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Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark



Matches 1 to 151 of 151

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agerskov, Karin   I153471
2 Anchersen, Ancher  17 Jan 1644Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I152460
3 Andersen, Hanne Bechmann   I296422
4 Andersen, Lars  17 Aug 1846Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I87961
5 Bagger, Dorthe Andersen  Abt 1654Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I77630
6 Bagger (Bagger of Koeng), Sara Jespersen  Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I401475
7 Bang (Bang of Odense), Anne Mogensen  1651Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I248433
8 Bang (Bang of Odense), Mogens "Johansen" Jensen  1614Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I248432
9 Bluhme, Diderich Ernst  1794Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I440944
10 Boesen, Ludvig Mortensen  15 May 1733Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I155055
11 Boisen, Benedict  1881Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I69365
12 Boisen, Christian  1885Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I69358
13 Boisen, Esther  13 May 1892Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I69345
14 Boisen, Karen  1883Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I69360
15 Boisen, Robert de La Laing  28 Mar 1887Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I69354
16 Brinch, Anne Marie  15 Sep 1765Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I334179
17 Brinch, Dorthea Marie  1772Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I334120
18 Broch (Broch), Susanna Hermansen  25 Oct 1701Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I85286
19 Bruun, Frideriche Jørgine  1772Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I327339
20 Bruun (Bruun of Aalborg), Edel Margarethe  7 Dec 1769Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I38597
21 Bøgh (Lassen), Anne Elisabeth  12 May 1767Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I84961
22 Bøgh (Lassen), Cecilie Marie  29 Jul 1759Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I82124
23 Bøgh (Lassen), Christine Johanne  31 May 1755Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I85128
24 Bøgh (Lassen), Christopher Benedict  28 Jan 1773Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I106053
25 Bøgh (Lassen), Christopher Benedict Nicolaisen  22 Nov 1752Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I85535
26 Bøgh (Lassen), Dorthe Maria  30 Aug 1768Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I84931
27 Bøgh (Lassen), Frederik Julius  21 Mar 1774Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I106050
28 Bøgh (Lassen), Frederikke Cathrine  16 Sep 1761Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I82122
29 Bøgh (Lassen), Johan Christian  31 Jul 1756Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I105973
30 Bøgh (Lassen), Johanne Kirstine  4 Jan 1749Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I85336
31 Bøgh (Lassen), Karen Mathiane  25 Jul 1760Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I82123
32 Bøgh (Lassen), Matthias Frederik Georg  26 Nov 1762Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I84917
33 Christensen, Casper Lindholm   I143993
34 Christensen, Dorthea Marie  Abt 1772Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384057
35 Christensen, Jens Friderich Birkerod  Abt 1774Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384054
36 Christensen, Johanne Marie  Abt 1811Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384050
37 Dahlerup, Emilie Marie "Mis"  2 Nov 1911Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I188647
38 Dahlerup, Nanna Pil Høgsbro   I185587
39 Dragsted, Maren Seraphine  29 May 1830Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I200633
40 Eiths, Christiane Christine  12 Feb 1864Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I285043
41 Erreboe, Eleonore Marie Simonsen  May 1780Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I286932
42 Eskildsen, Eskild  10 Dec 1783Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I104534
43 Faber, Rasmus Hansen  Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I241177
44 Flindt, Christine  17 Jan 1749Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I91486
45 Flindt, Johan Thomas Heinrich  8 Oct 1741Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I22871
46 Fribert, Olivia Lucie Ulrikke Eleonore  15 Mar 1843Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I405170
47 Garde, Aage  18 Mar 1876Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I149815
48 Garde, Axel  18 Mar 1876Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I149814
49 Glamann, Kristof   I118185
50 Gregersen, Hans Peter  28 Apr 1842Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I385814
51 Hansen, Anna Jensine  6 Feb 1890Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I130844
52 Hansen, Mogens  12 Sep 1588Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I83490
53 Hansted, Laurits Emil  3 Sep 1819Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I195463
54 Hedekær, Grete  9 Jun 1918Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I172668
55 Heilmann, Maren Hansine  1800Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I315514
56 Heilmann (Heilmann), Arent Christopher  5 Apr 1781Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I158416
57 Heilmann (Heilmann), Christian  28 Feb 1778Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I158414
58 Heinesen, Knud Rasmussen   I215470
59 Hind, Karen Cathrine Knudsen  1708Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384908
