mary  30 Oct 1872London, England, UK I228052
385 Thynne (Thynne), Lionel Charles  3 Jan 1875London, England, UK I228053
386 Thynne (Thynne), Mary Beryl  1890London, England, UK I228054
387 Toettcher, Niels Peter   I88606
388 Treschow (Treschow), Frederik  23 Dec 1870London, England, UK I193535
389 Tysen, Dorothy  1681London, England, UK I24201
390 Ulrich (Ulrich of Kassel), David George   I119536
391 Ulrich (Ulrich of Kassel), Jytte   I119490
392 Ulrich (Ulrich of Kassel), Jørgen Frederik   I119501
393 Ulrich (Ulrich of Kassel), Stephen   I119512
394 Ulrich (Ulrich of Kassel), Torben   I119525
395 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Wettin-Windsor), Counsellor of State Alexandra Helen Elizabeth Olga Christabel, Princess of   I145942
396 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Wettin-Windsor), Royal Lord Edward Edmund Maximilian George Windsor of the Xxx Baron Downpatrick   I145967
397 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Wettin-Windsor), Counsellor of State, Royal Lord Edward George Nicholas Paul Patrick, Prince of the Duke of Kent   I157887
398 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Wettin-Windsor), Counsellor of State, Privy Counsellor, Royal Lady Elizabeth II "Elizabeth Alexandra Mary" Windsor, Queen of the Duke of Lancaster   I45006
399 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Wettin-Windsor), Royal Lord George Philip Nicholas Windsor of the Earl of St Andrews   I145963
400 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Wettin-Windsor), Lady Isabella Alexandra May Windsor of   I246886
401 United Kingdom of Great Britain, France and Ireland (Gölph), Caroline Mathilda, Princess of  22 Jul 1751London, England, UK I87454
402 Valløe, Knud   I172621
403 Vane-Tempest-Stewart (Stewart), Lady Annabel   I65627
404 Verney (Verney), Harry  8 Dec 1801London, England, UK I9306
405 Vivian (Vivian), Florence Gwyn  23 Nov 1859London, England, UK I200010
406 Wallace (Wallace), John  1737London, England, UK I117981
407 Walpole (Walpole), Lord Horatio "Horace" the 4th Earl of Orford and 3rd Baron Walpole (LGBT)  1717London, England, UK I35906
408 Walpole (Walpole), Maria  3 Jul 1739London, England, UK I469
409 Wapples, Misha   I178521
410 Warburg (Warburg), Audrey Agnes  7 Sep 1910London, England, UK I140539
411 Warburg (Warburg), Beryl Betty  10 Aug 1912London, England, UK I140533
412 Warburg (Warburg), Cynthia Cherry  9 Oct 1914London, England, UK I140528
413 Warburg (Warburg), David John   I140554
414 Warburg (Warburg), Diana Daphne   I140523
415 Warburg (Warburg), Edmund Fredric  22 Mar 1908London, England, UK I140519
416 Warburg (Warburg), Geoffrey John de Bayou  12 Mar 1933London, England, UK I140551
417 Warburg (Warburg), James Widdrington  5 Jan 1911London, England, UK I140518
418 Warburg (Warburg), Jeremy   I140552
419 Warburg (Warburg), Joan Emma Violet  13 Nov 1902London, England, UK I140543
420 Warburg (Warburg), John Cimon  17 Sep 1867London, England, UK I140564
421 Warburg (Warburg), Lilly Anette  29 Dec 1868London, England, UK I174076
422 Warburg (Warburg), Margaret Susan "Peggi"  23 Feb 1900London, England, UK I140550
423 Warburg (Warburg), Maud Viola  30 May 1894London, England, UK I142311
424 Warburg (Warburg), Sir Oscar Emanuel  15 Dec 1879London, England, UK I140521
425 Warburg (Warburg), Robert Oscar "Bob"  9 Nov 1914London, England, UK I140517
426 Warburg (Warburg), Thomas Raphael  23 Jun 1916London, England, UK I140515
427 Warnock, William James   I20197
428 Watson, Sir William  3 Apr 1715London, England, UK I258200
429 Watson, Sir William  1744London, England, UK I258199
430 Westenholz, Anders Tycho  30 Jan 1864London, England, UK I192950
431 Westenholz, Dagmar Helene Graa  12 Aug 1857London, England, UK I192942
432 Westenholz, Eric Scott  19 Jun 1873London, England, UK I192961
433 Westenholz, Johan Anders  25 Nov 1861London, England, UK I192945
434 Westenholz, Johanne Georgine Ellen  15 Dec 1862London, England, UK I192949
435 Westenholz, Maria Graa  10 Aug 1858London, England, UK I192947
436 Westenholz, Marion Severin  20 Mar 1869London, England, UK I192956
437 Westenholz, Regnar Asker  15 Feb 1865London, England, UK I192951
438 Westenholz, Rolf Krake  23 Apr 1866London, England, UK I192955
439 Westenholz, Thomas Frederik  29 Mar 1872London, England, UK I192960
440 Westenholz, Thyra Marie Elisabeth Helene  3 Nov 1860London, England, UK I154773
441 Westergaard, Niels Eric   I131614
442 Western (Western), Anthony James Murray   I28661
443 Western (Western), Donald Murray   I36380
444 Western (Western), Frederick James  24 Feb 1880London, England, UK I38576
445 Western (Western), Janet Evelyn Marigold   I39930
446 Western (Western), Mary Jennifer   I32300
447 Western (Western), Richard Patrick   I37531
448 Western (Western), Susan Gabriel Annette   I38743
449 Wheatley, Herbert John Charles  18 Aug 1919London, England, UK I141928
450 Wichfeld, Ivan Henning de  30 Mar 1919London, England, UK I50361
451 Wichfeld, Viggo Dmitri de  23 Dec 1923London, England, UK I50348
452 Wiggett, Nellie Claire  1877London, England, UK I260703
453 Wilkes, Josephine   I139530
454 Williams, Rev Leonard Alfred  9 Apr 1867London, England, UK I260609
455 Wilson, Rev Theodore Percival  Abt 1819London, England, UK I260360
456 Winkleman, Sophie Lara   I14163
457 Withe, Sebastian  Sep 1591London, England, UK I100761
458 Wood (Wood), Amy  28 Nov 1907London, England, UK I187536
459 Worsøe, Gudrun Doris Vibeke  7 Jan 1902London, England, UK I188196
460 Wyhe, David Van  26 May 1917London, England, UK I136140
461 Wyhe, Samuel Van  9 Jan 1881London, England, UK I136141
462 Wyndham-O'brien (Xxx), Percy  1723London, England, UK I4107
463 Yugoslavia (Karadjordjevic), Dimitrye Karageorgeovitch, Prince of   I550
464 Yugoslavia (Karadjordjevic), Katarine Karageorgeovitch, Princess of   I189521
465 Yugoslavia (Karadjordjevic), Michael Karageorgeovitch, Prince of   I256388
466 Yugoslavia (Karadjordjevic), Nikola Karageorgeovitch, Prince of   I189518


Matches 1 to 206 of 206

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aall, Anthony Jacobson  1737London, England, UK I99721
2 Aall, Benjamin Jacobson  1729London, England, UK I99722
3 Aall, Jacob Nielsen  1717London, England, UK I99724
4 Ahlefeldt (Ahlefeldt), Hilda Kirstine, Comtesse  13 Jan 1926London, England, UK I180694
5 Allerup, Henry  2 Dec 1921London, England, UK I180727
6 Ball, William  15 Oct 1680London, England, UK I213180
7 Barnhard, Rachel  London, England, UK I134589
8 Bass\Basse, Humphrey  4 Jun 1616London, England, UK I272021
9 Beauclerk (Beauclerk), Louisa  1882London, England, UK I220247
10 Beaulieu, Napoléon Alcindor, Baron of  11 Oct 1871London, England, UK I110264
11 Bernard (Bernard), Louisa Catherine  13 Jun 1919London, England, UK I11591
12 Bernhoft (Bernhoft), Harald  London, England, UK I99195
13 Berry (Berry), Kathleen Ruth  1988London, England, UK I196374
14 Bevan, John Henry  3 Dec 1978London, England, UK I10209
15 Bille (Bille), Christian Høyer  13 Jun 1853London, England, UK I114350
16 Bille (Bille), Frants Ernst  10 Jun 1918London, England, UK I42635
17 Bing, Anna Sophie  14 Jan 1936London, England, UK I166376
18 Birnbaum, Gette  29 Mar 1945London, England, UK I14831
19 Bodländer, Charlotte  7 Jan 1993London, England, UK I15070
20 Bouchier, Mary  22 Jul 1616London, England, UK I272041
21 Bourne, John  1609-1610London, England, UK I272350
22 Bowes-Lyon (Lyon), Honourable Anne Ferelith Fenella  26 Sep 1980London, England, UK I149638
23 Bramsen (Bramsen), William Sophus  8 Dec 1881London, England, UK I198289
24 Brandon (Brandon), Lady Suo Jure Frances the 4th Duchess of Suffolk  20 Nov 1559London, England, UK I149697
25 Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (Gölph), Caroline Amalia, Princess of  7 Aug 1821London, England, UK I146003
26 Bruce (Bruce), Lord Edward the 1st Baron Kinloss  14 Jan 1610/11London, England, UK I204913
27 Brudenell-Bruce (Bruce), Lord Charles Frederick  31 May 1936London, England, UK I253146
28 Brøchner (Brøchner), Georg  1933London, England, UK I195207
29 Butler of Butler (Butler), Chief, Lord Edmund the Earl of Carrick  12 Sep 1321London, England, UK I207580
30 Butler of Polestown and Roscrea (Butler), James  28 Oct 1546London, England, UK I8064
31 Bülow (Bülow of Bjørnemose - Bülow), Jonna von  11 Nov 1959London, England, UK I121395
32 Cameron of Fassifern (Cameron), Alexander Patrick of Ardshiel  3 Mar 1919London, England, UK I258519
33 Cameron of Fassifern (Cameron), Sir Ewen  10 Dec 1908London, England, UK I32566
34 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron), Diana  17 Jun 1805London, England, UK I217800
35 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron), Emma Georgina  4 May 1948London, England, UK I260340
36 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron), Henry Dundas  Dec 1791London, England, UK I217797
37 Chamberlain (Chamberlain), Sir Joseph Austen  17 Mar 1937London, England, UK I219837
38 Christensen, Charles Henrik  1 Dec 1940London, England, UK I167060
39 Cornelius-Wheeler, Sir Selwyn Charles  4 Jul 2008London, England, UK I248935
40 Courtauld, Edith Mary  Abt 1934London, England, UK I90245
41 Crockett, Dorothy Margaret  19 Nov 1945London, England, UK I260267
42 Cuny, Laetitia Pryce  25 Jan 1849London, England, UK I260456
43 Cushman, Robert  Jan 1624/25London, England, UK I272069
44 Danneskiold-Samsøe (Gyldenløve Moth - Danneskiold-Samsøe), Mary, Comtesse of  11 Apr 1964London, England, UK I164290
45 Davidsen, Edwin  1963London, England, UK I136396
46 Davis (Davis), Sidney Myring  29 Aug 1944London, England, UK I224038
47 Denmark (Oldenburg - Glücksburg), George "Georg Valdemar Carl Axel", Prince of  29 Sep 1986London, England, UK I40490
48 Despencer (Despencer), Eleanor le  30 Sep 1328London, England, UK I274151
49 Dessauer, Alfred Frederic  1919London, England, UK I139658
50 Douglas-Hamilton (Douglas), Lord Alexander the 10th Duke of Hamilton  18 Aug 1852London, England, UK I7049
51 Eden (Eden), Sir William the 7th Baronet Eden of West Auckland and the 5th Baronet Eden of Maryland  31 Jan 1915London, England, UK I1975
52 England (Plantagenet), Beatrice, Princess of  24 Mar 1275London, England, UK I208724
53 England (Plantagenet), Edward V, King of  1483London, England, UK I202819