60 Hinke, Anthon Frederik  17 Sep 1810Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384039
61 Hinke, Birthe Marie Louise  Abt 1831Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384048
62 Hinke, Frands Christian  2 Dec 1812Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384042
63 Hinke, Hans Birkerod  Abt 1843Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384052
64 Hinke, Jens Frederik Birkerod  Abt 1838Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384049
65 Hinke, Johannes Julius  Abt 1825Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384047
66 Hinke, Joseph August  Abt 1820Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384045
67 Hinke, Joseph Birkerod  Abt 1840Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384051
68 Hinke, Julie Theresia  3 May 1822Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384046
69 Hinke, Lauritz Anthon Birkerod  Abt 1846Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384053
70 Hinke, Philitte Clara Barbara  16 Feb 1815Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384044
71 Hinke, Svend Mortensen  16 Feb 1815Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384043
72 Hoff, Anders Simonsen  Abt 1582Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I119848
73 Hoff, Laurids Andersen  1607Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I280291
74 Hoff, Villum Andersen  1607Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I119850
75 Hohn, Frederica  Abt 1759Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I46668
76 Holst, Valdemar Christiansen  29 Jul 1887Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I130956
77 Hornemann (Hornemann of Lübeck), Johan Friederich  Abt 1731Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I396506
78 Hornemann (Hornemann of Lübeck), Johan Vilhelm  Abt 1732Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I396502
79 Høst, Edel Bartholine Georgine  29 Mar 1831Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I78491
80 Jespersen, Frederik Vilhelm Raaschou  10 Dec 1877Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I190197
81 Jørgensen, Richard   I102178
82 Kjærulf (Kierulff), Giertrud Marie  Abt 1789Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384041
83 Knudsen, Jørgen Steen   I182425
84 Krog, Vilhelm  5 Nov 1870Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I137893
85 Lange, Hans Ove  1 May 1877Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I33013
86 Langemach, Ottosen  Nov 1693Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279490
87 Larsen, Christine  29 May 1876Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I241701
88 Larsen, Johannes  27 Dec 1867Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I241698
89 Lassen, Agnes Fribert  28 Sep 1870Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I405284
90 Lassen, Viggo Fribert  14 Jun 1874Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I405285
91 Laurentin, Anne Cathrine  1757Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I348092
92 Laursen, Johanne  Abt 1786Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I330433
93 Lystrup, Paula Margrethe "Søster"  28 Oct 1900Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I103569
94 Melbye, Louise Kalleshave   I63771
95 Melbye, Peter Kalleshave   I63772
96 Monrath (Monrad), Johan Thomas  1779Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I46665
97 Monrath (Monrad), Peter Holm  1782Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I46664
98 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Aage  1722Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I200278
99 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Bertha Magdalene Bruun  9 Sep 1832Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I200298
100 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Christiane Antoine Marie Reinholdine Bruun  19 Jun 1835Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I200300
101 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Elise Marie Cecilie Bruun  30 Nov 1838Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I166549
102 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Hans Bærentzen  25 Jun 1758Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I93326
103 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Hans Carl Bruun  4 Sep 1831Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I166526
104 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Julie Louise Sophie Adolfine Bruun  28 Aug 1841Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I166573
105 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Laura Ovidia Amalie Bruun  10 Apr 1840Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I166561
106 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Laurids  1 Feb 1744Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I200279
107 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Laurids Christian August Bruun  9 Nov 1837Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I200302
108 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Oline Johanne Dorothea Bruun  27 Sep 1836Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I200301
109 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Sophie Caroline Bruun  4 Feb 1834Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I166537
110 Møhl, Johanne Martine  3 May 1799Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I88722
111 Møller, Andrea Margrethe  6 Apr 1845Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I91480
112 Møller, Christen Frederik Christoffer  25 Nov 1830Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I98714