54 England (Plantagenet), Isabella, Princess of  1396London, England, UK I208758
55 England (Tudor), Elizabeth I, Queen of Queen of England  23 Mar 1602/03London, England, UK I14103
56 England (Wessex), Edmund II "Ironside", King of  30 Nov 1016London, England, UK I208028
57 England (Wessex), Ethelred II, King of  23 Apr 1016London, England, UK I208027
58 Erskine of Erskine (Erskine), Lord James the 1st Baron Grange  24 Jan 1754London, England, UK I215263
59 Faber, Edmund David  26 Feb 1907London, England, UK I24340
60 Faber, Jørgen  5 Jun 1903London, England, UK I189210
61 Fairbrother, Charles Manners Sutton  14 Mar 1901London, England, UK I11590
62 Fitzgeorge (Gölph), Sir Adolphus Augustus Frederick  17 Dec 1922London, England, UK I208
63 Fitzroy (Fitzroy of B), Lady Charlotte  17 Feb 1717/18London, England, UK I1961
64 Fleming of Dundee (Fleming), Honourable Catherine Elizabeth  1767London, England, UK I226766
65 Fleming of Dundee (Fleming), Honourable Hargrave William  1763London, England, UK I226765
66 Fleming of Dundee (Fleming), Sir John the 1st Baronet Fleming of Brompton Park  5 Nov 1763London, England, UK I220966
67 Fleming of Dundee (Fleming), Honourable Margaret Mary  1769London, England, UK I226767
68 France (Capét), John II "Good" de Valois, King of  8 Apr 1364London, England, UK I208524
69 Fridericia, Julius Ludvig  7 Jul 1900London, England, UK I174169
70 Fridericia, Rosalie Beatrice  Mar 1921London, England, UK I136770
71 Gestetner (Gestetner), Jacob  Dec 1951London, England, UK I14828
72 Gestetner (Gestetner), Marie Phoebe  30 Dec 1989London, England, UK I14819
73 Gestetner (Gestetner), Ruth  31 Dec 1979London, England, UK I14821
74 Gestetner (Gestetner), Sigmund  19 Apr 1956London, England, UK I14801
75 Gill, Ruth Sylvia  6 Jul 1993London, England, UK I76023
76 Gordon of Gordon (Gordon), Lord John de Strathbogie the Xxx Earl of Atholl  7 Nov 1306London, England, UK I214977
77 Gordon of Haddo (Gordon), Lady Catherine  10 Dec 1799London, England, UK I23431
78 Gordon of Huntly (Seton), Lord Cosmo George the 3rd Duke of Gordon  5 Aug 1752London, England, UK I23432
79 Graham (Graham), Katharine Jane de  29 Jun 1954London, England, UK I177125
80 Greece (Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Ekaterini "Katharina", Princess To Denmark and Princess of  2 Oct 2007London, England, UK I188595
81 Greece (Oldenburg - Glücksburg), Peter, Prince To Denmark and Prince of  15 Oct 1980London, England, UK I189536
82 Grevenkop-Castenskiold (Castenschiold), Henrik  28 Aug 1921London, England, UK I153914
83 Hagerup Gyldenpalm, Severin Anton Christian Eilersen  22 Mar 1803London, England, UK I110704
84 Halckett, Emily Alice, Baroness von  2 Mar 1909London, England, UK I22592
85 Hambro (Hambro), Joseph  3 Oct 1848London, England, UK I75682
86 Harrison (Harrison), Louisa  London, England, UK I99183
87 Hauen, Reinhardt Mac Van  13 Apr 1975London, England, UK I192040
88 Hepburn-Stewart-Forbes-Trefusis (Xxx), Lord Charles John Robert the 21st Baron Clinton  5 Jul 1957London, England, UK I26609
89 Hobart (Hobart), Lady Vere Catherine Louisa  15 Nov 1888London, England, UK I20069
90 Holden, Sophia Jane  3 Feb 1920London, England, UK I11595
91 Holm (Holm of Holmstrand), Julius Engelbrecht  17 Jan 1961London, England, UK I156657
92 Högquist (Bernadotte), Hjalmar  1874London, England, UK I264729
93 Høyrup (Høyrup), Anna Christine Frederikke Nielsen  22 May 1907London, England, UK I188892
94 Ingerslev (Ingerslev), Christian Frederik Aage  11 Apr 1928London, England, UK I18661
95 Jæger, Thomas Martin  2004London, England, UK I244459
96 Kaae, Alexander Peter  25 May 1868London, England, UK I101202
97 Kennedy, Agnes Raffaelle  28 Dec 1993London, England, UK I252523
98 Krag-Juel-Vind-Friis (Vind), Anne Margrethe "Daisy", Comtesse  12 Jan 1917London, England, UK I162572
99 Kästel, Alba Christine  9 Jun 1981London, England, UK I244462
100 Landorph (Lassen of Hejls), Ejner Lassen  27 Feb 1934London, England, UK I192511
101 Lanner, Catharina Josepha "Katti"  15 Nov 1908London, England, UK I161686
102 Lanner, Clara Geraldini  1 Jan 1965London, England, UK I172179
103 Lenzberg, Hermine Friederike "Hertha"  22 Aug 1988London, England, UK I254531
104 Levita (Levita), Sir Emile George Charles  21 Jul 1909London, England, UK I32585
105 Levy, Julie  21 Dec 1916London, England, UK I179239
106 Littlejohn, Edward Sydney  24 June 1940London, England, UK I224814
107 Lofthouse, Jessie  14 Nov 1932London, England, UK I195256
108 Lunzer, Raphael Alan  25 Apr 1999London, England, UK I14835
109 MacDonell of Antrim (Kerr), Lady Jane Grey  27 Aug 1953London, England, UK I26608
110 MacGregor of Inneregny (MacGregor), William Bernhard Coleman  1788London, England, UK I107748
111 MacKenzie of Kilcoy (MacKenzie), Sir Ewen the Xxx Baronet  12 Dec 1883London, England, UK I32288
112 MacKerrell (MacKerrell), Henrietta Eliza Cathcart  10 Feb 1934London, England, UK I173103
113 Madsen, Vilhelmine Mathilde  27 May 1937London, England, UK I270346
114 Mandeville (Mandeville), Geoffrey  23 Feb 1216London, England, UK I210546
115 Martin, Edward Brooke  14 Jan 1894London, England, UK I188893
116 Merivale, John Herman "Jack"  6 Feb 1990London, England, UK I223599
117 Metz, Elisabeth Else Fuglede  31 Mar 1918London, England, UK I136143
118 Metz, Philip  1915London, England, UK I137117
119 Meyer, Meyer Raphael  London, England, UK I136374
120 Michelsen, Erasmine Nicoline Gunhild  22 Mar 1920London, England, UK I181116
121 Morgan, Charles William Julius  28 Aug 1923London, England, UK I180716
122 Mote, Joan de la  29 Jun 1375London, England, UK I210767
123 Mygind (Mygind of Sandager), Hariette  20 Jun 1954London, England, UK I177302
124 Mygind (Mygind of Sandager), Kai Laurits  19 Sep 1941London, England, UK I155929
125 Myhre, Ejnar  6 Jun 1952London, England, UK I42451
126 Münster von Derneburg, Martin Valentin, Count von  14 Jul 1935London, England, UK I262107
127 Neville (Neville), John de 3rd Baron Latimer  2 Mar 1543London, England, UK I268570
128 Ogilvie of Airlie (Ogilvie), Privy Counsellor, Sir Angus James Bruce  26 Dec 2004London, England, UK I145947
129 Palmer-Tomkinson (Tomkinson), Tara  8 Feb 2017London, England, UK I268302
130 Parry, Muriel Cathrine Lanner  14 Mar 1988London, England, UK I172449
131 Peiser, Wulff  1851London, England, UK I134590
132 Philip-Sørensen, Nils Jørgen  18 Jan 2010London, England, UK I67005
133 Plejesen, Cora de Meer"Lanner"  13 Jul 1944London, England, UK I171766
134 Portugal (Bragança-Saxe-Weimar-Gotha-Coburg-Koháry), Manuel II, King of King of Portugal  2 Jul 1932London, England, UK I274610
135 Prytz (Prytz), Gustaf Rudolf Adolfsson  1913London, England, UK I239257
136 Qvist, Ingeborg  1 Nov 1851London, England, UK I150876
137 Raphael, Charles  1896London, England, UK I136769
138 Raphael, Emma Jane  27 Jan 1925London, England, UK I140898
139 Raphael, John  1877London, England, UK I45663
140 Raphael, John Nathan  Feb 1916London, England, UK I136663
141 Rau, Leo Jacob  4 Apr 1964London, England, UK I14860
142 Reventlow (Reventlow), Malvina Louise Anna, Comtesse  28 Aug 1857London, England, UK I17216
143 Romania (Hohenzollern), Mircea Grigore Carol Lambrino, Prince of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, Prince of  27 Jan 2006London, England, UK I44245
144 Rosenborg of Denmark (Oldenburg - Rosenborg of 1-2), Christian "Christian Edward Valdemar Jean Frederik Peter", Count of of Line 1-2 (Erik)  25 Mar 1997London, England, UK I34135
145 Ross, John  Abt 1874London, England, UK I259872
146 Russia (Oldenburg), Vsevolod Ivanovich, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, Prince of  18 Jun 1973London, England, UK I181572
147 Ruuth, Henrik  1684London, England, UK I236114
148 Scheele (Scheele of Schwabstedt), Claus Erik  1920London, England, UK I31056
149 Schiff, Emma  1844London, England, UK I45649
150 Schmidtke, Herman Heinrich  Abt 1992London, England, UK I232271
151 Scott of Monmouth (Crofts), Lord James the Earl of Dalkeith  14 Mar 1703/04London, England, UK I23966
152 Searle, John  Dec 1845London, England, UK I28532
153 Sehested of Broholm (Sehested), Mogens  11 May 1913London, England, UK I168403
154 Seymour (Seymour), Lady Elizabeth  2 Apr 1734London, England, UK I74437
155 Seymour (Seymour), Sir George Francis  20 Jan 1870London, England, UK I74490
156 Shewell, Ann  7 Nov 1908London, England, UK I260428
157 Sichel, Violet Amalia  20 Jul 1925London, England, UK I140563
158 Simonsen, Michael Ludvig  1864London, England, UK I172804
159 Simpson, Ernest Aldrich  30 Nov 1958London, England, UK I189616
160 Solomon  London, England, UK I211306
161 Spencer (Spencer of England), Lord Edward James the 8th Earl Spencer  29 Mar 1992London, England, UK I15273
162 Spencer-Churchill (Spencer), Lord John Winston the 7th Duke of Marlborough  5 Jul 1883London, England, UK I14092
163 Sponneck, Carl Valdemar, Imperial Count von  19 Aug 1944London, England, UK I148255
164 St Amory (Brøchner), Archibald Hingberg Brøchner  2 Dec 1963London, England, UK I43876
165 Stephensen, Astrid Vogelius  19 Aug 1944London, England, UK I213034
166 Stewart of Baldorran (Steuart-Stewart-Stuart), Lord Charles the 1st/5th/14th Earl of Lennox  1576London, England, UK I74344
167 Stewart of Galloway (Steuart-Stewart-Stuart), Lady Jane  12 Oct 1844London, England, UK I1950
168 Stourton (Stourton), Lady Catherine  25 Nov 1521London, England, UK I16137
169 Suhr (Suhr), Ane "Anna" Dorothea  13 Mar 1908London, England, UK I135901
170 Svensson, Ingrid Sessa Linnea  16 Mar 2003London, England, UK I82696
171 Swift (Swift), Mabel le Florence  3 Feb 1933London, England, UK I191430
172 Talbot (Talbot of England), Lord Richard the 4th Baron Talbot  9 Sep 1396London, England, UK I209249
173 Taylor (Taylor), Bridges  23 Dec 1896London, England, UK I159095
174 Thynne (Thynne), John Charles  11 Mar 1918London, England, UK I43788
175 Trier, Georg Frederik  30 Oct 1929London, England, UK I117314
176 Troensegaard-Hansen, Christian Rasmus  7 Nov 1918London, England, UK I156918
177 Trost, Søren Oluf Emil Therkelsen  26 Oct 1927London, England, UK I172214
178 Trygved, Jørgen Trygve  25 Mar 2006London, England, UK I103606
179 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Wettin-Windsor), Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria Saxe-Coburg-Saafeld, Princess of  20 Nov 1938London, England, UK I157942