113 Naschou, Christopher Gleerup  1793Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I116913
114 Neergaard (Neergaard), Anna Marie Hedevig  4 Jul 1837Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I149027
115 Nielsen, Amalie Christiane  31 May 1862Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I134897
116 Nielsen, Ane Dorthea  31 Aug 1763Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I72919
117 Nielsen, Thora Christiane  31 Oct 1845Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I224239
118 Norden, Augusta Pouline  7 Jul 1869Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I12326
119 Norden, Johan Jacob  Abt 1834Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I12320
120 Norup, Jacob Jacobsen  1727Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I73443
121 Olivarius (Olivarius), Birgitte Cecilie  2 Mar 1781Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I34656
122 Olsen, Anders  Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I103752
123 Olsen, Susan   I143128
124 Petersen, Dagmar Marie  18 Oct 1867Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I224238
125 Petersen, Helena   I54494
126 Philipsen, Anne Kirstine  4 Oct 1814Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I85007
127 Plesner (Plesner), Anders Jesper Bendixen  29 May 1704Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I280288
128 Plesner (Plesner), Johan Glüsing  1703Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384906
129 Rude, Dagmar Sophie Dorothea  9 Oct 1855Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I57430
130 Rønning (Rønning of Kerteminde), Poul Christian  Abt 1830Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I184165
131 Schou, Frederikke Constance  20 Jul 1790Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I240608
132 Schwartz, Eva   I86094
133 Smidth (Smidth), Verner Frederik Læssøe  28 May 1850Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I87421
134 Storm, Laura Marie Sophie  26 Oct 1856Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I328895
135 Tengberg, Birgit   I440862
136 Tengberg, Martin Bo   I440845
137 Tengberg-Hansen, Ernst  22 Dec 1917Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I440872
138 Tengberg-Hansen, Finn  2 Apr 1913Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I440859
139 Tengberg-Hansen, Frank Erland   I440861
140 Thaulow, Henriette Jacobine Nicoline  3 Jul 1821Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I167058
141 Thygesen, Karin Anette   I21776
142 Tornøe, Jensine Frederikke  31 Aug 1814Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I72828
143 Trochmann, Elisabeth Sophie Knudsen  3 Jul 1699Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I228854
144 Trolle, Jens Balslev  Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I433516
145 Urne (Urne), Christian  4 Mar 1749Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I151187
146 Villaume, Emma Caroline  10 Dec 1844Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I81876
147 Villaume, Thomas Ernst Anton  24 Apr 1847Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I81875
148 Waidtløw, Jens Carl  1835Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I315515
149 Waidtløw, Martin Peter  1839Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I315516
150 Westergaard, Frederik Christian Bernhard Stephan  3 Jan 1837Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I150144
151 Zoffmann, Jonna  10 Jul 1885Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I83028


Matches 1 to 63 of 63

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Boisen, Esther  5 Jul 1892Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I69345
2 Brinch, Anne Marie  20 Sep 1765Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I334179
3 Brinch, Dorthea Marie  3 Jul 1772Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I334120
4 Broch (Broch), Dorthe Hermandsen  15 Oct 1682Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279487
5 Bøgh (Lassen), Anne Elisabeth  19 May 1767Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I84961
6 Bøgh (Lassen), Cecilie Marie  5 Aug 1759Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I82124
7 Bøgh (Lassen), Christine Johanne  5 Jun 1755Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I85128
8 Bøgh (Lassen), Christopher Benedict  5 Feb 1773Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I106053
9 Bøgh (Lassen), Christopher Benedict Nicolaisen  25 Nov 1752Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I85535
10 Bøgh (Lassen), Dorthe Maria  6 Sep 1768Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I84931
11 Bøgh (Lassen), Frederik Julius  28 Mar 1774Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I106050
12 Bøgh (Lassen), Frederikke Cathrine  25 Sep 1761Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I82122
13 Bøgh (Lassen), Johan Christian  8 Aug 1756Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I105973
14 Bøgh (Lassen), Johanne Kirstine  10 Jan 1749Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I85336
15 Bøgh (Lassen), Karen Mathiane  1 Aug 1760Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I82123
16 Bøgh (Lassen), Matthias Frederik Georg  3 Dec 1762Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I84917
17 Dragsted, Maren Seraphine  30 Sep 1830Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I200633
18 Erreboe, Eleonore Marie Simonsen  25 May 1780Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I286932
19 Graae (Graae), Mette Kirstine  17 Apr 1782Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I77627
20 Heilmann, Maren Hansine  10 Apr 1800Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I315514