180 United Kingdom of Great Britain, France and Ireland (Gölph), Privy Counsellor, Royal Lord William-Augustus, Prince of the Duke of Cumberland  31 Oct 1765London, England, UK I145987
181 Vere (Vere), Aubrey II de  15 May 1141London, England, UK I210663
182 Wahl, Anthony Nicholas Maria  13 Sep 1996London, England, UK I248904
183 Wallace, James Wickham  17 Sep 1980London, England, UK I285606
184 Walrond, Frances  1716London, England, UK I100428
185 Walters, Catherine "Skittles"  4 Aug 1920London, England, UK I226943
186 Warburg (Warburg), Frederik Elias "Fredric"  9 Feb 1899London, England, UK I140899
187 Warburg (Warburg), Fredric Samuel  15 Feb 1922London, England, UK I140541
188 Warburg (Warburg), Geoffrey John de Bayou  13 Mar 1933London, England, UK I140551
189 Warburg (Warburg), John Cimon  3 Dec 1931London, England, UK I140564
190 Ware, Gordon Percy  29 Sep 1943London, England, UK I140376
191 Warenne of Warenne (Warenne), Lord William de the 5th Earl of Surrey  27 May 1240London, England, UK I208264
192 Watson, Sir William  10 May 1787London, England, UK I258200
193 Watson (Watson), Cecilie  1974London, England, UK I167767
194 Welles (Welles), Lord John the 7th Baron Welles  9 Feb 1499London, England, UK I33676
195 Wernher (Wernher), Sir Julius the 1st Baronet Wernher  21 May 1912London, England, UK I247918
196 Westenholz, Dagmar Helene Graa  20 Jul 1860London, England, UK I192942
197 Westenholz, Johan Anders  2 Jan 1863London, England, UK I192945
198 Westenholz, Maria Graa  31 Oct 1858London, England, UK I192947
199 Westenholz, Marion Severin  1937London, England, UK I192956
200 Westermann, Johan Andreas  London, England, UK I139864
201 Westermann, John Theodor Carl  London, England, UK I139700
202 Westermann, Julie Charlotte Ida  London, England, UK I139699
203 Wichfeld, Viggo Dmitri de  1 Jun 1994London, England, UK I50348
204 Wolff, Addie  15 May 1949London, England, UK I249200
205 Wortley (Wortley), Eleanore  20 Jan 1666/67London, England, UK I14409
206 Zabriskie, Sarah Augusta  23 Feb 1928London, England, UK I47641


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Berry (Berry), Kathleen Ruth  London, England, UK I196374
2 Marshal, William  1219London, England, UK I208579


Matches 1 to 174 of 174

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Abrahamson, Abraham "Arnold"  London, England, UK I160924
2 Albinus, Nikolaj   I155401
3 Allerup, Henry  London, England, UK I180727
4 Atlung, Botvid   I142446
5 Barnett, George Augustius  London, England, UK I191543
6 Baron, Saskia Lilian   I177237
7 Barsøe, Anne Marie   I199692
8 Bendixon, Bertram Evelyn  London, England, UK I140419
9 Bendixon, Detlev Harald  London, England, UK I140429
10 Bendixon, Harald Ivar Sylvester  London, England, UK I140423
11 Benzon (Benzon), Jørgen   I132881
12 Benzon of Aagaard (Benzon), Carl Hartvig Herman von  London, England, UK I165159
13 Benzon of Aagaard (Benzon), Eugène St George Clarence von  London, England, UK I165157
14 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte), Carl Johan Arthur, Duke of Dalarna, Count  London, England, UK I191253
15 Berner (Berner), Camilla Louise   I158760
16 Bertouch (Bertouch), Ernst Rudolph, Baron of  London, England, UK I176983
17 Bondesen, Regitze   I175869
18 Bramsen (Bramsen), William Sophus  London, England, UK I198289
19 Brockenhuus-Schack, Inger Dagmar, Comtesse   I145163
20 Brun (Brun of Wismar), Casper Constantin   I82387
21 Brun (Brun of Wismar), Johann Constantin   I82376
22 Brun (Kristensen), Anne Marie   I45806
23 Bushill, John David   I158292
24 Bülow (Borberg), Claus Cecil Borberg von   I121372
25 Cameron of Fassifern (Cameron), Sir Ewen  London, England, UK I32566
26 Carstensen, Ove Brun  London, England, UK I170201
27 Christensen, Vagn  London, England, UK I146532
28 Clark (Clark), Felix Francis Gordon  London, England, UK I140416
29 Cohn (Cohn of Denmark), Ernst Henrico  London, England, UK I130840
30 Comins, Thomas Edward  London, England, UK I187730
31 Conte, Perico  London, England, UK I18662
32 Deléne  London, England, UK I83143
33 Dinesen (Dinesen), Hans Vincent  London, England, UK I65984
34 Douglas of Friarshaw (Douglas), James  London, England, UK I246198
35 Dreyer, Carl Otto  London, England, UK I17544
36 Fawcett, Peter Ernst Sandford   I46305
37 Fithen, Guy   I157980
38 Frølich (Frølich), Jacob "James"  London, England, UK I179521
39 Frølund, Sven Frode   I150951
40 Geijer, William Adam Valdemar Gustaf von  London, England, UK I140126
41 Gittins, Nicholas Johan   I154471
42 Glarbro, Marie Louise Kampmann  London, England, UK I138504
43 Gordon (Gordon), Thomas Shepheard  London, England, UK I166623
44 Grevenkop-Castenskiold (Castenschiold), Henrik  London, England, UK I153914
45 Grube, Claus   I14585
46 Grut (Grut), Maximilian Saemus Rolf   I158523
47 Grut (Grut), Nils Peter   I46380
48 Grut (Grut), Oscar Kolya Meisen   I171717
49 Hammond, William  London, England, UK I103953
50 Hardy (Hardy), Arthur Reginald Meyer  London, England, UK I136368
51 Hardy (Hardy), Robert Meyer  London, England, UK I136372
52 Harmer, Dennis   I160405
53 Hauen, Anne-Sophie Van   I117213