21 Hinke, Anthon Frederik  16 Nov 1810Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384039
22 Hinke, Frands Christian  15 Jan 1813Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384042
23 Hinke, Julie Theresia  2 Aug 1822Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384046
24 Hinke, Philitte Clara Barbara  20 May 1815Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384044
25 Hinke, Svend Mortensen  20 May 1815Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384043
26 Hornemann (Hornemann of Lübeck), Johan Friederich  7 Sep 1731Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I396506
27 Hornemann (Hornemann of Lübeck), Johan Vilhelm  6 May 1732Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I396502
28 Høst, Edel Bartholine Georgine  27 May 1831Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I78491
29 Lange, Hans Ove  Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I33013
30 Langemach, Hans Olsen Ottosen  4 Nov 1691Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279496
31 Langemach, Jens Madsen Ottosen  30 Jan 1682Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279541
32 Langemach, Johan Ottosen  22 Aug 1696Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279495
33 Langemach, Karen Ottosen  13 Nov 1685Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279543
34 Langemach, Mads Ottosen  19 Feb 1684Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279542
35 Langemach, Niels Jensen Ottosen  28 Sep 1679Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279540
36 Langemach, Niels Ottosen  7 Nov 1677Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279537
37 Langemach, Pernille Ottosen  9 Oct 1678Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279538
38 Melbye, Louise Kalleshave   I63771
39 Melbye, Peter Kalleshave   I63772
40 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Aage  11 Jul 1722Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I200278
41 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Bertha Magdalene Bruun  30 Nov 1832Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I200298
42 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Christiane Antoine Marie Reinholdine Bruun  21 Jul 1835Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I200300
43 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Elise Marie Cecilie Bruun  19 Jun 1839Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I166549
44 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Hans Bærentzen  26 Jun 1758Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I93326
45 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Hans Carl Bruun  19 Oct 1831Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I166526
46 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Julie Louise Sophie Adolfine Bruun  10 Oct 1841Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I166573
47 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Laura Ovidia Amalie Bruun  25 Apr 1840Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I166561
48 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Laurids Christian August Bruun  23 May 1838Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I200302
49 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Oline Johanne Dorothea Bruun  5 May 1837Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I200301
50 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Sophie Caroline Bruun  15 May 1834Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I166537
51 Møller, Christen Frederik Christoffer  19 Apr 1831Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I98714
52 Naschou, Christopher Gleerup  15 Dec 1793Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I116913
53 Nielsen, Thora Christiane  8 May 1846Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I224239
54 Olivarius (Olivarius), Birgitte Cecilie  15 Mar 1781Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I34656
55 Olsen, Susan   I143128
56 Petersen, Dagmar Marie  5 Mar 1868Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I224238
57 Philipsen, Anne Kirstine  14 Jan 1815Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I85007
58 Philipsen, Christian Martin Brachard  18 Aug 1780Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I77628
59 Storm, Laura Marie Sophie  13 Feb 1857Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I328895
60 Villaume, Emma Caroline  10 Apr 1845Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I81876
61 Villaume, Thomas Ernst Anton  25 Jul 1847Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I81875
62 Waidtløw, Jens Carl  30 Oct 1835Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I315515
63 Waidtløw, Martin Peter  21 Jul 1839Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I315516


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Søster  30 Nov 2010Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I221879
2 Alsson, Emil Hobro  23 Feb 1935Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I264610
3 Bagger, Dorthe Andersen  3 Jun 1720Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I77630
4 Becker, Johanne  30 Dec 1794Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I117138
5 Bentzen, Bent  15 Dec 1754Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I85461
6 Bentzen, Cecilie Marie  10 Aug 1756Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I183490
7 Boisen, Poul Thorvald Benedict  20 Apr 1920Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I106315
8 Brandstrup (Brandstrup), Sophie Marie  13 Jun 1873Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I185237
9 Brinch, Anne Marie  1793Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I334179
10 Brinch, Jacob Rasmussen  1792Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I334250
11 Broch (Broch), Herman Nielsen  4 Jun 1727Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I77631
12 Bærendtsen, Birthe Cathrine Rasmussen  1764Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I107937
13 Bøgh (Lassen), Nicolai Seidelin  23 Aug 1778Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I183454
14 Christensen, Jens Friderich Birkerod  1811-1836Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384054
15 Christensen, Johanne Marie  1880-1890Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384050
16 Glüsing, Johan  9 Nov 1696Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384903
17 Hinke, Anthon Frederik  1880-1890Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384039
18 Hoff, Anders Simonsen  1655Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I119848
19 Juul, Cathrine Hiesesen  8 Aug 1734Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I91451
20 Kellinghusen (Kellinghusen), Hans Andreasen  19 Jan 1770Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I213353
21 Kjerulff, Anne Marie Cathrine  15 Aug 1805Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I192313
22 Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde), Marie Margrethe  17 Dec 1874Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I169052
23 Kragh (Kragh), Jens Theodor  14 Nov 1910Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I8769
24 Kratz, Elly Hanna Maria  2 Dec 2017Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I440863
25 Krog, Jens  7 Dec 1877Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I133143
26 Larsen, Tore Melius  21 Oct 2006Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I407591
27 Laursen, Lorents  Abt 1794Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I330432
28 Monrath (Monrad), Hans Rhumann  2 Jun 1834Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I46683
29 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Aage  1770Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I200278
30 Mölchen, Anne Mogensen  1698Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384905
31 Møller, Anna Maria Elisabeth  9 Apr 1867Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I185240
32 Nagel, Marie Sophie Elisabeth  21 Dec 1833Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I166963
33 Normann, Johanne Christence  6 Feb 1758Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I85462
34 Normann, Per Haustrup  1 Nov 2009Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I167879
35 Plesner (Plesner), Bendix Jens  1 Mar 1708Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I275638
36 Sehested (Sehested), Christian Ludvig  30 Oct 1848Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I35957
37 Skinkel (Skinkel), Laurids Poulsen  Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I230067
38 Storm, Hans  29 Jan 1878Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I185238
39 Storm, Niels Willads  19 Mar 1869Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I185239
40 Storm, Poul Jacobsen  30 Dec 1858Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I328894
41 Syberg (Syberg of Syberg), Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich "Fritz", Baron von  20 Dec 1939Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I142574
42 Thomsen, Frederikke Sørine  24 Dec 1902Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I171284
43 Villaume, Carl Christian  25 Dec 1869Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I85160
44 Vindelboe, Magdalene Andersen  1772Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I334181
45 Waidtløw, Philip  5 Jul 1861Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I309995
46 Wiborg (Wiborg), Maren Nielsen  28 Oct 1776Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I262198


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Søster  4 Dec 2010Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I221879
2 Bagger, Dorthe Andersen  3 Jun 1720Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I77630
3 Bentzen, Bent  20 Dec 1754Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I85461
4 Bentzen, Cecilie Marie  11 Aug 1756Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I183490
5 Brinch, Anne Marie  21 Apr 1793Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I334179
6 Brinch, Jacob Rasmussen  28 Dec 1792Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I334250
7 Broch (Broch), Dorthe Hermandsen  Abt 20 Jun 1724Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279487
8 Broch (Broch), Herman Nielsen  4 Jun 1727Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I77631
9 Bærendtsen, Birthe Cathrine Rasmussen  25 Apr 1764Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I107937
10 Bøgh (Lassen), Cecilie Marie  17 Jun 1775Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I82124
11 Bøgh (Lassen), Johanne Kirstine  11 Aug 1756Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I85336
12 Bøgh (Lassen), Nicolai Seidelin  27 Aug 1778Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I183454
13 Hoff, Anna Hansen  17 Sep 1751Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279786
14 Iuel (Juel of Oegelstrup), Hans Gregers  7 May 2016Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I174835
15 Jensen, Otto  Abt Mar 1706Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279484
16 Kjerulff, Anne Marie Cathrine  21 Aug 1805Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I192313
17 Kratz, Elly Hanna Maria  13 Dec 2017Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I440863
18 Lange, Hans Ove  Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I33013