54 Hauen, Louise Haslund Van   I17710
55 Heaton, Louis Michael   I179660
56 Helweg, Jakob Heinrich  London, England, UK I199564
57 Heyman, Allan   I162000
58 Hikins, Samuel  London, England, UK I111807
59 Holten of Oberndorf (Holten), Sofus Emil von  London, England, UK I165660
60 Husum, Carl Oscar  London, England, UK I166510
61 Høgsbro, Odin   I157122
62 Høgsbro, Sigurd   I157120
63 Ingerslev (Ingerslev), Christian Frederik Aage  London, England, UK I18661
64 Ingerslev (Ingerslev), Eric  London, England, UK I18672
65 Islef, Adam Christian Falk   I182264
66 Islef, Charlotte Therese   I182263
67 Islef, Lennart Falk   I182261
68 Jackson, Donald Utke  London, England, UK I129380
69 Jacobsen, Bernhard Holger  London, England, UK I133172
70 Jensen, Niels Max  London, England, UK I178344
71 Jessel, Albert Henry  London, England, UK I137277
72 Jessel, Robert William Albert  London, England, UK I140538
73 Kane, Gelbraith   I150310
74 Kidd (Kidd), Peter John   I201791
75 Kier, Olaf  London, England, UK I170464
76 Krag-Juel-Vind-Friis (Vind), Else, Comtesse  London, England, UK I144506
77 Landorph (Lassen of Hejls), Ejner Lassen  London, England, UK I192511
78 Lascelles (Lascelles), Sir Alan Frederick "Tommy"  London, England, UK I266806
79 Lassen, Jens Jacob  London, England, UK I197827
80 Lassen (Lassen of Hejls), Anders Frederik Emil Victor Schau  London, England, UK I163857
81 Lerche-Lerchenborg (Lerche), Flemming Georg, Baron   I152865
82 Levin, Ib Hardy   I161997
83 Levin, Joseph Sophus  London, England, UK I137521
84 Lockhart (Lockhart), Anthony  London, England, UK I25477
85 Lotz (Lotz), Jørgen  London, England, UK I173775
86 Lowzow (Lowzow), Regitze Beatrice von   I147494
87 Lüttichau (Lüttichau), Christian Ditlev von  London, England, UK I147681
88 MacGowan (MacGowan), Lord Harry Duncan the 1st Baron Macgowan  London, England, UK I227982
89 MacGregor of Inneregny (MacGregor), Honourable Alexander Coleman the 14th Laird of Glenstrae and the 11th Laird of Inverenzie  London, England, UK I198830
90 MacKenzie-Mann (Xxx), Keith   I172411
91 Madsen (Madsen), Jacob Sten   I179129
92 Madsen-Mygdal, Johannes  London, England, UK I156679
93 Malcolm (Malcolm), Geoffrey Hugh   I201918
94 Marshall, Horace Brooks  London, England, UK I287838
95 Marshall (Marshall), The Lord Mayor of London, Lord Horace Brooks the 1st Baron Marshall of Chipstead  London, England, UK I287900
96 Martin, Edward Brooke  London, England, UK I188893
97 Martin-Bird, George Nigel  London, England, UK I45213
98 Messer, Charles Heathcote Wilson  London, England, UK I102618
99 Messer, Mary Susan   I47143
100 Metz, Philip  London, England, UK I137117
101 Meyer, Meyer Raphael  London, England, UK I136374
102 Meyer, Otto Emil  London, England, UK I136851
103 Moltke-Huitfeldt of Bregentved (Moltke), Elisabeth Marie, Comtesse   I163085
104 Morgan, Charles William Julius  London, England, UK I180716
105 Munck, Jens Aske   I201393
106 Mygind (Mygind of Sandager), Hans Holger Sidney   I159410
107 Mygind (Mygind of Sandager), Kai Laurits  London, England, UK I155929
108 Møller, Axel  London, England, UK I54296
109 Nachemsohn, Jacob  London, England, UK I136498
110 Nielsen, Dorte   I148388
111 Nielsen, Sven Hede  London, England, UK I34141
112 Nielsen (Bonde Nielsen), Birgitte Margrethe Bonde   I146405
113 Nielsen (Bonde Nielsen), Jan Niels Bonde   I83187
114 Nielsen (Bonde Nielsen), Marie Louise Bonde   I146391
115 Olufsen, Morten Ole Mærsk Mc-Kinney   I113574
116 Panduro, Henny Johanne Dorothea  London, England, UK I142233
117 Pearson, Charles Anthony   I175182
118 Petterøe, Christen Petrus  London, England, UK I212084
119 Philip-Sørensen, Sven   I66993
120 Picciotto, Michael de   I117212
121 Raphael, Alfred  London, England, UK I166375
122 Raphael, Charles  London, England, UK I136769
123 Raphael, Francis Charles  London, England, UK I136661
124 Raphael, George Gershon Charles  London, England, UK I135200
125 Raphael, John  London, England, UK I45663
126 Rasmussen, Søren Peter  London, England, UK I48013
127 Reedtz-Thott (Reedtz), Caroline Else Ingeborg, Baroness   I160964
128 Reventlow (Reventlow), Frederik Detlev, Count  London, England, UK I86346
129 Ringsted, Peter Vibe   I161990
130 Rosenkrantz (Rosenkrantz), Arild, Baron  London, England, UK I148144
131 Rottbøll (Rottbøll), Christian Michael  London, England, UK I75761
132 Sandeman, Timothy Walter   I186503
133 Scheel (Skeel), Ove Vilhelm, Count  London, England, UK I24991
134 Schlesinger, Arthur Leonard  London, England, UK I140546
135 Schmiegelow, Gordon  London, England, UK I175126
136 Scoular, Robert  London, England, UK I138110
137 Sehested of Broholm (Sehested), Mogens  London, England, UK I168403
138 Sejer-Hansen, Marina   I17551
139 Sichel, Allan Herman Nathan  London, England, UK I141959
140 Sichel, Herbert Marcus  London, England, UK I141899
141 Sichel, Herman Marcus Nathan  London, England, UK I118465
142 Simonsen, Michael Ludvig  London, England, UK I172804
143 Simonsen (Simonsen), Sir John Lionel  London, England, UK I141312
144 Smith, Stanley Gilbert Franklyn   I15548
145 Smith-Laittan, Emily Kathryn Celia   I171724
146 Smith-Laittan, Fiona Mary Caroline   I171723
147 Smith-Laittan, James   I171722
148 Spielman (Spielman), Sir Meyer Adam  London, England, UK I135055
149 Sthyr, Knud Selgen  London, England, UK I200208
150 Strøbech, Mette   I185282
151 Taylor (Taylor), Cecil  London, England, UK I159007
152 Treschow (Treschow), Stephan Nicolaus   I79491
153 Trost, Søren Oluf Emil Therkelsen  London, England, UK I172214
154 Trygved, Jørgen Trygve  London, England, UK I103606
155 Wadsted, Maria Bengtsson  London, England, UK I20292
156 Walker, Richard  London, England, UK I164216
157 Walterstorff, Harald von  London, England, UK I76014
158 Warburg (Warburg), Agnes Beatrice  London, England, UK I140542
159 Warburg (Warburg), Edward Martin  London, England, UK I164440
160 Warburg (Warburg), Frederik Elias "Fredric"  London, England, UK I140899
161 Warburg (Warburg), Fredric John  London, England, UK I140557
162 Warburg (Warburg), Fredric Samuel  London, England, UK I140541
163 Warburg (Warburg), Joan Emma Violet  London, England, UK I140543
164 Warburg (Warburg), Sir Oscar Emanuel  London, England, UK I140521
165 Warburg (Warburg), Siegmund Georg  London, England, UK I140289
166 Ware, Gordon Percy  London, England, UK I140376
167 Welch, David Harding   I159812
168 Westenholz, Anders Tycho  London, England, UK I192950
169 Westergaard, Otto Ludvig Blædel  London, England, UK I45836
170 Westergaard, Steffen  London, England, UK I131612
171 Westermann, Johan Andreas  London, England, UK I139864
172 Wood (Wood), Frederick C  London, England, UK I187539
173 Wulff, Johan Christen  London, England, UK I174687
174 Zobel (Zobel), Hermann Heinrich Christian  London, England, UK I14900


Matches 1 to 129 of 129

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Abrahamson / Jongh  26 Aug 1863London, England, UK F67409
2 Adams / Grut (Grut)   F115614
3 Adams / Johnson  26 Jul 1797London, England, UK F112190
4 Adler / Raphael  19 Dec 1849London, England, UK F20474
5 Adlington / Barton   F12593
6 Ammentorp / Giersing  1 May 1920London, England, UK F61175
7 Askew / Rank (Rank of UK)  Apr 1909London, England, UK F119098
8 Balfour (Balfour) / Yugoslavia (Karadjordjevic)   F80168
9 Ball / Atherold  2 Jul 1638London, England, UK F88172
10 Beauclerk (Beauclerk) / Northamp   F92281
11 Beauclerk (Beauclerk) / Tollemache (Manners)  15 Aug 1802London, England, UK F92120
12 Bendixon / Forwood  6 Dec 1926London, England, UK F57976
13 Bendixon / Johnson  15 Sep 1898London, England, UK F57977
14 Bendixon / Palgrave  8 Aug 1931London, England, UK F57974
15 Berestford / Harvey  Abt 1608London, England, UK F88174
16 Bernadotte of Wisborg (Bernadotte) / Nissvandt  11 Mar 1932London, England, UK F37865
17 Bernstorff of Bernstorff (Bernstorff) / Lambart (Lambart)   F69038
18 Berry (Berry) / Muir (Muir)  24 May 1883London, England, UK F82338
19 Bertouch-Lehn (Bertouch) / O'Brien (O'brien)  9 Dec 1930London, England, UK F64066
20 Blixen-Finecke (Blixen-Finecke) / Hetherington   F66428
21 Bowes-Lyon (Lyon) / Osborne (Osborne)  21 Nov 1908London, England, UK F43739
22 Brammer (Brammer) / Herskind  3 Oct 1901London, England, UK F78397
23 Brockdorff (Brockdorff) / Sillem  4 Nov 1935London, England, UK F65123
24 Brun (Brun of Wismar) / Kellett   F75994
25 Busch / Uphus   F81805
26 Butler of Polestown and Roscrea (Butler) / Sheffield (Sheffield)  19 Nov 1582London, England, UK F4769
27 Cameron of Fassifern (Cameron) / Levita (Levita)  17 Dec 1930London, England, UK F16997
28 Cameron of Fassifern (Cameron) / MacNeill  21 Apr 1891London, England, UK F107467
29 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron) / Morris  10 Feb 1872London, England, UK F108071
30 Cameron of Lochiel (Cameron) / Peterson  1873London, England, UK F107729
31 Cameron-Ramsay-Fairfax-Lucy (Cameron) / King  4 Mar 1930London, England, UK F107459
32 Castenschiold (Castenschiold) / Meinert  4 Aug 1900London, England, UK F61278
33 Clark (Clark) / Bendixon  29 Aug 1931London, England, UK F57972
34 Cromwell (Cromwell) / Bourchier (Bourchier)  22 Aug 1620London, England, UK F20180
35 Danneskiold-Samsøe (Gyldenløve Moth - Danneskiold-Samsøe) / Gordon (Gordon)  30 Mar 1906London, England, UK F68050
36 Das / Broms  16 Dec 1938London, England, UK F57957
37 Deurs (Deurs) / Ryan  1821London, England, UK F46600
38 Diederichsen / Hellemann  15 Sep 1868London, England, UK F32927
39 Dunér / Blixen-Finecke (Blixen-Finecke)   F66417
40 Edwardsen / Neergaard of Gunderslevholm (Neergaard)  23 Aug 1948London, England, UK F76648
41 Eve / Rank (Rank of UK)  8 Mar 1946London, England, UK F119099
42 Faber / Jones  30 Dec 1902London, England, UK F35014
43 Fellows (Fellows) / Spencer (Spencer of England)   F44527
44 Fox-Strangways (Fox) / Ward (Ward)  Apr 1931London, England, UK F108632
45 Gestetner (Gestetner) / Lazarus  18 Aug 1885London, England, UK F18027
46 Glückstadt / Jensen  9 Mar 1900London, England, UK F55462
47 Greece (Oldenburg - Glücksburg) / Miller   F23190
48 Grut (Grut) / Johnstone (Johnstone)   F66220
49 Halkier / Taylor (Taylor)  3 Jun 1862London, England, UK F75362
50 Hansen / Hall  Aug 1886London, England, UK F59616
51 Hardy (Hardy) / Spooner  11 Dec 1889London, England, UK F56633