19 Langemach, Otto Jensen  6 Aug 1700Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279426
20 Langemach, Ottosen  8 Nov 1693Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279490
21 Langemach, Pernille Ottosen  17 Oct 1766Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279538
22 Muus (Muus of Denmark), Aage  18 Jun 1770Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I200278
23 Mölchen, Anne Mogensen  1 Mar 1699Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I384905
24 Møller, Anna Maria Elisabeth  15 Apr 1867Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I185240
25 Normann, Johanne Christence  10 Feb 1758Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I85462
26 Riber, Gertrud Nielsen  5 Feb 1686Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279934
27 Storm, Niels Willads  24 Mar 1869Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I185239
28 Storm, Poul Jacobsen  6 Jan 1859Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I328894
29 Svitzer, Anne Marie Jacobsen  5 Oct 1700Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279279
30 Thestrup, Jørgen Matthiasen  28 Feb 1757Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279489
31 Treven, Bertram  1 Jun 1688Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279536
32 Vandal, Marie Cathrine Nielsen  24 Aug 1708Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279414
33 Villaume, Carl Christian  30 Dec 1869Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I85160
34 Vindelboe, Magdalene Andersen  27 Jul 1772Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I334181
35 Warberg, Adelheid "Alhed"  Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I241699
36 Westen, Mathias von  2 Nov 1694Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark I279280


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bagger (Bagger of Koeng) / Holm  16 Sep 1716Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F116305
2 Bentzien / Plum (Plum)  4 May 1835Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F76149
3 Birch / Dragsted  6 Oct 1857Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F23093
4 Bollerup / Hansen  6 Aug 1916Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F54858
5 Brandstrup (Brandstrup) / Kruuse  7 Nov 1889Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F154035
6 Brinch / Lind  11 Dec 1772Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F134244
7 Brinch / Vindelboe  12 Sep 1764Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F134214
8 Broch (Broch) / Bagger  8 Jan 1682Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F35647
9 Clemmensen / Mangor  6 Sep 1867Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F38211
10 Fenger / Kruse  12 Oct 1893Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F34562
11 Fogh (Fogh) / Bendz  29 Oct 1772Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F69705
12 Hinke / Christensen  9 Dec 1836Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F124497
13 Hoff / Hoff  21 Oct 1717Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F116500
14 Hornung / Hofgaard  9 Dec 1795Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F23091
15 Kjeldsen (Kjeldsen of Glenstrup) / Fribert  7 Apr 1870Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F83593
16 Lange / Arnø  22 Apr 1936Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F12855
17 Lange / Heilmann (Heilmann)  20 Nov 1824Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F17157
18 Langemach / Broch (Broch)  17 Nov 1705Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F116310
19 Lassen / Fribert  7 Jun 1865Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F156534
20 Lassen / Hansen  24 Oct 1899Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F70611
21 Laursen / Flade  1 Apr 1784Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F134234
22 Madsen / Villaume  19 Jun 1869Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F37298
23 Meyer / Madsen-Mygdal (Madsen)  9 May 1911Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F38958
24 Monrath (Monrad) / Hohn  Abt 1778Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F722
25 Muus (Muus of Denmark) / Knudsen   F23418
26 Nielsen / Flade  18 Dec 1794Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F134235
27 Olsen / Reiniche  3 May 1771Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F124476
28 Pedersen / Herring   F121703
29 Philipsen / Graae (Graae)  6 Jun 1806Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F35646
30 Poulsen / Bjørn (Bjørn)   F51702
31 Rasmussen / Hansen  8 Jul 1896Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F70575
32 Rasmussen / Kornerup (Kornerup of Roskilde)   F11044
33 Sadolin (Hansen) / Olsen   F58936
34 Schmidten (Schmidten) / Schubarth  4 Oct 1844Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F51872
35 Siesbye / Hjort  30 Jul 1912Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F72803
36 Storm / Schiøtte  17 Nov 1848Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F133480
37 Thestrup / Langemach  9 Jun 1705Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F116312
38 Treven / Riber  5 Feb 1686Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F116332
39 Uttenreitter / Bech  6 Apr 1917Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F56147
40 Villaume / Philipsen  23 Feb 1844Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F38631
41 Vindelboe / Lind  22 Jan 1794Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F134217
42 Waidtløw / Heilmann  5 Sep 1834Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark F128782

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