52 Harris / Sichel   F58454
53 Hepburn-Stewart-Forbes-Trefusis (Xxx) / MacDonell of Antrim (Kerr)  1 Jun 1886London, England, UK F43948
54 Hervey (Hervey) / Wentworth-Fitzwilliam (Fitzwilliam)   F93628
55 Holter / Bramsen (Bramsen)  17 Sep 1942London, England, UK F39672
56 Jansen Heeze / Henley  26 Jan 1697/98London, England, UK F11740
57 Jessel / Raphael  17 Jun 1889London, England, UK F56925
58 Jessel / Warburg (Warburg)  5 Feb 1935London, England, UK F58013
59 Jorck-Jorckston / Hewet  23 Apr 1919London, England, UK F39112
60 Juncker / Rohde  4 May 1945London, England, UK F52415
61 Kennard (Kennard) / Wernher (Wernher)  Dec 1992London, England, UK F102480
62 Knuth of Knuthenborg (Knuth) / Kristensen  31 Jul 1965London, England, UK F57826
63 Lamb (Lamb) / Milbanke (Milbanke)  13 Apr 1769London, England, UK F91889
64 Lascelles (Lascelles) / Baylis   F80226
65 Levita (Levita) / Cooper (Cooper)  19 Dec 1903London, England, UK F16996
66 Levy / Gavaron  25 Apr 1865London, England, UK F56044
67 Lindhard / Brown  7 Jun 1947London, England, UK F91280
68 Lloyd-Anstruther (Anstruther) / Fitzroy (Fitzroy)  5 Jul 1871London, England, UK F104463
69 Malcolm (Malcolm) / Bernhoft (Bernhoft)   F46139
70 Malling (Malling of Pøel) / Hedley  9 Mar 1882London, England, UK F2321
71 Mannheimer / Ames  22 Sep 1936London, England, UK F57906
72 Marshal / Clare (Clare)  Aug 1189London, England, UK F85973
73 Melchior / Raphael  2 Nov 1887London, England, UK F48154
74 Meyer / Stevenson   F57587
75 Middelboe / Comins  30 Aug 1917London, England, UK F58209
76 Morgan / Ahlefeldt (Ahlefeldt)  2 Sep 1922London, England, UK F76022
77 Mountbatten (Hesse - Battenberg Windsor) / Walker   F723
78 Müller / Friis (Friis of Ribe)  31 May 1926London, England, UK F38894
79 Münster von Derneburg / Ward (Ward)  10 Dec 1929London, England, UK F108634
80 Nathan / Natkiel   F58518
81 Olivarius (Olivarius) / Charr  26 May 1817London, England, UK F96015
82 Parry / Lanner  1902London, England, UK F72481
83 Patiño Y Rodríguez / Rivera Y Digeon  8 Jan 1960London, England, UK F32036
84 Paus / Corneliusen  17 Mar 1944London, England, UK F109491
85 Philips / Wernher (Wernher)  10 Oct 1944London, England, UK F76125
86 Philipson / Warburg (Warburg)  20 Oct 1897London, England, UK F70328
87 Pininski / Badeni   F107999
88 Quintana / Greece (Oldenburg - Glücksburg)   F24135
89 Reuss-Köstritz (Reuss) / Sawyer  12 Oct 1908London, England, UK F9729
90 Ringsted / Tillisch (Tillisch)   F67963
91 Roosevelt (Roosevelt) / Carow  2 Dec 1886London, England, UK F1024
92 Ruffer / Ulrich (Ulrich of Kassel)   F57589
93 Salto / Dunker  30 Jun 1948London, England, UK F72383
94 Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (Sayn) / Ryle  1 May 1950London, England, UK F83021
95 Schimmelmann (Schimmelmann) / Chetwode Ram  24 Aug 1933London, England, UK F68815
96 Schlesinger / Warburg (Warburg)  2 Jun 1920London, England, UK F58015
97 Seidenfaden (Seidenfaden) / Kaastrup-Olsen (Kaastrup-Olsen)  11 Sep 1935London, England, UK F70565
98 Sichel / Hargreaves   F58457
99 Simpson / Mullens (Mullens)  12 Aug 1948London, England, UK F87323
100 Singer / Barnett  11 Sep 1951London, England, UK F7556
101 Smith / Adams  12 Jun 1786London, England, UK F111328
102 Smith-Laittan / Messer   F72297
103 Somerset (Somerset) / Teck (Württemberg - Grosvenor)  14 Jun 1923London, England, UK F17147
104 Spang /   London, England, UK F99005
105 Spielman (Spielman) / Raphael  17 Jun 1884London, England, UK F56213
106 Sponneck / Stephensen  7 Jan 1900London, England, UK F88092
107 Stefánsson / Lütken  25 Oct 1913London, England, UK F78887
108 Stemann / Robyns  22 Oct 1946London, England, UK F51642
109 Suenson-Taylor (Taylor) / Suenson (Suenson)  23 May 1920London, England, UK F70274
110 Sutherland-Leveson-Gower (Sutherland) / Gordon of Sutherland (Gordon)  4 Sep 1785London, England, UK F3754
111 Talbot (Talbot of England) / Manners (Manners)  28 Apr 1539London, England, UK F4454
112 Tegner / Reventlow (Reventlow)  23 May 1847London, England, UK F72467
113 Treschow (Treschow) / Wulff  9 Nov 1912London, England, UK F43733
114 Tysen / Matthews  Abt 24 Sep 1678London, England, UK F12650
115 Uldall / Anderson  4 Jul 1939London, England, UK F76435
116 Wain / Drake  Abt 1840London, England, UK F52464
117 Walker / Schimmelmann (Schimmelmann)   F68995
118 Wallace (Wallace) / Sichel   F58437
119 Warburg (Warburg) / Bayou  21 Jan 1933London, England, UK F58017
120 Warburg (Warburg) / Holt (Holt of England)  5 Jul 1922London, England, UK F58018
121 Warburg (Warburg) / Raphael  4 Dec 1866London, England, UK F58132
122 Warburg (Warburg) / Rathbone  19 Apr 1947London, England, UK F58008
123 Warburg (Warburg) / Sichel  2 Oct 1897London, England, UK F58023
124 Warburg (Warburg) / Ward  16 Nov 1909London, England, UK F58014
125 Warnock / Sockett   F10244
126 Wichfeld / Drummond of Madderty (Drummond)  26 Sep 1960London, England, UK F20719
127 Wilde / United Kingdom of Great Britain, France and Ireland (Gölph)  13 Aug 1845London, England, UK F49102
128 Wyhe / Metz  14 Sep 1916London, England, UK F56569
129 Young / Walker   F108027

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